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SF events for OTHER SF EVENTS.  Baker Beach North End = Warmest Beach of SF 
10 day SF Forecast weather
Warm days can stay around for several days = the new pattern started last year due to warmer Pac ocean
Therefore often what Underground predicts to be 3 days of heat wave becomes 6 days of heatwave. YAY for BEACH!
Zoom shows PAST record of Smoke. Zoom to CA and press PLAY PAST cycle changes. FrdAug20=6HourLoop@10’ but some days are  3-6HourLoop@5-10Min.intervals 36 Frames Cycle. 6hour36FrameFrd7.23. 
Below: Real Time Temp Graphs. This is the URL that surfers USE for SF so you should too. ACCURATE! Air Temp wind Speed Direction, Water Temp Tide Current @ Hyde St SF  
Baker Beach North end Warmest Beach in SF.  See @ NOON every day! and wunderground for 10-day
Be Careful Car Tickets. park legally. Or just Park North End of 25th Ave SF Walk Down Secret Stairs   2HourLoop24Frames@5Min.intervals    
Frd Sat Sun look SMOKEY. Press PLAY Lower Left Corner of Screen. Future Forecast.   10DayLoop240Frames@1Hour.intervals
2 CAMs You Control! of GG Bridge to Angel island, Alcatraz, Berkeley / Oakland Etc. Fun and Useful. FAST View of actual Air Quality! Really Fun! from Crissy Field SF
NOAA 24 hour Graph shows last 18 Hours of Weather DATA: Air Temp Water Temp Wind and Barometer : Plus Future 6 hours for Tide and Current. 
500 miles out west BEACH CAM of Muir Beach, Marin County, CA
CAM DOWN for a week. SORRY. Ocean Beach SF Kelly's Cove 
2nd URL for Parks Cam 1 
 2021 SF events  

direct IP link to GGNRA east live cam feed TOP. Need Lower cam address. Anyone? Bueller? 
Also on some phones you can tap on part of screen to zoom to that part… just not on my dumb phone 6S+

Beach Warm  More CAPS = MORE HOT SAtSUN. Less Caps thu mon = less hot. 
Warmest SF Beach = Baker Beach SF North End!
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