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Alert: Save Free Speech, Stop the Trademark Act!
The Trademark Dilution Revision Act (TDRA, HR 683) is a 
big company's dream. If it passes, the lawyers policing 
a trademark could sue businesses and individuals for 
using words, images, or even colors that look vaguely 
like a famous brand - without even having to prove that 
the company is being harmed. In other words, TDRA would 
make it possible for UPS to sue Brown's Record Store, even 
though nobody in their right mind would get the two 
confused. This bill would chill speech and hand ownership 
of common words to big companies. Fight the TDRA today! 
Make your voice heard with EFF's action center: 
Text of TDRA:

New Pentagon plans to conquer nations, secure oil, advance globalization, militarize space

CIA Agent Tells of US Plans for Chavez's Assassination in Venezuela 
 "If they kill Chavez, he will return as millions." 

Biscuit Update- Written from the Josephine County Jail 

Tell the big oil companies to stay out of ANWR!
Recently, the United States Senate passed legislation that moves
us one step closer to opening the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge to oil drilling.
We can't let that happen! Senator Boxer has introduced a new
advocacy effort, telling the big oil companies that we will
boycott their products if they decide to drill in ANWR.

the US Senate voted to keep Arctic Drilling language in the budget. 
Now, more than ever, is the time to stand up for our planet and our 
communities! 51 US Senators do not have the power alone to trample on the 
wishes of the vast majority of the American public that oppose drilling in the 
refuge. for more information and to find out how 
you can help

Learn what else you can do to save the Arctic Refuge!

Fight over Arctic Drilling Is Far from Over

ECO FOCUS - Arctic Gold: How Big Oil Bought the Votes to Drill

The Money Behind the Debate Over Drilling in ANWR

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Farm animals 'need emotional TLC',10117,12353287-29281,00.html
Anti-logging protesters blockade government office in Australia
Largest Investors in Electronic Voting Companies are Defense Contractors

Activist Rule No 1 is "never talk to the FBI"; I'd include the local fuzz
in  this if the roust or bust coincides with political work. This includes
 expressions of indignation or protest: do not be rude to or "badmouth"
law  enforcement personnel. If stopped in a car, you must show your
license &  registration. Do not give permission to search your car or your
person, but  do not attempt to interfere with an officer making a search
-- it's grounds  to arrest you.  If they say they have a search warrant,
ask to see it.

If they give you a ticket, you have to sign it. If they want you to do an 
alcohol test, & you refuse, your license could be suspended.

In general, be cooperative but do not volunteer. Do not answer questions 
beyond providing your license & registration showing your current address.

 This is just general "common sense" information -- not legal advice. For
advice you can rely on, contact an attorney, preferably one associated
with  NLG or ACLU, with up-to-date expertise in this area of the law. COST OF WAR IN IRAQ - watch it grow...,0,1673141,print.story
Logging Visits Rather Than Trees

NORDICITY The North American Community of Billionaires

The current account deficit of the United States stands at US$665.9billion. As of Friday the country's national debt stood at US$7,781,068,292,417, ($7.8 trillion) though by the time you read this it will have grown by tens of millions. 

Of the seventeen wealthiest countries on the Human Development Index, the US has the highest poverty rates, at 17%. More than 40% of Americans have no health care. 20.7% lack adult literacy skills. 12.6% of Americans born today will not reach 60 years of age. 

So it may have seemed a little odd last week when the Canadian Council of Chief Executives went public with their plan to hitch Canada's tidy little economic wagon to this ailing star. Why would prime ministerial hopeful John Manley and CCCE president Tom D'Aquino advocate 'deep integration' with a neighbor that can't pay its debts or provide a decent life for millions of its citizens?

Mercury Retrograde starting 3/20 at ~530pm until ~midnight 4/12... 

Iraq Invasion May Be Start of the Age of Oil Scarcity

Tue MAr 22

# From  Bryan Au on Radio:
 Interviews this week this Tuesday on MARCH 22 8AM-
9:00AM KEST 1450AM IN SAN FRANCISCO and on this Thursday March 24th 
I have another LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW with Dr.Sunyatta Amen!!!
WPFW 89.3 FM Radio in Washington
It is NPR and broadcast Nationally!!
My PA~RAW~DISE Raw Organic Vegan Cuisine Restaurant
is opening in 2 months!!!
Please go to 

# Water Conservation Showcase Tuesday, March 22 11:00 AM
This email is a notice about an upcoming showcase on water conservation 
to be held in San Francisco at the Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard 
Street on March 22. To register for this event go to  You can also register 
for any Energy Center classes by calling 415.973.2277. 

2nd Annual Water Conservation Showcase 
Tuesday, March 22nd from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm 
Pacific Energy Center (PEC), 851 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 

In the drought-prevalent climate of California, water availability, 
water policy issues and water conservation strategies have never been 
more timely concerns. The 2005 Water Conservation Showcase will feature 
the latest cutting-edge products, services, and information available to 
help Californians conserve and wisely manage our most abused and most 
critical natural resource. The event will showcase products like 
water-efficient fixtures, drought-tolerant landscaping systems, leak 
detection equipment, permeable pavement, drip irrigation and rainwater 
harvesting systems. In addition to products and services, the showcase 
will highlight creative conservation ideas and problem-solving design 
approaches through lectures and panel discussions by government and 
industry leaders addressing regional water issues. Join us for this 
important and educational event co-sponsored by the Northern California 
Chapter of the US Green Building Council 
a) and the Pacific Energy Center 

Speaker topics and schedule: 

12:00 PM Richard Harris of East Bay Municipal Utility District and Dana 
Haasz of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission on "Leading the 
Way: Bay Area Water Conservation Programs" 

12:00 PM David C. Gibney of HDR Inc. on "Innovative Water Planning and 
the 10th & Bannock Building" 

1:30 PM Susan Handjian & Christine Finch of East Bay Municipal Utility 
District on "Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates of the San 
Francisco Bay Region" 

1:30 PM Alex Lantsberg of the Alliance for a Clean Water Front on 
"Water Planning Issues for San Francisco and Beyond" 

3:00 PM Paul Kephart, Rana Creek on "Living Architecture: An Ecological 

3:00 PM Ronnie Cohen of the Natural Resources Defense Council on 
"Energy Down the Drain, The Hidden Costs of California's Water Supply" 

4:30 PM Sharon Sarris of Greenfuse, Don Mills of Clivus Multrum, and 
Mike Hazinski of East Bay Municipal Utility District on "Potty Talk: a 
Forum on Water-Conserving Fixtures" 

4:30 PM Gary Klein of the California Energy Commission on "Do You Like 
it Hot?: Improving Hot Water Distribution Systems" 

6:00 PM Tim Pope of Northwest Water Source on "Rainwater Harvesting: 
Dealing with Dr. 'No'" 

6:00 PM Gary Wolff of the Pacific Institute on "Economic Assessment of 
Water Conserving Fixtures: Some Methods and Examples" 

The event is free of charge but advanced registration is recommended 
for this very popular program. To register or to find additional 
information, go to Presentation 
descriptions and speaker bios will be posted soon. 

Event Sponsors: 
Northern California Chapter of the US Green Building Council 
Pacific Energy Center 

Event Supporters: 
ADPSR - Northern California Chapter 
AIA Committee on the Environment - San Francisco Chapter 
APLD - Association of Professional Landscape Designers 
American Society of Landscape Architects - Northern California Chapter 
California Department of Water Services 
California Integrated Waste Management Board 
California Landscape Contractors Association 
California Urban Water Agencies 
California Urban Water Conservation Council 
Department of the Environment, City and County of San Francisco 
East Bay Municipal Utility District 
Ecological Landscaping Association 
Food Service Technology Center 
Green Resource Center 
International Interior Design Association - Northern California 
The Pacific Institute 
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission 
San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Pacific Southwest - Region IX 
Water Resources Center Archives - University of California, Berkeley 

To register for this event go to on the 
Internet or call 415.973.2277. 

Juliette Beck 
California Campaign Director 
Water for All 
Public Citizen 
510-663-0888 ext. 101 

To subscribe, please send a email to with "subscribe waterforallca" in the message subject. ? hope this works...

# "how water senses emotion" lecture Tue Mar 22 6:00 PM
Water crystals seem to be able to respond to people's thoughts and emotions. Photos of water crystals sensing different feelings have been spreading like wildfire over the internet. The reason why has been a mystery..... but now a new physics theory has been coming to light.... 
Come listen to a talk by physicist Alpha Lo on revolutionary theories of how mind affects matter. 
march 22 6-7.30pm 
at the University of Creation Spirituality in the Gandhi room, 
2141 broadway @ 18th St BART, downtown oakland $10 

# SF Amazon Gathering Tue Mar 22 6:00 PM 21+ 
Come be TALL with your Amazon sisters!!! Hosted by the Moderator, Violetjunefaire! 
 Tall Women aka The Amazon 
 Annie's Cocktail Lounge  15 Boardman Pl (off Bryant)  
Btwn 6th/7th St. opposite Hall of Injustice,  
Show up anytime after 6pm (leave early or stay late) 
 Next time we can pick a restaurant on a weekend perhaps. 

# Tue, Mar 22 7:00 pm At El Rio 3158 Mission St SF
At El Rio 3158 Mission St SF

# Locating Opening Reception: Tue Mar 22 7.00 - 10.00pm, 
Crucible Steel Gallery. 2050 Bryant @ 18th St

# expanding your raunchy repertoire: intro to kink in the bedroom and sex club
 Tue Mar 22 7-8 pm  EROS: the Center for Safe Sex 
http://2051 Market St
 Mykkah Herner of Toys in Babeland will tease you with hints and secrets how to introduce some spice into your sex life. From clips and clamps to quick and dirty negotiations, Mykkah will show you the ropes. Mykkah has been at Toys in Babeland for the past 3 years working in customer support, purchasing, testing and educational workshops. The event is free and open to all men, 18 and over. 

# Also, you might be interested in some free movie screenings SF IndieFest is co-presenting with a club called Drunken Monkey, Tuesdays at the Cat Club, 1190 Folsom at 8th. Doors are at 9p, movie starts at 10p, DJ spins 12a till close at 2a. Cats is 21up:
March 8: Fight Club, March 15: Airplane, March 22: Boondock Saints, March 29:  Repo Man

# World Beat DJ with Live Belly Dance, Samba Performers 
Tue Mar 22 6:30, 8:00 PM Medjool  2522 Mission @ 21st 
 We have planned a spectacular night of entertainment for you featuring: 
* Live music and DJ      +World Beat and Salsa 
+Belly Dance Performance      *Live percussionists and drums 
*and a Samba performance 
All proceeds from the $10 donations go towards the educational trip to New York City. 
in the fabulous Medjool restaurant 
Like its namesake fruit found in the tombs of the Pharaohs, Medjool Caf?, Restaurant and Bar transforms what was once the food of royalty. With its cutting edge architecture and a seductive new take on “urban comfort food”, Medjool is truly an oasis in the middle of the mission. The sexy main dining room with its multi colored walls, abstract art, sensual surfaces and warm aromatics focuses on stimulating all the senses- sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. 
Thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you there. 


Wed Mar 23

# Protest to shut the pg&e hunters point power plant
 Evict PG&E from Hunters Point!      COMMUNITY PROTEST
 for environmental justice    Wed March 23, 2005 12 Noon
 PG&E Corporate HQ 77  Beale St , SF
 at Market Street near Embarcadero BART
Sponsored by the Coalition to Shut Down the PG&E Hunters Point Power Plant,
Huntersview Tenants Association, All Hallows Garden Residents Association,
Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, Code Blue, Community
First Coalition  (415) 248-5010

# Please help support the campaign to shut down the PG&E power plant in
Hunters Point.  Flyer's being sent as an attachment.  spread the word...

# Wed, Mar 23 7:00 pm WHO BOMBED JUDI BARI?
Humanist Hall 390 27th St. (between Broadway & Telegraph)
This documentary covers the story of Judi Bari's case against the FBI
and the OPD (the Oakland police). The first charge against the FBI is
false arrest the FBI accused Judi and Darryl of possessing the
explosives which blew up in their car. The second charge is bogus
investigation: the FBI never made the slightest attempt to find out who
bombed Judi Bari, even though there were written death threats against
her life which had been turned over to the FBI. The third charge is
against the FBI bomb school: in the weeks before the car bombing, an FBI
special agent taught a course in how to blow up cars with pipe bombs --
the same agent who later accused Judi of planting a bomb in her own car.
The fourth charge is COINTELPRO: the same FBI oppression and violence
used against political activists and organizations for social change
like the Black Panthers in the 1960s and 1970s was now being used
against Earth First! in the 1990s. And the fifth charge against the FBI
is falsifying evidence: the FBI crime lab distorted and manipulated
scientific evidence to support their accusation that Judi Bari
accidently bombed herself in her own car while transporting a bomb to
blow up someone else. Other short documentaries about the Judi Bari case
will be available to show this evening as well.

# YLEM Robot Artist Studio Tour Wednesday, March 23 7:00 PM
YLEM Studio Tour 
Wednesday, March 23, 7:30 pm 
Carl Pisaturo's main workshop 
1111 Florida at 23rd St, San Francisco, CA 94102 
FREE, Open to the public 
Sponsored by YLEM: Artists Using Science and Technology 
Carl is an inventor / artist / engineer who has been working in new 
media since 1995. His work includes robotic sculpture, intelligent 
lighting, structures, and 3-D photography. All design, fabrication, 
electronics and software are done by Carl. Works are primarily made 
of machined aluminum and plastics, and often incorporate miniature 
cable and custom electronics. See website for more information. 
Carl Pisaturo's main workspace is at 1111 Florida at 23rd St, in the 
Mission district of San Francisco. At this site, the design, assembly 
and electronics work are done. (most Metalwork is done elsewhere). 
Several working pieces will be on display. 

# Marin Peace & Justice Coalition Animal Rights Committee meeting will be
Wednesday, March 23 7:00PM-9:00PM
309 Kent Avenue Kentfield, CA 
€ Foie Gras Free Marin Campaign: OpEd piece in Marin IJ: status, Lark Creek Inn: status, Woodland’s Deli: status, Fork: plaque
€ Exotic Deer at Point Reyes MPJC Statement: Status, letters due April 8
€ KPFA AR Programming: Status, petition/signature gathering update
€ Working Assets’ Discontinuance of the Animal Fund: Update, letters
€ AR Committee web page development: Status
€ MPJC Table AR literature: Ideas
€ FYI - AB 1685: Animal Place bill before the California legislature that will outlaw the slaughtering of animals on high school campuses
€ FYI - Slide Ranch: NK’s Letter
€ FYI - Marin Local Access: AR TV April Schedule
€ FYI  -  SeaFlow resolution to Marin Board of Supervisors opposing deployment of high intensity sonars and attend meeting on April 12 at 7 p.m. 
€ Letter writing activity
€ New Ideas
Please add items to the agenda by replying to this email.
Please bring a vegan treat to share.
Please call 415-459-1149 if you have any questions.
Many thanks,
Animal Rights Committee
Marin Peace & Justice Coalition 
For events:  
Please see yahoogroups message archives and calendar at 
or join listserve by sending blank email to:

# OUR SYNTHETIC SEA Documentary and Talk Hosted by Jan Lundberg
Wed Mar 23 7:30PM Grand Lake Neighborhood Center
530 Lake Park Avenue
This 22-minute documentary traces the groundbreaking research conducted
by the Algalita Marine Research Foundation (AMRF) regarding the
exponential buildup of "non-biodegradable" plastic debris in the
world's oceans, employing scientific papers and interviews with
concerned scientists to reveal why toxic, estrogenic plastic debris is
a serious, chronic threat to marine food webs.
Jan Lundberg is an environmental activist, writer, member of the
Campaign Against the Plastic Plague (CAPP), and publisher of Call Janet, 595-1596, for information
"Masters of War" lyrics:
"War Is A Racket!" - General Smedley Butler, USMC
Lake Merritt Neighbors Organized for Peace (LMNOP):
Weekly peace walks at Lake Merritt in Oakland.

# Amnesty International REBORN in Marin County! (san rafael)
 Have you wondered how the liberal Marinites are working to make the world better? 
We’re working hard to save political prisoners of conscious from cruelty, imprisonment and sometimes capital punishment throughout the world The Marin group is “under new management,” and we have some fresh and fun projects planned to bring new attention to human rights issues. 
All are welcome. Come Wednesday, March 23, at 7:30. Call Teresa for more information at 415.259.7232 or email

Thu Mar 24

# 3/24 Frank Chu Day! (Across the 12 Galaxies)

# ONE TASTE has several books and my booksigning event is March 24 at 3pm!
 1074 Folsom @ 7th St.

# 3/24 Ask Isadora -- Behind the Scenes of a Sex and Relationship Column

# Thu, Mar 24 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Film: The Future of Food
Ecology Center 2530 San Pablo @ Dwight, Berkeley
An in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled the U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade. The film examines the complex web of market and political forces that are changing what we eat and explores alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture, placing organic and sustainable agriculture as the real solutions to the farm crisis today. Free.

Thursday, March 24, 7:00 PM
Mission High School, 3750 18th Street (at Dolores)
$5 requested donation; Free for students; No one turned away
Featured Speakers include:
?Rahul Mahajan, Anti-war Activist and Author of Full Spectrum Dominance: U.S. Power in Iraq and Beyond
?Cindy Sheehan, mother of fallen Iraq war soldier, Co-Founder of Gold Star Parents for Peace, and member of Military Families Speak Out
?Fernando Suarez, father of fallen Iraq war soldier, Founder of Guerrero Azteca Project and member of Gold Star Parents for Peace
?Aimee Allison, Gulf War conscientious objector, counter recruiter, and Oakland City Council candidate
?Howard Wallace, San Francisco Labor Council, National Board of Pride at Work, and Steering Committee of US Labor Against the War
?Sean O'Neil, US Veteran of the Iraq War and purple-heart recipient
?Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder of Global Exchange and CODEPINK: Women for Peace

# Thurs 3/24: Anarchy Magazine presents Bob Black (speaker), Blackbird R@um (Jug band) + more @ Long Haul Infoshop 3124 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley. 8pm

# The EFF/Grokster Send-off Party Thu Mar 24 8:00 PM       Electronic Frontier Foundation  
The ACLU of the internet, securing your online priveledge and privacy.
     The argument for MGM v. Grokster is almost upon us, and 
we would like to send our team off to the Supreme Court 
in style. We'd also like to take the chance to thank all 
our colleagues, friends, and supporters who have helped 
us immeasurably in preparing for this moment. So we're 
having a party! 
    Please join us on Thursday, March 24, at the 1751 Social 
Club for the celebration. Doors open to the public at 
8 p.m. We hope to see you there! 
 Please respond to: or 415-436-9333 x129 
 1751 Social Club  1751 Fulton St SF CA 94117   For directions, please see:

# MYSTIC FAMILY CIRCUS presents: "HERSPIRIT", Thu Mar 24 8:30pm- 2am  
before 10:30pm, $15 afterwards.? Over 21 Event.  "Be prepared to fall in love" 

Legendary? acapella trio of vocal amazons. beautiful 
and deep... 

If you've ever seen these women, you know that there 
is nothing out there like them- they are explosive! 
They will be performing a FIRE CIRCLE TAIKO DRUM piece 
from their repertoire. 

Hot all female break-dancing group. 

Goddess of Funk is a 9 piece all-women's drum and 
musical empowerment troupe, playing a unique 
combination of traditional Brazilian and original 

Aryeh Shell; social justice educator and organizer: 
Direct Action to Stop the War, Art and Revolution, 
Teatro Vision, The Herstories Project, and The Living 
Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble.? Aryeh recently 
returned from Jordan as peace and humanitarian aid 
delegation member of American military for Iraqi 
families who came together to share testimonies and 
deliver $600,000 of money and medical supplies for the 
refugees of Fallujah. 

She will weave the testimonies of the Iraqi and 
American military families into a multi-media theater 
performance entitled "Call to Prayer". Music by Matt 
Heulitt, slides by Nicola Wagenberg, directed by Emily 
Burkes-Nossiter.? Aryeh invites you to open your 
hearts and your souls to receive their stories.?? 

Sexy with Attitude hip-hop lyrical libations... 

Turntabalism with political and social commentary. 

A bringer of folk blues SPIRIT songs. 

"Return of the Solar Power" is a movement illustration 
of the empowerment to be found in the cycles of light 
and darkness.? She utilizes the tools of voice, dance 
and musical instruments to offer this _expression of 
performance art ritual. 

Honoring our mothers and our ancesteral lines, calling 
people into an interactive ritual, inspired by Afro 
and Indigenous traditions. 

Song & Spoken word celebrating and giving voice to 

Enter into the temple, a place to commune and share 
Immerse your feet in a luxurious blend of flowers and 
aromatic oils, infuse your aura with the power of rose 
and lavender and experience the heart of GAIA through 
our floral products and the women behind the vision of 
GAIA Sacred Lifestyle Institute, an educational system 
designed to empower the feminine creative genius. 

GoddessUnite Visuals & LUMIN-Essent Altars by Sherry 

Other special surprise artists...? you'll have to wait 
to find out! 

# One Intimate Night With Mark Growden Thur Mar 24 10:30 pm $10 
 Mark is back in town for just  2 weeks.
We are proud to host a small intimate night with the amazingly talanted and sexy singer, accordionist, and banjo player.
Our theatre will be transformed into the proper Mark Growden venue. Dress comfortably and prepare for a magical evening.
Dark Room Theatre 2263 Mission @18th and 19th st
 One night only Thursday March 24th 10:30pm


# Th Mar 25 FULL MOON

# Fri 3/25 - San Francisco Critical Mass bike ride. Gather 5:30pm @ Justin Herman Plaza, SF. Ride leaves at 6pm.
Ride will end up at 225 Potrero: Anarchist Cafe! ( see below )

# Fri 3/25 - 8th Annual Anarchist Cafe, SF.  (benefit for the Attica to Abu Ghraib Conference) $5 donation. None turned away.
6pm - Midnight at 225 Potrero Ave. at 16th Street in San Francisco. Performances, videos. Dinner: 7 - 8pm. All ages. Kid space!

# ***please forward***** The 8th Annual
*****A N A R C H I S T  C A F E*****
Vegan dinner!!  Music!!  Spoken Word!! Surprises!!
Friday, March 25, 2005 6pm on
"The Kitchen" 225 Potrero Ave., at 16th St SF
$5 - $15 donation requested No one turned away 
VIDEO by Video Activist Network
dinner 7 - 8
performers indoors 7-10:30
video 8-9
all ages!  kid space!
drug and alcohol free space.
wheelchair accessible.
volunteers needed to help volunteer, email
This year’s Anarchist Café is a benefit for The Central Committee for
Conscientious Objectors, which supports and promotes individual and
collective resistance to war and preparations for war; and for From Attica to Abu Ghraib: An Organizing
Conference on Human Rights, Torture, and Resistance, sponsored by the
International Human Rights Initiative

# No Confidence Movement here: 
Election Reform Workshop - The No Confidence Movement
Friday, March 25 @ 7:30pm
SF Green Party HQ - 1028 A  Howard Street, between 6th and 7th

#  Ggreg's List Bonfire   WHEN: Friday 25 March, 8:00pm til midnight  WHERE: Ocean Beach at the end of Fulton HOW MUCH: Well FREE of course  

# Carol Leigh aka Scarlot Harlot and Carol Queen invite you to…
$pread Magazine Release Party-An unapologetic evening of 
hedonistic art, music, burlesque, and other erotic delights 
The Center for Sex and Culture
398 11th St. 3rd Floor at Harrison in SF
Friday, March 25th 8-11pm
Suggested donation $10-100 (no one turned away)
 Free copy of the magazine with all $10+ donations!
Lip Stick Conspiracy Best SF Girl Band in 2004! 
(SFBay Guardian Best of the Bay)
Clever, Cute and Kinky Cabaret! Kitten on the Keys
Erotic Readings by Melissa Gira and Yalith Fonfa
Burlesque Performances by The Lollies, Stigmata Hari and Miss Julep 
Roky Roulette The World's only Pogo Strip Tease Artist
Branding and Saddling with Urban Cowgirls Kick and Rain
Cosmic Sound by DJ Seofon
     Special Appearances by:
The Vagina Lady
Carol Leigh aka Scarlot Harlot
     Erotic Art by: 
Ruby Pearl
David Steinberg
Dorian Katz
Craig Scoffone
Helen Khlystova 
     This event is brought to you by
$pread Magazine 
Sex Workers Outreach Project

# Have a Freaky Good Friday Fri Mar 25 8:00pm $7 21+ 
 Pets are Wonderful Support (PAWS): dedicated to preserving the human-animal bond. 
PAWS representatives will also be attending.      Performers:
Lily LeRouge is a gothic princess burlesque performer. She has been performing old fashioned styled striptease shows with a modern gothic twist all over town for a couple of years.
 The Amazing Omer most annoying street musician in Frisco. Ever.  
Freedom Rock is a spastic guitar duo who play psychedelic, retarded noise ballads about hippies, prayer rabbits & psych meds. Eric CornForth is a pretty-boy singer-songwriter who's very sensitive. The ladies dig him. He's been described as "Kurt Cobain meets Burgess Meredith". Actually, he's never been described like that by anyone. I just made it up. Sorry. The Turks feature members of the legendary punk cacophony Alice Donut & Heavy Hindenburg which, oddly enough, is a Zeppelin cover band. PAWS assists people with AIDS in keeping and caring for their pets, and recognizing their mental and physical therapeutic value.
About Kat's Kradle:
Kat's Kradle is an experimental film, some would just say incoherent, about a demented, if not psychotic, cat seeking to escape the cold cruel comforts of domestication & return to his wild origins. Kat's Kradle was filmed entirely at some of San Francisco's most spectacularly seedy locales: The Tenderloin, 6th & Mayhem, Toxic Beach, Dogpatch, Hunter's Point & Bill's apartment. For more info check out
  Varnish Fine Art is a gallery that deals contemporary fine art with a beer & wine bar & a library & a really cool dog named Hector. Varnish is also a meeting place for everyone who loves fine (& not so fine) art & believes that galleries should be fun. Varnish Fine Art is located in the heart of downtown San Francisco 77 Natoma Street (between 1st & 2nd / Mission & Howard) right by the overpass where people go pee-pee.

# (pix from the last one: 
Sockpuppet Soundsystem says: It's Spring Again!
djs sir thx-a-lot, k-mac, and jaybee bring you the old-school hip-hop,
funk, and soul heat -- free of charge and free of reggaeton. tonight
yr gonna party like it's 1989!
 Friday March 25 10PM - 2AM Free! 21+ w/ID
 StudioZ Gallery 1515 Folsom @ 11th St, San Francisco

# Mar 25-27 Fri, Mar 25, 2005 - Sun, Mar 27, 2005      

San Francisco Civic Center and on Sunday, Union Square

Eyes Wide Open traveling memorial of military boots and civilian

WHO: American Friends Service Committee, SFUSD School Board, American
Muslim Muslim Voice, Archidioces of San Francisco Commission of Public
Policy and Social Concer, Bay Area Pax Christi, Veterans for Peace,
Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Quaker Meetings, Military Families Speak Out,
and other organizations in the Northern California region

WHY: To honor fallen US military personnel (1499 +) and Iraqi civilians
(est. 100,000) and to see the human cost of war

For More Information: 415-565-0201 x 12, or
Pictures available at
Log in as "visitor" with the password afscafsc
Search for "Eyes Wide Open

A traveling memorial exhibition, Eyes Wide Open: The Human Cost of War
is coming to the Fresno Courthouse, San Francisco Civic Center and Union
Square, All Wars Memorial at Capitol Park in Sacramento, March 22
through 31. Organized by the American Friends Service Committee, this
exhibition honors fallen US military personnel a: 415-565-0201 x 12, or

Sat Mar 26

# Sat 3/26 - 10th Annual Bound Together Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair, SF. Free.
10am - 6pm @ SF County Fair Building, near 9th ave & Lincoln Way in Golden Gate Park, SF

#  ? Golden Gate Park ? Stanyan @ Waller / Kezar Pavillion ?
 10th Annual San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair March 26th

Speakers confirmed so far include:

Barry Pateman - archivist at the Kate Sharpley Library, and senior
editor at the Emma Goldman Papers. The most recent volume of
Emma Goldman - A Documentary History Of The American Years
Volume 2: Making Speech Free, 1902-1909 has just been published
by University of California Press,and he has authored introductions
to both the new edition of Alexander Berkman's 'What Is
Anarchism' and The Voltairine De Cleyre Reader

Ward Churchill - reknowned scholar activist and troublemaker is
the author and editor of numerous books and audio CDs. His latest
work is On The Justice Of Roosting Chickens

Eric Drooker - legendary graphic artist whose work has graced a
thousand walls, posters, t shirts and book covers. His seminal novel
without words, Flood! is now available again in a new elegant

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz - pioneering feminist, and perennial activist
is the author of two (to date) autobiographies - Red Dirt: Growing
Up Okie, and her memoir of the 60s, Outlaw Woman

Peter Werbe is an editor of Fifth Estate, the longest-running
anarchist journal in America today.

Chris Carlsson spent 13 years stealing office supplies to produce
Processed World, a zine that chronicled the drudgery of 9-to-5 desk
jobs. He helped bring Critical Mass into being, and created
SHAPING SAN FRANCISCO: The Interactive Multimedia
Excavation of the Lost History of San Francisco

Entartete Künst (German for 'degenerate art') is an
anarcho-electro/hip-hoppers put out political electronic music that
fuses low- and high-brow culture (think dark, slow hip-hop with
Noam Chomsky samples) into a potent mix that challenges the
status quo.

Sat 3/26 - 2nd Annual BADASS (Bay Area Direct Action Soccer Series) Tournament 2005
West Bay vs. East Bay All-Star Anarchist Soccer Showdown! @ Golden Gate Park during the Anarchist Bookfair. Match time to be announced on http://www.indybay/arts

# Hello SF Living Foods!
I'll be at Rainbow Grocery Co-op next Saturday
offering a tasting of our Brownie Bite and Coconut
Ginger Bite: Saturday, March 26th 11am-2pm
Rainbow Coop - 1745 Folsom St
I'm guessing these are for humans.

They also make raw foods for non-human animals.

Our dog is actually 100% raw vegan.
She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback (we did research and
found that this breed does well on a vegan diet)

We adopted her, and she was very ill: kennel cough,
was loosing chunks of fur, was skin and bone (45
lbs!), and very depressed.
We converted her diet over a 2 month period, and now
she just eats nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies, and
weighs 90lbs.

So often we are stopped on the street and people want
to touch her because her fur is amazingly silky soft
and super shiney, and no shedding and no oder!

She has her own favorite pate recipe, which we have in
our uncookbook: The Art of Raw, which is available on
our website:

# Saturday Jams @ Xenodrome continue March 19th & 26th ~ 12 noon till 3 pm.  
Musicians coming together, just to make music...What a concept! ?, 1320 Potrero @ 25th & Cesar Chavez

# Bunny Jam 5:  Adventures in BunnyHOPolis! 

Saturday, March 26th, 8pm till 6am

1919 Market St, Oakland (2 blocks South of West Grand)

$10 FullBunny; $15 SumBunny; $20 UnBunny 

Join the mass EGGsodus! Hop from HARE to absurdity! Tumble through the RABBIT hole and discover a congrEGGation of bunnies in BunnyHOPolis, an EGGstrordinary city sprawling with EGGsistential questions:  Will you take the red jellybean or the
blue jellybean? Is BunnyHOPolis a physical state or state of mind?  HOPpiness itself? Or an EGGsercise in FURtility? Oh hippety hoppers of harebrained HOPpenings, HARE we go again!!! 

Abu Bunny De-humanization Station - The Golden Carrot Cabaret & Egglight District - The Dreamland HOPstacle Course - A HOPolopalicious Ho-down in The Bunnydrome - Oracle Forest & HOPpy Haunty Cemetary - The Hopalopolis Egg Hunt! - The Bunny Hole Express to Blacklight Briarpatch - The Bunny Arts District - Dr. Frankenpeep’s Recombinant P(eep)NA Lab - Bunny
Boingers - A Midnight Bunny Toss - Maypole Polkas & InEGGural Balls - Kali Bunny Shrine & Buddhabunny Temple - Hare Apparent Projections - 18 Carrot Mango & Bubbleberrybop Punches - The Annual FURshion Show (featuring U!) -  Hippety Puppety Theatery - The Evolution Carrot Committee Presenting Fluph-in! - Easter Egg Scramble for Bunnyside-ups ++ 

Including the incomparable talents of the Bay Area’s finest bunnyflippin’ artists, VJs, DJs, and perFURmers: 
Dr. Furiendly - Dr. Wabbitkiss (feral-minded cartoon jazz) - Mein HARE! - RunRabbitRon Harebert - Spoonish Bunny - Furtographer - DJ NeonBunny - GoofeRABBIT (purveyors of hippety hop euphonics) - Carrot Lewis - Starbunny - Shimmery Bunny - Kharmabunny - Bunny Fodder - Marcia Crosbunny - Little Bunny John - Los Lunch Bunnies - DJ Helgabunny - SugarBunni - Jackie
Jackrabbit - The Evolution Carrot Committee (ECC) - Jenny Peep - John Mosbunny - Simbunny - Nambla the Bunny - Marin Bunny - Holcomb Bunnylite - The FUR Arts Collective (carrot spinning) - Skibit - CameraBunny - Ether Bunny - Justin YoungBunny - Dr. Boris Rabid! - Dr. Frankenpeep - Superspacebunny - Mobunny Molitov - Bunnies with Chainsaws! +++ 

Sponsored by the Department of Hareland Security, BJ1, BJ2, etc and so what! Hooray!

Also join us April 1st for a Billion Bunny March as
part of the St. Stupid‘s Day Parade! See for details      Please enter and exit vewy vewy quietly!

In celebration of the spring equinox
Saturday March 26th At STUDIO RASA
933 Parker St (8th & 9th) Berkeley Ca  94710
8:30pm   DOORS
9:00       YOGA DANCE with TENLEY
10:00      Tai-Chi with PATRICK KING
11:00     The DJ?s Fire it UP
CLAY (Yoga Tai-Chi)
MOONDOGGY (yoga Tai-Chi)
$10 before 10pm $15 After
This is a shoe Free event ? Please bring your yoga mat
All ages welcome

# Rapture: Living in Love
SpiralMuse House Party and Fundraiser**
Saturday, March 26 9 pm to 2 am
Soulsalaam (future juju)::Syd gris (opel)::Shanti (triple power)
Swami (the community)::Chakka (02 bar)::Yehudit (mysticscave)
* First 100 guests receive Living in Love 3CD music set  
* Two floors of luxuriantly lush chill 
* Sumptuous healing and massage 
* Treats & elixirs to titillate your senses 
* Fabulous silent auction – (want to contribute?  See how: 
* Candlelight ceremony at midnight
$20 donation requested* ~ pre-sale only ~ This event will sell out, so buy early. 
To purchase Tickets online: 
To purchase Tickets by hand:

# BOUNTY  Sat Mar 26 10:00 PM
 Infinite Kaos  136 Taylor Street @ Turk / Eddy
Celebrate abundance with Infinite Kaos & El Circo. Featuring a cornucopia of musicmakers: Geeno (IK), a midnight performance manifesting abundance and transition as Infinite Kaos changes its name to ?????? At 12:15 Oo-ah (LABA) & Dorfex Bos (FSCK) work their dynamic duo. El Papachango (El Circo) returning from Miami to bless this house. Kitty D (Kitty-ology/El Circo) slows it down 33 1/3 stylie. And Chris Sia (IK/El Circo) brings in the dawn. You can bet Desiree will be there with her fan! Phidelity (Organic Light Industries) and Andres (IK) handling the chill chamber all night long! Refreshments of all kinds served to keep you here all night long! 
And Kitty D and Chris Sia bring you Tobiko Freako Sushi Lounge the next night, Sun March 27, 10pm-2am, at Ryoko's Restaurant & Bar. Cuz you know how good fish is when you're cracked out after the pahtee. Come for the groovin' ethnoslut sounds and slowed down grungy breaks, slam down some sake and maki. Always, no cover and under the covers. MEOW!!!!!!!

# $$$ LIQUIDATE $$$ Saturday, March 26 43 Norfolk St $10, all night
As you may know, ownership of FPHQ has recently changed hands, and The Company is moving to new a new, soon-to-be-announced location in San Francisco. So on March 26, False Profit is saying goodbye to 43 Norfolk with LIQUIDATE, the last party ever to happen at that location! The Company is clearing out all the old late-night entertainment to make room for the new models - all the fun must go!
- Tung - Donna Matrix - Kraddy - Smoove - Laird
- Kap'n Kirk - Joe Encarnacion - ALXNDR - benchun - more TBA...
Learn more about our new Memorable Moments technology and get up-to-the-minute information about the line-up at:
The Life You Enjoy May Be Your Own!

# Sat 3/26 - Anarchy Magazine benefit show at 924 Gilman, Berkeley. Resist and Exist, Takaru, Gather, Resistance Culture, Killdashnine $5

#   "Donating garden plants...SF Port bulldozers coming April 1, 2005"

Because the "bull dozer coming/donating garden plant" posting has resulted in nearly 200 responses, I have chosen to respond with this simple letter to all, due to my lack of time and typing skills.

The donation times will start at 10 AM and end around 5 PM this coming Saturday and Sunday, March 26th and 27th. I hope to rent a small Bobcat to excavate the larger bushes and trees, but hoping one of you is a more proficient operator than myself.

Please bring your own tools, pots or burlap to wrap root balls, albeit, I have a few here.
Heavy duty trash bags or 6 mil plastic are also useful.

The Muwekma Ohlone Park is opposite 1884 Illinois Street,here in San Francisco, near Marin, and closest intersection is Cesar Chavez and Third Street. Here is a Mapquest link:

Should you get lost, I will have my cell: 415 902 7700

Thanks in advance for all your love for things green and living.
David Erickson       Park:

Radio Show last week about Port Bridge and other related issues:

Because the "bull dozer coming/donating garden plant" posting has resulted in nearly 200 responses, I have chosen to respond with this simple letter to all, due to my lack of time and typing skills.

The donation times will start at 10 AM and end around 5 PM this coming Saturday and Sunday, March 26th and 27th. I hope to rent a small Bobcat to excavate the larger bushes and trees, but hoping one of you is a more proficient operator than myself.

Please bring your own tools, pots or burlap to wrap root balls, albeit, I have a few here.
Heavy duty trash bags or 6 mil plastic are also useful.

The Muwekma Ohlone Park is opposite 1884 Illinois Street,here in San Francisco, near Marin, and closest intersection is Cesar Chavez and Third Street. Here is a Mapquest link:

Should you get lost, I will have my cell: 415 902 7700

Thanks in advance

Radio Show last week about Port Bridge and other related issues:

Sun Mar 27

# Sun 3/27 - BASTARD Anarchist Conference @ UC Berkeley. 10am - 6pm

# Sun 3/27- Anarchist Pride Month Parade in SF. 11am. Dolores Park. March towards Civic Center at noon.

# Indulgence in the Park '05 Sun Mar 27 11:00am - 4:00pm FREE!!

 Continuing their mission to promulgate Universal Joy, the San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc. are proud to announce "Indulgence in the Park," an Easter picnic and celebration. This very San Francisco event brings together children, families, friends, artists, and community activists all on one lawn to celebrate the Sisters' 26th Anniversary and enjoy a day in Dolores Park. The event is free to the public.

"Indulgence in the Park" promises to be lively and vivacious incorporating stage performances, children's activities, and two cash-prize contests. On this year's performer line-up, Sister Selma Soul adds, "This year's Easter stage will feature the venereal... I mean venerable... talents, of Kitten on the Keys and Trauma Flintstone, as well as those rising stars of the silver screen The Ethel Mermen Experience, taking time out from their Craig's List: The Movie promotional tour.   Hoping to get a rise out of the crowd, we will be joined by one of our favorite local bands Polkacide, celebrating their 20th anniversary."

At 1:00pm, participants will line up to parade across the stage in their Easter finest for our Bonnet Contest. Later at 3:15pm, this year's "Hunky Jesus" will be chosen. Both winners will receive $100 cash prize.

In addition to providing an afternoon of merriment for the community, the Sisters also hope to raise money for a whole year of grants awards. "Our cherished San Franciscans have always been very generous, and over the past 26 years have donated half a million dollars to Sisters' Grants recipients, often one dollar at a time. The Sisters just love to give as much as we get, and we dig it when you dig deeply. Contributing to our Grants fund makes your gift last all year long," adds Sister Roxanne Roles. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.
 March 27 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Dolores Park (20h & Dolores), San Francisco

# Sun, Mar 27 1:30 pm

Town Meeting on Counter-Military Recruitment and Conscientious Objection Options
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Hall
1924 Cedar St. (at Bonita) Berkeley

Panel: Cindy Sheehan of Gold Star (Military) Families for Peace, Isa Shaw-Gulf War vet, Steve Morris of the GI Rights Hotline, and Berkeley High School Student Robert Reynolds.
Discussion will be moderated by Craig Scott-UU minister, lawyer and Viet Nam vet.

Find out what life in the military is like, options and alternatives to being drafted. Young people and parents are especially welcome. 
What better way to spend Easter afternoon? 

"Dear George, When you sent me a letter offering your condolences on the death of my son, Spc. Casey Qustin Sheehan, in the illegal and unjust war on Iraq, you called me Cindy, so I naturally assume we are on a first name basis....I do have a big mouth and a righteous cause, which still mean something in this country....The 56,000,000 plus citizens who voted against you and your agenda have given me a mandate to move forward with my agenda...." 
--Cindy Sheehan, broken hearted mother. 

Preceded by 1:00 pm press conference, open to the public.
Relevant Films afterwards, at 3:30, for those who can stay.
Information tables too.

$10 requested, $5 student/low-income, NO ONE TURNED AWAY for LACK of FUNDS
Benefits the Central Committee on Conscientious Objectors and Alternatives to War

A project of the Berkeley Fellowship of UU's Social Justice Committee, who voted to prepare easy action(s) to take at these events. Yes, get informed AND TAKE ACTION!

# Sun 3/27 - Iron Maiden Party (benefit for Critical Mass sound system). Maiden tribute band: I Yearn 4 Maiden. Eddie look-alike contest. Trashy Metal Vixen Contest. Maiden karaoke. 8pm. $5 donation. Berkeley location. Call 1-800-GUN-NUMB for directions.

Tue Mar 29

# Also, you might be interested in some free movie screenings SF IndieFest is co-presenting with a club called Drunken Monkey, Tuesdays at the Cat Club, 1190 Folsom at 8th. Doors are at 9p, movie starts at 10p, DJ spins 12a till close at 2a. Cats is 21up:
March 8: Fight Club, March 15: Airplane, March 22: Boondock Saints, March 29:  Repo Man

Wed Mar 30

# TATTOO-A-PALOOZA! Wed Mar 30 9:30 PM Glas Kat (aka The Troc) 
520 4th Street @ Bryant

Thu Mar 31

# Thu Mar 31Raw Food book booth at the SF Tunk Show, ART, Fashion, music and more:

April 2005

# SECOND ANNUAL National "I'm Embarrassed 
by the pResident" Day, April 1st, 2005.
WEAR A BROWN RIBBON, official button, brown clothing
in protest of all the BS coming out of the White House

# Sat 4/2 - Reclaim The Streets (RTS) street party: a comMUNIty mutiny against fare hikes hits in SF
noon @ Dolores Park. Its a masquerade ball, so D r E s S t O I m p R e s S. We'll hit the streets at 1pm sharp in search of fun and mischief... 

#    a comMUNIty mutiny against fare hikes hits SF in the form
  of a reclaim the streets (RTS) street party on
  Its a masquerade ball, so if you dont want to hang for it later,
  you better D r E s S    t O    I m p R e s S.   We'll hit the streets 
at 1 pm sharp in search of fun and mischief...
Download publicity (or make your own) at or and put them up anywhere and everywhere.

Sat April 2 12 PM - 3 PM
at the historic Swedish American Hall
above Café DuNord, 2174 Market Street (at 15th Street)

# I'm forwarding this, which I think is important because
Amy Goodman is one of the mainstays of Left Gatekeepers,
tiptoeing around 9/11 and the stolen 2004 election.
She interviewed David Ray Griffin on the May 26 2004 DN show,
and ambushed him with "attack dog" Chip Berlet.
Chip steered the interview to the no-jetliner-hit-the-Pentagon
and used it to discredit The New Pearl Harbor, even though
it's only one part of one chapter. -Jim of
- here are sites that could teach Amy Goodman a thing or two -
911 - inside job: demand investigation into cover-up! - - - -  -  - - -

* Amy Goodman in San Francisco, CA: Fri, April 1 *
TIME: 12 PM Working Assets Lunchtime Speakers Series
FRB Auditorium 101 Market Street, 1st Floor SF 94105
This event is free and open to the public. Attendees must RSVP by
calling 415-369-2150, leaving the names of everyone in the party
(spelled out), and a contact phone number. Places are reserved on a
first-come first-serve basis. The free lunch begins at 11:30 am

* Amy Goodman in San Francisco, CA: Fri, April 1 8 PM
Palace of Fine Arts Theater 3301 Lyon St. @ Lombard, SF $12 in advance, $15 door  or call (510) 848-6767 x611

# DUSTFISH CIRCUS and FUNDRAISER   4/2/05   @NIMBY in Oakland 
Every year we hear complaints about not enough LIVE MUSIC on the Playa, and every year, DUSTFISH goes to the Playa, builds a stage and bar, plugs in the lights and PA, and presents HOT LIVE MUSIC, and DJS...last year we presented a Stilt Ballet and the searing music of KAN'NAL, among other things.   Here's your chance to support LIVE ART on the Playa and have a Blast doing it! 
Whether it's live music or djs or just a fun good vibe you're after, you'll find it this night... 
LIVE (inside stages)  *DR. ABACUS*  *GOOFERMAN*  *FUNKY BEULAH*  *ECC (Evolution Control Committee)*  *ALT TAL*  *ARTEMIS*  *KURT WAHLBERG*  *LA MALINCHE (Flemenco)*  *GROUNDCHUCK*  *FIRE ARTS COLLECTIVE*   and believe it or not a *FLASH & LORD HUCKLEBERRY DUET* 
and, should you feel like dancing your booty off around the fire: 
DJS (outside)  *OOAh*  *SMOOVE*  *NoMe*  *LARON aka SWAN*  *DAISY CRAVE*  *SHRIMP*  *LEO* 
@NIMBY  ( ) for directions...(just over the Bridge if coming from SF) 
4/2/05    9pm-??? (you might wanna bring your sunglasses?)    $5 b4 11pm   $10 after for changes, more (yes, more!) and updates...Festive (Playa) Attire Highly, I'm laughing my ass off....... 
and, many, many thanks, in advance...DUSTFISH LOVES YOU!  
(now, bend over and crack a smile!) 
28th @ Peralta, Oakland.
details at

# Comcast is coming to town. Come and protest April 3rd at 2 pm!

The big cable companies will be having its annual meeting in San Francisco Apr 3-5.
Communications Workers of America and Media Alliance are planning to welcome Comcast with a protest rally on Sunday April 3rd at 2 pm. Come to the rally and bring others with you.

We are looking for organizational endorsements for this event. Please contact me at this email if you have any questions or if you can give us your endorsement.

For more information about the rally, go to

Thanks to your calls, we won!

Thanks to everyone who called the San Francisco's Public Utility's Commission on Tuesday.  Despite industry lobbying, the PUC approved the money to study the feasibility of municipal broadband in San Francisco.

Comcast gets an earful in Marin

The big corporations have money and power, but our communities have people. Check out what happened in Marin County when 200 crowded in San Rafael's City Hall to vent their frustration about Comcast.

"It is extremely unusual to have this many people show up on a weeknight for this meeting," Supervisor Susan Adams said. "I don't recall ever having this many people at one of our Board of Supervisor meetings, and for every person here, I'm sure there are dozens more who feel the same way."

Read the whole article at


Contact Sydney Levy at or at 510-832-9000, ext 303

San Francisco Media Advocates' Coalition --> Check our website for updated information!

# Benefit for the Forest Defenders' Pepper Spray Q-tip lawsuit.  
Bay Area premier of Bernadine Mellis'
"The Forest for the Trees: Judi Bari vs. the FBI",
a new documentry about Judi Bari and her successful lawsuit challenging the FBI repression of local forest activists.
WHEN: Wed April 6 2005 7pm 
WHERE: La Pena Cultural Center 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley (near the Ashby BART).
Meet Plaintiffs and Lawyers in the upcoming Pepper Spray By Q-Tip Trial starting April 11 at the SF Federal Building.
Admission $10 no one turned away for lack of funds.
Info: (510) 658-9178
 Judi Bari v. the FBI     54 minutes
directed by Bernadine Mellis
     In 1990, environmentalist and union organizer Judi Bari's car was
bombed.  Within three hours of the bombing, Bari was accused of
transporting the explosives that had nearly killed her.  Still in the
hospital, she was arrested, and labeled a terrorist in the national
media.  "The Forest for the Trees follows" Judi Bari's story,
culminating in her First Amendment case against the FBI.  At the
heart of the film, made by Bari's lawyer's daughter, is Bari, a folk hero
with an electrifying on-screen presence, and the legal battle against
law enforcement that few believed she could win.
     Bernadine Mellis'  first film, Born,  is an experimental short that has screened at galleries and festivals in San Francisco (recently at The Lab's "Inside of Inside" and Madcat International Women's Film Festival) and New York City (including Galapagos Gallery, the Pioneer Theater, and Lady Fest East). The Golden Pheasant, an Orphan's Tale, a children's story Mellis wrote and directed, has also screened in museums and schools nationally , as well as on public television. Her father's role as lead attorney in Earth First! activist Judi Bari's civil case led Mellis to make The Forest for the Trees , her first documentary.   -- 
Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH)
2530 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA  94702
phone: 510 548 3113

# Make Radio, Not War! - Hands-on Radio Camps, Build an FM Broadcast 
Transmitter - 2005 Schedule

A four day hands-on workshop session sponsored by Free Radio Berkeley. 
During the 4 days you will learn how to build FM broadcast transmitters 
(and other related items such as antennas) and set up a low power (5-100 
watt) community radio station capable of covering a broadcast radius 
between 3 and 15 miles depending on power, terrain and antenna height.

The workshop tuition is $150-$200 sliding scale. Transmitter kits are 
provided for assembly experience. These may be also purchased during the 
workshop session so you can walk away at the end with an assembled and 
tested transmitter. Average cost for a broadcast station kit package 
(transmitter, antenna, cabling power, supply) is just $300 to $700, 
depending on kits and power level chosen.

Radio Camp sessions, which run Friday through Monday (10 am to 6 pm), 
will be held at FRB’s Oakland location on the following dates:

April 8-11, 2005 May 27-30, 2005 July 1-4, 2005
August 5-8, 2005 September 2-5, 2005

Make Radio Not War! Break the corporate stranglehold on the free flow of 
information, ideas, art and cultural expression with your own radio station

Contact Free Radio Berkeley for further information or to register for 
the radio camp

Free Radio Berkeley, 1442A Walnut St., Suite 406, Berkeley, CA 94709


A Benefit for Willow Rosenthal’s Medical Needs;
Willow was permanently injured by the
Oakland Police on April 7th, 2003.

Thursday April 7th, 7 p.m.
Café Van Kleef (21 and over)
1621 Telegraph @17th, Oakland
(19th  Street BART)

·	Andrea Pritchett (of Rebecca Riots), Shelley Doty (East Bay Express called her
"the complete performer in her use of cranked emotions in her singing, edgy rock
energy and swinging jazz guitar rhythms." ) & Friends
·	Henri Ducharme with TaraLinda – New French music and beyond (accordion &
·	Spoken Word Performance

·	“Shots on the Docks” the documentary depicting the events at the Oakland Docks
on April 7, 2003 by Steve Zeltzer of the Labor Video Project will screen.


·	Jack Heyman, ILWU rank and file activist who was arrested by police April 7,
2003 and fought and won bogus charges against him.
·	Antonia Juhasz, winner of the Project Censored Award for her article on the
corporate invasion of Iraq, co-author of Alternatives to Economic Globalization
(2nd Edition) and antiwar educator and organizer.
·	Member of Campaign for Community Safety and Police Accountability


On April 7 2003 hundreds of Bay Area anti-war, labor and community activists
picketed corporate war profiteers at the Oakland docks.  The Oakland Police
Department (OPD), after meeting days before with maritime bosses, opened fire
on nonviolent people with wooden bullets, shot-filled
sacks and concussion grenades and charged people with motorcycles for two hours.
 Their actions injured 60, including 7 long shore workers and 3 members of the
press, in the most violent attack in recent history on the anti-war movement,
and was denounced by the UN Commission on Human Rights.   Picketers caused the
docks to shut down on April 7, 2003; and a month later on May 12 and one year
later on April 7, 2004.

Those arrested and facing bogus charges won their cases and there have been some
reforms to police practices won in civil suits in the aftermath, but the OPD and
Mayor Jerry Brown (who may run for California Attorney General) remain
unaccountable and dangerous.

Willow Rosenthal, urban farmer, community organizer, and anti-war social justice
activist, sustained permanent injuries on that day.  We are a group of friends
of Willow and local activists who are raising money to assist her with her
medical expenses, as she has not received any compensation from the city of
Oakland. In the event that her case settles, any unused funds raised will be
diverted to anti-war organizing.

·	Forward this email to your lists and friends
·	Donate money in any of the following ways
1.  On line with a credit card at

2.  Send a check to
     Willow Rosenthal
     PO Box 611
     Berkeley, CA 94701

3.  Or come to the benefit on April 7th and make a donation in person.

Sponsored by friends of Willow and the Transit Workers Solidarity Committee

Contact:  Dorrit  510-981-1967

# April Potluck & Free Lecture by Dr. Rick Dina (D.C.)
Saturday, April 9: Socializing & Appetizers at 6:00 p.m.; Dining at 6:30 p.m.; Lecture at 8:00 p.m. 
Location: IOA. 3600 Geary Boulevard (see March 6 potluck for direction details).
$1 suggested donation for members, their guests, and students bringing food for potluck, $2 for non-members bringing food (add $8 to each category without food).

Following the potluck, there will be a lecture on ?A Vegan Diet for Optimum Health.? Dr. Dina has been studying and practicing optimal vegan nutrition for 18 years. After earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta, GA in 1997, he joined the staff at the True North Health Center under Dr. Alan Goldhamer. In addition to his clinical duties helping patients recover from diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, etc., he conducted informative weekly presentations on pertinent health and nutrition topics. In 2001 he moved to Seattle, WA where he also taught nutrition and natural hygiene principles at Bastyr University, the leading 4-year school for Naturopathic Medicine. He now practices nutrition counseling and chiropractic at the Vitality Health Center of Marin in San Rafael with his wife, Karin, a 15-year vegan who just completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in March of 2005. 

Check their website, or call them at 415-472-7070. Also, he and Karin just returned from their vegan raw food retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii held in February. For more information on his retreats, past and future, visit his website

# Sat Apr 10     Dear Animal Friends,

Please mark your calendars for the Dog March at UCSF Mission Bay Campus! 

When:  Sunday, April 10th, 2005 at 10:45 A.M.  Rain or shine.  
The gathering and the march will last about an hour.

Where:  Corner of 16th Street and Owens Street, at the Mission Bay Campus

Parking:  From 16th Street, turn into the unnamed street between Owens and 3rd Street.   (3rd Street intersects with 16th Street on the east end.) The parking lot is free on Sunday.

The Mission Bay Campus is on the east side of San Francisco, not far from the bay.  This is a newly-built branch campus.  It is more spacious than the older campus.  However, it is likely that the dog experiments, and countless other cruel and unnecessary experiments on monkeys, cats, pigs, sheep, rabbits, mice, hamsters, etc., are still being done at the old main campus.  At any rate, we do know that experiments on smaller animals such as mice and rats, or hamsters and guinea pigs, are happening at the new Mission Bay Campus.  It has been said that one of the new buildings there will house more monkeys.  The buildings are humongous, especially the UCSF Genentech Hall.

It would be ideal to have as many well-behaved dogs there as possible, but if you don't have dogs please come, too!  There will be snacks and drinks and water for people and pooches.  J  Sunday is chosen because too many people can’t make it on a weekday, and we need to tell the media that they can expect 100 pooches and people to be there.

Please mark your calendars.  Please kindly email or call me if you can make it this day:, 650-619-9713, so we can have a minimum confirmed count to promise the media. Thank you for all you do!!! J
Sincerely, Michelle (on behalf of groups and people who care)
P.S. Please feel free to outreach in any way you can!! Any ideas are welcome, too!!

# Apr 9 RAW IN TEN MINUTES is now available in SF at: 
Valencia St Bookstore 569 Valencia St 
Thank you Amanda for putting all the books in the Window! 
Support Valencia Bookstore! My booksigning will be April 9th there!

You're ALL invited to the Pepper Spray Trial!
Come witness the trial that will decide the fate of protest and chemical weapons in these times!
We need a presence in the courtroom to show support!
Trial starts April 11th, 2005 onwards
San Francisco Federal Building, Judge Susan Ilston's Courtroom
450 Golden Gate Ave. at Polk (Civic Center BART stop)
**Must bring photo ID to get in**
Call 510-835-6303 for more info

# What The Bleep Group (“Bleepers' Anonymous”)
Intense, informative, fun! Do you have a passion to find out …”What The Bleep It’s All About?” Then this group is for you. It combines a focus on deep ideas as well as direct experience. Bob Eige is the group leader. His life’s focus has been the study of cosmology, Zen, healing and art*. Each meeting is unique and creative. Participants share their ideas and experiences regarding, “What The Bleep” and related subjects. Learning how to be more effective in creating our own realities is an important objective of group. The next meeting is Monday evening, April 11th at 7:00 PM, in San Rafael - bring your humor and your wits! 
Check out the new, “What The Bleep Study Guide”!
*To check out Bob’s unusual art visit: 

Do not feed the machine April 15th. GENERAL STRIKE
Northern California War Tax Resistance announce list. (510) 843-9877
Infor/support for conscientious war tax resisters in the SF Bay Area.

# Five years after thousands of activists came to Washington 
DC in the first mass show in the U.S. of dissent and solidarity with the global 
struggle against the World Bank and IMF, the Mobilization for Global Justice is 
calling for people to come to Washington DC April 15-17th, 2005 to protest the 
institutions during their semi-annual spring meetings and to celebrate the 
other, more just world that is under construction due to the daily resistance 
of millions of people worldwide! 
For More Information and to Get Involved: 
Visit E-mail 

# 4/15-17 Washington DC: Spring Mobilization 
against the World Bank and IMF

# Chillin' 7th Anniversary brings you 60 fashion designers
60 painters/photographers 60 filmmakers
Music by; DJ JOHANSON, Kerowak, DJ Shon, Russell Vargas, Laron, Dirtyhertz
and Dave Madix Saturday April 16, 2005 from 8:00pm-2:00am
 Mezzanine (444 Jessies Street, SF CA 94103) 21+ $5

# 5th Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer Feb 19-20, 2005; 96th Meeting American Association for Cancer Research April 16-20, 2005; SABCS 2005 Breast Cancer Action

Xara's Third Annual Creative Mythology Festival
The Xara Project April 22-April 24
other regional events:

# Apr 22-24 Bay Area Polyfamilies Campout Mt. Tamalpais State Park. 
carpool: Sally 415- 310-8351 or email 

# Earth Day Beach Clean Up! (sunset / parkside)  Sat Apr 23, 1-4pm 
 Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) and The Surfrider Foundation 
 meeting near entrance #17, across from the Beach Chalet 
(between Fulton and Lincoln on the Great Highway). 
Clean up Ocean Beach in the name of Earth Day while winning great prizes and learning more about our aquatic environment. 
The clean up will take approximately 1-1.5 hours and clean-up contest winners and the Raffle Prize drawing will begin immediately after the clean up. 
What to Bring and Wear: Clothes appropriate for the weather, snacks, sunscreen, hat, water and whatever else you feel like bringing for a day at the beach. Please B.Y.O food, if you want, for post-even activities. 

# "Stopping Cancer Before It Starts." April 25, free 
Dr. Michael Greger will be speaking for SFVS on Monday evening, April 
25, 2005 on "Stopping Cancer Before It Starts."   He will be speaking at 
3600 Geary, at 7:30 p.m.   He needs an LCD monitor or projector 
(equipment that can be plugged into his laptop in order to project pictures on a screen).  Does 
anyone out there have an LCD  that he could use that evening?  If so, please e-mail Nancy Loewen at to let her know.  Thank you so very much.  This will help enormously.
Living Foods:
due to my high amount of emails, I am unable to answer everyone's emails on vegetarian questions.

# Mon, Apr 25 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
 Arcadia 2005: Artists Celebrate Trees Gallery 934 Brannan @ 8th St.

April 28-May 1st, 2005 Witch Well, Arizona
Announcing Toast! the Arizona regional burn 2005, brought to you by the Azburners, Burning Man's Arizona regional community. Come out to Witch Well Arizona and enjoy 4 days of artistic creation and interactive participation within the ethos and culture of Black Rock City. Toast 2005 is April 28th -May 1st . Tickets are already on sale. For more info see
Be there or be square!
For more info on Arizona based regional events contact, or check out the regional website,

May 2005

# Bicycle Film Festival: Call For Entries
Sunday, May 1 2005  - Tuesday, May 31 2005 
 New York, Los Angles, San Francisco, Tokyo, and London! Haight Ashbury
 212 726 8505

# San Francisco Sex Worker Festival 2005
 Sunday, May 1 2005  - Sunday, May 8 2005 
 Roxie Cinema  3117 16th St @ Valencia
 Providing information about sex worker rights and issues. 
 BAYSWAN is specifically geared towards sex workers as well as activists, students and faculty. BAYSWAN, Bay Area Sex Worker Advocacy Network, is a collaborative project providing information for sex workers and about the sex industries. BAYSWAN organizes to improve working conditions, increase safety and services for workers, and to eliminate discrimination on behalf of individuals working within the sex industry. 

# May 20-29 Portland, OR Village Building Convergence 5
Human-Scale Community Action at the Urban Crossroads
Ready to change the world starting in your neighborhood? intersection repair

# Tue, May 31 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
 GREEN CITY VISIONS: Rebuilding the City to Save the Environment
1547 Lakeside Drive Oakland CA 94612

June 2005

# June 11th-12 27th Annual HARMONY FESTIVAL
(Formerly Health & Harmony Festival)
Northern California's premiere community celebration of progressive culture
Music * Arts * Ecology * Healthful Living
Saturday and Sunday, June 11th-12th, 2005.
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
11AM - 8PM Saturday? 11AM - 7PM Sunday
Saturday Night Dance?? 8PM - 12 PM

# June 17,18,19
Sierra Nevada World Music Fest. Calaveras Co. Fgnds.

#   BURNING RIVER – June 25 & 26
 Saturday & Sunday, 2 hours north of the Bay Area on the Upper Cache River
 Can you imagine 100+ Burners on a fabulous, hot, sunny day on the river?  We can dress in crazy attire, have water battles (Super Soakers are a must), chill out on the beaches and just enjoy being in a wet, tree-lined environment with amazing scenery right before our eyes.  Once you are on the river, there is nothing to do but have fun and relax.  All meals are taken care of and all gear is sent ahead.  The most you have to worry about is loosing your paddle and having to swim.
 At night, we can put on the Bling!Bling!, light up our e-poi/e-staffs while dazzling the natives by the river’s edge.  With a little coordination, we could set up our own cozy village with a community bar among the trees and deeply connect with one another.
 If we get enough interest, we may be able to take over one campsite for ourselves (run the music, stay up all night, etc.) and have leverage to book a campground on the way for the preceding Friday night stay or perhaps negotiate discount rooms at the local casino for Friday night.  Stay tuned for these opportunities…
 This is an all-inclusive, family-oriented (12 yrs +/min. 65 lbs.) event so we encourage you to bring the whole Burner family and to post this announcement out to other Burner communities.  The company running it has Burners on the payroll but the guests will be a mix of Burners and non-Burners – our goal is to make it mostly Burners! 
 The scheduled trip includes 2 days of volcanic river canyon rafting (rated class 3 but is mostly class 2) in either a 2 person ‘ducky’ or a 4 persons raft.  The $139 pp fee includes all on-river meals and evening entertainment, life jacket, camping fees, parking, raft rental, paddles and shuttle service.  There will be some free tickets for those in our community who cannot afford this adventure but passionately want to attend.
 2 hours north of the Bay Area on the Upper Cache River.   See you on the river! Glimmer

Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803

treasonous, secretive congress, is not binding law.
Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803

-The Geneva convention instructs us to resist genocide by any means necessary.
-The US constitution directs us to overthrow our government if it fails to represent us.

If a cop does not understand these laws, you can arrest him for impersonating an officer.

Get used to ignoring or arresting officers who do not understand the US Constitution.

Live free or die.

Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803
Ignore or arrest any cop who asks to see such. You are allowed to do so 
by the Geneva Convention and the US Constitution.
Passed by treasonous, secretive congress, HR 418 Real ID ACT
is NULL AND VOID. Note how senate secretly approved this bill the eve before running away to winter break.  Note US history of passing repressive legislation the eve before a break,
so that no opposition or public response can take place. Stand in Peace, Pay No Tax.
 Cracking the Unified Commerce Code:
Cracking the Code Third Edition

HUMAN WEALTH : Beyond Greed & Scarcity  
Latin :   Jus is Justice.   Belli is War.
Use of force continuum.
Jefferson Party website.
Subliminal Dynamics course for rapid learning!
Aurora Colorada. 52,000 words per minute reading level.
Get back in touch with your allready photographic memory.
Sub Dyn reunites you with your

Subliminal Dynamics Histoy
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.