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SF events 7.13
SF events 7.13
SF events 7.13
SF events 7.13

no ban on gay marriage

Governor's poll same sex marriages  916-445-2841 hit 5 for hot issues 
then 1 for same sex marriage and then 1 again support same sex mrge.

Aspartame Awareness Weekend, first weekend after Labor Day
sign the petition

Animal Attacks: Captive Felines

7/13 at 7pm in SF: Dahr Jamail: Direct from Baghdad
7/13 at 7:30pm in Berkeley: Tom Hayden Talks About Street Wars
7/14 at 7pm in Sacramento: Central Valley Indymedia meeting
7/15 at 6pm in SF: Young Workers Speak Out and Open Mic

# Dahr Jamail's eye-opening live reports from Iraq have been airing on 
the "Flashpoints" show (weekdays at 5pm) on KPFA/Pacifica radio, at 
94.1fm.  You can find Dahr's written articles at the non-profit, 
non-commercial news site Tue, Jul 13 7 pm
 Cultural Center at New College 766 Valencia @ 21st
Just returned from Iraq, Dahr Jamail, one of only a handful of 
independent US correspondents in Baghdad, will speak about the US-led 
occupation and its effect on Iraqui citizens. Jamail's work includes 
in-depth documentation on the massacre in Fallujah, meetings with 
victims of human rights abuse, observations about the destruction of 
Iraq’s infrastructure and the economic devastation brought about by 
massive privatization.  $5, slid

# In fact the whole damn alley will be crawling with Frenchies dancing to 
house music. Ze Fronch Revolution starts at 3pm and goes until midnight. 
alleyway is FREE and $5(4.04 Euros) to enter the Cafe for the cocktail 
bar, seating, and nicer bathrooms. Beer/wine sold in ze alley. 
Lighting inside and out by Rumpus Room aka yours truly.
 Have a glass of red wine and magically gain an affected French accent; 
if not, another 1-2 should do it. Penciled-in moustache optional.
 Les details: This Wed the 14th of July, 2004
Cafe Claude, 7 Claude Lane b/w Kearny/Grant & Bush/Sutter
3pm-midnight alleyway = FREE inside = $5
DJs: Franky Boissy, Ellen Ferrato, Donovan, and many more...

# Thirst 10pm July 13 PBS ch 9
 Learn about the privitazation of water and what you can do.
# Listen: The Sonic Series Wed July 14 7pm incl price of admission 
 Why can you tell a trumpet from a flute, or one guitar from another
guitar, even when they are playing the same tune? Every musical
instrument has a unique personality. Whether it's a violin, a steel
pan or a series of wineglasses played with wet fingers, you
recognize each instrument by its individual sound quality.
Experimental musical instrument designer Bart Hopkin and an
acclaimed steel pan performer and tuner will share how they listen
and shape the personality and sound quality of the musical
instruments they play and make.  
3601 Lyon St.
# Art and the Earth - YLEM Forum Wed July 14 7:30 PM FREE 
Since ancient China, Earth’s geology has inspired artists and
challenged scientists. The view of Earth from space is a new landscape,
and technologies like computer animation aid the understanding of our
world. Even traditional landscape photography is sometimes enhanced by
high-end digital cameras. Come see what both artists and geologists are
creating at "Art and the Earth."         Geologic Maps
Beautiful geologic maps will be displayed during "Art and the Earth,"
and Jonathan Boxerman will explain the amazing Earth structures these
maps show. Boxerman is a photographer and geologist currently studying
with Dr. Ray Pestrong at San Francisco State University. Together, they
are investigating Tafoni weathering processes along the coast of
Northern California. He will bring samples of this strange rock
formation, also known as “lattice rock.” Trudy Myrrh Reagan, artist
daughter of geologist Philip B. King, will show how they have
influenced her art.              The Magic Planet
We will see Earth animation inside a transparent sphere! Developed by
the Silicon Valley firm Global Imagination, the Magic Planet’s
spherical displays of the Earth grab people's attention and spark their
imagination. The displays make it easy for people to intuitively
understand dynamic global systems - whether it's climate, the biosphere
or geologic history. The displays also help tell stories about planets
in a compelling way, helping viewers learn new facts about the Earth
while having fun.
“Pioneering Digital Landscape Photography” with Stephen Johnson
Since 1989, Stephen Johnson's artwork has explored computers as new
photographic and design tools. He is currently finishing work on a
major new endeavor, “With a New Eye: The Digital National Parks
Project,” using digital sensors to make his photographs rather than
film. In his work, Johnson brings an almost Japanese sensibility to his
choice of subjects, making viewers see familiar terrain in a fresh way.
In 1999, Folio: magazine declared a photo essay of Johnson's digital
photographs published in the December, 1997 issue of Life magazine to
be one of the “Top 15 Critical Events in Magazine Publishing in the
Twentieth Century.” Stephen Johnson was named as a 2003 inductee into
the Photoshop Hall of Fame, recognized for his achievements in art. His
artwork is a part of many permanent collections, including the Getty
Museum.      squid 3501 Lyon St

# Charles Gatewood Slide Lecture Thu July 15 7 pm Free
 " Photography for Perverts " Charles Gatewood, the family photographer
of America's sexual underground is a recipient of three
fellowships from NY State Council on the Arts, as well as Leica
Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Humanistic Photo-Journalism. free and open to public.
 Foto-Grafix Books 655 Mission St @ 3rd / New Montgomery.

# How To Behave TV Show Party Thu July 15 7:30-9pm 99 cents
 Come watch the show at one of San Francisco's hippest clubs on the big
screen in the main room.  With rave reviews and our best show ever,
this How To Behave is hilarious, and informs on such topics as:
 How to behave in Vegas How to fly a plane
How to bounce a car out of your driveway and more...
 watch previous episodes online now at:
 Mighty 119 Utah Street @ 15th One block East of Potrero

# Ecstatic Monkey Publication Party Thu July 15 8 pm FREE  
Valencia St.Books 569 Valencia @ 16th and 17th
# StudioZ 314 11th St @ Folsom  Thu, July 15, 8PM  21 $7  

# PLANET WOW UPLIFT Salon + Gallery + Dance Party Thu July 15 $10 
10 pm-2 am One Taste 1074 Folsom (@9th) featuring 
 Church of WOW's Music of the Spheres
 DJ Goz - psygroove  DJ Shill - eklectic beats  Satori - psychedelic breakbeat
 CaroLuna - live video/vocal perf  Virtual Playa demos Andrew Johnstone
 Innerdimensional Visuals by VJs Luna  Spot  Etherlight [with blendo of 2003
Burning Man by Luna] Transparent Network Gallery - reprise Digital Be-In 13
 Sound System by Satori Sound WOWerful Refreshments and Food
 Smart Drinks by Life Enhancement Crepes and Chai by Christof 
 PLANET WOW UPLIFT is a FUNd-raiser for the Planet WOW entertainment system
at the 2004 Burning Man     ABOUT THE SALON
This WOW Salon is being held in conjunction with the screening of What the
#$BLEEP*! Do We Know!?  mind-expanding film (opening in SF on 7/23). 
 We are pleased to announce that What the #$BLEEP*! Do We Know!? And Alex
Grey's World Spirit will be screened on Planet WOW1s giant Playa Video
screen at this year1s Burning Man.
A new Urban Retreat Center on Folsom at 7th specializing in workshops and
events focused on  soulful sensuality.  This is the inaugural event at this
beautiful new venue. The ONE TASTE grand opening is on July 30.

# 7/15 Tantric Booty Call  sensual night of funky beats, live electronic
grooves and tantric booty shakinx
 first 50 people free Tantric Booty Call CD Thu July 15 Club Mighty $10
119 Utah St.  Featured guest Govinda
 Soulsalaam (Future Juju / Hypnomadic)
 DJ Oud (Lumin/ six degrees)
 Rena (Live electronic, downtempo)
 10:00   Rena 11:00   DJ Oud 12:00   Govinda 1:00     Soulsalaam
 performance by Future Trybe. Lush chill spaces by Fuzzy Philippe

# Iron Science Teacher Sat July 16 Noon-1pm included in the price of 
admission Exploratorium Offbeat Science Competition for Teachers
Fridays, July 16, 23,Aug 6, 13, noon-1pm

# July 16- Benefit - I.C.A.N. Gallery-
1306 Mission  @ 9th St.

# Looking at the City, Looking at the Land Fri July 16 7-10 Free!
 66balmy gallery 591 guerrero @ 18th

# The 9-11 Standdown. Where was our air defense? 3 Issues Analyzed
On September 11, 2001 America saw an unprecedented breakdown of its 
Standard Operating Procedures for air defense. Although 4 different 
planes were highjacked for over an hour and a half, not one plane was 
intercepted in an air defense failure other governments have described 
as Impossible to Believe. Meanwhile, General Ralph Eberhard, the head 
of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) on 9-11, who 
oversaw the air defense failure, was promoted soon afterward.
 On JULY 16th at FORREST BOOKS in SF at 7:00 3 issues will be anyalyzed, 
using clips from the 9-11 hearings:
1. BOX CUTTERS OR GUNS? The evidence and how it was treated.
2. HIGHJACKING NOTIFICATIONS: Were they delayed or in real time?
Bring a friend to this important and revelatory event.
JULY 16. FORREST BOOKS. 308 16th Street at Valencia in SF. 7:00. FREE.

# Nik Phelps & the Sprocket Ensemble: Ideas in Animation  Sat July 17 
7.30PM and 9.30PM $10; $7 stud   21 Grand Gallery 415/ 681-3189
 449 23rd St @ Broadway & Telegraph) Oakland

# July 16: a 13 Moon Benefit at CELL wit Brooother, Lil John, Lorin
really press the "pretty" buttons. -Lorin

# East Bay Animal Advocates Rummage Sale  Sat July 17 8a-4pm
 Chabot College Flea Market 25555 Hesperian Blvd 925-487-4419
 Advocates will also distribute vegan literature while screening video footage of animals harmed in agriculture. If you have donations for the rummage sale, please contact

# COMMUNITY PICNIC IN SF JULY 17  12  -3 pm Lindley Meadow in 
Golden Gate Park annual Burning Man  Community Picnic. 
 -Building a new dome or shade structure?  This is the perfect place to test 
out putting it up and get advice from other Burners
 -Costume Swap - hosted by Blondie - bunnies, superheroes, and the results of 
all your crazy sewing projects - bring your costumes to Blondie's blanket to 
share and swap - or just show off!
 -Bring children of all ages, toys and grassy games - bring your frisbee, 
badminton, Twister, or croquet set - we're bringing a volleyball net, 
hulahoops, and some other surprises. 
 -Firespinning    two grills and all the picnic basics - condiments, water and 
sodas - and some hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers to start us off. BYOB. 
We’ll have some picnic table space just for food prep and serving.  DO BRING 
blankets and chairs, food to grill, a side dish, chips, or dessert to share. 
 Sat July 17 12 PM - 3 PM Lindley Meadow, Golden Gate Park, SF
Enter @ 30th & Fulton. Lindley Meadow is located at 30th & JFK, 
between Stadium (Polo Field) and  Softball Diamond.  bus,  Muni No. 5 

# San Francisco History Club City Hall Tour Sat July 17 12:15pm Free
 THE OFFICIAL / UNOFFICIAL CITY HALL TOUR two tours of City Hall.  Official
Tour, led by a docent, and the Unofficial Tour, led by your hosts Trixie
Dare and Harry Haller. The Official Tour takes you places we
couldn’t—such as into the VERY beautiful Board of Supervisors meeting
room, and into the Mayor’s office (that is, if Gavin is carrying on
Willy’s policy of letting people walk through). The Unofficial Tour will
tell you things that the docent won’t or can’t, such as the location of
secret passages, and more surprises. Both tours are FREE, and should
take about an hour and a half to two hours total. Then, we’ll proceed to
the House of Shields, a popular San Francisco bar and restaurant since
1908, and one of Sunny Jim Rolph’s favorite hangouts, for a drink. Wear
comfortable walking shoes, and dress for the weather.
 Meet in San Francisco City Hall, at the Info Booth in the lobby
off of Van Ness between Grove and McAllister. After the tour, we’ll move
on to the House of Shields at 39 New Montgomery.

# Sat July 17 6-9pm 522 Valencia Resistance at Home and Abroad:
Speaking Out Against Empire and Imprisonment  ( 16th St. BART)

# East Bay Living Foods potluck Sat July 17 6:30 PM 
 Truth Spiritual Center 1300 Grand St Alameda Dinner 7 PM.
 $3 with a raw foods dish $8 without for directions and 
 potluck dish guidelines. All types of raw foods dishes are 
 encouraged, including ripe, fresh, seasonal oragnic fruit.

# Shed the Shame, See the Truth opening on july 17 6:30-11pm free
 Gender & Sexuality- "Shed the Shame, See the Truth"
A group show, presented by the "you in me, inc."
Featuring local artists whose work addresses issues of gender
and sexuality through a variety of mediums and techniques.
Open reception: *7:30 pm Rosalyne Blumenstein, author of Branded T
*9:30 pm Musical Performance: Lutsinga Musical Ensemble
 Oakland Box Theater 1928 Telegraph Ave

# The Rite of Saturn: A Pagan Mystery Play Sat July 17 7pm Free 
Finnish Hall 1970 Chesnut St. (at University) Berkeley

# Sex Workers Outreach Project Presents: Strip Rodeo Sat July 17 
8pm-1am $10 Featuring Ruby Pearl + SWOP Swingin’ Sex Brigade
 Hush Hush Lounge 496 14th  @ Guererro 21 +  western wear 
benefit Angel's Initiative
# ANON SALON/ Jewel-Eye Tan/SF- 7.17.04 9pm - late
 Stay Tanned for Details

# July 17: Diretto @ whisper -Lorin
Florida @ 18th, 1 block North of back door

# July 18t National (Vegan) Ice Cream Day  Haight & Ashbury 
 As the days keep heating up, people gravitate towards cold, refreshing summer treats. This year, show people that vegan ice cream is just as delicious and cooling in the summer heat as dairy ice cream, without harming animals. Sunday, July 18th is National Ice Cream Day--the perfect day to encourage people to try vegan ice cream. Join Bay Area Animal Action for an ice-cream feed-in! Please contact BAAA at for meeting time and more information. Visit for more information on the "vegan ice cream campaign."
Check it out!  ARDAC (Animal Rights Direct Action Coalition) has a new
 online calendar: http://www.Protest.Net/ARDAC/calendrome.cgi
# Sun Jul 18 Coastal Farm and Forest South Bay - Greenbelt Outing 
(PLEASE NOTE DATE CORRECTION) Tour Purisima Greens, a small, diverse organic vegetable farm in a picturesque spot south of Half Moon Bay. Sample some veggies, then go for a short hike in the redwoods at Purisima Creek.  10 AM-2:30 PM Half Moon Bay  RSVP 
 on sept 11, there's organic strawberry picking
 when making reservation, pls email them if you want to cancel, half the people who reserved , aren't able to make it, and most people are turned away cause the reservation is FULL

NYC AUG 29-SEPT 2  Bay Area Mobilizing to RNC Meeting
Sunday, July 18, Noon New College of California, 777 Valencia, @18th St 
 EMPIRE OR DEMOCRACY? One No and a Million Yeses
 Hundreds of people from the Bay Area will join hundreds of
thousands in the streets of NYC to confront the Bush administration and make
history August 29 to September 3. Tuesday August 31st will be the day of
mass nonviolent civil disobedience and direct action. Join us in NYC if you can!
   ONE NO: EMPIRE is the framework for global control (accelerated, but not
begun by the Bush Administration), combining US military dominance,
corporate globalization, and domestic policies that promote fear, attacks on
immigrants, and racial scapegoating, as well as undermine  civil liberties,
while transferring the world1s wealth from the majority  of the people in
the world to big corporations and a rich minority.
   A MILLION YESES: REAL DEMOCRACY means direct decision-making in which people
participate and have direct control over the decisions and resources that
matter in our lives: schools, hospitals, neighborhoods, workplaces,
communities, and the state of the world we hand off to future generations.
Meaningful democracy goes beyond voting to include all the directly
democratic ways we assert our power; involvement in social movements,
community organizations, and alternative institutions-- all are essential no
matter who is elected. Direct democracy is voting with your feet, your
hands, your voice and your imagination every day of the year.
   Also coming up: Actions on November 3 - The Day After: because the crisis
did not start with Bush and won1t end with Kerry. This will be a day for
popular outrage and widespread non-cooperation if Bush is elected and/or if
there is overt election fraud again. If Bush is defeated it will be a time
for celebration, and no matter who wins, we will go beyond voting to build
pro-democracy movements in the heart of the empire which will uproot the
system behind both Bush and Kerry and build a better world.
   Direct Action to Stop the War

# We're looking for parade participants, drummers and other musicians for the parade!  And contact us if you're interested in tabling.  FAT CATS' FESTIVAL AND PARADE
Annual Protest at the Summer Encampment at the Bohemian Grove
This is where the boys  
(Bush Sr., Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Bechtel, Cheney, and so many more),
who bring us war for profit, frolic and network!
 Join Not In Our Name Sonoma Co Sun July 18 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
 While the white, male members of the Bohemian Club get drunk inside 
the Grove, let's celebrate our community with: Sherry Glaser, 
creator and star of "Oh, My Goddess"
 singer "Who Would Jesus Bomb" 
 Shrub, the Singing CIA Agent
 queer music revo
  singer/songwriter of "Rich Man's World"
 Hope Fauna reading an Aurora Levins Morales poem written for the protest
 Aardvark, cool jazz
 protest begins at the Monte Rio Beach parking lot.  The parade/march will proceed to the entrance to the Grove.  Dusty will perform the Resurrection of Care ritual.  The protest will proceed to the Monte Rio amphitheater for the performances listed above where there will be tabling and general muckraking by peace and social justice groups.  
Picnicking is encouraged. It's FREE - come join us.
 Say "No!" to the incestuous relationship between 
corporations and the government.
 Say "No!" to the wars they foment for their own profit.
 Money and help gratefully accepted.
For information, contact or 707-569-9922. Contact us to table or to endorse the event.

# July 18-MARGINAL PROPHETS SHOWS- Cat Club 1190 Folsom @ 8th

# Republican Freakshow - RNC Benefit Party Sun July 18 6-10pm $10  
 Art: slide shows by cartoonists Lloyd Dangle – “Trouble Town” and
Keith Knight – “K Chronicles” and “(th)ink)”.
 Live Music: the surf sounds of the Copper Tones and the semi-conscious
hip hop of the Marginal Prophets (California Music Awarded winner for
Outstanding Rap Album).
 Short Films: “The Lord of the Rings of Free Trade” and “The Twin
Towers” by the st01en collective. “War Pigs” and other short films by
Jeff Taylor of Whispered Media and Ronald Reagan Home for the
Criminally Insane movies by Bill Carpenter.
 Photography: Eric Wagner’s photos of anti-war and pro-war demos.
 Dance: performances by Mila Salazar and Amy Little.
 Clowns: Clownarchy – A farce to be reckoned with!
 Audience Participation: A political impersonation contest and special
surprises from the Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane.
 Food: Ya Mo, a vegetarian Thai restaurant, will be serving food for
just $3 a plate. Republican Drink Special: The $6 glass of water
 A portion of the proceeds will also go to the Haiti Action Committee or 415-385-5956
 The Cat Club 1190 Folsom @ 8th

# Benefit for Women's Cancer Clinic Sun July 18 7 p.m. $12
 Cancers Raise Money for Women with cancer   night
of celebration and support for the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary
Clinic, an alternative healing center for low income women.
 Featuring performers: Montuno Groove (salsa)
Omeyocan (urban indigenous fusion) Regina Wells
special guests: Carolyn Brandy (percussion) Barbara Valladares (vocals)
 La Pena 3105 shattuck @ Ashby Berkeley (510) 849-2572             squidlist 

# Sunday School with the Vau De Vire Society Sun July 18 9p-3a $8
live music / variety show featuring: (30 + dancers / performers)
 Kid Beyond (vocal percussionist / beat boxer extraordinaire)
 Boneless Children Foundation (quirky eclectic rock n’ roll quartet)
 Stink 69 (a collaboration between SF Opera vocalist, local punk
 musicians and debaucherous dancers) Rick Robinson (One Man Band)
 Raw B (Beatsauce/turntablist) Studio Z 314 11th St @ Folsom

# Berkeley Vigil - July 20, Tuesday, at 7pm, above the underground lab, known as the Northwest Animal Facility, Corner of Oxford Street & Berkeley Way, UC Berkeley; Info: East Bay Animal Advocates, 925-487-4419 or
# Come shake your sexy booty - Get Freaky, July 23
 Yummy musical madness featuring: Soteg live (Bless Records)
 Lorin  Adam Ohana  Brother  Janaka and MC Colonel  Moondoggy  Laura 
Jocelyn  Dorfex Bos  Malakai  Décor-Fuzzy Phillipe's Fabulous Fluff
 MIGHTY 119 Utah @ 15th St/ 1 block East of Potrero 10pm-6am $10  

#  paul reuben's day. drunken redheaded sluts july 24 sat in the mission SF

# SF Day-out-of-Time  July 25 White Spectral Mirror, Noon-Beyond
 Golden Gate Park, Hippie Hill Potluck, drum circle, costume party 

# SHORT AD: Mutant Vehicle, Show N' Tell Sun July 25  1 pm $5 don
 Bands*, B.B.Q, Toxic Bar and More
 *F-space, Drop Black Sky, Plastination, Blue Max, Six Million Dollar 
Band. 1598 Custer Avenue, San Francisco

# July 25-26, 2004, there will be a mass event world-wide unifying all
spiritual, peace, environmental and artistic, scientific and cultural
organizations under the Banner of Peace on behalf of humanity's
switching tracks and going from the irregular Gregorian to the perfect
harmonic standard of the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar."   -- Dr. Jose Arguelles

#  If you covet your First Amendment rights and oppose a Police State, please PACK the COURTROOMS on the following dates, to let the judge, D-A, and Public know where you stand!:
 ----2pm, Friday July 30th, Dept 22, 3rd Floor, 850 Bryant (btw 6th & 7th Sts.), SF
 ----9am, Tues, Aug 3, Dept A, 2nd Floor, 850 Bryant
 --FAX NUMBERS FOR SF SUPES!!! If you have a fax machine, please fax each Supervisor's office with the sample letter below--or preferably your own! (The original call-to-action included only the phone and email addresses of the SF officials to contact.)
 Chris Daly 554-7974
Tom Ammiano 554-6255
Sophie Maxwell 554-7674
Aaron Peskin 554-7454
Gerardo Sandoval 554-6979
Tony Hall: 554-6546
Bevin Dufty 554-6909
Fiona Ma 554-7432
Michael Alioto-Pier 554-7843
Matt Gonzalez 554-7634 
 For Global Ecology & Global Justice, End Corporate Rule!

# If you covet your First Amendment rights and oppose a Police State
 please PACK the COURTROOMS 2pm, Friday July 30th, Dept 22, 3rd Fl
 850 Bryant @ 6th & 7th St SF
 9am, Tues, Aug 3, Dept A, 2nd Floor, 850 Bryant

# Fri July 30 5:30pm Justin Herman Plaza

# Speak Out presents Bill Santiago in "Spanglish 101"
A Total Immersion Comedic Excursion into Latino USA
(Laughs for Latinos and the Latino-curious)
 Fri July 30 8 pm 	La Peña Cultural Center 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley
 $12 gen $7 youth
 Also appearing: headRush Oakland's own satirical guerilla performance crew
 and Susan Galleymore, Founder of MotherSpeak and member of Military
Families Speak Out, speaking about  her experiences as a parent of a
soldier in the military and about Camilo Mejia, a soldier imprisoned
for refusing to continue fighting in Iraq. MORE ABOUT BILL SANTIAGO:
Stand-up comedian Bill Santiago is a young, up-and-coming entertainer 
whose high-octane performances are garnering raves from audiences and 
critics across the country. His routines draw on his Puerto Rican 
roots but also cross ethnic boundaries with political comedy that's 
smart, energetic and bold. It's non-derisive, equal opportunity 
humor, says Santiago. His parodies of Latino life successfully bridge 
the cultural divide. REGISTER TO VOTE ONLINE!
Speak Out has partnered with Working Assets to register voters for 
the 2004 election. Just go to where you 
can register to vote or change your registration adress. It's easy 
and quick. Please help spread the word. EVERY VOTE MATTERS!
 Support Speak Out's work to bring progressive voices to campuses and 
communities nationwide by making a donation on our website. Just 
click on the Donate Now! button on Speak Out's home page. Together we 
can make a difference!

# Urban Sustainability Bike Tour! Sat July 31

# COME TO THE NEXT HEARING! If at all possible, come to the next RTC hearing (9am, Tues, Aug 3, Dept A, 2nd Floor, 850 Bryant). Please RSVP if you intend to come, and we will get a bigger courtroom if necessary. A strong presence in the courtroom will show the judge and the public that Bay Area residents dearly covet our First Amendment rights, and clearly object to corporate control of the commons!!!

# Fri Aug 6 5-9pm 1st Fridays art receptions @ Matt Gonzalez' office City Hall

# Aug 6,7,8 French's Camp, Piercy, Humboldt, CA

# Mousetrap... Aug 7th... Haunted Barn: Innes Av. South of Evans, Hunters Point,
 bordering on Naval Shipyard. Life size mousetrap, complete with bowling balls...

# FIREDANCE FESTIVAL An Alchemical Celebration of Drum, Dance, and Song
 Thu Aug 12-Sun Aug 15 Santa Cruz Mountains.

# Sun Aug 15: Mushroom Garden Workday: Presidio Community Gardens 

# Aug. 18? Portland Raw Foods 

# Thu Aug 19 Who Owns Water?  Protecting the World's Water 
from Corporate Takeover / water
Fortune magazine has predicted that "water is the oil of the 21 
century," and now corporations are rushing to invest in the new 
get-rich economy of water. Giant water, energy, food, and shipping 
companies have plans to buy water rights, privatize publicly-owned 
water systems, promote bottled water, and sell "bulk" water by 
transporting it from water rich areas to thirsty markets. As the 
world's water becomes scarcer and corporations seek to exploit this 
scarcity for profit, people around the world are losing ownership and 
control of water resources on which they depend. But water is a human 
right; to the extent one has the right to live, one has the right to 
 Join us for a discussion with Juliette Beck and John Gibler of Public 
Citizen's Water for All Campaign. Public Citizen's Water for All 
Campaign is dedicated to protecting water as a common resource, 
stopping water privatization and bulk water sales, and defending 
access to clean and affordable water around the world. Come hear how 
people in California and around the world - from Stockton and Gualala 
to Bolivia and Bangladesh - are defending the global commons and our 
right to water, and find out how you can help. 7 pm - 9 pm
 Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo @ Dwight , Berkeley. Free.
Info: 	510-548-2220 x233
# Aug 27-29 Club Risqué Mendocino

# August 29 - The World Says No to Bush - Worldwide Day of Action 
and protests in NYC during Repub Nat'l Conv (Aug. 30 through Sept. 2)

# August,  Santa Cruz mountains

# full moon August 30th @ 2:22am 

# Aug 30 - Sep 6 2004 fine desert camp art
2x / month Newsletter:

# Sep 11 Power To The Peaceful Concert GG Park Michael Franti

# We need volunteers for the amazing FREE concert  & social justice rally that we produce. 
 6th Annual 911 POWER TO THE PEACEFUL FESTIVAL Saturday September 11 2004
 To volunteer, please email:
 Checks payable to: Power to the Peaceful 3470 19th St SF, CA  94110  USA
# Delectable Day of Play benefit for abused and neglected children on 
09/12/04. City Hall Civic Center

# Earthdance Black Oak Ranch  Sep 17,18,19.

# Washington DC: Sep 18-19

# Sept 25

# Nov 6-7 2004 8th @ Brannan
new economy built upon sustainability, ecology, and social justice 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.