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SF events 7.27
SF events 7.27
SF events 7.27
SF events 7.27

fun events:

ok, wanna cheer up? this is funny:
this is insightful:
this is IMPORTANT (probably the biggest issue for the
upcoming election...other than fake-ass terrorists
threats or slanted media brainwashing) - REPUBLICAN
this is what you can do:
this is really long. but fuckin insightful at first and then downright  
peace lo    g o t b a s s n e c t a r ?

Cartoon By Mark Fiore:  <>Everything must go!
Old-growth forests, wildlife habitat, taxpayer dollars: it's a blowout sale!

The Greek Govt plans to poison all the street animals to make the  
streets of Athens seemingly cleaner. I was in Athens last year and  
there is not a street animal problem. Animals are mostly well looked  
after and there aren't large numbers of them hanging about. Please  
check out the info here and sign the petition, This is a private  
petition and not one of those "sign you up for spam" ones.

personal Sovereignty:
Plant Trees Save Earth Scott Munson interviewed by Madame Gonzaga on
USA: Eight States and N.Y.C. Sue Top Five U.S. Global Warming Polluters

  1000 Prize: Essay Contest -- Ethics of Circumcision is sponsoring an essay contest for undergraduate  
students exploring the ethics of infant circumcizion. Details are  
Undergrads from around the country are eligible to submit. In the  
meantime, get the word out.  Ending circumcizion as we know it.

Plastic left holding the bag as environmental plague. Nations around  
world look at a ban.

# [NCEF!] Action CampSwimmer's Delight July 24th-Aug 4
 south on highway 101, highway 36 is just south of Fortuna. east on 36 
(the only way you can go), and go for about 12 miles Swimmer's Delight 
County Park will be on your right just pull in, our crew will be easy to find.
 (707) 825-6598 more info car-pools Arcata Co-Op, every morn 8am
non-violence trainings daily, and actions.

35 more events

# Every Tues 1pm 94.1fm YOUR OWN HEALTH&FITNESS
2pm EXPLORA-TION Michio Kaku

# Mobilize for Change Tue July 27 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm Oakland
 925-487-4419 mobile TV outreach unit will roam the streets of Oakland. Advocates will distribute vegan literature while screening video footage of animals harmed in agriculture. Questions:

# Tue July 27 10pm Free Odeon Bar
3223 Mission @ 29th

# july 27-aug 4 (full moon sat. july 31st) Autonomous Mutant Fest
in the enchanted forests of the pacific northwest, usa    FREE
 info rides direct 1.800.HUM.NUMB

40 more events

# Every Wed 1-2pm 94.1fm 4:20 report Ed Rosenthal
# Every Wed 2-3pm

 How to Uproot the System and Build a Better World Edited by David Solnit
 WED JULY 28, 7PM UFCW Local 648 Union Hall 1980 Mission @ 16th/15th
FREE   Featuring contributing activist-authors:  Chris Crass  Van Jones 
 Ramsey Kanaan  Elizabeth Betita Martinez  Rachel Neumann 
Patrick Reinsborough  Tom Wetzel  + Street Theater by Antonia Juhasz 
and David Solnit of Art and Revolution with composer, artist, Punk Rock 
Orchestra violinist Carey Lamprecht.

# Wed July 28-Aug 1  7:30 pm North Beach JazzFest
 Continues thru August 1. 

# 7/28 at 7:30pm Video: Autonomous Education by Chiapas Media Project
Humanist Hal  390 27th St @Telegraph & Broadway Oakland 

40 more events

# Every Thu 94.1fm 1-2 pm Herbal Highway
2-3 pm Caroline Casey

# On Thursday, July 29th at 12:00 noon , please join Valerie Mizuhara, 
 Jen Blum, and PETA to protest KFC at 510 Miller Ave in Mill Valley, 
 CA. For more information, please contact Jen Blum at 415-388-9641 
 x210. Come out and show people that the secret in KFC's secret recipe 
 is the torture of millions of chickens.

# Thu July 29 7-9pm Ward Churchill  Justice of Roosting Chickens
Reflections on the Consequences of U.S. Imperial Arrogance and  
Criminality 777 Valencia  $5 

# A reading of Karen Macklin's Mr. President Thu July 29 8 PM don sug 
 Karen Macklin’s play, Mr. President, starts off as a seemingly absurd
comedy about a dysfunctional family in Tallahassee during the time of a
major presidential election. But when a cat becomes president of the
United States, strange things start to happen, and it quickly turns
into a dark and perilous journey that examines our social and political
world through the eyes of two children who come to represent the
conflicting forces of nature. Off-Market Studio 965 Mission @ 5 St

# Odeon Bar, (Circus Preview Show) The Latest Show on Earth!
 Mission @ 29th Thu July 29, 10pm Free

7/29-31: Ward Churchill and David Gilbert

# DNC2RNC events...we leave at 10AM from Boston Commons July 30
You may still register for the march at 

# 12 Hour Kirtan with Jai Uttal - Chanting the Divine Names
 Fri July 30 Noon - Midnight $10 Jai, Daniel Paul, and all the  
participants in "The Art and Practice of Kirtan" 10 day training.
 Open Secret Bookstore Rainbow Body Temple Teahouse, Cafe  & Cultural  
Center 923 C St San Rafael

# Every Fri 94.1fm 1-2 pm Terra Verde

#  If you covet your First Amendment rights and oppose a Police State, please PACK the COURTROOMS on the following dates, to let the judge, D-A, and Public know where you stand!:
 ----2pm, Friday July 30th, Dept 22, 3rd Floor, 850 Bryant (btw 6th & 7th Sts.), SF
 ----9am, Tues, Aug 3, Dept A, 2nd Floor, 850 Bryant
 --FAX NUMBERS FOR SF SUPES!!! If you have a fax machine, please fax each Supervisor's office with the sample letter below--or preferably your own! (The original call-to-action included only the phone and email addresses of the SF officials to contact.)
 Chris Daly 554-7974
Tom Ammiano 554-6255
Sophie Maxwell 554-7674
Aaron Peskin 554-7454
Gerardo Sandoval 554-6979
Tony Hall: 554-6546
Bevin Dufty 554-6909
Fiona Ma 554-7432
Michael Alioto-Pier 554-7843
Matt Gonzalez 554-7634 
 For Global Ecology & Global Justice, End Corporate Rule!

# If you covet your First Amendment rights and oppose a Police State
 please PACK the COURTROOMS 2pm, Friday July 30th, Dept 22, 3rd Fl
 850 Bryant @ 6th & 7th St SF
 9am, Tues, Aug 3, Dept A, 2nd Floor, 850 Bryant

# Fri July 30 5:30pm Justin Herman Plaza

# Friday, July 30 for a fun evening of food and film.
 dinner legendary Golden Lotus rest 1301 Franklin Oakland 5:50pm sharp.  
(Look for me wearing my fuzzy red scarf!) We'll just order a bunch of vegan items from the menu, and gobble them up, family style.
 7pm or so we'll make our way to the spectacular Oakland Paramount Theater for friday movie night.  There you'll be entertained by Jim Riggs on the theater's organ (22 tons of musical hardware, all acoustic!), then a cartoon, newsreel, vintage coming attractions, the mighty dec-o-wheel game, and finally the evening's feature presentation, "Jailhouse Rock" (1957)  Elvis Presley movie review at

# The 9/11 Cover-up Challenge (with Comedy & a Band!) July 30 7pm
 Breathing Space 3617 San Pablo, Oakland Gabriel
 1. the third tower-- tower 7-- was never hit by a plane but collapsed
on it's own due to "fires" 2. jet fuel isn't capable of melting
steel enough to cause the collapse of the twin towers
 3. there were no interceptor jets-- the air force doesn't need "permission"
to track down a civilian plane...
 This Friday, July 30th, we invite you to the "Daily Show Comes to the
Ghetto" or "9-11 Truth Alliance gets Challenged" or "A Variety
Show about 9-11 Truth" or --- OK we are looking for a title (could use
your help on that). But here's the gist-- the 9-11 Truth
Alliance will be here next Friday to present their case that an
independent investigation into the true cause of 9-11 is needed.

# Frid July 30th 7-10pm Book Release Celebration!
NO SURRENDER; Writings of an Anti-Imperialist Political Prisoner by  
David Gilbert,Ward Churchill, Chesa Boudin (David Gilbert's son), Linda  
Evans (former Political Prisoner), Clare Bayard (Heads-up & Anti-Racism  
for Global Justice) and Recorded Statements by Political Prisoners  
David Gilbert & Marilyn Buck. At the AK Press Warehouse
674-A 23rd St. Oakland, CA   $5
# Fri July 30 Grand Opening
 venture beyond old limitations into new realms of experience.
 Be our guest for this lively and sumptuous celebration with:
 a.. Becca Osborne an amazing singer in her own right (Joan's
sister) has a powerful presence and a scintillating voice.
 b.. Kid Beyond -- one of the best beatboxer's in San Francisco
 c.. Ariah Firewalker original music is an eclectic blend of
soul, jazz, electronica, and R & B   d.. Bekka and the Frogland Orchestra
 -- Playing Tribal Avant Funk music
 e.. Tarot Readings and sexy astrology
 f.. BUTO Dancers   g.. Circus performers
 h.. DJ Gray spinning tunes that will groove you into the night.
 1074 Folsom @ 7th St corner of Moss Alley
 La Carnival de la Sense Leave your masks at the door, Unwind your Body,
Open your Mind and Revel in your Senses. July 30th 7:30 to 10:30pm
# Speak Out presents Bill Santiago in "Spanglish 101"
A Total Immersion Comedic Excursion into Latino USA
(Laughs for Latinos and the Latino-curious)
 Fri July 30 8 pm 	La Peña Cultural Center 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley
 $12 gen $7 youth
 Also appearing: headRush Oakland's own satirical guerilla performance crew
 and Susan Galleymore, Founder of MotherSpeak and member of Military

#  Opel : GABA MOOD trance, aka 'good   trance'.$5 b411 $10>
 DJ's:  Dragn'fly   Scott Carrelli  Syd Gris  Faux Q  Nathan Vain  
Mighty 119 Utah @ 15th (Potrero) 

# JULY 30 - AUG 1 ENOSA FEST private land 
40mi. E of Eugene, Oregon, near Triangle Lake.  roam play create, 

# July 30-Aug 1 Ladyfest Bay Area

# Fri July 30 Albany, CA at The Ivy Room 858 San Pablo Ave @ Solano
 Sat July 31 Petaluma, CA at Zebulon's Lounge 21 4th St. Midnight
 CDs available at

# Urban Sustainability Bike Tour! Sat July 31
 10 am - approx. 3 pm Ashby BART - East Side, Berkeley. Free.
 Info:  510-548-2220 x233,

)'( 7/31 PVC Dome building workshop neon bunny )'(

# It's Hotter Than July! Program 4 of the Int'l Black Women's Film Fest
Sat July 31 1-5PM $7.50 $5 $4 Free Kids
 PUNCH Gallery 155 Tenth St (x-street, Mission)

)'(  Burning Man Art Project Work Day  
 Come help us build the solar system! Play with power tools! Eat yummy  
food! Enjoy scenic East Oakland!
 We could use the help of a few Bay Area folks who have the day of the  
31st free. We'll put you to work painting signs, ripping up plywood on  
the table saw, soldering light-control circuits, drilling holes, or  
whatever else you want to do from our long list of tasks. If you come  
at the right time, we'll even feed you and teach you to flamecut steel.  
Yay, steel! Everybody loves steel!
10am-8pm, Sat July 31 Come when you feel like it, stay as long as you want!
Ian's house @ Vulcan Studios in Oakland   4401 San Leandro St. #31  )'( 

# Flaming Lotus Girl's Fundraiser Sat July 31 Noon-8PM Free!
BYOBBQ  DJ Neil Harris flame throwers and a flaming copper flower
 Buy  pin-up girl calender and have it kissed by the Flaming Lotus
Girls in person! Raffles/Prizes/Beer and more!,  raffle tickets,
calenders, beer, cookies ,T-shirts etc. Boxshop 951 Hudson St SF

# Sat July 31 7-9pm Ward Churchill: Justice of Roosting Chickens
Reflections on the Consequences of U.S. Imperial Arrogance and  
Criminality. Berkeley 1924 Cedar  $5

# Glitzkrieg Burlesque Bombshells Sat July 31 7:30-10:30 pm $10 
 DJ Eternal Darkness! Special Guests! Pasties Galore! OneTaste
1074 Folsom St. (at 7th St.) squidlist/calendar
# Liberation Drive In - Media Speak Easy Sat July 31 9 pm Free!
 free pirate movie theater in downtown oakland Movies on the wall
all night long... BYO RADIO to receive fm ((( stereo ))) transmission.
 Say, let's all carpool, bike, walk, or BART to this dynamite & truly
 free event. Bring a chair, blanket, and some refreshments if you like.  
 Lot 69 Harrison Street (between 15th and 17th) Downtown Oakland 510-451-2677

# Exposure! 2 Sat 31 9p-2a sublounge 628 20 St @ 3 St 
 1. The act of exposing sensitized photographic film or plate.
2. The act of presenting a body part, especially the genitals, to view.
3. A Burning Man Camp Fundraiser for Genital Portrait Studio.
cigarettes $6 $5 b410 PM $10 

)'(  The Flow begins... ...with a full blue moon ritual and a blessing of the Red Tent!
 Come and create a powerful space for women to celebrate the gift of our
monthly flow and the transformations we experience as this
expression of female. Men, we want you there too!
 Through ritual we will connect to the moon and blood cycles, evoking
the power of the spiritual and pchycic energies, and blessing the tent  
and all who enter it.
We will release negative/disempowering beliefs experiences around the
feminine cycles
and create what we want for ourselves and as community, and everyone can
openly contribute and be engaged in looking deeper into how the  
feminine and
moon cycles have affected our lives and what becomes available for in
connecting with this energy in a conscious way!
 Imagine, connecting to your mothers and grandmothers once again.
Imagine feeling the pull of the moon on our bodies, shaping the
earth.  What would your life look like if men, women and families
were supportive and celebrating a woman's monthly flow as sacred?
What would that be like for women?  For community?
 This is a totally fun, awesome experiment that takes the intention
of the community to create something very simple and beautiful in
the world! July 31st 7 - 10pm 2428 9th st Berkeley     94710
 $20 sug don NOTAFLOF contribute in other ways, with stuff (pillows,
altar items, red fabric, rugs, for example) or time (structure building,
creating ritual, designing space, becoming a part of our camp) let me  
know and i will get back to you. RSVP to Pamela  510-830-8873
 The Red Tent Project Mission:  (For those who don't know)
 The Red Tent exists as a space devoted to women on their moon and  
crones to nurture the feminine spirit.  The Red Tent serves as a community  
resource offering women a place to experience their being by listening to whatxs
within.  The Red Tent honors the power of creation we have in our
bodies.  The Red Tent positively re-energizes women through
self-appreciation, self-expression and sanctuary.  )'( 
)'(  RISING SOL Benefit 8PM-4AM SF
Alibi  Bali  Dano  Dragn'fly  Smoove  Sunder & McGarry more DJs TBA
Sat July 31 8PM - 4AM. Doors close Midnight. Open bar 8-9:30 PM )'( 

# South Breaks Diet Sat July 31 Free b4 midnight, $10 > On the decks: 
Hoj  Method One  Mike Giannini  David Gropper  Kenekt  DJ M  Kuze  21+
 Studio 1072 Illinois St @ 22nd 10pm - ?? $5 pre  

# August 1-"Showdown at Crawford Gulch"-- The San Francisco Mime Troupe's -
Yerba Buena Gardens, Mission and 3rd, SF

# Sun. Aug. 1  1 pm International Foregiveness Day - San Rafael
 bring a blanket and a picnic lunch. There will be music, dance, youth activities, delicious food and drink vendors. Young essay and poetry contest winners will read their winning entries.  Meet outstanding leaders of forgiveness and peace. Presented by The Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance.  (415) 381-3372 Dr. John Gray Don Miguel Ruiz 
 Michael Pritchard,  Melissa Phillippe  Gospel Choir Kali’s Angels
And Fun Children’s Activities!! Falkirk Mansion, 1408 Mission Ave. at E, San Rafael

# Gods & Goddesses Party Oakland CA~Venus Transit Silent Auction FUNdraiser
Sun Aug 1st 2pm-10pm? $5
 ~Dress like the God or Goddess you are
~Exotic blended cocktails
~Bring a towel for the hot tub
~Tofu grillables and snacks provided by Plant Trees
~Potluck dishes always welcome
 auction items
580/13 in Oakland Hills @ Chateau L?Orange

# COME TO THE NEXT HEARING! If at all possible, come to the next RTC hearing (9am, Tues, Aug 3, Dept A, 2nd Floor, 850 Bryant SF RSVP if you intend to come, and we will get a bigger courtroom if necessary. A strong presence in the courtroom will show the judge and the public that Bay Area residents dearly covet our First Amendment rights, and clearly object to corporate control of the commons!!!

# Tue. Aug. 3  6:30-8:30 pm           DolphinDance - Sebastopol
 We will be dancing in the warm pool every other Tuesday evening throughout the summer. DolphinDance is a joyous exploration of movement in and under warm water. It is a bit like contact dance improvisation without gravity. It's delicious, dreamy, and very playful. We experiment with breath, balance, and buoyancy, turning and swirling and floating, moving our selves and each other in wonderful ways. 
 By the end of last season, the group and the dances had evolved so that each evening was a truly magical, ecstatic communal experience. We only have 8 dances scheduled this year, so don't wait until the end - jump in now, the water's fine!
 Also August 17, 31, September 14 & 28 
 $10 or free with Day Use Healing Oasis, Sebastopol   (707) 823-1304

# Aug 5 Le' Femme Anarchiste' A Womyns Literary Art Salon - Dark
Room- 2263 Mission SF -8-10pm$10- "Art is Lawless, Art is Anarchy"

# Fri Aug 6 5-9pm 1st Fridays art receptions @ Matt Gonzalez' office City Hall

# Aug 6,7,8 French's Camp, Piercy, Humboldt, CA

# Raw La Carte in the Parking Lot ~Raw Food Fest~ Sat Aug 7 1 - 6pm
 ONE TASTE brings together the best raw food has to offer including:
Roxanne's, Café Gratitude, Lydia's Organics, Blessing's Alive & Radiant,
Lombard Coffee Shop, Mauk Family Farms, Living Intentions, Stellar  
Gourmet, live music, speakers AND MORE!
 Come for the food, stay for the sensation.
 ONE TASTE 1074 Folsom 415-503-1100

# top secret deadly game of Assassins! Sat Aug 7, 1pm 415-271-5752
Officer's Club at the Main Post in the Presidio 50 Moraga Ave

)'(  Mousetrap... Aug 7th... Haunted Barn: Innes Av. South of Evans, Hunters Point,
 bordering on Naval Shipyard. Life size mousetrap, complete with bowling balls )'( 

# Orbusummer XXVII Perseid meteor shower forest fantasia
 Wed Aug 11 - Mon Aug 16 $10 per person
 Music! Mystery! Magic! Merriment! Meteors! Mendocino!...
 ORBUS Celestial Camping Experiences presents Orbusummer for complete details.
 Mendocino forest location Approx 150 mi N of SF 3-4 hours drive  
 Directions given to in-advance reg

# FIREDANCE FESTIVAL An Alchemical Celebration of Drum, Dance, and Song
 Thu Aug 12-Sun Aug 15 Santa Cruz Mountains.

# Million Fishes will present on Fri Aug 13 2501 Bryant@23rd St 5:30-10P
 Art recept w/ fashion show, 2 & 3D mixed media works of 
Altered Barbie's, live dance & performance art, DJ

)'(  Anon Interactive Gallery 285 9th St @ Folsom Sat Aug 14 8-10PM,
 followed by an art and dance event. The art
exhibition & reception will include "Create your own Altered Barbie"
workshop with Tom Schween and live graffiti art with Rigel "Crayone"
Juratovac. The art exhibition & dance party starting at 10PM will feature
live music, DJ's, and more interactive art. )'( 

# Sun Aug 15: Mushroom Garden Workday: Presidio Community Gardens 

# Aug. 18? Portland Raw Foods 

# Thu Aug 19 Who Owns Water?  Protecting the World's Water 
from Corporate Takeover / water
Fortune magazine has predicted that "water is the oil of the 21 
century," and now corporations are rushing to invest in the new 
get-rich economy of water. Giant water, energy, food, and shipping 
companies have plans to buy water rights, privatize publicly-owned 
water systems, promote bottled water, and sell "bulk" water by 
transporting it from water rich areas to thirsty markets. As the 
world's water becomes scarcer and corporations seek to exploit this 
scarcity for profit, people around the world are losing ownership and 
control of water resources on which they depend. But water is a human 
right; to the extent one has the right to live, one has the right to 
 Join us for a discussion with Juliette Beck and John Gibler of Public 
Citizen's Water for All Campaign. Public Citizen's Water for All 
Campaign is dedicated to protecting water as a common resource, 
stopping water privatization and bulk water sales, and defending 
access to clean and affordable water around the world. Come hear how 
people in California and around the world - from Stockton and Gualala 
to Bolivia and Bangladesh - are defending the global commons and our 
right to water, and find out how you can help. 7 pm - 9 pm
 Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo @ Dwight , Berkeley. Free.
Info: 	510-548-2220 x233

1) Bring together the landowners, local spring lovers and Burning Man
participants to improve ecological and user conditions at Frog Pond Springs.
2) Create a volunteer network to promote environmental stewardship, first
at Frog Pond and then at significant sites around the Black Rock Desert.
Participants must come self-sufficient & prepared to work hard, learn, and
share in a celebratory spirit. Details
sign up early at )'(

# Aug 27-29 Club Risqué Mendocino

# confluence aug 28-29 5pm-10am marin

# RAWSTOCK II - THE BIG FIG FEST Macdonald Farm, Sebastopol, Ca  
 August 28-30 (707) 829-0362

# August 29 - The World Says No to Bush - Worldwide Day of Action 
and protests in NYC during Repub Nat'l Conv (Aug. 30 through Sept. 2)

# August,  Santa Cruz mountains

# full moon August 30th @ 2:22am 

)'(  Aug 30 - Sep 6 2004 fire desert camp art
2x / month Newsletter: )'( 

# Sep 11 Power To The Peaceful Concert GG Park Michael Franti

# What's your library doing on September 11?
 September Project collection of people, groups, orgs working to create
day of engagement, a day of conversation, a day of democracy.

# We need volunteers for the amazing FREE concert  & social justice rally that we produce. 
 6th Annual 911 POWER TO THE PEACEFUL FESTIVAL Saturday September 11 2004
 To volunteer, please email:
 Checks payable to: Power to the Peaceful 3470 19th St SF, CA  94110  USA
# Delectable Day of Play benefit for abused and neglected children on 
09/12/04. City Hall Civic Center

# Earthdance Black Oak Ranch  Sep 17,18,19.

# Washington DC: Sep 18-19

# Sept 25

# Global WALKOUT for Peace, Freedom & Justice for all
 FRI OCT 22, 2004

# Nov 6-7 2004 8th @ Brannan
new economy built upon sustainability, ecology, and social justice 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.