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Happy Easter, Bunnies! Get bunnified and come out to the BUNNY BUNNY GLAM JAM 100th JAMBILEE this Saturday!

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Upcoming Events:

*** Bunny Bunny Glam Jam 100th Jambilee - Saturday, Apr 3rd ***

*** The Anxiety Show at Project One Gallery - April 7th through May 9th ***

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Space Bunnies vs The Bun-dead!

*Saturday, Easter Eve, April 3, 2010 – 8pm till 4am
*at Space 550 located at 550 Barneveld Ave, at Oakdale in SF

$15 full-bunny; $20 sum-bunny; $25 no-bunny
21 and over, Full Bar with Bunny Berry Bop Drink Specials all night!

Indoors & Out!; Easy parking

Info at: <>


In 2010 Bunny Jam turned 100 and was pronounced dead and/or lost in space. Those who refused to die became Zombunnies, while others survived to merge with technology and wear shiny lamé pantsuits. On April 3^rd the Lapinzonia Space Colony is scheduled to collide with the Zombunny Disco Parlor & Rabbatoir in San Francisco. Coincidentally, there is also a massive Easter Basketroid headed straight towards planet Earth!!! For one night only, strange worlds collide and the survival of Bunkind depends on U!


* Art * PerFURmances * Astral Projections * Furiginal Bunny Music * Hopping!!! *

The 10th Annual FURshion Show * Bunnification Station * Lady Hassenfeffer of Carotene Court & The Sugar Plum Bunnies * Bunderland Gardens * Dr. Wabbitkiss * Scotty The Blue Bunny * Carraks Hoppy Zombeem * Rickety Rocket's Hoppety HOPstacle Course * Bunny Jo * Kwisp * Fou Fou HAre! * FUZZPOD * HARE Apparent projections * Fur Arts Collective * Planet Bunny * Dex Stakker Rabbit * HistErica Hissy Hare * Dragn’FlyBunny * Jugtown Pirate Bunnies & Burlesque * Delachaux Lapin * Nemashahare * Bunny Robot Super Friends * Tangly Wabbits * Dirty Bunny with Uke * The Purple Cabbage Experience * 10 years of BJ Flier Art * And more fun than a barrel of zombunnies on supercharged electro-carrots in a topsy turvy Easter Disco Ball Particle Accelerator!!!

*Featuring work by the Bay Area’s finest bunnerific artists, including: *
* Black Light Bunny * Bison Bunny * Celestinabunny * Debs D’Bunny * Dr. Fur Boing! * Frankenpeep * Furtographer * DJ Helgabunny * Hot Damn Bunny * Karrot Lewis * Kharmabunny * Little Bunny Zach * Little Rabbit * M’Bunny * Mein HARE! * Mosbunny * NeonBunny * Run Rabbit Harebert * Sandwich Bunny * Shimmerbunny * Skibit * Spoonish Bunny * Starbunny * Sugarbunni * Super Space Bunny * Jason Cottontail * Jon Fur Ran * Puddle Rabbit * Rabbit Rayce * Mr Bunny Chainsaw! & Many Bunny MORE!

There is looking to be the last Bunny Jam - so HOP to it!

“Are we dead yet?” - asks Little Bunny Sue, as a tear wells up in her little festering eye socket.

* Volunteers: email*

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251 Rhode Island, San Francisco   April 7 – May 9  
Curated by Christine Kristen aka LadyBee
Opening 8- 12    DJ Feral on the decks

San Francisco, California April 9th, 2010 -- “Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity.”  - T.S. Eliot. The economic crisis, global warming, overpopulation, corporate globalization, terrorism and the wars have generated a free-floating anxiety, which is difficult not to internalize. The future seems uncertain at best. Will humans prevail, or have we passed the point of no return? Ten artists explore issues of anxiety from global to extremely personal. Five of the artists are sculptors and five do 2D work; of these, three are painters, one uses graphite and one mixed media. Nearly all of the artists have shown work at or attended Burning Man, where LadyBee was the art curator from 1999 - 2008. All of the work in this show is rich in emotional content, some quite dark and some using humor to address serious issues.
Project One is going to have a private opening for press and collectors on March 9th from 7pm- 8 pm and following this the artists reception will commence with DJ Feral and DJ Waterhouse on the decks.
Project One is an art gallery and DJ lounge located in the Design District at 251 Rhode Island Street, just below Potrero Hill. The gallery is 1,200 sq ft with 20 ft ceilings and the lounge is 2,000 sq ft with a decorative blend of raw, yet elegant. The bar features a carefully selected list of wines & sakes, a well-rounded beer menu and soju infused cocktails. In addition, Project One features an eclectic lineup of djs nightly. And, there’s plenty of parking.

Project One – art, music, everyone.


Alex Heilbron
Project One Gallery and Lounge

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