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SF events 11.17 (more complete)
SF events 11.17
SF events 11.17
SF events 11.17
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Peak Oil, Stolen Elections, Energy Wars

GLOBAL WARMING MAPS:  Early Warning Signs
   The map of early warning signs clearly illustrates the global nature
of climate changes. In its 2001 assessment, the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that, "an increasing body of
observations gives a collective picture of a warming world and other
changes in the climate system."
   While North America and Europe—where the science is strongest—exhibit
the highest density of indicators, scientists have made a great effort
in recent years to document the early impacts of global warming on
other continents. Our map update reflects this emerging knowledge from
all parts of the world.
   Although factors other than climate may have intensified the severity
of some of the events on the map, scientists predict such problems
will increase if emissions of heat-trapping gases are not brought
under control.

Center Marshals Effort to Stop National ID Card Legislation/Caruba 

US study links more than 200 diseases to pollution

The Ohio Factor: Did Homeland Security and the FBI interfere With the 
Vote Count?

Fascism Anyone?

Attack on Fallujah Can't Be Justified

Mosh Continues... with new ending  over 50 seconds 
of new animation.

$100,000 REWARD for Evidence of Vote FRAUD

building a broad movement for Secession

new website called the Cascadia Project at
I am running out of room for these alerts, so I have moved most
over to (see 11.11 + 11.16 "stuff")

94.1 fm Berkeley M-F 9am DEMOCRACY NOW!
# Every Tues 1pm 94.1fm YOUR OWN HEALTH&FITNESS
2pm EXPLORA-TION Michio Kaku
# Every Wed 1-2pm 94.1fm 4:20 report Ed Rosenthal
# Every Wed 2-3pm
# Every Thu 94.1fm 1-2 pm Herbal Highway
2-3 pm Caroline Casey
# Every Fri 94.1fm 1-2 pm Terra Verde
# National Bush Impeach Day Wed Nov 17

# SF Writers' Grotto Wed Nov 17  6 to 8 p  for some good conversation, 
wine, nourishing snacks, a short reading by the author -- books on sale 
courtesy of A Clean Well Lighted Place for Books. Grotto is located near 
Civic Center at 26 Fell  near the intersection of Fell and Market.
 Published by the New Press, Diet is an exposé of the food industry's  
often deadly effects on public health, the environment, workers and the  
future of food -- and a call for profound change. book is endorsed by Jim
Hightower, John Robbins, Frances Moore Lappé, and Jeremy Rifkin. See
attached press release, and visit for more.
 Other related events are:
 Reading at Modern Times Bookstore, Tuesday, November 30th, 7:30 pm
 Radio Interview on KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny, Monday, November  
29th, 9:00 a.m.

# Random Acts of Art Wed, Nov 17 6pm-midnight
$5 Local artists show off their talents at fabulous Loft 11. There will
be wine-tasting by Pezzi King Winery and hors d'ouevres by Sexy Red's
Catering (both while supplies last). Mendhi will be offered, too.
 Artists include: Archie Valdez, David Ho, Jennifer Brault, Cameron
Chun, Devin Harris, Brad Knipstein, Benjamin Kopf IV, and Darcy Van
Gelder. DJ TIM will be spinning house music!
 Loft 11 316 11th St

# East Bay Spinning and Hooping  9p-Midnight, Wednesdays Spaz 
warehouse, West Berkeley 3rd and Jones 1 blk north of Cedar, west of 
San Pablo), turn right onto 3rd - it's the first door.  $5 donat 
 beginner poi class that meets right before the jam, so if there early,
wait until they're done. room for fire outside, just one at a time.

# A silent vigil for peace....
 Please gather silently with us at the corner of Market and Powell in  
San Francisco on Thursday, November 18th at 5:00 PM to honor and  
respect those that have lost their lives in the War in Iraq. Bring  
candles and posters if you wish, but be prepared to protest silently!
 Lets create peace through the strength of our silence...

#  Hyper Mechanism & Surety of String Thu Nov 18 reception 6 - 9 PM
 Free The LAB 2948 16th St @ Capp squidlist
# Nov 18 Dec 16 3rd Thur Mcbean 7pm?

# meeting of the (Northern California) 9-11 Truth Alliance will
 Thu Nov 18, 7-10pm, at the Grand Lake Neighborhood
 Center (GLNC), 530 Lake Park Avenue, Oakland. - - - - -  - - - 

# Expo for the Artist & Musician Presents: Thursday Night D.I.Y.
 Thu Nov 18 7-11:00 pm CELLspace, 2050 Bryant @18th $5 
7:15-8:15 pm -- "Get Your Music to the Masses"
 7:15-8:15 pm -- "Documentary Filmmaking 101"
 8:30-9:30 pm -- Working Artists in Conversation
 9:45-close: Short film screening and mixer, featuring:
# AFTERMATH Thu Nov. 18th at 111 Minna Dance out your frustration.
 Voice yourself in community forum open mic.
 Dancing hard between 8pm and 2am to your favorite DJxs
Speaking your mind on the mic between 10:30 and midnight

# “The Toy Show” and other childish art Opening Reception 
 Thu Nov 18 9pm-12am Music by Feller Quentin
 Featuring Sculptures, Paintings and Installations by;
 Heather Luque, Lucien Shapiro, Erin Ashford, Brad Isdrab, Myssi 
Christensen, Reymundo Luevano, John Wayshack, Erik Siador,
 1200 9th Ave. @ Lincoln

# Friday, November 19 @ 7:30 pm DON"T MISS THIS ONE
Olney Hall, 835 College Avenue, Kentfield CA
WAS OUR ELECTION STOLEN (and what the bleep can we do)???
A town hall meeting with:
MATT GONZALEZ, president SF Board of Supervisors and 2003 Green Party candidate for mayor in SF
JIM MARCH of Black Box Voting, which is compiling proof of electoral fraud through core documents
obtained via the most massive Freedom of Information action in US history
SHERRY RESON, Chair, Marin United Democratic Campaign
Suggested Donation: $7 -$10 (no one turned away for lack of funds) (wheelchair accessible)
Sponsor: Students for Social Responsibility, Marin Peace & Justice Coalition; Info: 721-2844 or  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"

# MOISTURE Water and Environmental art
 An evening of Salon-style presentations and entertainment
featuring the work of artists and musicians exploring water-related  
issues. INCLUDING:
·       MOISTURE:  a Los Angeles art collective’s research projects in  
the Mojave desert
·       Alan Tower and the Octave Alliance with wave & water music
·       Betsy Damon’s Keepers of the Waters parks transforming rivers
·       Stunning wavelet videos graphing whale song by Mark Fischer
·       A (brief) introduction by Sam Bower of
·       Videos, puppetry, Interspecies Music, and surprise guests!
 Fri Nov 19 7:30-11pm Cellspace, 2050 Bryant Bring a blanket, $10 slid 
 benefit for, the online museum of environmental art

# Naked Truth Fri Nov 19th ONLY! 9:00pm till late
 $10 before 10pm,$15 after 10PMw/costume,$20 here nor there
 Paintings, photography and sculpture by artists Dana Albany, David
Scott Bruce, Deidre DeFranceaux, Rik Livingston, Clarence M. Mitchell,
Michelle Morby, Jasmine Raff, Jennifer Simpson and Karen Turcotte and
 Anon Salon 285 9th St @  Folsom
# Frid Nov. 19 night of DUB HEAVY dance music featuring PITCH BLACK 
::KOG Transmissions,  Free downloads at:
 DJ's  Adam Ohana  Chris Sia  Dj dob :: chill-out underground featuring
Crazy Baldhead  Sir-Eel  Afut  Saturnia  IKHQ 136 Taylor 10p-4am $10

# "SOA Watch"  Call for Nonviolent Direct Action - 
 List-Id: School of the Americas Watch  
List-Subscribe: <>,
List-Archive: <>
 1. Join us in Georgia! 2. Call for nonviolent direct action
3. Complete schedule of events for November 19-21
4. Invitation from the Anti-Oppression and Accessibility Working Group

# there will be veg recipes, free cooking/nutrition workshop 
 Saturday! Healthy Soul Food for the Holidays workshop
 Sat Nov 20 1-3pm at City Slicker Farms Main Site (Corner of 16th and 
Center Streets, West Oakland)
 Taught by Marie Newsom, Nutritionist and Deidre Wan, Raw Food
 ...sharing information about healthy, delicious cooking, stories,
ideas, recipes, and a freshly cooked (or not cooked in the case of
the raw food items) meal ifo/ RSVP call 510-763-4241
Affordable Fresh Produce for West Oakland
Co-Founders Nan Eastep & Willow Rosenthal
510-763-4241; 737 Henry Street, Oakland, CA 94607

CITY SLICKER FARM-Corner 16th & Center Streets, West Oakland, Open
Thursdays & Saturdays 9am-5pm
THE ANNEX-On Lewis near corner of 5th & Lewis, West Oakland, Open
Fridays 10-1pm
RALPH BUNCHE SCHOOL GREENHOUSE, 1240 18th Street, West Oakland, Open
Wednesdays 4-7pm
Living Foods:

# Sat Nov 20 3-5p Project Leader Training Palo Alto
A great opportunity for you to expand your skills, learn new  
information, and give back to the community all at the same time! Local  
ISA certified arborist Kevin Raftery will be leading a Planting Leader  
and Fungus Fighters Training. Volunteers will learn the correct way to  
plant trees, work with other volunteers, and the correct techniques for  
removing ivy and root crown excavations. You will be given the tools  
you need to lead small groups of volunteers during future volunteer  
events. You'll also get a hands-on opportunity to polish these new  
skills. Plus you'll get a free t-shirt! In return for this training,  
Canopy asks that you put your knowledge to work at three tree planting  
or Fungus Fighters events during upcoming year. You must be at least 16  
years old to attend the training.

# Art Show Sat Nov 20 4-7 PM Free 18/Mission

# Degala Art Exhibit Collages illustrating Journey of the Mask metaphor
Artist Reception Nov 20th 6-8pm hosted by James Derr
Artist Reception Dec 4th 6-8pm hosted by Degala
 Coffee Mill & Bakery 3363 Grand Ave Oakland 510-465-4224

# Nov 20 6pm
  ABCo >Artspace is having an artshow this coming Saturday here in West 
 >Oakland. Those of you that can make it, I would love to see you. 
 >Those of you who can't, I wanted you to know what is going on, and I 
 >trust that you will be here in 'spirit'. Attached is a PDF file of 
 >the poster for the show. All of the pertinent info including the 
 >artists names and the entertainment lineup are on there. Please >pass 
this along, put it up on your websites, tell all your friends, >and 
contact your local art collectors. This is going to be a great >show! 
Hope you can make it! > >Truly, >Barry Monigle >ABCo Artspace > >“The 
Death Show” > >A group showing of art exploring the topic of death. Our 
goal is to >present a diverse grouping of art that explores the many 
facets and >interpretations of death. – physical death, spiritual, 
metaphorical, >artificial and beyond. > > > >The Death Show >Where: 
ABCo Artspace > 3135 Filbert St. West Oakland > >When: Saturday, 
November 20, 2004 > >Contact: ABCo Artspace > > 
Auburn: 510.816.8056 > Barry: 415.517.2040 > Mia: 510.290.0899
Upaya Center for Wellbeing, 478 Santa Clara Ave

# Sat. Nov. 20 7 pm Axis Mundi @ Eden Tantra Kabaret - SF
 Five Environments'. Main Stage' Marketplace Sensations Buddha Love
Bar Altar Room
 Libations, Ritual, Body & Energy Work, Vendors, Goddesses, Blindfolds,  
Scarves, SnakeCharmers, Temple Dancers, Art, Films & Live Music!....  
SHESUS THRICE, Sangita Moskow & Axis Mundi - Sonic Shamanic Trance  
 Come prepared to TRANCE DANCE & MEDITATE
Experience the Ecstasy of the Vedic Cave Rituals of ancient India!
 AXIS MUNDI's powerful devotional Chant revives the timeless ritual of  
Shakti-Shiva's Dance... the Spontaneously Arising Ecstatic Agony of  
Endless  Bliss born at the dawn of Consciousness. Join us for Trance  
Dancing & Dynamic  Whole Body Meditation as we journey through the  
mystical dimensions of Coherent Emotion & Primal Yearning.
 111 Townsend @ 2nd & 3rd $25 Single...$40 Couples
7 pm to 1 am Live Music begins at 10 pm

# Sat Nov 20  7:30-10pm Valencia Street Songwriter Showcase $10
 At this acoustic showcase, Trevor Levine, Austin Willacy, and other hot
local singer songwriters will unveil their hearts and souls. You'll be
touched by song lyrics about love, fear, and courage. then roused by
delicious social commentary. Since the songwriters will perform in a "round
robin" fashion, passing the microphone from song to song, you'll enjoy a
healthy mix of toe-tapping numbers, soulful ballads, and comical sing-
alongs.  SpiralMuse Home of Well Being, 3387 22nd St @ Guerrero 

# PLANET SOL 11.20.04 8pm-4:30am $15 3 rooms of sound!
 8:00pm Doors Open 8:00-9:30pm Open Bar 11:30pm Doors Close
Midnight "The Birth of Planet Sol" 4:30am Afterburn with Laird & Friends
 (((Costumes for space travel )))
 Freddy Clarke  Indra Fire Hoop   Hoopaliscious   UV99  Greg Kalamar   
JK sound  Visuals by Spotworks
 Adnan  Alcyone with Drumfire  Donna Matrix  Dragn'fly  Kramer  
Michele Bass  MVP  Ooah the Turntablist  Rawkshow  Sunder  Dr. Gyrate  
# Sat Nov. 20 In Celebration of the opening of the Blue Cube,
 Tantra **Surround** presents: IN THE LAB Dimitri D.K.N.  
 Deeper in Zen  Penta  Saturnia  IN THE CUBE Waterjuice  KJ (Tantra)
 Liam Shy  Tandava  Sound by KV2 Audio 
 Digital Surround Sound Processing by TiMax
 Gourmet vegetarian foods plus full bar
 All new Psychedelic Art by Dreamtime Designs
 $20 at the door or online 10pm-6am, 18+
 The Blue Cube 34 Mason @ Market San Francisco 415-820-3201

# Sat Nov 20 Scorpio Ball!!!!! xTHE ORIENT EXPRESS x 10p Mighty Gallery
119 Utah @ 15th, SF $15 pre $20 Door Costumes & Sensual Attire  
 Cheb i Sabbah  Lorin  Chris Sia  Random Rab  Neptune  Moondoggy  CB  
 Aphrodesia Balinese Monkey Chanting
Korean Drum Dancing  Arabesque Dance Troupe Fashion Show Nomadia
 The Little Tokyo Sushi & Sake Lounge!!

# Sun Nov 21st - SpiralMuse Workday Partay 10am - 4pm
 Marcella Eversole ~
 SpiralMuse Home of Well Being,  3387 22nd St @ Guerrero

# Nor Cal War Tax Resistance Fall Organiz Meeting Sun Nov 21 FREE
 Noon-1 pm: potluck, socializing and support
1-4 pm: updates, 2004 evaluation, plans for 2005
 Sacramento St. Co Housing
2220 Sacramento St. @ Allston in Berkeley (near North Berkeley BART)
 Northern California War Tax Resistance
(510) 843-9877
# Vegan potluck grattitude feast "Show Off Your Holiday Food"
 Vegetarian Education Group of Marin hosts a holiday potluck on 
Sun Nov 21 6-8:30p La Plaza Conference Room
4340 Redwood Highway, San Rafael
cost: a dish to share, plus $4 or $3 with a can for the food bank
contact: Patti Breitman 415-459-1666

# Special benefit screening for the SF Bay Area Independent Media Center *ABOUT BAGHDAD* Sun Nov 21 7:30 p  $5
 @ Station 40 3030b 16th St (& Mission), directly across from BART  
 In July 2003 Sinan Antoon, an exiled Iraqi writer and poet, returned to
Baghdad to see what has become of his city after wars, sanctions,  
decades of oppression and violence, and now occupation. Antoon takes 
journey exploring what Iraqis think and feel about the post-war situation
and the complex relationship between the US and Iraq.
 About Baghdad is a journey into the hearts and minds of the hundreds of
Iraqis we encountered in Baghdad. In the simmering heat of Baghdad’s
summer, Iraqis, of various ethnic and political backgrounds and
orientations, speak of past horrors and present fears.
 Reflections on the traumatic legacy of dictatorship, sanctions and war,  
also reflect resilience and humanity of a people who were, for decades,
dehumanized and disappeared behind Saddam’s image. From poets to
politicians, cabbies to communists, a retired senior citizen to an  
American soldier at Bremmer’s HQ, "About Baghdad" navigates the dire,  
and oft misunderstood and misrepresented, straits separating, yet  
involving, both Iraqis and Americans.
 Amy Goodman interviews the filmmakers:
 Review from the Daily Star:

# Sun Nov 21  JAH LEVI and his magical band
 are playing live at Club Kokomo in San Francisco!
 If you've never seen Jah Levi before
 Or already love the music and the mystery
 and want to come and feel the LOVE
 This is a very special event with
 a huge cast of characters not to be missed!
 Show starts at 8pm Don't miss SHIMSHAI opening!!!
 Club Kokomo is at 650 Indiana St. at Mariposa in SF.
 love and light, peace and happiness, we are all one
with the infinite sun, forever free to be you and me!!

#  These events are usually about 50% raw, 50% vegan.  All are welcome.
 East Bay Thanksgiving DAY Vegan/Raw Potluck,  Thu Nov 25, 4 pm.
 For 30 years, Vegetarians and Vegans have gathered at the annual 
East Bay Thanksgiving Vegan potluck. Please join with us again this year.
At the Fellowship Hall for the Berkeley Unitarians, 1600 Cedar St at Bonita in Berkeley, a block up from MLKing Drive and about 1/2 mile from the North Berkeley BART station. PLS bring a vegan or raw dish to share [we provide beverages] with plate, utensils, and cup.
 PLS RSVP or send info requests to  AND:
 Late afternoon potluck at Liz's Landing the Sunday BEFORE Thanksgiving: --
 East Bay Thanksgiving RAW/Vegan Potluck, Sunday, November 21.
 Socializing & Appetizers: 1:00p.m., Dining: 3:00 p.m., Dancing: 6:00 p.m.
 at the home of Elizabeth Bechtold, 633 Glenwood Isle, Alameda
 Co-sponsored with SFVS/East Bay Vegíns. Attire: Dressy (no jeans or T-shirts)
 $1 suggested donation with food; $15 without food.  
 Come around 11:30 am  to help setup and get in free.
 Thanksgiving recipes encouraged. Bring dancing shoes or sox and your favorite CD dancing music. 

### Fri Nov 26 2004 BUY NOTHING DAY

# Dear Animal Companions, Guardians, Lovers, Liberators & Vigilers: 
  DAY OF THE DOG Dec 1 Wed Noon, at UCSF through December 7th.   
513 Parnassus Ave 415-751-3756 or e-mail
 protest to spare about 800 dogs and puppies from some very cruel 
and bizarre experiments at UCSF.  We have a very unusual event 
planned and you do not want to miss it! Bring your dogs! Your friends! 
Your kids! Your pom poms! Just be sure to come and take a stand for 
the dogs! We've hot chocolate and soy chai and that’s just the beginning 

# 12.2 1st Thu Art Receptions 49 Geary @ Market 5:30-7:30 FREE

# Paintings by Local Artists at Matt Gonzalez's office Fri Nov 5 5-8pm
 Free San Francisco City Hall Van Ness and Grove, room 282

# Sat Dec 4th 7.30pm  Kali's Angels @ Open Secret, San Rafael.  Suzanne's  
sensational all-girl acoustic trio brings you "High songs and hot tea  
with loved ones".   More info

# Celebration of Forest Activism and Silent Auction to benefit the Bay 
Area Coalition for Headwaters
Gourmet refreshments, live music, book signings.  Auction items 
include camping gear, books, dinners, hot springs retreats, massage, 
yoga classes, art and much more.  Great deals! Benefits the trees!
 Sun Dec. 5, 4 - 8 pm Unitarian Fellowship Hall
1924 Cedar at Bonita, north Berkeley (nr BART)
 BACH 510-548-3113
 Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH) 2530 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA  94702 510 548 3113
# Santarchy Tokyo 2004 Sat Dec 25 12:00 noon FREE Meet at the statue 
of Hachiko the Faithful Dog at Shibuya Station at 1200 NOON.

# Fri Dec 31st Alcyone @ Anon Salon's "Sea of Dreams 05", Park Plaza  
Hotel, LA. (To Be Confirmed!) Anon Salon hosting 2 fantastic, legendary 
NYE events simultaneously; one at the Regency in SF and the other in LA! 

# Jan 20 Fraudulent inauguration of war criminal GW Bush GENERAL STRIKE
Also Massive National Protests:

# Mar 19,20 Anniv of 2003 bombing of IRAQ - GENERAL STRIKE
Massive Global Protests:

Do not feed the machine April 15th. GENERAL STRIKE
Northern California War Tax Resistance announce list. (510) 843-9877
Infor/support for conscientious war tax resisters in the SF Bay Area.

Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.