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Hi friends!

Some additions to our schedule through the end of February have impelled me to send the first part of March early, because we don't want you to miss anything. We hope you can join us for some of these fantastic events! Don't forget that we are now sponsoring all classes at Good Vibrations; to see those listings, please visit (scroll down for February and March events). A very special visit with best-selling sex author and former surrogate partner Dr. Barbara Keesling is scheduled at GV/Polk on 2/23 and GV/Berkeley on 2/24. No charge for these two events! And Joan Price, who was with us last month talking about sex after 60, will be doing a class for women at GV's Berkeley store on 2/27.  Check the GV url for those details; soon they will be up at also.

Our moving day for the stash of videos in Vallejo had to be rescheduled. Now we're going to do it this Monday, 2/20, around noon, in case any of you are looking for something sexologically significant to do on Presidents' Day! Email us, if so, we'll get you directions or arrange for a ride.

Don't forget to come see Gatewood's show (and it's not too late to sign up for his photo class tomorrow! There are still a few spaces left. At this point just come on down to 398 11th, don't bother to call). And we will still have gallery hours twice more this month: on 2/22 from 4 to 6, and 2/28 from 5 to 7. By the way, if you are female and 18 to 30-ish, you might be interested in his new site, Gatewood Girls, which will launch this year. It'll have a punky, DIY vibe, if I understand correctly; body modifications are very welcome, but not required. If you want to know more, we'll put you in touch w/ Charles.

Finally... are you media-friendly? Want to come to a free safer sex workshop conducted by the fabulous Jo-El Schult that is to be filmed for a cable TV program? Details: 2/28, at the Berkeley Good Vibrations. Email us and we'll get you more info or put you on the guest list.

One more up-and-coming event has yet to be nailed down, time-wise, but check our website for details about an early-March visit from NYC's fabulous CAKE! This frisky bunch of young women produces pro-sex club events, engages in guerilla sex ed, and has engaged the ire of the new anti-porn feminists... so they must be doing something right!

Below our event list are a few other great things to do this month. And if you left your pants behind last weekend while enjoying Xaviera... ahem! Let us know!

In this mailing:
2/19-Photo Workshop with Charles Gatewood PLUS Workshop for Partners of Sex Workers
2/22-Men's Massage Night
2/24-Whipped! Reading (Tales of Dominant Women)
2/25 and 26-Sacred Touch for Men
2/26-Discussion Group for Partners of Sex Workers
2/28-Cecilia Tan joins us from Boston!
3/1-Kim Airs in Sex Tips for Gals! AND Women's HPV and Herpes Support Group
3/5-Annie Sprinkle on Sex Worker Burnout!
3/6-YogaPlay for Men
3/12-Legal Issues for Sex Workers
3/19-Sexual Skills for Men: Become an Extraordinary Lover
Other peoples' events:
Thru 2/28 Erotic art Show at City Arts
March: 3 North Bay workshops with LaSara FireFox


TOMORROW!  Sunday, February 19th -- PHOTOGRAPHY FOR PERVERTS: A Workshop With Master Photographer Charles Gatewood. 12-3 pm at the Center for Sex and Culture, 398 11th St. in SF. Cost: $50.

Join renowned photographer Charles Gatewood, "family photographer of America's sexual underground," for this fun 3-hour workshop, based on his Greenery Press book, PHOTOGRAPHY FOR PERVERTS. Learn the dos and don'ts of adult photography, plus how to meet and work with exotic models, getting published and exhibited, model releases and 2257 record keeping, tech tips, and lots more. Students are encouraged to bring their cameras and examples of their work for critique. One or more nude models will be present to pose for all who attend. For more information call Mr. Gatewood at 415-267-7651.


Sunday, February 19th, 3-5:30 pm -- Working with Intimacy: a panel discussion by partners of sexworkers 
The Center for Sex and Culture 398 11th St (#303), San Francisco
Open to the public by donation, please come on time

Sex Workers are often one of the secret emotional supports of a community, providing pleasure, intimacy, relaxation, understanding, affection, eroticism, human connection, touch, tolerance, confidence, excitement and fun for a diverse populace.  In a time when our society affords few outlets for these needs,  sex workers can and do a lot to sustain happy healthy people. But what about the needs and fears of those who excite, accept, love and emotionally support sex worker: their companions, lovers and partners? This is a workshop/discussion about the joys and challenges of personal intimate relationships with Sex Workers. The workshop will include a brief summary of some of the issues in relationships that are often complicated when one or more partners works in the sex industry. An informal panel of Partners of Sex Workers will share their feelings and experiences on topics such as jealousy, sex life, safer sex, legal issues, money, acceptance-shame-pride, secrets, and more 
-- followed by question/answer and group discussion. The intent of this workshop is to begin a discussion and open communication about these special personal relationships, as well as to give a voice to partners of sex workers. While we are lucky in the Bay Area to have access to a wide range of resources and community building arenas for workers in the sex industry, partners often have nowhere to go to ask questions, air concerns or get support from others who can relate to their situations. This workshop will precede the beginning of a bi-monthly meeting for partners of sex workers only to speak and share about their relationships.


Wednesday, 2/22 -- Men's Massage Night
Let us know if you want to be put in touch with this ongoing group of men.


Friday, 2/24 -- WHIPPED! Reading: Stories of Female Dominance
Carol Queen's latest book is an edited compilation featuring tales of femme-dommes and other deliciously toppy women. Join her and several of the book's contributors for a spankingly sexy reading and soiree! Featuring Carol, Charlie Anders, Greta Christina, Lilycat, and other great readers. Doorprize: Your own copy of Whipped! 
At the Center for Sex & Culture, 398 11th St. Doors at 7:30, show after 8. $5-50 sliding scale, proceeds benefit CSC.


2/25 and 26--Sacred Touch for Men: a weekend-long intensive. Please email us for details (we will forward your mail to the event organizers, who can tell you more).

Starting February 26th,
every 2nd Tuesday (6-7:30pm) and 4th Sunday (4-5:30pm) of the month

Partners Meeting!
Center for Sex and Culture, 398 11th St, #303
Partners Only! (Partners who are also workers are welcome.) By donation. 

Are you dating, in love with, living with or married to a sex worker and feel like you have a hard time talking about your relationship with people not familiar with the sex industry? Do you love your partner, and are also sometimes confused, scared by, or turned on by his/her/hir job? Or maybe you are just a little frustrated about things you can’t discuss with most people?  Would you like to be free to talk and listen amongst other partners of sex workers without fear of judgement? You are welcome to come to the Partners Meeting.


Tuesday, 2/28, from 5 til 7 -- Last gallery hours for Charles Gatewood's show.

Tuesday, 2/28 -- An Evening with Cecilia Tan! 7 pm at CSC, 398 11th. $5-50 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds.
Founder of Circlet Press and noted erotic writer Cecilia Tan has made sex and kinkiness central to our enjoyment of the science fiction and fantasy genres. Her fiction is smart, creative, thoughtful... and hot! Join us for a soiree and a special reading.


Wednesday, 3/1, 7:30 pm -- Kim Airs joins us from Boston for her workshop Sex Tips for Gals!
NOTE: Not at CSC's regular location, this one will be held at Good Vibes Polk Street at 1620 Polk between Sacramento and Clay. 
The irrepressible Kim Airs, who brought sex toys to Boston (and didn't get banned!), joins us to talk about her favorite erotic tricks and tips, from playing with toys to partner sex. Don't miss her! $20.00 at the door.

At CSC, 398 11th, come join the Women's HPV and Herpes Support Group, which meets the first Wednesday of each month. 8 -- 10 pm, by donation.


Sunday, 3/5, 2--5 pm -- Dr. Annie Sprinkle's workshop "How To Cure Sex Worker Burnout And Be Happy!"

Admission will be donation based. You may buy a ticket in advance or pay at the door. No one turned away for lack of funds. Get advanced tickets here:  -- Sponsored by the Exotic Dancers' Education Project. HOW TO CURE SEX WORKER BURN OUT AND BE HAPPY with Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.: former prostitute, stripper, porn actress turned sexologist/artist.

Are you less than happy with your sex work these days? What exactly is sex worker burn out (SWBO) and why do people get it? You'll learn a wide variety of techniques, tools and strategies for releasing stress, venting anger/frustration, cleansing your spirit, improving your business, and taking care of your precious self.

This workshop is for sex workers who enjoy their job, but want to ensure longevity, or want to make their job better. It's also for sex workers who want to transition from one kind of sex work to another, or possibly phase out of the industry. Its for any sex worker in any phase of her/his career. Cure or avoid SWBO and most likely, you'll ultimately make more $$$. It's not easy to admit you are burnt out, as our egos and incomes are invested in feeling good about our work. After this class you'll learn to see SWBO as an opportunity to grow.


Monday, 3/6, 7 pm -- YogaPlay for Men
Let us know if you would like to be in touch with the organizer for more detail or an invitation. YogaPlay is held the first Monday of the month.


Sunday, 3/12 -- Legal Issues for Sex Workers
Please let us know if you'd like more information about this workshop.


Sunday, 3/19, 9:30--5:30 pm -- Become an Extraordinary Lover - For Men Who Love Women

There is nothing more arousing than watching a woman you are making love to writhe and moan with delight. However, there are very few places to get practical, explicit, and straightforward advice about what turns women on. In this hands-on, one-day workshop, Dr. Danielle Harel joins with Celeste Hirschman, MA to teach you everything from the arts of romance and seduction to advanced pleasure techniques. They will teach you to read women's non-verbal cues, to elicit information about her secret sexual desires, and to keep her coming back for more. You will have the opportunity to practice different kinds of touch on a woman, gauge her responses and receive helpful feedback. The facilitators will cover how to give pleasure during a sexual encounter and explore special oral and anal techniques.

Sunday, March 19th, 9:30am to 5:30pm, at the Center for Sex and Culture, 398 11th St. For more information or to register email or call (415) 336-3258.

Cleo and Fakir, 4/1
Paul Cambria on 2257 Record-keeping, 4/2
Gotham Fantasies, 4/7
Kink Ink! 4/8
Sex Machines, 4/21
The Masturbate-a-Thon! 5/27

*************************************OTHER EVENTS***************************************

City Art Cooperative Gallery Presents its annual Erotic Art Show through Sunday, February 26th

City Art Cooperative Gallery
828 Valencia Street (between 19th & 20th) SF CA 94110
Gallery Hours: Wed to Sun Noon to 9 pm

City Art's sixth annual erotic art show promises a lavish display of juicy art expressing a wide range of erotic leanings, yearnings, fantasies, and obsessions. As always, our definition of the erotic is as wide and deep as our artists' imaginations. Because City Art's artists are from the Bay Area, for many years a magnet for people with sexual diversions and perversions of all sorts, this show always generates considerable heat. To reach City Art: MUNI lines: 26 Valencia, 14 Mission, 49 Van Ness
BART: Exit at 24th & Mission
Parking Garage: 21st between Valencia and Misson

For more information please contact Katie Gilmartin: or 415-826-9697.


*THREE FLIRTSHOPS* with LaSara FireFox
March 8, 15 and 22
Santa Rosa, CA

The sap is rising, the flowers peeking out of the damp earth, the bees are buzzing… Come celebrate the new season with some unabashed, flirting fun! Join author, personal coach, sex-positive educator/activist, and "flirt slut" LaSara FireFox for a three-part series on flirting. Break through blocks that keep you from interacting, find the fun in "playing at the edge," develop a respectful and boundary-aware flirting style, and become more effective at making connections than you have ever been.

Along with a variety of other workshops, LaSara has been offering her wildly popular flirting workshops since 1999, and has assisted well over 1000 people in becoming more comfortable with flirting! LaSara has offered her Proactive Flirting and Extreme Flirting workshops all over the US, and in parts of Canada. Based on her flirting workshops, /EXTREME FLIRTING: Playing at the Edge/ is LaSara's second book to be published by Llewellyn Worldwide, and will hit the shelves January of 2007. Her first book was published in September of 2005, and is titled /Sexy Witch/. For more information on LaSara, her writing, her workshops, her coaching services, or her media appearances, please check her website at <>.

*Working It and Playing Games I: An Introduction to Proactive Flirting *
March 8, 7:30 PM
You may not have been born a flirt, but you can definitely become one. “Flirt-slut” LaSara W. FireFox will show you how to become an amazingly Proactive Flirt. You’ll explore blocks to effective flirting and address the basics of being safe and aware. Learn how to be sensitive to boundaries, the nuances of all-orientations flirting, cultivating flirt-ethics and forming your own flirting style.

*Working It and Playing Games II: Advanced Proactive Flirting*
March 15, 7:30 PM
If you’ve already got the basics of flirting down but want to learn how to use them more effectively, LaSara will help you do exactly that. Get the attention of an entire room or just one person with comfort and confidence. Using interactive exercises and games, as well as body awareness practices, you’ll find your own style of Proactive Flirting.

*Elements of Attraction: Magickal Techniques in Flirting*
March 22, 7:30 PM
How do people pull attention towards themselves? Why do some people get noticed when they move a muscle, and some never get noticed at all? In this flirtshop, facilitator LaSara W. Firefox will assist you in exploration of the energetics of attention and attraction, and help you learn techniques for creating interaction with the flow. You will learn simple techniques that posses the power to align your presentation with your desires, and learn how to create the fertile potential for attraction in interaction.

*Vital Details:*
All three workshops will take place at a private residence in Santa Rosa. Location details available upon registration. Registration rates
are sliding scale. Please pay according to your level of affluence. Register with a friend/lover/partner and get a certificate for $10 off your next workshop with LaSara.

One session: $35 – $50
Or, register for all three sessions at once, and get $15 off: $90 – $135.

No one turned away for lack of funds. Barter proposals entertained. To discuss barter, or for more info on the flirtshops, contact LaSara at
firefox (at) lasara (dot) us. To register,* please contact Edward at roble (at) sonic (dot) net. Register early, as the flirtshops are known to fill to capacity. For more information, please visit <>.

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