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Bilderberg and the Islamic hate cartoon connection

MERETE ELDRUP, managing director of company that published the
anti-Islamic cartoons in Denmark (JP/Politikens Hus)

is married to ANDERS ELDRUP, who has attended the last FIVE Bilderberg

She is a former Head of Secretariat at the Ministry of Economic and
Business Affairs and Deputy Director of the Danish Energy Authority.

She must be a useful contact for her husband. He is chairman of DONG,
the big State-owned energy company ('Danish Oil and Natural Gas'), which
will soon be privatised:,34880&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Interestingly, a previous editor-in-chief of 'Politiken', another of
JP/Politikens Hus's newspapers, namely Toger Seidenfaden, was also a
long-time Bilderberger.

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