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SF events 9.9
SF events 9.9
SF events 9.9
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Top 25 Censored News Stories

911 - inside job -
Transcript of Mike Ruppert's 8/31/04 address for the Commonwealth  Club

CIA and DoD Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq — and Failed

Political Prisoner in NYC

Medical Insanity

Help save the West Memphis Three.

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fun events:

- Thu, 9/9: Fringe Festival -- Late Night w/God
- Fri, 9/10: Oakland -- w/Prozack Turner
- Fri, 9/10: Sublounge -- Sister SF (me in drag!)
- Sat, 9/11: KRON Channel 4 -- TV appearance
- Sat, 9/11: Fringe Festival -- Late Night w/God
- Sat, 9/11: Anon Salon -- 9th & Folsom
- Sat, 9/11: Studio 352 -- 3rd & Clement
- Sun, 9/12: Civic Center Plaza -- Day for Kids
Andrew Chaikin, aka Kid Beyond |
subscribe: send an email to:
or see complete calendar @

9/9 Local Vigil to Commemorate the 1000th U.S. Deaths in Iraq
# CODE PINK BAY AREA ALERT! UN Plaza; Market @ 7 5pm Thu Sep 9th.
 Bring candles, wear pink and/or black. If you cannot join us at the UN 
Plaza, organize a vigil in your own neighborhood.
 One Thousand Young Americans Have Died in Iraq, Almost Seven Thousand 
Are Maimed, and Many Thousands of Iraqis Have Died. The President Won't 
Mourn Our Dead, But We Will. Please join CODEPINK and hundreds of other 
peace and justice groups to say: Enough to Endless War and Suffering, 
Bring Them Home NOW.
  Also, remember to stop by the free Power to the Peaceful concert with 
Michael Franti and Spearhead this Saturday, September 11, 11pm - 5pm at 
the Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park (for more info, see

# Thu, Sep 9 5-9pm  SPARK BLOCK PARTY and BAVC Open House
Florida @ Mariposa & 17th) Free or $5 don

# 1st Thurs Art receptions 49 Geary @ Market/3rd 12 Galleries 5:30-7

# Bats! Thu Sep 9 7:30–9 PM FREE Randall Museum  
 Can You Eat a Thousand Mosquitoes in an Hour?  Want to find out
who can?  Come join us for a journey through the amazing world
of California bats.  Using images from projects she has
participated in, Heather Canfield will show us the beauty and
necessity of our closest flying relatives.  We’ll also look at what
people are doing here, and throughout the world, to conserve
them.  San Francisco Naturalist Society general meeting.  Social
hour at the Lucky 13 to follow.  For more information, contact
Patrick at (415) 681-7290 or  Free.
 Randall Museum 199 Museum Way (off Roosevelt Way)
San Francisco      squidlist

# Mystic Family Circus presents  UNDER ONE UMBRELLA
 AN AMAZING Coming Together of the Most Inspired Talent of OUR TIME
 THU SEP 9, 2004 performance by: EL CIRQUITO - straight from desert, 
members of legendary El Circo perf. troupe sculpt the magic of dreamtime
music by: RANDOM RAB - all original LIVE electronic music of the
muse (EL CIRCO, Ashland, OR)
 OOAH -  an extreme mix of the most full-on funky
breaks (TERPSICHORE, Los Angeles)
 EL PAPACHANGO -  funky latin electro breakbeats (EL CIRCO, Argentina)
 111 Minna Art Gallery, 111 Minna @t 2nd St $5 b4 9 pm; $10 aft  9pm 
8pm - 2am

 # Mediate and Destroy Film Fundraiser Thu Sept 9 9p-2a $12 
12 Galaxies 2565 Mission @ 22nd

# DESHRET / SF - 9.9.04 Future Juju  presents:
 THU SEP 9 EL Rio 3158 Mission  $7, 10pm-2am, 21 and over
 A Night of Arabic Breakbeat,  Moroccan Drum'n' Bass,
 Turkish Hip-hop, Persian Dub & Sounds of the Eastern Mystic
 - PROFESSOR SHEHAB  (Baboon Records, NYC)
 -  SOULSALAAM (Divination / Magic of Juju / Hypnomadic)

# US War Propaganda in Film: Patriotism and the Politics 9/10 4 -9PM 766 Valencia
4pm The Siege (1998) 7 pm Red Dawn (1984)  shown with Red Nightmare 
# Tattooing The Living Dead Fri Sep 10 7pm-11pm Free Lo-Fi Customs 
presents tattoo artwork from artists of New Skool (San Jose) 
& Sacred Tattoo (Oakland). Artists include-Devon Blood, Matt Howse, 
Salem & Tyson & many others. Come see some awesome artwork at 
Lo-Fi's new shop. Mix & mingle, then get drunk at zeitgheist!
 Lo-Fi Customs 69A Duboce Above Scuderia, across from Zeitgheist.

# Anal Fisting & Fun with Screwup  Fri Sep 10 7:30 PM EROS 2051 Market 
 @ Duboce and Church) helpful hints with other trans and queer folks in a
gender-free discussion and demo. Come ... You know you
want to! This event is open to all genders and will be
held in the meeting space at Eros. Folks sometimes go
out for coffee or food afterwards, so come prepared! 
 Screwup is a BDSM space for trannies, genderfucks,
intersexuals, gender deviants, queers, genderqueers, &
our play pals.  $2-5 suggested donation. 
For more info: ,

# Get Freaky Sept 10 anniversary event 119 Utah @15 St. SF
 Adam Freeland  Freq Nasty  Tipper  Lorin   
Adam Ohana Brother  Laird  Ooah  Neptune  
Jocelyn  Rena   outside area as well with music More to be added
 an-ten-nae mailing list

# 9/11 Truth Convergence Birthing a New World Through Facing America's Shadow
 with Jim Marrs, Medea Benjamin, and Swami Beyondananda
 Fri-Sat Sep 10-11 College of Marin 835 College Ave. Kentfield, CA
 An event packed with powerful speakers, revelations, entertainment, and 
practical steps to heal our country and our world on the third 
anniversary of 9/11.  
 Many movements are converging around the recognition that 9/11 offers an 
unprecedented opportunity for powerful positive change. Featuring films 
and expert speakers, this conference will address 9/11 as a symptom of a 
larger social, political, and spiritual crisis.  We will face the shadow 
side of American power by examining the growing body of evidence for 
cover-up and complicity.  Our speakers and entertainers will then offer 
pathways to transformation through inspired truth-telling, peacemaking, 
social change, humor, and forgiveness.
 Pre-Conference Film Festival - 7:30 pm Friday night, Olney Hall, FREE!
7:30 - The Great Conspiracy, by Barrie Zwicker (world premiere)
8:45 - Excerpts from International 9/11 Inquiry, Phase 1 (San 
Francisco), Phase 2 (Toronto)        Conference  
 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, Sat., Fusselman Hall, $20 donation, $10 student- no 
one turned away for lack of funds
 9:30 Facts and Findings   Ken Jenkins, video producer/activist
Jim Hoffman & Don Paul, co-authors of 9/11 Great Crimes - A Greater Cover-up
Jim Marrs, bestselling journalist, author of Inside Job: Unmasking the 
9/11 Conspiracies         1:30 Social Change Implications  
Ralph Schoenman, veteran journalist, author
Byron Belitsos, publisher, Origin Press, author of The Global Democrat
Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Global Exchange, Code Pink
Robert Rabbin, author, founder of
 4:30 Healing & Humor    Stephen Dinan, author of Radical Spirit
Colette VanPraag, author of Gateways of the Divine, performing artist
Errol & Rochelle Strider, Innertainment
Neal Rogin as "The Kernel"
Swami Beyondananda, humorist, author of Swami for Precedent
 VIP Reception
 7:00 - $75 donation, including delicious food and bonus entertainment 
from Swami Beyondananda and Neal Rogin plus the chance to meet 
illustrious speakers and guests.
 Co-sponsors: Students for Social Responsibility,, Marin 
Peace & Justice Coalition, San Francisco 911 Truth Alliance, Origin 
Press.  Interfaith Room for healing and prayer, with leading healers and 
spiritual teachers.
 For press inquiries, call 415-453-4023.  For more information, call 
415-453-4073 or see

911 - Inside job - - - - -  - 
# This is a "Friendly Favors" event; go to to sign up.
2004 Sep 11th - Sat at 9:30 AM Sir Francis Drake @ College, Kentfield.
JIM MARRS & KEVIN DANAHER - 9/11 Conference in Marin
9/11 as a symptom of a larger social, political, and spiritual crisis.
Transformation through inspired truth-telling, peace-making, and
forgiveness. Location: College of Marin, Fusselman Hall Please see DETAILS at > EVENTS
# Sep 11 Power To The Peaceful Concert GG Park Michael Franti

# What's your library doing on September 11?
 September Project collection of people, groups, orgs working to create
day of engagement, a day of conversation, a day of democracy.

# Sat, Sep 11, 2004 10am Rally in SF Panhandle  Oak / Fell/Ashbury
Global Day of Action in support of the 9-11 Truth and Peace
 10:15 AM march/parade up Ashbury to Haight Street through Golden Gate 
Park to Speedway Meadow (about two miles) to arrive at the
6th Annual 911 Power to the Peaceful Concert featuring Michael Franti & 
Spearhead beginning at 11AM, concert & social justice festival lasts until 
5PM and is free to all. Music, Art, Humor, Endorsements welcome.
 Endorsers of the protest include- Berkeley Gray Panthers, Grandmothers For 
Peace International, Riva Enteen- Chair, KPFA Local Station Board, 
Brandon Batzloff- Director, Free Voices  Veteran's 
for Peace- Chapter 69  
East Bay Food Not Bombs
For more details contact- Carol Brouillet, Northern California 9-11 
Truth Alliance,, 650-857-0927

# SAT SEP 11 UN PLAZA 11a-1pm
Nadia McCaffrey - MFSO - Rachel Avila - MFSO  Lily Adams  
Samina Faheem – Executive Director, American Muslim Voices – will
 Michael Blecker - - Executive Director, Swords to Ploughshares - 
 how  war economy,budgetary cutbacks affect services communities
 Other speakers to be announced… Music by Annie and the Vets
 Reading of the names of dead soldiers and civilians
# We need volunteers for the amazing FREE concert  & social justice rally
 6th Annual 911 POWER TO THE PEACEFUL FESTIVAL Sat Sept 11 
payable to: Power to the Peaceful 3470 19th St SF, CA  94110  USA

# Pot Luck/Speaker Gathering Marin Living Foods Community 
 65 Calypso Shores, Novato, CA 94949 raw food dish to serve 8
$3 don Hugh (415) 883-5201 

# Sat Sept 11, 8pm-4am “9-11: The Day the Lie Died” at
art, dance, music, film, performance and community dedicated to raising 
awareness and mobilization in regards to the Sept 11, 2001, attacks.  
Featuring the film, “Hijacking Catastrophe,” speakers, performances, art 
installations, and audiovisual art by djs/vjs: Neptune, Chris Sia & 
Geeno, An*Ten*Nae, Brother, Videojon, Caroluna, “9-11: The Day the Lie 
Died” is both a memorial of the victims and a mobilization of our 
community to seek the truth of the Sept 11, 2001 events, in order to 
restore true democracy and peace.  free,public.  Freedom to the republic.

# 9/11 Orange Alert! subversive electronic music 9pm $7
 21 Grand 449 B 23rd St x Broadway & Telegraph) Oakland   squid

# September Babies Bash and Homeless Youth Benefit Sat Sept. 11 
9:30PM-2AM $5 DJ 4am  DJ Amy Yvonne Yu DJ Aye-n DJ ericPop 
DJ Kapshure  DJ Mal 119 Utah @ 15

# http://www.anonsalon.comPost-Playa Post-Power to Peaceful You-topia!
 SAT SEP 11 @ Anon Gallery 285 9th St (@ Folsom) 9 pm - late-ish
 $10 b4 10pm $15 after 10pm in Wondrous Wear $20 Folded, Unflared
# Delectable Day of Play benefit for abused and neglected children on 
09/12/04. City Hall Civic Center

# Sunday, Sept 12    Free Opera and FREE BEER in  Golden Gate Park  
11:15 a.m. 415/710-2533
Sharon Meadow  southeastern end of park @ Children's Playground 
/ tennis courts / Victorian Glass House.  Opera 1:30-4:00), 
but to help with seating please try to join group during singing 
warm-ups by 11:15 a.m. 

# San Francisco Tesla Society free series of Tesla Based
Wellness Electronics Briefings Sun Sep 12 1 - 5 p.m.  
 - NEW MEETING LOCATION -  Round Table Pizza
Banquet Room on 2nd Floor 5160 Geary Blvd. (at 16th Ave.)
THOMAS VALONE, Ph.D., "Electrotherapy with Tesla Coil Design:
An Introduction to Bioelectromagnetics".
 JEFFREY BEHARY  "Turn of the Century Electrotherapy Discoveries".
 RALPH SUDDATH  "Discovery of High Voltage Electromagnetic Healing Devices".
 RYN RAEVIS "Healing With Electricity: Increasing Normality In Soft Tissue Healing".
 MARK NEVEU, Ph.D. "Cancer & Electromagnetic Frequency
Therapy: An Emerging Opportunity".
 The September briefings are presented via DVD's originally
recorded by Lost Arts Media & The Integrity Research Institute
(800-952-5678) at the First Nikola Tesla Energy Conference &
Exposition, Sheraton College Park Ballroom, Beltsville, Maryland,
November 8-9, 2003. Details about the speakers topics & bio data 

# SF LiFE's potluck will be on September 12, the second Sunday in
September.  There will be no speaker. Support Group and socializing. 
 l pm 630 Valencia @ l7th St  $3 for non-memb + a raw vegan potluck
Call Sproutline for details (415) 751-2806 
# Headwaters Reunion Sep 13th-17  Grizzly Creek State Park Campgrounds. 
RSVP Shunka Wakan North Coast Earth First! (707) 268-5613

# Sep 15 Wed SpiralMuse Appreciation Party**
 Join us this evening to give thanks and honor the many accomplishments of
SpiralMuse so far this year and those who have participated so generously in
seeing them come to fruition.  Also a time to unveil new ideas and avenues
for the coming year and an opportunity for people to take on greater roles
in the expansion of the organization.  Don't miss it!!! 7-10p.m. 
 SpiralMuse, Home of WellBeing 3387 22nd St @ Guererro), SF
 Cost:  No Charge - Donations of any kind always welcome!! free  RSVP: 
Marcella 415-595-7984 ~

# Thu, Sep 16 5:30 pm Take It Personally: The Global Water Crisis
The Commonwealth Club of California 595 Market 2nd floor
 Dame Anita Roddick, Founder of the Body Shop, Author, Activist
 Reception: 5:30 p.m. / Program 6p.m. / Booksigning 7:15 p.m. $15
# Earthdance Black Oak Ranch  Sep 17,18,19.
Laytonville, on Highway 101 3 hours North of SF
 Mickey Hart - Ozomatli- Michael Franti & Spearhead- Blackalicious
- Midnite- The Everyone Orchestra with Steve Kimock- Particle
- New Monsoon- Jillian Speer- Wavy Gravy- Wisdom with Radioactive
- Tre Hardson (Pharcyde)- Foxgluv- Ganga Giri- Rhyme Related
- Luna Angel- Late Night Sneaky- Universal Language
- Chris Berry and Panjea- David Gans- Dianne Patterson
- Eagle Spirit Native American Drums and Dance
- Tina Malia & The Choir of Peace-  Alma Melodiosa [details]
-  Trance Zen Dance-  Shaman's Dream-  Sasha Butterfly Band [details]
-  Stephen Kent and Trance Mission-  Kali's Angels-  Joanne Rand & more 

# California Coastal Cleanup Day - Sept 18
California Coastal Commision detailed info events, loc ,  contacts

# SF Veg Soc dinner Urban Forage, 561 Valencia Sat Sep 18 6:30 p.m.  
# Washington DC: Sep 18-19

# "How Berkeley can you be" Parade SUN SEP 19 

# Fri Sep 24 5:30pm Justin Herman Plaza

# Sept 25

# GI Rights Hotline Training on Sep 25 9am to 4pm Oakland
 info / register for training: 
510-465-1617  or 888-231-2226 G.I. Rights hotline ‹ 800-394-9544 
 make a donation 

# World Vegetarian Day we need your help Sun 26 Sep Golden Gate Park Noelle

# Sun Sep 26 @ 7th/12th  10a-6p

 # Wed, Sep 29, 2004 - Sat, Oct 2, 2004      
 Engineers for a Sustainable World National Conference, SOLUTIONS FOR A 
SHRINKING PLANET: Sustainable Engineering and Enterprise
Stanford Univ

 Herbst International Exhibition Hall Building 385 Moraga @ Montgomery 
(south of the bowling center, off Arguello)  SF Presidio

# Oct 1-3 NorCal Arts and Music Fest Psychedelic City. town all to 

# SAt OCT 2-World Nonviolence & Peace Day-Gandhi Day- Palo Alto
Cubberley Aud 4000 Middlefield

)'( SF Decompression Sun Oct 10 
volunteer, theme camp, art, perform )'(

# Sun Oct 10 1pm MOHSEN HOURMANESH, D.E.D., presents
"The Role of Salt and Water in the Human Metabolism for Optimal Health"

# Sun Nov 14 1pm JASMINA L.VUJIC, Ph.D.  (rescheduled) presents
"Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit The World".
 An printable pdf description of our Fall 2004 meetings is available at:
# Global WALKOUT for Peace, Freedom & Justice for all
 FRI OCT 22, 2004

# national Liberation Now! conference
UC Berkeley Oct 29-31 $10 includes 
vegan meals, a free gift bag, and tons of great speakers

# Corporations trying to gut nations's strongest consumer protection 
in Nov. election with Prop 64:
 They're claiming lawsuits that help people are "frivolous."  
 Vote NO on prop 64, which would also gut environmental protections.

# Nov 6-7 2004 8th @ Brannan
new economy built upon sustainability, ecology, and social justice 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.