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 Letter to Pelosi, please sign, forward, fax and call- Emergency Action Federal Bldg Friday 1pm

Elizabeth Milos wrote:

Dear Honorable Nancy Pelosi,

The Bay to Gulf Peoples' Pipeline, Malcolm X Grassroots Organization and 
the Hurricane Evacuees Council of the Bay Area call on you to stand up 
for the predominantly African American and low income people of the 
Ninth Ward in New Orleans whom are facing the destruction and usurpation 
of their homes and property by the local city government through the 
unconstitutional and discriminatory use of eminent domain laws.

As San Francisco and Bay Area residents we are deeply concerned about 
this dangerous precendent.  If this is allowed to continue, residents of 
the Bay View Hunters Point, the Mission District, Potrero Hill and other 
low income communities of color can potentially face the same 
consequences in the event of a natural disaster.  If this is allowed to 
continue, we pledge to organize within our communities to prepare 
ourselves to defy any mandatory evacuation orders which may be emitted 
by the authorities.

Some of us have witnessed with our own eyes the total devastation that 
resulted from the flooding of New Orleans. We have gone to New Orleans 
to volunteer with Common Ground and the People's Hurricane Relief Fund 
to help clean out people's homes and defend their civil and human 
rights.  We have seen how the $71 million dollar Bush Administration 
cuts to the levee repair and maintenance budget to fund an illegal war 
in Iraq has affected an entire city, a city unlike any other in the 
entire world.

Some of us are working with evacuees whom were summarily tranferred to 
the Bay Area and have not received adequate support from FEMA or any 
other government agency to be able to settle here.  Many of the evacuees 
are facing evictions from their hotels on February 7th and do not have 
the resources to go back to New Orleans to reclaim their property.

As Minority Whip, you hold tremendous power in the U.S. House of 
Representatives and we ask you to weild this power to support the people 
of New Orleans and the efforts of Common Ground and the People's 
Hurricane Relief fund to stop the bulldozing of the Ninth Ward 
neighborhoods and to pressure FEMA to abide by the Stafford Act and 
afford the evacuees with the legally permitted eighteen months of 
monetary and housing assistance that this Act guarantees. The evacuees 
whom have been dispersed throughout the country need to know that they 
will not become homeless from one month to the next, they need jobs in 
order to be able to provide stability for their families, transportation 
vouchers and health care.

Many of the evacuees come from the Ninth Ward and have not been able to 
go back Those that have gone back face a curfew, enforced by armed 
personnel in humvees, and arrest if they stay in their own homes after 
dark. We ask that you protect the civil liberties of the people of New 

We can not claim to be a democracy if we permit local, state or the 
federal government to trample on our civil liberties and our property 


dorinda moreno, hitec aztec communications, elders of 4 colors  4 directions
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