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                     Tue Aug 24 Full Moon

)'( BRC 2010 map with theme camps marked THIS IS THE BEST LINK!

Are you going to Burning Man this year?
Thought You Were Going to Burning Man

Evolution (Burning Man time lapses) (HD)

My Playa Adventure -Burning Man 2009 mastahnick

Burning Man 2009 - Montage Music Video     Cubitron - Burning Man 2007    Cubatron - Burning Man 2009    Cubitron with prism glasses from underneath Burning Man 2009    Burning Man 2009 / Playa Walking / Cubatron (5)    nice ride ! burning man 2008    Burning Man 2009 zakattackvideos    MOV00827 - Burning Man 2009 - The Mondo Spider    Deep End Dance Party, Burning Man 2006    Leeloo at Burning Man   Burning Man 2006 MarkDayComedy   And This One Time at Burning Man (Part One)  MarkDayComedy   Burning Man Tips for tha Playa 07 v1   halcyonstyn
BUT do not shower from Water trucks that wet the roads, cows pee at the hot springs watertrucks suck from. Micro organisms yo!   How To Fur A Bike for Burning Man    halcyonstyn

"This is Burning Man" infographic see larger image on flickr

Burning Man was better next year.

)'( )'( )'( Aug 30 - Sep 6 Burning Man 2010 
)'( BRC 2010 map with theme camps marked THIS IS THE BEST LINK!
The theme camp locations are taken from the unofficial theme camp list.  Fun to explore ..
Black Rock City map with porta-potty & GPS info to download eye candy FREE! Show this to your friends. They will come to Burning Man if they see the pics! Street Names for 2010 Metropolis
Esplanade Athens Baghdad Cairo Detroit Edinburgh Florence Guangzhou Hanoi Istanbul Jakarta Kyoto

FREE TICKETS in TRUCKEE, CA and Wadsworth, Nixon NV. Yes COPs give you TICKETS for Speeding. ok just a little map     EVENTS at BurningMan examples: ask a vegan booth Sunset Howl Playa Speed Dating The Cove Oscar-Winning documentary Sacred Spaces Sacred Spaces: Bhakti Lounge" HeeBeeGeeBee Healers Morning Coffee Enema (7 a.m. - noon) Contact Improvisation Dance Jam Contact Improvisation Dance Class (1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.)
plus a dozen practices of yoga, thousands of fun activities, memorable moments, and artistic endeavors
CUBATRON is taking a rest and the creator this year brings THIS YEAR DIAMOND in SKY @ the center of the 9:00 Plaza another smaller slideshow 

)'( )'( )'( Aug 30 - Sept 6 2010 Art Theme: Metropolis photos download eye candy slide shows 

H20 Aug 27 - Sep 3 10am to 10pm Gerlach Community Center. Follow Signs for WATER! Turn right at the shell gas station. Water location is back behind Brunos a bit...
5 gallon Bottles ok. 1 gallon bottles ok. Any size container ok!
PURCHASE WATER IN GERLACH .50c/gallon up to 100 gallons, .45c/gallon for sales above 100 and less than 200 gallons, and .40c/gallon for sales larger than 200 gallons.
selling potable water for filling up RVs and water tanks of any size starting August 27th. We will have ample filling stations in front of the community center, with directional signs located as you enter town on Main Street.
Gerlach top notch water treatment plant Water weighs 8 lbs per gallon, and by buying your water in Gerlach you will avoid paying fuel costs to transport your water from Reno or even farther.
Hours of operation will be 10 am – 10 pm with a person available on-call when closed. We are ONLY accepting cash payments as we do not have a credit/debit machine. PLEASE pass this information on to any regional lists you may be on! 
Our office can be contacted at 775-557-2601 or  gerlachgid  at  yahoo  dot  com  with any questions or to arrange fill-ups prior to August 27th. ~Ranger Keeper, Treasurer, Gerlach GID"

H20 5 gallon blue bottles for Water cooler are sensitive to UV / Sunlight. Keep them in the shade.
1 Gallon Roxanne/ Crystal Geyser bottles in Clear Square Plastic are sensitive to heat. Keep them low and covered in a cool place.
I galon and 2.5 gallon non-clear or SOFT plastic bottles taste like plastic becuase they are leaching plastics into your body. AVOID! for more tips on plastics to avoid.

H20             TRUCKEE REST STOP closed!!! Status: Scroll down to Donner Summit: Closed until April 2011
in Sep 2011: FREE SIERRA SPRING WATER at DONNER PASS CAL TRANS REST STOP in Truckee, CA 20 miles before Nevada.
Just pull your car into the parking lot, now back up to one of the 3 hose spigots along the patio on the right side... FILL 'er UP! This is why you Packed the Bottles LAST!
SPARE your CAR's engine and transmission the wear and tear of hualing water uphill. You already paid for this water via DMV. Don't forget to fill up on way home too. Drink healthy all Fall and Winter!

You can find the complete list of Burning Man Resources that were submitted to us by the business owners here:

The Burning Man Regional Network - connect with Burners in your hometown:

Visit our own Lyceum and engage with published authors, bloggers and thinkers in and around the Burning Man community as they observe and comment on our culture and like-minded cultures around the world:

The Official Burning Man Facebook Page:

Official Burning Man Twitter Account - All Things Burning Man:

Black Rock City Twitter Account - All Things BRC:

On a more down-to-earth note, I've rotated the BRC map to be north-aligned and added the sun/moon rise locations.  Andy / Stargazer95050

Hitler Plans Burning Man

Please remember when you are driving on 447. Miss the cows hit the bunnies. 
Cows have been known to jump so slow down for them. I have actually hit a cow (I swear it was an alien cow, but that is another story). 
Bunnies have been known to kill people, I know you laugh now, hit them do not swerve. 
People have DIED swerving attempting to not hit the bunny. That is why we call them Suicidal Bunnies. - Crimson Rose

Rockstar Librarian compiles a printable DJ list compiled from all the camps every year. Lorin playing thursday night at Root Society 10:00 and Baghdad

sacred spaces village  6:15 and D Workshop & Music Lineup

Entheon Village Burning Man Located @ 6&D (between Red Lightning and Sacred Spaces) - Behind Center Camp, the "Soul of the City"
VIBESQUAD WedEve / Thu Morn 2:30 am after Heyoka 1:30 am


NEXUS LINEUP BURNINGMAN 2010 10:00 and Esplanade, Black Rock City NV

Shawna dj sets at BM!

Random Rab Burningman Schedule!/event.php?eid=151619214850899
Thursday 9/2 3:00pm: Dr. Bronner's All-One-Ark in the Outer Playa!!!
Thursday 9/2 6PM: Discussion Panel on Electronic Music
@ The Phage Dome (4:30 & esplanade-The Institute Village) with Syd Gris, Jody Wisternoff, Will Baily, and more TBA
...Thursday 9/2 10pm: The Portal Patch (3&H)     Friday 9/3 Sunrise: Abraxis Art Car @ The Temple
Saturday 9/4 1pm: BASSCAMP         Sunday 9/5 6am: Sunrise @ Nexus!!
I'm giving away free sunglasses! Come get a pair!       ?????: The Surly Bird

Ra So's set times at BM 2010 Tues night 2-3:30 am @ Sacred Spaces        Wed Midnight @ Hookahdome 8:00 & Esplanade
Sat night/Sun morn 5-6 am (after Filistine) @ Hookahdome 8:00 & Esplanade
???? Intentheon ????

BenSamples Burning Man Schedule
Aug 31, Tuesday 10pm - Nexus 10:00 & E      Sept 1, Wednesday night 2am - Bass Camp 2:00 & D
Sept 2, Thursday night 2am - False Profit 4:30 & E       Sept 3, Friday Night - Off
Sept 4, Saturday night 4am (after the burn) - Portal Patch 3:00 & H!/bensamples

Burning Man )'( - {{((SETTIMES FOR CHLOROPHIL))}} - )'(!/event.php?eid=149339405094330

Tuesday Night Party August 31 at 9:00pm - September 1 at 8:00am False Profit, LLC Black Rock Metropolis: The Institute: 4:30 & Esplanade

Bughouse Chess At Burning Man, Tues-Sat., 5pm Entheon Village camp  (On D at 6:12) WedEve / Thu Morn 2:30 am after Heyoka 1:30 am Entheon Village 6&D (between Red Lightning and Sacred Spaces)

Thursday Sept 2nd 5-7pm  2010 Spin Cycle Spin Jam with Ill.Gates 6:00 and Center Camp Ring Road Look for the blue flag with the man hula hooping!

BILLION BUNNY MARCH Thursday at BMIR from 5-7pm for bunnification and HOPtails. We march at 7PM SHARP (like a really pointy carrot!)

huge Heartbeat Amplifier RED PARTY at Bliss Camp Thursday night, with Beats Antique and Random Rab throwin' down.

Thu 8pm-4am  The Skinny Kitty Thursday Night Burning Man Party 3 O'clock & Guangzhou

Orgasmic Mastery for Men Ejaculatory choice, Full body orgasms, non-ejaculatory orgasms, male multiple orgasms…need I say more? For men only, led by the Erotic Rockstar.
Friday, September 3rd, 2010 1:30 p.m. – 3 p.m. Sacred Spaces 6:15 and D Destin

Destin - erotic rockstar workshops - At Red Lightning (6:00 & D):
1. "Go Make The Coffee: The Evolving Role of Men and Maleness in the
New Paradigm" (Panel Discussion) August 31 (Tuesday) at 4-6PM
All below workshops are at Sacred Spaces (same Village, also 6:15 & D):
2. "Tantric Massage (co-facilitated w Triambika) - Experience the
power of sacred sexuality with this hands-on clothes-off workshop. BYO
Partner" - at The Second Chakra Temple on September 1 (Wednesday) at 6
PM (Will fill-up. Arrive early to secure yr spot)
3. "Sexual Paradigms: Discussions on Conscious Evolvement. Join "The
Erotic Rockstar" for a powerful open discussion on our true sexual
potential." - at the Unity Temple on September 2 (Thursday) at 4 PM
4. Erotic Spirituality": (cofacilitated w Triambika) - Ecstasy as a
Vehicle for Enlightenment. Guided erotic self-exploration incl. nudity
& orgasmic breathing led by Triambika & the Erotic Rockstar - at the
Second Chakra Temple on September 2 (Thursday) at 12-2pm. (Will
fill-up. Arrive early to secure yr spot)
5. "Orgasmic Mastery for Men - Ejaculatory choice, Full body orgasms,
Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms, Male Multiple Orgasms! Need I say more?" (To
answer the Frequently Asked Question, This workshop is NOT hands-on,
more presentation based/Q&A. Also, Women are very welcome to attend.)
- at Third Chakra Temple on September 3 (Friday) at 1:30-3pm

FRI SEP 3 4pm CRITICAL TITS bike ride for women at the man

Friday Sept 3rd 5-7pm  Bay Area Hooper's HoopJam Spin Cycle Camp 6:00 and Center Camp Ring Road expanding our hours ACLU "Know Your Rights" booth We will be at Playa Info: Mon-Wed, 3-6pm Thurs-Sun, 3-8pm

EXODUS: FREE RECYCLING @ 1299 Washeim Street, State Route 447, Wadsworth, NV on 447 on your way out.
ACCEPTED  RECYCLABLES:  Plastics (SPI 1,2,3,4,& 5), glass, all metals
(aluminum, tin, steel, brass, etc.), paper, cardboard, plastic bags,  household
(rechargeable and disposable) batteries, bicycles, and  non-perishable food and water.
Simply drive into the parking lot  and sort and deposit your recyclables into the appropriate containers.  
Please have your recyclables as clean as possible and remove from bags before depositing
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.