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That's right Burners! MEGA-Precompression is coming straight at you this Saturday! Come out and play with us and celebrate our 25th Burning Season!!!

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Upcoming Events:

*** The Big Bounce Art and Music Festival - June 18th through 21st ***

*** MEGA-PRECOMPRESSION: Celebrating the 25th BURN! - Saturday, June 19th ***

*** Performance Workshop - Saturday, June 19th ***

*** Burning Man 2010: Desert Arts Preview - Thursday, June 24th ***

*** Outside the Dome: A Hookahdome Fundraiser - Saturday, June 25th ***

Call for Participation:

*** Burning Man hosts Video Series--First Deadline August 1 ***

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The Big Bounce Art and Music Festival
Champagne and Bacon presents
June 18- 21st
Belden, Ca on the Feather River in Plumas County

It never ceases to amaze us that if you create the landscape for people to express themselves in a free, true and artistic way, the results exceed all expectations. We strive to bring that vibe continually, and hope that you will join us at the Bounce for our second year to be a part of the passion and love that went into creating this event.

TICKETS available now through Our ticket outlets are The Melting Pot World Emporium (Reno), New Moon Natural Foods (Truckee and Tahoe City), Fudenjuce (Nevada City) and Distractions (San Francisco). No service fees at these locations!

This event is 18+, please, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Dubtribe Sound System (only California summer appearance), Beats Antique, Deekline vs Keith McKenzie ft Sporty-O, DJ Vadim, Random Rab, Bluetech Presents: Satori Social, Eskmo, Sub Swara, VibeSquaD, Neighbour, Eliot Lipp, Kraddy, an-ten-nae, MiMOSA, Marty Party, Lynx and Janover, DJ Stepwise, Heyoka, R/D, Being With Flowers, Anthony Ward, Govinda, DJ Laura, El Papa Chango, Dutch, Hot Shot the Robot, Anahata Sound, saQi, Auditory Canvas, Bass Science, Hot Pink Purple, The Bounce Brigade, DJ Joe, Bass Cadet, Shissla, Black Rock City All-Stars ft The No Pants Party, Who Cares, Cosmic Selector, Dulce Vita, DJ Barisone, Ding Dong, Little John, Mace, Savage Henry, micah j, Evan Bender, and many many more

Michael Heltebrake, Debi Danger, Ernie, Lopan, NoMe, Matthew Tinney, and the Photoboof!

Please visit for more information on lodging, schedules, location, and participating!

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Burning Man presents a Mega-PRECOMPRESSION…

Launching our 25th BURNING MAN Season!!!
Saturday, June 19th
8pm to 4am; Come early to avoid the line and not miss the fire performances!
At The Concourse Exhibition Center and parking lot next door
635 8th St (enter at 7th St & Brannan), SF, CA 94103

$25 Advanced sale at .$30 Door in costume/playa finery; $35 street clothes; 21+ over; Outside Fire Art & Sculpture Garden; Inside Art & Artifacts

Art • Music • Performance • Fire Artistry • Theme Camps • Art Cars • You!

A historic & spectacular night! Celebrate on the original Summer Solstice weekend it all began in 1986 with a fiery and festive Precompression event in the heart of San Francisco! Ramp up your Radical Self-Expression because tonight marks the launch of the 25th Burning Man season and we want YOU to pARTicipate!

Join MANY longstanding playa favorites! Look back at where we’ve come from and get a sneak preview of Metropolis 2010 projects and where burners are going as a global community and culture.

Music & Performances: Mutaytor; Copper Lantern Fire Theater; Soul in the Machine; Vau de Vire Society; Capacitor; MoPo; Nocturnal Sunshine; Space Cowboys (8ball, Deckard, Zach Moore, EricHz, Kapt’n Kirk); UBUV; Afrolicious; Pyronauts; Hookahdome; Gooferman; Smoove; Fou Fou Ha!; Dex Stakker; Hybridz ‘R Us; Mancub; Bad Unkl Sista; ICON; EO; The Fossettes; Hobo Gobbelins; Shredder Hoops; Metamorphosis Ballet; Imps of Sneth; Firish; Kiss & Tell; Dark Sparkle Burlesque; CaroLuna; Isopop; Monkey Chant; DJ Dragonfly; Vulcan Crew; Neon Bunny; Ian Michael Smith & Bliss Butterfly; Mo Corleone; Shovelman; Alt Tal; Justin Credible; Spiral; Magician Brad Barton; beatbox by One Mouth Band; Matt Jalbert; SatsiSonik; Whiskey Devil; Nancy Asiya Belly Dance; a Kidnap Fashion Show “curated” by Animal Control; and MEGA-many more!

Art & Artifacts: Jennybird Alcantara; Dana Albany; Maricela Alvarez; David Best; Bruce Beeley; Joegh Bullock; James Cole; Karen Cusolito; Dan DasMann; Tony Deifell; Chris De Monterey; Emma Hardy; Justin Gray; Flaming Lotus Girls; Flux Foundation; Kinetic Cab Company; Al Honig; Laura Kimpton; Kinetic Cab Company; Lasers&; Danny Macchiarini; Nightshade; Playaflies; Kitty Gordon; Jess Hobbs and Rebecca Anders; $teven Ra$pa; Pierre Riche; Mini Man & The Mini Man Crew; Brad Templeton; Todd Williams; Ben Zero; and more!

Art Cars & Camps: The Alkaline Cafe; Playapus Corralus; Bed Rock Hot Rod Taxi; PhotoBoof; Tundra Bunny; Nautilus X; The UNIMOG; Black Rock Film Fest; Dilated Peoples Eye Spa; Workshop Corner; Earth Guardians; Beauty Shop of Horrors; Order of the Disgruntled Octopi; Excellent Adventure Display; etc and HOORAY!

So, dust off that playa spirit and dress to express! This night is the focal point of a full month of celebrations and events leading up to our 25th Burning Man event and the year beyond. You won’t want to miss it! More info and schedules:

To volunteer:

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Performance Workshop June 19

Burning Man Special Events Team is supporting a number of free, interactive workshops -- by burners for burners -- designed to share the skills and expertise of our community.  These workshops are intended to further the principles of gifting and radical self-reliance using tools that are readily available.
Workshop #5 : "How to Create Performance Art for the Playa"
Saturday, June 19, 2010
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (pre-event workshop)
The Concourse Exhibition Center
635 8th St (enter on 7th St at Brannan)
San Francisco, CA 94103
Dr. Wendy Clupper will lead a workshop entitled: "How to Create Performance Art for the Playa". It will explore the possibilities for creating spontaneous interactive theater at Burning Man. There is a rich history of performance in Burning Man's nearly 25 years and we all can be a part of it! On the playa, you don't need a stage to perform. Burning Man is a cityscape that invites and encourages its own unique street theater. This workshop is for anyone who wants to develop the skills to engage other participants on the playa in both playful and theatrical ways. We will be using theater exercises and techniques in both partners and groups to create solo performances that we can try out at PreCompression and in anticipation of Metropolis. Come participate and discover the playful performer waiting inside you. Wendy is a long-time burner, a performer/director and Professor of Theater History whose dissertation was entitled: The Performance Culture of Burning Man.
This workshop will take place in the two hours prior to PreCompression.  Space is limited, must be 21 and over.  Reservations required.  Please RSVP to Terry Penn .

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Burning Man 2010 Desert Arts Preview - Annual Artist Lecture Series
Thursday, June 24, 2010
6:00pm-11:00pm; Talks begin at 7:00pm
Mission Rock Cafe
817 Terry a Francois Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94158-2209
COMING SOON: Streaming video of the event!  Stay tuned!
ALL AGES welcome before 9pm
FREE! But if you wish to make a donation, any proceeds will support the Black Rock Arts Foundation artist grant program. No host bar and food service. Limited seating, so COME EARLY to ensure your seat and not miss any speakers!
This is our very popular annual artist lecture series, where you get a sneak preview of some of notable art projects in progress right now for Burning Man 2010. You'll hear directly from artists who are creating revolutionary works of art, often in radically collaborative ways. Some have been doing work on the playa for many years and will be sharing humorous war stories associated with creating art under extreme conditions. This is also a great opportunity to learn how YOU can get involved and support these and other artists.

If you can't make it, look up their projects at the link below and directly contact these and other artists/projects you feel inspired to help and participate in. Get involved and help make the art you wish to see in the world!   

Speaker Schedule:

7:00-7:15    Welcome & Overview of Burning Man 2010 Theme and  Artist Grants by Beth Scarborough
7:20-7:30    Bryan Tedrick – Minaret
7:35-7:45    Lawrence Burton – Kinetic Cab Company
7:50-8:00    Matt Ganucheau -- Subway
8:05-8:15    Kiwi Chris -- Megatropolis
8:20-8:30    Bliss Dance
8:35-8:55    Intermission
9:00 -9:10    Tomas McCabe – Black Rock Arts Foundation
9:15-9:25    Morley John -- Syzygryd
9:30-9:40    Michael Christian -- Home
9:45-9:55    Jess Hobbs, PK Kimmelman and Rebecca Anders – Temple  of Flux
10:00-10:20    Questions and Answers

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9pm till LATE

$15 at the door

desert breaks, dubstep, whirling dervishes, bellydance, live Middle East music, opulent decor all in high Hookahdome style

if you loved Hookahdome on the Playa come out and support us!
we need your to help make Hookahdome 2010 the best ever!!

Front Room
Sidecar Tommy (Beats Antique), Janaka Selekta (Worldly), Jef Stott (Six Degrees/Hookahdome), DJ Amar (Electric Vardo / Surya Dub), Ra So (Hookahdome / Soma Olam), Ixnee

Upstairs Dubstep Room
Jocelyn (Club Exotica/Get Freaky), Chlorophil (Synchronos/Bayareafolks), El Diablo, ABAI (Satya Yuga), DJ Hax

Downstairs Hookah Lounge and Bellydance Cabaret, Outersect-Live (Beats & Pieces/Symbiosis), Jef Stott-Live Taqsim w/ Whirling Dervish Aziz, Drumspyder-Live (Dakini), Dvine1-Live, Outlaw Dervish-Live

Belly dancers

watch for our next event July 23rd!!!

Join our Facebook page!
"Hookahdome Official Fan Page"

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Burning Man hosts Video Series--First Deadline August 1

Send in Submissions/Videos/NOW~
Burning Man Video Acculturation Series
Deadline August 1--SUBMIT!!

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Join Tiny Tropolis!

Are you looking for a GREAT way to contribute to the art on the playa this year?!
Join Tiny Tropolis!  We are one of the Black Rock Arts Foundation's 2010 honorary art installations and we need artists to help bring our tiny city to life!

From a distance, Tiny Tropolis appears as a row of identical white boxes that have been secured, one after another, upon a structure stretching out over 80 feet across the playa. The heart of Tiny Tropolis lies within, and passersby will need to get in close to experience the richness of this installation. Each box contains a DIORAMA constructed by a different individual artist (that's you). It is truly community-based- a collective project that funnels the artistic spirit of people across the planet into the most celebratory, albeit tiny, block party to hit the playa yet.


Sign up at and LIKE our Facebook page at

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