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Re-Packaging The 9/11 Fairytale
Hollywood gears up in 2006 to bolster the crumbling official state approved paradigm

Paul Joseph Watson | January 13 2006

The official 9/11 story has about as much basis in fact as Humpty Dumpty.

And just like Humpty Dumpty, all the king\'s horses and all the king\'s men certainly can’t put the official story of 9/11 back together again. It’s a yarn that has already been decimated by the alternative media time and time again.

It’s a fairytale that a 5 year-old could decipher. Based on  paper passports floating out of exploding planes surviving intact when a third of the bodies were totally vaporized and the buildings were turned into dust.

Based on the fairytale that jet fuel is hot enough to take down steel buildings.

Based on the fairytale that fire damage can cause steel buildings, including ones not hit by planes, to collapse for the first and only time in history, while any other building, if its not owned by Mr. Silverstein, miraculously survives with just a few scapes.

The fallacy of the orthodox fairytale is why the establishment, through its avenues of propaganda, needs to constantly re-apply band aids to keep people from seeing the awful truth.

So whereas as the alternative media can shatter an illusion instantly and permanently in the mind of the individual, the establishment has to keep re-applying the propaganda to keep the sheep in line and prevent doubt from creeping in.

Which is clearly why we are about to see a rash of 9/11 movies which reinforce the official version of events.

Consider the very first made for TV movie about 9/11, called DC 9/11. A film which portrays president Bush on Air Force one on 9/11, exclaiming his frustration in not being able to have a fist fight with Osama bin Laden.

Now contrast that to the actual demeanour of Bush on the day of 9/11, doe eyed, unsure, taking the decision to read an upside down book about a pet goat for half an hour after he’s told about the biggest attack on America since Pearl Harbor.

It\'s pro-war, pro-government pro official version of 9/11 down to a tee.

?And who wrote and produced the film? Lionel Chetwynd, a big establishment neo-con and government apologist, perhaps the most politically connected producer in the world today.

Chetwynd privately met with George Bush, Karl Rove and a bunch of top Republicans to have them vet the script before he shot the film.

This is the same Lionel Chetwynd who jabbed his finger at Alex Jones and barked “we’re going to get you,” in the bathroom before a taping of TNN\'s Conspiracy Zone show that they both featured on as guests.

So the very first movie about 9/11 is made by a high level Bush administration stooge. And the film wholeheartedly backs up lock step the official version of events.

The movie that’s getting the most attention in the press at the moment is called ‘Flight 93’ – no prizes for guessing what it’s about. It is due to be released in the spring and is directed by Paul Greengrass. Click here to see the trailer.

There’s no evidence to suggest the director is anywhere near as odious as Linonel Chetwynd but still the consequence of the movie remains the same.

?It reinforces the “let’s roll” myth of Flight 93 and pushes aside the fact that experienced pilots on the ground saw that the plane was shot down with their own eyes.

It ignores the fact that we have an 8 mile wide debris field for a plane that we are led to believe was fully intact in the seconds before it hit the ground.

We’ve had contact with credible individuals who have personally talked with the pilots who shot the plane down.

Flight 93 is replete with its cast of hijackers, again sidestepping the difficult fact that several of these hijackers later turned up alive and that they could barely even get puddle jumping cessnas off the ground, never mind execute moves that crack fighter pilots couldn’t pull off, as was the case at the Pentagon.

One of the major human flaws that these social engineers play on is laziness. If somebody entertains the notion of an alternative truth behind 9/11, then they start to ask questions about other things, which means making a conscious effort to inform yourself, a lot of people just don’t want to make the effort.

Easier therefore to swallow the version of events as spoon fed to you by the government and the media, and in this case Hollywood, so that will again only reinforce that mindset.

Just look at the basic science of watching television or movies itself.

Decades old psychological studies confirm that when you\'re watching television the higher brain regions (like the midbrain and the neo-cortex) are shut down, and most activity shifts to the lower brain regions. These lower brain regions cannot distinguish reality from fabricated images (a task performed by the neo-cortex), so they react to television content as though it were real.

?And if you’ve ever tried to communicate with someone while their eyes are transfixed on a TV you know how difficult it is, that’s the lower brain in action.

The inability to differentiate fact from fiction is only going to add another layer of believeability on top of these 9/11 movies, and leave people wth the impression as they’re walking away from the theatre that they’ve actually seen a documentary and not a fictional movie which is based on a totally fabricated version of events.

9/11 related movies are going to be huge and there are several already in the can and set to hit the big screen in 2006. As the watchdogs of coercive manipulation and cultural steam valves of state worshipping propaganda, we the alternative media need to step up our efforts to ensure that the 9/11 truth movement remains fresh, catalystic and fertile.


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