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SF events 10.5
SF events 10.5
SF events 10.5
SF events 10.5
SF events 10.5

9/30-10/13: upcoming fun, cheap, and unusual events in SF thru Oct23

Most supplements to be banned in Europe by Aug 2005

Letters to Michael Moore from US soldiers in Iraq,2763,1319718,00.html
 New anti-GWB debate music single, free MP3
Friends of Urban Forest

# 10/5: Debate Watching @ Chances 6pm. Happy Hour 5pm.
 Edwards vs. Cheney.  comfy chairs available  Second presidential debate:
Fri Oct 8, 6pm Third presidential debate: Wed Oct 13, 6pm
All debates aired at 6 pm at Chances Bar and Lounge in the Middle Haight. 5pm-2am 298 Divisadero @ Page St.

# Beatbox puppet show Tonight at studio Z. 11th and folsom
 vowel movement  (Kyrian) will be doing a Beatbox puppet show 
Kid  beyond and many others. 7$ 
# House of Love open mic Oct 5 7:30p-11p FREE Every 1st Tue 
 Feature Performer:  Katie Bursk 9:00-9:30p Sultry, Seductive Style
 415-861-FOOD 1122 Folsom St. Brainwash Cafe

# Rent Party for the SF Homeless Coalition
 Oct 5 Doors: 7pm  Show: 7:30pm $20 adv $25 door
 Great American Music Hall.  With Doug 
Great American Music Hall 859 O'Farrell

# 10/5  7pm Stop Torture in Prisons! (oakland downtown)
 United Front to Shut Down the SHU. Fellowship of Humanity 390 27th st
 @ Broadway/ Telegraph

# 10/5 at 7:30pm in SF: Venezuela video reportback, MWM benefit
A Video Café "Venezuela Report Back: Oil Workers, the Grassroots and 
Historic Referendum"  7:30pm, Bissap Baobab Café, 2323 Mission @ 19 

# 10/5: Screening of VOICES OF DISSENT @ Parkway Speakeasy Theater
1834 Park Blvd Oakland $5 9:15pm 10:15pm SOMETHING ABOUT W

Hosted by Tim Barsky and Kid Beyond STUDIO Z First Tue every month
1515 Folsom @ 11th
 subscribe to this group,

# 10/6 Come Grow with Us Redwood Creek Native Plant Nursery 
(Muir Woods National Monument) Saturday 10AM to 1PM   Every Wednesday and 

# UC Berkeley Lab Animal Vigil Oct 6 7 PM Oxford St & Berkeley Way,  
 honor the 40,000 animals harmed in research at UC Berkeley. Advocates 
will hold a silent vigil at the Northwest Animal Facility.

# Natural World Museum Baraka Wed Oct 6 7-9pm $10/($5 pre/stud) 
 Baraka is an ancient Sufi word, "a blessing, or as the breath, or
essence of life from which the evolutionary process unfolds."
 Herbst International Exhibition Hall Building 385 Moraga & Montgomery- 
(Officers' Club) Presidio
Near Main Quad/Flagpole:

# Every Wed in Oct @7pm Wed. Oct. 6th---To Serve & Protect-----
 --------60 Minute documentary produced by UCSC students about police brutality and the struggle to end it!
Move Confrontation---50 Minute documentary about the police attack on the Move Organization in Philadelphia in 1978 and the police bombing of the Move headquarters in 1985. Move is a 30 plus year powerful and liberating organization for the people and all life
 Wed. Oct. 13th-----Vanishing Prayer---15 Minute documentary honoring the Dineh resistance in Big Mountain Arizona The Zapatista’s Mayan Uprising---50 Minute 
 documentary about the beautiful people in Chiappas, Mexico
 who have powerfully risen for the whole people.
 Wed. Oct. 20th--The Framing & Execution of Mumia -A 60 Minute video about the frame up of one of the planet’s most popular political prisoners. 
 The Arnold Beverly Confession----a short taped confession of the man that killed the officer that Mumia is framed for killing
 Wed. Oct. 27th-----Fahrenheit 911---Michael Moore’s latest work of political art regarding the Bush regime and the their corrupt wars
 Sliding scale $3-$5 no one turned away for lack of funds
 Humanist Hall—390 27th St Oakland Between Broadway and Telegraph

# GARLIC & GRASS A Grassroots Journal of America's Political Soul Wed Oct  6    1-2-3 DEMOCRACY  
A Party for Grassroots Democracy A Benefit for Instant Runoff Voting
A Musical Showcase for Three Great Local Bands
 EL RIO 3158 Mission So. of Cesar Chavez
8-12pm :: Doors at 7pm :: $7 :: 21+ benefits:
 GROOVY LIVE MUSIC BY: Sunfire Pleasure
Chemystry Set Research & Development [sets will be 50 min.]
STEVEN HILL, Center for Voting and Democracy
JUNE BRASHARES, Activist Violently Arrested on TV at the RNC
RENEE SAUCEDO, Green Party TOM AMMIANO, Democratic Party (invited)
[speeches will be 3-10 min.] TIRED OF BEING CALLED A 'SPOILER'?
Want to vote for somebody who actually speaks for you -- without pissing off
your friends and family? Come out and support San Francisco's pioneering
reform. Instant Runoff Voting -- or 1-2-3 Democracy -- lets you rank your
choices and thus makes 3rd party candidates both "votable" and "electable."
Why party now? We get to use 1-2-3 Democracy for the first time here in San
Francisco this November 2! So join us and sound the bells. Let's make 1-2-3
Democracy work here in San Francisco -- and push it far and wide so that
everyone in the country gets to vote for whomever they choose in November
2008. Find out more about how it works, support this progressive change, and
hear some great live music. Come on down to the fabulous El Rio and party
with your fellow citizens in an event for grassroots democracy. It's as easy
as 1-2-3.      3 NAMES FOR THE SAME THING
No need to get confused.
Instant Runoff Voting = Ranked Choice Voting = 1-2-3 Democracy
Instant Runoff Voting is as easy as 1-2-3. Let's say you really want to vote
for Ralph Nader, but you don't want to elect Bush. So you enter on your
ballot Nader as your #1 choice. Then you put John Kerry as your #2 choice.
Done! If Nader doesn't get enough votes to win, your vote counts for Kerry.
Easy as 1-2-3! You can even put down a #3 choice too, for, say, David Cobb,
the Green Party candidate.            
This great reform is coming to San Francisco! This November 2, it will be
used by all San Franciscans (but only for local elections). In order for
1-2-3 Democracy to spread statewide, and eventually nationwide, so that
every citizen can rank her choices, it needs to go smoothly here. 1-2-3
Democracy is a straightforward idea, but it's not impossible to imagine
people becoming confused. And we don't want to give the corporate media or
the powers that be any excuse to repeal this progressive reform. So we need
to do some voter education before November 2. The Center for Voting and
Democracy (CVD) is doing a great job educating people every day, but they're
not exactly flush with funds. If we can educate ourselves and our friends --
and raise a few hundred bucks for the great hard-working folks at CVD --
we'll ensure that this reform goes well here and then spreads far and wide.
That's why now is the time for you to come out and support 1-2-3 Democracy!
 Simply send an email to or go to

# Concert for Prop A--Affordable Housing - Rock the House
 Kiss the Girl:
Great Teacher:
Rubberside Down:
Michelle Latimer:
Plus: DJ Mischa spinning all evening
 Wed Oct 6 8pm Studio Z 314 11th St @ Folsom $5 21+
# 1st Thu Art Receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30 12 galleries 4 floors

# meeting of the (Northern California) 9-11 Truth Alliance Thu Oct 7, 
7-10pm 3220 Sacramento @ Lyon For 3 years, activists have known: - - - -
9/11 was an Inside Job Meetup Group

# Slingers Burlesque Revue Thu Oct 7 9pm $2
Mission South of Chavez at Valencia.
# Rise Up! Unite! Rejoice! Thu Oct 7 6-10 PM FREE 18 artists  72 Tehama  
1st and 2nd St   squidlist/calendar 
# Sexy Circus Benefit-Berkeley Prostitution Decrim Oct 7, Thu 6:30PM 
$20 Hosted by Terence Hallinan, Margo St. James and Larry Lichter!
 live music, exotic dancers, food and grog as well as local sex  worker 
celebrities including Robyn Few and Scarlot Harlot!
 All donations go to CALIFORNIANS FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES to fund
Measure Q (FPPC #1262120), Angel's Initiative, for the
Decriminalization of Prostitution.
Mariposa Yacht Club! 405 Terry A. Francois Blvd. squidlist/calendar 

# Thu Oct 7 7pm Book Party!
 Come celebrate the release of Starhawk's tenth book: Earth Path: Grounding
Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature.  This gala event includes author
reception (with delicious, organic finger-foods), an on-stage dialogue with
host Matthew Fox (noted author, teacher, and "heretic"), and Earth Path book
signing. University of Creation Spirituality, 2141 Broadway, Oakland
 $10 includes munchies

# Scarlot Harlot: Unrepentant Whore Oct 7, Thu 7:30 PM Free
 * Read and perform work from from Unrepentant Whore: Collected
Works of Scarlot Harlot from Last Gasp
* Tell you her opinions on sex industry politics
* Sign your books (or your body parts, if you prefer)
* Recruit you to come to parties to benefit the Berkeley ballot
Initiative to Decriminalize Prostitution
 Books Inc 2275 Market St.

# For the People Street Art Celebration Thu Oct. 7 7pm-12am free
 A street art celebration of the liberation of expression
 Curated by: empte eyes,, and the God Bless 
Graffiti Coalition Some comfirmed artists:
swoon (ny), above (us), k2 (sf), Logan Hicks (USA), the London Police 
(worldwide), Adam
Neate (uk), microbo an bo 130 (it), mackplakt (dl), ether (sf), chun1 
(thailand), eskae (sf),
Chris Stain (ny), peat wollaeger (st. louis), Josh Macphee (Chicago), 
Amy Rice (minneapolis) Opening Night will feature: - art on the walls
- a collage wall - a flicks wall curated by the God Bless Graffiti Coal.
- live painting - a DIY stencil table - crusty tunes by DJ jepift - MORE
 Crucible Steel Gallery at CELLspace 2050 Bryant @18th/19th sts)  squidlist 
# Oct. 7th Six Degrees Records - SF
CD Release party for Issa Bagayogo. Including sneck prievew of short
films from the Latin Film Festival. Featuring DJ Dragonfly and DJ
Suresh!  1710 Mission St SF

# Bicycle Film Fest Thu Oct. 7- Sat Oct. 9 Multiple programs each day
 $8 each prog Mighty(119 Utah @ 15th) Red Vic (1727 Haight @ Cole)   squidlist 

#  Aeolian Ride Thu Oct 7 + Sat Oct 9  free 50 people in wind-inflated 
suits riding through cities around the world! RIDERS WANTED!!

#  Election Protection Training Fri Oct 8 12-2 p.m. @ Working Assets 101 Market

# 10/8 "Paying For It: A Guide by Sex Workers for Their Clients" 
Fri Oct 8 Valencia St Books, 569 Valencia @16th and 17th. 
Schmoozing and nosh at 7:30, readings at 8. free.

# 10/8: The Power of Whole Foods and Micronutrients
 Nutritional PowerPoint slide lecture and demosJeffrey Bruno, Ph.D. 
October 8, Friday 7:30-9p Downward Dog Yoga Studio, 94 Manor Drive, 
Pacifica, CA, 94044 $5.00 donation requested 650-355-9642
 Topics will include: Fun food and skin care demonstrations
How whole foods increase lifespan, brain function, beauty, and perf.
How to support healthy skin The role of enzymes, intestinal bacteria, 
trace minerals, and plant colors.
How to create a diet and lifestyle approach that is really works for you.

# Nuclear Free Great Basin Fall Gathering- Oct 8-10th, 2004.
 Skull Valley Goshute Reservation- near the home of Margene Bullcreek.
Shundahai Network PO Box 1115 Salt Lake City, UT 84110
Office: 801.533.0128 Fax: 801.533.0129

# In the Street fest Fri-Sat Oct 8 5pm-10pm Oct 9 11a-6p free 
 Hundreds of Bay Area artists and perf Cohen Alley 500 block of Ellis

# Sat 10/9 - Mulch your heart out... Help maintain the botanical garden!
 SF Botanical Garden Project - 301 Martin Luther King Dr

# Prop 63 BBQ Fundraiser "Castro Country Club" 4058 18th St
@  Castro  Sat Oct 9, Noon-6pm support of the Mental Health Initiative
Prop  63 bring to all of California the much needed funding for 
mental health programs. This will directly affect bringing more 
services to the homeless population.

# The 4th annual San Francisco Earth Charter Summit
 Sat Oct 9 1-4pm 2450 17th St @ Potrero (SGI-USA Cultural Center)
 celebrating the Earth Charter and how we can incorporate this grassroots
document into our everyday lives.
 The Earth Charter is the result of the UN Summit in Rio de Janiero. It is a
document created with the input of many different nations  taking over 3
decades to perfect. The Earth Charter has 16 different principles that
outline a new constitution with the planet based on respect for all 
beings and a recognition of our interdependence.
 Kevin Danaher, author and founder of Global Exchange,  keynote
speaker and he will discuss how we can actualize the principles of the 
Earth Charter in our daily actions. He will be followed by break-out sessions 
on energy options and conservation in the home, how you can compost in the
home, and a discussion on how to shop for a difference.
Attendees will be encouraged to attend all 3 break-outs which feature
speakers and time for Q&A.
This event also features an activities room for children and their 
parents, live music and other surprises. FREE.  415-990-7740.

# 10/9: FREE Workshop on Breathing
DENNIS LEWIS 1-4 PM "Free Your Breath, Free Your Life" Borders Books 
Union Square, 400 Post

# Nude Peace Day Sat Oct 9 2pm-4pm Free
 N U D E   PEACE  DAY:   You're invited to bodypaint and  get
painted on N u d e Peace Day, 9 October 2004, a Saturday
afternoon,  at Baker Beach, San Francisco.  Free.  Persons of all
genders, orientations, and lovestyles are welcome (but anyone
under 18 should be accompanied by parent, legal guardian, or
legal spouse).  Take #29 Muni bus to Baker Beach (either of two
stops; ask driver); or bike there; or walk from Geary Blvd. and 25th
Ave.  Walk to northern parking lot, which has water fountain &
toilets. From parking lot, walk north on beach (toward Golden Gate
Bridge), thru prude zone and into clothing-optional  zone.  Then
visually follow the cable fence (separating usable beach from
protected  vegetation) until you see a Leather Pride Flag (bearing a
red heart, with stripes of black, blue, and white).  If you don't see
the flag yet, just  enjoy the beach on your own.  Look again each
hour for flag, or bodypainters,  especially near the log stairway.
Since organizers must carry supplies on bus, no reliable time can
be guaranteed.  We hope to be there by 2PM,  possibly earlier.
Rain cancels.  For possible changes, please see website of
Senior Unlimited Nudes (SUN) Baker Beach in GGNRA, Presidio, SF
Take  Muni  #29 bus to Baker Beach; or bike or walk from Geary
Blvd and 25th Avenue.

# 10/9: CYBERFEST 2004 Cow Palace 
2600 Geneva Ave. SSF/ Daly City  4pm-2am

# Karaoke Night: Bureau of Humane Law Enforcement Benefit 
 Oct 9  6 PM  Paws & Claws, 2023 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland $10-15
 Join us for an evening of karaoking to benefit the Bureau of
Humane Law Enforcement, a new California-based organization devoted to
defending all animals through the law. Delicious vegan food, beer &
wine will be served. A silent auction will be held to support
BHLE’s efforts.

# SF Hootenanny Night Sat Oct 9 7:00-10:30 FREE Monthly Free Music 
5 great acts: Mark Growden, The Shots, AJ Roach, El Capitan, Alan 
Smithline Followed by jam open to all Cafe International 508 Haight
(at Fillmore)   squidlist

# SAT, OCT 9 9pm ( kidbeyond on first ) UC BERKELEY - BEAR'S LAIR
 $15; $10 w/UCB ID. All ages.
 subscribe to this group,

# SF Tesla Society free present Mohsen Hourmanesh, D.E.D.
 "The Role of Salt & Water In the Human Metabolism for Optimal Health"
 Sun Oct 10 1 - 5 p Round Table Pizza 5160 Geary @ 16th 
more info: 10.10

# Oct 10th Ruby Skye Cabaret Verdalet An unheard of 6 (yes 6) 
Hot Pink Feathers will perform!!!

# Mon Oct 11 8-10pm Hot Dyke Porn Video Release Party FREE! All 
people welcome! Does the usual girl-girl porn just not do it for you? look
for erotic entertainment full of women of all shapes, colors, styles 
and gender persuasions? Then we have the movie for you! Join us for a 
screening and release party for Working Girlz, the first release from 
San Francisco-based Working Girl Productions. Every scene features 
dykes having authentic, pussy-pounding, clit-thumping, nipple-biting, 
hair-pulling, ass-slapping sex that'll show you just how hot porn can 
be. Come and meet the cast and crew, watch some scenes and find out 
what happens when the working girls get behind the camera!
 Good Vibrations:  603 Valencia @17th

# 10/12: 7pm EFF Event on E-voting at 111 Minna St. Gallery!  
 BayFF Event - Join Us for "E-voting and the Upcoming Election" on 
 Democracy is government by the people, and the right to vote is 
critical to determining what each of us
wants of our government. Nearly one quarter of American voters - more 
than 35 million people - will
exercise that right using electronic voting (e-voting) terminals in 
this election. Unfortunately, due to
equipment that has been hastily developed and poorly tested, your right 
to vote is in greater jeopardy
than ever before. There are widespread reports of voting terminal 
failures, and growing concern about
the (in)security of these machines is fueling fierce debate over how to 
ensure the integrity of
our elections. EFF is working to ensure that votes are verifiable and 
to train poll workers about
what to do when the machines fail. Come listen to our team leaders talk 
about the latest
developments, and share your thoughts on how we can make sure that 
every vote is counted.    WHO: Cindy Cohn, EFF Legal Director
Matt Zimmerman, EFF Staff Att.  Ren Bucholz, EFF Activism Coord.
 Samantha -

# 10/12: Forum: Bush Science Policy (berkeley)  7:30 p.m.
What: Panel, "Bush Science Policy." A forum on the Bush 
Administration's uses and abuses of science in policymaking.
Who: David Baltimore, President, Cal Tech and Nobel Laureate; Bruce C. 
Buckheit, former director of U.S. EPA's Air Enforcement Division; 
Andrew Eller, biologist, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Kurt Gottfried, 
chair, Union of Concerned Scientists and professor of physics at 
Cornell University; Henry Miller, Hoover Institute Fellow and former 
staff member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Moderated by 
Michael Pollan, Knight Professor of Journalism.
Where: Wheeler Auditorium, University of California, Berkeley
Public Info: Tickets through CalPerformances, 510-642-9988
URL:, click on "events"

# Advocates Forum  Oct 12 7:30 PM Golden Lotus, 1301 Franklin St , 
Oakland. Attorney Christine Garcia will discuss the legal rights of
advocates over dinner.

# Tree Tour: Downtown, Wed Oct 13 A week day, lunch-time tour
 led by Mike Sullivan, author "The Trees of SF" Free, Meet Transamerica 
Pyramid near the corner of Montgomery and Clay. At 12 o'clock sharp! Friends of Urban Forest

# Campus Vegetarian Outreach Oct 14 5:15 PM                            
Location: Contra Costa College, 2600 Mission Bell Drive, San Pablo
Info: Advocates will distribute vegan literature to CCC students.

# OCT 15 Yes Measure Q- Berkeley Sexy Circus-Happy Birthday SWOP
 Happy Bday Sex Workers Outreach Proj.
 Live music, exotic dancers and hot HOT jugglers all under the big top 
(ceiling) of our amazing new office warehouse. 7,000 sq ft
 Jones and Third in Berkeley on the railroad tracks. University Avenue 
exit off the freeway, turn left at Sixth, go down to Jones and turn 
left. Proceed until the road ends (you may want to park and walk around 
the corner) and go right toward the entrance of the warehouse.  $20 
877-PRO-2004 Please help donate to Angel's Init.Measure Q in Berkeley
make all checks to Californians for Civil Liberties FPPC#1262120

# Get Freaky, Mad Hatters Ball, Friday, Oct 15 9:30pm 550 Barneveld
ADAM OHANA/an-ten-nae  OoAh da TUrntablIst  Michele BASS aka TREE
El PaPa Chango/el circo  Adnan  Laura/e.l.f.   Shawna/apsara  Dov  Alibi 
Dragonfly  Jocelyn  David Starfire  Rena  Mark Growden 
 Upstairs lounge decor by Fuzzy Philippe
 Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts serving tea @10pm don't be late  $15 costume  $20 without 

# Oct 15-17 Marin Civic Ctr 20 N.SanPedroRd.

# Living Your Life As Art Oct 15-18
#  Campus Vegetarian Outreach Oct 18 7:30 PM
L Chabot College, 25555 Hesperian Boulevard, Hayward
 Advocates will distribute vegan literature to Chabot students.

# Mobilize for Change Oct 20 7:30 PM Oakland
  mobile TV outreach unit will roam the streets of Oakland.
Advocates will distribute vegan literature while screening video
footage of animals harmed in agriculture.

# KFC Feed-in Oct 21 6:30 PM KFC, 470 Lake Park Avenue, Oakland
Info: Outside the fast food restaurant, advocates will distribute
information on KFC's inhumane treatment of chickens and serve delicious
mock chicken to customers.

# Michael Franti & Spearhead Oct 25 Mateel Community Ctr. Redway
Doors 7pm with music 7:30pm. ending 11 pm 707-923-4599

# Campus Vegetarian Outreach  Oct 26 5:30 PM JFK University, 
100 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill Advocates will distribute vegan lit
 to JFK students.

# Wed Oct 27 7pm Santa Cruz Talk and booksigning Starhawk reads fro
Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature. $12 adm
or free with book First Cong Church 900 High St 877-429-9600

# Fri Oct 29 Starhawk will read from her new book, Earth Path: 
Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature.
7p Adobe Books 3166 Sixteenth @ Valencia & Guerrero 

# Liberation Now! Exhibit Oct 29 - Oct 31 UC Berkeley
 Visit the EBAA exhibit at the National Student Animal Rights

# National Student Animal Rights Conference  Liberation Now! $20 includes
FREE goodie bag, great workshops, tons of speakers, ALL VEGAN FOOD 
YOU CAN EAT! for the students and youth of the movement. Ages 13-25.
 Liberation Now! Oct 29-31 UCB http://WWW.LIBERATIONNOW.COM
 Sat Oct 9-Sun Oct 10 Gates open 4P Sat Ritual begins drumming
sunset and ethno-tribal beats by Ariane. magnificent forested mtn
 NorCal  3 hours  SF Roads precarious, please drive slowly care.fully.
LEAVE NO TRACE. Let’s leave the land more beautiful than we found it. 
  info line 415.789.7889 dir closer to the event. $20 tix 
 $25 at the gate. Carpooling is essential.  Radical Self Expression. 
Imagination. Trancendental Dance. Birthday Celebration. Rite of Passage. 
Participation in Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century. 
 Art & Altars by the Community.  Food & Fun by the Community.
We are that Community.  Feel free to share in whatever way you enjoy.
 Free soy chai and frozen margaritas at Dawn. Info Booth and Healing Temple.
 participat vending art instal volunteer healing temple (reiki, yoga, 
massage or
 Be mind.full and thought.full of your self, others and your environment. 
Leave no trace. Bring extra trash bags, minimize bring in, pack all out. 
Remember containers for composting and recycling. We apologize, 
but no fire-dancing or individ camp fires this time. Definitely in spring! 415.789.7889

)'( SF Decompression Sun Oct 10 
volunteer, theme camp, art, perform )'(

# Sun Oct 10 1pm MOHSEN HOURMANESH, D.E.D., presents
"The Role of Salt and Water in the Human Metabolism for Optimal Health"

# Uncensored celebration release party "Censored 2005" 6:30pm Oct 23 
 King Middle School, 1781 Rose St. @ Grant, 2 blocks North of Cedar,
Berkeley. Keynote Catherine Austin Fitts, founder/pres/Solari and 
whistle-blowing former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban 
Development. Reporters to be honored include Amy Goodman, Greg 
Palast, Dennis Bernstein, Michele Chossudovsky, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 
Reception includes awards, a video art performance, live music, book 
signing, hors d'oeuvres and a no-host wine bar. $15/sliding scale. 
(707) 664-2500; 

# Sun Nov 14 1pm JASMINA L.VUJIC, Ph.D.  (rescheduled) presents
"Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit The World".
 An printable pdf description of our Fall 2004 meetings is available at:

# Oct. 15th MadHatter's Ball @ "Get Freaky" with Dreadzone/Lorin/Adama
O/Michele Bass/Ooah and m-m-m-more! - SF
550 Barneveld San Francisco

# Oct. 16th Bioneers Conference FREE Afterparty - Marin Civic Center

# Oct 16 Make-Out Room  Down on Bush PantyWare Party
 Kellita will show her panties in solidarity!
 Make Out Room 3225 22nd St 7-10pm $10 cover charge to benefit voter mobilization

)'( Oct 17 LA decompression 3 city Blocks!

# Sun Oct 17 San Rafael Booksigning
Starhawk will be at the Bioneers1 Conference, signing her new book, Earth
Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature and meeting
conference-goers. 1:30pmain hall, Marin Ctr
# Global WALKOUT for Peace, Freedom & Justice for all
 FRI OCT 22, 2004

# national Liberation Now! conference
UC Berkeley Oct 29-31 $10 includes 
vegan meals, a free gift bag, and tons of great speakers

# Corporations trying to gut nations's strongest consumer protection 
in Nov. election with Prop 64:
 They're claiming lawsuits that help people are "frivolous."  
 Vote NO on prop 64, which would also gut environmental protections.

# Nov 6-7 2004 8th @ Brannan
new economy built upon sustainability, ecology, and social justice 

# NOV 12-13-14 National/International conference on the gift economy
 Clark County Library 1401 East Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada
 $50 reg. Scholarships avail

# Santarchy Tokyo 2004 Sat Dec 25 12:00 noon FREE Meet at the statue 
of Hachiko the Faithful Dog at Shibuya Station at 1200 NOON.


Macworld Conf & Expo  Moscone, SF Jan 10 – 14, 2005
 PRIORITY CODE: B0201 to receive a Free Exhibit Hall pass.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.