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April 2, 2010 - April 18, 2010

Welcome to another list of events, classes, actions, films, conferences, grant deadlines, and more. Our searchable website edition of the calendar contains events further into the future. Please continue to send event listings to

The Ecology Center's events are listed first, followed by additional community event listings.

4/5/2010	Climate Change Action Workshop at Ashkenaz		Special Event
4/8/2010	Basics of Seed Saving with Bill Merrill		BASIL Event
4/17/2010	Workshop: Sharing Solutions 101		Special Event
4/18/2010	EcoHouse Tour		EcoHouse Event
4/22/2010	40th Anniversary of Earth Day and The Ecology Center		Special Event
4/29/2010	Learn How to Facilitate Your Own Climate Change Action Group		Class
5/3/2010	Climate Change Action Workshop Series (Mon)		Special Event

4/2/2010	Food, Culture and Identity in a Global Society	East Bay
4/2/2010	Talk: Legal issues in Energy Policies and Climate Change	East Bay
4/2/2010	BART Community Meeting -- Hayward	East Bay
4/2/2010	Workshop: Decorating Your Panoramic Sugar Eggs	San Francisco
4/2/2010	SPAWN Native Plant Nursery Workday	North Bay
4/2/2010 - 6/25/2010	Edible Art: Works from the Artists of Edible East Bay	East Bay
4/2/2010	Good Friday Demonstration at Livermore Lab	East Bay
4/2/2010	Panel Discussion: Food, Culture and Identity in a Global Society	East Bay
4/3/2010	Party: Taste for Artisans	East Bay
4/3/2010	Workshop: Creating Year-Round Edible Gardens	East Bay
4/3/2010	Workshop: Container Gardening	East Bay
4/3/2010	Class: Medicinal Plants of California	Peninsula
4/3/2010	San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Healthy Saturdays Kick-Off Picnic	San Francisco
4/3/2010	Sick Plant Clinic	East Bay
4/3/2010	Natural Building at Sebastopol Skategarden	North Bay
4/3/2010	Workshop: Urban Composting	San Francisco
4/3/2010	Class: Chinese Plants for Food and Medicine	San Francisco
4/3/2010	Volunteer: Creekside Habitat Restoration with SPAWN	North Bay
4/3/2010	Workshop: Composting and Vermicompost	East Bay
4/3/2010	Class: Tomatoes with Fred Hemple of Baia Nicchia	East Bay
4/3/2010	Class: Growing Tomato Transplants from Seed	Santa Cruz County
4/3/2010	Workshop: Home Repair and Maintenance for Women	SF Bay Area
4/3/2010	Class: Solar Power Basics	San Francisco
4/3/2010 - 6/5/2010	Earth Cafe - Spring Series 2010	North Bay
4/3/2010	Pier 94 Wetlands Restoration Workday	San Francisco
4/3/2010	Urban Permaculture as a Tool for Community Empowerment and Social Justice	East Bay
4/5/2010	BART Community Meeting -- Mission	San Francisco
4/5/2010 - 4/12/2010	Climate Change Action Workshop at Ashkenaz	East Bay
4/5/2010	BART Community Meeting -- West Oakland	East Bay
4/5/2010 - 4/9/2010	Spring Camp: Sarah's Science Stream Camp	East Bay
4/5/2010 - 4/6/2010	Certified Green Building Professional Training (San Jose)	South Bay
4/6/2010	A Taste and a Tour: Green X-Ray House	Peninsula
4/6/2010	Class: Fundamentals of Residential Building Science	East Bay
4/6/2010	Weed Removal at the Berkeley "Meadow"	East Bay
4/6/2010	BART Community Meeting -- Pittsburg	East Bay
4/6/2010	Film Screening: Bread and Roses	East Bay
4/6/2010	BART Community Meeting -- Oakland/Fruitvale	East Bay
4/6/2010	BART Community Meeting -- Bayview	San Francisco
4/6/2010	Bike Traffic Skills 101 Classroom Workshop - Oakland	East Bay
4/6/2010	Talk: Water Harvesting for the Landscape: Supply, Reuse and Conservation	North Bay
4/6/2010	Class: Cheese Making 102 -- Mold Ripened Cheese	East Bay
4/6/2010	Presentation: A Proposal for a Temporary Park at 399 Fremont	San Francisco
4/6/2010	San Francisco Biking Coalition Biking Book Club	San Francisco
4/6/2010	Class: Landscape Watering	North Bay
4/6/2010	Presentation: Global Justice Ecology Project	San Francisco
4/7/2010	Colloquium: The Hidden Costs of Energy	East Bay
4/7/2010 - 12/1/2010	East Bay Science Cafe	East Bay
4/7/2010	The Soil Foodweb and Sustainable Gardening with Compost	Peninsula
4/7/2010	Panel Discussion: Beyond Local and Organic -- The Human Cost of Food	San Francisco
4/7/2010	Film & Discussion: "If Only I were an Indian"	East Bay
4/7/2010	Berkeley Path Wanderer's Partly Improved Self Guided Paths Walk	East Bay
4/7/2010 - 4/11/2010	San Francisco International Women's Film Festival	San Francisco Bay Area
4/7/2010 - 4/10/2010	Green Point Rater Training (San Jose)	South Bay
4/7/2010	SPAWNERS Public Meeting and Speaker: You Choose The Topic	East Bay
4/7/2010	A Discussion with Farmers in the Heart of the City	East Bay
4/8/2010	Lecture: Coastal Communities and the Blue Planet	East Bay
4/8/2010	Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Meeting	North Bay
4/8/2010	Artists in the Struggle: Creating Radical Graphics For the Global Movement for Social Justice	San Francisco
4/8/2010	BART Community Meeting -- Excelsior	San Francisco
4/8/2010	A Day of Dialogue and Film Surrounding Women, Art, Activism, and the Environment	East Bay
4/8/2010	Presentation: Traditional Chinese Medicine Part 2: Food as Medicine	San Francisco
4/8/2010	Lecture: Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air	East Bay
4/8/2010 - 4/11/2010	Western Wilderness Conference	East Bay
4/8/2010	Basics of Seed Saving with Bill Merrill	East Bay
4/8/2010	Forestry Seminar Series	East Bay
4/9/2010	North Bay Watershed Conference	North Bay
4/9/2010	Mountain Lion Jamboree	Peninsula
4/9/2010 - 4/11/2010	EPA's 48-Hour Burn Wise Video Contest	
4/9/2010	BART Community Meeting -- Berkeley	East Bay
4/9/2010	Green Friday Potluck: Beyond Recycling, Zero Waste	East Bay
4/9/2010	SPAWN Native Plant Nursery Workday	North Bay
4/9/2010 - 4/10/2010	Conference: California Co-op	North Bay
4/10/2010	Class: Gardening 101: Urban Dirt Farmers	East Bay
4/10/2010	Class: California Natives Plants for Bay Area Sustainable Gardens	South Bay
4/10/2010	Class: Water Conservation Techniques for Your Garden	South Bay
4/10/2010	Class: Landscape Watering	San Francisco
4/10/2010	Class: Water-Wise Organic Vegetable Gardening	South Bay
4/10/2010	Earth Day Celebration On The Richmond Greenway	East Bay
4/10/2010	Workshop: Tomato Tips and Techniques	East Bay
4/10/2010	BART Community Meeting -- El Cerrito	East Bay
4/10/2010	Workshop: Composting 101	East Bay
4/10/2010	OBUGS' Rummage Sale	East Bay
4/10/2010	Presentation: Diet For a Hot Planet	San Francisco
4/10/2010 - 4/11/2010	San Francisco Green Festival	San Francisco
4/10/2010	Class: Edible Landscaping and Container Gardening	North Bay
4/10/2010 - 4/11/2010	Spring Garden Tours at OAEC	North Bay
4/10/2010	Class: Beneficial Insects - Their Jobs, Identification & Attractors	East Bay
4/10/2010	Discussion: Design 4 Resilience: Thriving in an Uncertain World	East Bay
4/10/2010 - 6/26/2010	Urban Permaculture Design Certificate Course	East Bay
4/10/2010 - 4/11/2010	Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Spring Plant Sale	North Bay
4/10/2010	Volunteer: Creek Stewardship Work Day	East Bay
4/10/2010	Class: Grafting	Peninsula
4/10/2010	Program: Salt Pond Restoration 101, An Introduction to the Project	South Bay
4/10/2010	Volunteer: Creekside Habitat Restoration with SPAWN	North Bay
4/10/2010 - 4/11/2010	Oyster Reef Building Campaign	Marin County
4/11/2010	Class: Medicinal Plants of the Bay Area	San Mateo County
4/11/2010	Expedition: Pacific Environment's Vessel Watch	San Francisco
4/11/2010	Fermented Food Skill Share	East Bay
4/11/2010	Northern Spotted Owl Hunting Grounds Restoration	North Bay
4/11/2010	Movie, Presentation, Inspiration: The Joy of Life on Two Wheels	East Bay
4/11/2010	Green Festival After Party	San Francisco
4/11/2010	Workshop: Felting With Plant Dyed Wool	East Bay
4/11/2010	Class: Landscape Watering	East Bay
4/11/2010	Presentation and Hike: Life at the Bottom of the Foodchain	East Bay
4/11/2010	Slow Drinks with Slow Food Berkeley	East Bay
4/11/2010	Meeting: Passive Buildings California Group	East Bay
4/11/2010	Workshop: Introduction To Biodynamic Gardening	Mendocino County
4/11/2010	Speaker: Pam Pierce	East Bay
4/11/2010 - 4/14/2010	Low Impact Development Conference: Redefining Water in the City	San Francisco
4/11/2010	Class: Backyard Beekeeping & Honey Extraction	East Bay
4/11/2010	Program: Mysteries of Wastewater Treatment	South Bay
4/12/2010	Environmental Policy Reform in Unstable Political Systems	East Bay
4/12/2010	California's Long-term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan: It's massive, but is it doable?	East Bay
4/12/2010	Activity: Crafty Crafty	San Francisco
4/12/2010	BART Community Meeting -- Chinatown	San Francisco
4/12/2010	Talk: The Global Footprint of Food	San Francisco
4/12/2010 - 4/16/2010	Monkey Business Spring Break Camp	East Bay
4/12/2010	Talk: Surviving the Storm: Environmental Policy Reform in Unstable Political Systems	East Bay
4/12/2010 - 4/16/2010	Intentional Communities Course	North Bay
4/13/2010	The New Green Gold: Zero Waste	East Bay
4/13/2010	Discussion: What's Happening With AB32	San Francisco
4/13/2010	Green Initiatives in the Workplace: HR's Perspective	North Bay
4/13/2010	Author Event: Eat, Drink, and Be Ecological About It	San Francisco
4/13/2010	Solar Hot Water Basics for Residential Customers	San Francisco
4/14/2010	Film Screening: Grizzly Road	East Bay
4/14/2010 - 5/22/2010	Friends of the Urban Forest Citizen Forester Workshops	San Francisco
4/14/2010	BART Community Meeting -- Concord/Pleasant Hill	East Bay
4/14/2010 - 4/21/2010	Workshop: Natural Insights: Nature as a Spiritual Mentor	East Bay
4/14/2010	Meet the Filmmaker: Mai Iskander of "Garbage Dreams"	North Bay
4/14/2010	Party: High Country News 40th Anniversary	Peninsula
4/14/2010 - 4/16/2010	Tour: Central Valley Water Tour	Central Valley
4/14/2010	Oakland EarthEXPO	East Bay
4/15/2010	After Copenhagen: What Can Be Done to Meet the Economic and Environmental Challenges	East Bay
4/15/2010	Talk: Ratcliff Architects -- From Windrush School to Campus Sustainability Planning	San Francisco
4/15/2010	Secret Ridge, Endangered Wildflowers	North Bay
4/15/2010	Class: Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products	East Bay
4/15/2010	Lecture: Impressions of the Galapagos with Jack Barclay	East Bay
4/15/2010	Seminar: Senior Scam Stopper	East Bay
4/16/2010	SPAWN Native Plant Nursery Workday	North Bay
4/16/2010	Occidental Arts and Ecology Center "Second Chance" Spring Plant Sale	North Bay
4/16/2010 - 4/17/2010	Training: Parent Action for Change in Education	East Bay
4/16/2010	Volunteer: Quail Rangers	East Bay
4/17/2010	Class: Making Every Drop Count	South Bay
4/17/2010	Class: Water Conservation Techniques for Your Garden	South Bay
4/17/2010	Emeryville's Earth Day Celebration	East Bay
4/17/2010	Class: Start an Earth Day Salad Garden	Peninsula
4/17/2010	Workshop: Creating Year-Round Edibles	East Bay
4/17/2010	Class: Designing Water Efficient Landscaping	South Bay
4/17/2010	Class: Complete-Diet Mini-Farming	Peninsula
4/17/2010	Workshop: Sharing Solutions 101	East Bay
4/17/2010	Benefit: "Bring yo' Motha'"	East Bay
4/17/2010	The Salmon Crossroads	North Bay
4/17/2010	Search for the Mission Blue Butterfly	North Bay
4/17/2010	Class: Bamboo Basics For The Bay Area	San Francisco
4/17/2010	Earth Day Fair -- Santa Rosa	North Bay
4/17/2010	Community Resilience Workshop	San Francisco
4/17/2010	Volunteer for a Day at Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden	North Bay
4/17/2010	Berkeley Shoreline Cleanup	East Bay
4/17/2010	Class: Backyard Mushroom Cultivation	East Bay
4/17/2010	Class: Succulents	East Bay
4/17/2010	Workshop: Composting and Vermicompost	East Bay
4/17/2010	Volunteer: Creekside Habitat Restoration with SPAWN	North Bay
4/17/2010	Sustainable Landscape Program: Water Resources	North Bay
4/17/2010	Earth Stroll	San Francisco
4/17/2010	Volunteer: Ivan Dickson State Trail Day Project	East Bay
4/17/2010	Workshop: Diesel Car Maintenance	East Bay
4/17/2010 - 3/20/2011	Four Seasons Permaculture Design Certification - Santa Cruz	Santa Cruz County
4/17/2010	Class: How to Trap Gophers	North Bay
4/17/2010	Activity: Earth Day Seed Planting	East Bay
4/17/2010	Bike Traffic Skills 101 Classroom Workshop - Albany	East Bay
4/17/2010	Volunteer: Quail Rangers	East Bay
4/17/2010	Plant Sale: Regional Parks Botanic Garden	East Bay
4/17/2010	Activity: Earth Day -- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle	East Bay
4/17/2010	Volunteer: Earth Day Cleanup at Ravenswood Point	Peninsula
4/17/2010	Beekeeping in the City: Introduction to Hive Management	San Francisco
4/17/2010	Earth Day -- Richmond	East Bay
4/18/2010	Walking Tour: Nature, The Human Habitat, and Public Policy	San Francisco
4/18/2010	Class: Integrated Urban Animal Husbandry	East Bay
4/18/2010	Class: Hazardous Plants of the Bay Area	East Bay
4/18/2010	Workshop: Change the Story, Change the Future	East Bay
4/18/2010 - 4/20/2010	Investors' Circle Spring Conference and Venture Fair	San Francisco
4/18/2010	Extract Beer Brewing with Chris	East Bay
4/18/2010	Earth Day "Making Movement Matter" Move We w/ Wheel Unite	East Bay
4/18/2010	People's Earth Day Celebration -- SF	San Francisco
4/18/2010	Earth Day Tread'n Water Aqua Boogie w/ Wheel Unite	East Bay
4/18/2010	Guided Walk: A Taste of the Refuge	East Bay
4/18/2010	EcoHouse Tour	East Bay
4/18/2010	Berkeley Path Wanderer's Psychogeography Walk	East Bay
4/18/2010	Activity: Sheep Shearing Day	East Bay
4/18/2010	Activity: Nature's Pharmacy	East Bay
4/18/2010	Earth Day Fest at Full Circle Farm	South Bay
4/18/2010	Class: Rainwater Harvesting from the Roof	East Bay
4/18/2010	Class: Rainwater Harvesting for Paved Areas	East Bay
4/18/2010	Going Native Garden Tour	South Bay

Carrie Bennett
Ecology Center

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