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We've updated the Announce with SF Decompression's amazing line-up of performers, artist, art cars, and theme camps! Take a look at what you're going to see next weekend and you'll find that this is truly not one to miss!

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Upcoming Events:

*** To Your Wishes: An Evening of Guaranteed Chance - Saturday, October 2nd ***

*** Art in Nature/The Nature of Art - Sunday, October 3rd ***

*** SF Decompression: Heat the Street FaIRE 10-10-10 - Sunday, October 10th ***

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To Your Wishes: An Evening of Guaranteed Chance...

Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St, SF
Saturday, October 2nd
doors 7:30
show up to vote by 9:30
party on into the night.

Noisebridge is turning 3 and is celebrating with an experimental birthday party! There will be food, drinks, music, death-swings, dancing, and contests of strength, wit, and agility.

Guests are invited to attend with $10 and (optionally) a hare-brained scheme. The thrust of the event will then be deciding which hare-brained scheme to spend all the collected money on. If 100 people turn up, you'll be a part of a group that has $1000 to spend. If 200 show up, $2000. Ideas could range from the obvious (blow it all on booze at that instant), to the whimsical (buy a "bouncy castle" that everyone will have 1/200th ownership of), to the insurrectionary (that'd be one hell of a reclaim the streets sound system), to the excessive (buy a few thousand dollars worth of bouncy-balls and unleash them somewhere in the city). Maybe we could even buy land somewhere? Anything goes, and it's likely that the most hare-brained of the hare-brained schemes will prevail.

The hope is that by spending $10 you'll have at least $1000 at your disposal, along with a room full of co-conspirators to help make the best use of it. We'll be providing a super fast paced visual voting system, along with an infrastructure to make this the most ADD decision ever made. This is a party, not a meeting.

Doors open at 7:30pm, and you have until 9:28pm to get in the door with $10 and a plan. Afterward the party will continue on.
Noisebridge is located at 2169 Mission St, bring your friends.

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Art in Nature / The Nature of Art
A Multidisciplinary Performing Arts Festival

October 3, 2010
12pm to 4pm
Stream Trail of Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, California

It will be held on October 3rd, 2010 from 12pm to 4pm as a site-specific performance organized by SAMAVESHA, an international multidisciplinary performing arts collective, and directed by renowned Italian composer and artistic director Laura Inserra.

Art in Nature / The Nature of Art is a FREE site-specific art festival with live music, dance, theater, sculpture, painting, photography, poetry, martial arts, circus arts, activities for children and other visual and performing arts.

Come experience an immersion into art, nature and the beauty of creating. Take a walk, enjoy nature, explore your own creativity and see performers in action!

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The 11th Annual SF Decompression HEAT THE STREET FaIRE!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Indiana Street, from Mariposa to 22nd Streets & Espirit Park
...Entrance located at 19th Street and Minnesota

Noon SHARP till Midnight
All other outdoor stages/sound end 10pm, except Mariposa Stage, which ends 11pm

Public Entrance: 19th St. & Minnesota St., SF

$10 donation in Black Rock Couture/Costume; $20 in streetwear

All ages outdoors; kids under 12 always absolutely free!
Age 21+ inside Cocomo (club closes 1:30am)

PLEASE TAKE MASS TRANSIT, BIKE and CARPOOL: (Muni bus #22, #48 and BART connects with the 3rd St T-line), ride your bike and avoid driving on Minnesota St completely! Discount parking available at UCSF lot (3rd St at 16th St). Or park on Terry Francois Blvd just a couple blocks away.

Come at noon SHARP for a full twelve hours of art, performance, fire, dance, theme camps, circus arts, live music, DJs, Burning Man 2010 imagery, and more, more, MORE!!! All six blocks, the park, and the stages will be overflowing with a stunning variety of creative expression! Bring your imagination to share and BE the art you wish to see in the world!!!

This is going to be quite a day to celebrate our 11th Decompression and 25th year of Burning Man! It’s also World Hoop Day and Climate Awareness Day, so leave the car at home and hoop to Decom! Full schedule and partial list of pARTicipants follow below.

EVERYONE should read the Survival Guide DECOMandments before you come:
Survival Guide DECOMandments

TO VOLUNTEER: Email while we still have openings. Yes, WE WANT YOU! Also need volunteers to come back 11am on Monday, Oct 11th to help with our annual neighborhood clean up so we can leave the neighborhood cleaner than we found it! (We’ll have donuts, coffee and new friends! Come earlier if you can get a head start.)

Full event info, including street map, participant list and stage schedules will be at this link the week of event:

FOOD AVAILABLE AT EVENT: Tasty meat and veggie food options provided by Raz; playa beignets and coffee generously provided by Hal. Sales benefit the Black Rock Arts Foundation grant program. So, EAT FOR ART! Also food theme camps while supplies last. Come early!

PARTICIPATE IN GLOBAL CLIMATE AWARENESS ON 10/10/10: In honor of the 10/10/10 Global Climate Awareness Day, please leave your cars home and consider your impact on the environment. Reduce your consumption of natural resources by at least 10% starting today. Consider what you can do to make your city greener and reduce your carbon footprint. Let’s hear it for 10% reduction in resources starting in 2010 and 10% more celebration at Decom!

Partial lists of participating artists and groups follow: (alphabetized by artist first name)

Christopher Schardt, Dan Macchiarini, David Silverman, Earl "Dodger" Stirling, Jason Starr, takuro hashitaka

Aileen Lawlor, Albino, Azzah, David Silverman, Fire Arts Collective, Hadouken!, Nicky Griffin, Pyronauts, Solar Flare, Vulcan Crew

Caroluna, Diana Maxwell, JacobEye, Mark McGothigan, Radia, Rayce O’ Brien, VJ Kai

Amanda Thomas, Catie Magee, Damien Jones, Dan Lockwood, David Normal, Derek Heineman, James Bahr, Jeff Howe, Jess Hobbs, Julie Bright, Kathy Donofrio, Katy Shultz, Kawika, Keith "Flipit" Privett, Kristian Akseth, Lawrence Batterton, Matthew Silvey, Michael Christian, Michael Hines, Oscillator, Perry E. Schanley, Pierre Riche, Richard Trapani, Robin Russell, Rose Carlyle, Ruby Bettencourt, Ruth Kneass, Sandy McReynolds, Sean Brennan, Seth McGinnis, Stacey Reineccius, Thomas May, Tim Anderson, Tom Haan

Above the Limit, Alternative Energy Zone, Beauty Shop of Horrors, Beignet's for BRAF, Bicycle Coffee, Blood, Guts, and Bass, BMIR, BRCPO, Burning Man Calendar, Camp Montage, Camp Questionmark, Camp Team, Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet, District Everywhere, Distrikt, DMV, Earth Guardians, Fontain's M.U.S.E., Friends of Blackrock Highrock, Gate & Perimeter, Happy L&nd, Hookahdome, Kidsville, Liquid Latex Lounge, Musement Heights, Opulent Temple, Orgribbar, Matrix Camp, Paddy Mirage, Playa Info, Sacred Spaces, Santon's Lair at the Hammock Hangout, Scarbutts Café, Shadyvil, Shipwreck Tiki Lounge, Solar Cooking Demo, Space Cowboys, T-Shirt Transfer Booth, The Black Rock City Post Office 2.0h, The Lost Penguin, The Urban Pirates Variety Show, World Hoop Day, WOW

Blinkysaur, Cat of a Different Color, Chopper Rockets, Dodo Bus, Fishy, Heart Deco, Hillbilly Space Ship, Janky Barge, Lovebus, Martha, Masayume, Nautileo, Nautilus X, Neuroweapon, Nomadic Café, Now-A-Saurus, PainKilla, PartySnail, People's Truck, Psychic Taxi, Robot Heart, Strip Ship, The Dusty Rhino, the lollygag, The Toaster, Unimog

Aaron Glass, Airpusher, ALBINO!, Anodyne Industries, Antioquia, Baby Seal Club, Bass Ritual, Black Rock City Allstars, BoRoCop, Brother Dan Palmer, Butoh Fusion, Caroluna, Cheesepuffs, CODE_E, Culann's Hounds, Cynthia Rauschert, darkMatter, Dex Stakker, Diva Marisa, divaDanielle, DJ FurSure, DJ ICON, DJ Neon Bunny, DJ Purple, DJ X-10, Exit Wonderland, Ferocious Few, Firefingers, F'kir Elderfae, Fontain's, M.U.S.E., Gooferman, Gravybrain, Hobo Gobbelins, Hot Nutz Burlesque, HystErica, JC Cassis, Johanna Chase, Jugtown Pirates, KAWEH, Keno Mapp, Los Angeles Television, Madame Spinach, Matthew Schoening, MegaFlame, Metamorphosis Ballet, Mia & T, MIND.GHOST.SPIRIT, Moldover, Organic Candy, Parlor Tricks, P-DUB, People's Fashion Show, PLAYBACK, Pym and Surly, Raks Hakohaveem, Richard Hartnell, Rob Smiley, Rumpel the Kangaroo Fool of Oz!, Samantha Giron Dance Project, samba stilt circus, Samira (SEISMIC, Sister SF), Saynt, Shakey Gibson, Shovelman, Small Flowers, Smokin Roots Crew, Sonic Valium, The Acid Angel, The Fossettes, The Lotus Moons, The Mermen, The Orphics, The Substitute Preachers, Tiger Honey Pot, Tornado Rider, Trip Delight Fantastic, Vibrant EYEris, Virginia Suicide, Wahnder Lust, World Hoop, Day + Prayer for Peace, Zack Darling

To find out about other Decoms and Regional Events in a city near you, see: This is a year-round community with events being planned here, there, and EVERYWHERE, literally every day of the week!

Keep your fire burning! Come and participate in this year's SF Decompression: Heat the Street FaIRE!!!

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