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Please Join Simple Action Plan for Educating Public on  911 Truth

The dawn of 2006 offers concerned Americans an unprecedented opportunity to 
finally awaken the nation to the official  criminality behind 9/11 and the 
subsequent cover-ups. Given the  ongoing corruption and spying scandals on top of the previous war  lies, stolen elections, Katrina debacle, looting of the national  
treasury, etc., the general public has never been more prepared to face the 
massive evidence of government complicity.

As anyone working to educate the public about 9/11 knows, there are millions of 
people out there who are viscerally aware of 9/11  treachery, but still can't 
bring themselves to openly speak out or publicly demonstrate in protest. They 
could, however, be moved to less public but effective action if there were a 
simple and time-efficient mechanism available. has just launched  a web-based platform to 
fulfill this role. This offers overwhelmed or isolated  citizens a means to 
bring the crimes of 9/11 into full public view  and deeply deserved consideration.

We are asking people to take 15-30 minutes the week of the 11th of each month 
to lobby their legislators and targeted media to finally study - and act on - 
the irrefutable evidence for White House responsibility in the 9/11 attacks. To 
facilitate this campaign, we have created the "Citizens Counter-Coup: The 
Formula  for Change Now."

We ask that you forward this to all your activist contacts and anyone else you 
feel may be ready to face the true power source behind the wholesale 
military/corporate coup d'etat we now confront.

This week marks 4 years and 4 months since the attacks. Our goal is to have 
1,000 people sign up by this time next week. We will then work to multiply that 
number 10-fold over the next month, and continue to evolve at that pace. The idea 
is to quickly build the  infrastructure for a widespread populist revolt that 
will override the media blackout, the legal paralysis, and even the anti-war  
movement's inexplicable refusal of 9/11 truth.

It is now time to bring that truth out into the foreground of national 
consciousness. With this new "virtual action generator" we can leverage the power of 
the internet more effectively than ever before.

You will find this initiative of value to all who are new to 9/11 truth as well 
as those who are fully informed. Please sign up for the monthly reminder and 
help create a DC-cleansing tsunami of outrage, truth and fearless citizenry in 

Go to today.

Towards truth and justice,

The Steering Committee
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.