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environmental/health effects of toxic New Orleans crud (toxic 911 cement dust comparison)

I think that if we want to look into the future and see how Katrina will be handled, we have to look no further than the interim since 9/11/01.  The first police officer who worked as a rescue-worker on/after 9/11 has died of cancer. His wife (29 years old) died two years ago of cancer. It’s fast becoming a very, VERY heinous reality there… (There’s a lot of info on the environmental/health effects at ) This is just the beginning… those poor folks who worked day and night for weeks/months out of love for others are losing their throats, being diagnosed with cancer, and now dying and it’s not even in the newspaper… Not to mention everyone who lived in Manhattan, (and who went to school nearby—the kids are suffering, too) who was told to go wash up the asbestos, mercury, and who-knows-what in their apartments with soap and water and, “oh yeah, don’t worry about breathing the air—it’s safe” said the EPA. They’ve lost the medical records of rescue-workers whose dis-health they were tracking; rescuers who were not “official” (firefighters, cops, etc.) are not eligible for any kind of health care help, the atrocities go on and on. And almost no one pays attention. So many who were so patriotic on 9/11 and so gung-ho for the war aren’t the least bit concerned about it. Makes me sick… (sorry for the rant, but really… it breaks my heart).
Just a quick note on 9/11 videos—Check at or for many options on 9/11 videos. I believe Loose Change II is now out, and I understand he took out the extremely un-credible pod and missile portions. (He sounds young because he is very young, btw). We need a good, general 9/11 video that includes credible evidence and careful documentation… so much to do, so little time, so few volunteers (hint ;)  Also, check with your library—I have learned that in Kansas City, for instance, I can fill out an “I need material” request online and they will purchase my recommendations. The librarians told me almost no one requests anything, so there’s money available and they take patrons’ advice! There are now 39 9/11-related resources there, some good and some spouting the official lie. And many other libraries can do an inter-library loan to bring in materials they may not have on hand. Also, you might check for a LOT of online videos that are free. He includes a very wide assortment, from speeches to “movies.” A real benefit to the truth from him.
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