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Bin Laden resurfaces
(Why? because the Patriot Act expires Early February, so of course 
BushCo organized crime family are likely to pull fake terrorism to convince Americans to give up their rights)(see: Reichstag Fire - inside job)(see: 911 - inside job)

911 - inside job.   Demand investigation! - - - - -  -


Bin Laden resurfaces; Israeli Air Force training for attack on Iran; feds seeking data from Google; group sues to block electronic voting machines; and more ... Browse our continually updating front page at

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Thursday 19 January 2006

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Israel Preparing Possible Attack on Iran
IAF pilots have completed their mission training and fighter jets have been prepared for an Israeli attack on Iran, the British Sunday Times reported. The article reported that "the elite 69 strategic F-15 I squadron" had been equipped with weapons that will be tested in combat for the first time, and that two missile submarines were on standby: one in the Persian Gulf and the second in Haifa Bay.

Feds After Google Data
In court papers filed in US District Court in San Jose, Justice Department lawyers revealed that Google has refused to comply with a subpoena issued last year for records, which include a request for one million random web addresses and records of all Google searches from any one-week period.

Group Sues to Block Electronic Voting Machine
Critics of electronic voting machines have sued Secretary of State Pedro Cortes, seeking to block county purchase of the new machines by the May primary and a redo of machine certification. The Coalition for Voting Integrity, a statewide group with origins in Bucks County, says Cortes, as head of the Pennsylvania Department of State, has not applied uniform standards in certifying nearly two dozen new electronic machines.

Bin Laden Threatens Attacks, Offers Truce
Al-Jazeera on Thursday aired an audiotape from Osama bin Laden, who says al-Qaida is making preparations for attacks in the United States but offers a truce on "fair" but undefined conditions. The CIA has authenticated the voice on the tape as that of bin Laden, an agency official said.

Al Gore on Global Warming in New Documentary
The former vice president asserts his warnings on global warming in a documentary.

China: When Red Goes Green
A burgeoning Chinese environmental movement tries to stem the devastation wrought by the country's massive economic transformation.

Warmer Seas Will Wipe Out Plankton, Source of Ocean Life
The microscopic plants that underpin all life in the oceans are likely to be destroyed by global warming, a study has found. Scientists believe the findings have catastrophic implications for the entire marine habitat, which ultimately relies on the plankton at the base of the food chain.

Le Monde | GMOs Are Unconstitutional
Court rulings in France that reapers of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) crops acted out of Constitutional necessity are applauded by a group of former defendants.

The Miami Herald | Medicare's Botched Drug Benefit Roll-Out
First, get meds to needy seniors; then fix the program, say editors at the Miami Herald regarding Medicare's $728 billion prescription-drug program.

Group Sues Labor Department to Get Names of Workers
A workers' rights group on Wednesday sued the Labor Department for the release of 95,000 names of private-sector employees it says are entitled to $32 million in back pay.

Justices Reaffirm Emergency Access to Abortion
In its first ruling on an abortion case in six years, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision on Wednesday that reaffirmed the need to include an exception for medical emergencies in a law that restricts teenagers' access to abortion.

t r u t h o u t  to Cover World Social Forum

TO filmmaker Chris Hume and editor Sari Gelzer are going to Caracas, Venezuela, to cover the World Social Forum. They will be reporting on the event and what is really happening in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela. We will have both video and written reports on a special page that we will be launching in the next few days.

VIDEO | Red State Road Trip
A Film by Chris Hume and L. Wild Horse

George W. Bush seems to believe he is a great leader. And despite all the scandals and misjudgments, he still declares the country is behind him. Take a journey across Middle America to see what the country really thinks. "Red State Road Trip," a 6,000-mile journey into the heart of America, is available on DVD at If you purchase it now, part of the proceeds will be donated to  t r u t h o u t! So please support a great filmmaker, and help our organization in the process.

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