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Time to overthrow the Hijackers of the US government: BushCo
They slipped Patriot Act II through as their last criminal act in congress.
Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803

Revolution is the birthright of every American Citizen. Be proud. REVOLT!

The US constitution instructs us to overthrow our government if it fails to represent us.

The Geneva Convention REQUIRES us to resist genocide by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

National ID card, internal citizen checkpoints, all contents of Patriot Act II are unlawful.

As with the first Patriot Act, congress was not allowed to read PA II before voting on it.

You may arrest and officer who attempts to apply PA I or II to you.

Any officer who attempts to enforce Patriot Act II is liable for treason.

If a cop asks to see your national ID card, you may ignore or arrest him/her.

The Green Cross Medical Marijuana dispensary at 22nd & Guerrero are selling 420, weed, ganja, formally known as reefer, now known as High Grade Medical Marijuana for only $25 per 1/8 this week with a coupon from the S.F. Weekly paper. They have over 35 different types and a medical doctor sees patients right next door on Fridays from 3 - 6 for $100. Better Yet it’s only $40 per 1/8 on normal days. Find the Cross! 
Marijuana is effective medicine for chronic illness such as depression, cancer, AIDS, glaucoma.
Marijuana increases appetite for those suffering weightloss from AIDS.

What Are You...On Drugs?

The chemical industry is mounting a major campaign against the
precautionary principle. They have hired two attack-dog public
relations firms, Nichols-Dezenhall, and Wirthlin WorldWide, to
discredit precaution in the minds of the public. They started laying
the ground work for this campaign four years ago, and now they are
ramping up their attack. (For some eye-popping documentation, see and

BBC documentary exposes neocon deception

IRAQ Vets Showing Up at Homeless Shelters 
UPI - U.S. veterans from the war in Iraq are beginning to show up at 
homeless shelters around the country, and advocates fear they are the 
leading edge of a new generation of homeless vets not seen since the Vietnam 
era. "When we already have people from Iraq on the streets, my God," said 
Linda Boone, executive director of the National Coalition for Homeless 
Veterans. "I have talked to enough (shelters) to know we are getting them. 
It is happening and this nation is not prepared for that." [...] 

Chattanooga newsman was behind questions for Rumsfeld
Chattanooga Times Free Press reporter Lee Pitts (left), who is embedded with a National Guard unit from Tennessee, tells colleagues that only soldiers were allowed to quiz Donald Rumsfeld in Kuwait. "So I brought two of them along with me as my escorts," writes Pitts. "Before hand we worked on questions to ask Rumsfeld about the appalling lack of armor their vehicles going into combat have. While waiting for the VIP, I went and found the Sgt. in charge of the microphone for the question and answer session and made sure he knew to get my guys out of the crowd."

Rumsfeld's Own Bright Idea Bites Him in Rear (and the crowd cheers)
A National Guardsman who asked Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a bold question about armor on war vehicles went to the microphone after consulting with a Tennessee reporter

Woman Forcibly Injected With Drugs After Protesting NY State DMV Regulations
This has already been reported to the woman's local ACLU office in Albany.  It is simply one of the most horrendous stories I recall reading.  (Something tells me that Americans need to support the ACLU like never before:
We are operating in the same environment as Nazi Germany and China. Dissenters are given psych diagnoses as a way to lock them up... (and read about the meds and what they tried to do to her)...
We Hold These A forum for political and social news, views, commentaries and analyses from the left and right. Visit our main site for unannounced updates, new resources and other interesting items. 

The administration has insisted that the ICC threatens U.S. sovereignty and that, given Washington's global military dominance and the unique responsibilities for maintaining international peace that go with it, U.S. nationals would be particularly vulnerable to politically inspired prosecutions by the ICC. During the recent presidential campaign, Bush himself repeatedly denounced the ICC which he said would be dominated by "unaccountable judges and prosecutors."
   Haha!  We wouldn't want to threaten anyone's SOVEREIGNTY.  That would a sovereign country that hasn't THREATENED anyone. Oh, that's right, that's what we are DOING!
   These companies finance Bush and should be avoided: MBNA, Microsoft,
Citigroup, UPS, Federal Express,Verizon, AT&T, Altria(Philip Morris),
Pfizer, Exxon Mobil, American Airlines. Send a message: Money to 
Bush is bad business!

"Black Box" T.E.A. Party in Times Square
Patriots raise their voices in the name of democracy Sat Dec 11 

Media Seen As Third Most Corrupt In US and Europe
In much of Western Europe, as well as in the United States and Canada, the media were ranked among the top three institutions most affected by corruption.
Political parties were the top vote-getter in "who's corrupt". But the media was close behind. Trouble I see is that voters still make decisions as if the information they get on the media is somehow significant!

Fallujah Pictures - New and Very Graphic

US using napalm in Fallujah

Professions and Cancer...... correlations:
Here are some references on how pesticides cause particular cancers 
and also on how particluar cancers are associated with particular 
professions. In my sister's case there was a seven year delay between her 
chemical exposure and occurene of N.H. Lymphoma, which is normal.

A study of pet dogs in the U.S. found excess cancers (lymphomas)
associated with 2,4,-D lawn spraying.[13]
[13] Howard M. Hayes and others, "Case-Control Study of Canine
Malignant Lymphoma: Positive Association With Dog Owner's Use of
2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Herbicides," JOURNAL OF THE
NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE Vol. 83, No. 17 (September 4, 1991),
pgs. 1226-1231.

In an appendix, the Nataioanl Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB) report 
lists known and suspected causes of various cancers.  Pesticides are 
listed for cancers of the female breast; the prostate; the stomach; 
the brain; and the lymph system (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma).

There are six cancers for which both the incidence rates and the
death rates are rising: lung, skin, female breast, prostate,
kidney, and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas.  

Despite their generally good health, farmers have 
higher-than-general-population risks for certain cancers: 
non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, skin melanomas, multiple myeloma, leukemia 
and cancers of the lip, stomach, prostate, and brain.

There are several factors that could be causing these cancers
among farmers: farmers are out in the sun a lot, and ultraviolet
sunlight is associated with melanoma and cancer of the lip.
Exposure to phenoxy herbicides (2,4-D, 2,4,5-T, acilfluorfen,
CNP, erbon, mecoprop, and others) has been linked to
non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and to soft tissue sarcoma.[6]  Exposure
to insecticides has been associated with leukemia, multiple
myeloma, and brain cancer.
[6] Institute of Medicine's study, VETERANS AND AGENT ORANGE: HEALTH 
Press, 1993).

A study[4] of 2509 active and retired workers at three oil
refineries in Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas, revealed an excess of
brain cancer, stomach cancer, leukemia, multiple myeloma (cancer
of the bone marrow) and lymphomas.
[4]Terry L. Thomas and others, "Mortality Patterns Among Workers
Vol. 24 (February, 1982), pgs. 135-[141.]141.

A study[7] of 501 North Carolina men who died of non-Hodgkin's
lymphoma showed an increased risk associated with occupation in
the rubber, plastics and synthetic chemicals industries.
[7] Mary Catherine Schumacher and Elizabeth Delzell, "A
Death-Certificate Case-Control Study of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
and Occupation in Men in North Carolina," AMERICAN JOURNAL OF
INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE Vol. 13 (1988), pgs. 317-330.

A study[8] of 184,641 people listed in the New Jersey cancer
registry between 1979 and 1984 found several associations between
specific cancers and specific occupations. For example, in the
printing industry where people are exposed to ink (carbon black
and oil) and to solvents cleaning the presses, white males show
an excess of cancers of the rectum and large intestine, black
females show an excess of breast cancer, and white females show
an excess of lymphomas and of Hodgkin's disease. White female
workers in the petroleum products industry show an excess of
stomach cancers. The chemical industry produces an excess of
mesothelioma (a cancer of the  lining of the chest cavity
associated with asbestos exposure) among white workers of both
genders, breast cancer among black females, prostate cancer among
white males, lymphocytic leukemia among black males, and
lymphomas and Hodgkin's disease among white females. The rubber
and plastic products industries produce an excess of cervical
cancers among white females, cancers of the urinary bladder among
black males, and liver cancer among white males.
[8] Nancy E.L. Hall and Kenneth D. Rosenman, "Cancer by Industry:
Analysis of a Population-Based Cancer Registry With an Emphasis
Vol. 19 (1991), pgs. 145-159.

A study[10] of 644 male employees who worked for at least one
month during the period 1942-1979 in a Swedish chemical factory
found a statistically significant increase in malignant lymphoma
and myelomatosis (multiple myeloma) and a smaller increase in
bronchial cancer.
[10] Lars Hagmar and others, "Mortality and cancer morbidity
among workers in a chemical factory," SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF
WORK, ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH Vol. 12 (1986), pgs. 545-[551.]551.

A recent study by the National Institutes of
Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) revealed a 46% cancer
increase among workers in factories manufacturing these weed

Of the 5172 exposed workers (all of whom were male), 1520 met two
key conditions: they had been exposed for at least a year, and
their exposure had begun at least 20 years previously. The onset
of cancer is always delayed by 7 to 40 years (or more) between
the time of initial exposure and the time disease appears;
therefore, the "latency" period of at least 20 years is important
in studying cancer that may be related to a particular chemical

Marilyn A. Fingerhut and others, "Cancer Mortality in
Workers Exposed to 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin," NEW
ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Vol. 324 (Jan. 24, 1991), pgs.

A study by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in
Bethesda, MD, found that farmers who had been exposed to 2,4-D
were 6 times more likely to develop non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (a
tumor of the lymph system) than farmers not exposed. 


### Fri Dec 10

Friday, December 10 2004  - Sunday, December 12 2004 
4:00 PM
Opening weekend shows for the film WMD: WEAPONS MASS DECEPTION will include comments and discussion by its director Danny Schechter, and by activist Medea Benjamin. Schechter will speak with audiences at both evening shows on Friday, December 10 and Saturday, December 11; Benjamin will speak at the late afternoon show on Sunday, September 12; all at the Embarcadero Center Cinema in San Francisco. Other details and information available at: 415/267-4893, and at

In the new film WMD: WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION, Danny Schechter examines the way TV networks in America considered their non-stop coverage of the war in Iraq their finest hour, pointing to the use of embedded journalists and new technologies. But different countries saw different wars. Why? WMD explores this story with the findings of gutsy insider-turned-outsider Danny Schechter, a former network journalist and one of America's most prolific media critics. Schechter "self-embedded" himself in his living room, fastidiously monitoring and tracking TV coverage on a daily basis. The resulting film busts through so-called "objective reporting" to challenge media complicity with the government and its cooperation in presenting the Iraq War the way it did. 

# Artists' Television Access benefit auction
 Fri Dec 10 7pm - midnight free
 Signed and limited addition prints, videos, photos, paintings, 
sculptures and ephemera by
established and emerging artists--all of whom have either shown or 
worked at ATA over the past 20 years.
 992 Valencia @ 21st

# Fri, Dec 10 7:00 pm Peter Phillips & Alli Starr on activism $5/3 stud
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists
1924 Cedar St. (at Bonita) Berkeley
Peter Phillips, Director of Project Censored and lifelong activist; and Alli Starr, Co-Founder of Art and Revolution and Dancers without
Borders-- Part of the monthly series, "So How'd You Become an Activist?" (Local activists share their experiences and influences that helped them
become effective forces for change -- also discussing "So What Do We Do Now?")

# 12/10 at 7:30pm in Berkeley: Oakland Filmmaker Screens Film on Arab Youth
La Pena Cultural Ctr. 3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA
For Immediate Release Contact: Erica Marcus  510.459.4182 

Award winning Oakland filmmaker screens new film Alive In Limbo at La Peña 
about five Arab youth in the Middle East 

Oakland filmmaker Erica Marcus's new film Alive In Limbo, co-Directed by Hrabba Gunnarsdottir and former Berkeley resident Tina Naccache, will screen at La Pena Cultural Center, Friday, December 10 at 7:30pm. La Pena is located at 3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkley. Tickets are sliding scale $6-$10. Proceeds from the screening will support the distribution of this important new documentary about the reality of life for Arab youth in the Middle East. For more info. call 510-459-4182. Erica will be at the screening for audience discussion following the screening. 

Ten years in the making, ALIVE IN LIMBO follows the stories of four Palestinian refugee youth from the Shatila refugee camp and one Lebanese boy from just outside the former Israeli occupied zone. In 1993 Marcus went to Lebanon and filmed the five youth. At the time, many people around the world were celebrating the signing of the Oslo Peace Accords between the Israelis and the Palestinians that was supposed to signal a new future for peace in the Middle East. 

In 1999, 2000 and 2002, Erica teamed up with Hrabba and Tina and searched for these same youth as they were entering adulthood. These youth, like kids everywhere, talk about girlfriends and boyfriends and dream of the future. Yet their dreams are nurtured against a backdrop of history and politics that they can't wish away. 

The film received the Spirit Award in the Documentary competition at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. It also was shown to a packed house at Cinemayaat, The Arab Film Festival and at the Castro Theater during the Film Arts Festival. The December 10th screening at La Pena is a benefit towards a grassroots distribution campaign for the film. 

Erica Marcus, a Jewish filmmaker has been working in film and video for over twenty years. Her film MY HOME, MY PRISON about one of the first Palestinians to initiate dialogue with the Israelis premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. Hrabba Gunnarsdottir and Tina Naccache collaborated on STRAIGHT OUT about queer Icelandic youth. STRAIGHT OUT shared the $10,000 Prize for Best Documentary at the SF Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in 2003. 

# "2nd Sight Benefit" @ Xenodrome - save the date!
Fri Dec 10 8:00 PM Xenodrome beware, cigarettes
1320 Potrero @ 25th & Cesar Chavez) ,

# Fierce Couture and Sean Allen Fenn & the Maids of Dishonor
 Fri Dec 10 9:30pm $5
 Giving in to emotion and obsession, electronic musician Sean Allen Fenn 
fuses dark, poetic,
indie rock with bedroom-produced electronic music and a pop 
sensibility. His emotive,
dissonant- yet-desirable sound represents the furtive lifestyle of the 
svelte San Francisco urbanite tinged with an innocent magnetism.
 Club ID 155 Fell @ Van Ness      squidlist/

# Opel :: Raise Up benefit friday 12-10
Friday, December 10 2004  - Sunday, December 12 2004 
10:00 PM Mighty 119 Utah St. SF
Friday 10/11 Raise-up @ Mighty 
In honor of UN Human Rights Day, Friday, December 10th Opel, Spundae, Fat Souls, and Mighty come together for a special benefit event to raise money for Next Aid. 
Garth   Syd Gris   Melyss   Hoj   Said (Fat Souls) 
@ Mighty  119 Utah St. SF 
$10  100% of proceeds goes to Next Aid 

# human/nature at Cell Space,  8 pm
Dec. 10 and 11, 2004
$10 donation, no one turned away

interactive performance environment intended 
to draw attention to our personal daily relationship with nature in our
landscape.  We investigate the boundaries implicit in our very concept
of nature.  What is human? What is nature?

The performance environment will include: improvisational dance scores
that aim to open the human bodies integral connections with the natural
world, video projections which explore architecture, depth, boundaries
and landscape, and live sculptural installation intended to open our
perceptions of human/nature.

This is a participatory event, so feel free to wear your dancing shoes
and bring an instrument.

- created by karl gillick and alexander zendzian
- video projection by tina tarpgaard and alexander zendzian
- live aerial sculpture by karl gillick

unamed is a new performance project founded by karl gillick and
alexander zendzian.

# EXTRA ACTION marching band
Friday, December 10 2004  - Sunday, January 2 2005 
10:00 PM
friday at studio z for the lusty lady benefit. 10pm 
and jan 1st at the independant with EENOR, the xox burlesque, loop!station, and fakir tobias 
come to studio z at around 10 to witness to the EAMB back in action and ready to go off for the benefit of the lusty ladies of SF's only worker owned and operated adult entertainment co-op. 415-820-3200x165

# cirKus eviKtus Dec 10-12 8pmEvery day   $5 donation
 circo mutante and spaz inc, woefully present cirKus eviKtus!!!
 december 10, 11th, and 12th
 a celebration of life and death of creation and destruction and all
thejoy we can make of this mess!
 A Benefit for the Nascent Project Relocation Plan
 come down, play, demolish, and make music... and have fun!!!
 that's right we're breaking the shit down, all of it!!!!
 come check it out   Nascent Project North
1455 Third St. (at Jones) Berkeley 1-800-GUN-NUMB

# Weapons of Mass Deception Premiere with Filmmaker
Fri, Dec 10 - Sat, Dec 11 Early Evening Shows
$10 for General Admission / $7.50 for Seniors and Children
Landmark's Embarcadero Center Cinema
One Embarcadero Center, Promenade Level

### Sat Dec 11

# The Wisdom of Chakras

Saturday, December 11 2004  more on this date 
11:30 AM

Change Makers Books & Gifts 
6536 Telegraph Ave 
Oakland, CA 94609 view map

More Info:
The primary chakra centers are the major energetic gateway to the human body. They are directly connected to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This workshop will explore the seven major chakras and how they relate to our overall physical health, spiritual growth, and life fulfillment. With a greater understanding of your chakras wonderful healing and spiritual awareness can be gained. 

Learn how to identify: 

• Emotional and spiritual blockages 
• Contributing factors to ailments, depression, or physical discomfort 
• Issues relating to your finances, family, relationships, or overall well-being 

Then learn the tools to release these blocks through: 

• Charging and balancing the Chakra 
• Color, gemstone and essential oil therapies 
• Reiki treatments 
• Meditation 
• Spiritual Coaching 

Even if you already know something about the chakras, this wokshop will teach you something new! 

Join me for a informative and healing workshop! 


To register please call 510-710-2816 or email Or visit for more information

# Sat, Dec. 11, 2004    noon
       Rally to Challenge the Tally:  Recount and Re-vote
       Powell and Market Streets
       San Francisco


Saturday, December 11th. Rally to Change the Tally. San Francisco, CA.
12:00 Noon. Meet at Market and Powell Streets, San Francisco 
- Petition Senator Barbara Boxer to challenge the legitimacy of the 2004 elections.
- Demand a revote, not just a recount, in Ohio.
- Learn more about disenfranchisement of minority voters and voting machine malfunctions in 2004.
Sponsored by the Wellstone Democrat Club of the East Bay. Contact Don Goldmacher at or (510) 527-1761. 


People-v-Ohio-n-Florida--Election 2004--Join Us!


US Constitution, The Bill of Rights 12/15/1791;

'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.'

# Sat, Dec 11 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Union Square
Leafleting against war toys and cost of war.
Sponsored by San Francisco Gray Panthers and Women's International League
for Peace and Freedom, San Francisco Branch.
Meet by Admiral Dewey Monument in center of Union Square.
To view leaflet, go to
 Contact: Caty Powell 415-552-8800

# Join other Peace and Human Rights Groups at 12:00Noon to form a Ring Around 
the Square in celebration of International Human Rights Day. Witness for Human 
and Outrage at our systematic violations of the UN Declarations. Amnesty 
International/American Friends Service Committee/Green Parties/Centers for Peace 
and Justice

# Sat, Dec 11 1:00 pm S.F. WOMEN IN BLACK
Union Square (Powell & Geary) SF
Please join our powerful silent vigil for International Human Rights Day.
End the War in Iraq
End the Occupations of Palestine, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Haiti
Tear Down the Israeli Apartheid Wall
Human Rights: Healthcare, Education, and Housing for Everyone
Support the Palestinian Right of Return
Bring the Troops Home Now
Wear black, bring signs. All women welcome.
For more information: S.F. Women in Black, 510-434-1304.

# Santarchy 2004 - Santa comes to town 
Sat, Dec 11
Noon and 2:00pm 
Your child-like Innocence 

---------North Pole transmission begin-----------

"You better watch out
You better watch out
You better watch out
You better watch out"


An unmarked drinking vessel (paper bag/flask) to
supplement bar drinks, CASH for drinks, $5.50 for
ferry (if coming from Oakland), stained and unwashed
Santa suit.


1. Don't fuck with Santa
2. Don't fuck with the bartenders (have money ready,
know what you want to drink or we will choose for
you... and TIP!)
3. Don't fuck with the law (of any sort...that means
pimply mall security guys on up to cops. SOMEONE
ELSE will always talk to the cops.)
4. Santa likes sluts



* Noon - Oakland Santa Gathering
Heinhold's First and Last Chance Saloon
56 Jack London Square, Oakland

(from BART, use the 12th St. Oakland
stop and allow 20 minutes walking time.)

* 1:45 - Ferry Trip: Oakland to SF Ferry Building
Don't be late or you'll be waiting for two hours for
the next ferry.

Purchase tickets onboard the ferry - $5.50 One Way


* 2:00pm - San Francisco Santa Gathering
Eddie Rickenbacker's Saloon
133 2nd Street (at Minna) in SF

(from BART or Muni - Montgomery Station, and then
walk 1.5 blocks on 2nd St.)

* 3:00ish until city-wide curfew - Grand Santa Procession

Various high points of city fare and culture will be
visited upon by the merry Santa team, including the
black-veined crack whores who tend to the discerning
gentlemen looking for that something extra. Bring
toys, mistletoe, beer money, lube, elf-sized bondage
gear, and rubber gloves.

If you don't catch us at this point, you better have a
friend who's already with us and who will answer his
cell phone and be aware enough to tell you more than
"There's all these Santas! In a bar!".

And remember....

Don't fuck with KIDS
Don't fuck with THE LAW
Don't fuck with SECURITY

----------North Pole transmission end-----------

Last Chance Saloon, Oakland Ferry, Eddie Rickenbacker's
56 Jack London Sq, O-town and/or 133 2nd St (at Minna), SF
Oakland, San Francisco

# December 11th Oakland Ashram Grand Opening Fundraiser with DJ Cheb I Sabbah

The TYI Oakland Ashram

Doors open at noon
A fundraiser to revamp the new commercial Yoga space in the Oakland TYI Ashram. $10 love donation, Simple Yogic Dinner $3. Located at 52 Hamilton Place (on the corner of Harrison and Hamilton. Open House during the day with Yoga and meditation workshops, evening dancing and lounging with DJ Cheb I Sabbah. For more info call Abra or Nandi at 510-836-7544. For more info about DJ Cheb I Sabbah, please visit

Please come and join us. Help us to spread the Tantra Yoga International vision.
We will have yoga classes , meditation, discussions on Eastern Art, and best of all an awesome Ayervedic  meal and dance party with Chebi Sabbah.

# Humane Trapping of Feral Cats SF SPCA Sat Dec 11 1:30-2:30pm
The class will be held at the SF/SPCA in the old grooming college
Alabama St @  16th St around the corner and to the left of the 
SPCA's spay/neuter clinic. basics will be covered and if time permits,
class will also cover harder to trap cats. No fee. donats apprec. 
 (415) 554-3071 Feral Cat Assistance Prog

# We're having a small party before the event from 6 to 7, with a little wine and perhaps some food, so feel free to stop by early and mingle with some of SF Green Party Housing and Land Use members and others.

The Green Party Housing and Land Use Group Presents:

The November 2004 Election Results

San Francisco Housing Issues, IRV and the National Races - What did we learn and where do we go next?
Matt Gonzalez, San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Steven Hill, New America Foundation and author of Fixing Elections
Ted Gullicksen, SF Tenants Union
Saturday, December 11th, 7 - 9 pm
New College of California
777 Valencia Street, San Francisco

Before Matt Gonzalez leaves the Board of Supervisors for new challenges, the Green Party Housing and Land Use working group thought this would be a good time to hear Matt's reflections on the recent national and local election results and get his thoughts about future San Francisco housing issues.

Joining Matt will be Steven Hill, chief proponent of Instant Runoff Voting used in the November 2004 Board of Supervisor races and author of Fixing Elections: the Failure of Winner Take All Politics (, which has been called "the most important book on American democracy in many years." Steven and Matt will give their reflections on the recent elections nationally and locally and report on how IRV worked this year, along with strategies progressives might use in upcoming elections. They'll also discuss future improvements to San Francisco's election rules that could benefit progressive candidates and causes.

In the second half of the program Matt and Ted Gullicksen discuss San Francisco housing issues with the perspective of the 2/3 of the city's residents who are tenants. They'll address the prospects for building new affordable housing in the aftermath of the defeat of Prop A and discuss proposed changes to local landlord tenant rules in the wake of recent appellate court rulings.

As always, audience questions and dialogue with the presenters will be encouraged.

Finally, in 2005 the local Green Party will begin drafting its housing and land use platform. If you're interested in shaping the final document, contact the group with your suggestions, watch the Green Party website for upcoming meeting times or sign-up to receive periodic emails from the internal HLU working group. For details about the housing seminar series visit our HLU web page on the SF Green Party website.

# Sat Dec 11th, from 6 til 9pm,  in Bel Marin Keys
 65 Calypso Shores, Novato,
Cost: raw food dish to serve 8 and $3 don 
 6:00 pm start. eat at 6:15 and our speakers 7:00

# Sustain, December 11th 2004
Djs: Miles (SFDance), Kenny, Syd Gris (Opel/Opulent Temple), Solar (Sunset),
Jackson (DHP, SFDance) and more!

Live Electronic Music @10 : Kat and Kepi (Thump/Redeye Foundation)

Performance Art by Mystic Family Circus
Visuals: pix + stones
Chill Room w/ Massage
Breakfast in the morning
Zebra Sound

$9 pre-sales $12 before 11PM; $15 after 10PM to all night
Gingerbread Warehouse, 1275 Connecticut @ Cesar Chavez

# Naughty Sexy Holiday Bazaar, Saturday Dec. 11, 2004
Saturday, December 11  10:00 PM
 Mighty  119 Utah btwn 14/15th one block East of Potrero
Michelle Bass - LA Breakbeat Association/Mystik 
Laird - LUSH/Get YER Freak on! 
Smoove - Space Cowboys 
Brad Robinson - Space Cowboys 
Tamo - Sol System 
Shooey - Deep End 
Aaron Pope - Deep End 
Sunder - Sol System 
SunWoo - NNOO 
Live Choir Performance @ Midnight 
2 Sound Systems; indoor/outdoor, heatlamps 
$15/door, 2 for $25 

# Nightmare Before Christmas party!
Saturday, December 11 2004  more on this date 
10:00 PM
*please forward to all friendly lists and friends* 

"'Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems in a place perhaps you've seen in your dreams. For the story you're about to be told began with the holiday worlds of auld. Now you've probably wondered where holidays come from. If you haven't I'd say its time you begun, for the holidays are the result of much fuss and hard work for the worlds that create them for us. Well you see now quite simply that's all that they do, making one unique holiday especially for you. But once a calamity ever so great occured when two holidays met by mistake...." 

Mistress of Evil Records presents: 

~Nightmare Before Christmas~ 
a dark and twisted psychedelic costume extravagaanza!! 
December 11, 2004 

Cast of Characters: 

OCELOT (Dropout, SF) 
OLOWANPI (Dropout, CH) 

Special guest announcement, coming all the way from Aarhus, Denmark: 
She is a brilliant psy-producer making seriously mental nitetime trance. She has been producing psytrance since 1999 when she studied at an electronic computer school in Aarhus. She currently works as a sound designer for a software firm called Koble which makes synths and samplers. She has been in several projects including Psilo Cowboys and The Dizzy Elf. She has released or has upcoming releases on Mistress of Evil Records (USA), Parvati (DK), Trishula (DE), Insomnia (RU), and Zyxm (DE). We are very very excited to share her musical madness with you. To hear samples of her music please 

mwah ha ha, you crazy kids are in for a big suprise. check out her tracks and be ready!! 

Art Installations by: 
Nik Seizure
plus more TBA 

Visuals by Mattbot 

Your hosts, Jack The Pumpkin King and Sally, invite you to laugh, celebrate and dance your ass off with us in Halloween Town!!! All of our effort and energy is focused on creating a fun and yet mind twisting experience for you. We hope to stimulate all your senses, beyond the just aural. Embrace the theme, dress up! Watch the movie again to prepare yourself :) 

Located at an underground Oakland location 
$15 presales (visit website for info) 
$15 at door before 11pm or in full costume (theme attire please!) 
$20 otherwise 

For presale, directions and other info please stay tuned to our website: or call 415-820-9652. 
Directions/public transport info will be posted day of the party. 

"Tender lumplings everywhere. Life's no fun without a good scare. That's our job but we're not mean.In our town of Halloween. Boys and girls of Halloween age,won't you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see,this our town of Halloween...."

# Sat 12.11.04 - 10pm to 6am

Dec 11-12 KPFA craft fair

KPFA crafs &  Music Fair

Saturday & Sunday :: December 11 & 12, 2004 
10 am - 6 pm
The Concourse    
8th & Brannan Streets, San Francisco

220 thoughtfully juried craftsmakers & artists show 
their best work in a warm and spirited ambiance, 
with natural foods from many cultures, exceptional
international musicians performing live, and other 
spirit-bringers reflecting the Bay Area’s great diversity

$8 entry * $5 seniors or disabled * under 17 free * 
2-day pass $13

free shuttles 9:30 am - 6:30 pm between the 
KPFA Fair & Civic Center BART (8th & Market MUNI Bus Stop) & Caltrain Station (4th & King)

Valet bicycle parking provided by the S.F. Bicycle Coalition

public information by telephone : 510-848-6767 x611 

Benefits non-commercial KPFA Radio 94.1 FM

KPFA Radio 94.1FM, the first listener-supported, non-profit radio station in the U.S., was born in 1949 and is the flagship station of the Pacifica Radio Network. KPFA broadcasts throughout Northern and Central California.1929 M. L. King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

Caroline Casey, KPFA's Visionary Activist, wearing an original felted wool hat she got at the fair in 2003 made by Lauri Chambers, Acme Hats, of Nordland, Washington. Lauri is returning for her second time to the fair. You will find her and her hats in booth 83.

### Sun Dec 12

# You are invited to the ACLU of Northern California’s Annual Bill of  
Rights Day Celebration!
 Please join our honored guests Congressman Mike Honda and Julian Bond,  
Chair of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored  
People, as we celebrate our 70th Anniversary.  
 Thanks to your help, the ACLU of Northern California has been defending  
civil liberties for seventy years.  We hope you will join us to  
celebrate our work and the freedoms we hold dear.
 2004 Bill of Rights Day Celebration
“70 Years for Justice”
Noon on Sunday, December 12, 2004
Fairmont Hotel (170 South Market Street)
San Jose, CA
 Please join us as we honor Julian Bond with the Chief Justice Earl  
Warren Civil Liberties Award for his lifelong commitment to racial  
justice and equality. 
 $25 per person; $15 student/low income; $300 table sponsor  
(10 seats per table) RSVP:

# Sun Dec 12  CR!T!CaL ST!LTs
Every Sunday! Meet at Panhandle @ Masonic at 2-3pm walk through and  
up the HIppie Hill. We'll gather there and play around until we decide  
its time to wreak havoc on the haight street bars.

#  My dear hoopers,
FIRST, hooping this coming Sunday (12/12) will be at our beloved 
CELLSPACE, from 2-5pm.  C'mon down & loosen those hips.
(In case you've never been, Cellspace is at 2050 Bryant, at 18th 
St.  Easy parking.  It's a sweet space, with a wide open floor, a 
kickin' sound system, and it's OURS for 3 hours on Sunday.)
AND THEN...less than a mile away, from 4pm-midnight, it's Naughty 
Santa's Black Market!
Read all about it:
Just come, OK? :-) Jason     join bay area hula hoopers:

# 12/12: 'ANIMAL PEOPLE PARTY' - This Sunday, 2-6pm! Vegan Potluck (marina / cow hollow)

Don't forget this Sunday's (December 12) annual ANIMAL PEOPLE PARTY, 
sponsored by The Fund for Animals. It'll be at Fort Mason Center, San 
Francisco, 2-6pm, in Building C, third floor, rooms 355 and 362. 
Booths, vegan potluck, entertainment. 

Friendly pets very welcome. 

This could well be the end of an era, in light of the planned merger of The Fund with HSUS--the Fort Mason office MAY be closing.

# Sun, Dec 12 4 PM to 8 PM  FREE  Burning Man Art Forum
A call to all participants in Burning Man desert art. Make your voice
heard regarding the development of Burning Man art. This will be a
high level discussion by and for active participants who are interested
in making playa art great. What is the purpose of the community art?
Where do we go from here? How can we improve it? What is the
relationship between community and self reliance?
Burning Man's success has created new challenges of scale and focus,
particularly in the art on the playa. The problems have been discussed
within the community at length already and are widely known.
Participants should be familiar with BM arts unique characteristics,
and the playa art process beforehand. Check the BM website and other
readily available references.
Think about solutions.
BM senior staff are cordially invited to attend and listen to the
artists and and engage in a meaningful dialog with them. Artists with
experience in desert art are especially encouraged to share their
knowledge. Let's evolve the art to the next level. We've all worked too
hard to let it collapse in a heap now.
Mark McGothigan AKA Ceasar
PS: Venue generously provided by speakeasy cinema.
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate
tireless minority, keen to set brush fires in peoples minds."
Samuel Adams
speakeasy cinema
354 5th st
San Francisco
between folsom and harrison.
Potluck- kitchen provided

# 9th Annual Naughty Santa’s Black Market 

69 boutiques with Edge, Irony, and Attitude! 

Sunday, December 12, 2004 
4pm to Midnight 
4-6p children-friendly 

$6 at the door 

SomArts Gallery 
934 Brannan and 8th Streets, 
San Francisco 

(415) 695 - 9100 

69 Offbeat Bay Area artisans selling hand made holiday gifts for the budget-conscious shopper. 

Interactive fabric arts show, “Circus” by Cloud Factory Design Collective. 

Holiday spoof drag band: Smashup Derby (featuring Adrian Roberts of Blue Period), RUN DMC puppetshow, DJ Pusspuss, Stilt Walkers Fashion Show, Twisted Toy Making, and more! 

Naughty Santa’s is shining a little light for today’s shoppers. They have re-worked the traditional crafts fair. This revival brings edge, irony and attitude. Choose from many one-of-a-kind gifts under $20. Or support local artists and pamper yourself with fashion, art or jewelry priced as high as your rent-check. 

“This is not your grandmother’s crafts fair!!” 

“It’s like a vast art gallery of eclectic fine arts” 

“A feast of visual and tactile delights” 

“Shopping, Partying and Entertainment!!” 

Naughty Santa’s has established a 2 hour ‘family’ period (after naptime before dinner/bedtime) that is stroller and young adult friendly. We have asked the artists to respect that younger people might be viewing their art. There still may be some explaining to do. It may be the easiest way for families to experience art together. 


Yumfactory: Comic books and toys from artist/inventor Attaboy! 

Sophistafunk: Funky hats with hair from Santa Barrios 

The Wrong Element: Politically in-correct tee-shirts 

Jewelry and Custom Clothing from Cloud Factory Design Collective 

Posters and Tee-Shirts from street artist Ben Collison 

Bangles and Baubles from performer Dee Dee Russell 

Side Show Sweetie Dolls from Jenny Bird 

Naughty Santa's is a chance to get together and party. We are a community of artists with attitude and irony as our common themes. This is a chance to show off your art and make everybody merrier, sharing Kwanza type cheer, fueling Hanukah bliss and make some good money. 

Contact us via hotline for the deets…' 


Silke Tudor always framed it best 

“I dress in elf garb for the Naughty Santas' Black Market, just on the off chance other elves might be similarly lured. Under the auspices of Hernan and Brynne Cortez, SomArts has been transformed into less a winter wonderland than a surrealist toy shop located somewhere beyond the looking glass. In the main hall, artists peddle their wares -- hand-painted fairy wings, animated jewelry, hats adorned by antennae and fun fur, plush-toy vaginas, insuperable games, and fantastic apparel -- while self-appointed "toychitects" forage through mounds of decimated playthings, combining their parts into strangely beautiful Frankentoys using just a hot-glue gun and a few shots of peppermint schnapps. While this is an ideal setting for him, Crackhead Elf is nowhere to be seen. I wander into the theater, where Kennedy is fronting the Yuletards, a group of very off-color Christmas carolers, and I am immediately caught on the business end of a candy cane. 

"We've lost our elf," says the spritely Santa-girl on the other end of my favorite peppermint confection. "Will you help us?" I glance around at the bleary-eyed Santas in her company and think better of it. It's a well-known fact among holiday miscreants that the Naughty Santas have a long-running feud with the Porn Clown Posse, and I don't want to be stuck in the middle. Sure enough, in a matter of minutes, there is a great disturbance. Lascivious clowns wearing adult undergarments and strap-on dildos descend on the Santas, shouting invectives about subnormal Santa intelligence while wielding whips and bottles of cheap clown booze. The Santas fight back. There's a smackdown in the kiddie pool. Baby bottles and grapes go flying. Greasepaint and fake white beards are everywhere. It's revolting and depressing, and, just when I think I can't take it anymore, something happens. The Santas offer the Porn Clowns a peace offering -- a black velvet clown portrait -- and the age-old rivals agree to a truce, promising from here forward to turn their aggressions to the more constructive task of slaughtering Easter Bunnies. It's a Christmas miracle. It warms the cockles of my heart (in much the way that certain appendages are warmed, whenever a Porn Clown pees in his diaper, just because he can). As peace descends over the Black Market, a troupe of living tulips gathers onstage for the Cloud Factory Design Collective's otherworldly fashion show. 

# December SVO: The Free State Project
Sunday, December 12 2004  more on this date 
6:00 PM

Coco's Family Restaurant 
1209 Oakmead Pkwy 
Sunnyvale,CA 94085 view map

More Info:
(408) 736-2895
You are invited to the December SVO meeting for a presentation by Dan McGuire on the Free State Project: 

The Free State Project 
Liberty in our Lifetime 

A lecture by 
Daniel McGuire, PhD 
Pacific Northwest Coordinator of the Free State Project 

Are you frustrated at the loss of freedom and responsibility in America, while the growth of government and taxes continues unabated? Do you want to live where your rights are respected and where people are accountable for themselves and their dealings with others? 

You're not alone. The members of the Free State Project have a practical plan to restore our liberties and roll back state interference in our lives. Come hear how. More information is also available online

Sunday, December 12, 7:30pm (dinner at 6:00pm)

# Sun, Dec 12, 7:30 pm 
Film and Discussion: Unconstitutional: The Assualt on our Civil Liberties
Unitarian Hall 505 E. Charleston Rd. Palo Alto

"Unconstitutional" is a new documentary from Robert Greenwald - one of the most prolific and progressive producers in Hollywood - in conjunction with the American Civil Liberties Union. Written and directed by Nonny de la 
Peña, the film details the shocking ways in which the civil liberties of American citizens and immigrants alike have been infringed upon, curtailed, and rolled back since 9/11 and the passing of the USA PATRIOT Act.

The film will be followed by an open discussion led by Paul Gilbert, 
President of the Mid-Peninsula Chapter of the ACLU. $7 to $15

# Every Sunday- Firespinning at NIMBY
Sunday, December 12 2004  more on this date 
8:00 PM NIMBY space  1649 28th St and Peralta  Oakland 8PM Sundays, 

### Mon Dec 13

# 51 Capital March this coming weekend and Monday!
as some of you may already know .. if not all of you..
there is to be a march on the capitals on Sunday and
other days depending on the state.  It begins on
Saturday in Olympia Washington and is both Sunday and
Monday in Salem Oregon.  These are of course about the
election fraud.


Join the nationwide action to defend the recounts and our basic democratic rights, and demand electoral reform!

Monday, December 13
11 AM Meet at the Federal Building, corner of 6th and I Streets, Sacramento
March to the North Steps of the Capital for a 12 Noon Rally/Press Conference

On Monday, December 13, electoral college delegates will meet in every state capital to cast the votes that will elect our president and vice president. Please join us to protest and make visible the many voting rights violations and election irregularities which call into question the integrity of this election ? and to demand reforms to extend and protect real and genuine democracy. The California electors will meet at 2 PM, and we?ll be there to insist that every vote be verified and counted before they cast their votes! Bring signs, bring "Black Boxes" and bring your friends!!!

This is part of a national call to action endorsed by the No Stolen Elections campaign, 51 Capital March, CODEPINK, United for Peace and Justice, and others.

The Sacramento protest is sponsored by Sacramento for Democracy and endorsed by the Wellstone Renewal Club of the East Bay, Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley, Planned Parenthood MarMonte, Veterans for Peace Chapter 87, Sacramento Green Party, Yolo County Chapter of the ACLU, Global Exchange, and others. For more information, contact Kevin Greene, , 530-756-2853, 530-220-0800. Or see

 If you have a car or need a ride and you are in the East Bay please be outside the North Berkeley BART Station by 8:30AM. If you are in San Francisco please meet at Cafe Macondo on 16th Street between Valencia and Guerreo (it's down the block from Katz Bagels) at 8:30AM as well. You are of course free to make your own arrangements as well. 

Carpooling sites for future events:

# Dec 13 2 Workshops on Flirting!
Location: SF - 600 block Valencia @ 17th,  $25 each
Everyone welcome 
< 04110911145736&H

Looking to heat up your holiday parties? Want to make a New Year's
resolution to meet more people? These workshops on flirting will give you
the tips and skills you need to make it happen.

Working It and Playing Games I: An Introduction to Proactive Flirting
Monday, December 6, 8-10 pm

You may not have been born a flirt, but you can definitely learn how to
become one. "Flirt-slut" LaSara W. FireFox and co-facilitator Traci Burleigh
return to Good Vibrations to show you how to become an amazing flirt. You'll
explore overcoming blocks to effective flirting and the basics of being safe
and aware, as well as how to be sensitive to boundaries, the nuances of
all-orientations flirting, cultivating flirt-ethics and forming your
flirting style.

Working It and Playing Games II: Advanced Proactive Flirting
Monday, December 13, 8-10 pm

If you've already got the basics of flirting, but want to learn how to use
them more effectively, LaSara W. FireFox and co-facilitator Traci Burleigh
will help you do exactly that. Get the attention of an entire room of people
-- or just one person -- with comfort and confidence. Using interactive
exercises and games, as well as body awareness practices, you'll fine-tune
your own style of proactive flirting.

NEW WORKSHOP! Power Flirting
Location: SF - Valencia
Tuesday, December 14, 8-10 pm
$25, pre-registration suggested
Everyone welcome

Sometimes, flirting is all about smiles and glances, but what about when you
want to use a more direct approach? Then this is the flirting workshop for
you! LaSara W. FireFox and co-facilitator Traci Burleigh are extending their
classes on proactive flirting and are taking it to a new level. With a
variety of exercises, group discussion, interactive techniques, and guided
visualization, they'll help you find your way to be powerfully flirty and
put yourself out there so that you can get what you want. 

#  This Is What Free Trade Looks Like
with Jesse Swanhuyser, 
Director, California Coailition for Fair Trade & Human Rights
Monday, Dec 13, 7:30 pm
Unitarian Univeralist Church,
505 E. Charleston, Palo Alto
$5-$10,  suggested donation (no one turned away)
More Info: 

This is one of the first activist films to carefully explain how free trade operates. It does so from the perspective of the Mexican experience with ten years of NAFTA. Activists and scholars authoritatively condemn free trade as a solution to poverty and discuss the impacts on farmers, workers, youth, and immigrants. Shot in Cancún, México on the occasion of the 5th WTO ministerial in September 2003, it contextualizes the growing international resistance to free trade policies. Music from the streets of Cancún. 2004. 60 minutes.

Jesse Swanhuyser - Director, of California Coalition for Fair Trade & Human Rights will speak and lead a discussion after the film.   Jesse is a dyanmic speaker, very familiar with US trade policies, NAFTA and CAFTA,  and has worked on environmental and social justice in Central America and also lived there in the late 90's.  He has been working on changing the US trade policies for the last 3 years to promote economic justice, human rights, healthy communities, and a sound environment. 

Monday night film series is a joint production of:
Peace Umbrella of Unitarian Universalist Church 
World Centric  (650) 283-3797
Peninsula Peace and Justice Center (650) 326-8837

### Tue, Dec 14

# Dec 14 Liquid Hoopdance with Christabel in San Francisco, Hoopjam by DJ Kramer!
Tuesday, December 14 2004 - Wednesday, December 15 2004 
7:00 PM 

1275 Connecticut St 
San Francisco, CA view map 

More Info: 
WHAT: Finally Christabel is coming to teach Liquid Hoop Dance in San Francisco!!! Come super-undulate your body in a hour long class of chi-building exercises, fun hoop tricks, and booty bumping hoopdance -- classes emphasize qualities of movement and developing kinesthetic intelligence -- moving by feeling instead of thinking. Shaking and vocal release exercises, as well as breath awareness exercises included. Liquid Hoopdance classes are inspired by the flowing, sensual, supple movements of milk, water and honey .. come express your own unique hoopdance! 
WHEN: TUESDAY December 14 
TIME: Class lasts from 7-8:00, HoopJam to super deep progressive sounds of THUMP DJ Kramer  from 8:00-10pm. 
WHO: YOU! Beginners and advanced students welcome. Register early! Space is limited. 
HOW MUCH: $15 pre-register by palpal to or $20 drop in on a space available basis. 
WHERE: Located at 1275 Connecticut St. Lots of free parking. Directions and pictures of studio 
Hoops provided for class uses and colorful hoops will be available for sale. Questions? Call Christabel at 415-515-0469. Or check out the website at

### Wed, Dec 15

Wed Dec 15 3pm Holly 1937 

### Thu Dec 16

# Greetings all indie politics folks,

You are all invited to the NWPC-SF's holiday party,
set for Thursday, December 16, 7-11pm, at  The Make
Out Room (3225 22nd Street, San Francisco.)

All are welcome at this soiree,  which will feature
local politicos of all stripes, genders, and ages, and
offers an excellent networking opportunity in an
informal, social setting that is especially welcoming
to young people. Local women DJs will be on hand to
offer their own creative takes on Òspin control.Ó

$5 donation requested, but no one turned away for lack
of funds.

more info on NWPC-SF at:

# Thu Dec 16 "FREE LOVE" A Loveparade and SFLNC holiday party!

Get your dancing shoes on and come spread the holiday cheer with Loveparade San Francisco and the San Francisco Late Night Coalition's FREE Holiday Party.

This Thursday, December 16th
Polo's Blue Cube
34 Mason Street @ Market (click here for map)

Sponsored by Stella Artois and Johnny Love Vodka

Doors open at 9:30pm for a FREE Holiday Party.  Stella Artois, Red Bull & Johnny Love Vodka drink specials all night.  We will be entertained by the following local DJs:

Jeno (Wicked)
Laird (Get Yer Freak On)
DJ Amber (Sister SF)
Smoove (Space Cowboys / Opel)
Sharp & Mal w/ the Colonel MC (Club Compression SF)
Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple)
Nikola (SWAT / The Fool)
Audio Angel (Groundscore / Sister SF / Club Compression SF) - vocal hosting & toasting

The San Francisco Late Night Coalition (SFLNC) is a five year old Political Action Committee that works with City Hall to ensure that the City supports our world class nightlife culture.  SFLNC Board members were instrumental in helping Loveparade SF to produce the first ever North American Loveparade.  So we've teamed up once again to share a holiday groove and thank the electronic dance community that made Loveparade San Francisco 2004 such an amazing success!

The Blue Cube ( is a great new addition to the SF nightlife scene.  The Blue Cube is an 18+ arts and entertainment space downtown just off of Market St, with a restaurant, two bars and a state of the art surround sound system!

Please come and enjoy a toast to the holiday season!

Loveparade San Francisco 2005...
We are currently in the planning stages for next years event.  We are working hard to secure the date and route for next years parade.  Once we have this information we will most definitely update the web site and send out newsletters to keep you all informed. 

Please keep an eye out for the following; fundraiser information, float applications online in march, volunteer opportunities and information on sponsorship opportunities. 

Thanks for all your support and we look forward to an incredible 2005.

Volunteers Needed:
If you are interested in volunteering for this event or events in the future please email Jennifer Manger @

### Fri Dec 17

# Fri Dec 17 Mark your calendar! On Friday, December 17, I'll be hosting this 
month's "Green Beat Music Gathering" featuring acoustic 
singer/songwriters, massage, organic vegetarian food, and other fun 

(I'm right now talking with Henna tattoo artists, psychics, and hemp 
clothing designers about strutting their stuff at the Gathering 
too... If you're an artist, healer, or vendor, contact me about this 

When: 6:00 - 9:30pm, Friday December 17
Where: One Taste, 1074 Folsom (near 7th St), SF.
Cost: $10 at the door -- but see below for details on getting a 2-for-
1 deal!

Now let me tell you about this month's music... I've searched the far 
corners of the Bay area for the most passionate unsigned 
singer/songwriters. I've convinced them to break from their glamorous 
nightclub appearances, and unveil their hearts and souls in this 
intimate Gathering.

From 6:00 - 7:00pm, hang out with us at the in-house Organic Cafe, 
and enjoy soups, salads, desserts, juices, and smoothies. Plus, visit 
the artists, healers, and vendors I am lining up for you right now!

From 7:00 - 9:30pm, Forest Sun, Jesse Dyen, and I will perform 
original songs in an intimate "round robin" atmosphere. You'll be 
touched by acoustic songs about love, fear, and courage, then roused 
by delicious social commentary. There will be a few open slots for 
other songwriters, so come early to sign up.

A musical vagabond, Forest runs the gamut from speakeasy blues and 
southern soul to reggae and folk. Jesse's songs explore the strengths 
and frailties of the human condition, and employ his remarkable voice 
to orchestrate a melodic, soulful brew. 

If you haven't seen me perform yet, you'll be amazed at how 
passionate and vulnerable I become when performing. Fans compare my 
voice to Jim Morrison's, and say my songwriting falls between Billy 
Joel and Andrew Lloyd Weber. You can read about all three of us at 

You can also hear our music by visiting our respective web pages at: 

It's $10 at the door, but you can get a 2-for-1 advance reservation 
deal by emailing or filling out the form at You can check out the artists at:

NOTE: For those of you who drive, there's a gravel parking lot behind 
One Taste. To access it from downtown SF, head west on Howard Street, 
and after crossing 6th Street, look carefully on your left for Moss 
Alley. (It's just before 7th Street.) Turn left down that alley, and 
pull in the very last parking lot on your left, just before you hit 
Folsom Street.

PS - Can't make this Gathering? Mark your calendar! The next three 
Gatherings are scheduled for January 21, February 18, and March 18 -- 
and will feature new singer/songwriters each time!

PPS - If you're a singer/songwriter and want to be featured at a 
future Gathering, please visit

# Voting "Irregularities" and the Implications for our Democracy

Friday, December 17, 2004, 7 p.m.
Ives Hall, Room 119, Sonoma State University

Dan Hamburg - former North Coast Congressman and
present Executive Director of Voice of the Environment -
currently working to expose the irregularities in the Ohio vote
and promote a fully transparent recount

Judith Volkart - attorney, board member of the American Civil 
Liberties Union, teacher of constitutional law at Sonoma State 
University, and a member of the Election Protection Coalition, who 
worked in the Colorado Springs, CO field office during the election

Gail Jonas - attorney and mediator - supervising attorney on the 
non-partisan Election Protection Coalition national voter protection 

Moderated by Peter Phillips of Project Censored

$5.00 donation requested - Parking is free

Sponsored by the North Bay Spokes Network,
Project Censored,
The Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County
For information call 707-664-2500
Peter Phillips Ph.D.
Sociology Department/Project Censored
Sonoma State University
1801 East Cotati Ave.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

# Nu @ The Blue Cube - Friday, December 17th

Nu @ The Blue Cube
"Nu Music, Nu Technology, Nu Vibe"

IN THE LAB - Progressive & Psychedelic Trance

Jolen Essex [Los Angeles]
-Creator of the infamous Love Allstars events. Remixed tracks by Sandra Collins, Deepsky, Doran and more. Produced music for the hit video game Kill Switch by Namco. Latest release "Black Tide" on Cuba Recordings is getting support from Satoshi Tomiie, Jerry Bonham, James Zabiela

Liam Shy [Nu/Tantra]
Obu [Bombay Power]
Peeche [Nu/Tektite/Love All Stars]
SunShyne [Nu/ Dreamz]
Psy2k [Mexico City/Shaman Films]

IN THE CUBE - Breaks & Drum n Bass

Havok & MC Intalekt [Compression/Swat Crew Unite]
Cmos [Antiserum]
Vinja [Antiserum] 
Kinetik [Silent/Tech Support]
Nick Nyquil [Ill Behavior/Oneiromancy] 
Artificial Flavor Unit [ACK Labs]


*18+ w/full bar for 21+
*10 pm - 6 am
*Sound by KV2 Audio ( 
*Digital Surround Sound Processing by TiMax (  
*Nu Foods by Blue Cube Kitchen
*Urban and Psychedelic art and visuals
*VJ by Bumiputra & Psy2k

*15 dollars @ the door

The Blue Cube is located at 34 Mason street in San Francisco (Just off Market between 5th and 6th)

To learn more about this event, click on the link 
or copy it into your browser:

### Sat Dec18

# Winter: the profound image!!!
Saturday, December 18 2004  more on this date 
7:00 PM

The Gravity Feed Gallery 
1959 Shattuck 
Berkeley, Calif. 94704 view map

More Info:
(510) 644-4464
Please join us at the Gravity Feed at 1959 Shattuck in downtown Berkeley, Calif. as we celebrate the season of peace with the Beautiful images of two of the Bay Areas most gifted Artists! 
Toni Brown is an accomplished Photographer of the highest caliber. Her profound images of the world are from a perspective that you can feel from deep within and perhaps never considered before. 
Clare Cooley's paintings are so peaceful in subject and perfect in they're intricasey that your drawn with her to her imagination and that is a good place to be. 
Both of these wonderful local Bay Area artist will be at the GravityFeed Gallery for our opening celibration December 18th 2004 
Please join us and support your local arts!

# Dec 18 Yoga Tai Chi at 
The Yoga Tai Chi Collective presents

Winter Soul's Dance
Saturday, December 18, 2004
at the Cellspace in San Francisco

Please join us for an enchanted evening as we celebrate this Winter's

8:30pm - Doors open
9pm - Yoga (all levels) with Jen Porter (guided by grace)
10pm - TaiChi (all levels) with Patrick King (yogataichi collective)
11pm - The Beatz Kick in with

Special Guest DJs:

*LAURA & SHAWNA* (aka trainwreck)

and Resident DJs:

Plus performance by:


with Liza Matlack
 -live African based drum and dance

* Massage area upstairs by Sherry (Huggi-Ma) and healing tribe

* African Jamaican Vegan Food by Ital Cabalash

* Sound by Purple Sound System

Please come early; limited capacity.

Cell Space: 2050 Bryant st, @ 18th st, San Francisco.
Tickets: $15

YT info line: 415-289-6611


peace in every breath

### Sun Dec 19

# DEC 19 an invite to a hike our gang does every year. Its the night after Cell Yoga Tai Chi, Yikes!
  Its always a blast though and it would be great to have you. Take care and see you soon-
  peace Josiah
>    Greetings Earthling Gang-
>    As the shortest day of the year aproaches so does a tradition
>that has become a Bay Area favorite.
>  Get to the Point!  Each year our ever expanding herd makes a
>migration to a true power spot, the tip of Tomales Point. Incredible
>vistas, Tule Elk heards, laughter and good company are guaranteed.
>We always make countless discoveries along the way- hawks, owls, Elk
>antlers, Hermit Crabs or maybe you try a new kind of cheese...
>Whether you like to sit on soft turf and gaze at shafts of sunlight
>hitting the ocean offshore, prance among the lupines or just cant
>help but frolic in the pristine, crystaline tidepools- this trip has
>something for everyone.
>   The hike starts at 10am Dec 19 (mark your calenders) in the
>Tomales Pt. upper parking lot. Most of us don't get back until after
>sunset Carpooling and networking are strongly encouraged. Some may
>prefer to meet first in the city before heading out.
>  Directions: From 101 N take Sir Francis Drake toward Inverness and
>continue toward Pt Reyes. Take a R on Pierce Pt Road past Tomales
>Bay State Park and continue to the end of the road.
>   Bring: Surprises, Friends, Warm Clothes, Raingear, Lunch (often
>potluck, picnic style), WATER Frisbees, instruments, binoculars, hot
>air ballons.... and if you like, libations and a lighter.
>  If its a raging storm lets check in with each other... otherwise
>its on. Hope to see you there and please  reply with any ideas.
>Please pass along to others not on the list who like getting to the
>   Thanks friends and hope to see you there.
>   Enjoy the season!  Peace
>   Josiah

# Women's 'Build Your Own Remote Controlled TENS Unit Class'

Richmond District

Women's ONLY Class 

Build Your Own Remote Controlled TENS Unit Class. 
Sunday, December 19, 2004. 11:00am to 2:00pm. 

Marpesia, Queen of Amazons, in conjunction with The Battery Boys, cordially 
invites you to the first ever, women-attendee's only class featuring your 
chance to build 
your very own RC TENS unit. 

If you don't know how to solder, no problem! Only 3 joins 
needed, you will be walked through the process, and I will be there to help. 

This class will be held on Sunday, December 19, from 11:00am to 2:00pm. 
The location is a VERY safe and convenient location in San Francisco's 
Richmond District, alongside Golden Gate park. Ample parking, and 
convenient Muni routes make this location extremely accessible, near Fulton 
and 25th Avenue. The major Muni lines 5 Fulton and 29 Sunset both stop at 
25th and Fulton. 

Take advantage of this woman's only opportunity to build a wonderful toy for 
yourself or the one you love to hurt. The only men in attendance at the 
class will be our instructors, The Battery Boys - and they WILL answer to me 
should their conduct give rise to complaints. 

If you would like to register for this class, go to: 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at: 

You may also take an interest about this class in the greater details 
written in Unc's own unique style. Those comments follow, below. 

Queen of Amazons 
Dominatrix of the Goddesses 

If we see only with our eyes, 
We are blind. 
If we hear only with our ears, 
We are deaf. 
If we feel only with our hands, 
We are lost. 
~ Marpesia`s Proverb 

Uncle Abdul's Soliloquy on the course: 

Details: Build Your Own Remote Controlled TENS Unit -- Just in time for 
the Holidays. 

'Build Your Own Remote Controlled TENS Unit' will be coming up on Sunday, 
December 19th in San Francisco. Hundreds around the Bay Area and around 
the country (New York City, Black Rose, GWNN in Texas, KinkFest) have been 
enjoying these classes and SAVING MONEY ($200 or more over the 
commercially available units) since our first class in April, 2002. (See for Todd's article in Janus' "Growing 
Pains" newsletter about that class.) 

As with our previous classes, you'll: 
* Actually build your very own unit using very simple and easy construction 
with plenty of help from the Boys -- We make sure you leave with a working 
unit that you can use that very night. 
* Learn about electrical play safety from Unc' 
* Learn how to use the unit that YOU build, i.e., how to hook it up to the 
subbie, etc. 
* Have fun 
* SAVE MONEY (starting at $50 for a basic class compared to spending $200 or 
more on commercial units) 

How can you get all this? Simply go to 
and register. Remember, class size is limited and spaces really go fast. So 

BUT WAIT... There's more. Now you get a choice of which unit you want build. 
T! here's the: 

TWD-1 -- The Boys' ol' reliable basic remote controlled unit that: 
*Gives you a burst of sensation (non-selectable but sequences through 5 
different ones) every time you hit the remote button. 
- Good for across the room subbie control 
- Costs only $50 for the basic class 

TWD-2 -- The Boys' NEW and IMPROVED remote controlled unit that: 
*Gives you a "on/off" sensation (push the remote to turn it on and again to 
turn it off). 
- The sensations are selectable at the remote unit (one of seven) 
- Same across-the-room subbie control 
- Costs $65 for the basic class 

Now, these prices are only good until December 13, 2004, so ya gotta ACT 

Wanna find out how to save even more and double your fun and knowledge in 
the process? Well, if you sign up before August 8th you can get a 
combination package of both the class of your choice (the TWD-1 or the 
TWD-2) AND a copy of Unc's book, Juice, for only $10 more (total of either 
$60 or $75 respectively). That's a savings of $5 over the two being bought 

How can ya go wrong with those values? to sign up, save, have 
fun, and walk away with your own remote-controlled electrical toy. 

# San Francisco - Sunday, Dec. 19th Press Conference preceding "Musicians for 
Peace Holiday Groove" - the Gateway of Encouragement to promote the development 
of a Department of Peace 

From 6 to 7 pm, a press conference is scheduled with Cindy Sheehan from 
Military Families Speak Out, Mike Robbins on behalf of the Peace Alliance and the 
national Dept of Peace Campaign and Alan Moore from Musicians and Fine Artists 
for World Peace. Cindy Sheehan will come out in support of the Department of 

Cindy Sheehan of "Military Families Speak Out" ( states "I 
wasn't even aware of Department of Peace legislation until after my son, Casey 
Austin Sheehan was killed in the illegal and unjust war on Iraq. It is so ironic 
that my son, who modeled his life after St. Francis of Assisi was killed in a 
war. I, as a concerned American and Mother of a soldier, did not understand the 
insane rush to war in Iraq that our leaders were insisting on after 09/11/01. 
I didn't think that Mr. Bush had exhausted all diplomatic avenues before he 
authorized the attack. I wish Congress had been more responsible to its 
constituents before they abdicated their constitutional rights to declare war to this 
president. I fully endorse the establishment of a Department of Peace in our 
Executive Cabinet. Maybe future wars will be prohibited and maybe other 
mothers will be spared the pain I am going through."

Mike Robbins, a Speaker, Author and Coach in Empowering People to be More 
Successful will speak on behalf of the DOP Campaign that is headquartered in 
Center Line, Michigan as well as on behalf of the Peace Alliance.  Musicians and 
Fine Artists for World Peace is an official sponsor of the Department of Peace 

Alan Moore of Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace, a Bay Area based 
group, will also announce they have surpassed 1,000 members worldwide and the 
release of their compilation cd - Make Love Not War.   Alan Moore, former 
project founder and member of the Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission, which was 
an advisory board to the City Council, is now the executive director of the 
Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace and one of the organizers of this 

Following the press conference, a large group of musicians in the network 
will perform well into the night.  Tickets for the event are $10 general 
admission at door, $8 with butterfly attire, or $6 with wings. 

Representatives from the DOP campaign plan on attending. Those who cannot 
attend can call and write their representative urging them to support the DOP 
legislation (HR1673). If your representative is already a supporter, they can 
send them a thank you card. Join Musicians for Peace in initiating local events 
to support the establishment of the DOP from 6 pm to midnight, December 19th at 
Studio Z, 314 11th St, San Francisco, CA 

### Sat Dec 25

# Sat Dec 25 Charlemagne Coronation Morning 
SF Golden Gate Park Lakes Hike 10:00 A.M.
 Lack of hunks and hunklettes under the morning tree, or simply not up 
for shredding non-biodegradable paper under a dead tree today?  Join 
Jonathon Eros in celebrating Charlemagne's 800 A.D. coronation with a 
flat, leisurely loop that should take about 2 - 2.5 hours to meander 
past most of the lakes in the park.  Consensus choice for multiple 
restroom stops and organizer's tour guide spiels.  Layered clothing 
choices may be needed at solstice but probably not.  Hike begins at 
the southeast corner of Fulton and 36th Ave. at 10:00 a.m.  Post-hike 
options for food/entertainment shall be discussed.  Oh, and extra 
points for bringing along particularly weird Xmaz gifts for our 
viewing pleasure.  DIRECTIONS: From the south, 280, take Hwy 1/19th 
Ave. exit, stay in right lanes at the 19th Ave./Juniperro Serra split 
to continue up J. Serra to Sloat, left and continue to the Great Hwy, 
right.  Go past the park and the remodeled windmill and turn right on 
Fulton.  Or try self-carpool location #6 at 8:55 a.m.  Maps, 
directions, etc. if you email.
ORGANIZER:  Queries to 415/752-2699, 6 - 9 p.m., but  please continue 
to call if organizer's return call to you is long distance, or try (might not be returned after 12/24).  If 
you're really lost, try organizer's cell at 415/710-2533.  Co-listed 
with various groups.  If it rains, we'll be brave and will stumble 
along anyway.

# Santarchy Tokyo 2004 Sat Dec 25 12:00 noon FREE Meet at the statue 
of Hachiko the Faithful Dog at Shibuya Station at 1200 NOON.

# DEC 26 Kiev, Ukraine, Repeat of Runoff elections, hopefully this time without US rigging vote.

# Opel New Yers Eve Party Fri Dec 31 2004  - Sat Jan 1 2005 11 PM
Paradise Lounge 1501 Folsom

# Fri Dec 31st Alcyone @ Anon Salon's "Sea of Dreams 05", Park Plaza  
Hotel, LA. (To Be Confirmed!) Anon Salon hosting 2 fantastic, legendary 
NYE events simultaneously; one at the Regency in SF and the other in LA! 

# OtherWorld - Friends & Family   NYE Market @ Grand, Okaland beware cigarettes
Fri Dec 31'st 5 rooms of music 510-287-5917

# NO EXIT - SPAZ New Year's Event Fri Dec 31  8:00 PM
Spaz New Years... Come one come all... Berkeley West  
1-800-GUN-NUMB that night for directions and etc... Have fun


Friday, December 31, 10pm-8am
SomArts Gallery, 934 Brannan St., SF
18+ to enter, 21 to drink

**Flyer, art and music samples at



PUNKADELIK (Lyon, France) - elektrik paintings and decor
DR. PARADISE - 3D video pioneer
LIGHT RHYTHM - atmospheric visual sculpture
DREAMTIME DESIGNS - flouro paintings


VOID (Chemical Crew, Israel) live and DJ set
TOXIC (Timecode, Parvati Records, Israel) live and DJ set
LIAM SHY (Tantra/Nu)
KJ (Tantra)
OBU (Bombay Power)


     Victor Torres - ancient woodwinds, oboe, sax
     Sidiki Diallo - drums
     Sean Mikuriya - Guitar, electronica
     Mike Clemens - gongs, percussion
   And Special Guest:
     Ven. Geshe Thupten Phelgye - sacred Tibetan chanting and instruments

     Irina Mikhailova - vocals, percussion and electronica
     Jeff Stot - Oud, Taampura, Saz (middle eastern string instruments)
     Suzi Q. - percussions

SATURNIA (Phoenix Family)
AFUT (Upinyah)
MANX (Inertia labs)

Tickets are $35 presale, $40 at the door, $20 door after 3am.
Presales available at: Distractions (1552 Haight, SF), Ceiba (1364 Haight, SF) and Skills (2566A Telegraph, Berkeley)
also online at


2005 on Gregorian calendar, which is designed to confuse,
taking us away from natural, sensible 13 moon x 28 day lunar calendar
or the other solar, or solar / lunar calendars that civilized cultures use.

Greetings, Mystic Family!!
BIG, EEnormous show on Jan 1st, starting @ 9p @ the Independent 
600 Block Divisadero @ Hayes  line up; * EEnor
* XOX Burlesque (lucid, tamara, jen r., akasha, helena)
* The Extra Action Marching Band
* Loop!Station * Tobias the Mystic Man
*guest appearance by Mark Growden (Electronic Press Kit)

# Jan 20 Fraudulent inauguration of war criminal GW Bush GENERAL STRIKE
Also Massive National Protests:

# ALL OUT FOR January 20 Counter-Inaugural &
March 19/20 Global Day of Protest on 2nd Anniversary of the war
All cities across the globe. Global:
in SF:

Sat Jan 22 SF 9pm-3am
Our friends and amazingly-talented musicians of Rosin Coven have invited us to create and collaborate in a theatrical presentation of stories from the infamous Edward Gorey ...Vau de Vire style!  Also in the evening's line-up is Jill Tracy...a most hauntingly-beautiful creature with a voice and piano-talant you really must experience live.  So, dress in your finest Edwardian or Gorey-esque attire and come join us.
Paradox Media & Cat Club Present: “Evil Garden” The Fifth Annual Edwardian Ball
(a elegantly sinister San Francisco tradition since the turn of the century)
Sat Jan 22nd, 2005 at the Cat Club 8th & Folsom, SF 9pm-3am
$12 in Edwardian or Gorey-esque attire, $15 in modern day garb
Live Perf * Music, Storytelling & Gorey Theatre by Rosin Coven
* Inappropriate acrobatic antics & acting out by Vau de Vire Society
* Fiendish fatale Jill Tracy
 With Edwardian Disc Jockeys: * Miz Margo
* and more TBA... Décor by Puppets & Pie

# Mar 19,20 Anniv of 2003 bombing of IRAQ - GENERAL STRIKE
Massive Global Protests: 

# "Central Park Belongs to the People--March on Central Park on March 20 
to End the Occupation!"

Do not feed the machine April 15th. GENERAL STRIKE
Northern California War Tax Resistance announce list. (510) 843-9877
Infor/support for conscientious war tax resisters in the SF Bay Area.

Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.