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Wellstone: incendiary device behind the control panels?

 Just how obvious does something have to get before people will  
that something profoundly nefarious is afoot?

I don't know.

I do believe the story told by my photographer who was shooting  
photos for
an artist client, the wife of a prominent Republican, and a stress
management counselor in her non art life. The counselor said she had  
called to City Hall the day Wellstone's plane went down. For "grief
management" She said there were federal agents there, having cornered
everybody that had talked to the eye witnesses of the wreckage of
Wellstone's plane and telling them that what they heard wasn't true  
and if
they ever repeated any of those stories they were dead meat. The grief
counselling was stress counselling. She said the story suppressed was of
evidence of an incendiary started fire behind the control panels in the
cockpit. Unrelated to any of the other destruction and any fuel fire.
The federal response was amazing too.
The accident happened and a huge team of feds swept in and sanitized the
site taking all bits and pieces of the plane and spiriting them off for
NTSB "review".
No local volunteers called for to help search, just feds.
This was a civilian aircraft and a high profile public interest story  
there were no reporters shooting closeups of the crash. Off limits,  
away by armed feds.

Compare that response, to the normal response time for a federal  
agency, or
even other aircraft accidents. Wellstone, if you recall was one of  
the few
senators with his foot on the brake prior to the invasion of Iraq.

The unusual federal response which used no local resources had me  
long before I heard the story from Nell. (I believe she would relate the
story to me accurately, I cannot speak for the integrity of her client,
whom she said was quite upset, living under the same  "dead meat"
edict.)  That and the pilot that was killed in the crash was the guy  
had given Mousaulli (sp) the flight simulator program to play with.

There is just enough Ozone in the air, to make you guess the lighting
struck, and enough static charge to stand your hair up and make you  
if the next bolt might be your's.

I don't want to believe that the gov is that nefarious, but I am  
to think that they are counting on the fact that most people don't  
want to

This is now a federal matter, we don't have to answer your questions

we have a fly swatter, you won't see it coming.
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