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Lawsuit Filed Against George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney

Marjorie Cohn | The Gonzales Indictment

Humans Used as Guinea Pigs by US Government and Military 

ANTI-WAR.US is dedicated to the free distribution of anti-war graphic material.

ECO FOCUS | DuPont Accused of Concealing Teflon Ingredient's Health Risk

Apocalypse Soon: Has Environmental Abuse Finally Gone too Far?

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us,6903,1153513,00.html 

FYI: Bush's 34 Scandals

Thur Jan 20  Protest Coronation of Dictator Bush

# Counter-Inaugeral Protest January 20, 2005, 
10:00 AM- 7:00 PM, Civic Center, San Francisco Polk @ Grove

A full day of resistance to Bush and all he represents!

7 am: Greet the morning commuters declaring "Not Our President!" with
banner drops and banner holds at highway overpasses and major
intersections all over the bay area from San Jose to Santa Rosa! Claim
a corner with your friends, step out in front of your school, stand at
your favorite intersection (never alone!) or call us to hook up with
our banners!

10:30 am: Not In Our Name Sonoma County will be protesting outside the
Federal Building in San Francisco. At the time of the actual swearing
in (11 am) there will be a mock inauguration and we will turn our backs
on Bush in synchronicity with the protest in Washington, D.C. At the
time when Bush takes the oath of office, we will shout a collective NO!

4 pm: Join Not in Our Name at Powell & Market. We will march down Market
Street to the rally at SF Civic Center.

5 pm: "Stop the War! Fight the Right!" march and rally. Gather at SF
Civic Center. Join the Not in Our Name contingent--look for earth
flags, red "Not Our President!" signs and banners.

# Thu, Jan 20 9:00 am Let America Be America Again
BART Plaza Downtown Berkeley 9:00AM - (2-8 hours)  Scroll down 2 pages for more.

# Counter-Inaugeration Protest at Civic Center
Veteran's for Peace and I will be at the Civic Center beginning at 10:00 
AM- with the large Deception Dollar banner, other banners, tables,
resource  materials, a sound system.
Veteran's for Peace will bring
panels showing  the soldiers killed in Iraq and we will read the names of
those killed.  If  you are free in the daytime and want to do something-
we could use  help.  We will be there from 10 AM til 7 PM (I'll be setting
up at  9AM).  We'll also have lots of picket signs and other signs to pass
out for  the big rally at 5-7. At 4 PM we do hope for a large contingent
of NC 9-11  Truth Alliance to join us... but you are welcome to come
earlier. - Carol Brouillet -

Demand investigation of 911 cover-up! - - - -  -  - - -

# Call in Sick of Bush on Coronation Day
Free stickers and bonus rant at:

# Where will you be on Black Thursday?

# Jan 20 Fraudulent inauguration of war criminal GW Bush GENERAL STRIKE
Also Massive National Protests:

# ALL OUT FOR January 20 Counter-Inaugural &
March 19/20 Global Day of Protest on 2nd Anniversary of the war
All cities across the globe. Global:
5pm Thu Jan 20 in SF: 

NEW  ORLEANS, LOUISIANA  JAN 20, 2005 @ 11:00  A.M.

 Progressive students at Stanford are holding a Stand Up for Change rally this Thurs., Jan. 20 from noon to 1pm on the campus. Speakers include Larry Everest, author of “Oil, Power and Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda.” The public is encouraged to attend. Speak out and stand up for your progressive values on Inauguration Day! 
 Location: White Plaza, Stanford University, Stanford, California.

# Inauguration Day Protest reminder
Thursday, January 20 5:00 PM SF Civic Center plaza Polk @ Grove  

# Thu, Jan 20 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm COIT TOWER VIGIL Live Worms Gallery
1345 Grant Avenue, between Vallejo and Green

# Thu, Jan 20 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Lytton Plaza University & Emerson Palo Alto

# SF League of Pissed Off Voters General Meeting
Thu Jan 20 7:30 PM
It's 2005, so take a deep breath. . .and kick off the year with our next general meeting and potluck! 

WHEN: Thursday, Jan 20th; Potluck to start at 6:30, general meeting to begin at 7:30pm 
WHERE: at the fabulous art collective, Infinite Kaos, 136 Taylor St. (@Turk St, 2 blocks from the Powell St. BART station), San Francisco 
*come see guest performer Dan Hoyle, who recently held a show, "Circumnavigator," at The Marsh, and who will spit some shit on his volunteer efforts in Tampa, FL, during last year's election.* 

Word has it that the world is protesting Bush's inauguration that day. If you're planning to gather at City Hall tomorrow at 5pm for protests (see for more details), then plan on meeting with THE LEAGUE afterwards! Voice your thoughts about the actions from that day and then help set the League's course of action. 

We have good things coming our way as we strive to build our collective power in the coming weeks, months, and years. Join us next week and renew your commitment to the SF League by becoming officials members, complete with benefits and decision-making power in the League! We'll also chop it up about partnerships we're building with other organizations in San Francisco, political issues we're gonna take action on, and opportunities to get involved! 
So bring some eats, hear some beats, and bring all the energy you've got next Thursday. Can't wait to see you there! 

Want to know more? Sign up here, here, and here: 
1. the League: 
2. BetaIndyvoter, our online network: 
3. The League tribe:

# What We Do Now Thu Jan 20 7:30 PM Make Out Room 
3225 22nd St @ Valencia & Mission
PLEASE RSVP for Jan 20th by sending an email to: 
FORWARD this Evite to others: 

FOR EVERYONE who woke up on November 3rd and asked "What the &%^$#@ do we do now?" here's a fun and constructive way to spend Inauguration Day. 

JOIN US: for a Counter-Inaugural party, where we'll celebrate the publication of brand-new (aptly-titled) WHAT WE DO NOW -- an anthology featuring essays by Howard Dean, Greg Palast, Donna Brazille and other leading progressive voices that outline new ideas for life in a post 11/2 world. 

FEATURING remarks by contributing author Danny Schechter -- Emmy award-winning investigative journalist, TV producer, filmmaker and blogger-in-chief of, the world's largest online media issues network. 

PLUS local leaders of innovative political groups who started fighting back on Nov 3rd will discuss what we can all do now to ensure our candidates and causes succeed. 

ONE MORE THING...The Bay Area rocked during the 2004 campaign and, after Nov 2nd, people began asking us what they could do. That's why we're starting The Party Progressive, a series of fun and entertaining politically-oriented events designed to maintain the momentum created by the 2004 campaign and keep us politically engaged. 

This book launch party is the first in the series, so please forward this Evite to anyone who might be interested in it or future events. Just click "Tell Friends" and enter their email. Or send them a link to this Evite:  SEE YOU January 20th!  Peace, 

* Wear a white ribbon of mourning for those who have lost their lives to
the Iraq War
* "Not One Damn Dime!" Don't spend a dime on January 20! Spend your time
and contribute to the growing resistance to the Bush Agenda and all it
* "Turn Your Back On Bush!" Wherever you are, write your message on your
back and with your office, or friends, turn your back! and TAKE A
PICTURE to send in to
* Declare NO - wherever you are! Put the poster in your window! Create a
climate of resistance!
Not in Our Name
3945 Opal Street, Oakland CA 94609
phone: 510-601-8000

# 1/20: Nature's Economy (The Aurora Forum's free public lecture) (palo alto)
 Nature's Economy: Population, Consumption, and Sustainability 
Thu Jan 20  7:30 pm, Kresge Auditorium (Doors 6:00 pm)  Stanford
Stanford Conservation Biologists Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich with Gretchen Daily 
In their new book, One with Nineveh, Stanford conservation biologists Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich discuss three challenging global trends: increasing population, rising consumption, and growing political and economic inequities. In a conversation moderated by ecologist Gretchen Daily, the Ehrlichs give cause for concern yet offer reasons to hope.

 9 a.m., Jan 20, 2005
BART Plaza in Downtown Berkeley


At 9 o'clock in the morning, on January 20, 2005, at the moment the
oath of office is being administered in Washington, D.C., Artists and
Writers for Peace will bring people together in BART Plaza in Downtown
Berkeley, California to read the Langston Hughes poem "Let America Be
America Again."  And then to read it again. Anyone who wants to join in
will have a chance to come to the microphone--the reading will continue
until everyone has had a turn or the light has dimmed.

We are sending out a call to people all over the country to make this
reading a part of their Inauguration day activities. We like the idea of
the words... "Land that never has been yet and yet must be..."  drowning
out the pontification and lies that will emanate from our nation's
capitol that day. And we like the idea of everyone speaking the verses
of protest at the very moment--12 noon EST--of the inauguration

While "Let America Be America Again" was first published in 1936, it
speaks to us today with a voice both critical and hopeful.

If you are planning an event, please contact us at with news of your
participation, so we can keep the press apprised of the scope of the

For updates and a link to the poem go to

Bonnie Hughes

"Masters of War" lyrics:
"War Is A Racket!" - General Smedley Butler, USMC
Lake Merritt Neighbors Organized for Peace (LMNOP):
Weekly peace walks at Lake Merritt in Oakland.

# Not One Damn Dime Day - Jan 20, 2005
Since our religious leaders will not speak out against the war in
Iraq, since our political leaders don't have the moral courage t
oppose it, Inauguration Day, Thursday, January 20th, 2005 is "Not
One Damn Dime Day" in America.

On "Not One Damn Dime Day" those who oppose what is happening in our
name in Iraq can speak up with a 24-hour national boycott of all forms
of consumer spending.

During "Not One Damn Dime Day" please don't spend money. Not one damn
dime for gasoline. Not one damn dime for necessities or for impulse
purchases. Not one damn dime for nothing for 24 hours.

On "Not One Damn Dime Day," please boycott Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target...
Please don't go to the mall or the local convenience store. Please
don't buy any fast food (or any groceries at all for that matter).

For 24 hours, please do what you can to shut the retail economy down.
The object is simple. Remind the people in power that the war in Iraq
is immoral and illegal; that they are responsible for starting it and
that it is their responsibility to stop it.

"Not One Damn Dime Day" is to remind them, too, that they work for
the people of the United States of America, not for the internationa
corporations and K Street lobbyists who represent the corporations and
funnel cash into American politics.

"Not One Damn Dime Day" is about supporting the troops.

Now 1,200 brave young Americans and (some estimate) 100,000 Iraqis
have died. The politicians owe our troops a plan - a way to come home.

There's no rally to attend. No marching to do. No left or right wing
agenda to rant about. On "Not One Damn Dime Day" you take action by
doing nothing.
You open your mouth by keeping your wallet closed.

For 24 hours, nothing gets spent, not one damn dime, to remind our
religious leaders and our politicians of their moral responsibility to
end the war in Iraq and give America back to the people.
Please share this email with as many people as possible



-- If you are an employee, take Thursday, January 20 off.  Take a 
vacation day, a personal day, call in sick.  I don't care. Just don't 
work. (Emergency workers excluded).

-- If you own a business, (and I realize this is a very big request), 
close down your business on January 20. Put a message on your 
voicemail letting anyone who calls know why you are closed.  Put a 
sign in your window.  Just do it!

-- If you have a website, take it down, and put up a page that says 
your business is closed because you are mourning the death of your 
country, the end of democracy and the US as we have known it, the 
stolen election and the illegal inauguration of bush!

-- If you have friends outside the US, tell them not to buy an 
american product, an american stock, conduct business with an 
american firm, nothing!

-- AND NO ONE HERE BUYS A THING!  Not a bottle of water, a 
pay-per-view movie, a candy bar, a gallon of gas, a pack of 
cigarettes, nothing. Get organized and do it the day before.

While you are sitting home, pick up the phone and call the media and 
tell them what you are doing. (This is the ONLY thing you are allowed 
to spend money on.) Call your senators and representatives if you 
think it will do any good.

They wouldn't listen to us when we called and emailed and filed 
lawsuits.  They thought that they were going to steal our country and 
our freedom, send us to war, put the profits in their pockets and 
then rub our faces in it by inaugurating bush?  I say NO WAY!

On Inauguration Day Protest!

Our religious leaders will not speak out against the war in Iraq. Our 
political leaders don't have the moral courage to oppose it. And our 
"free" press has been so bought out by mega corporations they could 
not even find the wherewithal to investigate a stolen presidential 

And now, on January 20th we are being asked to accept the man who 
brought us this new world order as our leader?

Inauguration Day, Thursday, January 20th, 2005 is the day we SHUT 
DOWN THE U.S. ECONOMY for 24 Hours.

That's right. The War Machine, The Military Industrial 
Complex,Political Lobbyists, Corporate control of the media. It's all 
about money. This time, we hit them where it hurts.


Not one damn dime for gasoline. Not one damn dime for necessities or 
for impulse purchases. Not one damn dime for anything for 24 hours.

Boycott Walmart, KMart and Target. Don't go to the mall or the local 
convenience store. Don't buy any fast food (or any groceries at all 
for that matter). For 24 hours, please do what you can to shut the 
retail economy down.

Not one dime on pay per view, stamps, don't put mail in your mailbox, nothing.

The object is simple. Don't spend, Don't work, Don't participate in 
the economy.

Send A Unified Message To Washington

The People of the United States CAN and WILL come together in a time 
of crisis. We will take steps as necessary to secure our country.
Let Mr. Bush consider THAT as he takes his OATH of OFFICE.

There's no rally to attend. No marching to do. No left or right wing 
agenda to rant about. On "Not One Damn Dime Day" you take action by 
doing nothing.

You open your mouth by keeping your wallet closed.
  For 24 hours, nothing gets spent, not one damn dime, no one works 
except emergency workers.


++++++++++++++++++++++++++STOP THE WALL++++++++++++++++++++++++++

BLACK THURSDAY, January 20, 2005
The Idea Is Simple. Just Like The President.
This January 20th:
- Call in sick to work
- Don't buy anything
...and write to your newspaper, your senator and your representative to tell them why.

The re-election of George W. Bush, in spite of his innumerable failures of policy and practice throughout his first term, inspires disbelief among many. How is it that a man who has overseen the deaths of over 100,000 people in the course of a war fought on specious grounds at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars and in violation of international laws manages to retain his office? How is it that a man who seemingly dedicates himself to the eradication of virtually all socially-beneficial government programs from public education to social security retains the confidence of a large portion of the population? And how is it that the national press can continually ignore the abundant evidence of incompetence and malfeasance, maintaining a posture of ostensibly impartial reportage even as they recount a once-unimaginable litany of absurdities, deceits, and insanities ranging from the scuttling of social programs to state-sanctioned torture in military  prisons?

  And, how is it that the wishes of the majority of Americans for such things as a decent living wage, a sane healthcare system, a modicum of environmental protection, a few reasonable limits on corporate power, an equitable taxation system, and laws which respect rather than mock constitutional rights are so cavalierly disregarded? Simple: Our leaders aren't listening.

  Well, perhaps we aren't speaking loudly enough. And perhaps we're not speaking in a language that the administration, its corporate supporters, and the media readily understand.

   There is, though, a language that they understand, and it's one that you speak: The language of dollars. The dollars they make from your purchases, the dollars they make from your labor, and the dollars that flow into federal coffers when you pay your taxes. 
Your dollars are their power. The more of your dollars you give to them, the more power they have. Conversely, the more you keep for yourself, the more power you have. It's that simple.

  While one person deciding not to work or spend for a single day won't make a noticeable difference, there is strength in numbers. 49% of this country - at least - voted against George W. Bush, his wars, his neglect of the lower and middle classes, his assault on the environment, and his disregard for the rights and liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. That's 49% of the population who could - if they wanted - take the day of George Bush's second inauguration to let him know in no uncertain terms that they're sick and tired of being exploited, sick and tired of unjust wars waged in their name, sick and tired of having their grandchildren's legacy squandered through ballooning deficits, sick and tired of seeing their country's natural resources plundered by his corporate pals.

   On January 20th, people across the country will join together to speak in one voice. By staying home from work, by  not buying products from chain stores, by turning off their cable TV, by not buying (or using) gasoline or other oil-based products, by not making long-distance phone calls - in an infinite number of ways, Americans will send George Bush a message he sorely needs to hear. America expects accountability, transparency, humanity and justice from an administration which has, up to now, provided little in any of these areas.

   For one day, why not keep your power where it belongs: In your hands. Pass this message along to your family, friends, and co-workers, and let them know that they can make their voices heard too. On January 20th, let your voice join with thousands of others in rising from a whisper to a shout - a shout that the Bush Administration can't ignore.


Non Bush related events Thu Jan 20:

# 1/20 at 4-5pm in Oakland: Emergency Labor Action at Albertson's
Albertson’s 3250 Lakeshore Ave 

Thu Jan 20 7:00 PM CELLspace  2050 bryant. st
The Media Arts Lab will be hosting the 1st Annual Film Festival. 
Showcasing the work of Local Film Artists: 
In PSA, political shorts, environmental documentaries, music videos, 
animations, independent shorts and unfinished works. 
WHERE: CELLSPACE 2050 Bryant St. (Btn 18th & 19th)        FREE or contact 415-648-7562

# Jan 20, Thu 7-9:30pm Free Spiritual Movies
gathering, 2141 Broadway, Oakland

# Tsunami Relief Benefit in Berkeley Thu Jan 20 8:00 PM
 Julia Morgan Center for the Arts  2640 College Ave. Berkeley 

Perform in TSUNAMI RELIEF BENEFIT concert 
January 20th at BERKELEY's Julia Morgan Center for the Arts 
Suggested donation for the benefit is $25/more if you can. 

KITKA: Women's Vocal Ensemble 

Fri Jan 21

# FRI JAN 21, 2005, 2:30-5 PM Novato
This event is part of a larger comprehensive draft/recruitment educational series in Marin.
For ongoing activities including weekly peace vigils, 
weekly organizing meetings, and committee meetings:

# Keep Abortion Legal: Jan. 21 & 22 in SF
Join us the evening of Friday, January 21 to remember... (a staged reading of “Voices From the Alley")
Join us Saturday, January 22 to fight... proposed direct action when 10,000 anti-choice activists are descending on San Francisco, to erode public support for legalized abortion (to get involved in organizing direct action on Saturday January 22, or for more info in general on either day, please contact for more about the Jan. 22 pro-choice march)
 WE”LL NEVER GO BACK - Keep Abortion Legal Friday Jan 21  7:00 PM
 Osage Alley (directly next to Café La Boheme and across from the 24th St. BART station
 “Voices From the Alley” A Living Newspaper
 Written by Elizabeth Creely Directed by Lucie Field
Join us for a staged reading of “Voices From the Alley”, a Living Newspaper that tells the stories of women who survived illegal abortions. Before Roe v Wade became the law, more than 200,000.00 women were forced to put their health in jeopardy annually by seeking illegal abortions.  Today, according to the Canadian organization Childbirth by Choice, many more women from around the world die each year following abortions performed in unsanitary conditions.  “Voices From the Alley” tells their story.  “Voices from the Alley” will be followed by a candlelit procession from Osage Alley to the Woman’s Building at 18th and Lapidge in honor of women who died from illegal abortions. All participants are asked to bring candles, offerings/objects to decorate the alter.
Thirty-two years after Roe v. Wade, our rights are eroding. Repressive state and federal legislation has allowed health care providers to refuse to offer or cover sexual and reproductive health services. Pharmacists in some states are legally allowed to refuse to fill prescriptions for contraception’s.  And fully 87 % percent of all counties in the United States do not have abortion providers.
Because the Right is mobilized and on the move. On January 22nd, 10,000 anti-choice activists are descending on San Francisco, to erode public support for legalized abortion. 
Join us the evening of the 21st to remember
Join us January 22nd to fight
Keep Abortion Legal
To get involved in organizing direct action on Saturday January 22, please contact

# Fri Jan 21 Green Beat Music Gathering  7:00 - 9:30pm  $10 door
2-for-1 by making reservations 48 hours in advance
Now you can see SF's most passionate songwriters break from their glamorous 
nightclub appearances, and unveil their hearts and souls in an intimate acoustic gathering. There will be a few open slots for other songwriters, so come early to sign up.
 RSVP: 510 549-4300

# Annual SF IndieFest Benefit/Launch Party Fri Jan 21 7p-2a $10 
 This event is 18up! with:
and DJs Bishop and Kit from The Church of Elvis
Plus Short Films and Festival Previews!
and $2 New Belgian Beer!
10% discount on all festival tickets and passes!
Festival tickets go on sale Tuesday Jan 25 at Naked Eye Video, 607 Haight at Steiner, 11a-7p
More info:
Links:     (A sonorous mixture of digitally generated rhythms and soundscapes, ambient textured layers of guitar and bass, and ethereal reverent female vocals)    (A powerful blend of rock, funk, ska, hip hop and Latin rhythms)   (The world's only live mash-up rock band)    ("Thistle slides like a jazzed up piston amongst the dirty garage rock bands of the moment... Odd yes, but brilliant definitely."-ID Magazine)  ("Catchy riffs, pop-punk sensibilities and witty songwriting" Sponic)   ("A deadly black electical scream ripping through the arthritic veins of your dying city." experimental, psychedelic, metal)
The Church of Elvis, RnR dancin' every First Friday at Cat Club, 1180 Folsom at 8th.
Rickshaw Stop 155 Fell at Van Ness 415.820.3907

# Fri, Jan 21, 2005 S.S.S.: SACRED SHAMANIC SEX
A Magickal Invocational Talk by Koyote
Ambient electronic music by Kyron
There is an ancient tradition of esoteric work with the sacred sexual energies that act as basic fuel for Life.  This Toltec shamanic teaching has remained hidden for over one thousand years and has been passed only by direct transmission while in the Dreaming or altered states of consciousness.  
Our sexual center is the key to great changes.  The Awakened Ones of old knew how to channel their sexual energies to infuse their every act with creativity.  Koyote will share and demonstrate the principles transmitted for generations for the infusion of sex into the creative process.  Discover this source of greatness in you and begin to fulfill the potential.  
Give birth to the Sacred in your life.   
 Fri Jan 21 7:30pm $5 Sacred Space (776 Haight @ Scott)
Koyote has worked with various shamanic and magickal traditions throughout his life, including the Thelemic tradition and the Yaqui Indian Tradition of Mexico. He conducts transformative workshops throughout the United States and Latin America where he passes on the knowledge he has received from all these various sources. Koyote also incorporates music, video and theater into his work to achieve a total inmersive experience.

# Fri, Jan 21 7:30 pm Counter-Inaugural Ball
Unitarian Hall 505 E. Charleston Palo Alto $10-$20
Benefits: Peninsula Peace and Justice Center

# 01/21/05 FRI
Hamsa Lila Dhamaal Sound System featuring Janaka
Doors 8:30 PM | Show 9 PM Tickets $13 Adv | $15 Door
 The Independent
628 Divisadero @ Hayes (old Justice League)

# 'CLOSER' SF Fri Jan 21 10:00 PM To see a World in a Grain of Sand 
 And a Heaven in a Wild Flower  Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
 And Eternity in an hour.  - William Blake, "Auguries of Innocence" 
In a city strewn with events geared towards "blowing your mind" you may have a hard time finding an event for the romantics, a night of patience, majestic beauty and sensuality imbued into sound. On January 21st we will slow down, and collectively enjoy the music that brings us closer... closer to ourselves and one another. The DJ's gracing the tables were all chosen for their ability to play music fitting of the archetype.  With DJs... 
BROTHER - luscious breaks (13Moontribe/Spaceship Gaia- SC) 
MOZAIC - sultry tech-house & electro (13 Moontribe/Spaceship Gaia- SC) 
DANNY - scintillating IDM breaks (Moontribe- Arcata, L.A.) 
JACARANDA - pulsating downtempo & progressive (Organic Light - SF) 
PHIDELITY - seductive psychedelic love songs (Organic Light - SF) 
SATURNIA - succulent psy-chill (Phoenix Family) 
Visuals by Kaia and Mickey T 
Special 3-D surround sound ambisonics by Catharsis of EGR records in conjunction with Magnetic Sound of Santa Cruz. 
Tickets will be 10 at the door. The event will be taking place at Infinite Kaos HQ at 136 Taylor (@Eddy) in San Francisco. Music begins at 9 and will continue late into the night.

# MIGHTY BREAKS! Frid Jan 21 10:00 PM 15th & Utah
Friday Jan. 21st: MIGHTY BREAKS brings you 
A new party coming to Mighty the third Friday of every month, 
bringing you the kickass nu-breaks that you love! 
From Sister SF: Samira, Queen Agnes B, Seraphim, Forest Green, J-Fi, Melyss with Audio Angel on the mic 
From the Space Cowboys: The Geometrist, Mancub, Smoove, Kapt'n Kirk, 8Ball, Polarbear & more 
Mighty 119 Utah St @ 15th , SF 10:00PM - 4:00AM, $10, 21+ 

Sat Jan 22

# Interestingly enough, the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade
(turning 32 Jan. 22, 2004) occurs Sat.  A group called
Walk for Life West Coast will be having a permitted
march through the embarcadero etc. that day.  They are
pro-life.  There has been a call for action for
counter protests that day.  And so Jan. 21 has been
called a day of teach-ins and awareness of issues
related to abortion rights.  Check out more on Indymedia:

.        10 am - Rally at Powell and Market Streets, SF (Powell Street BART)
.        11 am - March to the Embarcadero
January 22nd is the 32nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme
Court decision that established the constitutional right to reproductive
freedom. On the same day, anti-choice extremists plan to march in San
Francisco against women's health and rights. The anti-choice minority might
be emboldened by the climate in Washington, D.C. but they are not welcome
For more information or to get involved, call 415-890-1020 x209
Are you coming? Let us know! visit
Driving? Need a ride? Visit

The coalition includes: (Partial List)

Access- Women's Health Rights Coalition
American Association of University Women
American Civil Liberties Union- Northern California
Bay Area Women in Black
California Women's Agenda
Center for Young Women's Development
Code Pink
Democratic Socialists of America
Gabriela Network
Law Students for Choice
League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany, and Emeryville
Many United for Feminism
NARAL Pro-Choice California
National Women's Political Caucus- Alameda North
Oakland East Bay NOW
Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health
Planned Parenthood Golden Gate
Radical Women
Socialist Viewpoint
Tri-Valley NOW
The Women's Building
Women's Intercultural Network

To add your organization as a sponsor, please contact

Nora Dye
Public Affairs Outreach Manager
Planned Parenthood Golden Gate
415.202.7225 p
415.776.1449 f

A patriot is one who struggles for the soul of her country.
                                                       ~Adrienne Rich

# Call for Stilters for Roe v. Wade Demonstration
Sat Jan 22 10:00 AM

10 am - Rally at Powell and Market Streets, SF (Powell Street BART) 
11 am - March down Market along the Embarcadero to Aquatic Park 

January 22nd is the 32nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that established the constitutional right to reproductive freedom. On the same day, anti-choice extremists plan to march in San Francisco against women's health and rights. The anti-choice minority might be emboldened by the climate in Washington, D.C. but they are not welcome here! 

Calling all pro-choice stiltwalkers to join us and show the anti-s that the Bay Area is pro-choice! If you can make it, please rsvp. 


For more information or to get involved, call 415-890-1020 x209 

Flyers in both English and Spanish are available by clicking 

Are you coming? Let us know!

Driving? Need a ride? Visit


# Pro-Choice Demonstration! Teach-Ins and Plays!
Sat Jan 22 10:00 AM Powell and Market --> The Embarcadero
Jan 22 is the 32rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade. 

Anti-choice extremists are busing in to SF and marching that Saturday as "Pro-life feminists"! WHAT??! Not in this town !! 

Join SF's Pro-Choice Majority, and help ensure right-wingers know they're NoT Welcome Here! Wear Green For Choice! 

The March: 
Sat. 1/22 10a Meet at Powell and Market (Bring Signs!) 
11a March to Embarcadero for Demonstration 

Supporting Rad Events: 
Sun. 1/16 12-7p Womyn's Teach-In/Skillshare 
@Station 40, 3030 B 16th ST, SF 
across the street from 16th/Mission BART 

Fri. 1/21 7-9p "Voices From the Alley" reading and memorial 
@Osage Alley, next to Dance Mission, 
across the street from 24th/Mission BART 

# 1/22: Mushroom Hike (los altos) 10am - 1:00pm 
 Hidden Villa, 2680 Moody Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022 
 Learn how to identify common families of mushrooms. Wade Leschyn of the Mycological Society of San Francisco discusses edible and poisonous varieties. Bring a basket for collecting specimens and a small knife. Hike contingent on weather. Limited space, register early!! 
Ages 10+, 10$/person  call Hidden Villa for more information or reservations: (650) 949-8653 or email us at: 
26870 Moody Road, Los Altos Hills, Ca, 94022 

# Be killed in Bi-Polar Production's newest thriller METER MAID ME MASSACRE Call for Extras to Party/Film shoot, Free Food and Beer
Sat Jan 22 NOON to 5pm,  Speakeasy brewery  
1195 Evans Ave. at Keith St. SF
Call for Extras to Party/Film shoot,  Free Food and Beer,  NO PAY. 

Be killed in Bi-Polar Production's newest thriller 
a martial arts zombie film by Cecil B. Feeder 
Starring Dennis Ruel ( and 
Ruth Lopriore ( id#13138) 

The scene we are shooting is a rebellious and 
extremely bloody uprising against the evil parking 
Czar and his zombie cronies. Dress like parking 
enforcement officer and be massacred. Wear a light 
blue button down shirt, black pants and a helmet of 
any type. There will be free food and beer by 
Speakeasy Ales and Lagers and musical entertainment by 
Orelode (, T and A (SF), Plus more... 
Bring your friends, kids, and neighbors. 

If you have any questions please see my wesite 

# Saturday, January 22 at 1 pm, Canopy will be planting trees at the Palo Alto Golf Course (near the Baylands) and we need your help to do it! No experience is necessary, and Canopy supplies all the tools. If you are interested, please let me know. take care,  
Jana Dilley Program Director Canopy: Trees for Palo Alto
3921 East Bayshore Road Palo Alto, CA 94303 650-964-6110
fax: 650-964-6173

# 4 Year Anniersary Sat Jan 22 7PM - 1AM $5 HAPPY
 110 Capp St. 5th Floor@ 16th St.  (1 block from 16th BART station)
 DJ Polywog The Lincolns The Clones DJ RS2 DJ CubaRoks

# JANE: Abortion and the Underground Sat Jan 22 8:00 PM
 BRAVA Theater Center  2781 24th St $10
On the 32nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, join Planned Parenthood Golden Gate for a night of theater and discussion.  A play by Paula Kamen  Directed by Rebecca Longworth 
One Night Only! 
JANE: Abortion and the Underground is the true story of a group of women who formed an underground abortion service in the Chicago area from the late 1960's to the early 1970's, before abortion was legal. The play will be followed by a panel discussion about the current threats to legal abortion in the United States and the future of the reproductive rights movement. 

# Jan 22-Jill Tracy, Rosin Coven...- 9pm-Cat Club, 1190 Folsom Street, SF
Rosin Coven, Jill Tracy, Vau de Vire Society DJs Miz Margo, Decay, Jay T Tempura

# The 5th Annual Edwardian Ball  Sat, Jan 22 9pm-3am 
$12 adv or in costume, $15 w/out 

The Edwardian Ball is an elegant, whimsical, humorous and macabre=20
celebration of live music, theatre, dancing, costumery, and the works=20
of Edward Gorey. Founded as a partnership between Rosin Coven, the=20
World's Premiere Pagan Lounge Ensemble, and the Cat Club, a darkly=20
charming South of Market nightclub, The Edwardian Ball has formed a=20
unique tradition that each year features a different Gorey story and=20
numerous live performers. Each year Rosin Coven, the eight-piece=20
Edwardian House Band, brings the stories to life with narration and=20
live musical scores as the stories are acted out before your eyes, most=20=

often requiring audience participation. This year's stories include=20
"The Evil Garden" and "The Disrespectful Summons," sure to cause a=20
proper Edwardian commotion.

The already atmospheric Cat Club is further transformed each year by=20
the bewitching d=E9cor of Puppets and Pie. In addition to their =
puppetry, Puppets and Pie metamorphosizes the experience into a rich=20
world of Edwardian and Gorey-inspired art and characters, replete with=20=

black and white forests, doubtful guests peering from the shadows,=20
giant bugs buzzing from the rafters, and an antique photo booth poised=20=

for your portrait.

With the addition of fiendish femme fatale Jill Tracy in piano and=20
song, and the world-class (yet highly inappropriate) aerial and=20
acrobatic antics of Vau de Vire Society, this year's Edwardian Ball=20
promises to be the finest yet. Edwardian disc jockeys Miz Margo,=20
Decay, and Jay T Tempura add their eclectic musical selections to the=20
mix, from the opening hour of ballroom dancing to the late-night hours=20=

of classic Cat Club dance music.

Please, do join us - you're certain to have a Ball!

Artist links, photo galleries, tickets and more=20

 Cat Club 1190 Folsom (at 8th) SF 415.431.3332
# Sat Jan 22 SF 9pm-3am
Our friends and amazingly-talented musicians of Rosin Coven have invited us to create and collaborate in a theatrical presentation of stories from the infamous Edward Gorey ...Vau de Vire style!  Also in the evening's line-up is Jill Tracy...a most hauntingly-beautiful creature with a voice and piano-talant you really must experience live.  So, dress in your finest Edwardian or Gorey-esque attire and come join us.
Paradox Media & Cat Club Present: “Evil Garden” The Fifth Annual Edwardian Ball
(a elegantly sinister San Francisco tradition since the turn of the century)
Sat Jan 22nd, 2005 at the Cat Club 8th & Folsom, SF 9pm-3am
$12 in Edwardian or Gorey-esque attire, $15 in modern day garb
Live Perf * Music, Storytelling & Gorey Theatre by Rosin Coven
* Inappropriate acrobatic antics & acting out by Vau de Vire Society
* Fiendish fatale Jill Tracy
 With Edwardian Disc Jockeys: * Miz Margo
* and more TBA... Décor by Puppets & Pie

# East Bay Spin Jam Sat Jan 22 9:00 PM SPAZ warehouse 
4th and Bancroft  Berkeley 9pm -12am 
  (on Bancroft on the right just before the railroad tracks) 
 Sound system, space inside to spin, space outside to burn, other circus stuff to play with! 

# Howdy Folks' ! 
Thomas, Garth and Clay a wanna invite you to their new little do
from here on in to be known as >>> Rude Not To <<<

It's gonna be small tight and all night so do come along for the fun
heavy heavy monster sounds abounding
disco murder styles
positive steppers
new morning light time

The cover is 10 bucks and we need it from everyone to cover the costs
so guest list action is limited to donations
please don't be shy so we can do this again

 Now find the spot and see you there
136 Taylor @ Turk / Eddy 11pm to 5am January 22, 2005

 Much Love Comin Atcha in 2005678 and 9  Fine Time 

# XENO & Get YER Freak on! Saturday January 22, 2005
Sat Jan 22 11:00 PM Xenodrome 
1320 Potrero between 25th/Cesar Chavez 
 XENO & Get YER Freak on!  are  "Keepin' it Warm" 
 11pm 'til wilt  $15/person, 2/$25 
DJs & Performers pushin' mojo in the den: 
Laird - Get YER Freak on!/LUSH 
Adam Ohana - Get Freaky 
Smoove - Space Cowboys 
Adnan - LUSH 
Satsi - LUSH 
Rebecca Watkins - Get Underground 
Peter Blick 
     Live performances by: 
XENO - fire, aerialism, and original music 
XOX Burlesque!!! 
Fire Hoola Hoop - Klara D'Amour 
Fireplace visuals by: Tom, Doug, Satsi 
2 rooms, 2 sound systems, theatre lounging. 
Location: 1320 Potrero between 25th/Cesar Chavez 
beware, cigarettes

# 1/22/05 SAT Hamsa Lila @ Sonoma County Fairgrounds
Benefit for MECA  (Middle East Children's Alliance)
Santa Rosa, CA music from 3 PM - wee hours with
-DJ Cheb I Sabbah
-Chabaz -Whirling Dirvishes
-Fanna Fi Allah -Shimshai & Jah Levi & many more
also speakers & children's activities
see flier:

Sun Jan 23

# George Lakoff: Framing the Debate
Sunday, January 23rd 9:30 - 10:30 am FREE
Have you ever had an argument with a friend or family member who didn't share the same political values, only to have it erupt into a yelling match? George Lakoff, UC Berkeley professor of cognitive linguistics whose scrutiny of the language of politics has begun to bring him national recognition, is the master of bringing civility to the dinner table. His newest book, "Don't Think of an Elephant! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate," is the definitive handbook for understanding and communicating effectively about key public policy issues in 2004 and beyond. Find out how to navigate the muddy waters of political discourse.

The Forum: Keeping the Conversation Alive

The Forum at Grace Cathedral presents engaging and thought-provoking topics featuring well-known personalities and scholars who are making positive contributions to society.  It is a unique, long-standing public affairs talk show that brings people and ideas together on a community level.

The Forum is moderated by the Very Rev. Alan Jones, Dean of Grace Cathedral and is open to the public free of charge on Sunday mornings from 9:30 - 10:30 AM.  People can attend The Forum onsite at Grace Cathedral or tune in to the live audio webcast or archived recordings at
Grace Cathedral
1100 California Street
San Francisco

California St. at Taylor on top of Nob Hill
#1 California Bus or California St. cable car
parking garage

# hula hooping at again this week, 2-5pm.  We've
also got the space booked for the following two Sundays, Jan 23 & 30,
so mark your calendars and come on down to 2050 Bryant St in SF.
Join Bay Area Hula Hoopers:

# Sunday, January 23 2:00 - 4:00pm   pm 
Projecting Myths & Realities:  How Photography and Film Shaped Memory of the Vietnam War Era
Oakland Museum of California, James Moore Theatre
1000 Oak Street Oakland 
Projecting Myths & Realities: How Photography and Film Shaped Memory of the Vietnam War Era.  Photography and film clips from newsreels, Hollywood, and documentary sources highlight the role moving and still images have had on public memory and awareness of the Vietnam War era. Panelists include filmmaker Peter Davis (Hearts and Minds), Nguyen Ngoc Hanh, official war photographer of the South Vietnam Armed Forces, and filmmaker Ham Tran (The Anniversary). Marcia Eymann, curator of historical photography at the museum, will open the program with a discussion of her curatorial criteria for selecting images for the What’s Going On?—California and the Vietnam Era exhibition. Independent curator and arts educator Julia Brashares moderates. Admission to the panel is included with general museum admission: $8 for adults, $5 for seniors (65 and over), $5 for students (youth and adult, with valid ID), and children under the age of six are free.

# Sun Jan 23 Northern California War Tax Resistance Meeting: 
2311 Russell St, Berkeley.  (Near Ashby and Telegraph)
   3-4pm    People¹s Life Fund Discussion (for PLF depositors)
   4-5pm    Potluck and Support for Ongoing Resisters
   5-6pm    Basic WTR Information for Newcomers
You are welcome to attend whichever section(s) interest you.
Thanks for sending your generous donations to:
Northern California War Tax Resistance
P.O. Box 2422 Berkeley, CA 94702

# Sunday - January 23, '05
The POCC presents: The "Chairman Fred is Back" Tour
Poetry for Political Prisoners
Featuring Chairman Fred Hampton Jr of the Prisoners of Conscience Committee, Phavia Kujichagulia, political jazz artist, The Show Stoppers (young women dance ensemble) and more! 
cosponsored by POCC Radio: The Block Report Radio Show, Black August Organizing Committee, The World Wind Newspaper, The Commemoration Committee of the Black Panther Party, and Oaklandish 
FREE, 6pm-8pm, $5 dinners will be sold

# STRANGE ATTRACTION: fetish and bodypaint photography opening
Sunday, January 23 7:00 PM
 Lanesplitter II  4799 Telegraph Ave @ 48th St  Oakland  
It's the opening reception for STRANGE ATTRACTION, featuring freakishly alluring fetish and bodypaint images by M Woolson (or plain ol' Uncle Mikey here on tribe). 

Green babes, reckless fairies, saucy kitty girls, and entirely too much mucking about with gender and identity define this collection of frisky and playful images. 

The opening reception on Jan 23 will feature REAL LIVE GREEN BABES. 

The show runs through mid-February at the new Lanespliter in Oakland (not the old one in Berkeley). No cover, great pub. 

"Decided sexual, but not explicity so . . . and somewhat disturbing." 
--- East Bay Express 

"How many actions most ridiculous 
hast thou been drawn to by thy fantasy?" 
--- Shakespeare

Mon Jan 24

# Jan 24 Monday, Liquid Hoopdance Workshop and Hoop Jam in San Francisco 
7-10pm plus DJ Kramer! (Mon)
Christabel is coming back to teach Liquid Hoop Dance in San 
Francisco!!! Come super-undulate your body in a hour long class of 
chi-building exercises, fun hoop tricks, and booty bumping hoopdance -- 
classes emphasize qualities of movement and developing kinesthetic 
intelligence -- moving by feeling instead of thinking. Shaking and 
vocal release exercises, as well as breath awareness exercises 
included. Liquid Hoopdance classes are inspired by the flowing, 
sensual, supple movements of milk, water and honey .. come express your 
own unique hoopdance! Class lasts from 7-8:00, HoopJam to the tribal 
progressive sounds of DJ Kramer  from 8:00-10pm. 
Beginners and advanced students welcome. Register early! Space is 
limited. $15 pre-register by palpal to or $20 drop 
in on a space available basis. Located at 1275 Connecticut St. Lots of 
free parking. Directions and pictures of studio available at: Hoops provided for class uses and colorful 
hoops will be available for sale. Questions? Call Christabel at 

Tue Jan 25   FULL MOON

#  Working Towards Peace       Forum on Israel/Palestine
    Sponsored by: Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center
    Tuesday, January 25, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
    Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church,
    55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek
    Admission: FREE!     Speakers:
AMIR TERKEL,      Israeli Defense Force Veteran/Reservist turned Refusenik
HANAN RASHEED,     Palestinian-American peace and reconciliation activist
Learn more about the historical/political context of the conflict, current conditions in the
Occupied Territories, the human effects of the Occupation on both the Occupied and the Occupier, and what steps can be taken toward a just and peaceful resolution of the conflict.
Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center,
55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek, CA * 925-933-7850

# Full Moon yoga and Meditation Tue Jan 25  7:30-9 PM $12
 7th Heaven Yoga Studios  Berkeley
 2820 Seventh St Berkeley, 510.665.4300

# World Social Forum, January 26 - 31 in Porto Allegre

# UC Berkeley Lab Leafleting  Jan 26  5 PM
 Corner of Oxford Street & Berkeley Way, Berkeley
 Advocates will distribute information to students about the 40,000
animals harmed in research at UC Berkeley.

# Wednesday, January 26th - 6:30-10:00 PM
Thursday, January 27th - 6:30-10:00 PM

How would you like to learn some exciting new tools to facilitate creating
your world around you exactly as you desire it to be?  Well, if you have
seen the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know,” and got excited about the
possibilities in your own life…then Power Manifestation™ is for you.

According to experts interviewed in the film who report on the latest
developments in Quantum Physics, there are recent scientific findings that
set the foundation for something many of us have always known to be true
through our own experience -- that we actually do create everything around

Power Manifestation is a revolutionary course designed specifically to help
you understand your own extraordinary manifestation power, and then learn
how to best use it in your daily life.


Desires + Beliefs/Intentions + Emotions + Allow/Receive = YPAF

Could manifesting what you want be as simple as the above formula? The
answer is yes and no.  Yes, in that you are already manifesting every moment
of your life.  However, the challenge is in mastering your manifestation
powers, and this takes practice…which is why we have created the Power
Manifestation Formula™ and a comprehensive framework to speed your process.

Using this formula you will be able to:
-	Be the ultimate source of your prosperity.
-	Understand your underlying emotions and feelings and use them to attract
situations, people and opportunities into your life.
-	Use Power Manifestation for conflict resolution AND the creation of the
outcome you desire in life’s situations.
-	Attract amazing mates and friends.
-	Have long lasting joy and excitement almost everyday.
-	Magnetize what you REALLY want to come to into your life.
-	Recognize what your life’s purpose is and tap into Divine information.


Lodi, CA
Sunday, January 23 - 1:00-6:00 PM

San Francisco (course split into two nights)
Wednesday, January 26th - 6:30-10:00 PM
Thursday, January 27th - 6:30-10:00 PM

New York, NY
Saturday, February 12 - 11:00-4:00 PM

San Francisco, CA (course split into two nights)
Wednesday, February 23 – 6:30-10:00 PM
Thursday, February 24 - 6:30-10:00 PM

Novato, CA
Saturday, February 26 - 1:00-6:00 PM

Oakland, CA
Sunday, February 6 -1-6 PM

Sunday, March 6 - 1:00-6:00 PM

San Francisco, CA (course split into two nights)
Wednesday, March 23 - 6:30-10:00 PM
Thursday, March 24 - 6:30-10:00 PM

Power Manifestation Level One provides the fundamentals of manifestation and
gives you the confidence to use the formula effectively.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes everything goes just your way and
sometimes everything seems to go wrong? Well, those of us at Power
Manifestation know there is a set of practices to help you keep things
flowing your way at all times, no matter what is happening around you.

Here is how Power Manifestation works:  The universe operates based on the
"Law of Attraction" or "like" energy and so does Your Personal Attractor
Field (YPAF). Most people do not understand how to manage their personal
attractor field and how to control all facets of their life -- from health
to wealth -- with their thoughts, feelings and intentions. YPAF is the
energetic vibration of your emotions that brings you everything in life,
positive and negative. By gaining power over this emotional energy and
focusing your desires in the right direction you can dramatically shift your
soul's ability to create abundance in all areas. Through years of research
and practice with the principles governed by the Law of Attraction, Zen has
developed the Power Manifestation Formula, a simple yet powerful tool that
can immediately assess your current situation and create the path to your
heart's desires by learning:


$50 Early Registration, $60 Day of Event.  Pay in advance via credit card or
electronic check at, account holder

Special Offer
Start your money and abundance flowing now! Invite a friend
and you both get $10 off!  Register early and have your friend mention your
name when they register.

Online Registration
Sign up online, it’s super easy!
3. ORG #1325
4. Click on the workshop date you want to attend and SIGN UP!

Refund Policy
Due to the limited class size there will be a non-refundable $25 deposit
upon signing up for the course.

For Course Content Information
Call Zen Kloppenburg at 510.444.4936 OR email


Please eat before the course and bring a notebook and pen.

To learn more about Zen Kloppenburg and her background, please visit

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me. We look forward
to a fun and exciting day of creating abundance with you!

Kurt Foeller
Workshop Coordinator
(415) 596.2098

Zen Kloppenburg
Opportunity Facilitator
412 Bellevue Ave 3
Oakland, CA 94610
415.606.1936 ph.

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of
thinking we were at when we created them.
- Albert Einstein

# Free Screening and Panel Discussion of The End of Suburbia: Oil 
Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream
Wednesday, January 26th; 7:00pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)
The Off-Market Theater 965 Mission @ 5th St.
This groundbreaking documentary explores energy consumption and its 
effect on the American way of life. It's a study of peak of oil 
production on a global level and impact on the local level. 
The free screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring:
Peter Camejo, socially responsible investment advisor, Green Party 
candidate for governor in 2002
Amber Crabbe, engineer with for Transportation and Land Use 
Coalition and member of the San Francisco League of Conservation 
Richard Heinberg, professor of ecology at New College Santa Rosa and 
the author of The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial 
Societies and Powerdown
Kate White, co-founder of City CarShare and member of the San 
Francisco Housing Action Coalition
Discussion will be moderated by David Room of the Post Carbon 

# Women's Rights are Worker's Rights!  Roundtable discussion
Jan 27 5:30pm SEIU  Local 535 447 29th St Oakland

 Jan. 27th -Mystic Family Circus  Presents:
               EXPERIENCE  THE UNITY!
           With special guest dj's Clay and Garth,
                   XOX Burlesque, and  more!!!
            from  9-2 a , $5 before 10, $10 after
               @ 111 MINNA, SAN FRANCISCO

# Fri Jan 28 Film Premiere & Benefit Reception for Action Against Hunger
Heart of the Congo  With live music by Samba Ngo and his band
8pm - 11pm Herbst Theatre 401 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco
Film and reception: $35. Film only: $10.

# Heart of the Congo: Does International Aid Help?
A documentary film screening & reception to benefit Action Against Hunger
How effective is international aid in helping the people it claims to serve? A new documentary entitled, Heart of the Congo, explores this question and more. In Heart of the Congo, a handful of aid workers try to help Congolese refugees who have lost everything at the end of a five-year civil war. Heart of the Congo premieres in San Francisco on January 28 at the Herbst Theatre. Following the screening, enjoy a reception for Action Against Hunger, and participate in a conversation about humanitarian aid with filmmaker, Tom Weidlinger, Action Against Hunger-USA¹s executive director, Anne-Sophie Fournier, and author Adam Hochschild. The event concludes with the fiery Congolese dance music of Samba Ngo. Tickets are $35 for the film and reception, or $10 for the film only. The event is wheelchair accessible. To learn more about Heart of the Congo or the event on Jan. 28, go to

# GET FREAKY Fri Jan 28 10PM 1015 Folsom St 
Join us for the most adventurous Get Freaky yet, taking place in 5 rooms 
also including live classical indian music in the Inner sanctum. 
Artists include 
Freq Nasty, Karafty Kuts & A Skills, Lorin, Karsh Kale, Adam Ohana, Smoove, Laura, Shawna, Ooah, Dimitri (Spun Ibiza), KJ, Kode IV, Jocelyn, Janaka, MC Samba.. and many more TBA. 
plus performances by Xeno, altars by Huggima, Decor by Fuzzy Phillipe.

# Get Freaky, Friday, Jan 28, 2005 at 1015 Folsom, SF CA  94103
 5 rooms of music   MAIN ROOM featuring:
KRAFTY KUTS & A SKILLS doing 2 sets, Fingerlickin Records UK
FUSION CHAMBER featuring: DIMITRI, Spun Records Ibiza
KODE IV KJ MORE to be announced
Oohah  Laura  Shawna  Jocelyn
SKY PALACE featuriing:
Karsh Kale  Smoove  Janaka  David Starfire  MC Samba
INNER SANCTUM featuring live indian music:
Sukhawat Ali Khan  Ferhan Qureshi  Shabi Faraaa
With Performances, art and more......
Décor by Fuzzy Phillipe's Fabulous Fluff
Altars by Huggi-ma 21+
More info at and
Expedited separate entry with advance tickets.
Presale tickets $15/$20 at the door
Distractions (Haight St. SF)
Ceiba (Haight St. SF)
Skills (Telegraph Berkeley)
BPM Records (Hayes St. SF)

# Jan 28 Melt at Levende: DJ Laird and Michael Anthony
 Come Celebrate Matt Brehm's Birthday! 
FlirtyFlirty and Matt Brehm present MELT @ Levende Lounge 
Featuring:  Michael Anthony (Mixed Elements/Distinctive) 
and DJ Laird
 Melt into the music, the vibe, and each other with SF's top DJ talent, busting out house, breaks, old-school funk, and soulful hip-hop all night long. 
Free guest list before 11pm with RSVP to or reply directly. Please RSVP by 6pm 1/28. 
Levende :: 1710 Mission St. @ Duboce :: SF 
Levende... atmosphere and ambiance without the attitude. 
View Eventvibe Photos: 
Levende Lounge 
1710 Mission St. @ Duboce 
San Francisco, CA 

# Fascist Party is Saturday 29 January.
 Inauguration Festivity in Honour of our President. It'll be good.

# An Inauguration Festivity... Saturday 29 January 2005
 9pm-Late  21+ $15.00 
Historic SoMa building; indoor parking available.
Location disclosed day of event.

Though we don't approve of Fascism as the preferred route our Government is taking, we cannot deny the Fascist sense of style... 

Polish your boots and metal and attend the ball as if it were Nuremberg 1933. You might run into our despised dictator celebrating at the martini bar and discussing Leibach. 

9:00pm Gallery of video art by propoganda visionaries:
VJ Culture, Videojon, Romeo Alpha, Marlon McKinney
Complimentary wine served. 

10:00pm Performances by:       Infinite Kaos
Extra Sensory Projection (Live Audio/Video)

11:00pm The Dictator Fascion Show presented by The Princess Kennedy. Designs by: 
Laura Dawson
Jason Evege
Appearances by your favourite dictators and the unveiling of the latest must-have Fascist accessory! 

{The Dictator's speech at 11, followed by the Fascion Show}

12:00am Party with DJs: 
Philip Sherburne [XLR8R] 
Alaric [Insect Funeral] 
[German Industrial/ Techno/ Electro and Schaffel]

# Sat Jan 29 SpiralMuse, Goddess Arts Institute and Opel: Sensuelle
 A late night dance flavor for all the senses ~ Details and Location TBA
 SPIRALMUSE HOME OF WELLBEING 3387 22nd Street @ Guerrero

# On Jan 29th, Goddess House Productions, SpiralMuse and OPEL present -
Sensuelle Sacred Spa & Healing Pavilion

A shield of divine grace and strength stands at the doorway of the healing
pavillion as the feminine force of beauty takes you by the hand into the
journey of emotion, pleasure and passion. Let go, leave it all behind and
surrender to the shakti of ecstatic pleasure and deep relaxation.  Enter
into the… Opulent Chill Space Sacred Dance 
 GOLDILOX   / LUSH  / brass tax
 SMOOVE / Space Cowboys/Opel
 SYD GRIS / Opel/ Opulent
Temple  HOJ / Opel/ Opulent Temple Papachango / el circo KASHIA /
infectious Urban Groove/ WOW Primitive Groove / The Community
Delicious Organic Nourishment and magical herbal potions -
 Rebecca's Frogland Orchestra
stunning ....feminine .....high energy.....soulful and earthy
 Land of the Blind
witchy...........dark and mysterious.........very sensuous
 SHESUS THRICE  Queen Kashi and Her
Avatars  ambient  POX ECLIPSE  space jam
 AND MORE: Glitter Girl & Temple of Poi Dancers
Kristina Canizares of the Nekyia.....Bellydance Performance
Tribal Belly Dance by Ultra Gypsy

Extraordinary, beautiful    Living Altars
sacred, magical, powerful   Drumming Circle
an invocation of the ancestors, the elements and the deities     Midnight
Ritual  DIdj's, tablas, percussion, wind, and world
Vendors goddess clothing, jewelry, soaps, lotions and potions
Food organic........... raw and cooked and very French
 January 29 10pm - 4am 111 Townsend Near the Ballpark  Between 2nd and 3rd
 $10 presale     $15 B/4 11:30 $20 after that

Sun Jan 30

#  Learn how to use the law to help the animals!
  Last year, there was a a lot of interest in the legislative process generated by SB 1520, the foie gras ban.  So we asked Virginia Handley, lobbyist and California Coordinator for the Fund for Animals, and co-founder of PAW PAC, California’s political action committee for animals, to give us a special legislative presentation to demystify the California Legislative process, how the public participates in this process, plans for 2005 legislation for the animals, and available resources.  Please join us for this special presentation, preceded by a Vegan Food Party (aka potluck).
 Sunday, 1/30/05, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Food and Politics 

# hula hooping at again this week, 2-5pm.  We've
also got the space booked for the following two Sundays, Jan 23 & 30,
so mark your calendars and come on down to 2050 Bryant St in SF.
Join Bay Area Hula Hoopers:

# Jan 30, Sunday, 5:30-9:00pm: Presence & Fire – Mini Workshop: $10-$45 – Sliding Scale
Feb. 6, Sunday, 6:30-9:00pm The Dance of Relationships, $25-$35
Feb 12-13, Inspiring Masculine Presence – Unleashing Feminine Fire.
Feb. 15, Tuesday, Arrive 7:30pm: Alive & Free: WholeBody Wisdom Playful Practice Group – Open - $10 
Feb. 27, Sunday: The Passionate Warrior-King 
March 12-13: Inspiring Masculine Presence – Unleashing Feminine Fire. Scott at: 510-836-2041

# The 2005 LiP Magazine Radical Book Sale
New College of California, 777 Valencia St., San Francisco 94110
January 31st, 10am-7pm Free Admission
"Bargain Books for a Better World"
LiP magazine's first-annual radical book sale: A staggering selection of
books for a better world, from radical and independent presses in the U.S.
and Canada, all at bargain prices ($5 and down). Sponsor presses include
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LiP Magazine, a quarterly journal of radical politics, culture, sex and
humor, was recently nominated for a 2004 Utne Reader "Best New Title
Award." While taking dead critical aim at the buttocks of First World
sleepwalkers, LiP also brings humor, satire and a deep desire to offend the
right people to its unique editorial mix. LiP has featured interviews and
original contributions from Octavia Butler, Mark Crispin Miller, Julia
Butterfly Hill, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Tim Wise, Winona LaDuke, Ward
Churchill, Kevin Bales, Katha Pollitt, Neal Pollack, Christopher Hitchens,
Martin Espada, Danzy Senna, Shannon Wheeler, and Lisa Jervis, among others.
LiP Magazine is a fiscally-sponsored non-profit (an arm of Liminal
Projects, sponsored by Allied Media Projects).
Media/Contact Info: Brian Awehali - Editor, LiP Magazine

# Advocates Forum: How to Become a Humane Officer
 January 31 7:30 PM Golden Lotus, 1301 Franklin Street, Oakland
Info: Join us to learn about how you can protect animals through the law
in California. Find out how you can become a humane officer and make a
difference in your community!

# Monday Night Film Series starts again on Jan 31 thru March 21 with a great line of acclaimed documentaries followed by speakers and discussion.  This is a relatively short series of 8 weeks, to be followed by another series of 8-9 weeks duration.  Details follow  - full schedule is at 

Monday's from 7:30-9:30 p.m.
Jan 31 thru March 21
Speaker(s) (to be announced) and discussion to follow each movie
Unitarian Hall
505 E. Charleston, Palo Alto [map]
Suggested donation: $5 to $10 (no one turned away)
Joint Production of:
Peninsula Peace and Justice Center ( 650-326-8837
Peace Umbrella of Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto (
World Centric  ( 650-283-3797

Jan 31: Price of Aid  Everyday the U.S. donates millions of tons of food to famine victims and other starving people in the world's poorest countries. The provocative documentary reveals the vast bureaucratic network of American aid agencies involved in the 'hunger business,' one in which rich countries benefit from the problems of poor countries and questions how America's well-intentioned foreign-aid program has spawned a self-serving relationship between humanitarian aid and American business and politics.  Zambia, a country teetering on the precipice of famine, becomes a cause for a solemn discussion regarding the dignity of the people we seek to help.  55 mins, 2004

Feb 7: Argentina: Hope in Hard Times joins in the processions and protests, attends street-corner neighborhood assemblies, visits workers' cooperatives and urban gardens, taking a close-up look at the ways in which Argentines are picking up the pieces of their devastated economy and creating new possibilities for the future. A spare narrative, informal interview settings, and candid street scenes allow the pervasive strength, humor, and resilience of the Argentine people to tell these tales. These are their inspiring stories - of a failed economy and distrusted politicians, of heartache and hard times, of a resurgence of grassroots democracy and the spirit of community - told in resonant detail. 74 mins, 2004

Feb 14: For Man Must Work  The 20th century has seen the creation of colossal wealth and exploding economies. But the days of industry providing mass employment are over. In the global economy, human resources are being replaced by technology. We are moving from a mass labor force to an elite corps concentrated in the knowledge sector. Will this change result in a sort of economic apartheid in which a third of humanity is made redundant? Will this revolution mean the end of work as we know it? The film raises crucial questions and suggests rethinking the future. Filmed in the United States, Canada, France and Mexico, the film shows how living and working conditions are deteriorating for many people.  Besides personal stories, we also hear from experts such as Vivianne Forrester, author of The Economic Horror; Jeremy Rifkin, American economist and author of The End of Work and others. 52 mins, 2001

Feb 21: Trading Democracy  Bill Moyers reports on Chapter 11 of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which multinational corporations who are using to challenge democracy.  Chapter 11 is only one provision in the 555-page NAFTA - negotiated to promote business among the US, Canada and Mexico and was supposedly written to protect investors if foreign governments tried to seize their property.  But corporations have stretched NAFTA's Chapter 11 to undermine environmental decisions, sue local governments, overturn decisions of local communities in cases that are heard before international trade tribunals that make rulings in secret. 58 mins, 2002 

Feb 28:  End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream  With brutal honesty and a touch of irony, The End of Suburbia explores the American Way of Life and its prospects as the planet approaches a critical era, as global demand for fossil fuels begins to outstrip supply. World Oil Peak and the inevitable decline of fossil fuels are upon us now, some scientists and policy makers argue in this documentary. What does Oil Peak mean for North America? As energy prices skyrocket in the coming years, how will the populations of suburbia react to the collapse of their dream? Are today's suburbs destined to become the slums of tomorrow? And what can be done NOW, individually and collectively, to avoid The End of Suburbia ?  78 mins, 2004 

March 7:  Velorution: One City's Solution to the Automobile - When the USSR collapsed, Cuba lost 80% of their oil supply. This movie documents how they bought 1.2 million bicycles, switched 5 bus factories to bicycle manufacturing, educated riders on how to ride, changed the city of Havana to accommodate bikes, posted bicycle signs, did job swaps to reduce length of commutes and in the process created more human interaction and community  A truly inspiring video. 30 mins,  1996 

Also on March 7: Greening of Cuba - When trade relations with the socialist block collapsed in 1990, Cuba lost 80% of its pesticide and fertilizer imports and half its petroleum - the mainstays of its highly industrialized agriculture. Challenged with growing food for 11 million in the face of the continuing U.S. embargo, Cuba embarked on the largest conversion to organic farming ever attempted. Told in the voices of the women and men - the campesinos, researchers, and organic gardeners - who are leading the organic agriculture movement, The Greening of Cuba reminds us that developed and developing nations alike can choose a healthier environment and still feed their people. 38 mins, 1996 

March 14:  About Baghdad - In July of 2003, exiled writer and poet Sinan Antoon returned to his native Baghdad with a team of independent filmmakers, artists and poets to document the effects that decades of oppression, war, sanctions and occupation have had on his city. The result is a fascinating mosaic of opinions, perspectives, desires and memories that offers a picture far more complex than the limited one presented by mainstream US media. ABOUT BAGHDAD pays tribute to the brave people of Baghdad as they struggle to come to terms with the tragic fate of their beloved city.  90 mins, 2004 

March 21:  Friendship Village  - An award-winning documentary about an international group of veterans who are building a village in Viet Nam for children with Agent Orange-related disabilities. Built on a former rice paddy near Hanoi, the Friendship Village stands not only as a symbol of peace and reconciliation, but as a testament to the potential for all people to come to terms with the past, heal the wounds of war, and create a better world.   Veterans from the USA, Vietnam, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain and Australia are attempting to mitigate the ongoing effects of the toxic herbicide sprayed during the war. Their efforts are a powerful example of how average people can still make a profound difference in our increasingly globalized world. As such, the Vietnam Friendship Village has the potential to change not only the lives of the children who live in it and the men who build it, but all who come to understand its mission. 50 mins, 2003

# Winterfest: Celebrating 10,000 Reviews
Thu Feb 3 7:00 PM The Rickshaw Stop  155 Fell @ Van Ness
Yeah that’s right, reached 10,000 reviews and now we’ve got a blizzard of fun coming your way . And we're celebrating the community that made it possible. Bands, community performers, some free drinks, an awesome venue with no cover and you! Winterfest will be Thursday, February 3rd at The Rickshaw Stop in Hayes Valley, SF. Doors open at 7 and bands start at 9:30. 

We’re also looking for people to read their reviews on stage. The biggest crowd pleaser will receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Additionally if you have a talent that was recommended on our service and would like to expose it to hundreds of users at Winterfest, please contact me at So mark your calendars, get your favorite tribe members and non members to join you and come have a great time!

# Flaneur Art Exhibit Curated by Andrew Schoultz
Friday, February 4th, 2005 – February 26th
(This will be the final art show at Punch Gallery) 
Opening Reception Friday February 4th, 2005. 7pm – 1am
DJ Code 538, DJ Terrible, DJ Tragic free 155 10th St. @ Mission

# LEARN SKILLS in 2005 - @ CELLspace's The Media Arts Lab
Monday, February 7  CELLspace's Media Arts Lab 
2050 Bryant St. (18th btn 19th) SF 94110 view map
The Media Arts Lab is now offering workshops for the Winter term. 
Intermediate/Advanced Digital Video Editing 
Introduction to Website Development 
Practical Television Production 
Electronic Music/ Remix 
Design and Create Flyers 
Screenwriting in the Age of Final Cut Pro 
Intro to Mac Computers in Spanish . 
Winter Schedule: February 7th - March 20th 
These are 6 week workshops 
Classes begin the week of February 7th. * Start date is contingent upon enrollment. 
The deadline to sign up for classes is Friday February 4th. 
To sign up for a class, contact the CELLspace office at 415-648-7562 
or email For fees and a full class schedule,

# Spirit Dance ... direct from Sedona, Arizona to the Bay Area. $15.

# "Smart Dust & Silicon Swarms:
The Brilliant New World of  Mobile Sensor Nanomesh Networks"
Sunday, February 13, 2005  1 - 5 p.m. at
Round Table Pizza
Banquet Room on 2nd Floor
5160 Geary Blvd. (at 16th Ave.)
San Francisco, California

Philip Langton
Nikola Tesla is widely acknowledged as the father of Robotics, but  even Tesla might pause in awe to ponder some of the potential applications of technologies Philip Langton is working to develop.  His research could eventually lead to scalable nanomesh net applications such as: smart  shipping labels that report damage, spray on computers or a robo-insect air force.

How  will smart dust particles talk to each other?  What are the most likely nanomesh  products to reach consumers soon?  Might we see a computer in a can in 3 years?    What are the costs and dangers of this new technology?  Mr. Langton has some  fascinating answers to share.

Philip  Langton is a second-generation Silicon Valley engineer / inventor expert in Optical Frequency Identification Devices (OFID),  Micro-Electro- Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and process control manufacturing,   Philip  recently received the first patents (US #6553481  and #6772239)  ever issued for a self-, one-time only, programmable (SOTOP™).  single-circuit  secure memory device (SCSMD).

Parking is available on the street or for $ 2 per hour in the  garage nearby behind ROSS Dept. Store.  For more information about the  San Francisco Tesla Society, call (415) 931-2593, or visit us online at

# 5th Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer Feb 19-20, 2005; 96th Meeting American Association for Cancer Research April 16-20, 2005; SABCS 2005 Breast Cancer Action

# February 21-25: Take Action Against  DR-CAFTA
Help give Bush the first major  defeat of his 2nd term!
Please join our ActionLA Listserv
go to:
or send e-mail to:

# February 26th-27th, 2005: BURMA, REALIZING THE DREAM
The Second Annual Working Conference of US Campaign for Burma
How grassroots citizens can help 50 million people in their struggle 
for human rights, freedom, and democracy
George Washington University, Washington, DC

# Thu Mar 3: 1st Thurs Art Receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30p FREE
12 galleries on 4 floors. Cross Streets Market, 3rd St. Do not miss: aerial photos of mining operations. 4th Floor

# War Tax Resistance Workshop- Palo Alto
Saturday March 12, 9-Noon
Palo Alto Friends New Meeting House
957 Colorado Avenue, Palo Alto, CA
(510) 843-9877 €
Unhappy about the U.S. policy on militarism, stop paying your taxes.  More than half of our federal
income taxes are being used for war. Find out more about this form of conscientious objection at our
introductory workshop.  Topics will include:
-- Creative legal protests
-- Refusing to pay all or part of federal taxes and the possible consequences of this form of civil disobedience
-- Living below the level of taxable income
-- Phone tax resistance
-- Redirecting resisted taxes to local alternative funds and/or community organizations
-- Local support networks for war tax resisters
Northern California War Tax Resistance
(510) 843-9877 €
Thank you for working for peace! 

# March 15th, 2005, will mark the ninth year of the International Day
Against Police Brutality (IDAPB). It first began in 1997 as an initiative
of the Black Flag collective in Switzerland, with the help of the Montreal
Collective Opposed to Police Brutality. The date was chosen because on
March 15th, two children, aged 11 and 12, were beaten by the Swiss police.


# Mar 19,20 Anniv of 2003 bombing of IRAQ - GENERAL STRIKE
Massive Global Protests: 

# "Central Park Belongs to the People--March on Central Park on March 20 
to End the Occupation!"

# May 20-29 Portland, OR Village Building Convergence 5
Human-Scale Community Action at the Urban Crossroads
Ready to change the world starting in your neighborhood? intersection repair

Do not feed the machine April 15th. GENERAL STRIKE
Northern California War Tax Resistance announce list. (510) 843-9877
Infor/support for conscientious war tax resisters in the SF Bay Area.

# Five years after thousands of activists came to Washington 
DC in the first mass show in the U.S. of dissent and solidarity with the global 
struggle against the World Bank and IMF, the Mobilization for Global Justice is 
calling for people to come to Washington DC April 15-17th, 2005 to protest the 
institutions during their semi-annual spring meetings and to celebrate the 
other, more just world that is under construction due to the daily resistance 
of millions of people worldwide! 
For More Information and to Get Involved: 
Visit E-mail 

# 5th Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer Feb 19-20, 2005; 96th Meeting American Association for Cancer Research April 16-20, 2005; SABCS 2005 Breast Cancer Action

# Bicycle Film Festival: Call For Entries
Sunday, May 1 2005  - Tuesday, May 31 2005 
 New York, Los Angles, San Francisco, Tokyo, and London! Haight Ashbury
 212 726 8505

Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803

-The Geneva convention instructs us to resist genocide by any means necessary.
-The US constitution directs us to overthrow our government if it fails to represent us.

Hey, you don't have to write your representatives--you can call them toll-free.  Just call the Capitol Switchboard and ask for their office.  The person answering will be glad to take a message for them.  The number is:  1-800-839-5276.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.