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How about the principle of "rule of law?"

How about the principle which holds that
international law has the same dignity as
the U.S. Constitution?

How about the Genva Convention?

How about international and U.S. prohibitions
on use of torture?

If you believe in some of these things, you
ought to join this group:

simpler still, send a blank email to:

And, if you believe in some of these things,
and, if you are already a member, then please
consider sending this email to appropriate friends.
Invite them to join our cause.

We believe in playing within the rules.

We believe in fighting from within the system

We are not anarchists.

We are not anti-government.

We are not outside the law.

We are part of the system, believers in
the system, supporters and defenders of
the U.S. Constitution and laws, believers
and defenders of international law.

And we sure as hell are NOT unpatriotic,
not at all.

We are patriots. We love our country.

Because we are patriots and because we love
our country, because of this, we are eager to
work for impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

We need your help.

Get off your duff.

Do something.

A letter to the editor? Why not?

A sign in your front yard? Why not?

Pick some way to do something to move us
toward impeachment.

Visit with your own member of Congress and
with other members of Congress from your state.

one of the very easiest things to do...
would be to forward this email to some
of your friends who are fed up with Bush.

Andy Johnson
former member, Florida House, D--Jacksonville

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.