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SF events 9.25   )'( )'( Folsom Street Fair Sunday, September 26, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM


OK Go - White Knuckles - Official Video
Support animal rescue at

New Animal Collective video

Hunter S Thompson in 1978
I Can Be A DJ


Vigilant Camera Eye

Mysterious Force Holds Back Nasa Probe in Deep Space

Egypt scientist explains Pioneer 10 phenomenon
Mysterious force hinders NASA spacecraft


Recreating the caveman diet

Consumers demand labeling of GM salmon, if approved

MRSA in Meat: Why No Recall?: Huffington Post – Next week, Congress will hold hearings on the recent recall of mor...

Study: Human Exposure to BPA ‘Grossly Underestimated’: NY Times – Americans are likely to be exposed at higher lev...



EPA gets behind green beauty, recommends eco-watchdog’s database | green LA girl

More Leukemia in Iraq Than After Hiroshima

How Drug Companies Bribe Doctors to Suck You Into Their Web...     
Psychological warfare... guerilla brainwashing... "rewards" for doctors who prescribe their drugs -- all to the tune of $30,000 per year per doctor in the U.S. How Big Pharma spends big money persuading doctors to get you hooked on their meds... step in and protect your own health now.
Nearly 30,000 Americans Get Cancer From This One Procedure EVERY Year: Will You?
CT scans yield higher-resolution images than regular medical X-rays. Unfortunately, they also expose the patient to hundreds and sometimes thousands of times the amount of radiation.


BREAKING: US House puts oceans, coasts under UN: Senate vote will seal the deal «

Video: Millions of Dead Fish … But Authorities Refuse to Test for Oil: (WashingtonsBlog) – As I noted last week: W...

Award winning astrophysicist Alexia Demetria says our solar system is entering an interstellar energy cloud

California Fruit Tree Tour 2011 is on!

     ECON Currency Wars, The Point of No Return

Gold and Silver Are Sounding The Alarm

Gold Breaks Psycological $1300 Barrier

Open Your Eyes News - The Big Picture on World News - 2nd Great Depression

Keiser Report ?80: Markets! Finance! Scandal!
This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at the scandals of 
World War III ending before it even started thanks to Goldman Sachs seeking 
to move into Iran; and taking on the bourse Abbie Hoffmann style. In the 
second half of the show, Max goes to New York to talk to Joe Weisenthal from to talk bedbugs, gold and pensioners.

20 Signs That The Economic Collapse Has Already Begun For One Out Of Every Seven Americans

Dread A SuperCharged FED! - video
The Verdict Judge Napolitano on Obama s Plan Giving Unlimi ....


Fake Organized Home Made Protest Exposed 

Video: Gerald Celente on The Gary Null show: September 20, 2010 – 
Related post...

Video: What Really Happened with Michael Rivero 9-22-10

Google Trends #1 Hot Search 'Save His Presidency'

Feds Target Americans As Terrorists In Effort To Break Back Of Big Government Resistance
Government uses its own network of terrorist patsy handlers to sick the anti-terror apparatus on peaceful Americans
The feds are up to their old tricks once again – demonizing American citizens who are politically engaged and use the Internet as domestic terrorists in a transparent ploy to chill free speech and immobilize resistance to big government – when in actual fact every major terror plot in the United States was provocateured, contrived or directly facilitated by the federal government itself.

Establishment Upset We're Not Discussing Mindless Drivel
It's fine for multi-billion dollar Madison Avenue conglomerates to push celebrity pap, and it's OK for mega-corporations to buy Google search rankings, but God forbid Alex Jones attempt to get real issues into the public domain via Google Trends
Tom Krazit of CNet News is apparently upset that someone would attempt to create talking points of national interest that are not focused around the moronic behavior of vacuous celebrities like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and whatever other mindless drivel the corporate media serves up on a daily basis.

9/11 remains shrouded with unanswered questions. Here is newly obtained evidence that there were explosions and deaths in WTC Building 7 before either of the Twin Towers collapsed. [That means the damage that brought down Building 7 was not from the collapse of the twins, which is the official version.]
9/11 Was An Inside Job, Who Did It and How?

US taxpayers funding Israel database of American citizens
Tax payers paid $125,000 to an Israel-American firm, approved
by the Israeli Minister of Defense, to monitor protestors, mostly
against natural gas drilling. The people with signs were labeled
threats to the infrastructure, or terrorists.
Continued with video and article excerpts with links at:

Israel's role in global terrorism - 
 A Special Video Documentary on the Criminal State - By Jeff Gates
Jeff Gates along with Anthony Lawson produce this startling new video that is an absolute necessity for every American who genuinely loves his country and knows something has gone very very wrong. In Jeff’s own words: 
What I tell people is that our specialty is enabling people to grasp “how” this duplicity operates in plain sight and, to date, with impunity. With that knowledge, they can sort out for themselves Who and Why. Absent that knowledge, they’re left adrift in the domain of conspiracy theorists, hate-mongers and such. We see this knowledge as essential in the transition to the Knowledge Society.
The following video series documents the Criminal State -- Israel's role in global terrorism.


"Hearts and Minds" 1974 (the reality of war)

CIA's Afghan Kill Teams Expand U.S. War in Pakistan

Genocide Wiped Out Native American Population: Discovery News – Crushed leg bones, battered skulls and other mutil...


Denial, Selective Perception and Military Atrocities

     911 INSIDE JOB

12 Page 9/11 Truth Spread in Yesterday Magazine

NEW YORK — A new witness confirms the WTC power down on the weekend before 9/11. According to Gary Corbett, a former WTC employee, there was a 'power down' on the week-end prior to September 11 for 24 to 36 hours. During this period, he says, "there was a complete breakdown of security because of the power down." Full Story:

 - - - - - 

British Government to Seize All Paychecks

Will Obama Fake A Terror Attack?

Michael Ellsberg Anxiety is the mistaken belief that something could go wrong. But the concept of "going wrong" is meaningless, if you are committed to making sure every experience you have - no matter how negative in the moment - eventually contributes to the fierceness and the openness of your heart. . .!/ellsberg


Sat Sep 25

Independent Arts Fair at CELLSpace this Saturday! 2050 Bryant SF btwn 18th and 19th St.

Coastal Cleanup Day Saturday, September 25th, 9:00am 
Judah Street Entrance to Ocean Beach Judah Street and Great Highway SF, CA 
Please join OceanHealth.Org at the Judah Street entrance to Ocean Beach the Annual International Coastal Cleanup Day! 
In the spirit of the event please carpool, bike, or take public transportation to the event. The N Judah MUNI line stops right near the beach cleanup location. If you bike, we'll keep an eye on your bike while you're out on the beach. 
Most supplies are provided, but if you can bring your own it will help. 

Indybay 10-Year Anniversary Celebration Sep 25 Noon - Midnight 
The historic Continental Club in West Oakland 1658 12th St Oakland, CA 
Indybay has not only survived but thrived over the last ten years. Come and celebrate this milestone with us! 
Daytime: independent media conference with speakers and tabling. Evening: politically-oriented music and arts. 
...If your organization is interested in speaker and/or tabling, please contact sfbay-web [at] Speakers will focus on the importance of independent media to social and environmental justice and come up with their own proposed topics from there. Tablers are invited to use the space to promote their own independent media endeavors. 
If you have any suggestions on alternative media tablers, speakers, or musicians you think should be there, we're open to hearing them. 
(Announcements on speakers and other details to be added as date draws near.) 

North Beach Art Walk @ Impala Lounge  September 25 at 2-6pm 501 Broadway st San Francisco, CA

PLEASE FORWARD this FAR & WIDE! - If you're aren't on the mailing list, get on it at
FLASHDANCE 29 this SATURDAY (9/25/2010): Ferry Plaza
Our next FREE outdoor dance party will be: Saturday 9/25 from 8PM to 10PM at Ferry Plaza in front of the Ferry Building
Flashdance mailing list

LoveTech @ Il Pirata 2007 16th St @ Potrero Saturday, September 25th 9pm-2am $8 with
Featured Artist SID GABRIEL - Light Nucleus:
A projection screen that responds to both your movement & sound with vividly dynamic colorforms, surrounding your body with exciting kinetic flow patterns.
COME EARLY   for a Very Special LearnTech!   9pm: Special Ableton Live PlayShop by Timo
Become the music! Audience voice and music samples will be integrated into a new Ableton music composition!
Attending LoveTech gives you a 25% discount on the full class the next day:
Facebook Event:

The Polk Street Blues Festival Sat & Sun Sep 25 & 26, 10am-6pm 2010  (from Pacific to Union)
Festival will feature two main stages, a merchant marketplace, arts and crafts, gourmet food booths, a large family area, cafe seating areas,

Earthdance Los Gatos 2010 Saturday, September 25-26th @
Music Line Up Saturday 9/25
Main Stage 12:00 Noon - Lewd Noodle 2:00 PM Zap 4:30 PM Smokin Roots Crew
6:00 PM - Rubber Room 8:00 PM - Tangerine and Moonbeam 10:00 PM Wubakia
Pool Party Stage - DJs 10 AM - 3:30 Set times coming soon Aire Redtree DJ Feral More TBA
Waterfall Stage 10:00 AM Sam Barth 4:00 PM - Prayer for Peace
Sunday 9/26 Pool Party Stage 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM W.A.R.M.T.H. DJs Sparkinzi, Teeto Rivera, DJ Pain!/event.php?eid=147163258646354
Desks and Bridgestone Dueler Run Flat Tire for BMW 255/55R18 109H RFT

Invisible Ocean Festival Willow Creek Campground Camptonville, CA 17548 Highway 49 Camptonville, CA September 25 at 10:00am - September 26 at 11:30pm!/event.php?eid=117499464971403 

)'( )'( Folsom Street Fair Sunday, September 26, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM Folsom Btwn 7th and 12th st.Btwn Howard and Harrison SF 

SUNSET Party! - Get Out the Vote Sunday September 26th, 2010 Civic Center Plaza - SF 
SUNSET Party! ...A Civic Picnic Sunday, September 26 1pm - 7:30pm - free!/event.php?eid=127206820663066

directly after just a few blocks away at Triple Crown SUNSET Afterparty/Hangout food and drink will be served djs: tba Market @ Octavia

The PINK PARTY - FOLSOM STREET FAIR - PINK MAMMOTH DJs @ Holy Cow 1535 Folsom @ 11th FREE in PINK with RSVP Sun Sep 26 Noon-Midnight.!/event.php?eid=102142143182407

Indulgence 14yr. Anniversary Party | Dj Cams | Wednesday Sept. 29th 9pm-11:30pm The Starlight Room 450 Powell SF
RSVP Guestlist!/event.php?eid=129937393722696

Please forward widely.  The presentations will be posted at
Fourth Bay Area Greywater Roundtable  September 30, 2010, 3:30 – 5:00 pm 
Topic: Perceived vs. Actual Risks: Greywater, Pathogens. and Public Health 
* Dr. Kara Nelson, Associate Professor in Civil and Environmental 
Engineering, U.C.Berkeley; specialties in water, wastewater, and water borne pathogens. 
* Manuel Ramirez: Environmental Health Manager, City of Berkeley 
* June M. Weintraub, ScD. Senior Epidemiologist, Environmental Health. 
City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health 
Also, this month we will have the third installment of the Greywater 
Systems Presentation, an informative visual examination of a complex 
greywater system from a local installer, Brent Bucknam of Hyphae Design Studio. 
EBMUD Headquarters, 2nd Floor, 375 11th St., Oakland. (One block from the 
12th St. BART Station) Please do not attempt to park in the EBMUD garage. 
Go next door to Pacific Renaissance Plaza, on Webster. 
The Greywater Alliance invites you to join us for our 2010, five-part 
series of discussions and presentations for the Bay Area greywater community. After the recent 
improvement to the state greywater code, we are facilitating local action by bringing people and 
ideas together in five targeted greywater roundtables, with building professionals, designers, 
city inspectors and planners, policy makers, water district staff, and greywater advocates. 
We hope to see you there!  

8th Annual San Francisco Altered Barbie Exhibition 
Where: Shotwell 50 ART SPACE (S50AS):  50 Shotwell between 14th & 15th St. 
9/30/10: 6-11 A Closing Artist Reception, live music, performances and belly dancing with Fat chance belly dance, fashion fete, American Icon and more!!!  

Celebrating outdoor education and adventures with Richard Louv and the Tuolumne River Trust Thursday, September 30th San Francisco Live
Marina Abramovic Institute West 575 Sutter Street, San Francisco @ Powell / Mason
6:30pm - 8:30pm Ticket price $15/$20 Ask about our meet-and-greet reception with Richard Louv at 5:30pm 

SOLIDARITY Lovevolution supperclub 657 Harrison St San Francisco, CA @ 2nd / 3rd Donation required (whatever you’ve got to give!) Sep 30 9pm-2am!/event.php?eid=159116260771973 

monochrom presents Arse Elektronika 2010: Space Racy, which takes place 9/30-10/3 in San Francisco 

Oct 2010 

Fri Oct 1

Fri Oct 1 8:30pm-1:30 am Vau de Vire Society and Eric McFadden Trio with Special Guests DNA LOUNGE 375 11th St SF @ Harrison!/event.php?eid=154916111192724

dirtybird fall party Fri Oct 1 9pm-4am Mezzanine 444 Jessie SF FREE before 11pm w/RSVP 
$20 all night without RSVP  RSVP @

Oct. 1-3 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass - San Francisco, CA FREE 

October 1st, 2nd, & 3rd! Athletic PlayGround will be celebrating 2 years and expansion! 
Save the dates on your calendar for a weekend full of FREE classes, Performances and craziness, PlayGround style! Athletic Playground | 4770 San Pablo Ave, Unit E | Emeryville | CA | 94608 

Noon-Midnight LA State Historical Park 1245 N. Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012 $20

Santa Cruz's official Burning Man Decompression, UnScruz, is on Saturday, October 2, from noon to 10:00 p.m.
We are looking for interactive ART and live acts/performers ( Belly
dancers, hula hoopers, LED/glow poi/staff, short silly plays, who knows!) for UnScruz.
Saturday, October 2, 12:00pm - 10:00pm DownTown Santa Cruz on Lincoln Street between Pacific and Cedar Email:

It's a Burning Man Decompression street party, Santa Cruz style! Please invite everyone you know!

Bring your dusty selves at noon for ten hours full of fire, dance, music, art, performance, theme camps, DJs, and MORE!!!

Enjoy the creative expression that only Santa Cruz can provide for a cost of only $10.00 in Playa couture/costume; $15.00 in streetwear.

The REAL LovEvolution 
Latex outfits. Boom boxes. Cassettes. LOVE. An evolution. INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOWWWWWWW Shawna. Soraya. Katy. Let's make it happen. 
This is what happened with the othe LovEvolution in case you are wondering: 
oops event removed?!/event.php?eid=106887886038631 

Sat Oct 2 SF LovEvolution and WMC aka LOVEFEST aka LOVE PARADE SF sorry - Daytime Event CANCELLED this year. Love Evolution 2009 mastahnick 

Sat Oct 2 Noon HausworkSF LOVEly BBQ Dolores Park 12-7PM ~ SURPRISE GUEST HEADLINER ~ 
St. John (Movin' 99.7, Housenation) Nikita (listed) Adnan Sharif (FORWARD) Layne Loomis (Distrikt) Jimmy B. (Green Guerilla Lounge) 
LadyHaus (PHONIC) Bryan Knarfield (SONUS) RossFM vs, Bangin' B (Movin 99.7, Housenation) B33SON (B33) 
and of course your favorite resident artists: Chris Hope (HausworkSF) Withheld (SONUS, HausworkSF) 
Nothing too fancy about it, we are setting up shop in Dolores Park on Oct. 2nd for a day of FOOD and BEATS from some serious Hausmusic! 
Look for the HUGE white DJ Tent and hamburgers! Let the beat drop... HausworkSF ♥'s You!!!/event.php?eid=160735870606569 

Sat Oct 2 9pm-5am Opel presents: True Love Never Dies - LovEvolution Weekend 
Discount Pre-sale starts at $15 @ 9pm-5am 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink. Must have ID 
Mission Rock : 817 Terry Francois Blvd (off Mariposa, off 3rd St)!/event.php?eid=145725958791854!/?sk=messages&tid=1377061717345 

SF World Veg Fest on the weekend of Oct. 2-3 SF county fair building 9th Ave @ Lincoln, inside Golden Gate Park $7 suggested donation  Students FREE. Free for everyone before 10:30 am
It's a great event every year with info, freebies, food, cooking demos, lectures, fashion show, vegan speed dating, a kids' zone, and more. Volunteers always welcome. Peace, Dan

CASTRO STREET FAIR 2010 Sunday, October 3rd, 11:00am at Market Street & Castro Street, San Francisco FREE!!/event.php?eid=133889523311556 

WHERE IS THE LOVE? - Hay Maze Day Party Sun Oct 3 Noon-10pm $20 at the door, ALL AGES!!/event.php?eid=145904325447611 

Indian Summer BLOCK PARTY Sun Oct 3 1pm-8pm Public Works 161 Erie Street (off Mission between Duboce & 14th St.) SF, CA $5/10!/event.php?eid=127272717323765

Australia’s Water Conservation Measures with Bridget Wetherall: WH2o Forum
Monday, October 4th, 1-3pm Jellyfish Gallery 1286 Folsom SF @ 9th St. Adjacent to ANON SALON!/event.php?eid=110923332302392

October's Bay Area Anarchist Salon Wednesday, October 6th, 7:30pm-9:30pm Station 40, 3030B 16th Street, SF, CA!/event.php?eid=153413428023331

Wed Oct 6 + Thu Oct 7 GMOs: Most american processed foods now contain new aberrant proteins from Recombinant DNA technology. Are GMOs contributing to our health crisis? Come find out the facts in these talks by Jeffery Smith. Jeffery is a world famous authority on GMOs and the author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette.
In The North Bay - Wednesday October 6th at 7pm. San Rafael Community Center, 618 "B" Street, San Rafael.
In the East Bay - Thursday October 7th at 7pm, El Cerrito Community Center 7007 Moeser Lane, El Cerrito.
Free Admission. $10 Donation will be requested at the door. Don't miss this opportunity to find out what the recent science is saying.  Q&A will follow.

DIVINE PLAY 1st Annual ACROYOGA FESTIVAL Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Janet Stone, Scott Blossom, Lu Yi, Det and more 
Oct 8-11, 2010 in Oakland, CA Pre-Reg Price: $85 Friday All day, $225 Sat-Mon Save the date... Announcing the FIRST EVER AcroYoga Festival! 
Four full days of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage with AcroYoga teachers from around the world and some of our favorite teachers in each lineage. 
The celebration will be complete with music, dancing and jamming. Stay tuned for details. . . 

10/9 10pm-3am @ Public Works ::BREAKS EDITION:: $5 The Public Works SF 161 Erie St (off Mission between Duboce & 14th St.)

)'( )'( Oct. 9-10 Joshua Tree Roots Music Festival - Joshua Tree, CA 

)'( )'( )'( Sun Oct 10 Burning Man Decompression traditionally the 2nd Sunday of October Indiana St SF 
Decompression 2010 October 10 · 12:00pm - 11:30pm Cafe Cocomo closes 1:30 am. More info, line-ups, etc.: 
Celebrating 25 years of Burning Man and bringing the playa spirit back to the Bay! 
Sunday, October 10, 2010. (That’s 10/10/10!) Noon SHARP till Midnight (Mariposa Stage ends 11pm. All other outdoor stages/sound end 10pm) Public Entrance: 19th St. & Minnesota St., SF 
$10 donation in Black Rock Couture/costume; $20 in streetwear; kids under 12 always free! All ages outdoors; 21+ inside Cocomo (club closes 1:30am)  
Join us for a full twelve hours of art, performance, fire, dance, theme camps, circus arts, live music, DJs, Burning Man 2010 imagery, and more, more, MORE!!! All six blocks, the park, and the stages will be overflowing with a stunning variety of creative expression! Bring your imagination to share and BE the art you wish to see in the world!!! It’s looking positively AMAZING and this is going to be quite a celebration after the 25th Burning Man event! Full schedule and partial list of pARTicipants will appear here in October. 
EVERYONE should read the Survival Guide DECOMandments before you come: 

)'( )'( )'( SF DECOMPRESSION 10/10/10 

HULA HOOPING @ DECOMPRESSION: This year, if you are in SF or the bay area, and have ever heard of Burning Man, you will be excited to know World Hoop Day and SF Decompression are going to be hoopening together.
sunset silent prayer happening for the WHOLE event (a few 1000 people.)  Imagine the temple burn with hoops and everyone holding hands and the sunset.......
We are also going to have an "area" and would love for you to bring hoops, tape, your expertise, creativity and wisdom to donate and teach.
10/10/2010 A charity for Children  A day for Peace & Giving
Call me with Google Voice:  56-Am-Hoopin

2010 Low Res Satellite BM pic
2008 Satellite high resolution images on GigaPan yes it is too big hope they crop it next time Burning Man Decompression Party 2009 SF 
Fear & Loathing in Black Rock City ( Burning Man 2010 )

Burning Man 2010 - Music Video - Full of Fire

Opulent Temple @ Decompression - Day + After Party @ Mighty Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 12:00pm
DAY: Heat the St. Faire @ BM Decompression. NIGHT @ Mighty 119 Utah SF @ 15th St. 9pm-2:00am $10!/event.php?eid=156240904404477

Oct. 15-17 Bioneers Conference - San Rafael, CA 


Oct 16 20th Annual Potrero Hill Festival! 

Sat Oct 16 Earth at Risk Conference - SF State: 1600 Holloway, SF $40/ $20 Student 9am-5pm 

CAROL ADAMS Talk at Stanford University, Tue Oct 19 at 8 p.m. building 260, Room 113 FREE
SLIDE SHOW & LECTURE on the relationship between patriarchal values & meat eating

KRADDY & ANA SIA stomp Mighty Friday, October 22 10pm-4am 119 Utah St @ 15th. San Francisco CA 
TICKETS: Discount tickets are limited. As they run out, the price will go up. Available at or call 415-256-8499!/event.php?eid=149183168451143

See David Icke at the Marin Center Saturday, October 23rd 2010 San Rafael, CA 
David Icke marks his 20th year of uncovering astounding secrets and suppressed information with a major all-day event in Marin on October 23rd and the publication of his most amazing book yet. He will take the manipulation of the human race and the nature of reality to still new levels of understanding and he calls for humanity to rise from its knees and take back the world from the sinister network of families and non-human entities that covertly control us from cradle to grave. David has moved the global cutting edge so many times since his incredible ‘awakening’ in 1990 and in San Francisco he will do it again – and then some. 
What is reality? Who really controls world events? Who are we? Political Manipulation 
Where are we? The Reptilian Agenda How is reality manipulated? The Global Awakening 
Learn who really controls world events, political manipulation, The Moon Matrix, 9/11, and the secret world agenda for the future. His events have sold out world wide. 
At The Marin Civic Center 10 The Avenue of the Flags Marin, Ca. 94903 Tickets: $39-$59-$79-$99 Charge by phone: 415-499-6800 

2010 Tax Freedom Rally October 23rd, Sacramento, California 
This is Free Enterprise Society's largest meeting of the year. We have 9 speakers from all over the country coming to meet and educate those in attendance.  You can also watch live on the internet with our new Live Web Cast for 25.00. 
Restore the US Constitution, Get Rid of the Income Tax, Restore State's Power, Restore your power!  Don't miss this event! 
The US Government has exceeded it's authority under the Constitution.  Solutions to take that power away from the Federal Government and put it back where it belongs. Exciting issues! 
Featured speakers will be: 
Constitution Expert Sheriff Richard Mack; State's Right Leader, Washington State Rep. Matt Shea; Constitution Party Candidate for Governor of California, Chelene Nightingale; Former IRS Special Agent, Joe Banister; National Radio celebrity, Dr. Laurie Roth; Gun Owner's of California Executive Director, Sam Paredes; Freedom Law School President, Peymon Mottahedeh; Freedom Attorney Tommy Cryer; Free Enterprise Society Director, Steve Hempfling and more. 
Please forward to interested parties. Free Enterprise Society Oct 24 SF civic Center 10-3 

CCOF's 5th Annual Organic Beer, Wine and Spirit Tasting 
Friday, October 29, 4-8pm SF California Certified Organic Farms $30 

SUNSET Halloween Costume Boat Party! Sunday October 31st, SF 

)'( )'( Tue Nov 2, 2010 at 7pm Day of the Dead SF. the Dia de los Muertos Procession and Festival of Altars at 24th & Bryant 

Nov 5/6/7 2010 SF Concourse Exhibition Center 635 8th St (at Brannan St) SF, CA 94103 

Green Festival San Francisco November 6-7, 2010 Saturday – 10am – 7pm Sunday – 11am – 6pm
SF Concourse Exhibition Center 635 8th St (at Brannan St) San Francisco, CA 94103
Green Festival®, the nation's largest sustainability event, returns to the San Francisco Concourse November 6-7. This year’s Green Festival theme is ‘Engagement,’ with exciting new ways to shop green, be inspired, get engaged and give back. Community members enjoy informative, insightful speakers, incomparable green shopping, cutting edge eco-innovations, great live music, fun and educational family activities, hands-on workshops, organic wine and beer and delicious, local vegetarian cuisine.
Exciting keynote speakers include Bill McKibben, Amy Goodman, Thom Hartmann, John Perkins, Dolores Huerta, Gil Friend, Karen Stewart, Howard Brown, Kirk Boyd, Starhawk, Penny Livingston, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Ari Derfel, Daniel Pinchbeck and many more. New admission options include "Pay it forward and Get it Back at Green Festival" which invites  community members to volunteer with or donate to local nonprofit organizations to receive complimentary admission and those who purchase ticket will receive "Green Bucks", which can be used as currency in the green marketplace. Admission discounts are also available to Students, Seniors, Cyclists (with bike valet) and public transit riders.
Please visit for more information Check us out on Twitter @Greenfestival and on Facebook.

Hemp Industries Association 2010 CONVENTION 17th Annual HIA Convention QUALITY … INTEGRITY … KNOWLEDGE 
Sunday and Monday, November 7 - 8, 2010 Holiday Inn - Civic Center San Francisco, CA, USA
(Directly after the Green Festival where we are organizing the "HIA Hemp Pavilion") 

Peak Oil Art Show December 10, 2010, 5:30pm-7:30pm San Francisco Supervisors Ross Mirkarimi (District 5) and Eric Mar (District 1) will be hosting a peak oil-themed art show and reception. The reception will take place during the evening in the Supervisors' offices (rooms 282 and 284) in San Francisco City Hall. Polk @ Grove, SF 

Saturday December 11 Lorin Fox Theater, 1807 Telegraph Ave., Oakland   8:00pm / All Ages 
Pre-Sale advance tix for $29.50 (GA Floor, Reserved Balcony) (+s.c.) PRESALE PASSWORD = lukas 


Miami model at the G20 - Coming Attractions: G20 France, 2011 

COMING IN 2011 The Gaia Festival - August 5, 6, & 7, 2011 
BLACK OAK RANCH - Laytonville, CA (former location)(Kate Wolf Fest location)!/event.php?eid=110761235641892 

Every 1st Tues SF Moma + DeYoung + Palace of Legion of Honor free ART/ museum days. 

Every 1st Wednesday: FREE! 3601 Lyon between Lombard and Crissy Field. 

Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30pm art PARTY! 
30 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm. 

Every 1st Sunday is FREE DAY at The OAKLAND MUSEUM of CALIFORNIA, 
Wed-Fri 10am-5pm, 1st Fri open 'til 9pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12-6pm; 
1000 Oak St; 510-238-2200; South end of Lake Merrit. 

"This is a must listen. I love the optimism." audio: "The Accountability Movement" then 

Video Combo by Max Igan: The Calling & The Awakening 
Ron Click the Image to Download the PDF Shopper's Guide. or Click the Image to Download the iPhone app. 

Three Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products 
1. Parabens 2. Fragrance 3. Phthalates 
Learn more: Environmental Working Group 

Tips from The Cancer Project - The Nutrition Rainbow - rainbow.gif 

Download Nutrition Rainbow Poster (PDF) (find under shopping)(FREE) read the archives for great food tips or click on "selected writings" then click on "Dr. Greger's newsletter Archive" see also 

Dr. Ornish study finds healthy lifestyle triggers genetic changes SFVeg-subscribe [at] 

Eating Meat Causes Global Warming 

Avoid Genetically Modified Foods 

Vitamin D, A Gene-Regulating Super Nutrient 
Global_Police_State-subscribe [at] 

Vitamin B3 better than sunscreen in preventing skin cancer 

Can mushrooms save the planet? 

The Story of Your Enslavement 

The Video BP & Big Oil Don't Want You to See 
More videos: 
EXCELLENT VIDEO: Showing the structural connection of banksters, Federal Reserve, political system, down thru BP oil spill 

Crash Course Chapter 3: Exponential Growth Chapter 4: Compounding Is The Problem are you prepared? 
If you only watch one chapter, start with chapter 16: fuzzy numbers 

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know... 

Gun Control 

"In Germany back in 1923, a man put all the money he had into a wheelbarrow and headed to the store to buy a loaf of bread. But when he got there, the store was closed. He left his wheelbarrow outside the door, figuring he'd come back when the store opened, knowing the money in it wasn't worth enough for anyone to bother stealing. He was right. When he came back, all the money was still there, dumped on the ground, but someone had stolen his wheelbarrow." 

Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily. No more freedom of speech. Anyone who said something against the government was taken away. We knew many people who were arrested, not only Jews, but also priests and ministers who spoke up. 

GUN CONTROL WORKS ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Kim Jong-il, Qaddafi The 2nd Amendment 
Washington didn't use his right to free speech to defeat the British, he shot them. 
Most often when a government takes a peoples guns, it then takes their land or their lives. 

fun events: Rich DDT’s SF Events Sift 
more events: 
eco events: 
important events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center 
Fellowship of Humanity Events 390 27th St Oakland @ Telegraph/Broadway events, art receptions, music, film, etc. Monthly Raw Food Potlucks (san rafael) Barefoot Boogie and DanceJams 

2010 Previous Calendars: 
SF events 9.22 EOTO, MiMOSA, MARTY PARTY @ 103 Harriet Fri   FolsomStreetFairSun   Sep 24-26 SolFest @ Ukiah Fairgrounds
SF events 9.15 Earthdance 9/17-18-19 prepare for RAIN could be fun, like woodstock Harbin Pools CLOSED Sep 19-24
SF events 9.9 Michael Franti & Spearhead @ GG Park 9/11 and Earthdance 9/17-18-19 
SF events 8.26 BurningMan Set Times and Camp Schedules 
SF events 8.18 Gray Water tonight 7-9pm Berkeley 2530 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA 94702 Graywater Panel - Water Reuse and Management, 
SF events 8.11 Protest the Smart Meter at the CPUC Thursday Aug 12 1PM 
SF events 8.6 Opulent Temple Underground - The Sixth Seal 
SF events 8.4 NO on H8 
SF events 7.29 FriSoulOfTheCitySF SatSandByTheTonOakland 
SF events 7.23 a case against cardio or 
SF events 7.17 HAIR boom stuffing party for Gulf of Mexico soaking up Oil Spill Sat Noon-5pm SF bio remediation @ 
SF events 7.13 Oil Spill 24 articles 
SF events 7.8 SuperHeroStreetFairSat. "A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream" July 9-11 
SF events 7.3 Craneway Pavillion Richmond Sat / Sun Bolinas 4th of July get there by 10/11am Sunday for parking 
SF events 6.28 Luv & Rockets RED PARTY ~ ILL GATES & Knowa Knowone Wed June 30 8:30pm-2:00am Supperclub 
SF events 6.25 HandsAcrossTheSand+DykeMarchDoloresPark+PinkSaturdayInTheCastro PrideSunday 
SF events 6.17 )'( )'( )'( Burning Man presents a *Mega-PRECOMPRESSION Sat June 19th 8pm to 4am 
SF events 6.11 )'( )'( )'( June 11-13 2010 Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA 
SF events 06.08 TUE JUNE 8 VOTE for a voters SLATE 
Prop 13 YES Prop 14: NO Prop 15 YES Prop 16 NO Prop 17 NO 
SF events 06.01 Terrorist state of Israel Kills 15 peace activists in International waters 
SF events 5.27 )'( )'( )'( Lightning in a Bottle Fri May 28 Noon - May 31 2am Oak Canyon Ranch - Irvine California! 
SF events 5.22 )'( )'( )'( Lightning in a Bottle Fri May 28 Noon - May 31 2am Oak Canyon Ranch - Irvine California! 
SF events 5.22 )'()'( Breaker Faire TONIGHT 8pm-8am American steel 1960 Mandela Parkway, Oakland 
SF events 5.19 March against offshore drilling: Thursday 5-7pm SF Powell St turnaround to the Bay 
SF EVENTS 5.13 )'( )'( )'( Sun May 16 SF Bay to Breakers Third Sunday in May )'( )'( )'( 
SF EVENTS 5.11 )'( )'( )'( Sun May 16 SF Bay to Breakers Third Sunday in May )'( )'( )'( 
SF events 5.6 HowWeirdStFaireSunMay9. BayToBreakersSunMay16 
SF events 5.4 HowWeirdFestSunMay9. BayToBreakersSunMay16 
SF events 4.30 MayDaySat AlchemySat NewLivingExpoWknd HowWeirdMay9 BaytoBreakersMay16 
SF events 4.28 HowWeird Festival Sun May 11 BollyWeird 
SF events 4.23 EarthDay weekend 
SF events 4.21 Earth Day Sovereignty 
SF events 4.18 Invisible Empire 
SF events 4.13 Checklist for Less Toxic Living from 
SF events 4.10 Free Green Festival Pass 
SF events 4.7 
SF events 3.31 One Night Stand @ Lodge Los Gatos Fri Apr 2 6pm-Sat Apr 3 Noon. 18 hours of MUSIC and Hot tubs / pools! for $20 
SF events 3.25 
Really Really Free Market Dolores Park, March 27th, 1-5PM. Dolores @ 19th / 20th St. SF 
SF events 3.11 Really need space for a garage sale this weekend! 
SF events 3.9 FREE STUFF! 
SF events 3.4 SAVE OUR SCHOOLS FirstThursArt FriLIBtix.RestoreDefenestration.Mighty$5Party SatBurnalEquinox 
SF events 3.2 TueWedFreeMuseums FirstThursArt FriLIBtix.RestoreDefenestration.Mighty$5Party SatBurnalEquinox 
SF events 2.26 One Love @ Lupin Lodge, Los Gatos Fri Feb 26 4pm - Saturday Noon $20 for 18 hours of non-stop music! This event has 869 confirmed guests 
SF events 2.24 28th Amendment 
SF events 2.19 28th Amendment 
SF events 2.16 FAT TUESDAY 
SF events 2.12 AnonCancelled tonightFri SatArtOfLove SunPillowFightJustinHermanPlaza6pm 
SF events 2.4 Aqualush at the ISIS OASIS, Geyserville CA Feb 5-7 
SF events 2.02 Constitutional Amendment to Undo SCOTUS Ruling 
SF events 1.28 - prevent martial law 
SF events 1.26 NULL and VOID: Corporate Personhood, Patriot Act, John Roberts, and any product of Criminal GW Bush regime organized crime syndicate. 
SF events 1.21 genetically modified crops 'can cause liver and kidney damage 
SF events 1.19 Prenatal Exposure to Flame Retardant Compounds Affects Neurodevelopment of Young Children 
SF events 1.15 Obama’s Favorite For Supreme Court Justice Sunstein Wants To Ban Free Speech 
SF events 1.12 Occupy DC Mar 22 
SF events 1.9 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True 
SF events 1.5 America: you are a JUNKIE! 
2009 Previous Calendars: 
SF evenst 12.29 Sea of Dreams NYE 
SF events 12.22 Crippled by GMAIL? 
SF events 12.17 The Crash Course 
SF events 12.15 
SF events 12.11 EU has NAZI roots. Global tax means an end to civil liberties. 
SF events 12.8 CLIMATEGATE 
SF events 12.4 stuff 
SF events 12.1 
SF events 11.25 
SF events 11.20 Fri:MissionControl.EcstaticDanceMillValley.BordelloDubOakland Sat:ArtUndressd.LoveTech Sun:AncestorsWisdom 
SF events 11.17 THIS WEDNESDAY 11/18 - Luv Up the Heartbeat RED PARTY at Supper Club 
SF events 11.12 GREEN FESTIVAL Fri/Sat/Sun SF 8th @ Brannan Concourse Exhibition Center 
SF events 11.10 TueLowCarbonDietEcologyCtr ThuCoolCatClothesSwapCellSpace WkndGreenFestival 
SF events 11.6 NEXUS MAZE PARTY Saturday 
SF events 11.3 Sat Nov 7 Nexus Haymaze, HalfMoon Bay, Ca 
SF events 10.27 US Census GPS tagging your front door for round up or extermination 
SF events 10.22 RollerDiscoAndHookahDomeFri WestFestWoodStockAnnivSun 
SF events 10.20 EcoAwardsFREETues RollerDiscoandHookahDomeFri. WestFestSun 
SF events 10.15 Protest oBOMBa's "Peace Prize" 4:30PM Union Square St. Francis Hotel SF CodePINK 
SF events 10.13 RAIN and WIND 
SF events 10.8 )'( DECOMPRESSION SUNDAY! Noon - 2am = 14 hours of fun! 
SF events 10.6 Every 1st Tues SF Moma + DeYoung + Palace of Legion of Honor free ART/ museum days. 
SF events 10.1 LOVEOLUTION Sat Oct 3 SF Civic Center 
SF events 9.23 EARTHDANCE 
SF events 9.15 SYMBIOSIS this weekend. EARTHDANCE next weekend. Baker Beach North this week HEAT WAVE. 
SF events 9.11 PowerToThePeacefulMichaelFrantiSatGoldenGateParkSpeedwayMeadows9am-5pm 
SF events 9.9 WorldHoopDayToday PowerToThePeacefulMichaelFrantiSat 
SF events 8.29 Baker Beach Critical-Mass then BURNINGMAN 
SF events 8.26 Do you have space for a Garage Sale this weekend? 
SF events 8.21 TempleMightyFri AnonWhiteOutSaturday PrepareForPlayaSatSun 
SF events 8.18 Heartbeat Amplifier Fundraiser Wednesday Supperclub 657 Harrison @ 2nd/ 3rd St. $10 if you wear RED 9pm-Midnight 
SF events 8.14 Fundraiser for )'( Heartbeat Amplifier Corner of Virginia and Winfield,SF. Sat Aug 15 9-4 
SF events 8.11 Fundraiser for )'( Heartbeat Amplifier Corner of Virginia and Winfield,SF. Bring stuff to donate! Sat Aug 15 9-4 
SF events 8.6 Black Rock Roller Disco Fri Cellspace. HayBailMaze Fri and Sat Half Moon Bay. 
SF events 8.4 Black Rock Roller Disco Fri Cellspace. HayBailMaze Fri and Sat Half Moon Bay. 
SF events 7.23 NoPantsPartyThu. TeaHouse BoHoCarnival SubCell Fri. SuperHeroStFairSat. 
SF events 7.21 RevBillyTue. EcstaticDanceBenChunWed. NoPantsPartyThu. BoHoCarnivalFri. SuperHeroStreetParty Sat. 
SF events 7.18 Burningman street names 
SF events 7.14 94 Degrees: GOTO Baker Beach North end by the VolleyBall Court, Presidio, SF 
SF events 7.10 OpelAdamFreelandFri. SandByTheTonOaklandSat. 
Sf Events 7.3 America sleeps 
SF events 6.24 DYKEMARCH saturday. PRIDE sunday. 
SF events 6.19 Solstice 
SF events 6.11 Harmony Festival Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend 
SF events 6.09 Harmony Festival Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend 
SF events 6.06 SF Burning Man Precompression June 6th June Flambe Lounge... 
SF events 6.02 Peak Oil Police State 
SF events 5.30 No on 8 
SF events 5.26 No on 8 
SF events 5.22 CARNAVAL wknd, Parade Sun SF Harrison between 16th and 24th ST, Mission Dist 
SF events 5.19 TueIntroToPersonalEvolution WedATTwireTapping 
SF events 5.13 BAY to BREAKERS this SUNDAY 
SF events 5.7 HowWeird Festival SUNDAY 
SF events 5.5 Cinco De Mayo 
SF events 4.30 beltane rain 1 inch Fri aftn/eve. Light rain Sat / Sun. 
SF events 4.22 EARTHDAY 
SF events 4.17 twitter 
SF events 4.14 
SF events 4.9 ThuYuri'sNightAcadOfSci FriFree@TempleSF SatBunnyJamNimby EasterSunSistersDoloresPark 
SF events 4.3 The Obama Deception 
SF events Tue Mar 24 7:30-PM FREE Evening with Craig Newmark of 
SF events 3.20 SatPeaceRallyJustinHermanToCivicCtr Spring Equinox 6th Anniversary of Iraq War 
SF events 3.17 EWG.orgTues IraqMoratoriumThurs 
SF events 3.11 FOOD 
Sf Events 3.4 Prop8hearingThurs CarlCoxMASSIVfri PlayaPaintingChillinGrooveGardenSat 
SF events 2.27 Three Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products 
SF events 2.24 Visual depiction of size of stimulus PORK 
SF events 2.20 There are no secrets, only information you don't yet have. 
SF events 2.17 TueAppleStoreDaveGibbons ThuPrepare your own disaster kit 
SF events 2.13 ThuTweedRide FriFireandGlowNightAnonNineLucky13 
SF events 2.10 TuTuTues BawdyStorytellingWineDownWeds ThuTweedRideDoloresPark LuckyLove13Fri 
SF events 2.3 TueFreeSFmoma WedFREEexploratorium ThuFreeART 
SF events 1.31 Water: California's New Gold Saturday Oakland 
SF events 1.27 eat whole foods - to avoid risk of exposure to chemicals 
SF events 1.24 john lennon speaks truth 
SF events 1.21 reproductive rights tonight and Saturday 
SF events 1.15 store water in case of earthquake 
SF events 1.13 BURNING MAN TIX on sale TOMORROW 
SF events 1.9 Sat 11 AM Israel out of Gaza 
Sf events 1.6 The Secret Rulers of the World

2008 Previous Calendars: 
SF events 12.30 Store food and water in case of earthquake 
SF events 12.24 happy holidays 
SF events 12.19 NO! on Prop8 Sat 3-6pm Union Square 
SF events 12.17 
SF events 12.12 safe pet food 
SF events 12.10 
SF events 12.2 water 
SF events 11.28 Buy Nothing Day 
SF events 11.21 NO TAX NO IRS see Nov 23 for this event: 
Fremont Nov 23 Attorney Tom Cryer What The Government Doesnt Want You To Know About The I R S 
SF events 11.18 NO TAX NO IRS see Nov 23 for this event: 
Fremont Nov 23 Attorney Tom Cryer What The Government Doesnt Want You To Know About The I R S 
SF events 11.13 GreenFest this Weekend! 
SF events 11.11 Greeen Festival this weekend! 
SF events 11.7 PROP 8 protest march FRI Nov 7 5:30pm SF CIVIC CENTER 7th and Market 
SF events 11.3 Vote Tuesday. Revolt Wednesday. 
SF events 10.29 INFERNO Friday 9p-4a Regency Center: 1270 Sutter Street @ Van Ness 
SF events 10.23 who wants stuff? 
SF events 10.16 AliceInWonderlandFri. DoloresParkSoapBoxDerbySat. 
SF events 10.14 
SF events 10.10 )'( MoonTowerMarinSat. DeCompression Sun Oct 12 Noon-2am 
just $10 in Costume! BYO picnic lunch, party on the grass in Esprit Park! 
plus four city blocks On Indiana Street between Mariposa and 22nd, SF 
SF events 10.7 )'( DeCompression Sun Oct 12 Noon-2am just $10 in Costume! BYO picnic lunch, party on the grass in Esprit Park! 
plus four city blocks On Indiana Street between Mariposa and 22nd, SF 
SF events 10.3 LoveFest Saturday rain or shine. Sat/Sun GG Park VegFest and BlueGrass 
SF events 9.26 FriCritMass SatReallyFreeMktDolPark SunFolsomStFair 

By clicking on previous SF events, you can Look back at articles I used to post, 

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SF events 8.19 Desert requires Bike this year, with BIG tires. Camp is Bigger! 
SF events 8.15 Duck and Cover 
SF events 8.12 Tutu Tues. Wed Prostitution. Fri1015Folsom. SatNakedBeachDay. 
SF events 8.7 FirstThuArt. FriHoopDay+SoulRevival+REVOLUTION. SatBootieCoda 
SF events 8.5 Wed5-6pmFreezeActPowell/Market. Thu SFBG best of Bay. Fri 8/8/8 HulaHoopDay + ANON285-9th@Folsom 
SF events 8.1 GUN CONTROL WORKS ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot 
SF events 7.30 I will not comply 
SF events 7.25 Nuzzle Tonight. Monterey beach burn Sat. )'( Participarade Sunday! 
SF events 7.22 Webster Tarpley Historical changes in false flag terrorism 
SF events 7.17 Burningman Desert Arts Preview Tonight 6:30pm! 
SF events 7.15 Burningman Desert Arts Preview Thurs 7pm! 
SF events 7.12 COSMIC DRIVER free tonight. Burning Man Desert Art Preview 7pm Thu 7/17 
SF events 7.9 REVOLT because congress is criminal 
SF events 7.2 REVOLT for Independence. study the laws of sovereignty 
Sf Events 6.26 FriTransMarch. SatDykeMarch. SunPride. FREE STUFF in Dolores Park b4 Trans Fri + b4 Dyke Sat. 
Sf Events 6.24 
SF events 6.20 )'( Precompression Fri. Sat Solstice San Geronimo. Sun Sunset + )'( PrepareForPlaya 
SF events 6.17 UCBoaksNOW. SaveTheBayToday. )'(PreComFri. Raindance,BigOneWknd. )'(PrepForPlayaSun. 
SF events 6.13 )'(OpulentTempleFri )'(BBQ-A-NoobieVolunteerPic-i-nicSat YogaTaiChiSat NorthBeachFestSun 
SF events 6.11 SagradaTempleFundraiserThu OpulentTempleFri BBQnewbieSat YogaTaiChiSat 
SF events 6.5 Harmony Festival Weekend Santa Rosa 
SF events 6.3 FreeMuseumWeek June5BankHoliday HarmonyFestWknd SunStopTheSprayLiveConcert 
SF events 5.27 ChevWrong BAD OIL. NoSpray aerial pesticides GGbridge walk Sat. 
SF events 5.21 Lightning in a Bottle Thu-Mon plus CARNAVAL green zone Sat/Sun 
SF events 5.15 Bay to Breakers is SUNDAY May 18 
SF events 5.13 Bay to Breakers Sunday 5.18 
SF events 5.6 FREE MUSEUMS + Stop Aerial Pesticide Spray of SF BAY 
SF events 5.1 MAYDAY! SF + Thu Art + Sun HOWWEIRD St. FAIRE 
SF events 4.29 GENERAL STRIKE MAY DAY. HOWWEIRD st. Faire Sun May 4! 
SF events 4.24 Th NoSpraySF. Fri Digital Be-In. Sat BEACH IMPEACH. Sun People's Park Anniv. 
SF events 4.22 EARTH WEEK Save Earth. Get Off The Grid. protect your water and food 
SF events 4.15 NOSPRAY Wed SACTO. Save the internet Thursday. 
SF events 4.10 
SF events 4.8 FREE TIBET 
SF events 4.3 Th hula hoop +art. F artHaight. Sat Anon Gallery. Su Climate,,Tibet. Mon LBAM 
SF events 4.1 Fossil Fools Day Bike Parade Berkeley Bart at 5pm 
SF events 3.26 Fri. CellSpace Sat. St Stupid's Day Parade Tuesday! 
SF events 3.20 Th Bike Safety. F Full Moon. Sa Bunny Jam. Su Sisters in Dolores Park 
SF events 3.18 5 years of current war on Iraq 
Sf events 3.14 3.15 Chevron Richmond 3.19 SF, San Rafael, Walnut Creek Direct Action to Stop War 
SF events 3.11 non-violent direct action at the Chevron refinery in Richmond Mar 15 
SF events 3.7 No Aerial Spray Sat SF 10am-Noon 253 Hyde Street at corner of Eddy 
Sf events 3.4 FREE MUSEUM day 
Sf events 2.29 see ENDGAME and 
SF events 2.25 ENDGAME 
SF events 2.19 Wed Feb 20 Full Moon! + LUNAR eclipse 7pm 
SF events 2.14 PILLOW FIGHT 6-7:30pm Justin Herman Plaza Market @ Embarcadero 
SF events 2.12 Laura Flanders tonight @ Global Exchange 
SF events 2.8 Chinese New Year 
SF events 2.5 Vote / REVOLT / Fat Tuesday 
SF events 2.1 Fri: GeminiDiscoMighty, DepthCharge. Super Hero Party Saturday! 
SF events 1.29 
SF events 1.23 CELLSPACE FRI + SAT + 
SF events 1.15 MacWorld Sat Roe V Wade Anniversary 
Sf Events 1.9 Fri Capricorns. Sat Burnlesque. Mon MacWorld 
SF events 1.3 
SF events 12.27 Lakota Sioux - The Bravest Americans 
SF events 12.20 Fri Dec 21 1-4pm Near Macy's at Union Square 
SF events 12.18 Financial planning for the Endless Depression Wednesday Eve Oakland. 
SF events 12.14 Fri UAS + AnonSalon. Sat Santarchy. Sun SelfDefense. 
SF events 12.11 Santarchy Sat + Self Defence Sun 
SF events 12.7
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.