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SF events 6.30
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Thursday 6/30 on
 12:00pm San Francisco: Breasts Not Bombs
 7:00pm San Francisco: Hands Off Venezuela
 7:00pm Berkeley: Radio Frequency Identification at our Libraries 
 7:00pm San Francisco: Videobloggers SF Meetup 
 7:00pm San Francisco: Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution Film Series 

94.1 fm Berkeley M-F 9am DEMOCRACY NOW!
# Every Tues 1pm 94.1fm YOUR OWN HEALTH&FITNESS
2pm EXPLORA-TION Michio Kaku
# Every Wed 1-2pm 94.1fm 4:20 report Ed Rosenthal
# Every Wed 2-3pm
# Every Thu 94.1fm 1-2 pm Herbal Highway
2-3 pm Caroline Casey
# Every Fri 94.1fm 1-2 pm Terra Verde

Breaking News:  New York Bans Mercury in Vaccines
Mercury, Autism and the Coming Storm


Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job

Beyond Oil: Taking Action Against the US Oil Addiction

Impeach the 5 US Supreme Court Judges who allow cities to use eminent domain
to destroy houses to erect shopping malls

VACCINES:  Govt. Rushes to conceal data from "Autism" possibility -
When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may have caused 
autism in thousands of kids, the government rushed to conceal the data -- and to 
prevent parents from suing drug companies for their role in the epidemic.

protein myths
we are not preaching the choir, guess which group posted pro-vegan article

US suspected of keeping secret prisoners on warships: UN official

Introducing The Constitution Restoration Act

America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed

 Bush Exit Plan vs Others
Bush Plan = 12 more years of death and destruction for Iraq and for 
our troops. Some last thros ! 
1)Democracy Rising calls for a three-step approach to rapidly and 
responsibly remove U.S. military forces, civilian military contractors 
and U.S. corporate interests from Iraq 
2)Rep. Dennis Kucinich has a 10 point plan to bring the troops home in 
90 days. 

1st Straw-bale workshop in Siberia! 

another Mad Cow case in America, the media is not reporting it

  From Public Use To Corporate Abuse
 Eminent domain exploited by government / corporate partnerships

regime change in the 2008 "selection" when we will most likely see Hillary Clinton anointed as our next president by proprietary voting software. Is it not noteworthy that (as reported on CNN, June 28th) good friends Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. found it timely to take a jovial boat ride together in Maine to talk about "things"?

The Future of Media Activism
Media activism is in its infancy. It is fragmented and has dozens of
different agendas. Policy mavericks are fighting ownership
concentration in the courts. Independent journalists are speaking out
on the internet and airwaves. Educators are helping the next
generation by teaching media literacy in their classrooms. What can
pull together these currently disparate threads? What will it take
build a media movement to parallel the other great movements of our
time, like environmentalism, feminism and civil rights? Larger
narratives like Media Democracy, Media Justice and Mental
Environmentalism will surely play a part. What else? Read our new
background article here and then weigh in on the future of the media
movement below.

:Gov. Jesse Ventura Has Doubts In Official 9/11 Story

the cost of  dictator bush's useless, brainless, premeditated, illegal and immoral invasion

Thu Jun 30

# Thu. June 30  Noon         BREASTS NOT BOMBS - SF

Powell, San Francisco
FOR INFO - CALL Sherry Glaser  707-937-2646






Men welcome as they have breasts too!!


Court Stops Florida From Blocking Nude Anti-War Activists

Associated Press, February 14, 2003

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A federal court judge has barred the State of
Florida from trying to block plans by a group of women to gather in a
state park, strip nude and form a peace symbol with their bodies in 
protest of a
U.S. war on Iraq.

U.S. District Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks wrote an eleven-page order
stating that "nude overtly political speech in the form of a 'living 
nude peace
symbol' is expressive conduct well within the ambit of the First 

Middlebrooks also ruled, however, that the state could erect signs to
notify the public that the protest would be taking place, or it could 
screens around the demonstrators.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida went to court in defense
of a naturist and a videographer who planned to record the event.

The demonstration is taking place this morning at John D. MacArthur
Beach State Park on Singer Island, north of West Palm Beach.

Forwarded as a courtesy of NorCal ADPSR.  These postings are originated 
by others and ADPSR takes no responsibility for content.  
Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR)
  ADPSR National Forum 415 974-1306
  ADPSR Northern California Chapter 510 845-1000
  POB 9126, Berkeley, CA 94709

Reply only to: CALL Sherry Glaser  707-937-2646

#  Playatech To Acquire Burning Man Headquarters June 30, 2005
 Thu June 30 4:00 PM Burning Man Headquarters 
 Playatech today announced that the Burning Man LLC Board of Directors has accepted its offer to acquire Burning Man Headquarters (BMHQ). The closing date of the acquisition is expected to be Thursday June 30. 

Playatech will establish a radical furniture factory on the ground floor of the BMHQ site and will initiate production at 4PM on June 30, for the benefit of all burners. From 4-8PM sawdust will fly as we help you construct massive quantities of Playa Love Seats and Playa Pews to take Home – factory workers will be asked to donate only the wholesale cost of their plywood plus Playatech’s standard $5/sheet royalty to Black Rock Arts Foundation - $25/sheet total. From 6-10PM we will celebrate art, share BYOB booze, and BBQ playa potluck style while we decorate our new furniture. 

At 10PM on June 30, Playatech will announce it is divesting all corporate assets including BMHQ, and will sell the facility back to the LLC for one BM05 event ticket. 

Psyche! Silly rabbits, you know Larry would never give in to a corporate raider. But he does want you to support BRAF by making art at Playatech’s first SF DIY Factory Dance Sale, so he’s lending us his basement – if we leave no trace, maybe he’ll do it again. 

RSVP required - creative insanity drives us to choreograph furniture production as a dance performance with plywood partners, and doing anything this outside the box requires coordination. See vital information at right away for how to participate. 

For more information about Playatech, visit . For more information about BRAF visit . For more information about BMHQ, visit. West on 16th Street from 3rd st. Turn left into gravel/dirt parking lot.
Or park in the SnowDrift Parking lot on 3rd St just south of 16th street and walk through the fence.

# SAVE THE DATE! June 30, 7:30pm Party at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco
 Come out and join us as we celebrate the announcement of the Tribe25!

 We asked our members a while back to tell us who the most interesting--and underappreciated--people were in the Bay Area. Well, you've spoken!

This party will celebrate your choices, as well as showcase the important improvements we're launching soon in how our profiles work on the site. All of these folks are using our new profiles to the maximum: to blog, link to sound files, post photos, link to other parts of the web, and customize to their heart's content. We know who all 25 of these people are, but we're keeping the secret for a bit longer!

	• 	Location: 1015 Folsom (site,  tribe)
We'  ve just been down there to check on all the cool renovations they're putting in. It's gonna be great!

	• 	Doors open at 7:30pm. 
A free drink for each of the first 100 people to show!

	• 	$5 Cover (Free for Members)
 We’re going to charge $5 at the door, but admission is FREE for members. Just print your profile page and show it at the door (no matter how funky the print job turns out).

	• 	All door proceeds will benefit the Hopscotch Network. 
The Hopscotch Network mobilizes socially conscious young adults to support established non-profits dedicated to improving the lives of children through educational and life-improving support.

	• 	Performances by:

Will Franken (site,  tribe) is "a psychedelic collision of satire and absurdity, blind rage and delicate lyricism...tailor-made for anybody who's ever hated mainstream stand-up comedy."

Suhaila Dance Company is led by Suhaila Salimpour (site,  tribe), whose unique background has prepared her to become one of the world's most sought-after performers, teachers, and choreographers of traditional Middle Eastern dance.

Scissors for Lefty (site) -- their last album was "a polished and multi-layered exploration of danceable beats, synthesized textures and industrial riffing...with early Bowie-esque vocals and dark sensibilities."

Dhamaal Electronic Artist Collective (site,  tribe) "has been feverishly pushing forward hybrids of South Asian and world culture for the last 6 years." Read their rave reviews on

 Folks this will be like all of our previous parties but spiked with red bull, rockstar and mountain dew. From the city-renowned sound quality of 1015 Folsom to the twisted comedy of Will Franken and worldly beats of the Dhamaal collective, we'll keep your head spinning. It'll be the cat's pajamas, it'll be cracker jacks and daisy dukes, it'll be raining fantasia and it'll all be under the umbrella!  See you there!

#  Art of Seduction: A Mixer w/ the InSight Institute
 Thu June 30, 7:45pm to 10:30pm $10/15 One Taste 1074 Folsom @ 7th

# Rosin Coven Dance Revue Thu June 30 8:00 PM
 Great American Music Hall   859 O'Farrell @ Polk/ Leavenworth 
 Join Rosin Coven in the elegant splendor of San Francisco's finest venue, The Great American Music Hall, for an unparalleled night of music, theatre, and DANCE! Four dance companies choreograph original works to the music of Rosin Coven, including the debut of Midnight Rose's newly completed trilogy: Train, Water & Arrow. Featuring dance performances by: 
Vau de Vire Society (avante-aerial cabaret) 
Hot Pink Feathers (carnaval-burlesque) 
Liminal (dance theatre) 
Phat Fly Girls (puttin the hips in hip-hop) 
We are also very pleased to announce an opening performance by the amazing Charming Hostess: "Three women in a whirl of eerie harmony, hot rhythm and radical braininess." 
Doors 7:30pm, Show 8:00pm. First-come-first-serve seated show, come early and get a table (and a good view!). All ages welcome. 
Tickets $13 adv/$16 door

# Jun 30-Jul 3  High Sierra Music Fest
lumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds  • Quincy, CA $175/160/130 4/3/2-day
3.5 hrs. NE of San Francisco • 1.5 hrs. NW of Reno 
Michael Franti and Spearhead

# June 30 - July 4 101 North. Exist East on North San Pedro Dr.
 Marin Center  10 Avenue of the Flags  San Rafael CA 94903

# 6/30 7:00-9:00 pm Taoist Master Mantak Chia: Primordial Breath, &
Awakening the Original Spirit $35.00
7/1  7:00-9:00 pm  Taoist Master Mantak Chia: Taoist Secrets of Love and
Sex,   $35.00
7/1 9:00 - 10:00 pm  Reception w/ Master Mantak Chia; Living Foods, Music,
$25.00 or All 3 events for $80.00
See flyer and /or make reservations online at
Sacred Space, 776 Haight @ Scott / Pierce

July 2005

# 7.1.05 - Come support me: FREE yoga class @ One Taste 
Friday's class will be FREE! I would love for you to come.
this will be really FUN - If you are an intermediate Yogi you will have the oppourtunity to sweat. If you are newer to yoga you will have the oppourtunity to move at your own pace.
maybe we can all go out to casual dinner together afterward, or eat at the cafe in One Taste.
FREE! - Friday July 1st : 4:30-6pm - FREE!
One Taste in SF
1074 Folsom Street at 7th Street, SF
TEL 415 .503.1100

# 2600 Meeting  Fri July 1 5:00PM - 7:00PM PDT (GMT-07:00) 
SF: 4 Embarcadero Plaza (inside). Payphones: (415) 398-9803, 9804, 9805, 9806.

# July 1-3, High Sierra Festival. 
Carpool to High Sierra Fest

#  -- rEvolution --  A Magical Gathering  July 1-4th

# National Rainbow Gathering in West Virginia, July 1 - 8 ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization

Greetings from spiritual technology headquarters.  Wanted to pass on the
info for the campout in shasta this weekend.  Check out this URL for all
the dets...  love, light peace~n~beats...tune

# Jul 1-4 Pedal Monster * Alercycle events all weekend
 Friday, July 1, 2005  - Monday, July 4 8:00 PM
 1667 Jerrold Ave. at 3rd St. 
 Poker Run, Bicycle Drive in theater, Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo, Band, Beer, and BBQ... 4 Days... 

Friday, July 1st 
Poker Run 
$5 entrance fee, winner takes all. 
Meet at Zeitgeist at 8:00pm 
199 Valencia St at Division (aka 13th) 

Saturday, July 2nd 
8pm, $6 bucks 
Bicycle Drive In Theater 
Bands and Beer 
-Jesus Fucking Christ 

Sunday, July 3rd 
2pm to 10pm, $8 bucks 
Cyclecide Bike Rodeo 
with special guests 
-999eyes Carnaval of the Damneed 
-Two Gallants 
-One Man Banjo vs. Esmerelda Strange 
(A one man band smack down) 
-Pedal Powered Carnival Rides 

Monday, July 4th 
Bike Club BBQ/Bike Ride 
BYOM (meat) 
Meet at the bike rodeo house at 2pm. 

All events at 1667 Jerrold Ave. at 3rd St. 
Bike Clubs RSVP with a list of members for more updates

Sat Jul 2

# Saturday, July 2, 2005
Sick Plant Clinic — Dr. Robert Raabe, UC plant pathologist, and Dr. Nick Mills, UC entomologist, convene a team the first Saturday of every month to diagnose plant illnesses and recommend remedies. Bring a piece of the plant in a securely sealed container. A zipperlock bag is ideal. Location: UC Botanical Garden, 200 Centennial Dr., Berkeley. Time: 9am - noon. Cost: Free (parking 50 cents an hour). Info: 510-643-2755

# Berkeley Free Market july 2, 2005 12-4 freeee
 BERKELEY FREE MARKET (Really really free market)
 first Saturday of every month   12-4  in the park
martin luther king way and allston way
(next to the Berkeley farmer's market)
the idea is to give and receive without money
bring stuff you want to give
talents: juggling, poetry, music, contact improv, capoeira, bodywork, art, t-shirt making, freestyling,
martian psychic past-life restoration and remodeling
stuff: all that stuff that's still cool but you don't need it
come to give and enjoy giving
come to receive and find cool stuff free
and give people the joy of giving
contact info  kevintouch@msn 510-290-5301
three (count 'em, three) guidelines:
1)    If you bring stuff, and no one takes it, take it home with you. Leave no trace
2)    Keep the non-money spirit of the event by not taking stuff to sell
3)    If you bring stuff, and no one takes it, take it home with you. Leave no trace
park by farmers market
martin luther king way and allston way
in the park next to the saturday berkeley farmer's market. streets borkdering the park are martin luther king way, allston way, and center street, in berkeley. behind city hall, across from berkeley high school.   510-290-5301

# 7/2: Protest "Foie Gras" Cruelty!  (walnut creek)  12:00-2:00PM
To make "foie gras"-- French for "fattened liver"-- ducks must be force fed until their livers are ten times their natural size(often causing organ rupture and death.) "Foie gras" is known as animal cruelty worldwide. Over 15 countries have banned its production. Califonia has banned both its production and its sale, effective year 2012. 
 Upon learning of this cruelty, many restaurants around the country have removed this item. Animal activists have tried to convince "Le Bistro" restaurant to ditch this cruelty for months, but the restaurant has refused. Please join us in a demonstration!   Who: You! 
 What: Demonstration against cruel "foie gras" 
 Where: "le Bistro" Restaurant 
 1606 North Main Street, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 
 Why: To get rid of this heinous cruelty! 
 When: Saturday, July 2 from 12:00-2:00PM 
 How: Signs and Leaflets will be provided 760-525-3499 Animal Protection & Rescue League

# 7/2: The Black Ops Conspiracy Ball  (san mateo)
100 N. Ellsworth Ave 6:30pm $15/20

# Groove Garden-The Bay Area Freakstop! Sat July 2 9PM $15
 2398 Sir Francis Drake  Planet Fairfax-Marin 
 What keeps a just-under-the-radar dance event groooovin' for 5+ years? And why do people keep droppin' in from all over No. Cal? 

And how couldn't this happen in Freaky Funky Fairfax, one of the the Bay Area's last bastions of geekdom, freakers, tweakers, hippies, visionaries, floaters and embracers of every kind of esoteric, arcane, freeform spiritual quest on the friggin' planet! 

Fortunately the common denominator amongst all this is dance-and they dance hard; heartbeats, sweat glands, soles and heels, eardrums, chakras, tailbones - man they all get a good serving at The Groove if any of your body parts, spirit parts or other parts need a thump in the right direction then git yer shining self across whatever bridge, metaphorical or literal, and become part of the Groove Garden spin cycle - its on high freak-quency! 

On this particular evening of July 2nd The Groove Garden is very pleased to offer the burgeoning talent of three special guests DJ Gingersnap (opening slot) Amar (chillspace) and Kosho (visuals) who bring to the Groove Garden a perfect melange of dreamy rhythms, saffron grooves, funk-slapped beats and ecstatic mixes. 

DJ Dragonfly spins from 10:30 onwards, unleashing a spirited mix of great new music from across the globe...percussive ruckus, ragged riddims, melodic mana and a deep sense of what keeps a dancefloor animated, activated and levitated! 

And....all the good stuff in the chillspace awaits you: Lydia's Lovin' Organics, massage, great music and more!

# 	 Kolony July 2nd Residents night
 Pete carreon  Hector Garza  Mario  510 Brannan @ 4th
SF CA  21 up No Cover 9-2am
 House Music  Cocktails  and Conversasion
 Good Times Good Times Good Times Good Times

# Saturday, July 2, 2005 - Monday, July 4, 2005
San Francisco Mime Troupe: "Doing Good" — The San Francisco Mime Troupe's latest offering is based on John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, a book that explains how America built an empire on Third World debt. Music at 1:30pm, show at 2pm. Location: Dolores Park, between 19th & 20th, SF. Time: 1:30pm. Cost: Free. Info: 415-285-1717, ,

# The July Potluck will take place on Sunday, July 3rd at 1pm in the
Community Room of the Police Station at 630 Valencia St (nr 16th, 5 
mins walk from 16th and Mission BART).
Please bring a raw vegan potluck dish to share sufficient for 10- 12, 
with a serving utensil, and your own plate and silverware. Potluck is 
free to members and $3 to non-members - an additional $5 if you don't 
bring food to share.
Alvin Sarad will give tips on how to keep produce fresh at this event.

# 20th Annual Fillmore St Fair - july 2 & 3 10-6 Btwn Jackson / Eddy

Sun Jul 3

# 7-03 10:00 PM Location: studio z transformed
A nite with KAN'NAL.............DUSTFISH LOVE YOU
SUNDAY NITE JULY 3 2005 STUDIOZ    314 11th St. @ Folsom
$10 in Temple Garb   $15 without  (just come DRESSED!)
doors at 9:30pm we are here for your souls love and pleasure
studio z will be transformed into a deep cavern of sound and sensation for kan'nal's return to san francisco
experience the beat of the earth's heart with these gypsy wanderers, swimming in their organic release and the force that is L U N A R F I R E this is a night for the dancers


Mon July 4 

- Independence Day; 
Brought to you by the country that has DENIED INDEPENDENCE to hundreds of countries,
and bombed 140 countries! (and is giving AUTISM to millions of kids with Mercury in vaccines)
And is dumping radioactive waste (depleted Uranium) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Puerto Rico, 
( and might soon be Nuking Iran, Syria, Nigeria, etc.)
Wow! We are # 1! No other country has bombed as many countries as we have!

# 4th of July events in SF:

# Monday, July 4, 9am MPJC Marching Contingent
 Sausalito 4th of July Parade COME MARCH WITH US FOR PEACE
 Assemble at 9am at the corner of Bridgeway and Main Street We will be shown where to put our contingent together. The parade steps off at 10. We will bring our circular peace signs and other banners, but you are invited to bring your own. If possible, try to relate them to the July 4th festivities...duh
Sausalito Fourth of July Parade, Picnic & Fireworks - Sausalito. Parade on Caledonia Street at 10am. Picnic and family fun at Dunphy Park. Following the parade is a town picnic in the park with food, entertainment, raffles, tug-o-war and egg toss. 12-5pm. Fireworks Extravaganza at Gabrielson Park 6:30-9:30pm. Sponsored by Sausalito Parks & Recreation.

# Mon Jul 4 Noon Party in Bolinas. get there by 10 or 11 AM to get in without walking a mile.
Noon Parade with Carnaval dancers, Fire Engines, Saloons, Block Parties and BBQs, 
Hometown style Good 'Ol American 4th of July, really fun.  Fireworks and party on beach all night.
OK to sleep on beach over night. Admittedly this party is bigger when the 4th falls on a Fri or Sat or Sunday.

# 25th Anniversary Earth First! Round River Rendezvous Join us as we Celebrate Cascadian Secession! July 4 - 11, 2005

Tue July 5

# Tue, Jul 5 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm A Call to Speak Out on Iraq
Oakland Federal Building 13th and Clay St Oakland

# SF League of Pissed Off Voters Happy Hour Tue July 5 7-9PM
 Every other Tuesday, 7-9 PM  7/5, 7/19, yadda yadda 
WHERE: Zeitgeist, 199 Valencia @ Duboce 
WHY: Cause we're pissed, dammit. And it's cool to hang out and talk and get to know each other outside of meetings and stuff. Don't get me wrong, the meetings and what-not have their time and place, but so does happy hour. And that time and place is every other Tuesday from 7-9 at Zeitgeist.

# Tuesday, July 5, 2005
Slideshow and Talk: "The Politics of Transportation" — Andy Signer will discuss the environmental and social problems caused by automobiles, the destruction of America's public transit by National City Lines (1928-1954), and the rise of state highway agencies. He will conclude with ideas for ways to redirect money from highways to transit, cycling and urban revitalization. The talk will be followed by a discussion and book signing. Location: AK Press, 674A 23rd St, between MLK & San Pablo, Oakland. Time: 7pm. Cost: Free. Info: 510-208-1700, ,

# Tuesday, July 5, 2005
Lecture on Global Warming — Dr. Stan Van Velsor will speak about how the silent menace of global warming threatens the sustainability of our planet. The presentation will review the causes and repercussions of global warming on our fragile earth as well as offer workable solutions. Watch it broadcasted live on Mid-Peninsula Community Media Cable Channel 27 (and rebroadcast throughout July) as part of the "Other Voices" television series. Location: Community Media Center, 900 San Antonio Rd, Palo Alto. Time: 7pm - 8pm. Info: 650-326-8837,

Wed July 6

# Wednesday, July 6, 2005
Path Wanderers' Tour of East Bay Regional Parks Botanic Garden — Tour the East Bay Regional Parks Botanic Garden with garden docents Robert Mackler and Jacque Ensign. Meet at the garden entrance. Walk is limited to 20 participants. Call to register, or for information. Location: Botanic Garden, Tilden Park, Wildcat Canyon Rd., South Park Dr., Berkeley. Time: 10am. Info: 510-524 4715

# Wednesday, July 6, 2005
Presidio "Sunset Stewards" Drop-in Projects — On Wednesday evenings from 6/1 - 8/31, come enjoy the beauty of the Presidio while helping your local national park. Volunteers will be working outdoors removing invasive vegetation and doing trail maintenance along Crissy Field, Battery East, and Fort Point. Adults, families, and youth ages 10 and up are welcome. Individuals and groups. No experience necessary. Fulfills community service requirements. Tools, gloves, snacks, and training will be provided. Please wear layered clothing and sturdy shoes. RSVP is requested. Location: Crissy Field Center, Presidio, Bldg. 603, @ Mason & Halleck, SF. Time: 5:30pm - 7pm. Info: 415-561-3013,

# Wed, Jul 6, 2005      7:00 pm
Mass Mobilizing Meeting: NO NUKES! NO WARS!
Global Exchange
2017 Mission St. #303 (across the street from the 16th St. BART Station)
San Francisco
Please join us for a mass mobilizing meeting to build the Seeds of Change: NO NUKES! NO WARS! rally and march to the Livermore nuclear weapons lab.
 * Find out why, in the midst of ongoing slaughter in Iraq, we must call for nuclear abolition
 * Stop the Bomb Where it Starts! For the 60th Anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima, Help Organize the March to the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab!

# Wednesday, July 6, 2005
Films: "The Iguazu Effect" and "Bloodletting: Life Death Healthcare" — The Iguazu Effect: In 2001, the national telephone company of Spain sold its major subsidiary: about 1800 workers were laid off. The laid off workers built a "Camp of Hope" in the middle of downtown Madrid and started the struggle which went on for 187 days. Bloodletting: Life Death Healthcare: A filmmaker, Lorna Green, travels to Cuba to investigate its healthcare system, only to return home where two family members, uninsured by their employers, develop illnesses. The film reveals the cruel underbelly of America's healthcare system ( ). Location: Humanist Hall, 390 27th St, btwn Broadway and Telegraph, Oakland. Time: 7:30pm. Cost: Free ($5 donation welcome). Info: 925-487-4419, ,

# BaGG Tribe Fiesta! Wed July 6 9:30 PM Glas Kat (aka The Troc) 
520 4th St@ Bryant RSVP TO GET IN FREE ALL NIGHT!   $5 TIL 10:30 $7 AFTER. (Without RSVP)

West Coast Anti-Capitalist Mobilization Against the G8
July 6-8, San Francisco

 Call for a West Coast anti-war and anti-capitalist mass convergence, July
6-8 of 2005 in San Francisco, in solidarity with the mobilization against
the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Scotland.

 From July 6-8, 2005, the annual G8 summit we be held at Gleneagles Hotel
in Scotland. The G8 is a forum of the rulers of the eight most
industrialized, wealthy, and powerful states in the world. Every year
they meet to discuss how to further their interests, expand their empire,
and tighten their grip on every aspect of our lives. The consequences
effect us all, and their economic success comes at our expense. The G8
exists to manage and maintain a system whose impacts we see all around
us: war, genocide, wage slavery, mass poverty, structural racism, famine,
environmental destruction, colonial domination in Africa, Asia, & Latin
America, social alienation, and accelerating attacks on working people
around the world.

 But resistance is growing across the globe, in struggles as diverse as
they are numerous. And in recent years, everywhere the G8 has met huge
movements of people have confronted them, both demanding systemic change
and fighting for a global social revolution.

 In recognition of the call to action by Peoples' Global Action for Global
Days of Action to be held against the G8, we are mobilizing for a
regional convergence here in San Francisco. We are calling on everyone
ready to fight for a better world - workers, students, revolutionaries,
anti-capitalists... - from across the North American West Coast to
converge and manifest their resistance on the streets. A Mid-West
regional convergence is being called for Kansas City, and East Coast in
Richmond, Virgina.

Our convergence will be in solidarity with those descending upon the
streets of Scotland to face the G8 head on. We act in solidarity with
revolutionaries taking to the streets to defend working peoples' lives all
around the world: the struggle against neoliberal privatization in
Bolivia; against transit fare increases in Brazil, Chicago, and San
Francisco; against the Minutemen along the border; and against the PG&E
power plant in Hunter's Point.

Global capital will show the full force of its domestic military
capabilities in Scotland - we can confront these summits on our own terms,
and this mobilization is a step in that direction.

Capitalism is everywhere, but so are we - we will converge in our city and
fight it on our own terms!

# Psyche Wall + Django Chapel: Opening Reception Thu July 7 6-8 pm Free
 New Langton Arts premieres two installations that exploit both digital manipulation and sculptural installation as points of departure, July 6 to August 6, 2005.  Psyche Wall, by New York artist Jacob Hartman, and Django Chapel, by the San Francisco-based collaborative team of Jarrett Mitchell and Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, use technology as a foundation to explore how viewers perceive art in the gallery setting. Hartman's installation uses sculpture, photography and video to simultaneously create and subvert visual illusions, appropriating film production methods to alter sensory perceptions of reality. Mitchell and Yarbrough's installation features sculpture, video and paintings inspired by Giotto's Arena Chapel in Italy and Corbucci's spaghetti western Django.
 New Langton Arts 1246 Folsom @ 8th/9th

# Thursday, July 7, 2005
Reading: "Through the Wall: A Year in Havana" — In 1992 Margot Pepper was one of a handful of journalists granted a visa to remain in Cuba. Through the Wall follows the daughter of a blacklisted Hollywood producer through the revolution's bleakest year. For those who believe another world is possible, the book traces the failures and successes of one of the few extant alternatives to a corporate-based economy. Location: Black Oak Books, 1491 Shattuck Ave, @ Vine, Berkeley. Time: 7:30pm. Cost: Free. Info: 510-486-0698, ,

# Thursday, July 7, 2005
Benefit Concert: Zapatista Health Project — Local hip hop, jazz, and spoken word artists present a benefit for San Manuel County in Chiapas, Mexico. Local supporters are raising funds for the San Manuel Pharmacy Warehouse, a project to assure a continuous supply of medicine to indigenous people there. Location: 21 Grand Performance Space, 416 25th Street, Oakland. Time: 8pm. Cost: $5- $10 suggested donation. Info: 510-654-9587, ,


Fri Jul 8

# Bush Bashing Bonanza Fri July 8  7:00 PM
  Red Victorian Peace Center  1665 Haight @ Cole 
 Friday July 8th (twice the independence as 4)  7-11pm 
 Heckling and despising W and his relentless fanatical war driven regime is something all defenders of peace and patriots love to do. So join us for this hootenanny that will showcase live original music by San Francisco musicians. Film footage of Bush and his cronies speaking Bushisms and planning for world domination. Presentations from fine Anti-Bush campaigns. Even interactive games to bring us all together for a night of thinking about a world with no W. 
 Admission $5-20 sliding scale 
 We are still in need of a few musicians to play, anti bush-campaigns to present, bush look-a-likes or someone who would like to wear a mask all evening and volunteers to help this event be ridiculously ridiculing of W and lots of fun

# Friday, July 8, 2005
Film: "The Corporation" — A darkly amusing account of the corporation's evolution as a legal "person" whose prime directive is to produce ever-increasing profit for its shareholders regardless of the cost to others. Today's large corporations are global powers that use their status as "people" to claim rights under the constitution. Interviewees include Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Naomi Klein and Milton Friedman. Doors open 7:30pm. Location: Unitarian Hall (Palo Alto), 505 E. Charleston Rd, Palo Alto. Time: 8pm - 11pm. Cost: $5 to $10 donation (no one turned away). Info: 650-283-3797,

#  07-08 8:00 PM THE DICK & DUBYA SHOW 
The Republican Outreach Cabaret
"A wonderfully clueless president (Glick) and a no nonsense Dick Cheney (Holmes)" - SF Chronicle
Johnny Steele opens!
Friday and Saturday July 8th and 9th 8pm
142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley

# Oregon Country Faire, Veneta, OR: July 8th-10th Reggae on the River, Frenchs Camp Piercy, CA: August 5th-7th

Shambhala Music Festival, Nelson BC Canada: August 12-14th Hopland, CA: August 20th & 21st Black Rock City, NV: August 29th – Sept 5th , Laytonville, CA: Sept 16th-19th , San Rafael, CA: October 14th-16th

# Saturday, July 9, 2005
Mt. Tam Watershed Volunteer Trail Day — Marin Municipal Water District invites you to join them to repair various trails on the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed. Trail days are usually the first Saturday of each month (call to verify and get location). Please wear sturdy shoes, layered clothes, sunscreen, bring gloves (if you have them) and lunch. MMWD will supply tools and beverages. Time: 9am. Info: Cindy, 415-945-1180

# Saturday, July 9, 2005
San Pablo Creek Restoration Work Party — Join us for weeding, ivy removal, etc. as we continue the creek restoration project at the library. Location: El Sobrante Library, 4191 Appian Way, El Sobrante. Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm. Info: 510-231-9566, ,

# Saturday, July 9, 2005
Urban Composting Class — Turn your kitchen scraps into a rich soil amendment for your plants. Location: Garden for the Environment, 7th Ave. at Lawton St., SF. Time: 10am - noon. Cost: Free. Info: 510-731-5627, ,

# Saturday, July 9, 2005
Cerrito Creek / Albany Hill Walk — Join Berkeley Path Wanderers and Friends of Five Creeks for a walk exploring Indian, Spanish, and early El Cerrito history as well as recent restoration. Meet at the north end of Cornell Street (south edge of El Cerrito Plaza shopping center). Return in time for the Saturday El Cerrito Plaza farmers' market. Location: El Cerrito. Time: 10am. Info: 510-848-9358,

# July 9 TRANSIT  high desert for sixteen hours 
of psytrance from a diverse range of Californian artists

# Saturday, July 9, 2005 - Sunday, July 10, 2005
San Francisco Mime Troupe: "Doing Good" — The San Francisco Mime Troupe's latest offering is based on John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, a book that explains how America built an empire on Third World debt. Music at 1:30pm, show at 2pm. Location: Cedar Rose Park, 1300 Rose Street, a block from Cedar & Chestnut, Berkeley. Time: 1:30pm. Cost: Free. Info: 415-285-1717, ,

# False Walls : A Photography Show 6-pm, Sat July 9
FPSF (False Profit Soap Factory) 555 De Haro St @ 18th
Donations accepted, no one turned away for lack of funds
 "False Walls", an exhibition of photographs, will be an intriguing look at perspectives in space. In hanging their work at the new False Profit headquarters, the artists will be occupying much more than straight-edged walls with their engaging still lifes, piercing portraits, and high-energy joi de vivre! Featuring the work of 8 photographers that you may already know: Alison Bank, Freda Banks, Aaron Beachnau, Andrea Brooks, Loren Earle-Cruikshanks, Maria McLaughlin, Laura Plageman and Alexander Warnow.
 This is also the first event in our new headquarters, which the members of False Profit have been hard at work building for the past 4 months.  If you attended the recent "convocation" event in the annex next door, you already know the building.  Finally, we are ready to open the doors of our living space and reveal the heart of the Soap Factory space to the world.  Please join us to celebrate and to enjoy the work of these accomplished photographers.

# The Onion is throwing a pre-concert party for 
> the Brazilian Girls and their fans on Saturday, 
> July 9th from 5pm-7pm. Free beer will flow for 
> the everybody's invited costumed crowd that is 
> eligible to win tickets to the show and 
> autographed LP's and CD's. To add the perfect 
> ambiance to the party we're looking for Poi 
> spinners and stilt walkers to do their thing. 
> Performers will be compensated with event 
> tickets and free booze as well as Onion "I 
> Enjoy Drinking Beer" pint glasses. At the 
> very least it will be a kick ass party full of 
> eccentric sexy dressers. Please call 415-348- 
> 9200 x 223 or email if 
> interested. 

# YLEM Forum: Patterns in Nature
Wednesday, July 13, 7:30 pm
NEW VENUE --RX Gallery and Bar
(No one under 21 allowed)
132 Eddy St., San Francisco, CA 94102

Getting there:
Two blocks from Powell St. BART Station
Parking garage across the street
Also near 5th and Mission Garage
Some on-street parking, but avoid Turk St.

This forum features Trudy Myrrh Reagan - patterns evident in nature, John Edmark - the math that underlies natural patterns, Scott Draves - software that mimics nature, and Deborah Kennedy - complex ecological interactions.

Cellular Design

John Edmark will talk about his explorations that led to laser-cut sculptures and mosaics with cell-like structures. He will describe how spiral geometry, Phi (the golden ratio), and the Fibonacci numbers have all contributed to his creative process. A number of his pieces—several of which are kinetic and interactive—will be on display. 

John is a lecturer at Stanford’s Department of Art and Art History, where he teaches design. He has an M.S. in Design from Stanford and an M.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University. Before moving to the Bay Area, he did research at Bell Labs on 3D virtual environments .

My Life among the Patterns

Hexagonal patterns, branching and erosion, fluid flow, you name it, Trudy “Myrrh” Reagan has been using them in her art since 1970. Her strategy has been to use craft or painting media as analogs for the phenomena she admires. Learning why patterns propogate as they do has led her into the realms of science and philosophy. 

Myrrh is the founder of YLEM, and before that, a founding member of the California Crafts Museum, (now merged with the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, SF). She will share not only her work and philosophy, but some hands-on pattern making activities.

Environmental Interconnections
The elegant and often intricately crafted conceptual installations, performances and artworks by Deborah Kennedy communicate complex environmental themes through visual drama and metaphor. The artist's use of lighting, sound and symbolism brings issues such as the impact of pesticides on honeybees, the interdependence of life and the importance of sustainable technology to the public. 
Kennedy, a passionate educator, uses art as a teaching tool. Her own research into ecology creates a solid framework "to work at the growing edge, where we as a global community are struggling to create new visions that will help solve our environmental problems. My hope is that these new perceptions will help us change how we think about ourselves and our role in the world. Then, perhaps, we can begin to change our actions as individuals and larger communities."

Programming Dazzling Patterns 

Scott Draves a.k.a. Spot is a visualist and programmer residing in San Francisco. He is the creator of the Fractal Flame algorithm, the Bomb visual-musical instrument, and the Electric Sheep distributed screen-saver. All of Draves' software artworks are released as open source and distributed for free on the internet. 
His award-winning work has appeared in Wired Magazine, the Prix Ars Electronica, the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, and on the dance-floor at the Sonar festival in Barcelona. In 1997 Spot received a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University for a thesis on metaprogramming for media processing. Today he regularly projects live video for underground parties and at clubs, and self-publishes SPOTWORKS, a DVD of abstract animation synchronized with electronic music.

YLEM has a lively special interest group on patterns and visual math. To learn more, contact Trudy,

SEPTEMBER: Hacking as Art
NOVEMBER: Animation


# Thu Jul 14 10:30 am UCSF

Stop Animal Exploitation Now
Join The Fight Against Animal Experimentation at University of California Laboratories
    University of California Laboratories routinely perform cruel experiments on primates and on many other species.  Rhesus monkeys are confined to restraint chairs with electrodes inserted into their brains and restraining bars literally bolted to their skulls.  Experiments such as this often lead to diseases like encephalitis, meningitis, etc.  These brutal projects also deprive the primates of water for extended periods -- up to 23 hours per day for 5 days per week.
    Primates imprisoned in laboratories often are driven insane by captivity engaging in self-mutilation and stereotypical behavior.  
    Your help is need to bring an end to these heinous projects.  These experiments and more are paid for with your tax dollars.  We estimate that UC labs receive these funding amounts per year for animal experiments:

University of California, San Francisco -- $200 million 
University of California, Los Angeles -- $188 million
University of California, Davis -- $148 million
Protest specifics:

University of California Los Angeles  -- Monday, July 11th at 1PM 
Meet at the corner of Westwood and La Conte at 1PM 
Directions to the event: 
from the 405
exit wilshire east
turn north (left) on westwood blvd
Le Conte is about 4 blocks north of wilshire
find parking anywhere you can after turning on Westwood blvd (parking is scarce)
Local Contact:Kristy Anderson 310-729-1035

University of California, San Francisco -- Thursday, July 14th -- 10:30 am
Meet in front of UCSF's main building at 513 Parnassus Ave., San Francisco 
directions are at: 
local contact Michelle Tsai  650-619-9713

University of California, Davis  --  Friday, July 15th 10:30 am
The UC Davis Primate Center is located at the end of Hutchison Rd where it dead ends with County Rd. 98
From I-80 take the Pedrick Rd. Exit
Go North on Pedrick
Pedrick Rd. Becomes County Rd. 98 Proceed to the intersection with Hutchinson rd.
local contact Pete Hernandez -- 831 247 6220

#  Webpage info for Bohemian Grove Protest July 15-17, 2005

# also, SAN DIEGO on the 15th of JULY and LAKE TAHOE
RIPPIN IT on JULY 16....EL  CIRCO fundraiza on the
JULY 22, and JACKSON HOLE, WYOMING on July 29...   /   Lorin


JULY 15, Friday,   Greet the Big and Little Eichmanns as they arrive. All day vigil at the Gate in Monte Rio. Drum Circle in the evening for new Bohos like Mickey Hart.

JULY 16, Saturday.   "Resurrection of Care!  Rally at Monte Rio Parking lot; 11 am. NOON, Protest Parade to the Gate. Ceremony by The International Indian Treaty Council. Demonstration, Conversation, Information, free food, entertainment, Camp overnight.

JULY 17, Sun.   Monte Rio Amphitheater Behind the Pink Elephant -10 am til 6 PM. Free admission! Bands, speakers, workshops, info tables, free food, singer/songwriters, comedy, theater, strategy for the future. A Peace, Global Justice, Anti-Corporate, Ecological, Green Convergence, hosted by the Green Party of California & more.

More Info: 415 567 4577 (Don) 707 540 9961, 923 4488 (Paul)


Or write to: Emerald Greens. Box 162. Piercy 95587

Russian River Area Camping info available also

(Reverse Side Text Follows)

What: Green Convergence at Bohemia for Peace and Justice

When: Friday, July 15th- Sunday, July 17th Where: Bohemian Grove is located in the Sonoma County Russian River community of Monte Rio, near the intersection of Hwy. 116 and Bohemian Highway. It is accessible on the Sonoma Transit bus #20 from Santa Rosa Transit Mall.

Mark Your Calendar. Plan your mid-summer excursion to protest the war profiteers as they come to Bohemian Grove, yet again, to cremate their "Cares of the Marketplace". Join local Greens, veterans' groups, corporate responsibility organizations, faith groups, students, people who have never protested before, and the Green Party of California as they converge at Bohemian Grove and call for an end to the Carelessness of their leaders.

Why: Each year, in mid-summer, the elite members of the Bohemian Club in San Francisco gather for two weeks of revelry and "throwing off the cares of the marketplace" among the redwood groves along Sonoma County's Russian River. The club's members include many Presidents, past and present. George H.W. Bush are members, as well as the late Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, and every Republican President since Herbert Hoover.

But the root of the Grove's power is the men who support the efforts of "their' presidents, like they have with the current war in the Middle East. Critics call these gatherings anything but the innocent camaraderie among a group of men who happen to carry the cares of the world on their shoulders all year and just want to party for a couple of weeks.

Corporation executives and owners at the highest levels have gathered with prominent men in politics at Bohemian Grove and built networks that critics say sustains their acquisition of power and wealth throughout the year.

Who: Groups and individuals so far endorsing the Convergence Include Green Party of California, Green Party of Sonoma County, Green Party of Humboldt Co., Green Party of Mendocino County, Emerald Greens, Bohemian Grove Action Network, Veterans for Peace, Mendocino, Veterans for Peace, Garberville, Bill Meyers, Democracy Unlimited*, Dave Cobb, Green Presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, green Presidential candidate. Peter Camejo, Green Vice-Presidential candidate, Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University faculty, expert on Bohemian Grove, International Indian Treaty Council, and a growing list

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Date & Time:
Friday, July 22, 2005  more on this date 
10:00 PM
 Calling all freaks, fools, gyrators, clowns, and vixens! We are gearing up for another family affiar in the dust and the dome. As usual, this is a community effort of full-energy exchange and we need your support. Exquisite artistic expression and co-creation can only happen with the intentional support of everyone who takes part in the majick out on the playa. See you there! 

Sonic spells by: Lorin, Random Rab, El Papachango, Shawna, Ooah, Adam Ohana, Laura, DJ Alibi, Maximillian, Chris Sia & Jonathan. 

Details to follow.... Stay tuned..... 111 Townsend

# Cosmic Wedding Sat  July 30-Mon Aug 1 2005 
magical celebration in the green mountains of Switzerland


# borderHack 2.005 - Border Camp on the US/Mexico Border from August 3rd - 7th 2005

# Tour d'Organics  Sebastopol, CA  A bicycle ride and century featuring local farms and vegan food in . 35, 65 and 100 mile options offer something for everyone.
 you'll get to eat ORGANIC farm fresh fruits and veggie directly from the Farmer!
There will be salads and crane melons.  Bradley, the organizer is a Living Foods person.
Living Foods:
Your friend can subscribe to this list, by sending a blank email to:

# Aug 14-20 Roseberg, Oregon
Free Witchcamp for Activists
A week of intense magic, ritual and learning in the
deep woods of southern Oregon. Our magical tradition honors the wild, and
calls for service to the earth and the community. This Witchcamp specifically
honors that call and is focused on sharing our magical and activism skills
and healing with those who are currently working or are called
to work for all forms of justice: environmental,
social, political, racial, gender, and economic. The teaching team includes
Starhawk, Brook, Ruby, Baruch, and others. The teaching paths include
wilderness awareness, healing and herbalism, permaculture, street magic,
introduction to magic, and ritual creation. Bring own tent and
food. Children welcome.
Cost: Free. For those who can afford it, donations
up to or beyond
the usual price of a Witchcamp ($400-$500 US)
requested. For more information, e-mail:, (310) 570-3662

# Rawstock III - Raw Ecstasy Jamboree - Aug. 26-29 at Macdonald Farm,
Sebastopol, CA
* We are seeking a yoga teacher to teach 1 or 2 classes on Aug. 27 & 28.
Contact for details.
* Rawstocks cards and posters are now available.  If you can help distribute
them at gatherings, healthfood stores, etc, please e-mail
* We only have a few more work-trade opportunities left.  Contact if you are interested.
To join the SonomaRaw e-list send an e-mail to:

)'( Aug 29- Sep 25 2005 )'(


# Once in a Lifetime Opportunity in Wash, DC - September 10, 11, 12 Sometimes the Universe reveals "opportunities" to all of us in the most mind-boggling of ways. Please look at what a friend just now sent that will be happening in DC on 9/11 (from 9/10 - 9/12). This friend will be flying in from the Pacific Northwest to be here for this event. No doubt, many others will be doing the same.... Please mark your calendars, save your dollars for the trip (give up the beers if you must), as well as a few days vacation time. The event in DC on 9/11 has just suddenly now grown to mind-blowing proportions. They talk about hundreds attending? Mark my words - thousands upon thousands - will be there: 911 - inside job. Demand investigation! - - - - - -

# Sept 16,17,18 5 Mi north of LaytonVille, CA on 101 Ani DiFranco Michael Franti & Spearhead Zap Mama Karl Denson's Tiny Universe Lyrics Born Prezident Brown New Monsoon Signal Path Kan'nal Tre Hardson Wisdom O-Maya Heavy Weight Dub Champion Lost Children of Babylon Alfred Howard Hamsa Lila Aphrodesia Trillian Green Clan Dyken Rogerwood Synchrosystem Sasha Butterfly & Friends Woodland Kingdom Travelers Gospel Choir Transcendental Hayride Kali's Angels Joanne Rand Leslie Helpert Something Different Scott Huckabay Shukar Belly Dance Ensemble Blane Lyon Darryl Cherney & the Chernobles Dianne Patterson Fanna -Fi Sufi Ensemble And many, many more TBA... Special Guest MC: Julia Butterfly Hill TEMPLE OF ELECTRONICA featuring DJs: CB – Osiris – Adam Ohana – Dragonfly – Zack Darling – Alex Theory – Ganga Giri and many more (TBA) …

# Sept 17,18 Polk Street Fest Arts and crafts with music and an urban oasis theme. 3rd weekend of September 10a-6p

#ECOPALOOZA 2005 Mendocino County's First Annual Green Living Expo Ukiah - Mendocino County, CA SEPTEMBER 24, 2005 Sept. 24th, 9am - 8pm, Admission $5 Downtown Plaza Park & Convention Center, Ukiah, CA

# Sept. 24-26: Washington DC Mobilization to End the War on Iraq!

#  Washington D.C., Sept. 24-25
The Green Festival is a two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun.

# Sep 24,25 Webzine 2005

# Sep 25 Folsom St Fair Reportedly the 3rd largest event in California just behind the Rose Parade and Pride Parades.
last Sunday in September. Folsom @ 7th to 12th Streets. Lots of naked people, leather, latex, fetish.

# Oct 1,2 Castro Street Fair A celebration of ‘middle class’ gay lifestyles and commerce in the gay mecca.
1st weekend in October Castro Between 19th and Market.

# Coop America Green Business Conference Ramada Hotel, SF, Nov. 1-4

# Nov 4,5 Dalai Lama @ Stanford

# Nov. 5-6 Brannan @ 8th St. Concourse Exhibition center.
HUGE ECO SHOWCASE with speakers, workshops, music, food, booths.
NOT TO MISS!  This show keeps growing and FILLS the space. 
The Green Festival is a two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun.

PATRIOT ACT I and II are NULL and VOID Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States of America is NULL and VOID. Marburry v. Madison -1803

NATIONAL ID CARD LAW / REAL ID LAW, passed by treasonous, secretive congress, is not binding law. Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States of America is NULL and VOID. Marburry v. Madison -1803

-The Geneva convention instructs us to resist genocide by any means necessary. 
-The US constitution directs us to overthrow our government if it fails to represent us.

If a cop does not understand these laws, you can arrest him for impersonating an officer.

Get used to ignoring or arresting officers who do not understand the US Constitution.

Live free or die.

NATIONAL ID CARD LAW / REAL ID LAW is NULL AND VOID. Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States of America is NULL and VOID. Marburry v. Madison -1803 Ignore or arrest any cop who asks to see such. You are allowed to do so by the Geneva Convention and the US Constitution. Passed by treasonous, secretive congress, HR 418 Real ID ACT is NULL AND VOID. Note how senate secretly approved this bill the eve before running away to winter break. Note US history of passing repressive legislation the eve before a break, so that no opposition or public response can take place. Stand in Peace, Pay No Tax. THE TITLE 26 "INCOME TAX" IS A HOAX, AND SO IS THE IRS Cracking the Unified Commerce Code: Cracking the Code Third Edition

HUMAN WEALTH : Beyond Greed & Scarcity Latin : Jus is Justice. Belli is War. Use of force continuum. Jefferson Party website.

Recommended: Subliminal Dynamics course for rapid learning! Aurora Colorada. 52,000 words per minute reading level. Get back in touch with your allready photographic memory. Sub Dyn reunites you with your

Subliminal Dynamics Histoy

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.