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Upcoming Calendar of fun cheap and unique bay area events 2/23 through 3/1
Johnny sez: Three unique annual events happen to collide this week: Johnny is a huge fan of the Balboa Theatre's 80th Birthday celebration. It's a rare chance to see a silent film with live musical accompaniment, along with a live vaudeville show and people dressed in the 1920s period costume. ($10, Mon 2/27). The 6th Annual Monster Drawing Rally at Southern Exposure brings 100 artists together to create live art; crafting inspired drawings of monsters which will be auctioned off for charity. ($5 don., Sat 2/24) And for the outdoorsy types, take a drive down to Coyote Lake (near gilroy) to help count bird species with a park ranger for the 9th Annual Backyard Bird Count (Free, Sat 2/25)

Thursday 2/23
2/23	10:00 am	FREE Rituals and Meditation: Watercolors by Richard Bolingbroke - SOMA 	Art
2/23	12:30 pm	FREE luncthine book reading "Goal-Free Living" @ Stacey's 	Literature
2/23	5:00 pm	$5 - Asian Art Museum's two-part "Groundbreaking Painters of 18th Century Kyoto" 	Museum
2/23	6:30 pm	FREE commotion: a CD release, community arts expo & musical performance: mission 	Live Music
2/23	6:30 pm	FREE Pro-Clown, Anti-War Video Screening @ Long Haul - berkeley 	Activism
2/23	7:00 pm	FREE book reading "The Good Life" on families after 9/11 - acwlpb 	Literature
2/23	7:00 pm	FREE "What was C.S. Lewis Thinking?" lion, witch & wardrobe lecture: walnut creek 	Lecture
2/23	7:30 pm	FREE "Mind Maps" art opening @ Galeria de la Raza 	Art
2/23	8:00 pm	FREE Thursday night old school "Capture the Flag" @ Sonoma State University 	Sport
2/23	9:00 pm	$5- Girl Power Acoustic Showcase #4 (benefit for breast cancer) hotel utah 	Live Music
Friday 2/24
2/24	12:00 pm	FREE lecture on turning your roof into a self-sustaining yard - ccsf 	Outdoors
2/24	4:00 pm	FREE "Good Girls Guide to Bed Girl Sex" lecture @ Good Vibrations Berkeley 	Lecture
2/24	5:30 pm	FREE live jazz "Henry Irvin Quartet" w/ Dorothy Lefkovits - Glen Park 	Live Music
2/24	6:00 pm	$5 Southern Exposure's 6th Annual Monster Drawing Rally 
a live drawing and fundraising event featuring over 100 artists. Providing the basic necessities of the drawing practice--pencils, charcoal, pens, markers, ink, and paper--Southern Exposure creates the context while the artists create the content of the drawings.	Art
2/24	7:00 pm	FREE Greater Haight Art Crawl - visit several galleries & cafe exhibits open lat 	Art
2/24	7:30 pm	FREE lecture on African American antiracism movement in US @ Modern Times 	Literature
2/24	7:30 pm	$7 Nato Green's "Iron Comic" comedy competition @ Make Out Room 
Iron Comic is live gameshow where 5 comedians must write a routine in10 minutes from topics provided by the audience. At the end of thenight an Iron comic will be chosen. Inspired by Iron Chef each comic is forced to craft jokes while the clock is ticking...	Comedy
2/24	9:30 pm	FREE "Made in Japan" art opening, live painting, free sushi @ Canvas Gallery 	Art
2/24	10:00 pm	$7 comedy "Head 2 Headline" - live fake news - Union Square 	Comedy
Saturday 2/25
2/25	9:00 am	FREE 9th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count w/ park ranger - Gilroy 
Last year rangers and volunteers spotted 94 bird species. As long as you have a set of binoculars, no birding experience is necessary. Volunteers will be teamed up with ranger staff and experienced volunteers at sites throughout 4,600 acre Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch County Park.	Outdoors
2/25	10:00 am	FREE Tulipmania (39,000 tulips!) all over pier 39 for 10 days- free tours at 10a 	Outdoors
2/25	12:00 pm	FREE 4th annual Crab Festival (& crab cracking contest) union square 	Food
2/25	12:00 pm	FREE "Bang4Change" Festival: poets, fashion, music, ethnic market @ Civic Center 	Festival
2/25	12:00 pm	FREE United Farm Worker lecture on immigration restrictions - oakland  	Activism
2/25	1:00 pm	FREE East Indian Food Demonstration with Laxmi Hiremath - Temescal libary - oakl 	Food
2/25	1:00 pm	FREE African American History celebration - fashion/spokenword/music - berkeley 	Celebration
2/25	6:00 pm	FREE live comedy "comic monologue A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Oakland"  	Comedy
2/25	9:00 pm	$7 Los Super Elegantes kcrw's punk-mariachi-hip-pop band @ Thee Parkside 
A unique band from Los Angeles (via Tijuana and Buenos Aires) which mixes original music with theatrical stage improvisations in amusing live performances. The funcheap crew will be at this show. Johnny says you cannot miss this!	Live Music
2/25	10:00 pm	$7 comedy improv battle to the death "Daggermouth" - Union Square 	Comedy
Sunday 2/26
2/26	10:00 am	FREE Endangered Species Day - lecture & field trip @ Woodside 	Outdoors
2/26	2:00 pm	FREE "The Rambler" rock concert @ gated recycled/junkyard place - bayview 	Live Music
2/26	5:00 pm	FREE Afternoon Twang Sunday w/ Tom Huebner @ Thee Parkside 	Live Music
2/26	7:00 pm	FREE comedy showcase w/ Danny Dechi @ Red Victorian - Haight 	Comedy
2/26	8:00 pm	$5 sketch comedy show "Pilot-Pitch-o-rama" watch a live TV pilot fall apart 
Comedy troupe Bitter Show pitches the terrific television pilots to you in a sketch comedy show ala Saturday Night Live or Second City. two shows: 8p and 9:30pm	Comedy
Monday 2/27
2/27	9:30 am	FREE - 4th Annual Crabfest - learn about crabs from real fishermen @ F.Wharf 	Lecture
2/27	7:00 pm	$5 Harrit Tubman & Jazz: reception, discussion, listening party @ cafe royal 	Lecture
2/27	7:00 pm	$10 Balboa Theatre's 80th birthday bash - silent film, live music, vaudeville, party 
See Rudolph Valentino the original silent film "The Eagle" (1925) with live musical accompaniment. Also short films, live vaudeville show, original 1920s lantern slides, SF historians, post film party and cake Johnny went to this event last year and had a lot of fun. 3630 Balboa Street - Outer Richmond	Film
2/27	9:00 pm	FREE skate/punk concert with "The Pendletons" at Thee Parkside 	Live Music
2/27	9:30 pm	$7 three country, honky tonk & swamp bands @ Starry Plough - Berkeley 	Live Music
Tuesday 2/28
2/28	12:30 pm	FREE "Mystery Circle" book reading "The Two Minute Rule" @ Stacey's 	Literature
2/28	7:00 pm	FREE lecture "Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail" @ REI Berkeley 	Lecture
2/28	7:30 pm	FREE slide lecture "History of Crypto-Jews of New Mexico" @ Jewish Comm. Library 	Lecture
2/28	8:00 pm	$7 "Film Market" Indie Short Film & Music expo @ Bottom of the Hill 	Film
2/28	9:00 pm	FREE "local's only" night - SF psychedlic indiepop "Whysp" @ Cafe Du Nord 	Live Music
2/28	9:15 pm	$5 POV Bay Area Animation Festival at Parkway Theater - oakland 	Film
Wednesday 3/1
3/1	5:45 pm	FREE slide lecture on Manchuria's Ice Festival & Tiger Breeding @ USF 	Lecture
3/1	6:00 pm	FREE film "Trudell" on native american activist & poet @ Main Library  	Film
3/1	7:00 pm	FREE lecture "Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail" @ REI San Francisco - SOMA 	Lecture
3/1	7:00 pm	FREE San Francisco Rush: 2 local authors read from their book @ NBeach Library 	Literature
3/1	9:00 pm	FREE "California Homegrown Music Series" w/ The Cuts @ Mezzanine 	Live Music
Thursday 3/2
3/2	5:30 pm	FREE film/q&a "Women of Color Film Festival" @ Pacific Film Archive 
Enjoy free admission to the Berkeley Art Museum galleries, public programs, and a 5:30 Pacific Flim Archive screening, the first Thursday of the month. 12:15p Guided tour of the exhibition Jeanne Dunning: Study after Untitled. 5:30p Stepping Out, a program of diverse and vital short works from the Women of Color Film Festival.	Film
3/2	6:00 pm	FREE "Eat Me" interactive artwork about conusmer culture @ Frey Norris 	Art
3/2	6:30 pm	FREE panel discussion "Innovation in a flat world" @ Swissnex - N.Beach 	Discussion
3/2	7:00 pm	FREE "Rapid Eye Movement" group art show pop culture & grotesque expressionalism 	Art
3/2	9:00 pm	$6 Pogues-esque rockers "The Kissers" @ Starry Plough - berkeley 	Live Music
Friday 3/3 and beyond....
3/3	6:00 pm	FREE Palo Alto Art Walk 	
3/3	6:00 pm	FREE instore "New Orleans Klezmer All Stars" @ amoeba haight 	
3/3	7:00 pm	FREE Oakland Art Murmur - 8 art galleries having premiers in one night 	
3/3	7:30 pm	$5 - Poetry & Pizza Night (All you can eat Escape from NY Pizza ) Downtown 	
3/4	1:00 pm	FREE 11th Annual Urban Iditarod - using shopping carts as sleds through SF 	
3/4	2:00 pm	FREE instore concert astralwerk's "Hot Chip" UK electronic pop @ amoeba 	
3/4	2:30 pm	FREE Chinese Flour Dough Figurine Art Demonstration - chinatown library 	
3/4	9:30 pm	FREE "Chronic Town" REM tribute band @ blackthorn tavern - innr sunset 	
3/5	6:00 pm	FREE Jazz: Henry Irvin Trio w/ vocalists Dorothy Lefkovits @ Bird/Beckett 	
3/6	8:00 pm	FREE concert by "Minus the Bear" w/ Rocky Votolato @ UC Berkeley 	
3/7	11:00 am	FREE A Celebration of Persian Music and Dance @ Asian Art Museum 	
3/8	5:45 pm	FREE discussion "Why Do They Hate Us? Or Do They?" @ USF 	
3/8	7:30 pm	FREE film & lecture "The Sephardic Legacy of Segovia Spain" Tenderloin 	
3/9	7:00 pm	FREE movie "Purim" drinking, sex, power, masks, etc @ JCCSF 	
3/9	7:30 pm	FREE Polar Bear Encounters - slide show & lecture @ Randall Museum 	
3/10	9:00 pm	$8 cool indie pop band "minipop" @ Cafe Du Nord 	
3/15	12:00 pm	FREE the sewing guy - he mends your clothes for free for a good story - tenderln 	
3/15	7:00 pm	FREE book reading "The Dogs Who Found Me" @ the Booksmith 	
3/15	7:00 pm	FREE Ask A Scientist lecture series "Secret Life of Ants" - Bazaar cafe 	
3/18	9:00 am	FREE ranger-led Vernal Equinox wildflower hike - coyote lake - gilroy 	
3/20	5:45 pm	FREE panel discussion on BBC's Political kidnapping in japan & korea - USF 	
3/20	7:30 pm	FREE group reading "What i heard about iraq" @ bird/beckett @ Glen Park 	
3/23	6:30 pm	FREE lecture/panel discussion w/ members of the Black Panthers @ Yerba Buena 	
3/23	7:00 pm	$5 - Asian Art Museum: Persian Film Screening & Live Music (& museum admission) 	
3/23	9:00 pm	$10 New Zealand jangle pop "The Bats" @ Starry Plough - berkeley 	
3/25	10:00 am	FREE ranger-led hike & Ohlone mediation @ Coyote Lake - Gilroy 	
3/29	5:45 pm	FREE discussion on 1906 earthquake & fires w/ pulitzer prize winning author: USF 	
3/30	9:30 pm	$5 odd and unique music - folk/punk/gyspy & one man banjo @ Starry Plough 	
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