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Speaking Out-       For Truth, Peace, and Justice

Sunday, Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday,
January 15, 2006         11 am to 1 pm

Lytton Plaza, (University x Emerson, Downtown Palo Alto,
just a few blocks from the University Ave. Train Station)

Americans and people throughout the world honor the life, words, actions
and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.      The day is also the anniversary
of a March upon Congresswoman Anna Eshoo's office in 2002 Demanding a
Congressional Investigation of 9/11.      In 2003, a subsequent March took
place- Demanding an End to the 9/11 Cover-Up,    Repeal of the Patriot
Act,    and the
Pre-Emptive Impeachment of Bush.  Lytton Plaza is also the site of the
weekly Listening For A Change Project, held since October 2001, ( inspired
by a Colombian woman's efforts to defuse violence using the most gentle,
non-violent means possible- "listening.")

Time to speak truths censored by the mainstream press,  truths which birth
the movements for social change, for peace and justice.  A range of
activists will speak, including-  newly elected City Councilman Peter
Drekmeier, Swami Beyondananda, T.U.C.'s Maria Gilardin, Taking Aim's Ralph
Schoenman, Ken Jenkins, John Bass, Ed Rippy, David Kubiak,  Christian
Pecaut, Green Candidates Laura Wells, Tian Harter,  and  Carol
Brouillet  who will publicly launch her Congressional Campaign with a short

      "Like Martin Luther King, Jr., I have a dream, too.  A dream of a
world, without war, a dream of a world where resources are not squandered
on weapons to protect the rich from the poor , a dream of a world where
there is no need for armies, nor weapons of mass destruction, nor
terrorism, and wealth is measured by the health and well being of our
relationships, our children, our community, our planet.

       "Truth is the first casualty of war.  The official 9-11 story is a
lie.  Lies are used to sell unjustifiable wars.  The PATRIOT Act was
anything, but patriotic, and an attack upon the Constitution, the Bill of
Rights, dissent. Congress was terrorized and pressured into passing it quickly.

        "When we demanded an investigation of 9-11, Bush and Cheney limited
the investigation and had it overseen by the CIA and the men, who should
have been investigated for their role in the attacks, Goss and Graham.  The
systemic destruction of evidence and cover-up culminated in the deeply
flawed official Report directed by Philip Zelikow, part of the Bush
National Security transition team, who co-authored a book with Rice.  The
Commission ignored, omitted and distorted evidence that didn't fit within
the parameters outlined by the official narrative.

       "Congresswoman Eshoo, has supported the official story and
championed the Intelligence Transformation Act, based upon the Commission's

       "It is time to challenge and abolish the National Security State,
Homeland Security, F.EM.A. which seem designed to protect the few from the
many.  False Security depends upon having the most sophisticated weapons,
surveillance devices, and control over communications systems. .  The
obscene military transformation of the country threatens the health, well
being, and civil liberties of its citizen and the world. Real Security
means water, food, shelter, health, and healthy relationships between
people, people and planet.

      "The "War on Terrorism" is a bogus war, a war of terrorism against
all people, a war on truth, a war on freedom, launched by a terrorist
attack which has all the fingerprints of a special operation, a Reichstag
Fire. 9-11 was one of the false pretexts, lies, used to sell the war on

       "We need a national dialogue on Impeachment, the responsibility of
the American people and Congress to rein in a criminal regime that is
capable terrorizing its own people, as well as pursuing illegal, immoral,
wars of aggression against other countries, and stealing elections.

      "I hope that others share my dream for transforming this country from
a violent, dominating bully, to a respectful, helpful friend.

       "I hope that those who share my belief that "Impeachment," Repeal of
the PATRIOT Act, Redirecting Resources from Killing to Healing, are our
best hope for the country and will support my campaign.  I cannot do this
alone; there must be a powerful social movement.  Apathy, Disengagement,
Fear and Cynicism are the forces which perpetuate the war economy,
corporate globalization. Engagement, Empowerment, Hope, Courage, Truth,
Growing Real Communities within our society can transform it to serve and
nurture life.

      "Another  world is possible.  We can do together what none of us can
do alone.  I have no experience within government nor corporations, but I
do have experience in mothering, organizing, building community, learning
how to work cooperatively, finding the deeper truths and purposes which
bind us with all of humanity.  As citizens,  our greatest duty, to
ourselves, to our families, to the world, is to rein in our own government,
and hold it accountable for its actions, this is why I am running for
office, to champion Truth, Peace, Justice, and Ecological Wisdom.

     I hope you will join us on January 15th for the Speak-Out, Rally for
Truth, Peace and Justice.  I hope it doesn't rain.  After over four years
of the weekly Wednesday' "Listening for a Change," Project.  I believe I
will change the title to "Listening and Speaking for a Change" and reserve
the first hour for Listening and the second hour for Speaking and
organizing. If you cannot join us on the 15th, please join us on a
sunny/cloudy/non-rainy Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm at Lytton Plaza.

Carol Brouillet,
cbrouillet igc org, PO Box 60511, Palo Alto, CA, 650-857-0927 to choose Daily Digest

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