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Russian oil bourse to trade in Rubles in 2008. China dumps 1 trillion  
$ US.

Money changers sole purpose in existence is to make money from the  
act of not producing any product so they profit from your labors  
while they didnít produce shit.

Itís been decades since the second major company tore a chunk out of  
the US and will never give it back, that is the Federal reserve, it  
isnít even an American Company. The IRS is another corporate interest  
that has all the protections yet has to follow none of the laws of  
our land and is solely there to get more money out of We The People.

And YOUR and MY Congresscritters and treasonous Senators voted for  
this to happen and the ones now in office will never allow that to  
change, as it is these people who get them elected, it is these  
interests that get them into officeÖ.

,,,, Or did you miss at the end of the 04 grass roots campaign why  
only Kerry and Edwards, one a skull and cross bones man, the other a  
Bilderberg (corporationists exclusive club, intent on ruling the  
world through economic means) that what we once thought WAS our  
Democratic Leadership said they couldnít get funding for any of the  
peoples choices, our whole grass roots campaign was only there to  
keep us entertained and to think that maybe we could change our party  
and country.

That for me was the last bit of proof I needed to see that the  
Corporations tell the Parties, whether Demo or Repo, who they will  
fund and if they front someone else they will cut all their funding  
through out the next election cycle and they canít keep their offices  
open if the corporations (now with individual rights, thanks to out  
(NOT) representatives) donít give them money every year.

Remember tax breaks for the rich? You send your tax dollars where you  
want change to occur instead of to the federal government and buying  
influence in major political parties is just to damned good of an  
investment to pass up, and you get to do it every year, not just in  
an election cycle.


    Russian oil bourse

Since I am not an economics major let me see if I have this right -  
China is dumping one trillion dollars of US currency and now Russia  
will be trading for oil with rubles = this isn't good? - I will  
hazard a wild guess - this news is not good.

Starting Jan, 2008.

Stock trading in export oil in rubles to start in 2008

MOSCOW. Dec 20 (Interfax) - Stock Exchange trading for exported  
Russian oil in rubles will start in St. Petersburg in 2008, Deputy  
Economic Development and Trade Minister Kirill Androsov told reporters.

"We will be able to launch trading in St. Petersburg in foreign  
currency in the fourth quarter of 2007, and after we work out  
clearing we can move over to ruble trading in 2008," he said. rm 

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