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Cheap Gas Search Engines /  water for Oil? Fwd: Gasoline Price Fixing, Le Cercle and the Bohemian Grove

People For The American Way
Union of Concerned Scientists
Gulf War Vets

Please forward and post:

   The links below are search engines that show the 
cheapest gas stations in your area.  Enter you zip code 
in some.  They vary and there are a number of them.

A partial explanation of current gas price fixing is then 
given.  With an explanation of the people that are 
responsible being at the Bohemian Grove, every July.

   After which is a copy of contact information to "endorse" 
the protest and get your organizations name on the fliers 
for the protest.

Gas Buddy
Gas Price Watch
Utility Consumers' Action Network!
UCAN Fuel Tracker

 The major oil companies are making
record profits with tax breaks The Union
of Concerned Scientists have created a web
page about this where you can e-mail all
your political leaders about this by
entering your zip code, at :>

While we have the "censored technology" to produce
vehicles that could get at least double the mileage.  The
Union of Concerned Scientists have created another page
about this "censored technology" .
Scroll down to the subject heading "
Technology On the Shelf:" at :>


  Just in case you are wondering who the Union of Concerned
Scientists are, here is an excerpt from a
newspaper article about them (167 ).

More than 60 influential scientists, including 20
Nobel laureates, have issued a statement
asserting that the Bush administration has
systematically distorted scientific fact in the
service of policy goals on the environment,
health, biomedical research and nuclear weapons
 at home and abroad.

The sweeping accusations on Wednesday
(02-18-2004) were discussed later in a conference
 call organized by the
 Union of Concerned Scientists,
an independent organization that focuses on
technical issues and has often taken stands at
odds with administration policy. The
organization also issued a 38-page report
Wednesday. (167 )

Article title:
Scientists claim President Bush bends data, Distortions are
said to serve policy goals The International Herald Tribune |, by James Glanz
Mirror page of the article is posted at :>

___ End of newspaper story about the Union of Concerned Scientists ___

On another note. the people in the Middle East will eventually "be happy"
to trade their oil for water.  Once they grasp the extent of the DU 
poisoning, that will contaminated their water for hundreds of years 
to come.  At the expense of OUR TROOPS!


Blue Gold: An Interview with Maude Barlow News: In this recent interview 
with Mother Jones, water activist Maude Barlow describes how, more 
and more, developing countries are pressured into ceding ... 
- 37k - May 9, 2006

Sunday, April 30, 2006 at 6:16 PM PDT
Written by Douglas Westerman,  May 1, 2006Vital Truths (Blog)


Project Censored /:Top 25 Censored Stories 2005 
#4: High Levels of Uranium Found in Troops and Civilians
1991 Gulf War Vets ? Beyond Treason
11,000 U.S. Soldiers Dead From D.U. Poisoning
By Bob Nichols February 2005


This "project Day Lily" book is about the development 
and testing of biological warfare agents on military 
personnel and prison inmates and the extreme actions 
that administrators took to keep this program secret.

Project Day Lily
Modern day history of Bio-weapons in the USA
now posted :>

"Project Day Lily" is now available from Xlibris 
(,, or

New Website:

Note from TR:

FYI- The actual names of some of the people named
in the book "Project Day Lily" can be found in these repoprts

Proverbs 23:23

Anthrax Vaccine article by Prof. Garth Nicolsonabout
the anthrax vaccine cover-up and the soldiers that 
have become ill from it. Also mentions that the French
army was the only one that did not develop Gulf War
Syndrome and that they were the only army to refuse
the vaccine and use antibiotics.

"Prof. Garth Nicolson" <> wrote: From: "Prof. Garth Nicolson" 
Subject: Re: Re: Of comcern to every American Re:Fwd: Re: Senate Bill 600 + enzyme treatm 
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 9:16:02 -0400

Dear Tom,

We wrote the Project Day Lily as fiction based on 
a true story  because we did not want it tied up in a 
lengthy court case (that we couldn't afford but they 
certainly could). This way they can yell all they want 
that it is just fiction but they can't stop it from being 
published. (In fact, we had to self publish it because 
of the threat of one publisher to purchase it from us 
and put it away on the shelf and never print it). The 
Pharmaceutical Industry, in particular, doesn't want 
it published. I presume that this is because they don't 
want solutions to chronic illnesses. Instead, they want 
to keep people sick but on antidepressants, pain 
killers and other useless products that they can 
make a lot of money on.

Prof. Nicolson


The various government agencies that have been
"in on this fix " are all interwoven with  Le Cercle
and the Bohemian Grove.  Lobbyists such as Jack Abranoff
regularly attend the Bohemian Grove, too.  As do a few Democrats.

   If you are an advocate fighting for a cause, you might want
to check the "money trail". It will probably go to Le Cercle
at some point. The paths is paved with "un-accountability",
for the most part.

The Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions
has posted a web page article on "Peak Oil, the numbers"

  The corporations and the individuals responsible for this
attend the Bohemian Grove encampment. One of the
clubs of the Le Cercle

   In short, those responsible for the oil technologies
being mishandled, that would reduce gasoline
consumption in half and have secured tax breaks for
corporations that are making record prof fits from
these high oil prices are members of or frequent
the Bohemian Grove.

  This years Bohemian  Grove protest is set for July 22 in
Monte Rio (Sonoma County) California.  For detail, check with the

Sonoma County Bohemian Grove Action Network

  If you want to be listed on the fliers endorsing  the Bohemian
Grove Protest,  This pasted in e-mail is from Mary Moore of
the Sonoma County Bohemian Grove Action Network

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: mary moore 
Date: May 23, 2006 9:48 PM
Subject: Bohemian Grove Protest Re: need flier 4 gas prices web pages Re: okay / oil prices ? Re: RICCO; "Achilles Heel" of Corporate America fwd: TheSSU" update
To: Toxic Reverend 

To all:

The meeting at SSU last Saturday made several decisions. Please help us get the word out about the following:

1. The focus this year will be on the second Saturday of the encampment--July 22 with a rally in the parking lot in Monte Rio at 1PM and march to the Grove at 2:00. Flyers will be coming soon.

2. This will be a coalition event and the deadline to get endorsements to us is Thursday, May 25. Groups represented at the meeting included ANSWER, the Greens, Project Censored, Bohemian Grove Action Network, Homeless Justice, Women in Black as well as others. Endorsements coming in after the May 25 deadline will still be included but won't be on the initial flyer. Please contact your groups ASAP and let me know.

3. If people/groups want to form their own individual actions during the weeks from Friday, July 14 to Sunday July 30 THAT'S GREAT!! The 22nd is just the focus date at this point for the coalition event. They are up there for two weeks and three weekends. July 15 is their CREMATION OF CARE ceremony and there is no action planned for that day at this time so it is wide open. If your group does plan a separate action please let us know so we can include it in publicity/media materials.

4. Updated Research on the Grove is needed. We have the 2004 membership list and most of the schedules of Lakeside Talks. To update yourself on WHY we protest at the Grove go to click on Bohemian

5. This year our promotional materials will be in both English and Spanish and one of the main themes will be full rights for all immigrants. We will need help getting the word out so volunteers are needed. PLEASE HELP!!


------ End of Forwarded Message

The Toxic Reverend

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Bohemian Grove Protest July 15-17, 2005 
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