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Another nuke exercise -- your next 9/11?

Catch this! Some fresh-brewed Homeland Insecurity published today on 
WorldNetDaily. The Department of Defense (DOD) has scheduled its 
second major, three-day exercise to combat nuclear terrorism, this 
time in the Charleston, South Caroline area. I don't know about you, 
but I didn't know Charleston had a nuclear terror problem, shades of 
Sept. 11, 2001, the day on which some six drills were going, enough 
to distract anybody from doing anything when the drills went real.

But Charlestown is not a strategic town. It's a vacation spot, nice 
beaches, good fishing, boat rides, excellent restaurants, southern 
cooking, and nice people, you say. So, kick back your heels and 
watch the thermal bomb go off like a Charleston sunset. No, no, no! 
But then why is the DOD goal coping with the catastrophic results of 
a terrorist nuclear attack here? Ah, you say, Charleston is a major 
US port city. And therefore the roast pig, bad term, test sight for 
nuclear holocaust by the sea.

But the exercise and the military's Joint Task Force-Civil Support 
will be hosted (excuse me again) . . . headquartered at Fort Monroe, 
Virginia. And the three-day drill (which could go real, n'est-ce 
pas?) is for commanders and representatives of other federal 
agencies that would be involved in (catch this) the consequences of 
a 10-megaton nuclear blast, enough to decimate an American city. Let 
me fill you in on some of the particulars of such a blast, and 
remind you that what hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki were 20-meg blasts.

The 10 will crisp wood frame houses, common in this area, for a 
distance of more than a mile from ground zero and produce medium 
rare damage for a mile and a half. The damage radius increases with 
the power of the bomb, about in proportion to its cube root. When 
imploded at the ideal height, a 10-megaton bomb, 1,000 times as 
powerful as a 10-kiloton weapon, increases the distanced by 10, that 
is, out 11 miles for severe damage and 15 miles for moderate damage 
of a frame house.

Are you grokking this, strangers in a strange land? We've passed the 
science fiction stage. And now, folks are playing reality games with 
the concept in a military fort near a major American seaport city. 
Let me also tell you, the fireball for a 10-megaton explosion will 
have a diameter of about 4.8 miles across. A flash of thermal 
radiation is given off from the fireballs and spreads out over a 
large area, and with steady intensity.

The amount of surging thermal energy, penetrating radiation, 
climactic effects, and clean H-bombs effects, well, just click here 
to download details. They ain't pretty. But then, neither were 
9/11's, remaining ugly as hell nearly five years later.

In fact, the real danger here is that an administration in danger of 
extinction itself for its wars, its financial bungling, its 
corruption, its catastrophic Katrina, its trillions in tax cuts for 
the rich and subsequent debt, its utterly inhumane cuts to social 
services, in short, its horrible five years . . . the real threat is 
that this administration will use this go-real nuclear holocaust to 
blame on Al Qaeda, and get itself off the hook and hanging platform, 
and elevate national terror into a national state of emergency, 
eliminating all democracy, with a call for martial law, under Der 
Bush & Company.

Think I'm kidding. Officials from the Department of Homeland 
Security, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, 
remember them from New Orleans?) and senior Coast Guard brass will 
be on hand. The WorldNetDaily article claims that no part of the 
exercise will take place there, though the target of attack is 
Charleston. Maj. Gen. Bruce Davis, the task force's commander, will 
oversee the exercise from Fort Monroe. What a blast (I hope not).

The Joint Task Force-Civil Support -- part of US Northern Command, 
which oversees the Defense Department's domestic military activity --
 is a standing joint task force composed of active, reserve and 
National Guard members from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and 
Coast Guard, as well as civilian personnel. Well, party on down. 
Just don't you dare blow up Charleston.

Last summer, the article also tells us, a similar exercise, "Sudden 
Respond '05" was led by Virginia's Fort Monroe-based Joint Task 
Force-Civil Support. It too, duh, was designed to simulate a nuclear 
terrorist attack that the highest US officials, including President 
Bush (one of the lowest), have said is the No. 1 threat facing the 
nation, and they if anyone, will make happen.

The drill, we're told, is strikingly similar to a scenario detailed 
by Graham Allison, former Pentagon assistant secretary for plans and 
policy and current Harvard professor, in his book, "Nuclear 
Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe." It's only 
preventable 'til it turns real, just like 9/11, bunky. And you don't 
need to be a Harvard professor to know that, dumb ass idiot.

Nevertheless, Allison wrote, "A month after the Sept.11, 2001, 
terrorist attacks, the Central Intelligence Agency presented Bush 
with a report that al-Qaida had smuggled a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb 
into New York City."

The president, according to the book, dispatched Nuclear Emergency 
Support Teams of scientists and engineers to New York to search for 
the weapon, which was never found. Never found, imagine that. And 
imagine that I live in New York and never heard a frigging word 
about that. And maybe some "terrorist" from al-Qaida, shorthand for 
CIA, took it and put it under the White House, because it has done 
an amazing job of decimating the agency, and laying blame for 9/11 
at its feet.

Allison, sport that he is, described the devastation that a 10-
kilaton nuclear bomb would bring to Manhattan if it were detonated 
in the middle of "historic Times Square." Some 1 million people 
would die almost immediately. Is everybody staining their trousers? 
I hope so. But ho, there's more from Allison. Catch these hot 

"The resulting fireball and blast wave would destroy instantaneously 
the theater district (and all those homos in it), the New York Times 
building (and all those gray stories), Grand Central Terminal (and 
all those gray commuters), and every other structure within a third 
of a mile to the point of detonation." And that's not all he 
wrote. "The ensuing firestorm would engulf Rockefeller Center (melt 
the ice ring in a couple of seconds), Carnegie Hall, Empire State 
Building, and Madison Square Garden, leaving the Knicks and Rangers 
homeless (sorry), not to mention a landscape echoing the World Trade 
Center, the sons of bitches . . . 

"From the United Nations headquarters on the East River and the 
Lincoln Tunnel under the Hudson River, to the Metropolitan Museum in 
the eighties and the Flatiron Building in the twenties, structures 
would remind one of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Office Building 
following the Oklahoma City Bombing," another black ops by our 
government friends, with a bomb placed on the east, a bomb in the 
center (which went off and rocked the building down) and a bomb 
placed on the west side of the building -- the east/west bombs for 
early and second responders, which were taken away and 
decommissioned. You don't think it was that dumb-ass ammonium 
nitrate and fuel oil bomb in the Ryder truck that did anything but 
break the glass windows, do you? A team of men were working in the 
garage the week before the explosion, rewiring things, men in 
uniforms that read Government Agency Operations.

The monsters would like to strike again, folks, so take this very, 
very seriously. And take this WND article and substitute George Bush 
for Osama bin Laden and CIA for al-Qaida, who have planned to use 
nuclear weapons in a terrorist attack on the US. The plan is 
dubbed "American Hiroshima." In fact, as first reported in Joseph 
Farah's G2 Bulletin, captured al Qaeda (CIA) operatives and 
documents suggest the weapons have already been smuggled in the 

For continuing and complete coverage of "American Hiroshima" plans, 
subscribe to Joseph Farah's G2 Bullet, the premium, online, 
intelligence newsletter published (not) by the founder of WND.

Citizens of Charleston and America, get your butts out there from 
Jan. 31 to Feb. 3, to protest, intercept, act up, criticize, 
analyze, neutralize that Fort Monroe, Virginia, drill. Your lives 
and the lives of thousands, hundreds of thousands of others depend 
upon it. Do it now. And thank the tip slipped to me about this 
draconian drill. Wherever you are, you know who you are and I salute 

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer, resident of New York who does not 
ever want to see 911 or anything like it happen again. Reach him at 

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