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Butterfly's Bay Area Events Calendar

Dedicated to informing you of the best events in music, art, poetry, media, 
politics, spirituality & consciousness. 

Contents    **Asterisk denotes events I plan to attend. 

Details for the following events on-line at">
Other peace & justice events at">

Fri. May 19  7:30 pm          Music that Cooks w. Robert Temple - Oakland  
Need to POST
Fri. May 19  8 pm                House Concert w. Mystic Teacher R.J. Stewart 
- Sebastopol
May 19-20                          Circles for Sustainable Community - 
May 19-21                          Joshua Tree Music Festival - Joshua Tree, 
May 19-22                          PanEuRhythmy Dance Retreat - Corralitos
Sat. May 20  10am-5 pm     Conflict Transformation Workshop - Sonoma
Sat. May 20  5-9 pm           Guitars not Guns Benefit Spaghetti Feed - Novato
Sat. May 20  7 pm              Wavy's 70th Birthday Bash - Berkeley
Sat. May 20  8 pm              House Concert with Tru - Oakland/Postponed
May 20 & 21                       SheShamans Workshops - Geyserville
Sun. May 21  10-6 pm     **Holistic Living Expo - San Jose
Sun. May 21  6-9 pm           Evening of Song, Dance & Poetry Benefiting 
Seaflow - Mill Valley
Sun. May 21  7-9:30 pm      Introduction to Nonviolent Communication - Oakland
May 21-22                         Ranches & Rolling Hills Art Exhibit - 
Sat. May 27  7 pm          **New Moon Music & Tulip Temple Healing - San 
Mon. May 29  1 pm            Remembering Our  Peacemakers - SF
June 3-4                         **San Francisco Crystal Fair - SF
June 7 -11                          Mythic Journeys Conference w. Deepak 
Chopra - Atlanta, GA
June 9-11                       **Harmony Festival - Santa Rosa
Sat June 10  8:30 pm         Techno-Tribal Dance @ Harmony Festival - Santa 
Jun 23-25                           Dept. Of Peace Conference w. Marianne 
Williamson - Sherman Oaks
July 28-30                          Joydancer Summer Celebration of Love - 

Wish of the Week -  That Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues joins our network
Last week I mentioned that our wish was that Neil Young join our network.  
Within days I was in contact with some friends of Neil and may have somen news 
for you on this soon.  Shortly after, on Sunday May 14th, I got a message from 
Stephan Smith that his open letter to Neil Young was printed on the editorial 
page of the San Francisco Chronicle. His editorial, Hey, Neil Young: We young 
singers are hog-tied, too, focuses on the issue that many young peace 
musicians are not getting there music played on corporate media stations. You can read 
the editorial at"> 
Stephan happens to also be a friend of Chris Chandler who raised the same 
issue in his song, There's Something in the Air / But It's Not on the Airwaves, 
that I featured some months back  It also deal with the media blackout of many 
of the protests against the war in Iraq.  A misic video of his song can be 
experienced at

Both Stephan and Chris are on our Make Love Now War CD. On it Stephan sings 
The Bell with legendary singer/songwriter Pete Seeger, who sent our CD to Sing 
Out magazine and is also a member of Musicians for Peace

So my wish for this week is that Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues will join our 
network.  I met Mike many years ago sitting under a butterfly mobile at a 
Borders Books & Music store.  I just got this email from his office in Grass 


Hello Alan!

Yes, Mike remembers you and the good work you are doing with your group 
Butterfly Spirit.  It seems your organization has grown as has your continued 
commitment to your butterfly vision for world peace.

He is helping his two sons launch a recording project at present but will 
take a look at your website and calendar and see if there is anything in the 
future he can help or be a part of.

Thanks for keeping him in mind and may you have much success with your 
organization and it's goals.

Very best regards, for Mike Pinder

We have gotten some responses to our wish that we are looking for a grant 
writer and nonprofit management help. I am meeting with a grantwriter on June 3.  
Please call Alan at 415-424-7238 or reply to this email if you have any ideas 
or would like to help.

Please also consider becoming a contributing member this week and you will 
get our Make Love Not War that includes the Bell by Stephan Smith & Pete Seeger 
or our Songs for Cindy compilation CD. Mention that butterfly sent you and I 
will include a CD of 19 of the best butterfly songs I know.   Details are below.

Quotation of the Week
When we have done all the work we were sent to Earh to do, we are allowed to 
shed our body which imprissons are soul like a cocoon enclosed the future 
butterfly..  And ... when the time is right, we can let go of it, and we will be 
free of pain, free of fears and worries ... Free as a very beautiful butterfly 
returning home to GOD - Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Music Video of the Week">  
Great new anti-war video from singer Jackson Browne. 
Frozen, a song by Madonna paired with images from the current conflict in 
Iraq. This is a  compelling antiwar video produced by Chris Valentine.">

Music of the Week I Can Change 
the World - Power-to-the-people anthem by Celeste. You can hear it and 
download it free.  Let's Try To Get It Right 
This Time - A song for George Bush by Spida   Listen to the full album of Living with War by Neil Young 
on the Internet.  A good quality download can be found at
(Note this is a "torrent" download for which you may need to install some 
additional free software available on the net.)

Story of the Week
Butterfly Magic and the Moody Blues - On August 5, 1993, I was invited to a 
butterfly garden at the Green Lane Nature Center not far from Allentown, 
Pennsylvania. When we arrived there were hundreds of butterflies fluttering about a 
profusion of fragrant flowers, shrubs, and herbs. I suddenly felt connected to 
nature through the wonder of all that was around me. Something was stirring 
my deepest emotions. I felt like a child again and began likening this scene to 
be something similar to one right out of Alice in Wonderland.  Read the 
complete story at">

New Member of the Week
DonorDove - Boulder, CO

Rusty Stephey, Producer Events & Live TV - Representative for International 
Superstar Mikey Dread
You can contact Rusty at  or  415-827-2480  Mikey's 
website is
Seaflow is an educational nonprofit organization building an international 
movement dedicated to protecting whales, dolphins and all marine life from 
active sonars and other lethal ocean noise pollution.">

This Week's Links
Musical Peace Tour - Under the Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan, 
and in partnership with Berklee College of Music and Seeds of Peace, the four 
week-long tour, “Roads to You: Celebration of One World” exists to bring 
world cultures closer together">
Please also see

CNN's Jack Cafferty reports on NSA Telephone Spying & US Dictatorship - 
Cafferty says, "We all hope nothing happens to Arlen Specter, the Republican head 
of the Senate Judiciary Committee, cause he might be all that stands between us 
and a full blown dictatorship in this country. He's vowed to question these 
phone company executives about volunteering to provide the government with my 
telephone records, and yours, and tens of millions of other Americans. See">  and

Cathy Garger at "Against These Wars"  says this film clip from CNN news is as hard-hitting 
as anything I've seen since Charlie Sheen blasted the government for 9/11 
(implying it was an inside job) and, before that, its biting coverage of the 
glaring absence of federal response to Katrina's helplessly drowning citizens.  

Crying Wolf: Who is Behind the Death Squads in Iraq?">
Read the May 4th letter from US Congressman Dennis Kucinich to Donald 
Rumsfeld demanding to know why US funding is going to Iraqui death squads.">

Mother's Day card with animated butterfly.">
Where have all the butterflies gone?  Last year, surprisingly large numbers 
of painted ladies migrated through Northern California -- this year, few have 
shown up  Newspapers all over the country have published various forms of this 
Also see
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.