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Lots of stuff coming up on yet another beautiful weekend in our fabulous city. Get out and get some sunshine!

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Upcoming Events:

*** The Disco Ball vs. The Endless Struggle of Bohemian Existence - Mar 25th through 28th ***

*** Cascadian Carnival Cartel - Friday, Mar 26th ***

*** SIDEWALKS ARE FOR PEOPLE! - Saturday, Mar 27th ***

*** Burning Man Special Events Team WORKSHOPS! - Wednesday, Mar 31st ***

*** Bunny Bunny Glam Jam 100th Jambilee - Saturday, Apr 3rd ***

*** The Anxiety Show at Project One Gallery - April 7th through May 9th ***

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KUNST-STOFF arts  @  Z Space/Theater Artaud presents
"The Disco Ball vs. The Endless Struggle of Bohemian Existence"

March 25 - KUNST-STOFF arts Gala (7pm show; 9pm party, $25)
March 26 + 27 + 28 - Yannis Adoniou's KUNST-STOFF (8pm, $18)

 LOCATION: Z Space/Theater Artaud, 450 Florida Street, San Francisco

 Amid the "Endless Struggle" of artists trying to get by in the best or the
 worst of economic times, we're polishing up our "Disco Ball" to celebrate a
 triumph against the tide of empty storefronts and silent spaces here in San
 Francisco. KUNST-STOFF arts is celebrating its first 3 months as San
 Francisco's newest home for dance at 929 Market Street, with its First
 Annual Gala and performances.

***KUNST-STOFF eNews Subscribers get $5 off tickets!!!***
 When you buy tickets online at
 with the discount code: KSenews
 Remember: This discount code is good for ONLINE tickets only. Online sales
 end 12 hours before each performance.

The Gala (March 25th, 7pm)

 Featuring _Sara Shelton Mann, la ALTERNATIVA's Kathleen Hermesdorf + Albert
 Mathias, Yannis Adoniou, Annie Rosenthal and Andrew Ward, with a Party
 following the performance.
 Yannis Adoniou's KUNST-STOFF (March 26-27-28, 8pm)

 Featuring KUNST-STOFF works un state, Raqs al Moza, and the world premiere
 of The Disco Ball vs. The Endless Struggle of Bohemian Existence.

 March 25 GALA
 March 26 + 27 + 28

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Presented by VAU de VIRE

Friday, March 26th






DJ Smoove (SF)

& The Conscious Carnival Midway

at CELLspace
2050 Bryant St, SF

Doors 9pm
Show 10pm

Two proud families of Portland Bohemians will load into their brightly-painted, grease-burning busses and embark along the I-5 Corridoor to join their like-minded clans in San Francisco. In a single night, you'll see:

* A Pulse-Pounding 20-person Marching Band
* An Acrobatic Stunt Team
* A Collective of Aerial Dancers
* Two BRC-approved DJ dance mongers
* A mind-blowing hand-balancer
* The world's sexiest stilt crew
* A mob of red-hot dancing girls
* A hilarious little fairy tale story
* and an up-close encounter with the great circuses of the Northwest

Who can know what madness will ensue when this sextet of sinewy seductive circus superstars occupies the same room for the first time ever? Find out March 26th at the first-ever gathering of THE CASCADIAN CARNIVAL CARTEL!

$10 Pre-Sale
$15 At the door
21 & up
Tickets & Info at

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Saturday, March 27th



The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will soon be voting on a law that would make it illegal to sit or lie on the sidewalk anywhere in the city. We think it's a really bad idea to criminalize the act of sitting in public space and we're shocked that San Francisco may be on the verge of adopting the most draconian "sit/lie" law in the country.

We are responding by celebrating public space, San Francisco's diverse and vibrant culture, and San Francisco's history of tolerance.

On Saturday, March 27 people all over San Francisco will be doing what they love on the city's sidewalks and they will be inviting family, friends, and neighbors to join them. Multiple events have already been planned and the list is growing by the hour.

What can you do for "Sidewalks are for People?" Anything! Music, barbecue, yoga, lemonade stand, read, relax, art, talk, sun bathe, chess, meditate, tai chi, eat, knit, dance, paint, write, sit, lie down, play, chalk drawings, sing, DJ, drums, chill -- Anything!

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Invite your friends to this event!

Coming Soon! A website where you can see planned events or where you can post your own event.

Contact Andy for more info andyblue415 at gmail dot com

HELP ORGANIZE this historic event in San Francisco that will involve wonderful people from across the city:

Artists, videographers, photographers, help with outreach, etc.

Opponents of the proposed Sit / Lie Law
* AIDS Housing Alliance
* Alliance for the Haight-Ashbury
* Axis of Love
* Brass Liberation Orchestra
* Causa Justa/Just Cause (Formerly St. Peter's Housing Committee)
* Coalition on Homelessness
* Creating Alternatives to Castro Homelessness
* Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council
* Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club
* Homeless Youth Alliance
* Housing Rights Committee
* La Raza Centro Legal & Day Labor Program
* Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights
* National Lawyers' Guild, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
* Our City
* POOR Magazine/PoorNewsNetwork
* Pride at Work
* St. Anthony's Foundation
* San Francisco Tenants' Union
* San Francisco Youth Commission

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Burning Man Special Events Team WORKSHOPS!

The Burning Man Special Events Team is supporting a number of free, interactive workshops -- by Burners for Burners -- designed to share the skills and expertise of our community.  These workshops are intended to further the principles of gifting and radical self-reliance using tools that are readily available.  We've got TWO workshops coming up....


Burner Virgin Q & A with Dessert Potluck
Wed 3/31
7pm - 8:30 presentation plus Q & A
8:30 pm Dessert Potluck mixer
At Burning Man HQ on the 3rd floor in the Zocalo (open meeting space)
3450 Third St #2A between Cargo Way and Evans Ave, SF 

Will 2010 be your first year on the playa? Are you thinking about going but are maybe on the fence (yet again!)? This is a rare opportunity to learn some tips and tricks you might not find online and a chance to ask some crustydusty veterans your burning questions in a group setting. Topics include Travel & Transportation, BRC Layout and Infrastructure, The People,  Shelter and The Elements, Water, Clothing, What to carry with you, Survival Tips, LNT, Gift Economy, Overall Vibe... The format will be a brief question-provoking topical presentation by a seasoned burner, mixed with an open forum Q&A with a panel of experienced Burners. Feel free to bring some written questions to hand to the panel at the beginning of the evening.
BRING: your burning questions and cookies or dessert of some kind to share. Participants in workshop 2 will join us after their workshop to expand the social mixer part of the night.

RSVP: space is limited to 40 persons, please RSVP to Terry .



Basic Computer Drafting for Layouts & Mapping

This workshop will cover site plan drawing basics and be led by Jonesy and Lily. It will be especially helpful to those who are planning an Art Installation or Theme Camp for BM2010!

Wednesday, March 31st, 7pm to 9pm
Burning Man HQ
Second Level Conference Room
3450 Third Street, Suite 2A
SF CA 94124

Space is limited! Please RSVP to

Learn how to draw quick and accurate site plans for your theme camp! We are teaching the basics of the free, easy-to-use program: SketchUp. Here you will learn the basics on how to draw your site in scale and dimension it.  Burning Man requires an accurate, readable site plan to register your theme camp. This class teaches you how to show it the way that best expresses your layout, the way BM wants you to show it.

Come learn how to draw a layout quickly & easily and show how much space you REALLY need!!!

We STRONGLY URGE you to bring your laptop (if you have one) to work along. Otherwise you may be able to share with someone else at the workshop. Before you come to the workshop, download the most recent version of SketchUp here FOR FREE:

Thanks and see you at the drafting table!

Jonesy and Lily

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**Bunny Bunny Glam Jam 100th Jambilee**
Space Bunnies vs The Bun-dead!

It's the 10th year of this fully-immersive Easter-eve homage to all things Bunny - get out yer long ears, cuz *everyone* comes in costume.

Saturday, April 3 (Easter Eve), 2010
8pm - 4am,   21+   Full Bar
550 Barneveld Ave, at Oakdale in SF
easy parking  *  indoors & out!

In 2010 Bunny Jam turned 100 and was pronounced dead and/or lost in space.

The Lapinzonia Space Colony has collided with the Zombunny Disco Parlor & Rabbatoir
and a massive Easter Basketroid is headed straight towards planet Earth!!!  Those who refuse to die are becoming Zombunnies, while others survive to merge with technology and wear shiny lame` pantsuits.  For one night only, two worlds collide and the survival of bunkind depends on U!

Art!  Performances!  Projections!  FURiginal Bunny Music!  Hopping!

(there is a rumor this could be the last Bunny Jam - so don't miss out!)

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251 Rhode Island, San Francisco   April 7 – May 9  
Curated by Christine Kristen aka LadyBee
Opening 8- 12    DJ Feral on the decks

San Francisco, California April 9th, 2010 -- “Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity.”  - T.S. Eliot. The economic crisis, global warming, overpopulation, corporate globalization, terrorism and the wars have generated a free-floating anxiety, which is difficult not to internalize. The future seems uncertain at best. Will humans prevail, or have we passed the point of no return? Ten artists explore issues of anxiety from global to extremely personal. Five of the artists are sculptors and five do 2D work; of these, three are painters, one uses graphite and one mixed media. Nearly all of the artists have shown work at or attended Burning Man, where LadyBee was the art curator from 1999 - 2008. All of the work in this show is rich in emotional content, some quite dark and some using humor to address serious issues.
Project One is going to have a private opening for press and collectors on March 9th from 7pm- 8 pm and following this the artists reception will commence with DJ Feral and DJ Waterhouse on the decks.
Project One is an art gallery and DJ lounge located in the Design District at 251 Rhode Island Street, just below Potrero Hill. The gallery is 1,200 sq ft with 20 ft ceilings and the lounge is 2,000 sq ft with a decorative blend of raw, yet elegant. The bar features a carefully selected list of wines & sakes, a well-rounded beer menu and soju infused cocktails. In addition, Project One features an eclectic lineup of djs nightly. And, there’s plenty of parking.

Project One – art, music, everyone.


Alex Heilbron
Project One Gallery and Lounge

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