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Woooohooo! What an amazing weekend we've just had! Thank you for joining us for SF Precompression, celebrating our 25th Burning Season!!! Rest up because there's another line-up of events coming your way!

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Upcoming Events:

*** Center Camp Cafe Decor Craft Party - TONIGHT! Wednesday, June 23rd ***

*** Burning Man 2010: Desert Arts Preview - Thursday, June 24th ***

*** Reading My Dad's Porn and French Kissing the Dog - June 24th through July 17th ***

*** Outside the Dome: A Hookahdome Fundraiser - Saturday, June 25th ***

*** Benefit for Burners Without Borders & Shelters International - Tuesday, June 29th ***

*** The Luv & Rockets RED PARTY - Wednesday, June 30th ***

*** The 2nd Annual Superhero Street Fair - Saturday, July 10th ***

Call for Participation:

*** Workshops, Performers, & Artists Needed for Sacred Spaces Village ***

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Center Camp Cafe Decor Craft Party!

TONIGHT! Wednesday, June 23rd

Howdy Crafty Crafterinos!

The Center Camp Cafe is proud to announce the SECOND Craft Party of 2010,
hosted by the Cafe Decor Team, on this coming Wednesday, June 23!  We're
continuing to sew up those Crown Flags, assemble our 'laundry line' decor,
and paint, paint, PAINT some c-razy street signs!

We'll have hearty snacks and delicious drinks, smiling faces, sewing
machines, paint, wood, fabric, and tons of pointy scissors to run with so
come on down.  You don't need to be going to Burning Man 2010 to come and
have fun with the Cafe Decor Crew!

WHO- You, your friends, your dog, your brother, your sister, your mother,
WHAT - Cafe Decor Craft Party
WHEN - Wednesday, June 23, 6PM-10PM
WHERE - Burning Man HQ: 3450 Third Street Suite #2A / SF, CA 94124 (
WHY?! - Do you need a reason to get crafty!?

**Fabric: Donations are awesome!  We're looking for long-sleeved
shirts (any color) for our 'laundry-line' project, and can sometimes use
 other random fabric for....random projects, so check with us and we'll
see if we can use it.

** Sawing:  Got a Jigsaw?  Bring it for cutting wood/masonite signs.
We'll have some extra blades, but best if you have spares too.

**Painting:  We've got some brushes, but BYO if you have 'em.
Water-based/acrylic paints will be used (no oil-base paint) - and we'll
take donated house-paint in any color!**

** Cutting: We've got fabric scissors, but feel free to BYO fave pair.
PINKING SHEARS might be useful too, so BYO those if you've got 'em.

 **Sewing: We try to provide enough sewing machines - but some of you have
 sweet sergers (and the Cafe only owns standard machines) and we love
having 1 or 2 sergers on hand.  We've discovered that some things are
best sewn with a serger, and some with a standard machine.  Feel free to
 BYO standard machine if it's easy for you, but it's likely you can use
one of ours.**

While an RSVP is not required, we do like to plan for food and FUN, so let
us know:

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Burning Man 2010 Desert Arts Preview - Annual Artist Lecture Series
Thursday, June 24, 2010
(Full no host bar and snacks available for socializing; program begins at 7pm)

at Mission Rock Cafe

817 Terry a Francois Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94158-2209
(415) 626-5355

ALL AGES if arriving before 9pm.

FREE admission! But if you wish to make a donation, any proceeds will support the Black Rock Arts Foundation artist grant program.

Limited seating for 150, so COME EARLY to ensure that you get a seat and don't miss anything!

This is our very popular annual artist lecture series, where you get a sneak preview of some of the many notable art projects in progress right now for Burning Man 2010. You'll hear directly from artists who are creating revolutionary works of art, often in radically collaborative ways. Some have been doing work on the playa for many years and will be sharing humorous war stories associated with creating art under extreme conditions. This is also a great opportunity to learn how YOU can get involved and support these artists and others.

If you can't make it, look up their projects at the link below and directly contact these and other artists/projects you feel inspired to help and participate in. Get involved and help make the art you wish to see in the world! <>

Speaker Schedule:

7:00-7:15    Welcome & Overview of Burning Man 2010 Theme and Artist Grants by Beth Scarborough
7:20-7:30    Bryan Tedrick – Minaret
7:35-7:45    Lawrence Burton – Kinetic Cab Company
7:50-8:00    Matt Ganucheau -- Subway
8:05-8:15    Kiwi Chris -- Megatropolis
8:20-8:30    Bliss Dance
8:35-8:55    Intermission
9:00 -9:10    Tomas McCabe – Black Rock Arts Foundation
9:15-9:25    Syzygryd
9:30-9:40    Michael Christian -- Home
9:45-9:55    Jess Hobbs, PK Kimmelman and Rebecca Anders – Temple of Flux
10:00-10:20    Questions and Answers

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Cherry Zonkowski's Solo Show:

June 24 through July 17  
At the Marsh, 1062 Valencia St. San Francisco

Thursday through Saturday at 8pm
THIS SATURDAY JUNE 26,  special show FREE !
Want to go a different night ?  Friends discount code:  tequila

Reading My Dad's Porn and French Kissing the Dog has it all: sex, marzipan pigs, boogers, tequila, monkeys, dildos, and grammar. And that's just a start. Cherry Zonkowski explores the burning question of how someoneends up with a name like Cherry anyway by taking us on a tour of the SanFrancisco sex and artist party scenes while reflecting back on herTex-wegian (half Texas and half Norway) childhood, her failed marriage and the unique hell of grading papers.

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9pm till LATE

$15 at the door

desert breaks, dubstep, whirling dervishes, bellydance, live Middle East music, opulent decor all in high Hookahdome style

If you loved Hookahdome on the Playa come out and support us!
We need your to help make Hookahdome 2010 the best year ever!!

Front Room
Sidecar Tommy (Beats Antique), Janaka Selekta (Worldly), Jef Stott (Six Degrees/Hookahdome), DJ Amar (Electric Vardo / Surya Dub), Ra So (Hookahdome / Soma Olam), Ixnee

Upstairs Dubstep Room
Jocelyn (Club Exotica/Get Freaky), Chlorophil (Synchronos/Bayareafolks), El Diablo, ABAI (Satya Yuga), DJ Hax

Downstairs Hookah Lounge and Bellydance Cabaret, Outersect-Live (Beats & Pieces/Symbiosis), Jef Stott-Live Taqsim w/ Whirling Dervish Aziz, Drumspyder-Live (Dakini), Dvine1-Live, Outlaw Dervish-Live

Belly dancers

watch for our next event July 23rd!!!

Join our Facebook page!
"Hookahdome Official Fan Page"

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Benefit for Burners Without Borders & Shelters International @ Red Devil Lounge
Tuesday, June 29th
1695 Polk @ Clay
7:00pm - 12:00am

$10 minimum donation, $20 suggested donation... or we'll graciously accept more!

Facebook invite:

Please join San Francisco's local artists and musicians in a one-night only event to raise money to send volunteer builder, Christie Harbinski, to Jacmel, Haiti to help rebuild homes and building after their devastating earthquake. Proceeds will help get Christie to Haiti and purchase supplies for shelter construction projects.

With performances by:
Ronkat Spearman (P FUNK, KATDELIC), Broun Fellinis, James Whiton (EMT), DJ ShOOey (Space Cowboys), Renee Wilson (Actress/singer from the movie “Ray” See, Black Quarterback, Dave Mihaly,Paper Radio, Members of Glide, John Karr (VJ) and More!

Win prizes from fresh organic produce/food, wine, art by Anastasia Schipani, and even a private ride in a plane from a flight instructor.

If you can't make the event, but would still like to help, you can visit Christie's fundraising page for more info on how to donate!

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The Heartbeat Amplifier Presents...

The Luv & Rockets RED PARTY
Wednesday June 30th...
8:30pm: Doors Open

**Incredible Community Talent Show!**
To strut your stuff on stage, send a message to Hitch at

** Fashion Show**
with our own RED Party super hot spicy models struttin' their stuff!

** Trunk Sale**
Get you new Playa outfit accessories not to mention all types of delectables and delights at the Trunk Sale!

** Dance Party **
Magic beat drops by our beloved

~Knowa Knowone~
Straight from Canada popping into town just for us during his busy summer tour - we are very lucky to have...
Heartbeat Amplifier RED PARTIES are not miss a night of sexy revelry like no other.

$15 in your fun sexy red outfit or firework attire
$12 before 10pm

See you there!
Hitch & Emma

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1pm til Midnight
Indiana Street @ Cesar Chavez

The purpose of the Superhero Street Fair is to recognize people and organizations, throughout the Bayview Community, for their outstanding contribution to the arts and/or community action efforts.  We wish to provide a platform to showcase their achievements, and enjoy a day of celebration and community.  There will be art exhibits, live theatre and poetry, live and electronic music, food, and an awards
ceremony recognizing specific individuals and organizations for their contribution.  Ceremonies will include the Mayoral proclamation of “SuperHero Day” in San Francisco.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit local organizations for their outstanding achievement. The organizers of this event will also assist in cleaning up the area, a spot often neglected but deserving of attention.

You won’t want to miss this wacky and wonderful event that is packed full of top notch music, art, performers, and thrilling extreme sports.  There is no time to waste, come out and share your Super-ness with the rest of the Superheroes on the street.

We are looking for some amazing ART CARS to participate in “SPACE JAZZ”, this year’s 2ND Annual SUPERHERO Street Fair!  We have expanded this year’s street fair to include prime real estate so that you can showcase YOUR fantastic Art Car!

To participate with your art car, e-mail Kitten at: 

For more information go to:

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Sacred Spaces Village "Mystic Metropolis" at Burning Man 2010

If you would like to play music with us, provide a workshop, offer your healing services, bring ceremony, offer live art, etc. We'd love to hear from you. For our Main Stage: We're looking for downtempo/world fusion DJs, live kirtan and other spiritually based bands and singer/songwriters, thought-provoking dance & ritual, etc.

In addition to our normal host of spiritually-oriented and visionary art workshops we are also doing a series on the Metropolis theme exploring issues of urban architecture, renewable energy, building community, permaculture, and other aspects of sustainable design.

WORKSHOP PROPOSAL: In order to make sure we are listed in the WWW on the playa, we ask that you get your proposals BEFORE JUNE 26.

We are looking for: mystics, educators, intimacy creators, sacred sexuality and Tantra teachers, NVC facilitators,  musicians, visionary art (printed on sturdy vinyl or fabric, please!), awareness-building indie films, sculpture (particularly mobiles and sculptures that can be suspended from domes), projections, VJs, DJs, yogis, healers and more...
If all goes as planned (and we're crossing or fingers) Sacred Spaces will be located at approximately Esplanade and 6:30.

You do not have to camp with SSV to perform or teach, but you ARE responsible for your own transportation and Burning Man ticket. In some cases, the camp will support the materials, transportation or equipment needed for your project.

To make this easy : we have an event/music/workshop proposal form on our main website. LINK BELOW.

Sacred Spaces Village, one of Burning Man's largest theme villages, was part of Entheon Village in 2008 where we created the Pantheogenesis Temple. In 2009, we were located at 5:00 and Esplanade and brought two large domes and a stage with more than 40 workshops and performances and 30+ visionary artists.  We have been continually pushing the cutting edge of visionary aesthetics and metaphysical culture and this year will blend the best of both our 2008 temple and our 2009 infrastructure to create the Mystic Metropolis!

Sacred Spaces is a container for personal connection to the divine with workshops devoted to sacred expression and visionary culture, including the playa's largest protected visionary art gallery, daily yoga and kirtan, sacred sexuality, non-violent/compassionate communication, healing arts, sound healing, permaculture, ecological sustainability, sacred geometry, raw food, quartz crystal matrixes, visionary film and more....all in one of the most visible locations at Burning Man.

This year, we will have:
- a large main stage amphitheater directly on The Esplanade with a sound system and several folks in the village with professional festival/stage management experience.
- EIGHT big, beautifully decorated domes and yurts, from 20 ft. to 42 ft. in diameter, arranged in a circle as the 8 Chakras with a courtyard in the center. (Lots of space for sculptural installations here!)  Two of these domes will have smaller sound systems and live acoustic music or downtempo/chill/ambient DJs
1st Chakra -  Women's Mysteries, Earth Wisdom, Primal Power, Moon Cycle Magik, Fertility Awareness          
2nd Chakra - Sacred Connection, Intimacy, Co-Creativity, Relationships, Tantra, Sensuality
3rd Chakra -  Men's Mysteries, Will, Male Self Empowerment, Solar Magik, Native Ancestry
4th Chakra -  Healing Sanctuary, Heart Awakening, Bodywork, Emotional Expression     
5th Chakra -  Communication Modalities, Music, Sound Healing, Language, Poetry      
6th Chakra -  Visionary Art, Spirit Vision, Divination, Speakers tent, The Future of Our World
7th Chakra - Silent Meditation, Galactic Awareness, Integration, Illumination
8th Chakra - Global Unity, Yoga, Dance, Movement, Downtempo music

Also in 2010 we're collaborating with Bhakti Fest, Krishna Camp and Mystic Garden Party on producing an awesome devotional music stage, and continuing and expanding our tradition of sacred art, sacred food, and sacred community.

The Sacred Spaces Village Crew

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