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March 19, 2010 - April 4, 2010

Welcome to another list of events, classes, actions, films, conferences, grant deadlines, and more. Our searchable website edition of the calendar contains events further into the future. Please continue to send event listings to

The Ecology Center's events are listed first, followed by additional community event listings.

3/19/2010	Stomp the Stumps Benefit Dance Party		BACH Event
3/23/2010	César Chávez Commemoration at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market		Farmers' Markets Event
3/23/2010 - 5/25/2010	Merritt College Lectures on Natural Building at the Ecology Center		Special Event
3/23/2010	Climate Change Action Workshop Series (Tues)		Special Event
3/24/2010	Learn How to Facilitate Your Own Climate Change Action Group		Class
3/27/2010	Compost Give-Away at the Berkeley Farmers' Market		Farmers' Markets Event
4/5/2010	Climate Change Action Workshop at Ashkenaz		Special Event
4/8/2010	Basics of Seed Saving with Bill Merrill		BASIL Event
4/17/2010	Workshop: Sharing Solutions 101		Special Event
4/18/2010	EcoHouse Tour		EcoHouse Event
4/22/2010	40th Anniversary of Earth Day and The Ecology Center		Special Event

3/19/2010	Art Exhibit Opening: "Dusted: Work by Dustin Fosnot"	San Francisco
3/19/2010	Volunteer: Berkeley Youth Alternative Gardens	East Bay
3/19/2010	Seminar: Household Energy, Air Pollution, Climate, and Health	East Bay
3/19/2010	Screening: "Food, Inc."	East Bay
3/19/2010	SPAWN Native Plant Nursery Workday	North Bay
3/19/2010	Stomp the Stumps Benefit Dance Party	East Bay
3/19/2010	Amazon: Defending Rivers and Rights	East Bay
3/20/2010	Workshop: Spring Equinox Gathering	East Bay
3/20/2010	Be Berkeleyan, Be Counted! Picnic	East Bay
3/20/2010	Workshop: Gardening From The Ground Up	East Bay
3/20/2010	Caring for Your Urban Orchard: A Hands-on Fruit Tree Class	North Bay
3/20/2010	Class: How to Replace Lawn with California Meadow and Natives	South Bay
3/20/2010	Bus Tour: Cohousing in the East Bay	East Bay
3/20/2010	Workshop: Bay-Friendly Gardening Basics	East Bay
3/20/2010	Connecting the Dots for Sustainable Neighborhood Planning	East Bay
3/20/2010	40 years of the Suppressed Histories Archives: Real Women, Global Vision	East Bay
3/20/2010	Worm Composting Volunteer Work Party	East Bay
3/20/2010	Ripple Effects	East Bay
3/20/2010	Restoration at Schoolhouse Creek	East Bay
3/20/2010	Fundraiser: East Bay Vegan Bakesale	East Bay
3/20/2010	Panel Discussion: Eating Our Way To World Peace	San Francisco
3/20/2010	Class: California Native Plants for Bay Area Sustainable Gardens	South Bay
3/20/2010	Rooftop Garden Community Workday	East Bay
3/20/2010	Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Garden Tour	North Bay
3/20/2010 - 4/2/2010	Permaculture Design Course	North Bay
3/20/2010	Class: Herbs in the Garden, Herbs in the Kitchen	Peninsula
3/20/2010	Conference for High School Students: EcoCareer Day	San Francisco
3/20/2010	Workshop: Diesel Car Maintenance	East Bay
3/20/2010	Volunteer: Work Party at Strawberry Creek Lodge	East Bay
3/20/2010	Friends of Five Creeks Work Party in Eastshore State Park	East Bay
3/20/2010	Author Event: "Succulent Container Gardens"	East Bay
3/20/2010	Seminar: A Better Remodel Using Tax Rebates and Incentives	East Bay
3/20/2010	White-Crowned Sparrow Habitat Restoration	San Francisco
3/20/2010	Workshop: Composting and Vermicompost	East Bay
3/20/2010	Volunteer: Creekside Habitat Restoration with SPAWN	North Bay
3/20/2010	Workshop: Seed Saving and Seed Swap	San Francisco
3/20/2010	Conference: Healthy Harvest -- Field to Table	Sacramento County
3/20/2010	Workshop: Advanced Beekeeping	Mendocino County
3/21/2010	Film Screening: Taking Root -- Green Belt Movement of Kenya	San Francisco
3/21/2010	Class: Backyard Chicken Care	South Bay
3/21/2010	Poetry Reading and Release Party at Urban Ore Ecopark	East Bay
3/21/2010	Class: Backyard Beekeeping	East Bay
3/21/2010	Film Screening: "CRUDE: The Real Price of Oil"	South Bay
3/21/2010	Program: Sheep to Shawl	East Bay
3/21/2010	Rainwater Harvesting for Urban Gardeners	East Bay
3/21/2010	Activity: Edible and Useful Plants Hike	East Bay
3/21/2010	Annual Meatout Celebration	San Francisco
3/21/2010	Cooking Class: Vegetarian Tamales	East Bay
3/21/2010	Slideshow and Walk: Learning All About Our Native Lilies	East Bay
3/22/2010	Class: Green Employee Engagement	San Francisco
3/22/2010	Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards and Water Expo	South Bay
3/22/2010	Transition SF Community Meeting	San Francisco
3/22/2010	Promoting Corporate Responsibility through Shareholder Activism	East Bay
3/22/2010	Seed Swap: Richmond Grows	East Bay
3/22/2010 - 3/27/2010	Friends of Five Creeks Week of Restoration	East Bay
3/23/2010	Presentation: The North Concord BART Plan	San Francisco
3/23/2010	Discussion: Is Your God Green	San Francisco
3/23/2010	Talk: Pollinators & Native Plant Gardens	South Bay
3/23/2010	Conference: NCRA Recycling Update	East Bay
3/23/2010	Speaker: Antonia Jushasz on "Tyranny of Oil"	South Bay
3/23/2010	EcoTuesday: Featuring Pamela Gordon	San Francisco
3/23/2010	Lecture: Linking Deep Scientific Research to the Real World	Marin County
3/23/2010 - 4/13/2010	Climate Change Action Workshop Series (Tues)	East Bay
3/23/2010	César Chávez Commemoration at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market	East Bay
3/23/2010	Water Conservation Showcase	San Francisco
3/23/2010	Talk: The Future of the Arctic	San Francisco
3/23/2010 - 5/25/2010	Merritt College Lectures on Natural Building at the Ecology Center	East Bay
3/24/2010	A Taste of North Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto: Benefit for Food & Social Justice	East Bay
3/24/2010	Film & Discussion: "Loaded Visions"	East Bay
3/24/2010	Haitian Music Benefit Performance	San Francisco
3/24/2010	Talk: Zero Net Energy and Whole Building Retrofit Options for Affordable Multifamily Housing	East Bay
3/24/2010	Learn How to Facilitate Your Own Climate Change Action Group	East Bay
3/24/2010	Class: Water Conservation Techniques for Your Garden	South Bay
3/24/2010	Class: Natural Building For a Non-Toxic Home	East Bay
3/24/2010	Film: "Dirt! The Movie" (Oakland)	East Bay
3/25/2010	Panel: Empire, Power, and Propaganda	East Bay
3/25/2010	Talk: Joining Forces to Build Smarter	Peninsula
3/25/2010	Critical Animal Studies Film & Artist Lecture Series: Sunaura Taylor	East Bay
3/25/2010	Environmental Health Legislative Training	East Bay
3/25/2010	Dinner and Program: Finding Connection in Nature	East Bay
3/25/2010	Meeting: Tri-Valley Cares	East Bay
3/25/2010	Women's Bike Traffic Skills 101 Classroom Workshop - Emeryville	East Bay
3/25/2010	Can We Achieve a Sustainable Future? The Role of Green Chemistry	East Bay
3/25/2010	Class: Drip Irrigation Design and Installation	South Bay
3/26/2010	Film & Discussion: "The Most Dangerous Man in America"	San Francisco
3/26/2010	A Tool Day Workshop: An Overview of the Tool Lending Library	San Francisco
3/26/2010	SPAWN Native Plant Nursery Workday	North Bay
3/26/2010	Benefit for East Bay Food Not Bombs	East Bay
3/26/2010	Compost Give-away at Berkeley Marina for Berkeley Residents	East Bay
3/26/2010	Volunteer: Berkeley Youth Alternative Gardens	East Bay
3/26/2010	CA Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Workshop on Surface Water	Sacramento County
3/27/2010	Compost Give-Away at the Berkeley Farmers' Market	East Bay
3/27/2010	Women's 2020 Leadership Caucus: Facing the Climate Crisis, Collaborating for Solutions	Marin County
3/27/2010	Workshop: Flashy Flowerpots	East Bay
3/27/2010	Workshop: Gardening From The Ground Up	East Bay
3/27/2010	Speakers: Stories From the Freedom Movement	San Francisco
3/27/2010	Workshop: High-Performance Plants for Low-Water Gardens	East Bay
3/27/2010	Really Really Free Market	San Francisco
3/27/2010	Workshop: Basic Backyard Composting	East Bay
3/27/2010	Class: Design Your Own Spring Victory Garden	San Francisco
3/27/2010	Greywater System Workshop	South Bay
3/27/2010	Sustainable Spring Festival -- Fairfax	North Bay
3/27/2010	SCRAP Workshop: Braided Rug and Basket Making	San Francisco
3/27/2010	Class: Water Conservation Techniques for Your Garden	South Bay
3/27/2010	Class: Grow Your Own Salad	East Bay
3/27/2010	Class: Growing Great Tomatoes	Peninsula
3/27/2010	Walk: El Cerrito's Hidden Paths, Urban Paths and Mid-Century Marvels	East Bay
3/27/2010	Solar Electricity For Your Home Seminar	East Bay
3/27/2010	Habitat Restoration for Mission Blue and San Bruno Elfin Butterflies	Peninsula
3/27/2010	Workshop: Composting and Vermicomposting	East Bay
3/27/2010	Volunteer: Creekside Habitat Restoration with SPAWN	North Bay
3/27/2010	Class: Organic Gardening 101	East Bay
3/27/2010	Class: Urban Food Production	San Francisco
3/27/2010 - 2/27/2011	4-Seasons Permaculture Certification Course in Bolinas	North Bay
3/27/2010	Class: Pests & Pesticides (to use or not)	East Bay
3/27/2010	Is Nuclear Power a "Clean" Energy Source In Response To Climate Change?	East Bay
3/27/2010	Free Neighborhood Plant Exchange	East Bay
3/28/2010	Rain Garden Design & Build Workshop	Marin County
3/28/2010	Workshop & Field Trip: Learning All About Native Lilies	East Bay
3/28/2010	Class: Design A Salad and Herb Garden	East Bay
3/28/2010	Class: Beginning Beekeeping	San Francisco
3/28/2010	Class: Bees and Backyard Beekeeping with the Kenyan Top Bar System	East Bay
3/29/2010	Lecture: Fossil Fuel + Dependance = Security Risks?	San Francisco
3/29/2010	Film Screening: Flow, For Love of Water	East Bay
3/29/2010 - 4/2/2010	Monkey Business Spring Break Camp	East Bay
3/29/2010 - 4/2/2010	Spring Camp: Sarah's Science Streams Camp	East Bay
3/30/2010	Critical Animal Studies Film & Artist Lecture Series: Vasile Stanescu	San Francisco
3/30/2010	Film Screening: "John L. Walker: Striving For Equality"	East Bay
3/30/2010	Creeks, Dunes and Watersheds -- A Short History of San Francisco's Waterscape	San Francisco
3/31/2010	Women and Water: Solutions for Community Resilience	East Bay
3/31/2010	Film & Discussion: "The Greater Circulation"	East Bay
3/31/2010 - 6/5/2010	Class: Urban Permaculture Design Certification Course	San Francisco
3/31/2010	Discussion: Bay Area As Incubator	San Francisco
3/31/2010	Class: Cheesemaking 101	East Bay
4/2/2010	Panel Discussion: Food, Culture and Identity in a Global Society	East Bay
4/2/2010	Good Friday Demonstration at Livermore Lab	East Bay
4/2/2010	Workshop: Decorating Your Panoramic Sugar Eggs	San Francisco
4/2/2010 - 6/25/2010	Exhibit: Edible Art (Works from the Artists of Edible East Bay)	East Bay
4/2/2010	SPAWN Native Plant Nursery Workday	North Bay
4/3/2010	Workshop: Creating Year-Round Edible Gardens	East Bay
4/3/2010	Sick Plant Clinic	East Bay
4/3/2010	Class: Medicinal Plants of California	Peninsula
4/3/2010	Party: Taste for Artisans	East Bay
4/3/2010	Pier 94 Wetlands Restoration Workday	San Francisco
4/3/2010	Class: Chinese Plants for Food and Medicine	San Francisco
4/3/2010	Workshop: Container Gardening	East Bay
4/3/2010	Urban Permaculture as a Tool for Community Empowerment and Social Justice	East Bay
4/3/2010	Class: Tomatoes with Fred Hemple of Baia Nicchia	East Bay
4/3/2010 - 6/5/2010	Earth Cafe - Spring Series 2010	North Bay
4/3/2010	Workshop: Composting and Vermicompost	East Bay
4/3/2010	Class: Growing Tomato Transplants from Seed	Santa Cruz County
4/3/2010	Volunteer: Creekside Habitat Restoration with SPAWN	North Bay
4/3/2010	Class: Solar Power Basics	San Francisco
4/3/2010	Workshop: Home Repair and Maintenance for Women	SF Bay Area

Carrie Bennett
Ecology Center

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