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Don't Blow Ancient Forests on Kleenex

Dear Friend,
I wanted to share with you the newest chapter in the Kleercut campaign
against Kimberly-Clark and ancient forest destruction. Please read below
to see how you can become involved and help out.

Last month, we upped the anti in our campaign against Kimberly Clark
when more than 20 of our activists blockaded a Kimberly Clark factory in
Canada. Now we want you to block their business in another way: by
recruiting business owners and managers across the country to take the
Forest Friendly 500 Pledge. That's a pledge NOT to purchase or sell
Kimberly Clark products, and so far, more than 320 businesses have taken
the pledge. That means we're more than halfway to our goal, but we need
you to help us get to 500.

*Here's how YOU can help:*

    * Download your Forest Friendly 500 Action Kit today      <> and take it to the streets!
    * Visit your favorite neighborhood stores, let them know that
      Kimberly Clark is destroying ancient forests, and get them to sign
      the pledge and stop using Kimberly Clark products.
    * Visit
and add the businesses you recruited to the growing list.

You can keep up the pressure on Kimberly Clark by recruiting businesses to join the Forest Friendly 500.

Thank you,

Pamela Wellner
Forest Campaigner
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.