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Happy Halloween everybody! It's that crazy time of year when the rest of the world dresses up in Burner attire! Don't forget to eat lots of candy!!!

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Upcoming Events:

*** Ghost Ship III: Armada - Saturday, October 30th ***

*** Eli Roth's Midnight Movie Marathon - Saturday, October 30th ***

*** Opel Halloween: Annual Costume Supa Bash - Saturday, October 30th ***

*** Bohemian Carnival: The Indie Circus & Music Showcase - Friday, November 12th ***

*** The ARTumnal Gathering - Saturday, November 20th ***

Call for Participation

***Volunteer for the ARTumnal Gathering***

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Ghost Ship III: Armada - Saturday, October 30th

The Space Cowboys and Sunset Promotions are back at work to bring you the BEST Halloween party yet!

We will have WAY more space, more music, more ART, more art cars, more shuttles, more rooms and best of all more of You.  Come back to Treasure Island this Halloween for the best party of the year.

DJs scheduled to perform:
Space Cowboy DJs:
8ball, Brad Robinson, Mancub, Kapt'n Kirk, rrrus, Shissla, shOOey, Tamo, Deckard, Ernie Trevino, Erik.Hz, Zach Moore

MoPo - Janky Barge, Ground Control - Janky Barge, Absurge - Janky Barge
Murphstar - SEISMIC, Trav - SEISMIC
Aaron Pope - The Deep End, Clarkie - The Deep End
Kramer - DISTRIKT, Matt Kramer - DISTRIKT, Ben Seagren - DISTRIKT, Layne Loomis - DISTRIKT
Agent Zero - Swag, Influence - Stratigik, Smoove -, RichDDT - LoveTech
Malarky - Juke Joint, Janaka & Mighty Dub Killers, Jef Stott - 6 Degrees Records, Feral - Hookahdome
Percussion by Kevin Wardell

Special appearance by THE FRONT PORCH!

Art installations by Famous & Rockit, Joshua Short, Walker Babington, Stuart Walker, Micheal Christian, Orion Fredericks and more to be confirmed!

Presales available here:

This event is 21+ and up.
Free Shuttles from SF civic center on the MAGIC BUS
Please carpool because there is limited parking. 24 hour MUNI service available.


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A fundraiser/benefit event for CELLSPACE

How are you spending Halloween? How about a 24 Hour Horror Movie Marathon?

at Cellspace: 2050 Bryant at 18th
Doors open at 11:30am, Saturday Oct 30th
Beer & Wine (until 2a), Soda, Coffee, Food, Snacks, Popcorn available for purchase.  21 and up only.  No cover charge. Donations appreciated!  Meal breaks at 5:30 pm, 11:15 pm, and 4:45 am.

Noon: The Thing (1982)
2:00 p.m.: Zombie (1979)
3:45 p.m.: The Vanishing (1988)
6:00 p.m.: Pieces (1982)
7:45 p.m.: The Wicker Man (1973)
9:30 p.m.: Who Can Kill A Child? (1976)
11:45 p.m.: Eraserhead (1977)
1:30 a.m.: Suspiria (1977)
3:15 a.m.: Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
5:15 a.m.: Evil Dead (1981)
7:00 a.m.: Audition (1999)
9:00 a.m.: Torso (1973)

Jeff Ross
Founder/Director: SF IndieFest, SF DocFest, Another Hole in the Head, SF Summer/Winter Music Fests

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Opel Halloween: Our Annual Costume Supa Bash
Saturday, October 30th

SF's favorite holiday will be met with the funky freakiness it deserves, for an eclectic night of silliness and community.
Halloween Themed Art Exhibits by: Kitty Mak, Debi Danger, Analogia
Day of the Dead Alter by G'Lux
The 'Heart Deco' Art Car Bus Outside on the patio
Aerial Performance by Ghost Mouse & Bruno
Fire Performances by Mike S & the SB Posse
Halloween immersion by the Opel drow
Music by special guests:
Local heroes and playa tribes
Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple)
Dex Stakker (Opel / Opulent Temple)
Jive (Fix / Heart Deco)
Billy Casazza (Nutbass / Opulent Temple)
Seva (Heart Deco)
Melyss (Opel / Cheeky),
DJ Hil (Yerba Bueno Disco)
Alain Octavo (Spundae)

~~Side Chamber : Hosted by the Bassyx Camp ~~
Ace, Gunz & Ammo
DJ Ina

Discount pre-sales at
21+ only

At the no hassle Mighty
119 Utah St. @ 15th, SF

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The Indie Circus & Music Showcase

Presented by Vau de Vire, Circus Metropolus & bi-polar productions

November 12, 2010
DNA Lounge, 375 11th St., San Francisco, CA 94103
$20, 21+ with ID

In  this episode of Bohemian Carnival, west and east coasts unite to form a
furious compendium of sumptuous delights, bountiful bodily pleasures,  and a big
room full of big boom. Come see what happens when you feed  your friends simian
hormones for 6 weeks without adult supervision!

Advance tickets on sale at

Featuring your inevitable hosts:

GOOFERMAN : Kings of klown-fi and micro-circus purveyors!
VAU DE VIRE SOCIETY : The sexiest, savviest subculture circus on Earth!

And special guests:

BAMBI KILLERS : Saucy, sonorously sangriatic lovelies from NYC!
SQUIDLING BROS. CIRCUS SIDESHOW : Shiver-yer-timbers sideshow insurgents!
SMOOVE : Master bumpmaker and disctwiddler!
FOU FOU HA! : Cartoon-dancing cantankerous deviants!
FLYNN CREEK CIRCUS : Spankingly sublime circus artistes!
SASHA : Astonishingly alluring astro-aerialist!
SISTERS OF HONK : Klown mistresses of mayhem!
DELACHAUX : Debonair groove debaucherist!
NEW ECCENTRICS : Vaudevillian brain and titillation accessors!
GREG SIMMONS : Good-gawdable graffiti artist!
MC KINGFISH : Wielder of words, courtesy of Hubba Hubba Revue!

Find links, photos, and such at

Doors at 9pm; the show kicks in precisely at 10pm. We ride!

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The ARTumnal Gathering

Saturday, November 20, 2010
The Bently Reserve
400 Sansome Street
San Francisco

Feast of Imagination Dinner 6:00 pm
Artumnal Celebration 9:30 pm
Enjoy three rooms of exclusive live performances, DJ's, original interactive art experiences, art gallery, auction, raffle, surprises and more, all in the elegance of the stunning Bently Reserve.

Announcing original artwork:
The Burning Man 2010 Temple Crew presents The Gateway of Wishes.
The creators of the Temple of Flux for Burning Man 2010 and their crew reunite to premiere their second sculpture installation at the ARTumnal Gathering. Now creating work as the Flux Foundation,  a new non-profit founded and led by BRAF Artist Rebecca Anders, Jess Hobbs and Peter Kimelman, the artists continue their mission of building community by engaging people in the design and creation of large-scale art. The Black Rock Arts Foundation is honored to showcase their first off-playa endeavor!

Featuring performances by:
Bad Unkl Sista
Bones of CircusMecca
Cyril Noir and Ella Mental of the Black Kat Kabaret
Dex Stakker (Opel/Opulent Temple)
DJ Huggie (Disorient)
FireFingers Flamenco Guitar
Fou Fou HA!
Gamelan X
Gregangelo of Velocity Circus
Henry Chang of Soul in the Machine
Matthew Schoening
Miss Rosie
saQi featuring Russ Liquid
Sasha "Butterfly" Rose
Tamo and ViaJay (Space Cowboys / Angels of bAss)

Photo portraiture by:
Julian Cash
Randal Alan Smith

Join us for our pre-event dinner featuring delightful fare, cocktails, and both live and silent auctions. Last years’ event sold out! Get your tickets today!

Buy Tickets Now:

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Volunteer for the ARTumnal Gathering!

Hey Burners and BRAF-sters alike.  Want to volunteer for the ARTumnal Gathering?  Want to help out a great non-profit on a wonderfully elegant night?  Want to get a ticket to this awesome event, meet new, wonderful people, and help make the evening a SUCCESS?  Read on!

There’s a ton of information relating to volunteer opportunities, too many to go into here, but to learn all about how you can help make this wonderful night happen contact 

We need all of you to make this event work so don’t be shy and email Lee Anna now!

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