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Are You Ready For Civil Unrest and The Coming Food Riots?
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  Are You Ready For Civil Unrest and The Coming Food Riots?
Most Americans Believe They'll Never Go Hungry

After Only A Few Short Days Without
Food, Human Behavior Turns Ugly:
Here Are Some Disturbing Facts:

    * After 10 Days With No Food, 90% of People Will Steal, Pillage and Kill.
    * But Worse, Within 15 Days, Severe Hunger Transforms Ordinary People Into Savage Human Flesh Eaters

Food Shortage - Siege of Leningrad
"During the siege of Leningrad, having a crust of bread was living high on the food chain. Eating rats and even wallpaper to survive was common. Most Americans think it’s crazy to believe it could ever happen here."

In the 1950s, the Pentagon conducted a study to find out what people would do at different stages of starvation.

What they discovered was shocking.

After just 10 days without food, 90% of people will steal, pillage and kill for food.

But after a mere 15 days, almost all human beings becomes a cannibal... ready, willing, and...
Even Eager to Eat Their Neighbors!

Nasty stuff right? But at this moment, you are probably quite full. Or, at the very least, you know that your last meal was less than 6 hours ago.

But think about it, in a long-term food shortage, you may not eat for days, possibly weeks.

After just one week without food, hunger will be gnawing away at a person’s stomach like a lab rat... fear will be stalking his mind like a serial killer.

But after two weeks, desperation sets in, making people do truly crazy things. Things like theft, murder and yes.. even cannibalism.
Could Famine And Hunger Come To America?

Right now, the entire North American continent is facing challenges never before seen in modern history.

Droughts and other natural disasters have decimated crops in America’s heartland.

Many of the crops that have survived are being shipped off to foreign shores.

Worst of all, we’re now more dependent than we’ve ever been on IMPORTED food from third world countries!

All it would take is another “False Flag” operation... hyperinflation... or an oil crisis to yank the rug out from under America’s food supply.

And when that happens...
The Clock Will Start Ticking

Food Shortage Day 1 		

Day 1 – There’s mayhem at the grocery stores. People are fighting over the last few jars and boxes of food. Fights break out.

Food Shortage Day 2 	  	Day 2 - People still have food in their homes. They eat lightly. Everybody is on edge.
Food Shortage Day 5 	  	Day 5 - Now people begin to run out of food. Neighbors come knocking. “Do you mind if we eat with you?”
Food Shortage Day 10 	  	Day 10 - Small bands of armed thieves are making their rounds, stealing food at gunpoint. You hear gunshots down the street.
Food Shortage Day 15 	  	Day 15 - People are dying. The neighbors you thought you knew so well have become strangers to you. They’re not acting normal anymore. People are desperate. But the government can’t help because...
There’s No Food Left!

Of course, the ruling elite of this country will vanish into secret bunkers and feast on the food they’ve stocked up. They’ll dine like kings and queens.

But the average American family will starve.

Millions will die.

If the scenario above sounds shocking... or even impossible... look no further than America’s Great Depression for proof that hunger can visit this land.
Millions of Families Went Hungry During the last Great Depression – and That Was When People Were Self-Sufficient!
Food Shortage and last Great Depression

In fact, in 1940, after the depression ended, the population in the U.S. was projected to be around 142 million. But after the census was actually taken it was revealed to be only 132 million. We know 3 million left the country. But what happened to 7 million very hungry people? How many actually died? No one seems to know.

It’s easy to forget the lessons of history.

It was just a scant 80 years ago that hunger ravaged the land INSIDE the United States! Except back then, most people grew their own crops and were self-sufficient.

Today, almost no one is self-sufficient.

During the last Depression, folks helped each other out. Today, they'll kill you over a pair of basketball shoes.

Any slight hiccup in the food distribution system and Americans would feel it immediately. The casualties could literally run into the tens of millions.

Let me be frank. The scary part of a food shortage isn't calculating projected "death toll" statistics It’s what people will do when they begin to starve.

You see, when people don’t have food to eat, it doesn’t take long for desperation to set in. Desperation leads people to do desperate things.

For instance, the early American colonists who lived in Jamestown resorted to cannibalism during the “Starving Time” of 1609-1610.

In fact...

They Dug Up Corpses for Food!

Read that again several times. And in the year 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, looters emptied shelves faster than anybody ever imagined.

An out of towner who was visiting New Orleans compared the chaos to a war zone. “It’s downtown Baghdad,” she said.

Of course, food shortages have happened all over the world and all throughout history. For instance, the Old Testament talks of a great famine in Samaria.

During that time two women made a pact to boil their sons and eat them. So the first woman boiled her son, and the two women ate him.

But the next day, the second woman refused to boil her son.

And in that same Bible story, we learn that a donkey’s head fetched 80 pieces of silver, while dove’s dung – quite literally bird poop, meant for food – fetched 5 pieces of silver.

In today’s money, that means the cost of a little bird poop to starving people fetched about $90.

    * This is the reality of famine and starvation.

    * This is what happens when you don’t have food for more than a few weeks. 

    * This is what happens when the food system collapses and you are unprepared.

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