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Frighten the cops, they work for you.

The next time a cop comes anywhere near you, hand them a page or two of 911 truth and tell them you want them to pas this information on and ake their number. Then follow the trail, phone the statiob up etc and note names and numbers. The police as public servants are duty bound to respond or lose their wage and pension. Keep complaining the law is there. Then complain to the cop's superiors etc.

I understand and fully support the drive to impeach George Bush and Cheney.
I think the key to unlocking this is someone who does not enjoy the trappings of high office and who is consequently just another Joe, namely, Larry Silverstein.
Surely there is more than enough evidence for criminal charges with regard to him. The little rat is up to his armpits in blood. What is new or unusual about bent landlords filling properties with immigrants and then demolishing them by fire, then making false insurance claims etc? In the sixties, at a time when Silverstein was no doubt on the up, building collapses in old tenements were practically a daily occurrence in NYC.
Itís an old gag, buy a run down dustbin of a building, then get them filled, preferably by immigrants who know no better. Then sit back and reap in the dosh. When the building becomes unsafe etc, down it comes one way or another.
All that is required is for the NYPD, criminal investigation dept, to be sent (by registered mail), a few pages of proof of controlled demolition on 911 and off we go. If the NYPD then fail to act on that information received, then they themselves stand in violation of their jobs. They become unfit to draw monies from the public purse, either by way of wages or pension. This is because they have failed to do their duty. The informant (sender of the information) is duly able to inform his elected representative, who is, in turn, obliged to properly investigate and report back.
Why has this not yet been done?
The law does not recognise Ďbusybodiesí, so the sender must have an interest, as Iím sure every New Yorker has. That should put Silverstein right in the bag, where he so richly deserves to be.

From: Scott Munson
Subject: [imp-bush] Cindy Sheehan, Media Benjamin, Convicted of Trespass in Manhattan Court
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 14:34:28 -0800

Gawd, what a stupid way AP frames this story!

More than 50 peace activists packed the courtroom this morning --
actually, TWO courtrooms, as many additional people also attended the
postponed trial for Fr. Barrios, and shuttled back and forth.

The verdicts were read one by one: "Resisting Arrest?" NOT GUILTY
(we held our breath)
"Obstructing Governmental Administration?" NOT GUILTY
(YES! those were the heavy charges)
"Trespassing" (a violation, equivalent of jay walking, not a
misdemeanor)? GUILTY (damn!)
"Disorderly Conduct"? NOT GUILTY

(I thought there was a fifth one, NOT GUILTY, too, but maybe not)

The lawyers then expressed outrage that anyone can be found guilty of
trespassing for being in a public place. The prosecutor (a dipshit
nasally twerp) had argued that even though they were attempting to
visit the US Mission, it is temporarily located in a private
building, and that no one had been blocking anything, sitting outside
and just waiting. The prosecutor argued that the four should be held
responsible for creating a situation in which police officers might
have been injured (I kid you not!) -- brought to mind the line I love
from Diane DiPrima, "Get your cut throat off my knife!" -- i.e.,
sentence them for the very "crimes" for which they'd been acquitted.

Even the Judge, who was pretty decent, wanted no part of that one and
rebuked the Prosecution's story. He refused to even sentence them to
"community service", saying "go out and live your lives lawfully", or
something like that.

We then all trained up to the US Mission and again sought to hand in
the petition. Loads of media. This time, John Kerry's sister -- who
had testified against them during the trial -- accepted the
petitions, no problem.

While it was clear to us that the 6-person jury compromised on the
Trespass charge, this was a huge victory for our movements and the
police department and DA's office were rebuked. Not sure if they'll
appeal the Trespass verdict, but the lawyers set the basis for doing
so ....


At 04:17 PM 12/11/2006, Craig Seeman wrote:

> 'Peace Mom:' Conviction won't stop me
> NEW YORK (AP) -- Peace activist Cindy Sheehan and three other women
> were convicted of trespassing Monday for trying to delivery an
> anti-Iraq war petition to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.
> A Manhattan Criminal Court judge sentenced them immediately to
> conditional discharge, which means they could face some form of
> penalty if they are arrested in the next six months, and ordered them
> to pay $95 in court surcharges.
> Sheehan and about 100 other members of a group called Global Exchange
> were rebuffed last March when they attempted to take a petition with
> some 72,000 signatures to the U.S. Mission's headquarters across a
> street from the United Nations.
> After Monday's sentencing, the women returned to the Mission; this
> time, their petition was accepted.
> Prosecutors said they were arrested in March after ignoring police
> orders to disperse.
> The four were acquitted of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and
> obstructing government administration. They had faced up to a year in
> jail if convicted of all counts.
> "We should never have been on trial in the first place," Sheehan said
> in a statement after the verdict. "It's George Bush and his cronies
> who should be on trial, not peaceful women trying to stop this
> devastating war. This verdict, however, will not stop us from
> continuing to work tirelessly to bring our troops home."
> Sheehan, 49, of Vacaville, California, lost her 24-year-old son Casey
> in Iraq on April 4, 2004. She has since emerged as one of the most
> vocal and high-profile opponents of the war, drawing international
> attention when she camped outside President Bush's Texas ranch to
> protest the war.
> The women, calling their campaign "Women Say No To War," had hoped to
> give the petition to Peggy Kerry, the mission's liaison for
> non-governmental organizations and sister of Sen. John Kerry,
> D-Mass., as they had in 2005.
> Kerry refused to meet with the women in the presence of Sheehan and
> the news media. She testified during the trial that the presentation
> seemed like a publicity stunt.
> The women ignored police orders to leave and were reading it aloud on
> the sidewalk when officers arrested them. The women sat on the
> sidewalk and were carried to patrol wagons.
> Following Monday's court session, the women returned to the U.S.
> Mission to ask for an apology and resubmit the petition.
> They were met by Richard A. Grenell, the mission's director of
> external affairs, but didn't have the petitions with them. After
> obtaining copies of the petition, they went back a second time and
> handed them over to Kerry and Grenell in the building's lobby.
> Grenell did not explain why the petitions were accepted this time.
> Sheehan's co-defendants were Melissa Beattie, 57, of New York; Susan
> "Medea" Benjamin, 54, of San Francisco, California; and Patricia
> Ackerman, 48, of Nyack, New York.


911 - inside job. Demand investigation!

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