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International Day of Action
Against the Chinese Fur Trade

This day of action is being coordinated by "Isreali
Voice for Animals" on February 13, 2006 at Chinese
Embassy and Consulate offices around the world.  In
the USA, New York City and San Francisco are covered
and I am sure you will see detailed announcements
about the events being planned very soon.

We need groups to take on organizing for Los Angeles,
Chicago, Houston and the most important location, the
Embassy in Washington DC.

If anyone would like additional information, you can
contact me at: centcom war-online org or you can
contact the primary international organizer, Jane from
Israeli Voice for Animals, at:  janeart3 hotmail com

Let's all pull together to send a unified message to
the government of China that their barbarous fur trade
and the skinning of live animals including dogs and
cats is totally unacceptable.

Note for New Yorkers: Mark your calendars now. The
protest will be held at the Chinese Consulate Office
on Monday, February 13th at Noon. Also, an information
table will be staffed for most of the day at the

In solidarity,

Camille Hankins
Win Animal Rights

To subscribe to this group, send an email to:
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.