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January 5, 2006 - National Bird Day

A project of the Animal Protection Institute and the Avian Welfare
Coalition, National Bird Day "is a day to appreciate our own native
wild birds flying free outside our windows, and a day to reflect on
how we treat the native birds of other countries. National Bird Day
is also a time to commit to improving the lives of birds in
captivity and support efforts aimed at protecting birds in the wild."

The pet trade and breeders are extremely harmful to birds. Large-
scale Parrot breeders, such as PetSmart, Kaytee and PetCo, breed
warehouses full of birds for the pet trade. They are as bad or worse
than Foster Farms. At least the tortured chickens have mercifully
short lives, while a large parrot can live 50-80 years in misery,
abuse and neglect. Please boycott all stores that sell live animals!

Don't breed or buy while homeless animals die...

Maggie Rufo    Novato
Mickaboo Volunteer (parrot rescue and adoption)

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