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SF events 7.6
SF events 7.6
SF events 7.6
SF events 7.6
NO condos in Presidio:

NO RFID in SF public Libraries: Stop big brother NOW: get involved:

mail your 9/11 movie stubs to bush
Now that Bush has been publicly outed, join the masses in continuing 
the revelry and making him a very nervous man.  
Mail your 9/11 movie stubs to:
pResident George W. Bush [or: President (sic) George Bush]
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Washington DC 20500
Put a note in it that says, "I know what you did that summer."
in envelope with 37 cent stamp or tape it to a postcard 23 cent stamp.

Bush Removal (not in your yard) - Revealing major cover-ups

RNC Protest Upcoming Events

# Larkin @ McAllister
 free first tuesday of the month free to SFUSD students
$5 on thursday night cheap membership for TEACHERS, like $35

# Every Tues 1pm 94.1fm YOUR OWN HEALTH&FITNESS
2pm EXPLORA-TION Michio Kaku
# Move-Meant-For-Words Tue July 6 and Tue July 20 Sign up 7pm
Living Word Moves at 7:30 Free!!! Every first & third Tuesdays: 
Uni-verse-all Turn presents
MOVE-MEANT-FOR-WORDS: a lyrical expedition toward truth
An open and intimate cypher for ALL styles of poets, singers, and
storytellers - building community and strengthening roots through
the growth of our poet-tree. Free for all ages!
(Sign up @ 7pm, Living Word moves @ 7:30pm)
 Oaklandish (Galley / Info-S 411 2nd St. @ Broadway/Franklin)

# SpeakEasily Tue July 6 8pm $7
 Ventriloquist jug-time band POOTANG WRANGLERS
Flea handler and wild man WILLY THE CLOWN
The beautiful and mysterious FLYING FOX
 AND, of course, The Mile High Meter Dancers
 Mile High Club 3629 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Oakland CA
Doors and Meter Dancing at 8, Show starts at 9 $7

# 7/6 at 9pm at the Parkway Theatre in Oakland: Benefit Screening of Fourth World War  

# Every Wed 1-2pm 94.1fm 4:20 report Ed Rosenthal
# Every Wed 2-3pm

# Johnny Cash Memorial Group Art Show Wed July 7 7-11pm Free
77 Natoma St. b/n 1st + 2nd/Mission + Howard
# 2004 FIRE ARTS FESTIVAL Wed through Sun, July 7-11, 2004
at the Crucible 7th @ Broadway, Oakland.
 Wed thru Sun, July 7-11th  Crucible on Thurs and in the lot across 
the Street Fri and Sat! 1260 7th St Oakland, CA 94607 
 Art and performances by: Burning Ideas, Capacitor, Michael Christian, Cuatro
Caminos, Paul Da Plumber, Mark Deutsche, Fire Arts Collective, Fire
Conclave, Flaming Lotus Girls, Wally Glenn, Bob Hoffman, HypKnowTron by
Gaspo, Illegally Hot, Infinite Kaos, Kabari, Scott Kildall, Kook Troupe, Le
Fiebre featuring Fyrstorm, Marisa Lenhardt, Light Fantastic, Mutaytor,
Phoenix Rising, One People Company Balinese Gamelon Orchestra, RELartivity,
Christopher Schardt, Jack Schroll, David Sloves, Nate Smith, Charlie Smith,
Kal Spelletich of Seemen, Michael Sturtz, Sun Brothers, Therm, Vau de Vire
Society, Buzz Volker, DJ Vordo, Kasia Wojnarski, members of Xeno, and more! 
 Wed, July 7, 7-10:30 p.m.:
Desert and Fire Arts Preview ARTIST LECTURES and Demos; FREE 
 Thurs, July 8, 6:30-10:30 p.m. BENEFIT GALA:
The Crucible & Black Rock Arts Foundation Benefit Gala; $125 
 Fri, July 9, 8-12 p.m. FEATURED NIGHT:
Outdoor Fire Arts Arena & Featured Performances in the large lot across from
The Crucible, parking entrance is on 5th street, $20, $15 in costume!
(illuminated costumes encouraged) 
 Sat, July 10, 8-12 p.m. FEATURED NIGHT:
Outdoor Fire Arts Arena & Featured Performances in the large lot across the
st, parking entrance is on 5th street, $20, $15 in costume! (illuminated
costumes encouraged) 
 Sat, July 10, 1-3 p.m.: AFTERNOON FREE EVENT
Open House, 3-5 p.m. Fire Arts Arena showing, see Saturday's schedule, FREE 

# Every Thu 94.1fm 1-2 pm Herbal Highway
2-3 pm Caroline Casey

# 7/8: Learn about GMOs - July 8th (berkeley)
 GMO Free Alameda County and CafÈ de la Paz present 
 A Dinner and Discussion with Anuradha Mittal of The Oakland Institute 
 Thu July 8 6:00 - 8:30 pm 
$15.00 general admission includes dinner and discussion with the speaker. 
 CafÈ de la Paz  1600 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley  6:00 ñ 7:00 pm Dinner 
GMO-FREE vegetarian cuisine by Russell Bass and the staff of CafÈ de la Paz. 
 7:00 ñ 8:30 pm Discussion  Anuradha Mittal, of the Oakland Institute, speaking on the global struggle against genetically modified organisms in agriculture, and the connection to our struggle for a GMO-free Alameda County. 
 Get the Facts!! 
# 3 windows thu july 8 6-9pm free Guatemala suffered through a 
brutal 36 year civil war that ended in  1996 and left at least
250,000 dead or disappeared.  Three Windows is a look inside 
contemporary post-conflict Guatemala, and how the legacy of 
the war years haunts the country still. Photos by victor j blue.
 3160A 16th St (enter on Albion

# SpaceFace July 8 6-8 pm Free
 Boards illustrating the three design concepts will be on display at
3A Garage Gallery in San Francisco from July 8 to August 6.
 3A Garage Gallery 101 South Park SF
# RSVP thingy 
 Our party starts early (6pm), with spill/sloshover into the Stylus 
party (you know, those folks who were wondering where the hell all the 
FREAKS came from).
 DJs:  Star-D  Scott Manley  Erik Karki  Pyrokitten  Raven Fuzzy Bird
 There ’ll be 1-2 live acts as well as animated shorts (wait a minute, I 
know lotsa people with animated...oh forget it) by Lev 
( ) and (hopefully projections of 
photos & other fun  stuff by the community).
 A stinkin' $5 me make back some of the cash I spent 
throwing the last one!
 It's the same night as Crucible's Fire Arts if you're 
volunteering at that, come by afterwards (it's only ~1 mile away).
 POI SPINNERS--feel free to bring light (not fire) toys!
HULA HOOPERS —bring ‘em!
FOODIES (or people who ’ll be hungry)--Oasis serves up some yummy 
African cuisine (that I managed to grab a few bites of at the last 
party and it was delish!). Come early & have dinner.
 Thursday July 8th 6p-10p (afterparty till 2am)
Oasis - 135 12th St (bet Madison/Oak), Oakland, CA
BART to Lake Merritt or City Center (few blocks)

# 7/8: The Black Rock Arts Foundation & Crucible Benefit GALA Premier Night! (oakland west)
 6:30pm-10:30pm  Inside The Crucible at 1260 7th Street, Oakland (indoor and out) 
$125. ($75 tax deductable)  21 and over, valet parking available  open bar and fine foods 
Call 510-444-0919 x20 or e-mail

# Second Annual Nouveau Salon Fri July 9th Reception 6-10pm Free
 food, drink and great entertainment until 10 p.m. So put on your best
party outfit (so dust off that old dress or your smoking jacket) and
join us! ArtSalon of San Francisco is a group of local artists from very
different backgrounds, reflecting San Francisco's diversity. A
community of artists serves as an audience in a much wider context
than an artist working alone. Just as society in general benefits
from the mix of its population's talents, a community of artists
supports individual talents and uses them as fulcrums for
expressions broader than the individual could achieve. Artistic
communities cannot be confined to the studio or the gallery. Their
vitality spills over into neighborhoods as exhibits, open studios,
show events and other public expressions. Whitney Young Cultural Center
1101 Masonic between Haight and Page  squidlist 

# Not In Our Name Benefit Dinner with Mingus Amungus
 Fri July 9 7 pm-12 am Donations:  $60, $80, $100  all ages
 Zazoo's Waterfront Restaurant and  Nightclub 
 Amazing mediterranean dinner served 7 to 9 pm. Outside deck
overlooking the bay, secured parking and full no host bar.
Tickets for donation! Donations proceed Not in Our Name or call 510-601-8000
 Zazoo's Waterfront Restaurant and Nightclub
15 Embarcadero West, Jack London Square Oakland
# All You Can Eat Fri July 9 7pm-Midnight Free ONE NIGHT ONLY
 Pink Mammoth Gallery 865 Florida St @ 20/21 ttp://
 All You Can Eat is an exploration of food as the subject matter  
 America is consumed with consumption. If we have come to accept, and
even crave, over-processed, mass-produced foods as our sustenance,
what does that say about who we are? Are we really what we eat?

#  Color of Fear documentary screening Fri July 9 6 pm reception,
7 pm screening screening and reception $25, screening only $15
 First Cong Church of Oakland 2501 Harrison   state of race relations

#  Jill Tarter of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) will be Friday, July 9th, 7pm, at the Conference Ctr 
Fort Mason free
 $10 donation NOT required for attendance. scheduled speakers 
2nd Fridays in 02003 Nov. 14 - Brian Eno "The Long Now
Dec. 12 - Peter Schwartz "The Art of the Really Long View"
2nd Fridays in 02004 Jan. 9 - George Dyson
"There's Plenty of Room at the Top: Long-term Thinking About 
Large-scale Computing"
Feb. 13 - James Dewar "Long-term Policy Analysis"
(Dewar is head of RAND's new Pardee Center on very long-term 
policy---35 to 200 years) Mar. 12 - Rusty Schweickart
"The Asteroid Threat Over the Next 100,000 Years"
Apr. 9 - Daniel Janzen "It's ALL Gardening"
(Janzen is the famed conservation biologist based in Costa Rica)
May 14 - David Rumsey "Mapping Time
June 11 - Bruce Sterling
"The Singularity: Your Future as a Black Hole" (background on The 
Singularity by Stewart Brand) July 9th- Jill Tarter, SETI Institute
"Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence - A Necessarily 
Long-Term Strategy" 
August 13 - Phillip Longman "The Depopulation Problem"
September 10 - Danny Hillis "Progress on the 10,000-year Clock"
October 15 - Paul Hawken November 12 - Michael West
"The Prospects of Human Life Extension."
December 3 - Ken Dychtwald (note this is the FIRST friday in this 
month, not the usual second friday)
"The Consequences of Human Life Extension"
2nd Fridays in 02005 April 5, 02005 - Jared Diamond
"How Societies Fail (and sometimes succeed)"

# July 9 Bastille day Parties, SF NorthEast of  Union Square 
Claude, George and Belden Alleys! 6pm-2am

# Runway Show Fri July 9 10PM at 111 Minna Gallery 
 smashing Designs by Eat and by SF Cloud Factory Designers, 
 marvelous music by DJ Tom Thump, & DJ OSIRIS (NY),
rare treats by Eat Designs from our sample sale. $15

# July 9,10,11 11am-7pm each day

142 Throckmorton 

# 013 campout party July 9th, 10th, and 11th.
Campin, hikin, swimmin,  mountain bikin, fishin, 4 wheelin, beat 
bangin, star gaze-in, fresh air breathin, snowboardin and skiin-
(Gotta hike it. There are rails, jumps, a picnic table as well as pond 
 Located in the Sierra mountains about 10 miles from Kirkwood Ski Resort.
music line-up: Friday night - open decks Saturday night -
Hysterisis Loop (live P.A.) - hip-hop-dub-breaks
Ian Foxfire - tech D&B / breaks Erik Karki - house Barbra   more T.B.A. info: 916-452-7649

# Meet new friends and help beautify Golden Gate Park
 Restore the Rhododendron Island Sat July 10 10am-1pm
 Golden Gate Park Rhododendron Island - In front of the 
bathrooms off 36th Ave in GG Park ttp:// 

# CollectivEye presents 'vulnerability two' July 10 7pm-11pm FREE
 Gravity Feed Gallery 1959 Shattuck @ University, Berkeley FREE WIFI
  Hand-blown glass is the one constant, with rotating shows include 
paintings, raku and  kosai pottery, photography, electrified titanium
 CollectivEye is a feminist visual artist collective social-cultural,
 non-hierarchical, consensual  exploration of private places.

 (a day of exploration & dialogue) Inviting new thoughts and insights
 @ First Unitarian Universalist Church 1187 Franklin Street (@ Geary)  DAYTIME SESSION / IDEA CAULDRON
-  Huston Smith, author of The World's Religions
-  Larry Harvey, founder of the Burning Man Project
-  Brian Behlendorf, Open Source evangelist
- John Perry Barlow, Co-Founder EFF plus any more...
 DOZENS OF DISCUSSIONS & BREAKOUTS. to connect and create 
- Feel the pulse of the earth with DJ Ammon
 Moments of awe and wonder -- whether experienced in meditation, 
communing with nature, or in radical self-expression ... how can we 
translate our personal experiences of awe into effective action for 
 benefit of our communities and our world? $75 $45 incl lunch,dinner
 #   The New Progressive Left Movement Presents:
 Communities Speak For Themselves:
 Environmental Racism and Violence in the Community
   Violence in Bayview Hunters Point and other communities of color is on 
the rise and starting to spread. While the media and some political 
leaders choose to blame the parents or youth in these communities, 
activists in the community have been fighting the real causes of 
community violence for years.
   An overall framework of environmental and economic racism has led to 
Bayview Hunters Point and surrounding areas becoming the toxic dumping 
ground for San Francisco. Two power plants, a sewage treatment plant, 
two superfund pollution sites, over 600 hazardous materials sites, two 
highways and other factors contribute to the highest rates of breast 
cancer, asthma and other illnesses in the country. Meanwhile there is a 
lack of economic opportunities, educational resources, health care and 
other necessities for a healthy community.
   There will be a panel presentation by community members and activists 
followed by open discussion, along with cultural performances and a BBQ 
   Progressives everywhere are affected by the root causes of these 
issues, while the battles are being waged in communities of color. All 
progressives are invited to join the community discussion of these 
important issues.
   Panelists include Maurice Campbell, Lynne Brown, Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai, 
Ray Tomkins, John Nauer, Barbara George and Berta Hernandez.
   Saturday July 10, from 12 to 5pm in Hunters Point at the Milton Meyers 
Recreation Center, also known as the Kiska Gym at 195 Kiska Road.
   The 54 Muni from 3rd and Hudson brings you right to the door.
   more info (415) 452-9992
   Sponsored by the New Progressive Left movement, Community First 
Coalition, All Islanders Gathering as One and the Homeless Children's Network
   Read the latest issue of Frontlines at
Local, National and International political news and commentaries.
   Pass the word! Invite a friend to the Conference of Progressive Leftists!
# Are you going to be in New York for the RNC?  So will 1,000s of cops.  
Be prepared.  Know Your Rights.
  Midnight Special Law Collective is giving a fun, interactive training on
your rights (and how cops trick you out of them).  We will include info on
what to expect from the cops and the legal support team in New York.
 7/10  1:30 - 3:30pm  1605 Ashby Ave, Berkeley Paul 510-325-9574.
 We will have Know Your Rights trainings in late July and early August as well,
 same location Sat July 31st, 1:30 - 3:30 pm + Sun, Aug 8 1:30 - 3:30 pm.

# Farifax revivial is $5 at the Fairfax Pavilion near the baseball field 
Sat July 10 From 8pm-12am 
  The Fairfax Music Revival is a monthly gathering at the Fairfax 
Pavilion. Come celebrate the 7th installment of this monthly series as 
we bathe in the delightful ethnic undertones of some amazing original 
live music with an ethnic/electronic theme. We xre pleased to present:
 Govinda (6 degrees / Buddha Bar)
Is the alter-ego of Austin, Texas born producer/composer Shane O 
Madden. He began studying the violin and composition at the age of 
eight and went on to study at the University of Texas School of Music. 
It was O Madden xs pursuit of his gypsy roots that opened his ears to 
the World music scene. During his search, he found a particular 
affinity for the Middle-Eastern, Indian, Celtic and Southern Spanish 
musical cultures. Inspired by his passion for urban psychedelia, he 
combines diverse styles music w/beats,sounds modern electronic music.

# Dear friends, please join us next Saturday, July 10, for a
night-full of psytrance, techno, and chill-out music. 
The party is a fund-raiser for a Burning Man 2004
project that my friend and I are working on, called
the Ambient Armchair Encounter ).   Psytrance:
 Tarasov Brothers (SF) - !live! - a new and exciting local act.
 Shmumer (Boston). Techno, etc.: Alon (LA) Dima (Vintakrut) (SF)
 Peter the Invisible (SF)  Vlad  Ambient/downtempo/IDM/experimental:
 Luka  Misha Mad Professor  Stas  Kovrov (mememe!)
 Video performance by: Denis & friends.  9 p.m. - 5 a.m.  $15
 Some free non-alcoholic drinks provided; feel free to BYOB.
 Studio 1072  1072 Illinois  SFSFSFSSFSFSFSFSFSF

# SUN July 11 3-5pm Fire Arts Fest Free Afternoon Family Event 1260 7th St Oakland
Directions at  Details at   

# SUNDAY July 11 9pm TROUBLE : 7 eleven slurpee party w/
 Baseck & Destro (zod records, milwaukee, wi.)
Caesura (bird goes south)
Aneurysm (Konundrum/Switchcraft)
Unknown23 (shadowcast)
Forest Green (f*kin fairfield usa)
Mochipet (f*kin taiwan r.o.c.)
 Il Pirata 2007 16th St. @ Potrero SF$5

# StudioZ 314 11th St @ Folsom  Thu, July 15, 8PM 
 Let's party to defeat King George & tell Kerry to change his tune to a more compassionate world rhythm! Come hear great music, dance & help WeCount raise funds to get Bush out of office & call on Kerry to adopt more progressive positions on healthcare, Iraq, gay marriage and globalization so we'll actually want to vote for him!
 The party benefits, a San Francisco PAC working for a more progressive America. Non-voters and voters equally welcome.
 Performers include Riffat Sutlana & Party, DJ Beatwalla, NEO EON ONE, Micropixie, Stellar Gas Jets and live tabla players. Subcontinental Asian, Jazz and World beats will abound all evening.
 Appetizers provided. 21 and over please. $7.50 - $20  

# Tantric Booty Call  sensual night of funky beats, live electronic
grooves and tantric booty shakinx
 first 50 people free Tantric Booty Call CD Thu July 15 Club Mighty $10
119 Utah St.  Featured guest Govinda
 Soulsalaam (Future Juju / Hypnomadic)
 DJ Oud (Lumin/ six degrees)
 Rena (Live electronic, downtempo)
 10:00   Rena 11:00   DJ Oud 12:00   Govinda 1:00     Soulsalaam
 performance by Future Trybe. Lush chill spaces by Fuzzy Philippe

# ANON SALON/ Jewel-Eye Tan/SF- 7.17.04 9pm - late
 Stay Tanned for Details
# Sun Jul 18 Coastal Farm and Forest South Bay - Greenbelt Outing 
(PLEASE NOTE DATE CORRECTION) Tour Purisima Greens, a small, diverse organic vegetable farm in a picturesque spot south of Half Moon Bay. Sample some veggies, then go for a short hike in the redwoods at Purisima Creek.  10 AM-2:30 PM Half Moon Bay  RSVP 
 on sept 11, there's organic strawberry picking
 when making reservation, pls email them if you want to cancel, half the people who reserved , aren't able to make it, and most people are turned away cause the reservation is FULL

#  paul reuben's day. drunken redheaded sluts july 24 sat in the mission SF

# SHORT AD: Mutant Vehicle, Show N' Tell Sun July 25  1 pm $5 don
 Bands*, B.B.Q, Toxic Bar and More
 *F-space, Drop Black Sky, Plastination, Blue Max, Six Million Dollar 
Band. 1598 Custer Avenue, San Francisco

# July 25-26, 2004, there will be a mass event world-wide unifying all
spiritual, peace, environmental and artistic, scientific and cultural
organizations under the Banner of Peace on behalf of humanity's
switching tracks and going from the irregular Gregorian to the perfect
harmonic standard of the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar."   -- Dr. Jose Arguelles

# Fri July 30 5:30pm Justin Herman Plaza

# Urban Sustainability Bike Tour! Sat July 31

# Fri Aug 6 5-9pm 1st Fridays art receptions @ Matt Gonzalez' office City Hall

# Aug 6,7,8 French's Camp, Piercy, Humboldt, CA

# Mousetrap... Aug 7th... Haunted Barn: Innes Av. South of Evans, Hunters Point,
 bordering on Naval Shipyard. Life size mousetrap, complete with bowling balls...

# FIREDANCE FESTIVAL An Alchemical Celebration of Drum, Dance, and Song
 Thu Aug 12-Sun Aug 15 Santa Cruz Mountains.

# Sun Aug 15: Mushroom Garden Workday: Presidio Community Gardens 

# Thu Aug 19 Who Owns Water?  Protecting the World's Water 
from Corporate Takeover / water
Fortune magazine has predicted that "water is the oil of the 21 
century," and now corporations are rushing to invest in the new 
get-rich economy of water. Giant water, energy, food, and shipping 
companies have plans to buy water rights, privatize publicly-owned 
water systems, promote bottled water, and sell "bulk" water by 
transporting it from water rich areas to thirsty markets. As the 
world's water becomes scarcer and corporations seek to exploit this 
scarcity for profit, people around the world are losing ownership and 
control of water resources on which they depend. But water is a human 
right; to the extent one has the right to live, one has the right to 
 Join us for a discussion with Juliette Beck and John Gibler of Public 
Citizen's Water for All Campaign. Public Citizen's Water for All 
Campaign is dedicated to protecting water as a common resource, 
stopping water privatization and bulk water sales, and defending 
access to clean and affordable water around the world. Come hear how 
people in California and around the world - from Stockton and Gualala 
to Bolivia and Bangladesh - are defending the global commons and our 
right to water, and find out how you can help. 7 pm - 9 pm
 Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo @ Dwight , Berkeley. Free.
Info: 	510-548-2220 x233
# Aug 27-29 Club Risqué Mendocino

# August 29 - The World Says No to Bush - Worldwide Day of Action 
and protests in NYC during Repub Nat'l Conv (Aug. 30 through Sept. 2)

# August,  Santa Cruz mountains

# full moon August 30th @ 2:22am 

# Aug 30 - Sep 6 2004 fine desert camp art
2x / month Newsletter:

# Sep 11 Power To The Peaceful Concert GG Park Michael Franti

# We need volunteers for the amazing FREE concert  & social justice rally that we produce. 
 6th Annual 911 POWER TO THE PEACEFUL FESTIVAL Saturday September 11 2004
 To volunteer, please email:
 Checks payable to: Power to the Peaceful 3470 19th St SF, CA  94110  USA
# Delectable Day of Play benefit for abused and neglected children on 
09/12/04. City Hall Civic Center

# Earthdance Black Oak Ranch  Sep 17,18,19.

# Washington DC: Sep 18-19

# Sept 25

# Nov 6-7 2004 8th @ Brannan
new economy built upon sustainability, ecology, and social justice 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.