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NOT A Done Deal, NOT A Done Deal


CALL YOUR SENATORS RIGHT NOW at  888-818-6641, 888-355-3588 or 800-426-8073.


We've noticed the most  curious thing. Publically Alito's supporters state 
pronouncements that his  confirmation is a "done" deal. And yet behind the 
scenes they are stilly  lobbying furiously for a vote as quickly as they can get 
it. What do we make of  this?

It's con, folks. It's a great big honking corporate media lie.  There is only 
one way the extreme right wing can win this one, and that is by  discouraging 
the rest of us from speaking out. We'd have to be pretty stupid to  go for 
that one, huh? We'd have to be total chumps, huh? Why else would anyone  
surrender a fight when they had the numbers to win?

And we do have the  numbers. We are the majority. The president is back down 
to 39% approval rating  and dropping again. And even if the majority did NOT 
oppose their radical  dictator president agenda, and all we need are 41 votes 
to filibuster. We HAVE  41 votes. We HAVE 41 votes. We HAVE 41 votes. All we 
need to win is to exercise  the power we have, the will to win!

We'll make you a deal. For the next  two weeks, we all repeat these words as 
a mantra


If you just do that, ALL of you, repeat it in your minds until it  drives out 
the negativity, until it drives out the defeatism, until it drives  out the 
despair, until it drives out the insidious right wing talking point  which the 
cable TV propagandists have planted in our own minds. Just do that one  thing, 
and we promise that we will deliver the victory for you.

If you  are listening to a progressive show, and you hear someone say that it 
is not  worth fighting anymore, IMMEDIATELY call them and chew them out. 
Demand that  they give out one of the toll free numbers over the air, 
888-818-6641,  888-355-3588 or 800-426-8073. And to do it not in some "ain't gonna work 
anyway"  tone of voice, but to do it with enthusiasm and the belief that it WILL 
work.  Demand that they make


a recurring theme of every  one of their shows for the next two weeks. If 
they are not giving out the toll  free numbers periodically, demand to find out 
why. There are other good action  pages besides our own but they should be 
giving out something. For the purpose  of something to be given out over the air 
it should be something that is easy to  say and remember like

If you visit a  progressive blog and you do not see the toll-free numbers and 
links to action  pages RIGHT AT THE TOP of the page as prominently displayed 
as possible, email  them and demand to know why. We control an enormous amount 
of page space on the  internet and it is NOT being used effectively to 
advocate for policy change.  EVERY home page MUST have these toll free numbers and
action links FEATURED on  them now without exception.

Send the emails to the bloggers, post  messages. Ask them, are you activists 
or are you not? Why are you not helping  with the fight? Why are you not using 
your media prominence to help save our  Supreme Court? What are you not 
acting? Why have you not dedicated space on your  site to the cause? Why are you 
not contributing to the mental energy of  believing we can prevail? Do you want 
to win or not?

If we all do just  that, a magical thing will take place. People will begin 
to believe that we can  win. People will believe that we can make a difference. 
People will believe that  democracy can work. And it will work. And we will 
win. We promise.

Please  take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be 
ours, and  forward this message to everyone else you know.

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