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World Cup Police State Sales Pitch

Paul Joseph Watson | January 27 2006

The upcoming soccer World Cup continues to be utilized as a showcase for the police state, as all major sporting spectaculars are these days.

BBC reports that uniformed German police will be on UK soil to identify 'potential troublemakers' who plan on traveling to the tournament this June.

This website has tirelessly documented the pretext to make foreign troops an everyday sight on US and UK streets as a torchbearer of the panopticon prison state.

The vision of German security forces on British streets is likely to be somewhat unnerving to the survivors who fought in world war two to prevent exactly such a scenario.

The World Cup has been called a 'mega-surveillance project' - every single ticket sold has an RFID tracking trip that transmits its location around the clock. To purchase one, you have to provide your passport number and date of birth, which is then scanned and checked at the turnstile.

Germany announced that they would be using NATO aircraft to patrol the different venues to 'defend against terrorist attacks'.

Germany's interior minister wants to change the country's constitution to allow internal troop deployments, reported Reuters.

The eyes of the world media will be trained on this police state sales pitch for the entire month that the tournament runs.
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