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Could the fires in Oklahoma and Texas be connected to..........

I was just curious about just how many lies the Bush Administration/Bush has told us all so far and I am trying to put all the pieces together in this one big puzzle called,"OUR COUNTRY". 

I was watching CNN a lot lately and noticing how many fires,floods,hurricanes,tsunami's(sp),earthquakes,mud slides,Bird Flu,plane crashes,train crashes,bombings in London,etc.seem to be getting a lot more frequent just since Bush has been a pResident in the White House. 

Coincidences?Or not?Is the end of the world really starting to happen like the Bible says?Or is BUSH and his ADMINISTRATION that might be trying to actually CREATE all the devistations that the Bible states with "MANMADE WEATHER"? 

While I was watching CNN and the fires that are raging and spreading in Oklahoma and Texas,I was cleaning out my night stand when I suddenly noticed 3 sheets of paper with CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN THE USA(listed) printed on them.That I once copied down and printed up for future references,if Bush is actually getting those camps with FEMA's help ready for us New England Patriots that didn't vote Republican. 

As I was glancing down the sheet,and listening to CNN saying that there's more fires starting and getting real close to Oklahoma City,I suddenly thought of something that MIGHT be a huge piece to the puzzle. 

I glanced down at one of the sheets and noticed the words OKLAHOMA McAlester---WWll German/Italian POW camp.Under renovation.Tinker AFB,Oklahoma City--civilian detention facility.AFB personnel are prohibited from going near the area,which is under constant guard.Will Rogers Airport--new FEMA facility.Probably processing center for prisoners west of the Mississippi River. 

If there is such a thing as "MANMADE WEATHER",could it be at all possible that FEMA might be getting orders from Bush or Cheney to deliberately have people they know start fires on purpose just to clear more areas for building more CONCENTRATION CAMPS?I know ordinarily this would sound like a farfetched idea,but we are talking about BUSH and Cheney and this Administration that will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to OWN EVERONE,EVERYTHING,and EVERWHERE'S. 

If you all look up CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN THE USA,and check out all the states and cities in those states that have or are starting to have CONCENTRATION CAMPS being built or rebuilt,it makes me wonder if some of us that are really interested in saving the USA and it's CONSTITUTION,like I AM,maybe it's time for each of us to get a map of the USA and start pinpointing where fires,etc. are raging to see if they might be located around or near or on the places where there are or might be or in the process of creating CONCENTRATION CAMPS. 

I have a gut feeling that there's a reason or reasons why only CERTAIN AREAS in the USA are having devistations like floods(wiping out the black communities,poor communities,communities where there are handicapped people,etc.),earthquakes(that haven't ever been in those places before),lots of mudslides(wasn't there something said a long time ago that some day California would sink into the Pacific Ocean?)Volcanoes that have been dorment for many centuries are suddenly erupting?A potentially dangerous Avian Flu that the USA Labs have been purposely putting into flu shot vaccines when it is killing people that don't even get the flu shot to begin with? 

Is this country and other countries having a GENOCIDE to wipe out all the people that BUSH and CHENEU and RUMSFELD want obliviated from this world?(Not sure if that is the right word or not) 

Please let me know if any of this makes sense to anyone of you.I am just a MOM,not a Journalist or anything like that,so I may not say things that are always in the right context.I might say things that sound stupid to you people that might have college educations and all,but I am trying to help in some little way(through prayers and ideas)to make our COUNTRY safer for our children and their children and on and on. 

The first thing to do is to have BUSH,CHENEY,RUMSFELD and others in Bush's Administration IMPEACHED ASAP!!!!!!! Wouldn't that make a great NEW YEAR for all of us in this country and abroad? Crimnals are supposed to be in prison.That includes WAR CRIMINALS that do TREASONOUS ACTS! 

BUSH and CHENEY and RUMSFELD,etc. make Napoleon Bonaparte a good citizen of this country.I was never that good at US History in school,but wasn't Napoleon  Bonaparte someone that committed treason in this country? 

Like I said,I might not be as smart as some of you are,but I do try to help if I can. :-) 

Cindy in Mass.
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