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The American Dream Film - END THE FED


THIS FILM is a simple fun and pleasant encapsulation of most EVERTYTHING about the History of the US $ that I have been struggling to convey for many years.
This film is like cheating, like hyperspace, it shares so much so simply and so quickly it is like taking a SMART PILL.
Skip your worthless college slave degree and watch this film. 
You may learn more by watching this film than you would by taking a degree in economics.
Red Shield Bank = House of Rothschild.        LIVE FREE OR DIE.       
Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, John F Kennedy would want you to watch this movie. Do not let their lives and deaths be in vain.

Ready to learn everything you need to know about the economy in a matter of hours? Especially Chp 3,4,16 or

realecontv January 2: Predictions for 2011 (Part One)

National Inflation Association 2010 Recap Video


The Shadow Banking System

Video: Peter Schiff-We’ve Never Seen These Kinds of Prices Before

End The Fed - Buy Gold & Silver
Central bankers create money out of thin air, inflating the money supply outrageously, and devaluing all of our wealth in the process only to enrich the elite. Fight back today, buy gold and silver. Support Ron Paul to audit and end the Fed in 2011. 

How many dollars are out there sloshing around and if even a tiny fraction of that were to be exchanged for gold what do you think it would do to the gold price measured in dollars.
We are stuck with global paper currencies until they fail and the way they fail is by losing their value, which is what they have been doing all along.  With all the clouds on the horizon I'd be the last person to say that trend will reverse.  But its just a confidence game I doubt the currencies will continue to just bleed away value as confidence wanes, that's not how loss of confidence works.  
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