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SF events 9.22
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SF events 9.22
SF events 9.22
SF events 9.22 search events for "sf events"
Wednesday September 21st
 7:00pm San Francisco: George Galloway at Mission High School 
Thursday September 22nd
 7:00pm Oakland: Spirit of Freedom: Honoring the Families of Incarcerated Children 
Friday September 23rd
 4:00pm Oakland: Direct Action to Support Youth Who Find Alternatives to Military 
Saturday September 24th
 11:00am San Francisco: Mass Anti-War March And Rally


Stop Bush from sludging our dinner salads 

 The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) needs your immediate help to 
stop Congress and the Bush administration from seriously degrading 
organic standards. After 35 years of hard work, the U.S. organic 
community has built up a multi-billion dollar alternative to industrial 
agriculture, based upon strict organic standards and organic community 
control over modification to these standards.

Now, large corporations such as Kraft, Wal-Mart, & Dean Foods--aided 
and abetted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are moving to 
lower organic standards by allowing a Bush appointee to create a list of 
synthetic ingredients that would be allowed organic production. Even 
worse these proposed regulatory changes will reduce future public 
discussion and input and take away the National Organic Standards 
Board's (NOSB) traditional lead jurisdiction in setting standards. What 
this means, in blunt terms. is that USDA bureaucrats and industry 
lobbyists, not consumers, will now have more control over what can go 
into organic foods and products. (Send a quick letter to your 
Congressperson online here:

California Gov Signs Ban on School Junk Food

Sneak Attack on Organic Standards   Take action here:

Cheap Vegan pizza in the in East Bay!
Pizza Plaza (6211 Shattuck in Oakland)

Warming world blamed for more strong hurricanes

Left Behind: Bush's Holy War on Nature

Global Warming 'Past the Point of No Return'

Robert Fisk Page: Full Index of DU Links - Depleted Uranium 

Endangered Earth, No. 365 - Online
<>Take Action
<>Join Us!

Proposed Voter ID Could Be New Poll Tax

We're able to turn down John Roberts and here's THE WAY we're going to do it


more agent provocateur stuff

Weldon: Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders

Chavez at UN: US "Terrorist State"

Markets, Climate and Katrina

Blackwater Mercenaries...more mission creep...not law enforcement or military...the hybrid...mission creep...
See also

 UK "Undercover Soldiers" Caught driving Booby Trapped Car 

The two soldiers were using a civilian car packed with explosives

Who's Blowing Up Iraq? New Evidence Brits Planting Bombs

British Attack Basra Jail to Free 2 Brits AND 150 prisoners
British soldiers just violated the sovereignty of the new Iraqi government, attacked an official government building, and released 150 prisoners...just because 2 British soldiers were being held for questioning?
Bush_Sucks  wrote:
More of that winning hearts and minds stuff........ old chap.  This "undercover" crap has been going on the ENTIRE time... and they call them insurgents when the UK and US are the only insurgents.  Heres some more proof.... 
BASRA, Iraq (AP) - British forces using tanks broke down the walls of the central jail in the southern city of Basra late Monday and freed two Britons, allegedly undercover commandos, who had been arrested on charges of shooting two Iraqi policemen.
Witnesses said about 150 Iraqi prisoners also fled the jail.
Violence flared earlier in the day as demonstrators hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at British tanks; at least four people were killed.
The fighting erupted after British armor encircled the jail where the two Britons were being held. During the melee one soldier could be seen scrambling for his life from a burning tank and the rock-throwing mob.

 Photos - Brit soldiers, dressed as ARABS, had missles
Iraqi television on Tuesday showed  footage of the two soldiers, unshaven and looking nervous as Iraqi police looked over wigs, Arab headresses, an anti-tank missile and communications equipment, all apparently used in their mission.

Iraq denounces British rescue in Basra

BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraq denounced British forces on Tuesday over a dramatic rescue of two undercover soldiers that could stoke hostility to the army in increasingly volatile southern Iraq.

British troops used an armored fighting vehicle on Monday to burst into an Iraqi jail in search of soldiers held by police in Basra. The British commander said he learned they had been handed to militia and ordered their rescue from a nearby house.
Iraqi television on Tuesday showed  footage of the two soldiers, unshaven and looking nervous as Iraqi police looked over wigs, Arab headresses, an anti-tank missile and communications equipment, all apparently used in their mission.

The images of the pair seemed sure to fuel suspicions by militias in Basra and elsewhere who believe foreign troops are on a secret mission to exploit Iraq. - what you need

Mon Sep 19

# Peace One Day: A Documentary on September 21st, the United Nations International Day of Peace; A Day of Global Cease-Fire and Nonviolence
scott you're invited!
Mai Anh Ha and Michael McAvoy
 New College of California
766 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA View Map 
Monday, September 19, 7:30pm
Please bring whom and whatever you like- friends, family, food, beverages, etc.- most importantly, please come if you can! The show starts at around 7:45, the film is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long and there will be a Q & A and socializing period thereafter. And yes, it's FREE.

Wed Sep 21

# SFFetishWeek Official Gallery Reception wed sep 21 7:00pm-10:00pm free
 Official Gallery Reception for the San Francisco Fetish Week (sep  
21-25, 2005)
Reception on Wednesday open 7p-10p
Official Gallery Artists:
Paige White
Rich Boswell
Jason Felix
Tonya Silver
Larry Utley
Official Gallery runs Wednesday thru Sunday
Viewing open 7p-10p
@ Foto Gourmet Studios
2192 Folsom St.

Art will be viewable and some drinkables and edibles should be  
available as well. We plan on having the artists present at the  
reception, but not guaranteed on other days. For more and updated  
information stay tuned to the website.

 Foto Gourmet Studios 2192 Folsom St. near the corner of folsom and 18th

# FREE Audubon Society General Meeting 9/21/05 - Nature Slide Show!  (palo alto)
Looking for something different? Spend a relaxing evening enjoying gorgeous nature photos, and learn about the many different birds we can find in our own backyards! 
 Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 
 Time: Doors open 7:30; program starts at 8:00 
 What: General Membership Meeting, Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society 
 Location: Palo Alto Arts Center, Newell & Embarcadero Roads 
 Program: Slide show of "Birds of Santa Clara and Adjacent Counties" with Mike Danzenbaker and Lee Hung 
 Admission is FREE, and refreshments will be served! 
 For more Information, email or call (408) 252-3740 
 We hope to see you there!     Background: 
 Mike Danzenbaker and Lee Hung are long-time Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society members who have traveled extensively both domestically and abroad in pursuit of viewing and photographing birds. Tonight they will present a program on a very familiar topic, Birds of Santa Clara County and Adjacent Counties. The program will include beautiful photos of birds we see every day, as well as some rarities that Mike and Lee have encountered in Santa Clara County. Mike has been seriously photographing birds since he moved here in 1986. He now has about 3000 bird images on his website, His pictures have graced the covers and articles of American Birding Association's Birding magazine, Birder's World, Wild Bird, Cornell Lab's Living Birds and many other birding magazines, books and calendars. His pictures have also appeared in Audubon and Sierra Club calendars. The largest number of his pictures are used in photo-based field guides such as those produced by Kenn Kaufmann, Don and Lillian Stokes, National Audubon, Smithsonian, and the many "family" references, such as hummingbirds, sparrows, warblers, shorebirds, etc., of U.S. and Canada. 

# Love, Spirit & Joy FREE INTRO EVENING
Wednesday, September 21 7:30-9:30pm
at The Harmony Festival Office
Zen DeBrücke has a proven, step-by-step method of manifesting and
accessing your life-path/soul-path purpose and passion with certainty.
It's called Power Manifestation, and it is a revolutionary course designed to help you understand your own extraordinary power to magnetize your highest desires, and to teach you how to use it every dayŠ effectively.
We know, and even quantum physicists have proven, that we create the world around us with our thoughts. We know that our energy flows where our thoughts go. Are you satisfied with what you're creating in all facets of your life?
On Sept 21st you're invited to meet Zen DeBrücke, and explore your internal guidance system to activate your own dynamic source of inner peace, joy and abundance. In this introduction you will receive information on how your thoughts create. What really affects what you magnetize into your life and ideas on how to shift that. Why visualization and affirmation only works some of the time.
The Harmony Festival Office 400-G Morris St, Sebastopol, CA
COURSE DATE: Sunday, October 2, 2005
Level One: The Basics Course with the Power Manifestation Formula
9:30AM - 6:00PM Location: Harmony Festival Office
$90 if paid in advance/ $125 day of course
To Register and for more information on Power Manifestation or Zen DeBrücke, visit
Or contact: Teri Bigio 415.892.9090

# Hi! Well here it is... the big 3-3! Birthdays always take me a bit by  
surprise... I decided to actually stay in civilization this year to  
celebrate... so I hope you will come out and share a drink and some  
dancing with me and my finance, Kramer (who will also be celebrating  
his birthday that night!) and all our friends! We will be meeting at  
the Gallery Lounge, a sweet chill spot with good vibes. It would be  
great to see you.
DATE: Wednesday September 21
WHEN: 11pm-1am
WHERE: GALLERY LOUNGE is located at 510 Brannan St. in the SOMA area  
of San Francisco.  Nearest cross street is 4rth. Hope to see you there! Christabel
ps I know many of you live far away, but in case you need an excuse  
to come here LOVE PARADE is the Saturday following my party... check  
it out: 

Thu Sep 22

# Thu, Sep 22, 2005  WORLD CAR-FREE DAY!   Happening around the world

# Stolen Childhoods - Amnesty International screening
 Thu Sep 22 8:00pm $5
 "Stolen Childhoods" is the first-ever feature documentary on global  
child labor. Filmed in eight countries (Brazil, India, Pakistan,  
Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Mexico and the United States), it tells the  
stories of the millions of child laborers around the world, in their  
own words. "Stolen Childhoods" is narrated by Meryl Streep, and  
includes interviews with Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, US  
Senator Tom Harkin, and Founder of the International Labor Rights  
Fund Pharis Harvey. Directed by Len Morris, "Stolen Childhoods" won  
"Best Feature for Children's Advocacy" at the 2005 Artivist Film  
Festival in Los Angeles. It not only has extraordinary footage of the  
growing problem of child labor, but it also depicts solutions:  
offering governments, NGO's, individuals and communities an  
opportunity to do something about this critical global labor rights  
 Artists' Television Access 992 Valencia Street @ 21st

#  Sep 22 Lorin @ Love Boat  SF

# Big week for events about farmed animals/vegetarianism

1)       Livestock & Poultry Welfare Symposium
9-22-05: -- Novato
Animal Place, The Marin Humane Society, The Humane Society of the United States and the California State Humane Association are sponsoring a day-long workshop for animal control officers and anyone interested in issues surrounding factory farming, regulation, animal behavior and welfare in California. For more information, download the brochure:
E-mail the list if you’re planning to go and want to start up a carpool! 
2) United Animal Nations-sponsored event with Paul Shapiro of HSUS and lauren Ornelas of Viva! USA.
9-23-05: -- Sacramento
Again, please e-mail the list if you’re planning to go and want to carpool from the Bay Area.
3) And don’t forget Bay Area Veg’s Compassionate Living Series in SF, with HSUS's Paul Shapiro discussing the egg industry, followed by a rally at Trader Joe's:
9-24-05: -- San Francisco, and
4) World Vegetarian Day, with fantastic speakers such as Ingrid Newkirk of PETA, Howard Lyman, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. John McDougal, Julia Butterfly Hill, and many more!
9-25-05: -- San  Francisco

Fri Sep 23

 No Recruitment, No Draft.
Support GI Resisters: AN ARMY OF NONE!
 FRI SEPT 23 4pm: Speak Out & Performances
Chevron Gas Station Telegraph Ave and Grand Ave, Oakland
(19th St. BART)
 5pm: March, Demonstrate and Nonviolent Direct Action
Armed Forces Recruiting Center
2116 Broadway, btwn 21/22nd Sts

Artist Reception with
Luis Fernando Uribe
Friday, September 23
7-9pm, Minna Center
Bodegon con Figuras

Inner Trees

Paintings by  Luis Fernando Uribe

Sponsored  by the East-West  Psychology
Program at CIIS

Reception  and Slide Presentation
Friday,  September 23, 7-9pm
CIIS Minna Street Center,  2nd Floor 
Exhibit: August 23 – October 21, 2005
CIIS Minna Street Center
695 Minna Street (@ 8th), San Francisco

Gallery Hours: 
 Monday-Friday (except holidays), 9am-6pm

Luis  Fernando Uribe has exhibited extensively throughout the world for more than 25 years. His work is preeminent in expression among today’s contemporary Latin American art, demonstrating a rare instinctual power that emanates from Uribe’s profound and painful experiences of growing up in Colombia. The artist adds his own  style to Magic Realism art, which has long flourished in Latin America, while embodying the core  of Magic Realism’s strongest tenants in their most essential form.  Uribe’s paintings, simultaneously a response to suffering and the  need to escape from suffering, expresses his vision through dreamlike  half-shadows and figures that populate imaginative landscapes.

# Ray Kurzweil speaks at The Long Now
 Fri Sep 23 doors 7pm, talk at 7:30 Free
The Herbst Theater 401 Van Ness  415 561 6581

# SFist's Webzine 2005 Kickoff Party
Cafe Du Nord Friday 9/23 8-10pm
FREE to Webzine 2005 registrants
Sep 24,25 Webzine 2005

# Foreplay - A Pre Love Parade Bash with Mutaytor and special guests
 Friday, September 23 10pm $20
WHAT: "Foreplay" - A Pre Love Parade Bash with Mutaytor and special  
WHO: the Mutaytor and special guests, Bat Makumba, DJ Laird (Lush),  
Janaka [Selekta] (Dhamaal), Adam Ohana (1015 Folsom), Hypnomadic  
feat. Soulsalaam & Process Rebel, Scratch n Sniff feat. Motion Potion  
& SJ Littlewood, David Starfire (Starfire Records LA), Porter  
Tinsley, Wolfie, Mycho Cocoa, DJ Ion, Big Dolla Bill.
WHEN: Friday, September 23rd | Doors 10pm
WHERE: Space 550 |550 Barneveld Avenue, San Francisco CA/ 415.550.8256
PRESS INFO:  Infectious Publicity | Sara Cohen 504.486.4505 ext 205
TICKETS: $20 at, calling 415-256-TIXX or at  
Distractions on Haight, 1524 Haight St, SF
DETAILS: "Foreplay" will get you excited for Love Parade by bringing  
together an unreal collection of West Coast tribal/breaks/house/world  
talent on 4 soundsystems. Featuring some of the leading DJ's in  
California's world/breaks scene and the unparalleled intensity of the  
Mutaytor, Foreplay promises to be a  legendary meeting of the beats.   
The 25 piece music/dance/performance art behomth known as the  
Mutaytor is a part hip-grinding, techno/retro-funk, part audience- 
interactive, post-modern circus, the first durable chunk of American  
music to emerge from the Burning Man subculture. Combining  
drastically advanced elements of the Blue Man Group,  Parliament- 
Funkadelic, the Crystal Method and Crash Worship, Mutaytor provides  
riotous and surreal entertainment for everyone.  The sound is tight  
with over 100 drums sounding like one sinstrument, the show manic,  
and the vibe all-inclusively friendly.

The brainchild of Brazilian natives Alex Koberle and Emiliano  
Benevides and Americano bassist Carl Remde, Bat Makumba is the  
crossroads between the traditional music of their equatorial homeland  
and the punk, rock and funk influences of the U.S. locals to San  
Francisco.  Bat Makumba's show is a hip renegade carnival party full  
of tropicalia tinged ska, punk-influenced forro, and rock-infused  
samba. DJ Laird has quickly become one of the Bay Area's most sought  
after DJ's being named to the coveted "Nitevibe Dreamteam" svereal  
years running. Janaka [Selekta] is the founder of Dhamaal, SF's  
premier South Asian arts collective, and a star in his own right.  
Scratch n Sniff  is an explosive 4-turntable breakbeat project that  
combines SJ Littlewood's beats with local funk maven Motion Potion's  
sampling and turntable skills. Similarly, Hypnomadic combines the  
skills of world beat legend Soulsalaam with producer Process Rebel.   
David Starfire is the founder of LA's "Starfire Records" and is one  
of the most sought-after underground DJ producers on the West Coast.
Space 550
550 Barneveld
San Francisco

# Sep 23-25 Peak Oil conferences Sep / Oct / Nov 2005  --  Eugene, Oregon -- 
NW Bioregional Permaculture Gathering -- September 9 to 11 -- Ohio -- Community Solution conference -- September 23 to 25 - DC 9/24-25, SF 11/5-6 -- Frederick, Maryland -- Rep. Roscoe Bartlett forum -- September 26 -- New York City -- October 5 -- Denver -- Association for the Study of Peak Oil -- November 10-11 

Sat Sep 24

#   Sat, Sep 24, 2005      11:00 am
 National Anti-War March in San Francisco
Dolores Park at 19th Street & Dolores St
march to Jefferson Square Park to follow
San Francisco
 Stop the War in Iraq! 
 Bring the Troops Home Now!
 Join us in the streets Sept. 24 as hundreds of thousands march against the war.

# ECOPALOOZA 2005 Mendocino County's First Annual Green Living Expo Ukiah - Mendocino County, CA SEPTEMBER 24, 2005 Sept. 24th, 9am - 8pm, Admission $5 Downtown Plaza Park & Convention Center, Ukiah, CA

# Sept. 24th, 9am - 8pm, ECOPALOOZA 2005 -  Mendocino County's
 1st Annual Expo Of Green Living Downtown-Plaza Park & Convention Center, Ukiah, CA
 ECOPALOOZA 2005 will feature attractions such as: workshops and exhibits, solar-powered music, Kids Town and activities, green businesses, organic and vegetarian food, green building demos, speakers, Kids Town and activities, hybrid and biodiesel car display, solar home and eco tours, green businesses, a Farmer's Market, Sustainable Fashion Show, and much more.

# Sat, Sep 24 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Container Gardening
Garden for the Environment 7th Ave @ Lawton

#   Sat Sep 24 11am DOLORES PARK (Dolores @ 18th St, SF) RALLY!
to 1pm GATHERING at Jefferson Square Park: Gough @ Golden Gate
Bring all the troops home now 
 Stop the Racist, anti-Immigrant and anti-Labor 
 Offensive at Home, Defend Civil Rights

# Sat Sep 24 Electric Vehicle festival at Palo Alto High School: 
El Camino Real @ Embarcadero

# 9/24  athletic conference
check out the list of vegan athletes, some are Living Foods§ionid=7&id=37&Itemid=221
mad cow found in US
Living Foods:

Saturday, Sept. 24th, Downtown San Francisco
The parade begins at 1pm, and is free.  It will be going down Market St. from 2nd, down to the Civic Center where the festival site will be.  The Opel and Qool  float will feature Lee Coombs, Hyper, Evil 9, Spesh, Syd Gris, Hoj, Melyss, Momu, Jive and Hyper D.  We'll be #4 in the parade and will end up in front of the Asian Art Museum.
Parade Assembly Area:  Second Street between Market and Howard
Parade Route: Market Street to Civic Center
Parade Time: begins at 1pm, Tantra is float number three
Float  Civic Center location: Larkin and Fulton St., in front of the Main library

Float design "Emergence" by Ran D. Cone and Tantra 
45' Semi-trailer with 20,000 watt Mackie Fussion Sound System
Visuals after dark by Dr. Spook

Loveparade San Francisco Float Line-up
1 –  2      KJ (Tantra) parade set
2 – 3      Spook (
3 – 4      Deeper in Zen (Soular Records)
4 – 5      Chromatone (Vaporvent, Mechanik, Spun Records)
5 – 6      Matan (Sesto Sento), Compact Records, Israel
6 – 7      Liam Shy (Tantra)
7 – 8      Bjorn (Naked Tourist) Parvati Records, Germany
8 – 9       Olowanpi (Dropout Records, Switzerland)
Anyone interested in helping with the Tantra Float, contact
Float construction will occur on Friday Sept. 23rd.
Anyone interested in volunteering for Loveparade, contact

# LECTURE BY VICTORIA BOUTENKO-Call to the Raw Community (mill valley)  (mill valley) 
 Lecture by Victoria Boutenko, on her latest findings and developments. Victoria and her family have authored several inspiring books on the Living Food Lifestyle. 
 In this lecture, she will cover the main points of her upcoming book: 
 "Green for Life". This most informative and inspiring talk will take place outdoor, at a residence on the mountain, above Mill Valley, on Saturday September 24th, at 1:PM, and include some light food sampling. 
 We need a minimum of 20 committed people to have it happen, so please secure your seat only if you are sure to come, by e-mailing us a.s.a.p., and we will e-mailing you the directions.
 The price for the lecture is $5 per person.  jcluboff at neteze dot com
 Thank you for supporting this event! Whether you are already on the Raw Food Diet, or interested in it, this lecture is sure to inspire you!  Victoria's site =

# Capoeira Photo Gallery & Artist Reception Sat Sep 24 6-9p Free
 ABADA-Capoeira San Francisco's Brazilian Arts Center
3221 22nd Street @Mission

# Black Market Auction Sat Sep 24 6-9pm Free
Hayes Valley Market 580 Hayes @ Laguna

# Opel: Love Parade Afterparty
 For the parade, we'll have a grand float with our sonic brothers at Qool / Looq for the funky and the freaky, with Opel residents Syd Gris, Hoj, and Melyss being joined by UK superstars Lee Coombs, Hyper, + Jondi & Spesh, Jive, and much more tba 
For the after party, Infuse: we'll take it into the night at Terra : 511 Harrison @ 1st. for what will absoultey be a party for future Opel lore...  Saturday, September 24th ::  Opel presents 
Infuse: A Declaration of Love  Opel's Love Parade After Party 
We'll be using the West parking lot at 511 as a massive, 3200 sq. feet chill area to cool your jets after a long day of partying in the streets. Belly Dance performance by Arabesque, Gina G and more tba. Performance art and alters by Infinite Kaos. Sound by El Circo. Visuals by Satsi. And the Love people, the Love! 
9:30pm-5:30am  @ Terra : 511 Harrison St. @ 1st,   

# Infuse: A Declaration of Love  Opel's Love Parade After Party 
With 4 areas of music (!)  with... 

Lee Coombs (Thrust, Fingerlickin' / Perfecto, UK) 
Hyper (Kilowatt / Hope / Thrive, UK) 
Lorin ( 

Laird (Get Yer Freak On) 
Ooah (LABA) 
Melyss (Opel / Sister SF) 

Spesh (Qool / Looq / Bedrock) 
Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple) 
Dirtyhertz (Looq / Pangea) 
Hoj (Opel / 
Tom Sawyer ( / Brazil) 

Goldilox ( / Brass Tax) 
Sunder (Freek Factotym, NY) 
Queen Agnes B ( 
Fred Funk (Brass Tax) 

+ a full chill DJ line up getting worked out 
We'll be using the West parking lot at 511 as a massive, 3200 sq. feet chill area to cool your jets after a long day of partying in the streets. Belly Dance performance by Arabesque, Gina G and more tba. Performance art and alters by Infinite Kaos. Sound by El Circo. Visuals by Satsi. And the Love people, the Love! 
@ Terra : 511 Harrison St. @ 1st, just minutes from the festival site. 
Capacity is Limited, pre-sale highly recommended. 
$15 pre-sales are SOLD OUT.  Now available for $20.

#  2nd Annual Love Machine is ON for Sat. Sept. 24th!

Good News, Good News!  The DIY, indie spirit is alive
and well in San Francisco, and The 2nd Annual Love
Machine is a go!  We have a lovely new space, and Love
Machine is back on for Sat. Sept. 24th here in San
Francisco!  =)

Unfotunately we have had to scale back on the line-up,
going down to two rooms instead of three, but there
will be lots of live acts, and lots of techno, idm,
experimental, and other kinds of electronica, plus
lots of wicked visuals!  

Hope to see you at The 2nd Annual Love Machine Event
starting right after the 2nd Annual San Francisco Love

Love Machine Line-up

Andrew Price [Satamile Records] 
Disconnect [DEF:SF] vs. Chris Yap [Freebeats] 
Forest Green [SisterSF / DimSum]
Phidelity [Organic Light]
Sindri [DimSum / Imputor?]

Audiovoid [MDEX/Drum Machine Museum]
bFamily Sound System [bFamily] 
Balanceman [Nutmeats]
Chel-C Faith [DEF:SF]
Darkat [CatFive]
Edit [Planet mu]
Endosine [Drum Machine Museum] 
Eustacian [Daly City Records]
FM Fatel 
Foscil [Fouthcity]
Insect Funeral [Asphodel]
Lx Rudis [Drum Machine Museum]
Mochipet [Bpitch Control / Tigerbeat6 / DimSum] 
PVC Day Planner [Drum Machine Museum] 
Spaceheater [Low Pro Lounge]
Transient [Drum Machine Museum] 
Two Playa Game 

Mickey T [Drum Machine Museum] 
Dan Hai [Konstrukt]
Vidlux [Obscura Digital]
Spot [spotworks]
Dr. Friendly
Warren Stringer [muse]
Cypod [Drum Machine Museum]
VJ CaroLuna
Peter Nyboer [LIVID Instruments]
Peter Makepeace [Drum Machine Museum]


forest green:
dim sum:     
cloud factory:
friends and family:
sister usa:    

# Sept. 24-26: Washington DC Mobilization to End the War on Iraq!

#  Washington D.C., Sept. 24-25
The Green Festival is a two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun.

# Sep 24,25 Webzine 2005
SFist's Webzine 2005 Kickoff Party
Cafe Du Nord Friday 9/23 8-10pm
FREE to Webzine 2005 registrants

# ArtCar Fest 2005 (part 1) Sat, Sept 24th & Sun, Sept 25th 
noon-5pm FREE        ArtCar Fest 2005
 100 ArtCars are coming from around the USA & Canada to the SF Bay  
Area.  This year is the 9th Annual ArtCar Fest, and it will be in two  
parts.               Part 1 is September 24th & 25th

On Saturday, Sept 24th the ArtCars will caravan around Berkeley all  
afternoon as we surround Amoeba Music at 2455 Telegraph Ave.

As always, on Sunday, September 25th the ArtCar Fest joins forces  
with the legendary HOW BERKELEY CAN YOU BE? Festival all day - free.   
An incredible parade starts up University Ave at 11AM, and the  
festival itself goes until 5:00PM near MLK Park near Cal Berkeley  

Part 2 is October 14th & 15th and it will feature a huge party at the  
San Jose Museum of Art (which will stay open until midnight) and  
we'll put out a new posting for that in October!

 How Berkeley Can You Be?  Fest University Ave, near Shattuck
Berkeley (510) 849-4688

take the University Ave exit off of I-80, in Berkeley, and follow  
signs to the University.  Look for ArtCars.  Turn right at Shattuck.


Free Carpentry Treehouse Workshop 
Chez Claudine 
203 Blackburn, Santa Cruz 
Wes, 408-218-2782 

In this whole weekend hands-on workshop we will get an intro to Free Carpentry and build a treehouse. Requirements: Attendance of both classes is strongly recommended. Having beginning carpentry skills will be useful, but not necessary. Bring any tools you have. Be prepared to take plenty of notes and work hard. Call or email to reserve a space in the class. 

Sat. Sept. 24 9am - 4pm Free carpentry, tool basics, foundation 
Sun. Sept. 25 9am - 4pm Walls, windows, doors 

This is part of Free Skool Santa Cruz. Calendar, discussion, and reviews at 


We want to help create living, breathing connected living spaces for people, and at the same time, combine our artistic goals, living experience, building skills and specialties to help build real communities and work toward a thriving gift economy. 

We live in a world that has given a lot to us, and we want to give something back. We do this professionally, and it's the best way we know to share what we love to do. it's not about charity; this is our gift to our community, and to ourselves and a way to get involved in interesting projects where people are ready to let go of societal standards. Where we as artisans can let our most fantastical visions loose, pour our soul out, share what we love, and offer it as a gift. It's one more way of infusing happiness and interconnectedness into the social milieu. 

What if, as an artistically inclined carpenter, you were to find someone who offered a project that enlisted all your most treasured skills and tricks, that tickled you to figure out how to expand your knowledge and courage in how you use your tools and noggin and informational/material resources. A project in which you could give the finished product with no expectations of return? It's cathartic. It's all about letting go. Not unlike incinerating carefully created art work. Yet with free carpentry, your art and craftsmanship lives on and influences and reverberates. 

Giving away the best of what you do will transform your relationship with your work. Free carpentry is just a beginning. 


The Free Skool calendar said you should bring tools if you have them. True. People have asked what tools will be useful. I'll try to give you an idea. We won't be needing any finish tools at all. The following tools will be very useful. If you are thinking about doing carpentry on a regular basis, these are also the bare minimum you'll need. So buying these tools will be a good investment. (There are several used tool places in town, including Drew's Used Tools). 

Framing Hammer 
Nail puller or flat bar 
Speed square 
Carpenter pencils 
Chalk line/chalk box 

Wormdrive saw (also called a Skil saw) 
Cordless drill/screwdriver 

Snacks, if you think you might feel peckish 
Food you want to share at lunchtime 


Other advice that will allow you to get the most out of this workshop. 

ARRIVE EARLY - due to time limitations, we will start on-time and will not repeat anything 

ASK QUESTIONS - there will be tons and tons of stuff that you will not get the first time around, ask questions until you understand it 

TAKE NOTES - this workshop will be fast-paced. You should carry a small notebook with you and take voluminous notes on everything. 

COME READY TO WORK - After this weekend, you will be wracked. You will be lifting, cutting, hammering, digging, and pulling. Stretch ahead of time and be sure you are ready to work your ass off. 

ATTEND BOTH DAYS - You will get the most out of the workshop by attending both Saturday's and Sunday's workshop. On the second day, we will build (literally) on what we learned the first day. 

BE HONEST - Be honest about your experience, what you know, what you understand, or what you need help with. If you do, we can get you more information, help with what you are doing, or whatever you need. 

BE ATTENTIVE - Pay careful attention to everything you hear, to any instructions you receive, and mostly, to everything you learn from every mistake you make. 

HAVE FUN - Bring your tolerance, your patience (especially with yourself), your understanding, your most attentive, problem-solving, confident self. And have fun. 


Blackburn is right off of Laurel across from the Santa Cruz High football field a few blocks up from downtown. 


For more info about the class, go to the free skool santa cruz website ( There is also a group about free carpentry ( 

I hope to see you there. Drop me a line to tell me you are coming. Or if you have any questions. 

Contact: Wes at or 408.218.2782 

To view this listing, click here:

Sun Sep 25

# Sep 25 Folsom St Fair Reportedly the 3rd largest event in California just behind the Rose Parade and Pride Parades.
last Sunday in September. Folsom @ 7th to 12th Streets. Lots of naked people, leather, latex, fetish.

# How Berkeley Can You Be? parade Sun Sep 25

# How Berkeley Can You Be?! Parade & Festival Sun Sep 25 11:00am-5:00pm FREE
ALBINO! (heavy heavy afrobeat)
Gun and Doll Show (Cirque du Chevrolet)
¡Lo Cura! (reggalicious flamenkito)
Inspector Double Negative & The Equal Positives (Modern Hop Indigi- 

Join the fun - be as Berkeley as you can be!  And yes, it is *very*  
Berkeley to say you're totally not Berkeley!  Downtown Berkeley
Parade: University & California, Festival: Civic Center Park
Berkeley 510-644-2204

The Parade kicks off at the intersection of California and University  
Avenue, Berkeley.  The Festival is the termination point for the  
Grand Parade Civic Center Park, (Martin Luther King Park), in between  
Martin Luther King Way and Milvia, Center and Allston Way, in the  
heart of downtown Berkeley. 510-644-2204

# next TreeSpirit photo shoot, Sun. Sept 25, 4pm, Golden Gate Park  
Dear friends of The TreeSpirit Project,

Photographer Jack Gescheidt here, back from, and moved by an amazing outpouring of affection from hundreds and hundreds of gentle people at the recent The Sausalito Art Festival.  And so I invite and welcome you to participate in the next TreeSpirit photo shoot on Sunday, Sept. 25th, @ 4pm in SF's own Golden Gate Park.   We'll quietly commune with a beautiful little oak grove, tucked out of sight from the park's roadways, in a heartfelt community gathering in nature (see jpeg attached).  

I am captivated by the endless curves of these native trees, and enticed by the carpet of ivy beneath them.  Come climb a tree or lay naked in the ivy, beneath the oaks' canopy, whichever calls most to you in the moment. 
As with all TreeSpirit photo gatherings, EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE (but please, no spectators).  Bring a friend if you feel more comfortable doing so, all body types and ages are welcome.  The only requirement is your desire to commune in trees and nature free of all clothing.

Each participant receives a print from the shoot in exchange for signing a Photo Release so the final image can appear in the TreeSpirit Project series and website.  See the collection of gentle images created so far and share them with curious friends: 

One of the many purposes of TreeSpirit is simply to enjoy being outdoors and with these wondrous creature we call trees, along with fellow tree lovers.

We'll meet on Sunday, Sept. 25th, @ 4pm on MLK (Martin Luther King) Drive, 100 yards inside the park from the busy 5th & Lincoln intersection on its south border (see map attached).  From here, it's a short walk to the oak grove.  We'll make a photo RAIN OR SHINE; whether it's sunny and warm or foggy and chilly.  Bring a blanket to stay warm as the SF weather is unpredictable.  Please allow 2 full hours, 4-6pm, for the photo session although it will likely end sooner.

Please email me if you would like to attend and share this new experience, or have any questions.

with great appreciation and love for the trees,

Jack Gescheidt
4340 Anza St. 
San Francisco, CA  94121
Tel/Fax: 415.668.5225
A photographic celebration of our connection to nature.

# Sept 25 7pm - 10pm By Donation COOL. DOWN.
BadonkADonk at CSC 398 11th St@Harrison (one block over from the  
Eagle  and across from the DNA Lounge).
7pm. Sunday - This Folsom Night
Patrick Califia Cleo Dubois Fakir Musafar Carol Queen
Fetish Diva Midori Benefiting The Center for Sex and Culture

Fakir will show a short video and  Cleo Dubois will perform. Patrick  
will do whatever he wants. Fetish Diva Midori  will simply be adored.  
They will treat you to intimate performances during the evening. Dr.  
Carol Queen and Dr. Bitch, Sir will be your hosts. DJ Pusspuss will  
spin. Refreshments and A PLACE TO FINALLY SIT DOWN will be provided.  
Requests for donations will happen at the door and we will torture  
you with - Local History, Nasty Things on Stage, Dirty Kinky Words,  
and Strange and Amusing Devices, along with Smut and Mild Perversions.

 Epicenter Gallery 398 11th St  at Harrison SF 415-255-1155

# Receive 4 complimentary CDs at the Sept 25 songwriter showcase
Hey there -- I'd love for you to join me at the Green Beat
Songwriter Showcase this Sunday, 9/25, where I'll be
sharing the stage with three other acclaimed songwriters...

Besides great live music, you can receive four complimentary CDs
-- one from *each* of the songwriters... that's a $60 value! All
you have to do is bring a party of four.

At this intimate "songwriters in the round", we're breaking from
our glamorous full band appearances, and unveiling our hearts and
souls "unplugged". This month's showcase features an incredibly
diverse lineup:

Lane Murchison - rootsy down home grooves
Trevor Justice - soulful story songs
Angelica Star - mesmerizing ballads
Maceo Campbell - fresh and original R&B

For complete bios, visit .

When: 7:00 - 9:30pm
Where: The Hotel Utah, 500 Fourth St at Bryant, SF, (415) 546-6300. 

Admission: $7 at the door. Or get 2-for-1 and reserved seats when
you buy advance tix at

There's a full bar and dinner menu (including veggie dishes), so
come early for table seating and a hearty dinner.

P.S. My CDs have just hit the streets -- woohoo! At a songwriter
conference this past weekend, some industry people told me the
production is fantastic, and some of my songs have the potential
to be licensed for film and TV!

Early next week, the CD should be available at

P.P.S. I'd really love to share my new songs with you! So if the
songwriter showcase format (or this particular venue) doesn't
excite you, please tell me how or where you *would* like to see me
perform. i.e. would you prefer a coffeehouse? Would you be more
likely to come if I had a backup band? Any other suggestions?

P.P.P.S. Still planning the venue and date for my CD release party.
Will keep you posted!

#  Sep 25 Lorin @ Love Parade Afterparty  @ The Endup... noon on Sunday 6th @ Harrison

# Mark Brecke: War Photographer Wed Sep 28 7:00-10:00pm $5 donation
 Quaker Meeting House 65 9th St

# Raw Food Celebration - Sept 29 4-8pm CRUNCH 1000 Van Ness

# free Graduate Conference: Shades of Sexuality in Film  Sep 30-Oct 1 
 Sept 30- 9:15am-8pm, Oct 1 -10am-5pm free
 The Cinema Studies Graduate Student Association (CSGSA) is proud to  
announce the Seventh Annual Graduate Conference at San Francisco  
State University, "Shades of Sexuality in Film; Exploring the  
'Aberrant,' the 'Normal,' and the Space Between." Shades of Sexuality  
is an international conference and will feature a keynote address by  
Dr. Jean Bruce of Ryerson University in Toronto as well as panelists  
from the United States, Canada, South Africa and England. Panels will  
address many areas of gender and sexuality in film, including  
pornography; sexual themes and gender roles in film noir and  
documentary; and queer, transgendered, adolescent and  "aberrant"  
 August Coppola Theatre, Fine Arts 101 SFSU, 1600 Holloway Ave @ 19th Ave
San Francisco State University, Fine Arts Building, bottom floor 415-338-1629

October 2005

# Sat. Oct 1 10:30 am to 5:30pm   (Youth Party 7 - 8:30)  GREEN YOUR SCHOOL CONFERENCE

#  Oct 1 Lorin @ Mesmerizing The Ultra Bassnectar Record Release
 The Do Lab  Los Angeles,

# Oct 1,2 Castro Street Fair A celebration of ‘middle class’ gay lifestyles and commerce in the gay mecca.
1st weekend in October Castro Between 19th and Market.

# October 1 - 2, 2005  Bay Area Counter Military Conference
Military Out of Our Schools, counter-recruitment conference
 "ON THE FRONT LINES--Options for Youth in Times of War."
 Tentative Location - San Francisco City College 
 Are you part of a local counter recruitment effort? We urge you to attend the next planning meeting which is scheduled for Thursday evening, June 30th at the AFSC headquarters, 65 9th St, S.F. We have begun to start early--at 6:30 PM in order to get out promptly at 8:30 PM.
 Bay Area youth leaders are strongly encourage to attend these meetings and plan for the components and outreach for this vitally important educational action opportunity.

# EFF Hosts 15th Anniversary Party Sun Oct 2 5-10pm. Free
EFF Hosts 15th Anniversary Party!

When: Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 at 5:00 PM
Where: EFF Headquarters in San Francisco, 454 Shotwell Street, 94110

Mark your calendars! EFF is 15 years old this year, and we are going  
to celebrate! We're having an anniversary bash at our San Francisco  
headquarters on Shotwell Street on Sunday, October 2nd, 2005. The  
party starts at 5 p.m.

Join us for delicious Mexican food and drinks from Pancho Villa, hear  
a special address from our founders, John Perry Barlow and John  
Gilmore, taste our special 3D cake, and enjoy both the grooves of  
Gypsy Jazz from the Zegnotronic Rocket Society, and the hypnotic  
beats of DJ Ripley and Kid Kameleon.

Our celebration is free of charge and open to anyone, so bring your  
friends and family. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Please let us know you're coming so we don't run out of food and  
libations! Send an email to, or call 415-436-9333 x129.

EFF's office is located at 454 Shotwell Street and is BART  
accessible. Take BART to 16th and Mission, walk to 19th street and  
take a left, and take another left on Shotwell Street, three blocks  
down. We are located between 18th and 19th on Shotwell.
Electronic Frontier Foundation
454 Shotwell Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
415-436-9333 415-436-9333 x129

Mon Oct 3 New Moon

# San Rafael KFC Protest October 7th from 5:00-6:00 PM
We need your help to speak on behalf of chickens being tortured by KFC!
Please join Hannah Tai, PETA and Bay Area Vegetarians on Friday,
October 7th from 5:00-6:00 PM to protest KFC at 555 2nd Street, San
Rafael, CA 94901 (Marin County). *Please note new location*. For more
information, please email Hannah (
Please come out and show people that the secret in KFC's secret recipe
is the torture of millions of chickens.
KFC is responsible for continuing a long history of cruelty to the
animals they raise and slaughter. PETA has asked repeatedly for
compliance in instigating humane practices within their company, and
KFC has refused to make these changes.
Please join our worldwide campaign against KFC by attending this protest.
You can visit for more information.
Signs and leaflets provided. If you can't make this date, please note
that we are attempting to make this a monthly protest usually
happening on the first Friday of the month. Please check the Bay Area
Vegetarian event calendar or email host to confirm.
Please see BAV's schedule for other monthly KFC demos and other animal
welfare issues. Thanks for all of your help!

# National Strategy Conference Refusing to Pay for War
October 7-9th, 2005. Brooklyn (NY)
 Northern California War Tax Resistance

# The San Francisco Tesla Society Presents a free lecture

"September Surprise, October Surprise:
Everything You Think You Know About 9/11 Is Wrong --

featuring  Barbara Honegger

Sunday, October 9, 2001    1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
at Round Table Pizza
Banquet Room on 2nd Floor
5160 Geary Blvd. (at 16th Ave.)
San Francisco, California

Barbara Honegger is a senior military affairs journalist and
founding member of the International 9/11 Truth Alliance.
Her talk will compliment Jim Hoffman's September
presentation and feature a scientific investigation / data
analysis of the 9/11 Pentagon attacks.  Honegger was the
first to expose the meaning and central importance of the
multiple-hijack-scenario anti-terror emergency response
exercises and wargames being conducted by the Bush
Administration on Sept. 11th.  Her 9/11 contributions are
prominently credited and featured in "Crossing the Rubicon"
by Michael Ruppert and "Inside Job" by Jim Marrs.

Ms. Honegger served as a White House Policy Analyst in the
1980's and was the first public resignation of conscience
from the Reagan-Bush Administration.  She is the author of
"October Surprise", the first book to document the secret
deal between the 1980 Reagan-Bush Campaign and the radical
Islamist Khomeini regime to delay the release of the U.S.
hostages in Iran until after the 1981 presidential
inauguration of Ronald Reagan. Exposure of the "October
Surprise" ignited a major Congressional investigation.

Ms. Honegger earned the first accredited U.S. graduate
degree in Consciousness Studies/Experimental Parapsychology,
from John F. Kennedy University  (1981).  She holds a B.A.
in Communications/Honors Writing from Stanford University
(1969), with expertise in the neuropsychology of human
and nonhuman primate communication.
Citizenship or Deportation

Several SF Tesla Society officers joined other supporters of
Houmanesh at a Federal Immigration Court Hearing in San
Francisco in August.
The Judge postponed his final decision so that additional
evidence regarding
Mo's case can be prepared and presented next year at another
hearing in
January 2006.  We hope that at that time, justice will be
served and Mohsen
Hourmanesh will finally be granted his well earned U.S.

 San Francisco Tesla Society has been providing free
science oriented
lectures to the public for over 12 years. For more
information, call our
hotline anytime at (415) 820-1451 or visit us online at  and

# OCTOBER 14 - 16, 2OO5  16th Annual 
 Take part in this fertile network, rich with inspiring ideas, models, tools, and resources — and powerful connections. Join us in improving the environment by changing the world !

# GI Rights Hotline Training October 15
 A crucial element to slowing the military machine is helping individual GIs get out of the military!  As CCCO has done since 1948, we are supporting individuals in their resistance and opposition to war.  In particular, we are standing with a group of people —GI’s whose questioning and resistance are increasing and becoming better known

 The GI Rights hotline is staffed by a network of organizations throughout the United States and in Germany.  In 2004 we received 32,000 calls from people who needed help obtaining discharge from the military.  Increasingly, people are also using email to contact us and we sent about 3,000 emails in response to email queries.  

The hotline provides accurate, comprehensive, and objective information on draft registration, military discharges, civil rights in the military, and involuntary activation and deployment of military personnel.  The work we do and the information we disseminate are known to enlisted people in numbers far greater then the thousands with whom we communicate personally.

We are seeking additional military counselors to volunteer on the Hotline.  Tasks include answering live phone calls, returning phone messages, responding to email inquiries, and making referrals to relevant organizations and individuals.  Volunteers make an initial one- year commitment of at least 2 hours of service per week.

 CCCO will be holding a GI Rights volunteer training on 
 Saturday, October 15, 2005  9am – 5pm
 405 14th St., Suite #205 Oakland, CA
 Pr-registration required by September 26
 For more information or to register for the training, call 
 510-465-1617 or  888-231-2226
 Or email
 The training will provide an overview of all the discharges, AWOL practices and regulations, and  legal and ethical issues in hotline counseling.

Mon Oct 17 Full Moon

# Fri, Oct 21, 2005      7:00 pm
Stand Up and Be Counted: No to War and Occupation: The George Galloway US Tour
Mission High School 3750 18th St @ Dolores)

# Coop America Green Business Conference Ramada Hotel, SF, Nov. 1-4

# Nov 4,5 Dalai Lama @ Stanford

# Nov. 5-6 Brannan @ 8th St. Concourse Exhibition center.
HUGE ECO SHOWCASE with speakers, workshops, music, food, booths.
NOT TO MISS!  This show keeps growing and FILLS the space. 
The Green Festival is a two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun.

# Nov. 5-6 Peak Oil conferences Sep / Oct / Nov 2005  --  Eugene, Oregon -- 
NW Bioregional Permaculture Gathering -- September 9 to 11 -- Ohio -- Community Solution conference -- September 23 to 25 - DC 9/24-25, SF 11/5-6 -- Frederick, Maryland -- Rep. Roscoe Bartlett forum -- September 26 -- New York City -- October 5 -- Denver -- Association for the Study of Peak Oil -- November 10-11 

# Nov 12 Laughing Squid 10th Anniv. Party
It's November 12th in SF. Here's the blog post:
 Laughing Squid

Thur Dec 1 New Moon

Thur Dec 15 Full Moon and Bill of Rights Day

PATRIOT ACT I and II are NULL and VOID Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States of America is NULL and VOID. Marburry v. Madison -1803

NATIONAL ID CARD LAW / REAL ID LAW, passed by treasonous, secretive congress, is not binding law. Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States of America is NULL and VOID. Marburry v. Madison -1803

-The Geneva convention instructs us to resist genocide by any means necessary. 
-The US constitution directs us to overthrow our government if it fails to represent us.

If a cop does not understand these laws, you can arrest him for impersonating an officer.

Get used to ignoring or arresting officers who do not understand the US Constitution.

Live free or die.

NATIONAL ID CARD LAW / REAL ID LAW is NULL AND VOID. Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States of America is NULL and VOID. Marburry v. Madison -1803 Ignore or arrest any cop who asks to see such. You are allowed to do so by the Geneva Convention and the US Constitution. Passed by treasonous, secretive congress, HR 418 Real ID ACT is NULL AND VOID. Note how senate secretly approved this bill the eve before running away to winter break. Note US history of passing repressive legislation the eve before a break, so that no opposition or public response can take place. Stand in Peace, Pay No Tax. THE TITLE 26 "INCOME TAX" IS A HOAX, AND SO IS THE IRS Cracking the Unified Commerce Code: Cracking the Code Third Edition

HUMAN WEALTH : Beyond Greed & Scarcity Latin : Jus is Justice. Belli is War. Use of force continuum. Jefferson Party website.

Recommended: Subliminal Dynamics course for rapid learning! Aurora Colorada. 52,000 words per minute reading level. Get back in touch with your allready photographic memory. Sub Dyn reunites you with your

Subliminal Dynamics Histoy

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.