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SF events 7.5
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Thursday 7/7 on
 5:30pm San Francisco: From Where I Stand photography exhibit
 6:30pm Berkeley: East Bay Photobloggers Photostroll and Psychogeography Walk
 7:00pm San Francisco: Spokescouncil for Anti-Capitalist Convergence & March Against the G8
 7:30pm San Francisco: ANSWER Film Series—Cuban Film Double Feature
Friday 7/8
 1:00pm San Francisco: Banner-making for All Empires Must Fall Protest and Action
 5:30pm San Francisco: Visual Aid Opening: iconography and trans-formation
 7:00pm San Francisco: A Night of Voices
 8:00pm Peninsula: Film: "The Corporation"
 8:00pm San Francisco: All Empires Must Fall: Take to the streets in protest and action!
Find events here:
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Indymedia UK - London Bombing is Covert Government Operation...

BREAKING: At least 40 killed, 300 hurt in London bombings
Stock Markets Tumble In Panic Selling In
NY and London And World Oil Prices Soar 
To New Record High In Aftermath Of London Transit System Blasts.

Ohhh boy!!  What a con job!  BREAKING | London Rocked by Multiple Blasts

Just when the poop is hitting the fan on both sides of the atlantic and blair is in as big trouble as bush - both are cold hearted, bold faced LIARS, (yeah, Blair got re-elected the way bush got "re-selected"), we have another 911.  Well, they are clever to not do it in the US again.  But since US/UK are joined at the hip, well the UK will do just as well as another "terror" attack on US soil.  And now that Americans are cooling to the war, we can get the Brits to be the patriotic war mongers.  I can just hear it now: "We told you if we don't defeat them there, they'd bring it here" and see what happened in Britain.  Neocons can use it the same way. Well, we knew they had to do something to bring up bush's poll numbers. A true Rovian plan. Wonder how they agreed this should be in UK this time.

If you believe this was an al-qaeda-type terrorist attack, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.  This is the governments attacking their own citizens and blaming the terrorists to continue to the war.  Period.

What our answer should be is:  "We don't see it that way.  We see people saying:  "you bomb us, we'll bomb you"  So the answer is to GET OUT OF IRAQ AND STOP BOMBING INNOCENT PEOPLE AND COUNTRIES"  US & UK are ever bit as much terrorists as Al-Qaeda. This is self-defense, (LOL, if it was true that al-q did it, which it is NOT) but we can spin it back on them anyway.

"British Transport Police said some of the power surges had caused 
explosions. Surges took place at Aldgate, Edgware Road, King's Cross, 
Old Street and Russell Square stations."

According to reports a bus has exploded in central London just 
minutes after a number of blasts on London's Underground. It's 
beginning to sound more and more like bombings in several different 
stations. It doesn't sound good.  On tv reports of people seeing the 
explosions.  Reporters calling it "a major incident".  Will there be 
a cover-up???  

G8 or OLYMPICS ??? 
Sky reports "roof of a bus blown off",,30000-1188265,00.html

People hurt in Tube 'power surge' (BBC News)  

Several people have been injured after explosions blamed on a power 
surge led to the whole London Underground network being closed down.

British Transport Police said some of the power surges had caused 
explosions. Surges took place at Aldgate, Edgware Road, King's Cross, 
Old Street and Russell Square stations.

A spokesman said there were "walking wounded" at Liverpool Street 
station but one person's life was reported to be "at risk". London 
Fire Brigade said four crews were at Liverpool Street and more were 
on their way.

(more at link above)

Explosions In London: Highly Suspicious Cirsumstances

Fox News has carried a report from AP saying that Scotland Yard had prior knowledge. Israeli News is reporting that "The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address and economic summit."

The warning contradicts the fact that the original explanation of a power surge went out for an hour or more. They knew it was an attack but put out a false explanation. Plus why did Netanyahu get a warning and the victims didn't?

Full article plus more information at

Report: Israel Was Warned Ahead of First Blast Thursday, July 7, 2005 / 30 Sivan 5765


Subvertical, Permaculture Guild, Food Not Lawns, the various Free Skools
 , Biodiesel Workshop, the various "support local economy"  
Boycott corporate media.     Better idea =

Learn about the Fourth Reich: (USA) Kissinger Operation Paper Clip
Reichstag Fire (inside job) enabled Hitler.
911 (inside job) enabled GW Bush (American Hitler)
911 - inside job.   Demand investigation! - - - - -  -


Now, HERE is a good aspartame article!  Tells it like it is in simple terms...

Students to Voice Their Concerns About Food, Nutrition and Health

the battle for health freedom goes on

PROTECT BIRDS, WILDLIFE & HABITAT is now on line (and under construction)
permaculture solutions toward a sustainable civilization

Stop Trash Trains Alert!  Save Joshua Tree!  Save the desert!

self defense

Steve Weissman | When the Feds Come Knocking

General Know Your Rights Pamphlets

Know Your Rights: What to do if You're Stopped by the Police


Freedom from Identification = Real, True & Essential Freedom
Identification = Pain, Suffering, Disease, Illness, Pathology, Narcissism, Paralysis, Constipation, Stagnation, Abnormality, Distortion, Deviation, Destruction, Death...

Patriot Act, Real ID act, National ID cards are unconstitutional.

You may arrest, detain, disable and traitor who asks for such ID.
You are empowered by the Geneva Convention to resist genocide by ANY MEANS NECESSARY
You are empowered the the Constitution of the United States to overthrow your government
at anytime it fails to represent you.

Kyrgyzstan repeats demand for US troops pullout

Rove "distraction"?-Pentagon releases Halliburton documents

US govt Decides Future wars will come from US Citizen INSURGENTS

Oil Painting By Numbers

1991 Gulf War Vets 56% Disabled & the Bushwacker profit    Fwd: Bohemian Grove Protest 2005
(from John Perkins, author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man")
Regarding the New Round of Debt "Cancellation" 6/17/2005
 I want to praise all attempts at debt forgiveness for developing countries. However, most of the 18 who are slated by the G8 for a $40 billion reduction have been forced to accept draconian measures in order to receive this "generosity." These measures include privatizing their energy and water sectors (selling them to US and other foreign companies), dropping subsidies to farmers and other businesses who might compete with ours, and dropping trade barriers -- at the same time accepting that we will continue to subsidize our farmers and other businesses and to erect trade barriers. I hate to be the messenger of bad news, but much of this debt forgiveness is a ploy to once again help the rich get richer, while making it look like we are benefiting the poor. Another EHM* strategy!  John Perkins   Economic Hit Man 

West Coast Mobilization All Empires Must Fall!

West Coast Anti-Capitalist Mobilization Against the G8
July 6-8, San Francisco

Call for a West Coast anti-war and anti-capitalist mass convergence, July 6-8 of 2005 in San Francisco, in solidarity with the mobilization against the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Scotland.

July 6: Informational discussion forum, film screening, and fundraising event. 7 pm, The Kitchen (Potrero @16th)

July 7: Spokescouncil at 7 pm, Village Market (18th St. & Florida).

July 8: Take to the streets in protest and action against the G8 & the Capitalist War Machine! Meet at 8 pm. 16th St. & Mission BART.

West Coast Anti-Capitalist Mobilization Against the G8
July 6-8, San Francisco

 Call for a West Coast anti-war and anti-capitalist mass convergence, July
6-8 of 2005 in San Francisco, in solidarity with the mobilization against
the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Scotland.

 From July 6-8, 2005, the annual G8 summit we be held at Gleneagles Hotel
in Scotland. The G8 is a forum of the rulers of the eight most
industrialized, wealthy, and powerful states in the world. Every year
they meet to discuss how to further their interests, expand their empire,
and tighten their grip on every aspect of our lives. The consequences
effect us all, and their economic success comes at our expense. The G8
exists to manage and maintain a system whose impacts we see all around
us: war, genocide, wage slavery, mass poverty, structural racism, famine,
environmental destruction, colonial domination in Africa, Asia, & Latin
America, social alienation, and accelerating attacks on working people
around the world.

 But resistance is growing across the globe, in struggles as diverse as
they are numerous. And in recent years, everywhere the G8 has met huge
movements of people have confronted them, both demanding systemic change
and fighting for a global social revolution.

 In recognition of the call to action by Peoples' Global Action for Global
Days of Action to be held against the G8, we are mobilizing for a
regional convergence here in San Francisco. We are calling on everyone
ready to fight for a better world - workers, students, revolutionaries,
anti-capitalists... - from across the North American West Coast to
converge and manifest their resistance on the streets. A Mid-West
regional convergence is being called for Kansas City, and East Coast in
Richmond, Virgina.

Our convergence will be in solidarity with those descending upon the
streets of Scotland to face the G8 head on. We act in solidarity with
revolutionaries taking to the streets to defend working peoples' lives all
around the world: the struggle against neoliberal privatization in
Bolivia; against transit fare increases in Brazil, Chicago, and San
Francisco; against the Minutemen along the border; and against the PG&E
power plant in Hunter's Point.

Global capital will show the full force of its domestic military
capabilities in Scotland - we can confront these summits on our own terms,
and this mobilization is a step in that direction.

Capitalism is everywhere, but so are we - we will converge in our city and
fight it on our own terms!

Thu Jul 7

# Jason McClain on KPOO 89.5 FM Thursday at NOON
 with Mark Michael Lewis discussing his new book 
The Key in the Darkness which can be found here:
 States and Stages in Personal Evolution
Where: 89.5 FM in San Francisco  or on the web
 Jason D. McClain Evolutionary Guide I.D.E.A. 415/424.8995 ph
646/304.8285 fax

# CAFTA House Vote - Your presence is NEEDED 
at Anna Eshoo's office in Palo Alto, Thurs July 7, 5:30 pm
The Senate passed CAFTA by a vote of 54-45 yesterday.  Our supposedly
Democratic senator Diane Feinstein was one of the 10 democracts who
voted YES.   Please, give her an earful - (202) 224-3841 or at

The vote now moves to the House and is expected to come to floor after
the July 4 recess.  Anna Eshoo has still not announced her opposition
to CAFTA.  Vigil and Picket are planned for Thurs, July 7, 5.30-7pm at
her Palo Alto office.  CAFTA needs to be defeated and your support and
commitment is urgently needed.

Please call Anna Eshoo (650) 323-2984,  (408) 245-2339,   (202)
225-8104 or 1-866-340-9281 (toll free number set up by United
SteelWorkers of America) and please be there on Thurs, July 7 and
bring your friends.  This might be the most important thing you may do
this year in support of global social and economic justice.

More info on CAFTA and why it should be defeated:

# 1st Thursday Art receptions at 49 Geary: 5:30-7:30 pm
20 galleries in a 5 story building! every first Thursday: Free.

# Psyche Wall + Django Chapel: Opening Reception Thu July 7 6-8 pm Free
 New Langton Arts premieres two installations that exploit both digital manipulation and sculptural installation as points of departure, July 6 to August 6, 2005.  Psyche Wall, by New York artist Jacob Hartman, and Django Chapel, by the San Francisco-based collaborative team of Jarrett Mitchell and Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, use technology as a foundation to explore how viewers perceive art in the gallery setting. Hartman's installation uses sculpture, photography and video to simultaneously create and subvert visual illusions, appropriating film production methods to alter sensory perceptions of reality. Mitchell and Yarbrough's installation features sculpture, video and paintings inspired by Giotto's Arena Chapel in Italy and Corbucci's spaghetti western Django.
 New Langton Arts 1246 Folsom @ 8th/9th

# Featured: Thursday, 7/7: Art Exhibition and Reception  Rock, Paper, Scissors 
An exhibit of delicacy and rough edges, with Featured artists: Eliot Daughtry, Bill Dunlap, Eric Helsley, Andrew Klein, Joel Michael Smith, Olivia Parks, Ayu Tomikawa, and many others! 
Thursday, July 7th, 7pm - 2am with musical guests The Herms (10pm). If you missed them at the Independant, there is still hope to catch one of SF's most rockin' bands! Drinks available all night; food until 10.
Canvas Gallery 9th Ave @ Lincoln SouthWest Corner.

# Thursday, July 7th, 7-9:45pm, 
 Franklin Johnson will be in San Rafael for a Free Intro Evening
 for  Foreign Currency Trading: How you can control your own $Money
 Location: 101 Lucas Valley Rd, San Rafael, 94903
 (NOTE: Different location)

 (Take the Lucas Valley Rd Exit, and go to the WEST side of the freeway.
 Go LEFT at the 2nd driveway, into the brown wood office - bldg parking lot
 We'll be in the conference room on the bottom floor)

 I have come to realize that, unlike any other moment in our past, we are at a special confluence of access to information, sophistocation of technology, chat room accessability and flow of communications, and ease of entry into trading. (ie, 3 years ago it cost $5,000 to open a trade account; today you can open a trade account for as little as $300.)

 More than that, the level of education and mentoring, the support of teambuilding and cross-community sharing fostered by this educational company, makes for strong connections and shortens the learning curve of this technology... a skill that you'll always have. I just returned, along with 15 others of us from the Bay Area, from the headquaters of FX Trainer in Vancouver, Canada. We also visited the largest trading office in the company in Seattle, WA. I was extremely impressed and moved by what I saw.

 We met with the originator and chief economist, Zoltan Vass, Jason Goldsmith, Exec VP, and others. We had advanced training and coaching in trading, along with money management and goal setting sessions. There is much more to tell you about what we learned, including the vision and integrity of the company, additional trading techniques, etc. 

 I hope you'll join me, and others involved in this educational program to learn to currency trade, and see what it may contribute to you, your future, and your visions for a better world.

 July 20th, Wednesday evening, in Sebastopol
 July 21st, Thursday evening, in Marin (TBD)

 Come and at least learn how the international currency flows worldwide, and how that affects you. Then see if it's an education in finances and a diversification of how you create money in your life that works for you. Guess what? It's fun, too!

 Best regards,  Teri Bigio 415.203.3323

# Thursday, July 7, 2005
Reading: "Through the Wall: A Year in Havana" — In 1992 Margot Pepper was one of a handful of journalists granted a visa to remain in Cuba. Through the Wall follows the daughter of a blacklisted Hollywood producer through the revolution's bleakest year. For those who believe another world is possible, the book traces the failures and successes of one of the few extant alternatives to a corporate-based economy. Location: Black Oak Books, 1491 Shattuck Ave, @ Vine, Berkeley. Time: 7:30pm. Cost: Free. Info: 510-486-0698, ,

# Thursday, July 7, 2005
Benefit Concert: Zapatista Health Project — Local hip hop, jazz, and spoken word artists present a benefit for San Manuel County in Chiapas, Mexico. Local supporters are raising funds for the San Manuel Pharmacy Warehouse, a project to assure a continuous supply of medicine to indigenous people there. Location: 21 Grand Performance Space, 416 25th Street, Oakland. Time: 8pm. Cost: $5- $10 suggested donation. Info: 510-654-9587, ,


Fri Jul 8

# Bush Bashing Bonanza Fri July 8  7:00 PM
  Red Victorian Peace Center  1665 Haight @ Cole 
 Friday July 8th (twice the independence as 4)  7-11pm 
 Heckling and despising W and his relentless fanatical war driven regime is something all defenders of peace and patriots love to do. So join us for this hootenanny that will showcase live original music by San Francisco musicians. Film footage of Bush and his cronies speaking Bushisms and planning for world domination. Presentations from fine Anti-Bush campaigns. Even interactive games to bring us all together for a night of thinking about a world with no W. 
 Admission $5-20 sliding scale 
 We are still in need of a few musicians to play, anti bush-campaigns to present, bush look-a-likes or someone who would like to wear a mask all evening and volunteers to help this event be ridiculously ridiculing of W and lots of fun

# MARCH FOR PEACE & EQUALITY    F*CK THE G-8  Fri July 8 8:00 PM
 Friday. :: .07.08.05..:..: WHITE GALACTIC WORLD~BRIDGER 
Everywhere we see the devastation wrought by the G8's 'solutions,' 
\and everywhere we are crushed by the weight of its initiatives.

# Friday, July 8, 2005
Film: "The Corporation" — A darkly amusing account of the corporation's evolution as a legal "person" whose prime directive is to produce ever-increasing profit for its shareholders regardless of the cost to others. Today's large corporations are global powers that use their status as "people" to claim rights under the constitution. Interviewees include Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Naomi Klein and Milton Friedman. Doors open 7:30pm. Location: Unitarian Hall (Palo Alto), 505 E. Charleston Rd, Palo Alto. Time: 8pm - 11pm. Cost: $5 to $10 donation (no one turned away). Info: 650-283-3797,

#  07-08 8:00 PM THE DICK & DUBYA SHOW 
The Republican Outreach Cabaret
"A wonderfully clueless president (Glick) and a no nonsense Dick Cheney (Holmes)" - SF Chronicle
Johnny Steele opens!
Friday and Saturday July 8th and 9th 8pm
142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley

# Popcorn "Shangri La" Anti-Theater!!! July 8th  8pm till midnite-ish 
(bus leaves at 8:30 sharp)  tix 20$  16th and Bryant/Potrero

# Oregon Country Faire, Veneta, OR: July 8th-10th Reggae on the River, Frenchs Camp Piercy, CA: August 5th-7th

Shambhala Music Festival, Nelson BC Canada: August 12-14th Hopland, CA: August 20th & 21st Black Rock City, NV: August 29th – Sept 5th , Laytonville, CA: Sept 16th-19th , San Rafael, CA: October 14th-16th

Saturday Continued online:

SF events 7.5

Sat July 9

# Saturday, July 9, 2005
Mt. Tam Watershed Volunteer Trail Day — Marin Municipal Water District invites you to join them to repair various trails on the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed. Trail days are usually the first Saturday of each month (call to verify and get location). Please wear sturdy shoes, layered clothes, sunscreen, bring gloves (if you have them) and lunch. MMWD will supply tools and beverages. Time: 9am. Info: Cindy, 415-945-1180

# Saturday, July 9, 2005
San Pablo Creek Restoration Work Party — Join us for weeding, ivy removal, etc. as we continue the creek restoration project at the library. Location: El Sobrante Library, 4191 Appian Way, El Sobrante. Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm. Info: 510-231-9566, ,

# Saturday, July 9, 2005
Urban Composting Class — Turn your kitchen scraps into a rich soil amendment for your plants. Location: Garden for the Environment, 7th Ave. at Lawton St., SF. Time: 10am - noon. Cost: Free. Info: 510-731-5627, ,

# Saturday, July 9, 2005
Cerrito Creek / Albany Hill Walk — Join Berkeley Path Wanderers and Friends of Five Creeks for a walk exploring Indian, Spanish, and early El Cerrito history as well as recent restoration. Meet at the north end of Cornell Street (south edge of El Cerrito Plaza shopping center). Return in time for the Saturday El Cerrito Plaza farmers' market. Location: El Cerrito. Time: 10am. Info: 510-848-9358,

# Raw Vegan Potluck Sat July 9 10:00 AM
BayLeaf Cafe  520 ramona st Palo Alto, ca 94301 (650) 321 7466

# July 9 TRANSIT  high desert for sixteen hours 
of psytrance from a diverse range of Californian artists

# LC-50.5 : Larry's Fiftieth-And-A-Half Birthday Party
Cardiac Beats Since 1955
This Saturday, July 9th, 2005 - noon to 5:05PM
Cesar Chavez Park at the Berkeley Marina
Laura La Gassa starts the day with that old skool aceeed from 1995!
Followed by the birthday boy meself spinning a more-retro-than-retro extended set of music from the last five decades of my life: EasyListening.Hawaiian.Pop.Rock.Space.Dub.Ska.Industrial.Electronica.Jazz.Etc
And then to bring the day to perfection, DJ Stonie!
If you don't know how to get to Cesar Chavez Park at Berkeley Marina, try entering "Breakwater Dr and Spinnaker Way, 94710" into an online mapping service like Google Maps. That intersection will be good enough to generate driving directions from where you are to Spinnaker Way at the Berkeley Marina.
Here's a nice map of the parking areas along Spinnaker Way:
Walk west along Spinnaker Way towards the bay, until the end of the road, which is a loop. Take the northward path, with the bay on your left. We'll be in the clearing on the other side of the large bushes.
Picnic Facilities
I'd love to see people bringing something tasty to share, be it ever so humble or store-bought. Mary will be bringing some delicious brownies with Kalhua frosting - yum! The site has two picnic tables, and a small bbq as well.
Please make my 50.5 birthday an occasion I'll fondly remember for years to come!
More details as they become available at:

# Benetton protest.  For Cruelty to animals / painful and unnecessary animal testing.
After the protest we were all going to  Golden Era for a late lunch!
 Sat July 9 Benetton - at 39 Stockton Street, San Francisco CA
 12:30 – about 1:30PM 

# Just a heads up that the next KFC Cruelty protest in Pacifica is THIS Saturday, 7/9.  Please stand up for the chickens and join us.
 We are supporting PETA in their campaign to ask KFC to eliminate the worst abuses that chickens suffer on the factory farms and in the slaughterhouses of its suppliers, including live scalding, life-long crippling, and painful debeaking. The more than 850 million chickens killed each year for KFC are tortured in ways that would result in felony cruelty-to-animals charges if cats or dogs were the victims, but KFC still refuses to make changes. As the leader in the chicken industry, KFC has a responsibility to ensure that the chickens raised for its buckets are protected from the worst cruelties.  More info:
 What: KFC Cruelty Protest
Where: Pacifica  (4408 Coast Highway) 
When: 7/9/05 Saturday, 1:00 pm
Advocacy Rewards Points: 2000
Since one person asked me, I'll mention it here - this is a peaceful demo, and not confrontational.  We're really targeting our message to the 2,000+ people travelling on Highway 1 since this KFC is right off Highway 1 and has low pedestrian traffic.

# False Walls : A Photography Show 6-pm, Sat July 9
FPSF (False Profit Soap Factory) 555 De Haro St @ 18th
Donations accepted, no one turned away for lack of funds
 "False Walls", an exhibition of photographs, will be an intriguing look at perspectives in space. In hanging their work at the new False Profit headquarters, the artists will be occupying much more than straight-edged walls with their engaging still lifes, piercing portraits, and high-energy joi de vivre! Featuring the work of 8 photographers that you may already know: Alison Bank, Freda Banks, Aaron Beachnau, Andrea Brooks, Loren Earle-Cruikshanks, Maria McLaughlin, Laura Plageman and Alexander Warnow.
 This is also the first event in our new headquarters, which the members of False Profit have been hard at work building for the past 4 months.  If you attended the recent "convocation" event in the annex next door, you already know the building.  Finally, we are ready to open the doors of our living space and reveal the heart of the Soap Factory space to the world.  Please join us to celebrate and to enjoy the work of these accomplished photographers.

# The Onion is throwing a pre-concert party for 
> the Brazilian Girls and their fans on Saturday, 
> July 9th from 5pm-7pm. Free beer will flow for 
> the everybody's invited costumed crowd that is 
> eligible to win tickets to the show and 
> autographed LP's and CD's. To add the perfect 
> ambiance to the party we're looking for Poi 
> spinners and stilt walkers to do their thing. 
> Performers will be compensated with event 
> tickets and free booze as well as Onion "I 
> Enjoy Drinking Beer" pint glasses. At the 
> very least it will be a kick ass party full of 
> eccentric sexy dressers. Please call 415-348- 
> 9200 x 223 or email if 
> interested. 

# The Canvas Gallery is San Francisco's new hotspot for music, art, and publication. Join us this Saturday, July 9th, at 6:00pm as The Onion Newspaper hosts its first social at The Canvas. We will provide free keg beer (Grolsh only); all other bar drinks and cafe items will be available for purchase. Start your Saturday night off right with some food, drinks, and witty banter with SF's most intelligent and politically aware group! 9th @ Lincoln, SW corner.

#  Raindance presents  ~ TRAIN DANCE ~ Sat July 9 6pm - Midnight 

join us for a truly unique indulgent experience 

A bass throbbing Train ride that rolls through 
the Redwoods down to the board walk and back 
with a stop for a romp in the forest 
complete with bar car, lounge seating cars and of course dance floor cars 

the Train Boards at 6pm and leaves 
@ 7pm sharp @ Roaring Camp in Felton 
do not be late you will be left behind 

Lee Coombs 
(Finger Lickin Records UK) 
Lorin (Bassnectar) 
Lil John (Raindance) 
Mozaic (Mozaic Tribe) 
Alia (13 Moon Tribe) 
Adam (Rain Dance) 

Limited space pre-sale highly recommended 
All tickets for Train Dance are - $25 
Available at the following places 
 Street Light Records 939 Pacific Ave in Santa Cruz (no Service Charge here) 
BPM -Hayes & Filmore in SF 
or online@ 

Directions from the North (San Jose, East Bay, Peninsula, 
 San Francisco, Marin, Sacramento, points north):Take 
 State Route 1, U.S. 101, or Interstates 280, 680 or 880 
 south to I-880/SR-17. Continue southwest on 
 I-880/SR-17 to Scotts Valley. Exit at Mt. Hermon Rd. 
and drive northwest 3.5 miles to Felton. Mt. Hermon Road 
 ends at Graham Hill Road. Turn left on Graham Hill Road 
 and drive 1/2 mile to Roaring Camp (on right). If you go up the hill 
you have gone too far. 

directions also -
info e mail

# July 9: Susie Bright & Judy Grahn at Writers With Drinks! 7PM
 3225 22nd. St. btw. Mission and Valencia

# KINKY PHYLUM  A Feast of Erotic Arts, Family Style 
 Fetish/Erotic/BDSM/kinky arts and performances. 
 JULY 9 7pm - 2am? ARTSF 110 Capp st.@16th  btwn Mission / So. Van Ness

# # Saturday, July 9, 2005 - Sunday, July 10, 2005
San Francisco Mime Troupe: "Doing Good" — The San Francisco Mime Troupe's latest offering is based on John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, a book that explains how America built an empire on Third World debt. Music at 1:30pm, show at 2pm. Location: Cedar Rose Park, 1300 Rose Street, a block from Cedar & Chestnut, Berkeley. Time: 1:30pm. Cost: Free. Info: 415-285-1717,

Mon Jul 11

# MGM v. Grokster: Understanding the Supreme Court's Ruling and Its Impact
Monday, July 11 6:30 PM  Stanford Law School 
 559 Nathan Abbott Way   Stanford, CA 94305  view map 
 MGM v. Grokster: Understanding the Supreme Court's 
Ruling and Its Impact on Technology and Entertainment Companies. 

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that companies that provide file-sharing software could be held liable for copyright infringement. Join Stanford Law Professor and Grokster counsel Mark A. Lemley and Stanford Center for E-Commerce Executive Director and IP expert Ian Ballon as they discuss the decision and its consequences for the technology and entertainment industries, and innovation in our society. The panel will be moderated by Stanford Law Professor Paul Goldstein, one of the nation's leading authorities in copyright law. 

Reception from 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Panel discussion begins at 7:30 p.m. 

For registration, please click here

Wed July 13

# Wednesday, July 13th at 7:00 p.m
 Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector District Board
 As many may already know, West Marin was recently annexed by the Mosquito Vector Control District and the community is now requiring the District to adopt a non-toxic protocol for mosquito control. 
 The non-toxic protocol will be submitted to the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector District Board meeting on Wednesday, July 13th at 7:00 p.m. in Cotati (595 Helman Lane). Please attend the meeting to show your support for the protocol and to send a clear message to the Board that the use of toxic pesticides will not be tolerated in our communities.
 These are the three basic protocols being recommended for adoption that have been approved by the community at large, including our many local organic farmers:

# YLEM Forum: Patterns in Nature
Wednesday, July 13, 7:30 pm
NEW VENUE --RX Gallery and Bar
(No one under 21 allowed)
132 Eddy St., San Francisco, CA 94102

Getting there:
Two blocks from Powell St. BART Station
Parking garage across the street
Also near 5th and Mission Garage
Some on-street parking, but avoid Turk St.

This forum features Trudy Myrrh Reagan - patterns evident in nature, John Edmark - the math that underlies natural patterns, Scott Draves - software that mimics nature, and Deborah Kennedy - complex ecological interactions.

Cellular Design

John Edmark will talk about his explorations that led to laser-cut sculptures and mosaics with cell-like structures. He will describe how spiral geometry, Phi (the golden ratio), and the Fibonacci numbers have all contributed to his creative process. A number of his pieces—several of which are kinetic and interactive—will be on display. 

John is a lecturer at Stanford’s Department of Art and Art History, where he teaches design. He has an M.S. in Design from Stanford and an M.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University. Before moving to the Bay Area, he did research at Bell Labs on 3D virtual environments .

My Life among the Patterns

Hexagonal patterns, branching and erosion, fluid flow, you name it, Trudy “Myrrh” Reagan has been using them in her art since 1970. Her strategy has been to use craft or painting media as analogs for the phenomena she admires. Learning why patterns propogate as they do has led her into the realms of science and philosophy. 

Myrrh is the founder of YLEM, and before that, a founding member of the California Crafts Museum, (now merged with the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, SF). She will share not only her work and philosophy, but some hands-on pattern making activities.

Environmental Interconnections
The elegant and often intricately crafted conceptual installations, performances and artworks by Deborah Kennedy communicate complex environmental themes through visual drama and metaphor. The artist's use of lighting, sound and symbolism brings issues such as the impact of pesticides on honeybees, the interdependence of life and the importance of sustainable technology to the public. 
Kennedy, a passionate educator, uses art as a teaching tool. Her own research into ecology creates a solid framework "to work at the growing edge, where we as a global community are struggling to create new visions that will help solve our environmental problems. My hope is that these new perceptions will help us change how we think about ourselves and our role in the world. Then, perhaps, we can begin to change our actions as individuals and larger communities."

Programming Dazzling Patterns 

Scott Draves a.k.a. Spot is a visualist and programmer residing in San Francisco. He is the creator of the Fractal Flame algorithm, the Bomb visual-musical instrument, and the Electric Sheep distributed screen-saver. All of Draves' software artworks are released as open source and distributed for free on the internet. 
His award-winning work has appeared in Wired Magazine, the Prix Ars Electronica, the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, and on the dance-floor at the Sonar festival in Barcelona. In 1997 Spot received a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University for a thesis on metaprogramming for media processing. Today he regularly projects live video for underground parties and at clubs, and self-publishes SPOTWORKS, a DVD of abstract animation synchronized with electronic music.

YLEM has a lively special interest group on patterns and visual math. To learn more, contact Trudy,

SEPTEMBER: Hacking as Art
NOVEMBER: Animation

# Indie Circus Wed July 13 9:00pm - 2:00am Free
 If you love indie music (rock, pop, and hip-hop) Indie Circus is your bag, baby!
Here's the deal: people bring their CDs or ipod and sign up to DJ their favorite indie music for 15 minutes. Never been a DJ? Not a problem, the hosts will help you out. So you can rock the house if you want or just come to hear what the DJs play and find new grooves to warm your heart and move your feet.
Indie Circus is the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 9pm on at the Hush Hush Lounge. There's no cover and we've got drink specials! Hush Hush Lounge 496 14th St @ Gurerro, NE corner

thu Jul 14

# Thu Jul 14 10:30 am UCSF

Stop Animal Exploitation Now
Join The Fight Against Animal Experimentation at University of California Laboratories
    University of California Laboratories routinely perform cruel experiments on primates and on many other species.  Rhesus monkeys are confined to restraint chairs with electrodes inserted into their brains and restraining bars literally bolted to their skulls.  Experiments such as this often lead to diseases like encephalitis, meningitis, etc.  These brutal projects also deprive the primates of water for extended periods -- up to 23 hours per day for 5 days per week.
    Primates imprisoned in laboratories often are driven insane by captivity engaging in self-mutilation and stereotypical behavior.  
    Your help is need to bring an end to these heinous projects.  These experiments and more are paid for with your tax dollars.  We estimate that UC labs receive these funding amounts per year for animal experiments:

University of California, San Francisco -- $200 million 
University of California, Los Angeles -- $188 million
University of California, Davis -- $148 million
Protest specifics:

University of California Los Angeles  -- Monday, July 11th at 1PM 
Meet at the corner of Westwood and La Conte at 1PM 
Directions to the event: 
from the 405
exit wilshire east
turn north (left) on westwood blvd
Le Conte is about 4 blocks north of wilshire
find parking anywhere you can after turning on Westwood blvd (parking is scarce)
Local Contact:Kristy Anderson 310-729-1035

University of California, San Francisco -- Thursday, July 14th -- 10:30 am
Meet in front of UCSF's main building at 513 Parnassus Ave., San Francisco 
directions are at: 
local contact Michelle Tsai  650-619-9713

University of California, Davis  --  Friday, July 15th 10:30 am
The UC Davis Primate Center is located at the end of Hutchison Rd where it dead ends with County Rd. 98
From I-80 take the Pedrick Rd. Exit
Go North on Pedrick
Pedrick Rd. Becomes County Rd. 98 Proceed to the intersection with Hutchinson rd.
local contact Pete Hernandez -- 831 247 6220

# Thursday, July 14, 6:30pm  San Francisco Mime Troupe's  Doing Good
 free theater in the parks  Mill Valley Community Center.
 This year's new show, Doing Good , is a fable based on historical fact. It begins in 1968 with images of the TET Offensive in Vietnam dominating the local bar's TV. Jim is staring military service in the face, so he and Molly join the Peace Corps. In Ecuador, they work hard but fail to help. Then Molly's corporate executive Uncle steps out of the shadows and offers Jim a real job where he can make a difference, big construction projects in third world countries. Jim thinks he is doing good until he meets an old friend in the desert of Iran.

#  Webpage info for Bohemian Grove Protest July 15-17, 2005

# Lorin in SAN DIEGO on the 15th of JULY and LAKE TAHOE RIPPIN IT JULY 16.
EL  CIRCO fundraiza JULY 22 10pm 111 Townsend, SF.
 JACKSON HOLE, WYOMING July 29   /   Lorin


JULY 15, Friday,   Greet the Big and Little Eichmanns as they arrive. All day vigil at the Gate in Monte Rio. Drum Circle in the evening for new Bohos like Mickey Hart.

JULY 16, Saturday.   "Resurrection of Care!  Rally at Monte Rio Parking lot; 11 am. NOON, Protest Parade to the Gate. Ceremony by The International Indian Treaty Council. Demonstration, Conversation, Information, free food, entertainment, Camp overnight.

JULY 17, Sun.   Monte Rio Amphitheater Behind the Pink Elephant -10 am til 6 PM. Free admission! Bands, speakers, workshops, info tables, free food, singer/songwriters, comedy, theater, strategy for the future. A Peace, Global Justice, Anti-Corporate, Ecological, Green Convergence, hosted by the Green Party of California & more.

More Info: 415 567 4577 (Don) 707 540 9961, 923 4488 (Paul)


Or write to: Emerald Greens. Box 162. Piercy 95587

Russian River Area Camping info available also

(Reverse Side Text Follows)

What: Green Convergence at Bohemia for Peace and Justice

When: Friday, July 15th- Sunday, July 17th Where: Bohemian Grove is located in the Sonoma County Russian River community of Monte Rio, near the intersection of Hwy. 116 and Bohemian Highway. It is accessible on the Sonoma Transit bus #20 from Santa Rosa Transit Mall.

Mark Your Calendar. Plan your mid-summer excursion to protest the war profiteers as they come to Bohemian Grove, yet again, to cremate their "Cares of the Marketplace". Join local Greens, veterans' groups, corporate responsibility organizations, faith groups, students, people who have never protested before, and the Green Party of California as they converge at Bohemian Grove and call for an end to the Carelessness of their leaders.

Why: Each year, in mid-summer, the elite members of the Bohemian Club in San Francisco gather for two weeks of revelry and "throwing off the cares of the marketplace" among the redwood groves along Sonoma County's Russian River. The club's members include many Presidents, past and present. George H.W. Bush are members, as well as the late Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, and every Republican President since Herbert Hoover.

But the root of the Grove's power is the men who support the efforts of "their' presidents, like they have with the current war in the Middle East. Critics call these gatherings anything but the innocent camaraderie among a group of men who happen to carry the cares of the world on their shoulders all year and just want to party for a couple of weeks.

Corporation executives and owners at the highest levels have gathered with prominent men in politics at Bohemian Grove and built networks that critics say sustains their acquisition of power and wealth throughout the year.

Who: Groups and individuals so far endorsing the Convergence Include Green Party of California, Green Party of Sonoma County, Green Party of Humboldt Co., Green Party of Mendocino County, Emerald Greens, Bohemian Grove Action Network, Veterans for Peace, Mendocino, Veterans for Peace, Garberville, Bill Meyers, Democracy Unlimited*, Dave Cobb, Green Presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, green Presidential candidate. Peter Camejo, Green Vice-Presidential candidate, Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University faculty, expert on Bohemian Grove, International Indian Treaty Council, and a growing list

# Crucible Fire Arts Festival - SAT July 16 8:00 PM
 The Crucible  1260 7th St  Oakland, CA 94607  view map

# clear channel/ fire arts festival
  i guess i should have looked closer at who the 
CRUCIBLE was recieving funds from for this event .... 
the one sponsor that stood out is CLEAR CHANNEL. 
a company that is in league w/ the bush administration 
and the fcc to selectivly take away our rights to free speech 
and freedom of expression..... 
i'd also be concerned w/ signing over your rights to the 
performance materials you'll be using, you have no rights 
to publicize your group for this event, & they get the sole 
rights to make money off any video footage they get without 
giving the artists a cut.....the contract we recieved had over a 100 pages missing from it, who in their right mind would sign this? what the fuck?... 
how could this happen? who the fuck let this happen? 
you might as well sell your soul to satan, you fools..... 

hey, i love the crucible and all it has to offer, but come on.... 
do you not know about clear channel?? 

for more info about clear channel, 
and their plan of world media domination go to:

# Carol Queen’s Birthday-Love Art Laboratory, Peep Show, Personal Service Auction and Benefit for Dixie*
 Love Art Laboratory, Peep Show and Personal Service Auction for Carol Queen’s Birthday and Benefit for Dixie* 
*Carol Queen and Robert’s beloved truck, Dixie, badly smashed by a hit and run driver 

Poster and Webpage:

featuring Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Lady Monster, Mint Julep, Shanda-Leer, 
Sadie Lune, Scarlot Harlot, Dee Dee Russell (of Dee Dee TV), Charlie Anders, Melinda Adams and more! 

• Visit Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens famous interactive "Cuddle," 
from "Love Art Laboratory" where art patrons can cuddle between them. 
• Service Auction- Bid on a lap dance, massage, or other personal services for the evening! 
• Peep Show-Bid on a private show or a peek behind the curtain. 

Saturday, July 16 8-11 PM 
Donation: $10-$100 and all funds raised go to the revival of Dixie (the truck, not the south) 
Location: Center for Sex and Culture/Epicenter Gallery 398 11th St., San Francisco 
Volunteer & info: performers, services to auction, donors, artists and more. 415-751-1659. If you prefer, you can donate through PAYPAL at

Party and play at the Love Art Laboratory/Peep Show/Auction where you can bid on a range of exciting treats and celebrate Carol Queen's Birthday! Join us for this fun, provocative and lucrative evening as we raise the roof and the funds for Dixie (the truck). 

More About the Dixie Revival 
On June 16th in the middle of the night, someone actually smashed Carol Queen and Robert’s beloved truck, Dixie, when it was parked on the street. Carol and Robert were not in it, so they were not injured, but it was a hit and run accident, so there is no insurance to cover it. Dixie is truly a great truck, and she has done much volunteer work for the Center for Sex and Culture, carting around everything from food to furniture. She is very progressive and a hard worker. 

Dixie (her actual name) is a very historic truck! Reportedly she was once owned by a lesbian attorney couple who helped win Lawrence vs. Texas. The owner before Carol and Robert was a public interest attorney who defended the elderly against fraud. 

The damages total to Dixie over $5,000 and it cost nearly $2,000.00 to get her running again. After that Robert will try to do the remaining work. They need this truck to keep the Center for Sex and Culture running, of course. Founding and running the CSC has been a labor of love for them; neither Carol nor Robert gets any kind of payment from that work. Robert’s on disability and Carol handles the rest of their bills with her freelance work and her half-time job at Good Vibrations.

# Beginner & Intermediate Intensive: July 18-21 Liquid Hoop Dance San Francisco
BEGINNER LEVEL class provides a total of 4 1/2 hours of training. 
Class is designed for those new to hoopdance and still learning basic moves and dance techniques. This class is a pre-requisite for the intermediate level class. Monday's class focuses on torso and arms, Tuesday's class focuses on torso and legs, floorwork and parterwork, Wednesday's class focuses on off body moves. Each evening will have a jam circle to close. Hot music, great people, detailed instruction. Empahsis on mastering all the essentials of hoopdance so you can move on to more challenging exercises and moves with confidence and poise. Beginning class cost $75. 

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL class provides a total of 4 1/2 hours of training PLUS a 2.5 hour performance lab -- students will perform Thursday evening from 5:30-8pm at the Ferry Building. Fast pace and intermediate/advanced level material given. All students who enroll must have already taken the series once or have spoken prior to Christabel. 
Monday's class focuses on torso and arms, Tuesday's class focuses on torso and legs, floorwork and parterwork, Wednesday's class focuses on off body moves. Each evening will have a jam circle to close. Hot music, great people, detailed instruction, always new moves. Empahsis on pushing the envelope of your ability levels in dancing, expressing, flowing through a series of moves and putting it all together in an exicting performance. 

Intermediate class cost: $85 for three night series of 3 classes plus performance lab. 

For both classes, enrollment preference given to those who take entire series to promote the "intensive hoop bootcamp" experience. Only registration in entire series can guarantee a spot. 

Drop in's $30 - you can call day of class to see if there have been cancellations. Small classes limited to 12 students. Class usually sells out so register early to avoid disappointment! 

REGISTER ONLINE at  Click on the "store" and scroll down to the class you would like to select. 

Danzhaus is located at the corner of Connecticut and Cesar Chavez. For directions go to

Questions? 415-515-0469 

Learn more about Christabel at 

To view this listing, click here:

Thu July 21 Full Moon!

 Calling all freaks, fools, gyrators, clowns, and vixens! We are gearing up for another family affiar in the dust and the dome. As usual, this is a community effort of full-energy exchange and we need your support. Exquisite artistic expression and co-creation can only happen with the intentional support of everyone who takes part in the majick out on the playa. See you there! 

Sonic spells by: Lorin, Random Rab, El Papachango, Shawna, Ooah, Adam Ohana, Laura, DJ Alibi, Maximillian, Chris Sia & Jonathan. 

Details to follow.... Stay tuned..... 111 Townsend

# Declaration Of Oil Independence! Sat  July 23 12:00 PM 
      "A Declaration of Oil Independence" will not 
only get people moving from funk to bossa nova to soul 
to punk…' this timely event will raise awareness about 
our dependence on oil. Brazilian funk rockers Bat 
Makumba are headlining and will be joined by Hyim and 
the Fat Foakland Orchestra, and DJ Franky Boissy. 
     Prompted by Bat Makumba's recent purchase of a tour 
bus running on 100% recycled vegetable oil, the night 
will benefit the Clean Fuel Caravan Coalition... a Bay 
Area alternative fuel collective providing education 
about and access to vehicles running on sustainable 
fuels (like biodiesel and vegetable oil). 
     Fusing environmentalism with equatorial beats "A 
Declaration of Oil Independence" will appeal to feet 
of all persuasion, and we really hope you can help us 
get the word out. Let's talk soon.

# "Is San Francisco Going to Pot?"
Featuring: Drug Policy Alliance director Ethan Nadelmann and Mayor Gavin Newsom 
Tuesday July 26, 2005, 5:30-7:30 pm 
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco 
3200 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94118 
FREE lecture on drug policy reform
 San Francisco is once again at the center of a national debate. More than 80% of San Franciscans say medical marijuana should be legally available and a majority even supports regulating, controlling, and taxing marijuana more or less like alcohol. But the federal government says "no" to medical marijuana, just as patients, advocates, bureaucrats, and politicians in San Francisco attempt to create a regulatory system in response to the proliferation of "pot clubs." Will "the city that knows how" do the right thing? Mayor Gavin Newsom and Drug Policy Alliance director Ethan Nadelmann will tackle the controversial question, "Is San Francisco Going to Pot?"

# Cosmic Wedding Sat  July 30-Mon Aug 1 2005 
magical celebration in the green mountains of Switzerland

# Run for the Greenbelt,  Sunday, July 31 5:00 AM
  All around SF & the GG Bridge   415.543.6771 x304 
Did you know you could run in the San Francisco Marathon without running a whole marathon? You can run or walk 5k, 13 miles, or all 26 miles - and you can do it to raise funds for local open space protection, by joining the Greenbelt Alliance team! The event is July 31st, 2005. To register (or just sponsor - no running required), go to and choose Team 6. Call 415.543.6771 x304 for more info. 
Greenbelt Alliance's Vision 
Greenbelt Alliance's vision is of a vibrant San Francisco Bay Area with a healthy environment and a strong economy shared by all. In our vision, central cities and existing suburbs are desirable places to live bounded by a protected greenbelt. This greenbelt includes agricultural, wilderness, habitat, watershed, and recreational lands and is recognized as essential to the Bay Area's environmental and economic health. All residents share a high quality of life, including access to affordable housing, a good education, cultural amenities, effective public transportation and open space. Finally, there is a widely shared ethic that recognizes the region's interdependence and a system of governance that fosters effective public decision-making to address regional needs.


# borderHack 2.005 - Border Camp on the US/Mexico Border from August 3rd - 7th 2005

# Tour d'Organics  Sebastopol, CA  A bicycle ride and century featuring local farms and vegan food in . 35, 65 and 100 mile options offer something for everyone.
 you'll get to eat ORGANIC farm fresh fruits and veggie directly from the Farmer!
There will be salads and crane melons.  Bradley, the organizer is a Living Foods person.
Living Foods:
Your friend can subscribe to this list, by sending a blank email to:

Fri Aug 5 New Moon

# Fri. August 5 , 7:30 PM  Dave Lippman  One night only! An evening of satire & song!
 Dave Lippman and his alterego George Shrub, the world’s only singing CIA agent, continue to explain that the business of America is none of your business.
 9 Ross Valley Drive (at Fourth St)  SAN RAFAEL
 Info: 415/721-2844 • • 
 $10-15 DONATION - Sponsor: Marin Peace & Justice Coalition

# August 5-8, 2005  Free Radio Berkeley Radio Camp - 
 Build an FM BroadcastTransmitter Don't Complain... Broadcast
 0 to 100 watts in 4 days A four day workshop session sponsored by Free Radio Berkeley. This session will teach you: the fundamentals of micropower broadcasting; how to build FM broadcast transmitters (and other related items such as antennas); what is involved in setting up a low power (15-100 watt) community radio station capable of covering a broadcast radius between 5 and 15 miles depending on power, terrain and antenna height. The workshop tutition is $150-$200 sliding scale. Kits for transmitters, antennas, etc. may be purchased for assembly during the workshop session. Average cost for a broadcast station kit package (transmitter, antenna, cabling power, supply) runs between $300 and $700 depending on kits and power level chosen. All participants will be assembling kits whether they purchase them or not. All Radio Camp sessions are held at Free Radio Berkeley's shop in Oakland, CA. The address is 2311 Adeline, Unit P. FRB's Micropower Broadcasting Primer, available on the web site  is used as one of the primary documents for the sessions. 

# Saturday, August 6, 5pm Seeds of Change:  NO NUKES! NO WARS!
 William Payne Park, Livermore
 Rally and March to the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab
 On the 60th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombings of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, join us to plant Seeds of Change by calling for an end to nuclear weapons. Rally speakers and music include Utah Phillips, Clan Dyken, and Dave Lippman.

# ORBUSummer XXVIII star party 10-15 August 2005 6 days/5 nights - attend anytime
Newcomers $40/person (includes t-shirt, camping, programs)
Northern California Mendocino region

# Aug 14-20 Roseberg, Oregon
Free Witchcamp for Activists
A week of intense magic, ritual and learning in the
deep woods of southern Oregon. Our magical tradition honors the wild, and
calls for service to the earth and the community. This Witchcamp specifically
honors that call and is focused on sharing our magical and activism skills
and healing with those who are currently working or are called
to work for all forms of justice: environmental,
social, political, racial, gender, and economic. The teaching team includes
Starhawk, Brook, Ruby, Baruch, and others. The teaching paths include
wilderness awareness, healing and herbalism, permaculture, street magic,
introduction to magic, and ritual creation. Bring own tent and
food. Children welcome.
Cost: Free. For those who can afford it, donations
up to or beyond
the usual price of a Witchcamp ($400-$500 US)
requested. For more information, e-mail:, (310) 570-3662

Fri Aug 19 Full Moon

# Rawstock III - Raw Ecstasy Jamboree - Aug. 26-29 at Macdonald Farm,
Sebastopol, CA
* We are seeking a yoga teacher to teach 1 or 2 classes on Aug. 27 & 28.
Contact for details.
* Rawstocks cards and posters are now available.  If you can help distribute
them at gatherings, healthfood stores, etc, please e-mail
* We only have a few more work-trade opportunities left.  Contact if you are interested.
To join the SonomaRaw e-list send an e-mail to:

)'( Aug 29- Sep 25 2005 )'(


Sat Sept 3 New Moon

# Once in a Lifetime Opportunity in Wash, DC - September 10, 11, 12 Sometimes the Universe reveals "opportunities" to all of us in the most mind-boggling of ways. Please look at what a friend just now sent that will be happening in DC on 9/11 (from 9/10 - 9/12). This friend will be flying in from the Pacific Northwest to be here for this event. No doubt, many others will be doing the same.... Please mark your calendars, save your dollars for the trip (give up the beers if you must), as well as a few days vacation time. The event in DC on 9/11 has just suddenly now grown to mind-blowing proportions. They talk about hundreds attending? Mark my words - thousands upon thousands - will be there: 911 - inside job. Demand investigation! - - - - - -

# Sept 16,17,18 5 Mi north of LaytonVille, CA on 101 Ani DiFranco Michael Franti & Spearhead Zap Mama Karl Denson's Tiny Universe Lyrics Born Prezident Brown New Monsoon Signal Path Kan'nal Tre Hardson Wisdom O-Maya Heavy Weight Dub Champion Lost Children of Babylon Alfred Howard Hamsa Lila Aphrodesia Trillian Green Clan Dyken Rogerwood Synchrosystem Sasha Butterfly & Friends Woodland Kingdom Travelers Gospel Choir Transcendental Hayride Kali's Angels Joanne Rand Leslie Helpert Something Different Scott Huckabay Shukar Belly Dance Ensemble Blane Lyon Darryl Cherney & the Chernobles Dianne Patterson Fanna -Fi Sufi Ensemble And many, many more TBA... Special Guest MC: Julia Butterfly Hill TEMPLE OF ELECTRONICA featuring DJs: CB – Osiris – Adam Ohana – Dragonfly – Zack Darling – Alex Theory – Ganga Giri and many more (TBA) …

# Sept 17,18 Polk Street Fest Arts and crafts with music and an urban oasis theme. 3rd weekend of September 10a-6p

Sun Sept 18 Full Moon

# ECOPALOOZA 2005 Mendocino County's First Annual Green Living Expo Ukiah - Mendocino County, CA SEPTEMBER 24, 2005 Sept. 24th, 9am - 8pm, Admission $5 Downtown Plaza Park & Convention Center, Ukiah, CA

# Sept. 24th, 9am - 8pm, ECOPALOOZA 2005 -  Mendocino County's
 1st Annual Expo Of Green Living Downtown-Plaza Park & Convention Center, Ukiah, CA
 ECOPALOOZA 2005 will feature attractions such as: workshops and exhibits, solar-powered music, Kids Town and activities, green businesses, organic and vegetarian food, green building demos, speakers, Kids Town and activities, hybrid and biodiesel car display, solar home and eco tours, green businesses, a Farmer's Market, Sustainable Fashion Show, and much more.

# Sept. 24-26: Washington DC Mobilization to End the War on Iraq!

#  Washington D.C., Sept. 24-25
The Green Festival is a two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun.

# Sep 24,25 Webzine 2005

# Sep 25 Folsom St Fair Reportedly the 3rd largest event in California just behind the Rose Parade and Pride Parades.
last Sunday in September. Folsom @ 7th to 12th Streets. Lots of naked people, leather, latex, fetish.

October 2005

# Sat. Oct 1 10:30 am to 5:30pm   (Youth Party 7 - 8:30)  GREEN YOUR SCHOOL CONFERENCE

# Oct 1,2 Castro Street Fair A celebration of ‘middle class’ gay lifestyles and commerce in the gay mecca.
1st weekend in October Castro Between 19th and Market.

# October 1 - 2, 2005  Bay Area Counter Military Conference
Military Out of Our Schools, counter-recruitment conference
 "ON THE FRONT LINES--Options for Youth in Times of War."
 Tentative Location - San Francisco City College 
 Are you part of a local counter recruitment effort? We urge you to attend the next planning meeting which is scheduled for Thursday evening, June 30th at the AFSC headquarters, 65 9th St, S.F. We have begun to start early--at 6:30 PM in order to get out promptly at 8:30 PM.
 Bay Area youth leaders are strongly encourage to attend these meetings and plan for the components and outreach for this vitally important educational action opportunity.

Mon Oct 3 New Moon

Mon Oct 17 Full Moon

# Coop America Green Business Conference Ramada Hotel, SF, Nov. 1-4

# Nov 4,5 Dalai Lama @ Stanford

# Nov. 5-6 Brannan @ 8th St. Concourse Exhibition center.
HUGE ECO SHOWCASE with speakers, workshops, music, food, booths.
NOT TO MISS!  This show keeps growing and FILLS the space. 
The Green Festival is a two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun.

Thur Dec 1 New Moon

Thur Dec 15 Full Moon and Bill of Rights Day

PATRIOT ACT I and II are NULL and VOID Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States of America is NULL and VOID. Marburry v. Madison -1803

NATIONAL ID CARD LAW / REAL ID LAW, passed by treasonous, secretive congress, is not binding law. Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States of America is NULL and VOID. Marburry v. Madison -1803

-The Geneva convention instructs us to resist genocide by any means necessary. 
-The US constitution directs us to overthrow our government if it fails to represent us.

If a cop does not understand these laws, you can arrest him for impersonating an officer.

Get used to ignoring or arresting officers who do not understand the US Constitution.

Live free or die.

NATIONAL ID CARD LAW / REAL ID LAW is NULL AND VOID. Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States of America is NULL and VOID. Marburry v. Madison -1803 Ignore or arrest any cop who asks to see such. You are allowed to do so by the Geneva Convention and the US Constitution. Passed by treasonous, secretive congress, HR 418 Real ID ACT is NULL AND VOID. Note how senate secretly approved this bill the eve before running away to winter break. Note US history of passing repressive legislation the eve before a break, so that no opposition or public response can take place. Stand in Peace, Pay No Tax. THE TITLE 26 "INCOME TAX" IS A HOAX, AND SO IS THE IRS Cracking the Unified Commerce Code: Cracking the Code Third Edition

HUMAN WEALTH : Beyond Greed & Scarcity Latin : Jus is Justice. Belli is War. Use of force continuum. Jefferson Party website.

Recommended: Subliminal Dynamics course for rapid learning! Aurora Colorada. 52,000 words per minute reading level. Get back in touch with your allready photographic memory. Sub Dyn reunites you with your

Subliminal Dynamics Histoy

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.