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Support Charlie Sheen! Vote Yes In CNN Poll
 learn about the issue:

as of 11pm Thu Mar 23
 Created: Thursday, March 23, 2006, at 17:04:53 EDT
 Do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks?
  Yes 80% 5432 votes
  No 20% 1351 votes
 Total: 6783 votes

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important events:
fun events:
more events:
eco events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center     MARCH activism

Friday March 24th
 6:00pm SF: Community Teach-in on State of Philippines
 7:00pm Oakland: Iraqi Women Say No to War
 7:30pm Palo Alto: Screening of "The Real Dirt on Farmer John
Saturday March 25th
 12:00pm Berkeley: Fundraiser for Anti-Racists Arrested Fighting the Minutemen
 6:00pm SF: Benefit Show for the Doe Family


Benzene in Some Soft Drinks Prompts Call for Halt on Sales  in Schools

Fluoride conference reveals fraudulent science behind mass fluoridation

 Former Forest Service chiefs’ opposition adds further weight against sale of public lands

Carbon cloud over a green fuel
An Iowa corn refinery, open since December, 
uses 300 tons of coal a day to make ethanol.

China slaps a tax on chopsticks
Charges on goods unveiled in bid to preserve environment

Groups Demand Water Rights, Cite Millions of Deaths

*Exxon Exxposed*

ACTION ALERT                                 PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY!
Massive Gas Pipeline to Pierce the Amazon

By Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.
March 22, 2006

Project Will Devastate South America's Rainforests, Water & Climate

Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina plan to build a massive natural 
gas pipeline of up to 9,000 km in length from Venezuela to 
Argentina through Brazil's Amazon rainforest. Construction of 
the pipeline would be the most ambitious physical infrastructure 
initiative in South America's history, costing up to $25 billion 
and taking up to seven years to build. The pipeline would pierce 
the heart of the Amazon and ensure its destruction as a large, 
operable whole. Large areas of pristine rainforests will be 
destroyed during construction, and new roads will open the rest 
for colonization by ranchers and loggers. The multitude of 
waterways traversing the Amazon will be polluted during 
construction and inevitable pipeline leaks. The pipeline will 
contribute to global warming through deforestation and oil 
production to access the gas. The similar existing Camisea gas 
pipeline through rainforests in Peru - which was touted as a 
model of sustainable development, environmental protection and 
respect for indigenous peoples - offers a cautionary tale of the 
damage caused by gas pipelines during construction and their 
operation. In three years of operation is has already 
experienced five major spills, severely damaging the environment 
and local communities. The proposed pipeline is a major threat 
to the existence of the Amazon rainforest, as well as regional 
and global ecological sustainability. The leaders of Brazil, 
Venezuela and Argentina must be called upon to scrap plans for 
its construction. Take action now:

Fresh Water Shortages Damage Environment Too*
Peak Oil is Now Official      Suburban Bureau 
Mexico's supergiant Cantarell oilfield is now in decline. 
Can the rest of the world make up the shortfall?

Rachel's News #847: Law of the Commons

In what is a not too subtle dig at Bush's subpoena of their search  
records, Google is getting their own nasty dig at 'W' before the  
gag orders go into effect.

I don't know how long this will work, but go to and type in the search word: asshole

Don't hit the "search" button, hit the "I'M FEELING LUCKY" button  
right below the Search. Turn your speakers on.

The oil is going, the oil is going! 

here is a "Pacific NorthWest" yahoo group dedicated to getting free 
speech.. banner drop and other means

North Korea Says US Does Not Have Monopoly on Pre-emptive Strike 

 After reviewing several robbery reports, and talking with several victims, as well as two reformed muggers, I found out that the B.A.R.T. system is used as a getaway in many cases where people were robbed and mugged in north and west berkeley. 
 All a mugger has to do, given BPD's standard five minute response(a good response time for any large city) all a criminal has to do is make it to north berkeley bart and they can vanish. 
 People around these areas need to be on the alert,    M

Orwell's Internal Revenue Service
The Internal Revenue Service is quietly moving to loosen the 
once-inviolable privacy of federal income-tax returns. … If it succeeds, 
accountants and other tax-return preparers for the first time would be 
able to sell information from individual returns -- or even entire returns 
-- to marketers and data brokers.
IRS plans to allow preparers to sell data

New Poll Finds 86 Percent Of Americans Don't Want To Have A Country Anymore

Grand Opening of Dachau Sounds Familiar
  Dachau's 73rd "Grand Anniversary" Celebrated 
  Feds Schedule $385 Million Concentration Camp To Be Built By Halliburton Subsidiary

Background: friend just got offered a summer internship at $30 an hour.  He
wants more money, but has no other offers.

Friend asks me to take a look at the response he's planning to send.  It
says something like "Is the salary negotiable?".  I point out his email
makes the job the prize, which is wrong.  He's the prize!

Rewrite to something like "I believe $35 a hour is a reasonable offer for
someone with a masters degree, especially considering that I will have to
purchase a car for this internship."  (Always give a reason - See Robert
Cialdini's book Influence: "Can I use this copier?" 20% of people say yes.
"Can I use this copier because I have to make some copies?" 70% of people
say yes.)

Company calls back an hour later with an counter offer of $34.  My friend is
Electoral Dysfunction
One Florida official exposes a gaping flaw in the electoral system – and is ignored by everyone, including California

Conquering the Silk Road:  US Geostrategy and the Confucian-Islamic Connection
 Much has been said and written about the neoconservative 'Project for A New American Century', yet the geostrategic import of this project has only emerged in bits and pieces. However, the  pieces do indeed fit into a comprehensive design for continued American predominance and hegemony in world affairs. The long-term objective of this project is the containment and possible elimination of a rising China, as America's greatest perceived geopolitical threat. The means via which the US intends to obtain this goal is through a bold (and foolish) attempt to conquer the ancient 'Silk Road'. Read More >>>

The First Rules of Holes 20 March 2006

“There is an old military doctrine called the First Rule of Holes: if you find yourself stuck in one, stop digging.”- The late Rear Admiral Eugene Carroll, U.S. Navy

Considering how much President Bush admires war, it’s surprising he doesn’t heed to Admiral Carroll’s paradigm. From domestic to international policy, Bush seems to keep digging himself deeper into a trench he has little hope of getting out of. Admittedly, he’s been able to temporarily halt scrutiny into his warrantless eavesdropping program, but only because the press, public and Congress is shocked and awed by the mammoth incompetence of his administration. While giving a speech in Cleveland Ohio on Monday, Bush defended his Iraq record, saying he could "understand people being disheartened" but appealed to Americans to look beyond the bloodshed and see signs of progress.,,329437977-103550,00.html

'Iraq was awash in cash. We played football with bricks of $100 bills' 

At the beginning of the Iraq war, the UN entrusted $23bn of Iraqi money to the US-led coalition to redevelop the country. With the infrastructure of the country still in ruins, where has all that money gone? Callum Macrae and Ali Fadhil on one of the greatest financial scandals of all time

U.S. Hiring Hong Kong Co. to Scan Nukes


 The Miami Herald is reporting that a new game based on Monopoly
<> is
taking a crack at Patriot Act and what creator Michael Kabbash describes
as the curtailed freedom that has resulted. From the article: /"The
object of the game is not to amass the most money or real estate, but to
be the last player to retain civil liberties. 'I've had people complain
to me that when they play, nobody wins. They say "We're all in
Guantanamo and nobody has any civil liberties left," he said. 'I'm like
"Yeah, that's the point."'

Rest of article here

"The board game that brings the thrill of trampling the Constitution
right into your home... newly updated for 2006 to include NSA wiretaps
and renewal of provisions"

Second Death of Rachel Corrie

50,000 For Our Forest!

Thu Mar 23

# Thu, Mar 23, 2006      5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
 A Special Evening of Venezuela Solidarity
Leaning Tower of Pizza 498 Wesley @ Brooklyn Oakland

# Our Beautiful World is Dying march 23  6:00pm-10pm $0
This Beautiful World Is Dying
Artwork by Josh Barry
At the Seventh Heart
Opening Reception
March 23, 2006, 6-8 p.m.
Runs through March 6th-23rd

Slinky nymphs, lithe pixies and gorgeous mermaids are some of the  
inhabitants of Josh Barry's altered universe encapsulated in This  
Beautiful World Is Dying.  They play and gesture, sucking the viewer  
into their dying world.  What is killing their world?  Perhaps it is  
heartache or worse, apathy.  The entropic imagery in each work could  
be an obvious reference to death, but in Barry's case entropy also  
references life.  The imagery is full of nostalgia for a better time,  
a better world, or a world better left to the imagination.

Although Barry has created 15 pieces for the Seventh Heart gallery,  
his work is truly conceptual.  His stories are where his art  
resides.  These stories are taken from personal experiences but  
portrayed by archetypal characters.  The characters are delightful  
and belie some of the difficult subject matter that inspires Barry's  

Josh Barry lives and works in San Francisco.  He is originally from  
Bermuda and has lived in San Diego and Chicago.  All of the places he  
has lived have affected his work.  Barry has his BFA from the Windows  
Arts Academy and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Melinda Moshuk Independent Curator San Francisco, CA 415-794-5835
the Seventh Heart 1592 market sf 415-431-1755

# 3/23 6:30 pm FREE lecture/panel discussion w/ members of the Black Panthers @ Yerba Buena 3rd @ Mission/Howard

# Voices of Dissent: Activism & American Democracy
Screening & Discussion with Filmmaker Karil Daniels
Thursday, March 23 7:00 PM
New College Cultural Center
766 Valencia Street, San Francisco 

Filmmaker Karil Daniels screens her award-winning video documentary about defending our First Amendment rights and civil liberties against government attempts to repress democracy and our freedom to dissent. The film includes many of the surprising and creative ways Americans have found to express their views in dissent against the Bush administration policy of war in Iraq. 

After the screening, join a discussion with filmmaker Karil Daniels about what we can do to protect authentic democracy. 

This 42-minute documentary has been honored at 8 film festivals. Proceeds will support plans to expand it to full feature length. 

Admission: $8 General / $4 Students & Seniors 

Using events, theater, song, dance, comedy, satire, music, poetry, interviews with many well-known personalities and the wisdom of our founding fathers, VOICES reminds us of our roots and the importance of protecting authentic democracy. Featuring Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, Al Franken, Arianna Huffington, Daniel Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, Norman Solomon, Will Durst, Rene Hicks, Starhawk, Drew Dellinger, Ron Kovic and many more.

Karil Daniels is a long-time activist film & video maker. She is a founding member of the Film Arts Foundation and a current member of the Board of Directors of Bay Area Women in Film and Television. 

This event is co-sponsored by New College Center for Education and Social Action, and the film is a sponsored project of the Film Arts Foundation, a non-profit organization. 

For more information, contact Jon Garfield, New College Center for Education and Social Action at 415-437-3425 or 

See also:
Karil Daniels, Point of View Productions, 415) 821-0435 

Fri Mar 24

# [bacorr] ALERT!!! Right wing Christian fundamentalist bigots are coming to San Francisco
ALERT!!! Right wing Christian fundamentalist bigots are coming to San Francisco this Friday and Saturday to hold a fascist mega-pep rally called "BATTLECRY FOR A GENERATION." They are recruiting youth and their rallying cry is "Reclaim the values that made this nation great." (Like slavery, genocide, racism, and imperialism)

Their first rally is Friday afternoon (2:30) at San Francisco City Hall. Please arrive at 2:00 pm on Friday and bring drums, noisemakers, voices, banners, large signs, and your determination to drive Christian fascism out of S.F.!!! Then they will be at ATT/SBC Park Friday night (7PM) and all day Saturday (8AM-9PM). Check out their website -- they truly want a theocracy: "...there are young people that love God and want to build the future of our country on Biblical values. We want the world to know this is the purpose of our gathering....[!!!!]", as always they are promoting an anti women homophobic ideology.

# There is going to be a rally of Right wing fundementalists tomorrow at City HAll..."Battlecry" a charismatic Christian sect, is convening "prayerfully" on the steps of City Hall at 2 to offer the usual nostrums about sin, the love of Jesus and the ills of humanist secularism. Go here to get more details (and also to read some florid rhetoric from our Friends in Jesus who have discovered Indybay and are gleefully posting on it.)
There will be a press conferance organized by BACORR, World can't Wait, Not in Our Name, and Code Pink. Tom Ammiano who introduced a resolution(which is attached))  condemming their anti-queer, anti-choice subtext, will be speaking as well. Toni Mendocino is speaking for BACOOR.
If you can make, that would be great.

Poetry began in the matriarchal age, and derives its power from the moon, not from the sun.
No poet can hope to understand the nature of poetry unless he has had a vision of the Naked King crucified to the lopped oak, and watched the dancers, red-eyed from the acrid smoke of the sacrificial fires, stamping out the measure of the dance, their bodies bent uncouthly forward, with a monotonous chant of: 'Kill! kill! kill!' and 'Blood! blood! blood!'

Robert Graves
"The White Goddess"

# Scott Ritter, Faiza Al-Araji, Medea Benjamin, & Ray McGovern "We Won't Get Neo-CONNED Again"
Fri, Mar 24, 2006   7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
First Unitarian Church of Oakland (Wheelchair accessible)
685 14th Street

 Former Chief UN Weapons Inspector SCOTT RITTER,
 Iraqi citizen FAIZA AL-ARAJI,
 Founder of Global Exchange & CodePink MEDEA BENJAMIN, and
 Retired Senior CIA Analyst RAY McGOVERN

 ASL interpretation available.

 Advance tickets: $15 suggested donation ($20 at the door). Advance tickets are available by phone at 415-255-7296 and online at

 Ritter & McGovern will sign copies of the new book "Neo-Conned" after the talk.

 SCOTT RITTER was the UN's top weapons inspector in Iraq between 1991 and 1998. Before working for the UN he served as an officer in the US Marines and as a ballistic missile adviser to General Schwarzkopf in the first Gulf war. He wrote the introduction to Neo-CONNED! Again, and will be signing copies immediately following the event.

 FAIZA AL-ARAJI is a member of a delegation of Iraqi women visiting the US to educate Americans about the reality in Iraq and meet with UN and US officials to call for an end to the US military presence in their country. She is a civil engineer and blogger. She is a religious Shia with a Sunni husband, and mother of three. After one son was recently held as a political prisoner by the Ministry of the Interior, the family fled to Jordan. Her blog is

 RAY McGOVERN served as a captain in the U.S. Army from 1962 to 1964 before working as a CIA analyst for 27 years. From 1981 to 1985 he conducted daily briefings for Ronald Reagan's vice president, George Bush, the father of our current president. Ray is a member of the Steering Group of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. He wrote a chapter in Neo-CONNED! Again, and will be signing copies immediately following the event.

 MEDEA BENJAMIN is the co-founder of Global Exchange and Code Pink. She is powerful and charismatic human rights activist who has struggled for social justice for over 20 years. Ever since the tragic events of 9/11, Medea has been organizing against a violent response. In October 2002, she made national news for interrupting Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as he pitched his plans for war against Iraq to Congress. After the invasion, she traveled several times to Iraq to organize Occupation Watch International Center in Baghdad. At the start of 2005, Medea accompanied a delegation of U.S. military families to the Iraqi/Jordanian border to bring a shipment of humanitarian aid for people in Falluja and those most in need.

 Co-sponsored by: US Tour of Duty , Global Exchange,CODEPINK, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee, KPFA and Light in the Darkness Publications.

For more information contact:
Phoebe Sorgen
(510) 528-9428
(415) 255-7296 tix

# Fri. March 24, 7:30 p.m.   Earth Charter Marin    Protect our Living Oceans
When the Whales Stopped Singing: The Impact of Human-Made Noise in the Ocean. George Taylor, Board President of Seaflow.
 "The ocean is not quiet. Whales, dolphins and other ocean life are put at risk as humans invade the ocean with noises made by commercial and military technology. Off shore oil drilling, Navy sonar systems and diesel engines are just a few of the noise-making technologies which affect the delicate acoustic environment in the Ocean. The biggest new problem in the ocean-noise issue is that the oil industry, to find deposits in the outer continental shelf, wants to survey with an incredibly loud seismic air-gun system, which disrupts fish stock and whales for up to twenty hours at a time."
Find Out •How You Can Protect Ocean Life
The Redwoods, 40 Camino Alto, Mill Valley (at Miller) (across the street from Safeway)

# Nathalia Edenmont: Art Opening at the new blashtaus gallery, BOCA 
 Friday, March 24 6:00 PM
Location? Maybe Blue Room on Mission? 
Blasthaus this week changed locations twice for this and/or another event.
 keep changing it See or
SF, CA 94103 415 474 7973 
 March 24 to April 29  Opening Reception: Friday March 24 6PM 

# Common Vision Benenfit, Santa Cruz, 3-24-06  Friday, March 24 8:00 PM
 418 Front St  Santa Cruz, CA  view map 
 Common Vision, a non-profit group that plants fruit trees at schools, plays west african drums and dance, from San Diego to Nevada City from February to March on our annual Fruit Tree Tour, is having a benefit concert and community art auction in Santa Cruz on 3-24-06. 
The event will be held at 418 Front St at 8 pm. This is an all ages event with a 10 dollar admission fee, but free admission for a art donation that can be auctioned in our silent art auction. Art submissions must be turned in by 5pm and ready for display. The theme of the art show this year is "Fruit Trees". 
We will have some awesome performances including 

Don Woulila 
West African Drum and Dance 
featuring master drummer 
Bolokada Konde from Guinea 

Common Vision 
featuring the Fruit Tree Tour '06 crew 
a multicultural educational performance 
with storytelling, drumming, dancing, hip hop, and so much more! 

Living Alliance of Love 
an infusion of hip hop, trance, and dub music 
featuring Johnny Dutro 

Galactic Dub Council 
featuring a slew of hip hoppers (Resonant Sun, Smiles a Lot, SUP126, Cerberus, Kalimama, Luke D, and more) 
with integrated beats and live music! 
break dancers and belly dancers, too! 

Amber and Molly 
Hip hop set with members Santa Cruz's Goddess Funk 

There will also be a parade from Pacific Ave with the Santa Cruz Trash Orkestra 

Please come and show your support! 
This is your chance to donate some beautiful art or $ for a great cause, and shake your boooty! 
more info at 

# UNDULATIONS 3 Fri Mar 24  (one night only!!) Location: Mighty  119 Utah St SF. @ 15th St./ Potrero
Doors open at 9pm and spin until afterhours  $15 pre-sale/$18 at the door 
21+ only  more info available at 
 Hosted By: Ultra Gypsy  belly dance

come on out and boogie down at the event that you won't want to miss:  Undulations 3: A sultry evening of belly dance and exotic music..
\This friday March 24th.
@ Mighty, 119 Utah St.  in SF.
Doors open at 9pm 
$15 adv./$18 @ the door 
21+ ONLY!
Ultragypsy Dance Theater Presents!
jaw dropping dancing
sultry and amazing live musicians
rockin  djs
sexy hot hipsters shakin it on the dance floor (that's you!)
Some of the sassiest, most chique and cutting edge vendors
and the world premier of Ultra Gypsy's new theatrical set..

# Fourth Fridays 9pm-2am SHINE @ 1337 mission b/t 9th & 10th
soma, sf FREE before 10 $5 after  21+  4th fridays | every month

# LIVE HUMANS!! MAKING MUSIC!!  Friday, March 24 9:00 PM
 $5 for the heads (or your saucy equivalent) 
at SugarBunni's, 1919 Market @ Grand in West Oakland (do not leave valuables in your car!) 
....and how wonderful the rest will be... 
LAZARUS (sf) ( 
2% MAJESTY (pdx) ( 
ALEC K. REDFEARN (providence) ( 

# Friday, March 24, 10:00pm
A domestic intelligence-gathering program is discussed.
Sunday, March 26, 4:30am
A domestic intelligence-gathering program is discussed.
Monday, March 27, 1:30am
A domestic intelligence-gathering program is discussed.
Tuesday, March 28, 2:30am
A domestic intelligence-gathering program is discussed.

This Week on NOW: Eyes of the Eagle

Friday, March 24, 2006 on PBS 
(Check local listings at 


This week on NOW:   

* Eyes of the Eagle
NOW investigates a little-known Pentagon program that's been secretly
snooping on Americans with the help of local law enforcement.


"Eyes of the Eagle"

How far can the Pentagon go to flush out terrorists in our midst? 
NOW takes a look at a little-known Pentagon program created by Paul
Wolfowitz called TALON, short for "Threat and Local Observation Notice."
TALON has been keeping tabs on a wide range of innocent Americans, 
from student protesters to even one 79-year-old grandmother. Critics 
allege that much of the information generated has been unreliable --
particularly from their close collaboration with local law enforcement.

"First, they were doing stupid things which should just piss people off
in terms of a waste of time and energy, " William Arkin, a former
military intelligence analyst and past consultant to the United States
Air Force told NOW, "But second, they were violating their own rules and
the law." Is the Pentagon's eye on you? 


NOW Online
Starting Friday morning, the NOW web site will follow up on the TALON
story with exclusive features and information, including:

* A comprehensive look at TALON and other ways the government has been
keeping tabs on American dissent and dissenters.

* A closer look at documents shown on the broadcast, including the Paul
Wolfowitz memorandum recommending stronger civil liberty protections for
the program he created.

* An update on the domestic spying controversy

* Our NOW online poll: Should the Defense Department be keeping tabs on
anti-government activists?

Sat Mar 25

#  Join us in Flagstaff, AZ on March 25th! - March for Sacred Sites and Immigrant Rights!. More info at,

# Farm Sanctuary's Farm Animal Forum
 You may already have heard about our upcoming Farm Animal Forum at the Ramada Plaza in downtown San Francisco on Saturday, March 25. It promises to be an exciting and educational event filled with passionate guest speakers, delicious vegan food, informative activist training sessions, a wide variety of merchandise, and opportunities for networking.
We are still in need of volunteers to assist with set-up, clean-up, registration, security, and/or staffing merchandise tables on Saturday. There are 2 six hour shifts: 8a.m.-2p.m. and 2p.m.-8p.m. Individuals who volunteer on Saturday do not need to register for the conference and are able to attend presentations and/or participate in activities either before or after their shifts. Volunteers will be provided with a boxed lunch. We are especially in need of volunteers for the first shift. More information can be found on the website:
Visit our website at
Sign up to be a member of our Activist Network at 

# 3/25: Todd Chretien 4 Senate vs. Feinstein (bernal heights)
Meet Todd Chretien, an able thinker and credible candidate for U.S. Senate. 
 He's boldly opposed to continued U.S. military presence in Iraq. He tackles 
 issues other than Iraq. Visit his website: 
 Todd's the March 25 program at Bernal Heights' monthly community forum, Bumpin' 
 Bernal Heights. 1 pm. 189 Ellsworth St. (off of Cortland). 
 hosted by Bumpin' Bernal Heights   415-948-4265   telekosmos 

# Sat, Mar 25, 2006      2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
 Scott Ritter, Medea Benjamin, Fernando Suarez, Ray McGovern, & Faiza Al-Araji of the Iraqi Women Speak Out Tour
Vets Hall 846 Front St  Santa Cruz

# Sat Mar 25 5pm FLASH MOB SUCKAS!! (downtown / civic / van ness)
 Paper Airplanes In San Fransisco At the san fransisco shopping center (on market st @ 5th)
 march 25 at 5pm exactly 
 make some paper airplanes before hand, then go to the highest floor in the mall (10th i believe) and toss the airplanes at exactly 5 pm then quickly disperse 

# Mind Strata: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex
Saturday, March 25th 6:00 pm-11:00 pm Free
	This is an exhibition which brings together a collection of artists  
who have been asked to make new works which deal with inherited  
social baggage. The specific focus is on the artists' reactions to  
the mid-20th century attitudes towards sex and sexuality that have  
been passed down to them as received wisdom. This group of artists  
chooses not to treat them as such, but rather to mine them as a rich  
territory for criticism, re-evaluation, and amusement.
Mind Strata is a group of Bay Area artists that formed in 2006 to  
carry out a series of conceptually based exhibitions. Upcoming shows  
include Mind Strata: The Collision Point at the Works San Jose in  
September 2006, and Mind Strata: Office Dreams, which is currently on  
view at the I Magnin Building
(2001 Broadway) in downtown Oakland.
The artist reception will be held on Saturday, March 25th from  
6-11p.m. It is free and open to the public.
Viewing at the Garage is by appointment only, please visit for more details.
The Garage
2830 Pacific Avenue (between Divisidero and Brodrick)San Francisco

# Don't forget about the Marin Raw Food potluck this Saturday evening at 6pm.  We have an excellent speaker, Don Weaver, back by popular demand, who will begin at 7pm.

The new location is at the La Plaza conference room.  4340 Redwood Hwy, San Rafael (Terra Linda) 94903.  There is a $3 donation required for each potluck participant.

Directions:  101 to Smith Ranch Rd.  Head East and turn right onto Redwood Hwy. at the first light.  (Not counting the light for 101 if you are coming from North of San Rafael)  Take the second left (immediately after the first left) driveway just south of Mitchell Rd.  The conference room is all the way at the back of the complex.


We hope to see you there!  The following is the bio for our speaker....

Veganic Eco-Gardening for Personal-and-Planetary Health" by Don
>Don Weaver returns to inform and encourage us to surrender to a
>healthy Spring Fever and the urge to plant our own
>mineralized-organic gardens and fruit trees. He thinks that generous
>local and global soil remineralization with rock dust to grow
>high-quality crops and trees is a primary key to regenerating the
>socio-ecosphere. Having 29 years as a healthy raw fooder and organic
>gardener, Don is glad to share his experience and thoughts, and to
>answer any questions. He also offers two free books online at
>, and will bring a few 50-bags of rock dust for
>those wanting to take some home; cost will be about $15/bag. If you
>want more than one bag it is a good idea to let Don know in advance: earthdon@yahoo

# Sat, Mar 25, 2006      7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
IRAQ: The Power of Truth in a War Based on Lies w/Scott Ritter, Faiza Al-Araji, Medea Benjamin & Ray McGovern
First Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Hall (Wheelchair accessible)
1140 Cowper Street Palo Alto

# Japan Meets Oakland Saturday, March 25 8:00pm-10:00pm $10
YLEM hosts a multimedia event featuring the noted Japanese musician/
sculptor/architect Akio Hizume in his first Bay Area appearance.
Joining him will be San Francisco Bay Area musician/performance
artists Tim Perkis, John Bischoff, Kenneth Atchley, and Kattt Sammon.
Join us for this multimedia extravaganza of images, new sounds, solos
and duets. 21 Grand 416 25th St Oakland 510-444-7263
21 Grand is located at 416 25th Street (at Broadway), Oakland, CA 94612
lorenmea 510-444-7263

# Big community art show at
This will be a wonderful night of music, art and film. 
This is a non profit community event showcasing over 50 artists. 
please come out and support local ART!!! 
Saturday March 25, 8pm to 1 at Art SF 110 capp @ 16th 
$5-20 sliding scale  Music:  Cuba  live band, the Dedications  dj 7 ate 9 
tag team set by Miss Blyss and Double 00  J. Tonal ( 
Experimental Opera preformance by Ashley Knight 
FILM installation  Douglas Katelus  Gwendolyn Dearborn  the "hala" 
Over 40 artists showing photography, mixed media, painting, sculpture, textiles, and fashion. 

# Bénèfice!     A Benefit for La Vache Enragee Productions
Saturday, March 25th, 9:00 - midnight
Cafe La Onda 3159 16th St (bet. Valencia and Guerrero) in SF
Entertainment provided by:
 Dumb Clothing / SilverLucy urban fashion show   The Galactica Orchestra original jazz
Afi Ayanna soul vocals    n.o.madic tribal belly dance
Aima of The Mamaz conscious hip-hop / spoken word
                                  The Genie scratch guitar / beatbox
$10 Donation requested.   No one turned away for lack of funds
All donations go to La Vache Enragee, a 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit Corporation.
All donations are tax-deductible. All ages are welcome.
For more info call 415-812-7224  or go to

# Next Anon is Saturday, March 25, 2006 ~ Sensuellevation! ~
Details soon! -

285 9th & Folsom/SF

Suggestive Donations:
$10 b4 10:30/ $15 - Heightened/ $20 - Hesitant

- RADIOHIRO (Kollektiv/CHGO)
- DAVID STARFIRE (Radio Assassins/LA)

Plus the Sensuous HandMaidens  from
XOX BURLESQUE invite you to undergo the
(Arab Flamenco Funk Live!)
- PLUS ONE (UpSideDownTempo)
- AtoMikDoG - Hardware Live-Set (369rekchordz)

- BROOKE BUCHANAN/ "Secret Exposures"
- RUBY PEARL / Fabled Lips
- JOEGH B & LAEL/ Lingeried Sensuwall
- CLAY CHOLLAR/Airbrushed Booty Parlor
- OCEANA/ Painted Faces
- DEE DEE RUSSELL/ Goddess of Pink
- The (Once Again!) Re-Designed Roof Garden

÷ Did you know that the ANON gallery is available for rentals?  If interested, contact

÷  Also, if U R (or know someone who is) a stellar web designer, OR a back-end ninja, (& even if you don't need the work right now) drop Spoon a line at

# Mar 25-26:Giving Good "NO"

Sun Mar 26

# Do you oppose the war?  Why pay for it?  
More than half of our federal income taxes are used for militarism. 
Find out more about this form of conscientious objection 
at an introductory workshop. 

San Francisco, Sunday March 26, 2-5pm
San Francisco Friends Meeting
65-9th St. between Market and Mission
(Near Civic Center BART)

Northern California War Tax Resistance

# 2050 Bryant @ 18th has confirmed our reservation request 2:00-5:00 p.m. for Sundays March 5, 12, and 26th.  there is a benefit concert there on the 19th, so we'll have to plan to be somewhere else that day.
to subscribe to Bay Area Hulahoopers, send a blank email to:

# Now-Time Venezuela: Oliver Ressler, Dario Azzullini, and Chris Gilbert in Conversation
March 26, Berkeley Art Museum Theater, 2pm
 Together with Matrix Curator Chris Gilbert, Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler will discuss their new video project on occupied factories in Venezuela. The project initiates the year-long Matrix cycle "Now-Time Venezuela: media along the path of the Bolivarian process." The cycle will present works that both document and contribute to the process of political, cultural, and economic transformation in contemporary Venezuela.

# 3/26: Salt Pond Tour (menlo park)
 Salt Pond Tour 
 a guided walk starting at Bayfront Park in Menlo Park 
 Sunday, March 26, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM 
 Did you know that the largest tidal wetland restoration project on the West Coast is happening right here in the San Francisco Bay? Hear more about this project and view some of the salt ponds acquired by the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Geared towards adults. Free. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. Call 510-792-0222 x43 for reservations and directions. 
 Location: Meet at Bayfront Park, Menlo Park 
 Contact: Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, 510-792-0222 


Come explore Pandora's Trunk, a unique trunk show and boutique
featuring handmade fashion goods, books, and art, homemade truffles, and a deluxe spa, footcare, and massage corner.   You'll have the opportunity to chat with and purchase high quality goods from talented local designers and artists, while sampling decadent chocolates and sipping on complimentary drinks.  All while listening to the sounds of our favorite hot violist.  See you there!

Spa Dee Dah doing full-body massage and luxurious foot care, $1/minute 

Rachel from selling art prints, t-shirts, handmade hat, and luxe underwear

Decadent chocolate truffles by Fuzzy: Philippe

Jazzboogie Accessories by Erin

Sprocketbooks by Gina
miranda caroligne - one-of-a-kind neoarchaic creations

March 26th, 3-7pm   free!
916 Natoma Street, at 10th Street San Francisco

# Monkey Chant Circle Song: Oakland, Sunday March 26, 7-10pm 
 The group that has done the monkey chant workshops and performances at Burning Man for the last five years is inviting you to come and play with us this weekend. 
Sunday, March 26 , 2006 : 7-10 pm. YES, WE LOVE IT, THIS SUNDAY! 
Monkey Chant, Toning, Beat-Box, Circle Song 
Anyone who chooses and Gamelan X (a.k.a. One People Voice) 
One People Voice Box, 2509 Myrtle Street, Oakland, Ca. 94607. (We're almost 2 blocks north of West Grand on the left hand side.) 510.832.1631 Celebrate the Voice and the Circle. Connect and Reconnect. 
COST: FREE. (Donations Not Expected, Nor Refused.)  Gamelan X 

# Free Film Screening - Inside San Quentin Sunday, March 26 8pm free
The Arena - Inside San Quentin
A special screening of Marino Colmano's gripping photofilm.
Existence inside San Quentin Prison in Marin County, California is  
explored in intimate detail in this photojournalism exposé.
Made Possible By Lucid Media 318 N. Carson St., No. 208 Carson City, NV 89701
Space Gallery 1141 Polk St San Francisco 415-377-3325
On Polk Between Sutter and Post St
raym 415-377-3325

Mon Mar 27

#  March for Peace
 Monday, March 27, 2006  (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

 Oakland, California

OBJECTIVE: A 241 mile march that aims at ensuring that the Latino voice of opposition to the War is heard loud and clear across the Americas.

WHAT/ WHEN: Fernando Suarez del Solar, Pablo Paredes, Camilo Mejia and Aidan Delgado will lead a coalition of the willing across this 241 mile quest for peace starting in Tijuana, Mexico, going through Marine Corps Depot Camp Pendleton to the Cesar Chavez burial site in La Paz, CA, culminating in The Mission district of San Francisco with a memorial ceremony and blood drive.
 The March will begin on 12 March 2006. The coalition of the willing will arrive at La Paz, CA on 22 March 2006 and culminate in San Francisco from 26 March 2006 to 27 March 2006.

WHY: Latinos represent nearly 15% of the US population and 11% of the US military, with many serving in combat or hazardous duty occupations. In addition, an estimated 20% of the fallen service members in the early months of the invasion were Latino. With the continued growth of the Latino population and its vital importance to the future of this country, it is time the Latino community become an active and vocal part of the 60%+ of US citizens that oppose this War. It is also time to show the Latino community that they have a voice and a right to fight for peace and stability. Fernando Suarez Del Solar is committed to self-sacrifice. At 50 years of age he cares more about ending this war than even his own health. We make this call not only to the Latino population but to all those who agree with our message “No more bloodshed in Iraq”.

visit for more information

# Venezuela from Below - a film by Oliver Ressler & Dario Azzellini 
Screening & Panel Discussion
Monday, March 27, 7:00 PM 
New College Theater
777 Valencia St, San Francisco
Oliver Ressler - Artist and co-director of the documentary film Venezuela from Below 
Dario Azzellini - Writer and political analyst, and co-director of the documentary film Venezuela from Below 
Chris Gilbert - MATRIX Curator 

In Venezuela, a profound social transformation identified as the Bolivarian process has been underway since Hugo Chávez's governmental takeover in 1998. It concerns a broad process of self organization, from which has developed a progressive constitution, a labor law, new educational possibilities, and a number of further reforms for the impoverished majority of the population of what is potentially a wealthy state. 

In Venezuela from Below by Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler (2004; 67 min), the true actors in the social process are able to speak: workers from the oil company PDVSA, farmers from a newly founded cooperative in Aragua, loan recipients from the 23 de Enero barrio in Caracas, indigenous community members from the Orinoco river valley, and others. These are the people of the grassroots and they speak about what they did and what they are doing, how they feel about the Bolivarian process, and about their expectations and ideas in the search for a social and economic model beyond neo-liberalism. Following the screening, panelists will engage in discussion with the audience and each other about this film and Azzelini and Ressler's new video project about the on-going movement toward worker-controlled enterprises in Venezuela. 

Donation Requested $5 (no one turned away due to lack of funds) 

Presented by: 
The Labor Video Project, LaborFest in conjunction with BAMPFA 
Hands Off Venezuela Coalition, New College Center For Education & Social Action 

For more information: (415) 282-1908 or email

Tue Mar 28

# City Guides' First Salon:       Sex in Our City
Tuesday, March 28 -391 Grove Street at Gough
 (Friends of the SFPL Headquarters)      Doors Open 5:45
Several local wines will be on offer for tasting (hosted)
Eileen Keremitsis (The Barbary Coast)
Nan A. Boyd (author, Wide-Open Town: A History of Queer San Francisco)
Carol Queen (founder, Center for Sex & Culture)
Come, hang out with fellow Guides and others. Relax and Learn!
RSVP required:

# 3/28: ecoVillage Coffee Hour, Tuesdays, 6 PM (oakland lake merritt / grand)
 ecoVillage coffee hour: Every Tuesday at The Leaning Tower of Pizza, 498 Wesley (cross-street is Brooklyn). On the Lakeshore Avenue side of Lake Merritt. Hang out with neighbors. The ecoVillage Coffee Hour is the longest-lived activity on the ecoVillage calendar! No agenda. No decisions. Come join in the mix and enjoy community. Info: Directions: 510-444-6824.

# Life Moxie presents: Inspiration Point - Tue Mar 28 6:30p – 9:00p
 HMO v. PPO - Your Healthcare Choices
 SpiralMuse Home of WellBeing 3387-3389 22nd St @ Guerrero

# March 28th, 6:30 p.m.. at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, the Contra Costa Watershed Forum is hosting the Creek and Watershed Symposium. Free admission. Open to general public. Please come and learn about what's going on in creeks and watersheds in central Contra Costa County. Meet representatives from local creek groups and see their presentations. The Forum's Volunteer Creek Monitoring Program will provide a presentation to show you findings from the Global Positioning System and Benthic Macro Invertebrate data collection efforts. Learn how to live with creeks in your neighborhood. 
For more information, visit 
or contact Kae Ono at kono or 925-335-1230. 

# GREEN LIVING / Palo Alto /

In cooperation with the Palo Alto Adult School, Acterra is offering a "Green Living" class this spring, on alternate Tuesday nights, starting March 28 at Palo Alto High School.

 Green Teams is a participant-lead class, and the discussion is all about sharing techniques for things we do in our daily lives to lessen our impact on the Earth.
 Topics to be covered are waste, household chemicals, energy, transportation, water and community.

 To get a better feel for what will be covered, take a look at
 This class has been offered in the past at Acterra with the name "Green Teams." 

 To register, you must sign up at the Palo Alto Adult School website: 
 Green living is listed under the "General Interest" category. 

 Registration fee is $45, which includes a workbook. To sign up, see 

 With the rising cost of energy, concerns about global climate change and awareness of harmful chemical pollutants, more and more people are looking for ways to live more lightly on the Earth. Each session will highlight hands-on things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment--and save money in the process!

 Instructors are David Coale, davidc, and Debbie Mytels, debbiem Please contact one of us if you have questions.

7 wks -- March 28 - June 13, 2006
No class April 11, April 25, May 9 and May 30. 

Tuesday evenings, 7:30 - 9 pm
 Palo Alto High School, Room 310

# Central Contra Costa County Creek and Watershed Symposium (lafayette / orinda / moraga)
Reply to:
 Date: 2006-03-17, 5:04PM PST


Wed Mar 29

# Hope to see some of your sweet faces in Turkey for the beautiful Solar 
Eclipse Gathering in Southern Turkey on March 29th....
If you come to Soulclipse,the huge trance festie in Paradise Canyon, come 
see me perform in the Chill Out ..............We are called SUNDARA and it 
will be a sacred ambient  journey with ethnic overtones and devotional 
prayer ranging from Indian  mantra to Ayahuasca/Orixa chants ,goddess 
invocation ,mystical Rumi poetry, and some Jah luv dub stylee too......
And after the festival ,we can chill at the Rainbow Gathering or other 
afterparties under the warm mediteranean sunshine .......!!!
So hope to see ya's there ! Blessings and smiles
Nalini of Sundara - Peace in every breath.

# Mar 29 2:55 am Free Solar eclipse over Africa 3601 Lyon @ Lombard, come camp out for free

# BACORR  and New College of California
Reproductive Rights Movie Night!  -  at the Roxie Cinema
Films & Discussion:  Leona's Sister Gerri   &  The Last Abortion Clinic                  
Wednesday, March 29, 7:00 PM
Roxie Cinema
3117 16th Street (between Valencia & Guerrero), San Francisco
$ 8 - General Admission / $ 4 - Students
“Leona's Sister Gerri” (1995), is an award winning film by Jane Gillooly.
This film tells the dramatic story of Gerri Santoro, a mother of two and the "real person" in the now famous photo of an anonymous woman on a motel floor, dead from an illegal abortion. Reprinted thousands of times on placards, and in the media, this grisly photo became a pro-choice icon. 
“The Last Abortion Clinic” (2005)
Written, produced and directed by Raney Aronson-Rath.
The New York Times said "...'The Last Abortion Clinic,' gives a lucid picture of how the anti-abortion movement in states like Mississippi has worked so many hurdles into local laws that abortions are almost unattainable for poor women."
If you care about this issue NOW is the time to get involved.
Abortion has already been banned in South Dakota. Who’s next?
BACORR (Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights) is a coalition of organizations and individuals working for reproductive rights. Check out BACORR's website: or e-mail us at .
New College of California:
Roxie Film Center at New College:
For more information about this event call: Jon Garfield, 415-437-3425.

#  comic strip artist TOM TOMORROW
 Wednesday, March 29, 2006  (7:00 PM)
Booksmith 1644 Haight Street (Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps)
 San Francisco, California 94117

comic strip artist TOM TOMORROW
 reading & book signing for "Hell in a Handbasket"
 Wednesday, March 29th at 7 pm

For years, Tom Tomorrow's acerbic and hilarious political cartoon, This Modern World, has been among the most recognizable and widely read comic strips in the country. In his first full-color compilation, "Hell in a Handbasket," Tomorrow looks unflinchingly at what America has become in the years since 9/11. "Hail, Tom Tomorrow." - Michael Moore.

Tom Tomorrow is the creator of the nationally syndicated cartoon strip This Modern World. His work appears each week in and in alternative newspapers across the country. He has also been featured in the New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, The New Yorker, Esquire, and elsewhere. The former San Francisco resident is a two-time recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for Cartooning.

Booksmith author events are free and located at our San Francisco store (1644 Haight Street in San Francisco, between Clayton & Cole), unless otherwise noted. For further information, call 415-863-8688 or visit If you cannot attend an event and would like to order a signed copy of a book by an author included in our events calendar, please email or call our store.

# SpiralMuse NEW Moon Ritual – Wed Mar 29th  7:30p Potluck; 8:30p – 10:00p Ritual  
 SpiralMuse Home of WellBeing
3387-3389 22nd St @ Guerrero San Francisco, CA  94110

Thu Mar 30

# Thu(3/30) 7:00pm
   - David Ray Griffin, 9/11 The Myth & the Reality
   - Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Avenue, Oakland

A Talk by David Ray Griffin
Thursday, March 30, 2006, 7:00 p.m.
Grand Lake Theater
3200 Grand Avenue, Oakland

Price: $10. No one turned away at the door for lack of funds
Ticket Purchase: Tickets on sale beginning early March, 2006.
For more information,contact 510-368-0013.

# Thurs. March 30, 7 pm  David Ray Griffin Speaks About 9/11
 Prominent Theologian to Present Omitted Facts and Demand a Full Investigation 
 Standing by the principle that all suspects in a crime who had the means, motive, and opportunity should be investigated, Dr. Griffin raises disturbing questions and brings to light many omissions and distortions of fact in the official record of the official account – The 9/11 Commission Report.  (Doors open at 6:00pm) 
Grand Lake Theater  3200 Grand Ave, Oakland 
 Admission: $10 (no one turned away at the door for lack of funds)

# David Ray Griffin Talk:  "9/11: The Myth & The Reality"

Thursday, March 30 7:00pm - 9:00 p.m. with Reception to Follow

10.00 & No One Turned Away at Door For Lack of Funds
Prominent Theologian to Present Omitted Facts and Demand a Full  

Standing by the principle that all suspects in a crime who had the  
means, motive, and opportunity should be investigated, Dr. Griffin  
raises disturbing questions and brings to light many omissions and  
distortions of fact in the official statement of the official account  
- "The 9/11 Commission Report."

Some of the questions and omissions Griffin addresses:
About 100 times a year jet fighters routinely take to the air in  
under 20 minutes to investigate aircraft in trouble. On 9/11, nearly  
two hours passed without any interceptions. Why?

Why did the Twin Towers collapse straight down, totally, and at  
virtually free-fall speed, given the fact that no steel-frame high- 
rise building had previously collapsed because of fire and externally  
caused damage?
Why did many witnesses, including many firefighters, report hearing  
explosions before and during the collapses of the towers?

Why did World Trade Center Building 7, a 47-story steel-frame  
skyscraper located over a block away from the Twin Towers, collapse,  
even though it was not hit by a plane and had only a few small fires?

Why did the final report of the 9/11 Commission not even mention the  
collapse of Building 7?

Please join us to hear Dr. Griffin's lecture, "9/11: The Myth and the  

For more information contact 510-496-2700

For those of you living in other states or otherwise can't make it to  
the theater that night, you will be able to receive a live web-cast  
of the event by logging on to KMUD radio on the  
evening of the event, at 7:00 p.m. pst.  Please spread the word.

 Grand Lake Theater 3200 Grand Avenue Oakland (510) 452-3556

For Directions see our event website homepage, and click on  

911 - inside job.   Demand investigation! - - - - -  -


# The Hidden Costs of Plastic:  A Presentation by Green Sangha
    At the Green Model Home, 205 Montego Key, Novato
 Thursday, March 30, 2006  7:00-8:45 pm 
 FOR  General public and local owners of businesses 
Andy Peri, M.A., and Stuart Moody, M.A., of Green Sangha, a non-profit environmental group
With John Shurtz of Green Builders of Marin and Eben Schwartz of the California Coastal Commission
1.  Film:  “Our Synthetic Sea” (10 minutes)
2.  Slides:  “Plastics:  Overtaking Our Planet” (20 minutes) 
3.  A Nature Ware Party – examples of healthy alternatives to plastic packaging (old ideas, and new)
4.  A businessman’s perspective:  John Shurtz on how Green Builders of Marin is responding to the plastic pollution  
5.  Plastics in our oceans, plastics on our shores:  Eben Schwartz, Director of California Coastal Clean-up Day, on how our products get into the ocean, and some long-term solutions
6.  Summary:  Which do we want, short-term “convenience” or long-term survival?
7.  Music:  Acoustic music by composer and inventor Bart Hopkin of Experimental Music Incorporated, whose experimental instruments demonstrate creative re-use principles at their best
By donation Refreshments will be served

Fri Mar 31

# Fri Mar 31 6 PM SHAC 7 Defense Fundraiser  
Join East Bay Animal Advocates for an evening to raise funds for the
SHAC 7 Defense Fund. March 31 6 PM
Location: The Albatross, 1822 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley 

# *Picture Progress: a silent art auction benefit.*

*Date:* Friday March 31, 2006
*Auction time:* 6:30pm-10:30pm
Party to continue.

*Address:* Red Ink Studios
52 9th Street (btwn Market and Mission)
San Francisco Ca 94103
*Phone:* 415-861-3402
*Media Inquires:* 707-322-4861

*Event website:* 

*Short Description:*

Don't miss the The League of Young Voters second annual silent art
auction, Picture Progress, on March 31, 2006. You'll see artwork from
some of San Francisco's best artists side by side with the city's young,
emerging artists. It will be an exciting show with over eighty artists
using a variety of mediums and styles. Drinks, food, jazz and great
company provided.

Short speeches by State Assemblyman Mark Leno, President of SF People's
organization Jane Kim and the League's California organizer Natasha Marsh.

Some of the participating artists are John Fortes, Lewis Watts, Ray
Potes, Norman Locks, Ian Scalzo, Justin Moore, Marlon Ingram, Sofia
Bowart, Shelby White, Terry Cunnif and Lars Rasmussen.

Every penny earned this night will go to support the hard work of the
League to ensure young people get out and vote across the nation in 2006.

# Bay Area Relocalize – Official Project Kick-off:

"Preparing Our Communities for the End of Cheap Oil"

	Join us for the official launch event of Bay Area Relocalize, a  
ground-breaking project of Post Carbon Institute that’s catalyzing  
a regional transition away from over-reliance on fossil fuels.   
Hear from leaders in the growing peak oil and community  
relocalization movement, and learn about ways you can get involved  
to bring the production of food, energy, water, and other vital  
resources closer to home.

WHERE: The Forum @ Laney College, 900 Fallon St., Oakland, CA  94607

WHEN: March 31, 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm


· Julian Darley, Founder, Post Carbon Institute and author, High  
Noon for Natural Gas
· Dave Room, Director of Municipal Response, Post Carbon Institute  
and co-author Relocalize Now! (forthcoming)
· Jason Bradford, Founder, Willits Economic Localization Project
· Other panelist TBA
· Moderator/Introducer: Aaron Lehmer, U.S. Program Coordinator,  
Post Carbon Institute

COST: $10 at the door, or FREE with your Relocalization Workshop  
registration (see April 1 event notice)

For more information, please visit:


Full-Day Relocalization Workshop:

"Preparing Our Communities for the End of Cheap Oil"

	How can individuals foster awareness in their community of the  
need to live sustainably, and what can be done after they  
understand this need? This workshop draws from the instructors’  
experience in Willits, California, where the need to “localize” the  
economy in terms of food, energy and basic goods production has  
garnered broad political appeal. Learn how to frame messages around  
common values, motivate action based on the tension between fear  
and desire, and explore some basic “how-to” guidelines for  
organizing communities around an economic relocalization agenda.

WHERE: Café Axe Cultural Center, 1525 Webster St., Oakland, CA  94612

WHEN: April 1, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Instructors: Jason Bradford and Brian Weller, Willits Economic  
Localization Project

· Hands-on instruction from the Willits Economic Localization  
Project organizers
· Morning and Afternoon Sessions Covering:
· Fostering public awareness of the need to relocalize
· Using the “Inventory, Vision, Plan, Action” process
· Conducting a local asset and natural resource assessment
· Mobilizing and activating your community
· Organic lunch!

COST*: $95 [includes March 31 evening kick-off] through March 17 /  
$125 from March 18 - March 31

Please register ASAP – only 50 spots available!

To register, send each participant’s name, address, phone, and e- 
mail, along with a check made payable to “Metafoundation” to:

Bay Area Relocalize
3048 College Ave. #1
Berkeley, CA  94705

* Limited 50% discount scholarships are also available to those  
with limited income or from historically under-represented  

For more information, contact

Aaron G. Lehmer
Program Coordinator
Post Carbon Institute

'Learning to Live in a Low Energy World'

April 2006


# Happy Spring ~ Let the Sun Shine!!
SUNSET ~ Season Opener Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
Stafford Lake Park, Novato Ca. **Directions coming soon**
10am - ?? All welcome   Artists: 
J-Bird  Galen   Solar
 special guest: RITHMA (Om Records, Terraform, Tweekin Records - )
+ more tba 415.820.1664

# Sunday, April 2, 12:30-3:00
David Ray Griffin, featured speaker
 “9/11: Myth and Reality”
 Annual luncheon of the Democratic World Federalist
 First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco
 1187 Franklin Street (at Geary) 
 David Ray Griffin has put his formidable reputation on the line to scrutinize what he believed to be an inadequate and possibly disingenuous government investigation into the events of 9/11. Through his lectures and his books (The New Pearl Harbor and The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions), Griffin's well-honed speculative outlook, acute logic, and unbiased predisposition are brought to bear on this troubling period in United States, and world, history. 
 Come hear one of the world’s most celebrated theologians speak about the greatest deception ever perpetrated on the American people—and what can be done about it.

 Author, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions
 Does the Bush administration's official story regarding the attacks of 9/11 contain gaps and misrepresentations? Has the public been deprived of facts that might shed light on how and why we were attacked? Griffin will delve into what he identifies as the "conspiracy theory" mind-stop that has disconnected Americans from the facts of this history-making event. 
Common Wealth Club 11:30 a.m., Check-in - 12:00 p.m., Program 
 Club office, 595 Market St., 2nd floor, SF. Free for Members, $15 for Non-members 

# District Five Nert Training
WHAT: Earthquake & Disaster Preparedness Training
WHEN: Evening Sessions, (5:00pm – 8:00pm)
Tuesday April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, May 9
WHERE: Western Addition - Ella Hill Hutch Community Center. 1050 Mcallister
HOW: Call – (415)970-2024 to register (415)970-2022 for more information
or Visit - to see more about the training and
register on line

# West Contra Costa County Creek and Watershed Symposium (albany / el cerrito)
Reply to:
 Date: 2006-03-17, 5:06PM PST

# April 5, 6:30 p.m. at the Contra Costa College, the Contra Costa Watershed Forum is hosting the Creek and Watershed Symposium. Free admission. Open to general public. Please come and learn about what's going on in creeks and watersheds in western Contra Costa County. Meet representatives from local creek groups and see their presentations. Forum's Volunteer Creek Monitoring Program will provide a presentation to show you findings from the Global Positioning System and Benthic Macro Invertebrate data collection efforts. Hear stories of wildlife in local creeks and major restoration efforts. 
For more information, visit
or contact Kae Ono at kono or 925-335-1230

# Gala Opening of GarageGallery Thu April 6 5:30pm-8:30pm Free 655+Bryant+S

# .EU domain first-come-first-serve (FCFS) real-time registrations are currently scheduled to begin April 7, 2006.

# IEP's Open House and Community Building Fri pril 7 6-9pm Free!
 Please join IEP as we celebrate more than 20 years of providing low  
or no cost accessible Traditional Chinese Medicine and complementary  
healthcare to our Bay Area communities.  Food and Spirit. Fun  
Raffles. Music and Laughter.  Entertainemnt by Arturo Galster!  And  
in recognition of the commitment of Katy Dreyfuss, Rani Eversly, and  
Rick Sajbel to the community healthcare model in action!
    The Immune Enhancement Project is a non-profit dedicated to providing  
affordable and accessible Traditional Chinese Medicine and other  
healing arts to the community and addressing inequities in access to  
quality healthcare.
 Immune Enhancement Clinic 3450 16th St San Francisco 415.252.8711

# Apr 8 town hall meeting SF
Then Skate afterwords at Metreon; 4th and Mission

# 2006-04-08 8:00 PM Location: Regency Center ArtSFest 2006

# Reclaim the Commons Update! April 8 - 10 Chicago
This is an update about Reclaim The Commons – Three days of events in
Chicago (April 8-10) in response to the 2006 Biotech Industry 
convention. Also see our website: or email us 
at In this update: childcare and housing, RTC
consulta, basic schedule, how to help, info about the Biotech Industry
Organization (BIO), and “Why Reclaim The Commons.”

CHILDCARE AND HOUSING will be available in Chicago during RTC. To 
(or offer) housing, send email to To request
childcare, send email to

CONSULTA for Reclaim The Commons is happening from 12-3 on Saturday, 
25th at Association House, 1116 N. Kedzie Ave, Chicago. Planning for 
parade, festival, and banner action will be on the agenda. Please 
coming if you live nearby.


Saturday, April 8th:
Joint International GMOpposition Day in 30 Countries!
Morning: Puppet and banner making.
Afternoon: Festival! 2-5 pm at Federal Plaza (200 S. Dearborn) Music,
speakers, tabling, art making, food, kids’ games, street theatre. 
contact us at about tabling, and ideas for
Evening: Panel on Genetic Engineering and Human Rights – North and 
6:30 at DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus, Schmidt Academic Ctr. 
N. Kenmore Ave With Anuradha Mittal (Oakland Institute), Carmelo Ruiz
(Puerto Rico Project on Biosafety), Sarah Alexander (White Earth Land
Recovery Project), and John Kinsman (National Family Farm Coalition and
Via Campesina). Moderated by Jeffrey Smith of Institute for Responsible

Sunday, April 9th:
All day: Hands-on and educational workshops. Topics include 
and Urban Sustainability, GMOs in Latin America, Genetic Engineering 
Indigenous Rights, Bioweapons Labs in Chicago, Tapestry of the Commons,
Seed Saving, Starting an Intentional Community, Food Sovereignty and 
Evening: Concert with Broadcast Live (hip hop from Albany NY) and 
with a presentation from the Beehive Collective 

Monday, April 10th:
Morning: Banner action! We’ll be making banners before and during the
convergence, and on Monday morning we’ll take them out to busy spots
around the city. Please make a banner beforehand and bring it to 
Afternoon: Parade downtown with big colorful puppets and banners! 
and time TBA.

Tuesday, April 11th:
Community gardening service project.

*Forward this update far and wide!
*Please post, distribute and make copies of our flyers! Downloadable
versions available at
*Organize a group from your area to come to Chicago between April 8th 
April 10th.
*Donate:WE NEED MONEY FOR A CONVERGENCE SPACE! Also -  puppet and 
making supplies, printing costs, food, and transportation for speakers.
Please send checks to Reclaim The Commons, attn: Laurie Nannini at 652
Brian Ave. Schaumburg, IL 60194, and make checks out to Laurie Nannini.
You can also donate by credit card on our website.
*Read up on the issues:,,,,,,,,,, and
*Come and table at the festival on the 8th, or organize crafts, games,
theatre, you name it.
*Let us know if you can help with translation at our workshops, 
Spanish translation.
*Bring seeds or plants to swap or give away at the festival on April 
*Contribute: We’re looking for the following:
-tables for the festival (donated or lent)
-Art Supplies: colorful acrylic house paint, staple pliers, sheets to 
banners, paint brushes, permanent markers, tape, fabric, big pieces of
-5 gallon buckets (for drums), steel cans and other noisemakers
-Colorful paper for flyers
-Your own banners, puppets, antics, and plans for street theatre
-bikes, locks, helmets
-literature to hand out
-cooking utensils and food donations
-medical and wellness supplies
-cars, driving service
-people: We need people who want to make puppets and banners, put up
fliers, make media, make music, face paint, silk-screen, build bikes, 
food, help set up, and most importantly- COME!


The Biotech Industry Organization (BIO) is a group of the world’s 
agribusiness, pharmaceutical, financial and biodefense corporations, 
with various representatives from governments and academia. Each year 
hold a convention in a different U.S. city, and this year they picked
Chicago. Some 15,000 BIO delegates will be descending on Chicago’s
McCormack Place Convention Center from April 8th – 12th.

The BIO convention will bring to Chicago an unprecedented public 
bonanza promoting biotech and genetic engineering. But what BIO really
represents is a global system of agriculture that is dominated by a few
agribusiness corporations – from genetically engineered seeds, to
pesticides, to the table. BIO will downplay the fact that so-called
'biodefense' research is equally applicable to offensive bioweapons
development, and that massive new U.S. funding for bioweapons research 
be spurring a new biological weapons arms race. Pharmaceutical
corporations at BIO will continue to ignore the crisis in healthcare
access, and focus instead on futuristic treatments designed to attract
investors and, when they succeed, provide mainly for the wealthy. Their
website is

The Commons are the universal heritage of people and all living things.
They are everything needed to support healthy life on earth: air, 
food, shelter, health care, seeds, and our genes. They are what is 
to sustain culture: our multicultural heritages, education, information
and the means to disseminate it, essential human services, public 
and political space. They are equally the land, its forests, the 
and all ecosystems. In sum, the Commons are everything that we inherit
jointly and freely, and hold in trust for future generations.

Reclaim The Commons 2006 will shed light on big biotech’s attempts to
expropriate and claim hold to vast areas of the Commons that belong to 
us all.

These include:

Agricultural heritage: Since the beginning of agriculture, farmers and
gardeners have been saving, developing, caretaking and replanting seeds
from the plants they grow. Genetic engineering threatens this basic 
for farmers worldwide, placing control and ownership of seeds into the
hands of corporations. RTC opposes genetic engineering and corporate
control of agriculture, and supports sustainable local food systems and
local food sovereignty.

Life Itself: Corporations are also attempting to assert control over  wild
plants and animals by recording and then patenting their genetic codes. 
In fact, over 4000 patents of human genetic codes have also been approved.
RTC is dedicated to the proposition that life cannot be patented.

Food: Independent feeding studies have documented underdeveloped 
organs, signs of cancer, allergies, and high mortality in rats fed genetically
engineered (GE) feed. Government and industry have done little  substantive
health research on GE products. Most people don’t know that over 70% of
processed foods now contain GE ingredients because there is no labeling
requirement. RTC calls for a stop to this contamination of our food
supply, and for universal access to safe, affordable, healthy food.

Healthcare: The largest pharmaceutical corporations in BIO - Merck,
Pfizer, AstraZeneca and others - can boast some of the highest profit
margins in the corporate world, while basic medical care is 
for millions of people in the US and billions elsewhere. The futuristic
biotech research promoted by BIO may attract investors, but it will not
solve this basic healthcare crisis. RTC advocates for universal access 
good healthcare.

Biosafety: In the last few years the U.S. government has dramatically
increased funding for research on biological weapons. New labs that 
and handle genetically engineered diseases are being built in and near
several urban areas, posing potentially disastrous risks. The research 
billed as biodefense, but can easily translate to offensive 
RTC calls for a stop to the development and testing of biological 

Ecosystems: By raising genetically engineered crops and animals in the
open, biotech corporations are endangering the Earth’s ecology and
ecosystems. Examples are genetically engineered trees, alfalfa, grass 
salmon – all of which can contaminate wild populations through
cross-pollination and cross-breeding. Simulations have shown that this
sort of contamination could have devastating effects on natural
ecosystems. RTC opposes the release of genetically engineered organisms
into the environment.

Science and Academia: Pharmaceutical and agribusiness corporations 
control and often are the sole beneficiaries of research done at public
universities in the U.S. When it comes to regulation of biotechnology, 
same people are found to rotate between corporate and government
positions, providing corporate-friendly assessments when serving as
regulators. RTC calls for a stop to the revolving door between industry
and government, and for independent research at public universities.

Reclaim The Commons supports and celebrates the complex, diverse and
wondrous ecosystems of our planet that make life possible, as well as 
gardeners, farmers, farm workers, scientists, healthcare workers,
activists, indigenous people and all who are working for a just,
democratic and sustainable future.


This post has been sent to you from This is an announce-only listserve that allows Starhawk to post her writings occasionally to those who wish to receive them.

To subscribe to this list, send an email to

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Starhawk is a lifelong activist in peace and global justice movements, a leader in the feminist and earth-based spirituality movements, author or coauthor of ten books, including The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising, and her latest, The Earth Path. 

Starhawk's website is , and more of her writings and information on her schedule and activities can be found there.

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# April 11th National Day of Action
Join our April 11th National Day of Action to expose Victoria's Dirty  

  Approximately 395 million catalogs are mailed by Victoria's Secret  
each year--that's more than one million a day! Most of these catalogs  
end up in the trash or at best in the recycling bin--often without even  
being looked at. Paper for these catalogs is destroying Endangered  
Forests like the great northern Boreal Forest of Canada.

  Canada's Boreal Forest is an area over 12 times the size of  
California, representing 25 percent of the world's remaining intact  
forest. This globally significant forest is one of the largest carbon  
sinks in the world, making it vital to regulating our changing climate.  
Its lakes, rivers and streams are also the largest freshwater system on  
Earth. For more information, go to the ForestEthics Boreal page  .">

  Despite its global importance, over two acres of the Boreal are being  
logged every minute, mostly through clearcutting. The tragic part is  
that the Boreal is being clearcut to make disposable items like  
catalogs for companies like Victoria's Secret, which gets at least 25%  
of the paper for its catalogs from the Boreal Forest. Other materials  
for Victoria's Secret products comes from other Endangered  
Forests--like their paper bags, which are made from paper coming out of  
the Southeast United States.

  Because of its immense buying power, Victoria's Secret is in a  
position to help change the catalog industry toward sustainable paper  
purchasing. Unfortunately, the company has refused to make such  
commitments to protect our Endangered Forests. So we're calling for an  
International Day Of Action on April 11th and we need your help.

  What can YOU do?

  To get involved, add your action to the list, and get fact sheets,  
postcards, or other materials for your event, go to  , email , or call 1-800-725-0087.

  JOIN US ON APRIL 11th to protect Endangered Forests from Victoria's  
Secret's destructive practices.

Liz, Dan, Shana, Josh, and Charlie

# Vegetarian Cooking Class: Mediterranean Menu
Join us as prepare dishes from one of our favorite cuisines. We will feature uncomplicated recipes, debunk myths regarding plant-based eating, eat yummy food samples, and have a lot of fun! Join the Compassionate Cooks at our Vegetarian Cooking Class on April 15th (from 10:00 am-1:00 pm) when we demonstrate five delicious, nutritious dishes, including:

*Muhammara (Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut Spread) 
*Elegantly Simple Stuffed Bell Peppers 
*Basil Pesto with Polenta Squares 
*Asparagus Soup with Fresh Herbs 
*Delicious Date Squares 

WHEN: Saturday, April 15th -- 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. 
WHERE: First Unitarian Church of Oakland, 685 14th St. at Castro. DIRECTIONS: 
COST: $45 
HOW TO SIGN UP: Register online or mail a check to Compassionate Cooks P.O. Box 18512 Oakland, CA 94619. You can also sign up for a cooking series. Check out our packages at  
PLEASE NOTE: You are considered a TENTATIVE sign-up until we receive your payment, at which time we will send you a confirmation via email. 
DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: Friday March 17th 
WHAT TO EXPECT: In our monthly demonstration cooking classes, we feature uncomplicated recipes, debunk myths regarding plant-based eating, eat yummy food samples, and have a lot of fun! Committed to using local, seasonal, mostly organic ingredients, we provide students with copies of the featured recipes and a bevy of resources on nutrition, local restaurants, cooking tips, and more! 

"Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. I want to bring all my friends and family here next time. Thank you for all your hard work and effort. I can't wait to come back." 

"I think you have a future as TV's first vegan chef! You should get in touch with KQED!" 

"Awesome class! Loved being exposed to recipes which use ingredients outside of my normal repertoire. Thank you for introducing people to veg cooking in such an enthusiastic way."

"I am an official groupie! You're so fabulous! It's so nice to be able to go to a cooking class and learn so much about health and compassion as well as learning amazing recipes. And you make the adventure fun and exciting!"

"How delightful! I'm so glad I came. Wonderful wealth of information. Will definitely return for future classes. The food was so tasty, some of the best I've ever had. Thanks so much!" 

"You have such a warm personality and are so knowledgeable. I love your enthusiasm and will be looking for the TV show!" 

"Great class. Great soups. Great teacher! Your sense of humor is infectious. Thanks." 

"Thank you so much! These recipes were absolutely delicious! I can't imagine missing meat or dairy eating like this. These dishes were not just yummy for vegan food -- they're just flat out yummy! I'm so glad I found out about these classes!" 

"Be Kind to Animals...Don't Eat Them."

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
Founder & Director
Compassionate Cooks
P.O. Box 18512
Oakland, CA 94619
510.531.COOK (2665)

Compassionate Cooks is dedicated to empowering people to make informed food choices and to debunking myths about vegetarianism through cooking classes, nutrition workshops, farm animal sanctuary tours, and cooking DVDs. 
Join our mailing list
Check out our vegetarian cooking DVD
Register for our vegetarian cooking classes

# Saturn Returns: A Transformative Event
Sat, April 15, 2006 6pm- Midnite    missq
Studio 12, 2525 8th Street and Dwight way, Berkeley
A transformative event to celebrate, inspire and manifest our highest  possibilities!  Come early for a grounding ritual and movement therapy workshop.  Doors will reopen at 9:30pm for intentional dj dancing and ritual featuring dj7, xoetza, jonah and missQ.  This event is to support Somatic Movement Therapy Education.  For more info, visit:

# April 15 Bunny Jam 2246 Jerrold Ave SF 8p-4a

# 4/19, 6:30pm: Lower Divisadero St. Community Planning Workshop #3, CPMC
Davies Hospital Auditorium 45 Castro St (@ Duboce)

# The Money Masters Wed April 19 7:30 pm
 $5 Donations Accepted THE MONEY MASTERS Presented by Gypsy

This is a very thorough, extensive, and uncompromising four-hour
documentary on the history of money and how it became monopolized by
private English bankers.  This film illuminates an inside track on
English banker families.  Like any commodity that's monopolized,
money is being used as an instrument of merciless control and
exploitation.  The U.S. has never really broken free from that
control.  Every U.S. president who tried was assassinated.  After
seeing this film you will see the entire history of the world in a
different light.  The English banks who seized control from the
beginning were sponsoring opposing sides in both world wars and are
to this day dominating and exploiting every one of us.  "Federal
reserve" is neither "federal" nor is it a "reserve."  Learn the
secrets that the global elite has been fiercely hiding from you for

Humanist Hall
390  27th  St between Telegraph and Broadway.
midtown Oakland 510-393-5685

Click on the link "Directions" on our Website

tripping_gypsy 510-704-0268

# OAKLAND Beginner Hoopdance series April 8&22!
OAKLAND BEGINNER HOOPDANCE INTENSIVE with Christabel, APRIL 8&22 12-2:15pm (Two Saturdays)
Come get your groove on in a fun, sexy hula hoop class! Create a strong foundation of moves, develop dexterity and learn to move in flow.
WHAT:  A super energizing series designed for the beginner -- no experience required. Focuses include: hooping basics, hooping on the torso and arms, legs and floorwork and off body moves, jumps, spins and rolls. Special attention given to micromovements of the body, working with the downbeat, freeing the head, unleashing your own style. We learn how to navigate using feeling instead of sight or thought -- becoming responsive, breathing deeply and creating fluid transitions. Guidance for performance given throughout class. Each evening will have a jam circle to close. A variety of music -- from electronic house music, R&B to classical and world music will provide a rich tapestry of sound for your dance. Enrollment preference given to those who register for entire series as this creates the "intensive hoop bootcamp" experience. 1-2 teaching assistants will be on site to make sure everyone recieves individualized attention. Handouts provided which review material covered.
MOVES COVERED: Pump, float, wild west, slinky, snake, zest, booty bump, limbo, barrell roll, booty blitz, flapper, swish, break, warrior, ring, leap, whisper, jump in/out, toss, stall, revolving door, electric slide, pin-up, scissor kick, roll.
COST: $85. Register online at  Bring water. One day enrollment on a space available basis at $45. Call for details.
WHERE: The United Methodist Church is located at 6300 Shattuck Ave. Oakland, CA 94609 Walk up stairs from 63 street entrance. Super close to BART. Direct number to Church with directions: 510-653-4028. 
SHOULD I BRING ANYTHING?: Bring water. Hoops will be provided for class use and will be available for sale on site.
MORE QUESTIONS? Call Christabel at 415-515-0469 or check out
Listen to a recent radio show about Christabel's hoop class here!
scroll down and click on "Week of February 20th: Hoopdancing"

# Lewis & Clark Water Law Conference; April 20 & 21, 2006
Download schedule and registration form:

# Call for Direct Action Against World Bank and IMF Meetings, April 21-23
This Spring, Paul Wolfowitz, the President of the World Bank Group and 
the architect of the War in Iraq, will be convening the biannual 
meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), 
bringing together at the table the two capitalist tools of global 
exploitation -- the wars of military might with the strangleholds of 
economic imperialism.  The World Bank and the IMF, which have been the 
principal players in the economic devastation of the Global South 
through Structural Adjustment Programs (currently referred to as 
Reduction Strategy Papers), will meet again in downtown Washington, DC 
to schmooze with the private sector, laugh in the face of the world's 
poor, and live off the fat of other people's land.

This year, however, we are going to force them to see the resistance 
that is alive in our hearts, in our minds and across the globe.  Seeing 
our faces, or ours masks as the case may be, will be a requisite part 
their weekend activities.  We will be at their doorsteps, behind their 
limos, at their parties and in their yard. From blockades to home 
interruption to disruption, we'll be there, following their every move.

We urge everyone to come to Washington, DC the weekend of April 21-23 
take part in these historic protests against the World Bank and IMF. 
Say no to Capitalist globalization and yes to the power of the people 
and the power of direct action!

This call is brought to you by the Farragut Squares Collective, a local 
ad hoc group of individuals fed up with the Bretton Woods Institutions 
and capitalist globalization.  We fully support a collaborative, open, 
and non-hierarchical organizing relationship with all who wish to join 
us in taking action.  Send any inquiries or shows of support to 
farragutsquares gmail com

"In the world I see -- you  will stalk elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center. You will wear leather clothes  that last you the rest of your life. You will climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines  that wrap the Sears   Tower,  and when you look down, you will see tiny figures pounding corn and  laying strips of venison on the empty car pool lane of some abandoned  superhighway." Fight Club

Reclaim our Commons! 
Reclaim our Future!
Reclaim our History!

# April 21-23, 2006  Aquatic Contact Dance
Inika Spence & Archana Samantha Beers 
at the Watsu Center, Harbin Hot Spring! 

Come explore contact improvisation in the aquatic
environment! Find a new relationship to water, dance
and connection with others. We will play, dance and
delight each other with movement both on land and in
the water.  Dance in the water becomes dream time and
altered states and on land we deepen our feeling of
the earth body. You will learn principles for dancing
with another in water.  Our dance will be supported by
experiential play with energy, intuition and presence
exercises both on land and in water.

About Inika: She has been teaching aquatic bodywork,
both Healing Dance and Watsu since 1999 and has been
playing with contact 
improvisation in the water for 9 years. She recently
taught Aquatic Contact Dance at the Dance Festivals
held at Harbin. 

About Samantha:  She has been teaching Contact
Improvisation, Dharma Dance and Yoga all over the
world for the last 12 years.  Her passion is Peace in
Embodied States.  She experiences dance as an
extroadinairy vehicle for manifesting unity in
diversity and a feeling presence of peace and oneness.

Fee:  $345 (Deposit:  $100) Retreat includes 
indoor/outdoor camping, and all meals. 

Inika:  P.O. Box 782 Middletown, CA 95461  (707) 987-0941 
inika (put ACD in the subject line)

# April 21-23 APRIL 21-23RD

This workshop changed my life!  Diana Soline is an amazing and powerful facilitator.  I am coordinating for this workshop because it had such a profound effect on me which continued to unfold after this weekend workshop.  This is also a great opportunity to connect deeply with other women.  Please call Tallulah at 415.235.4804 to register or for more information.  I'll be happy to share with you!  If you register before April 1st, you will receive a discount.  Spaces have been filling up, so please call soon to reserve your space. Blessings, Tallulah
Being a Fully Orgasmic Woman 
The weekend workshop

Expand Your Potential for Pleasure, Love, and Spiritual Growth! 
This weekend workshop is an experiential course for women who are ready to embrace their sexual energy as a divine life force energy. 
You will be guided into a deeper experience of your body and your sexuality using ritual, breath, movement, energy and body work. 
In this weekend course you will practice:

Connecting to your erotic energy whenever you want 
Freely asking for what you want to receive 
Circulating your orgasmic energy through your whole body 
Accessing your healing energy through your sexuality 
Channeling your sexual energy to cultivate creativity, love, and spiritual growth 

Experience the transformation that is possible when you consciously explore your life force energy in the sacred container of a women?s circle. 

Friday, 7-10pm Saturday, 10am-10pm  Sunday, 10am-7pm
Tuition: $350 ($325 if deposit is received 3 weeks in advance)
Deposit: $150 to reserve your space 
Questions? Please read our FAQ page @
For women only. Led by Diana Soline. 

# Berkeley Earth Day Sat April 22 12pm-5pm free
Civic Center Park Center and MLK  2 blocks west of Berkeley BART
 Cultural Performers
bull National Dance Week, 12-1:15 pm featuring
Dance Anywhere/Carol Keuffer
group A
Nina Haft & Company
Evie Ladin & Keith Terry
Paufve Dance
Berkeley High School

bull Alice DiMicele Band (environmental folk/rock) 1:30-3pm
bull Reggae Angels 3:30-5pm

bull Berkeley Farmer's Market Family Farm Day
bull Vegetarian food, craft and community booths
bull Climbing Wall

Volunteers Needed
Call 510-654-6346 x 4


Sponsored by the City of Berkeley, Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative,  
Progressive Asset Management, Inkworks

 karen hesternet net 510-654-6346

# April 22, 2006 Green Century Institute, Planetwork 
 and a host of evolutionary agents 
 are pleased to announce

 Digital Be-In 14:  Planet Code   THE EARTH DAY BE-IN
April 22, 2006   SOMARTS  934 Brannan @ 8th St  SF

 Be-Integrity Symposium and Exhibition
 12 noon to 6pm
 Digital Be-In  
 Luminaries and Special Guests, Performances, Live Music
 7 pm – 11 pm
 Planet Code Dance Party
 11 pm – 4 am

Participating Organizations (partial list)
 --Earth Day Network
 --Natural World Museum
 --Environmental Non-Profit Network
 --San Francisco Alliance for Urban Sustainability
 --Women’s Global Green Action Network
 --California Institute of Integral Studies

This 14th edition of the Digital Be-In combines its lineage of invention and cultural evolution marking the dawn of the digital age with the emerging green economy and sustainable culture movement. Producer Michael Gosney (whose Verbum magazine began the Digital Be-In during the late 1980s) developed the Paradox conferences on sustainable communities at Arcosanti, Arizona in 1997, 1999 and 2001  and formed the Green Century Institute in San Francisco in 2002. Planetwork, founded in San Francisco by Jim Fournier and Elizabeth Thompson in 1998, fosters the creative application of digital tools for positive global change through a series of conferences and monthly forums in major cities. The Green Century Institute and Planetwork are working with several San Francisco Bay Area groups that were involved in the seminal World Environment Day week in San Francisco June 5–11, 2005  in the development of this combination daytime symposium, evening rally/celebration and late night dance party. As in the past, the Digital Be-In will reach beyond the physical event with a live netcast, information-intense website and new kinds of exposure and interaction via social networks and blogs. The theme “Planet Code” implies our writing (and re-writing where necessary) the “codes” that define our place within and interaction with the natural environment, and calls upon the high technology community we have encouraged and celebrated over the years to empower the sustainability movement with bold, forward-thinking initiatives. 

Digital Be-In 14 will offer a variety of opportunities for sponsors to reach opinion leaders, press and a receptive public interested in SOLUTIONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE CULTURE. All presentations and content associated with the EARTH DAY BE-IN will emphasize new projects and initiatives: actions! We encourage sponsors to use the Be-In as a launching platform for products and campaigns that are making a difference. Outreach via marketing messages, the Be-In website, associated organization websites, social networks and public relations will be designed to inform and connect the public with sustainable culture resources. 2006 is a vital year for shifting the tide of awareness and action toward sustainability and April 22, 2006 promises to be a pivotal date. Please contact Michael Gosney or Justin Weiner from GCI for details on sponsorship programs.

Event Sub-Themes 
 Climate Change
 Environmental Justice
 Alternative Energy Solutions
 Urban Environmental Accords
 Sustainable Communities 
 High Technology and Sustainability 
 Women and the Environment
 Building the Green Economy

Previous Be-In Themes 
 8 – Freedom of Speech on the Internet (EFF Blue Ribbon campaign launch) - 1996
 9 – Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace (w/ Unity Foundation) - 1997
 10 – Human Rights in the Digital Age (with UN 50th Anniv. of Declaration of Human Rights) - 1998
 11 – Body, Mind and Cyberspace (feat. Drug Peace Campaign) - 1999
 12 – Media Revolution - 2002
 13 – Transparent Network - 2004
 Interested sponsors, participants and collaborators are encouraged to contact the event producers in early January.

Green Century Institute 
Michael Gosney
 Be-In Producer
Justin Weiner
 Be-In Assistant Producer

Karri Winn, Executive Director
 Be-In Associate Producer

# Back on the bay... SUNSET Boat Party  Sunday, April 23rd, 2006
The San Francisco Spirit, San Francisco
Artists:  Galen  Solar  J-Bird   + special guests 415.820.1664

#  Cycle around the SF Bay with Go Greenbelt!: April 23 -29, 2006
 Sunday, April 23, 2006  - Saturday, April 29, 2006   
 The seventeenth annual Go Greenbelt! will be April 23-29, 2006. Come ride with us! Check it out and register at:

# culture jamming - kill your tv
-The average American watches more than 4 hours of television per day.
-The average American child views 40,000 commercials each year.
-The average American parent spends less than 39 minutes per week in meaningful conversation with their children.
Future Event:
April 24 - 30 is national "Turn off TV Week".
Culture hackers are planning a major un-coordinated political act to get this message out by secretly turning off TVs in department stores, offices and sports bars across the country using the simple blackbox technology of TV-B-Gone. This tiny universal remote invisibly transmits 200 shutdown codes in 60 seconds.
TV elimination hardware:
and Amazon has them cheaper:
Past Event:
500 television sets destroyed by Cacophony & SRL:
"I'm just as real as you are." -Max Headroom, 1987

# On April 25, 2006
The US Veterans are Marching on Washington
They need your support...
The US Veterans have unified and taken a stand against the undermining of the Health and Care benefits they are promised as Veterans of the US Military...
See what they are protesting about:

They need numbers -
they are inviting all other movements and groups to participate and join in with them: 
as they take the cause to Washington...
Some of you can't make it - they need funding too:   
- a small donation from a million people makes everything a lot easier to organize - if you can't make it, get this out to people and ask them to support the Veterans in anyway possible...
They need Co-Ordinators in many States, is yours one of them? 

They'd love to see this go nation and international - in all the Capitols, it's not just about America and American Veterans... it's about People everywhere being lied to and cheated!  
 Learn about the Veterans by reading their articles... they are people too!

The Veterans Faced The Guns of War For Their People,
Let the People Now Stand Beside Their Veterans as They March on Washington!
There has never been a better time to unify!

The Veterans March on Washington in 2006 -
for the sake of change, support the cause...

# Plant-based Nutrition for Athletes   San Rafael
 Tuesday, April 25 2006, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Aren't vegans just skinny people who don't get enough protein? On the
contrary! Learn how a plant based diet can transform your health and
fuel top athletic performance. Bradley Saul is the founder and
director of OrganicAthlete, a nonprofit that teaches athletes and
fitness enthusiasts about vegetarian nutrition and environmental
stewardship. Bradley is also a former professional cyclist. Click here
for more information. 
Elephant Pharmacy, San Rafael, CA  
check out the BOLD "GO VEGAN "  shorts!

#  April 29th - Brock Dolman
presentation about rehydration and water-management strategies. 

May 2006

# 05/07, SF: The How Weird Street Faire Noon to 8pm Howard Street between 11th and 12th.

at the 7th annual
Sunday, May 7th, 2006

In 7 weeks, Howard Street will be transformed into a festival of music,
art, dance, and celebration. There will be four city blocks featuring
performance artists, vendors from around the world, nonprofit
organizations, food and drinks, and many happy people.

7 stages of music by:

SUNSET   (house)
TANTRA   (psytrance)
CCC   (downtempo and psytrance)
LOWPRO LOUNGE   (live music and DJs)
SOUND OF MIND / OPEL   (an eclectic mix)
PEACE YOU CAN DANCE TO   (good times)

Plus special surprises!

The How Weird Street Faire is centered at Howard and 12th Streets, in the
SOMA district of San Francisco. At that intersection, there will be a
mandala made of grass – an urban crop circle – where festival-goers can
relax, eat, connect, and learn about fostering peace. Costumes and festive
attire are strongly encouraged.

The How Weird Street Faire is an assortment of collectives and individuals
collaborating together in sound and art, uniting in a vision of peace. It
is also the annual benefit for the World Peace Through Technology

Please join us and have a great time!

7th annual How Weird Street Faire

DATE:  Sunday, May 7, 2006
TIME:  12 noon to 8pm
ENTRANCE:  12th & South Van Ness Streets, San Francisco

Requested donation of $10 ($5 in costume, kids free)
All proceeds benefit two Bay Area nonprofit organizations.


In 7 weeks, come celebrate at our 7th annual event in a city 7 miles in
diameter; with 7 stages of music, 7 weird performances, and a ritual at 7
pm, all happening on May 7th!

# May 12-14 (2006) Harbin Hot  Springs Polyamory Conference, Calistoga / Middleton CELEBRATE RELATIONSHIP CHOICE, until 
April 1, 2006.  Email us at worldpolyamory aol com or call 808 244-
4103 if you're interested in giving a workshop, leading a 
discussion,  presenting music or dance geared to polys.

# May 13-14

# 05/21-95th Annual BAY TO BREAKERS RACE

June 2006

# June 9-11 Certified HoopGirl Dance Teacher Training June 9-11 in SF
 Level One: Certified HoopGirl Dance Teacher:
How to create Hoopdance classes, parties and events
 Who this training can benefit: 
 Teachers, Dancers, Yoga Instructors, Coaches, Personal and Group Fitness Trainers, Chiropractors, Massage Practitioners, Expressive Arts and Somatic Therapists, and anyone wanting to make a creative career change.
 Working knowledge of all the skills taught in the HoopGirl Beginner HoopDance Class and experience facilitating at least two hoopdance events for a group of 5 or more people. which has provided hoops to enthusiastic dancers in every U.S. State.

# 06/10-101st Annual MARIN DIPSEA RACE


# 06/11-WORLD NATURIST DAY (It's not about "nature", it's about NUDITY!)

#  HARMONY FESTIVAL 2006   June 9, 10 & 11 Sonoma County Fairgrounds  Santa Rosa, CA
GREAT BANDS CONFIRMED! And Booth Space Available Now for the 28th Annual Harmony Festival 

Register early for discounts! 

The 28th Annual Harmony Festival is happening this year on June 9, 10, and 11. This year there are many new and exciting developments with the Festival, including: 

Three nights of camping inside the main Fairgrounds 
Friday opening 
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night events 
Use of expanded Fairgrounds space 
Thematic camps 
Amazing music headliners including.... 
Michael Franti 
& Spearhead 
Steve Kimock 
New Monsoon 
Hot Buttered Rum 
Luna Angel 

Each year the Harmony Festival is produced to be the local Progressive County Fair, where our extended community of Cultural Creatives, leading-edge free thinkers, and social pioneers come together once a year to share our creativity, lifestyles, music, art, and ideas of an emerging global paradigm. The Harmony Festival celebrates the latest trends and developments of a full array of progressive value and expressions, including artistic and musical performance, ecology, health and healing, spirituality, political and social justice movements, and community building. It's a party with a purpose. 

Check out the website for more info 

Contact person for booth space is Randi Rembe at randi 
707-861-2035 x 315. 

 Monday, June 19, 2006  - Friday, June 23, 2006 
  Mount Shasta region  California is on it's way! 

# June 23,24,25 Sierra Nevada World Music Festival  Mendocino County Fair, in Boonville, California.

July 2006

# July 28 - 30 Join the Summit for Salmon Fundraiser - Climb Mt. Rainier! 

# Green-Soulfest July 29  Park at deFremery Recreation Center
1651 Adeline St., Oakland, California
Come to Green-Soulfest 06 and have an eco- adventure at deFremery Park in
the Eco-West. Take a journey to Africa, Ethiopia, India, the rainforest and
beyond at our eco-themed villages. Receive free massages and ancient
healing, learn eco-building, build your eco-finances, learn how to prevent
disease, have fun in our eco-children's area, discover live food nutrition,
sample delicious living foods, learn how to save your environment and enjoy
great music from around the world.
Vendor booths and sponsorships are available
510-228-8738 healthythrunature yahoo com
Sponsored by: * Healthy Thru Nature Institute * Living Nutrition * San
Francisco Vegetarian Society * Bay Valley * Sacred Grove * Attitudinal

# Swim with Dolphins Adventure Aug 26 - Sep 2, 2006 or and click on Dolphin Trip! Enjoy!

# Aug 28 - Sep 4 2006     fun in the desert
goto Reno, turn left... 100 miles North of Reno is the Black Rock Desert

# Oct 14/15 Washington, D.C.

# Nov 11/12 8th and Brannan/ councourse exhibition ctr. SF

 The Green Festival is a two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun.

Learn: Attend lectures and workshops by thought leaders, business visionaries and community activists shaping the green movement.

Network: Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations who are committed to the possibility of a better world. See Network.Get Involved! Learn about organizations effecting positive and sustainable change in our region, our country, and the around the planet.

Socialize: Have fun interacting with others, for the sheer joy of it. Meet interesting people who share common interests. Spend some time at the food court and listen to local musicians. Parents, find a place to relax in the Family Rest Stop.

Eat Well: Sample delicious, healthy, organic, and sustainable produced food prepared on site. ALL FOODWARE IS BIODEGRADEABLE - COMPOST! WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN FOODWARE TO THE EVENT.

Greening the Event: We believe in deep sustainability - to achieve intergenerational equity, we must design equity into the present. We try to address all aspects of the event - beginning with our own consciousness and the budgetary process.

Learn how we are creating an eco-commerce model for the Green Festival and our who in the community helps us.

The Green Economy Expo: If you are a green business of any size, this could be the perfect place for you to connect to your target audience. Call 1-877-727-2179 to exhibit your products. See who's Exhibiting in 2005.

Shop at the Green Festival for all of your Holiday Gifts! Purchase goods and services from 300 exhibitors who practice the principles of sustainability, ecology, and social equity. Go shopping online - we've identified online resources for green goods.

Coop America's Green Pages: Check out the original directory of Green Businesses at

Endorse the Earth Charter!

LIMITED OFFER: Purchase Green Festival Compost from DC Festival. Be the first to support turning waste into a resource!
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.