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Coca-Cola Banned -- Abramoff lobbied for Israeli cell phone network of Cong

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Subject: Re: Coca-Cola Banned -- Abramoff lobbied for Israeli cell phone 
network of Congress!!!! 

Pastor Dan,

Hero as I call him, brought us these three articles below, and several 
others.  Sherman Skolnick has written heavily about the Cola(s) and CIA connections 
between them as well as the 911 butchery and debauchery on his website\"> ,\"> (archives),\">  He 
goes after the Neo-Cons, and scrapes the BS off the news.  I don\'t mention 
Skolnick too often, since the Bushii has as much as made threats against this 
renown judge buster.  They have made numerous attempts to shut down Cloak\'s 
website, causing them to move it to Canada, but are still monitoring their phones 
and broadcast, which gives them even more creditability.

Coca-Cola Banned from Michigan Campus Bloomberg News \">Go to Original
BOYCOTT COKE!   [if you do, you are boycotting the CIA, the Bushes, and the 
Medellin Cartel, and that\'s Patriotic!  Ah, don\'t forget Pepsi also, as in 
reality, like the Demos and Repugs, both Colas are twins that belong to the same 
\">Coca-Cola Banned from Michigan Campus\"> 

Blackmailing America? \"The focus of the article was a single question. Could 
Israel be blackmailing the entire US Government and media?\" 
Is Israel Blackmailing America?\">
Fox News Spikes Four Part Story On Phone Tapping Scandal\"> (videos)

They have an even better communications now called Paycheck, replacing Promis 
with real time satellite capabilities here/all over the world, connecting all 
the government agencies, but the alerts on 911 were not heard by all, since 
they were operating on higher frequency, allowing them to run that \"false flag\" 
synthetic terrorist operation.  
(Spying) How It is NOW Being Done by  Gayle Eversole\">

Do we really need more proof on this Insurance Scam of epic proportions?  
This was merely a convenience since the buildings were already scheduled for 
demolition anyway, and purchased shortly before 911 by Silverstein.  It sent this 
country to war by the Neo-Cons in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now with designs on 
Syria/Iraq by Bush/UK/Sharon.   It has already been exposed by Newsweek and Wm. 
Arkin\"> which I keep on my 
desktop and check daily.  
Silverstein \'Answers\' WTC Building 7 Charges\"> 

There were no WMD and there was no Yellow Cake.  Then this criminal cabal 
thinks they have the legal right to spy on us, and they don\'t.  What they are 
doing defies explicatives and adjectives, and the worse disgrace in the 221 years 
of American history.  Instead of the DOJ investigating the leakers, tasked by 
Bush, they should be investigating Bush et. al.  

Bush\'s ultimate goal is to put America under nationwide Martial Law.  
Katrinagate was just a dress rehearsal and he will use any pretext already exposed by 
Rep. Ron Paul (bird flu) to complete his mission.  Those who don\'t believe 
that... well, I have a bridge I want to sell you. 

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