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VIDEOS: Wikileaks, TSA, Fiat Money & War... Are All Scams.

And now for something totally different.
Suspicious activity at WalMart.

The current bottom line on Wikileaks.
There is a little too much hype and 
they avoid 9/11, hmmmmmm.
It kinda sounds like a huge setup. 
Gatekeeping damage control comes to mind.
Check it out and ponder, please.
(you may have to copy and paste these longer URLs)

TSA isn't about security, really.
You just won't believe this one. Hands in 
your pants but, illegals in the cargo bay.

What do you think will happen to the price of silver 
once the Chinese start buying it. And how does that 
help China while, destroying us? Buy silver folks, now.

Fed Up: Ron Paul on America's Rotten Banks

Exit Afghanistan
Remember when we used to say 
Bring'em Home for Christmas.
Now, it's wars and rumors of wars.
Pray folks, seriously pray for us all.

We are a nation of sleeping sheep. 
This should be clear to all, by now.
We have some serious waking up to do.
I wish everyone would at least buy the 
Patriot Library, not for me but, so lots of
folks would have two of each of the DVDs.
One to keep and one to loan, copy, distribute.

How will we wake friends and family if the 
net is taken down by false flag terrorists.
We are at the mercy of "Them." Get a Library
for your extended family this Christmas. 
Each close group needs a set of DVDs.

After four years of doing this, I would have
thought there would be may copycats. Too, bad.
You may have to go it alone, in small groups of
patriot survivalists. Make a new years resolution
that you will absolutely wake friends and family.

Is it too soon to:
Say Merry Christmas With A Stack Of DVDs

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